May 20 2017

A unique Succubus WIP YouTube

A YouTube this time of an artist creating what I think of as a somewhat gothic succubus work of art that is simply beautiful… The title of the work is interesting, the imagery quite striking, and most of all, there’s a presence in this art that I found captivating…


If you cannot see this YouTube here on the Tale, please try this link, and as my custom on the Tale, here is an image of the completed artwork as well…

Be My Valentine by Ana Rodrigues

Be My Valentine by Ana Rodrigues

The art is called Be My Valentine and is by the artist Ana Rodrigues, and you can find her website  here where she has a store in which you can find this art and many other lovely works for sale.

There’s a unique gothic vibe to this art which I think is rather unique. Her expression, her pose, the overall appearance of this succubus seems to suggest a story which I find myself wondering about.

Here’s a haunting sadness in her eyes, perhaps a sort of regret? Just something that struck me and I wonder about…

Lovely art, the artist’s site is well worth a visit and I hope you will!



May 19 2017

A Review of Seduced by a Demon by Rick Mann

Seduced by a Demon by Rick Mann

Seduced by a Demon by Rick Mann

Sometime ago I reviewed the second work in a series called the Seduction of Sin in which a succubus appeared and you can find that review here on the Tale. The work left a lot to be desired in a lot of ways, but having come into things with the second work, I went back and this review will be about the first work in the series.

It’s difficult to follow a story when it tends to ramble, dance around the main plot and otherwise spend a lot of time adding what feels like filler to what otherwise might be an interesting story. More so when there’s nothing attractive, the characters are flat and there’s nothing but bad things happening. That’s a thin story, as a whole and no amount of erotica mixed into that can, at least for me, make things a better read.

The work tells the story of:

Lucy is a beautiful college student who is having a very bad day. But when she finds a special book in the university library, everything in her life is about to change. The book is old and magical and it contains a spell that supposedly summons a demon named Xathulu.

Casting the spell sets into motion a climactic showdown and a sexy romp between Lucy and the devil demon Xathulu, as she seeks to fulfill her destiny and her lustful passions. This is the outrageous story of a hot and handsome demon and the woman who wants him bad!

Lucy’s at the end of her rope and there’s nothing left for her to hang onto. Finding a book and speaking the words within brings into the world a demon with one intent. But things still go wrong, Lucy makes a fateful choice and with that comes nothing but darkness.

The work is a bit of a difficult read in that the text rambles a lot, Lucy’s thoughts rushing about, she going from place to place, bad things happening to her. There’s really no hope at all and that theme plays into just about every character within the story itself. Beyond that, what erotica appears has little to no heat, reading very much like scattered porn scenes and not that much erotica itself.

Xathulu, the other main character, is shallow, uninteresting, and serves only to provide a means for Lucy’s downfall in various ways. There’s no depth to him, being very one-dimensional in his goals and what he intends with Lucy. While he plays upon many of her sexual needs, he’s less of an incubus than a stereotypical evil being. It’s a shame because there might have been more to him as a character, but that doesn’t happen.

The erotica had no heat for me, there wasn’t anything that I thought was interesting overall. There’s no passion, nothing gained save for Lucy’s downfall to Xathulu and then the story goes off the rails into turning things darker and darker. The ending is abrupt, seemingly within much purpose and while it is, in a way, a cliffhanger, I didn’t find myself wondering what came next.

The writing was a bit uneven at times, at several points in the story I found it difficult to continue reading and that was mostly caused by how indifferent I was to both of the main characters. I needed to be involved with them and their story and it just didn’t play out that way for me.

One pitchfork out of five.

There’s really very little in the way of story, a lot of possible tangents are passed over and that’s a bit of a shame honestly. No real heat to speak of, a rather dark story overall and the storytelling rambles around the plot lines, never really having a focus. As for the incubus himself, there’s very little there to be found.



May 18 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 487

I’ve never really been able to find a piece of Morrigan Aensland art that, for me, has the feel of a glamour pose without going over the top. I feel that such art needs to have a certain look, perhaps something a little Betty Paige in form would be a lovely thing to have. This week’s image comes really quite close to the look I’d like to see…

Morrigan by Emi-Liu

Morrigan by Emi-Liu

This art of Morrigan is by an artist on DeviantArt calling themselves Emi-Liu. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here and you can find this artist’s page on DeviantArt here.

This is a gorgeous piece of Morrigan art… I love that so much detail is in her hair, her expression is so deliciously bemused and the glimmer her eyes have is amazing. I especially like that there’s less emphasis on Morrigan’s cleavage and more put towards everything else.

Of course her pose forces this to happen, but even so there’s something lovely about a reclining, thoughtful Morrigan by far…



May 17 2017

There’s a possibility in this wig I think…

Enchantress Red and Black WigIt’s been quite some time since I last considered a wig as a possible costume option here on the Tale. Overall so many wigs are okay, but needing something more, at least for my tastes. For example, there are not many wigs that manage to pull off being both red and black well. That’s a rather important thing, for me. This wig, if nothing else, interests me…

This is called the Enchantress Red and Black Wig and it sells for around $20 US.

As an aside, I rather like the clothing choice they made with this model to show off the wig. I’d like to know more about that dress…

That said, I think the red and black mixture looks interesting, sort of a transition between two sides of a particular Queen of the Succubi as it were…

It’s not quite as nice as when i have red highlights in my hair for Halloween, but it is an option i think as a whole…

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s not terrible and that’s something positive isn’t it?



May 16 2017

A Review of the Souls On Fire series by Piper Hayes

Souls On Fire series by Piper Hayes

Souls On Fire series by Piper Hayes

It’s a delight for me when I come across a series in which the characters are more than “just succubi”. More so, when the characters have depth, emotion, hopes and a past, that level of storytelling give rise to some of the most wonderful tales by far.

Most of all, having a glimpse of the struggle within, of holding the darkness at bay tells more about a character than just having them fall into a sex scene. Allowing the characters to tell their story, express their hopes and fears brings about something wonderful. The emotional attachment matters and when the erotica comes into play it’s all the more hot and sweet too.

The work tells the story of:

Tormented by her dark side, Lilith refuses to conform to the ways of her own kind. As a succubus, she is the ultimate seductress, but since relocating to New Orleans, she is the one being seduced – by a life she can never have. Or can she?

Follow Lilith as she awakens to a vulnerability, and emotions she never knew existed, making it harder than ever for her to resist the primal urge she fears most – turning dark.

A story in three parts that tells of Lilith, a succubus who believes there’s something more of her to be found. An encounter with a soul that tempts, calls out to her, asking for her to come and just be. A moment of passion that turns, changing the life of another, pressing upon Lilith to be something even more than she is. A way out of the darkness for her kind and for herself.

The single most powerful point of this series of three connected stories, is the emotional impact of the characters. The ache of Lilith, the needs of Grace, the wanton desire unspoken of Jake. All of these aspects of the characters gives rise to an emotional connection that is something amazing. This telling of their souls, what they fear and need most of all, gives so much depth to them all. While the work has quite a number of erotic scenes, the connection with the characters makes the heat so much better.

While there is some background about Lilith, a smattering over Grace and Jake, it is enough to set the groundwork for telling their stories in a very fulfilling way. I did want to know more about the succubi in this universe than was revealed, but it wasn’t really central to the series overall. Still, it’s a missing piece of the puzzle that left me wondering about a lot of things.

The erotica comes as a series of hot flashes, all of which are erotic, hot, and deeply desirable. They are not quick moments of lust that pass without meaning either, each encounter is important, each moment has an effect on all of the characters and it’s good to see a story in which the past matters. There’s a hint of mind control, quite a lot of succubi being seductive, passionate and loving the moment they share with another soul. There’s no overwhelming sense of darkness as well, which made me very happy.

While there is darkness, it lurks, not overpowering the story overall. A threat, a memory, a pressing concern which drives some tense moments onwards. But at the same time there’s heat through the succubi in which the darkness, though sometimes barely controlled, gives way to the attraction between them all. A complex collision of emotions, but then the story itself is complex and so this needed to be.

Achingly wonderful, steamy heat and characters that had souls. An amazing story, one in which I wish each part had been longer, the story told more fully than in the flashes of brilliance there are. The ending is a bit melancholy, but at the same time very fulfilling as a reader. I do feel like there needs to be a fourth part, to tell of the after. To explain Grace’s next steps, Lilith’s future and that of Jake. So many questions left open needing to be touched upon. Perhaps someday that will come.

Four and a half pitchforks out of five.

I really feel like this series needs a fourth part, there being only three in the series. The ending is all that I hoped it would be, but then it leaves so many paths untouched that one more to close some of them, to bring about perhaps more of why things are as they are would be good as well. I loved that Lilith wasn’t stereotypical, and that the story didn’t take the easy path to the ending. Captivating, hot and delicious. All wonderful things in Succubi stories by far.



May 15 2017

Fields By TeraS

There are some stories that hold within them a truth. What that is can only be seen by the one that reads the words and understands what the writer is talking about. Perhaps—no, most certainly—the secrets held tell something more when one travels upon the …


By TeraS


For the one who knows that she cares from a distance …


It was a cool and rather rainy springtime this year. The warmth of summer had yet to truly make itself known, save for the occasional burst of warm sun or light breeze which offered the hint of things to come. A field of green stretched out from the stables, blades of grass being tossed about here and there randomly by that breeze as it was wont to do. Above, a hawk circled in the updrafts, seeking out a better view to gaze upon the land below. Here and there shapes moved over the land, some a chocolate-brown colour, others shades of white, or black, or mottled hues. Some were singular upon the field, others bound together as they loped from here to there before calling out to their herd and moving once more.

Across the fields, a fence marked out this section of clover or that open space to run, this part of one domain and that of another; attempted order brought to nature, in a similar way that a hand worked the field, tended the horses, and found that he liked the place he had come to. A place where he was settled with his thoughts, considered them, and, in doing so, wondered about things.

He’d finished the chores for the day: the stable his charges called home was cleaned, made ready once more. There was a certain satisfaction in putting his hand upon the wood that marked the corral. Perhaps not completely tamed, but made better than it had been upon his arrival. His blue-grey eyes showed the passage of time, the years gained, the moments found and then left behind as life continued onwards.

A thought came, something she’d said once: “Memories are.”

He smiled thinly. Simple, almost a given, but she’d mixed certain memories with her care for him—not that she wanted something from him, unlike so many others. Drumming his calloused fingers over the fence rail, his thoughts were tossed toward her: how she’d never asked a thing of him; how open she was in her belief in his strength; what she saw that he never quite could understand fully. He did appreciate her and how she offered to carry the burden of the hurt, but that was not the right thing for her. No, it was far better he hold that within him, to keep her safe from the hurt, even though he knew that she was as strong as he.

A stallion was running beside a pair of mares as the hand blew out a breath, his thoughts being carried off on the wind that blew some of the dust around in a circle: “Loneliness is.”

Still, he’d come to accept it, to see through it and find the moments that brought something better: a starlit night, the breeze cool on his skin after a long day; the simple pleasure of leaning against a fence post, watching the horses prance about without a care to be found; being remote, apart from the world and still, in ways, part of it. Even now, watching the sun starting to dip below the trees on the far side of the ground that was his charge brought something to settle his thoughts.

The horses always knew when it was time to return to him. One by one, they came back from their perceived freedom to the stalls they called home. The rain from the morning had muddied some of the ground, and it wasn’t a surprise to see a mud-white mare stroll by caked in the brown earth, seemingly pleased with herself. The air about her reminded him of a ebon-maned woman that always had a smile for him, a hope for him, and the desire to express that when he’d given her the gift, so she reminded him, of his words. He chuckled as the mare entered the stable, knowing he’d have to wash the silly thing down.

His attention was drawn to a chocolate-brown stallion entering the pens and walking towards him. His eyes held to the white mark upon his snout, a comment she’d made about once riding such a similarly-coloured mount flickering through his memories. He wondered about that, about what she’d seen in her world. He was comforted in knowing that she had family, spoke of them, was unashamed in her love of them. The connection of family was something he missed, time, as it does, shrinking those connections further and further down.

But he smiled as he walked forwards. She was, in even more ways that she probably understood, aware that family mattered. From the Elders onwards, every part of the family mattered, a truth he felt from his earliest moments to the here and now. Pausing, he wondered if she, like him, would see what he saw, understand the connection.

He’d turned away from his companions, assuming they’d be off to the stables. The gate called his attention now that his charges were returned home. A flick of his right hand and the gate was latched, all made safe for the night. Once more his eyes took in the sunset, the streaming light rolling over the low hills and forest.

The appearance of the brown snout marked with white was a surprise, more so when he felt the light touch of the stallion’s head on his shoulder. He remained there, the night coming, content to be there watching as everything went by with the one that never spoke, but whose eyes seemed to understand better than most.

A twig snapped behind him and he tensed. Someone wanted something—someone always wanted something, didn’t they? But that was his role and, even with it being so late, his place was to be. He turned to greet who he expected to be there as the last of the light faded away.

What he found was a pair of deeply-green eyes, an ebon mane, a soft smile. Words weren’t needed; he knew her form, her energies. She didn’t need to say who she was; he knew. She crossed over to him, brushing a hand against his companion’s flank, her eyes not leaving his own. She didn’t need to say his name, she knew it was him. She cared from a distance, it was all that was possible, save for the moments in-between that only few could share. She loved him in a way that had meaning to him.

The night marked the passage of a day he’d told her of, one that he’d not shared before, but did because she had said it mattered to her when he said it didn’t. She understood this, not wanting to intrude on his world, but to walk with him. Not commanding him, as she could well do, but just offering, as was her way. It was, in truth, the mark of those that did not have to demand to be, command to be, but were the ones that deserved to be called by a name seldom used. There were very few that were truly a Mistress, after all.

He held the strength that she’d seen in him as he nodded. Her hand reached towards him, cupping his cheek, feeling the stubble of the day, the worn lines upon his skin. He never left her gaze, trusting that she’d be truthful now, as she’d ever been. There was no fear, no shock. She didn’t pull away as his rough hand cupped her cheek in return. It was her way, he realized, she would not ask him for anything, not expect a thing. She didn’t need but this moment, whatever the moment would become.

The moment was, he realized, an obvious one.

There was no saddle, but that was no impediment, not for him. The stallion was as still as a rock as he pulled himself into place. A hand offered and she was nestled in behind, arms wrapped around his waist, pressed close. The gate was open, he didn’t spend the effort as to wonder how that happened. The twilight of the evening marked their passage into the fields, to show her his world, where he dwelled. Bound by knowing that the care was as strong now as it was from afar, not diminished. but made a little more intimate, a bit more fulfilled.

His hand patted their steed’s neck and they moved slowly from the corral, through the gate, and into the field beyond. Words weren’t needed between them as they travelled. They spoke in nods and touches, smiles and quizzical expressions. The occasional questioning motion of a hand was answered by a head upon his back, a hand touching hers. They reached the furthest extent of the lands, the ranch house lights far in the distance, sounds from the other place, not meant for him, not traveling to their ears. Under the canopy of stars, two souls held this moment, felt the connection. Their mount stood there, unmoving for hours upon hours, allowing the two in his charge the time needed.

The wind blew about them both, neither caring, more concerned with the intimacy of this moment shared under a field of stars, a silvery moon, nature in its glory watching. The fields of green, mixed with the ebony night and the red of a love shared, were the comfort sought and found. An endless field, gifted from one soul to another.

The moment was a perfect one.

May 14 2017

Mother’s Day Remembrance

Red Rose

On this Mother’s Day…

We miss you Mom, both of you…


Wishing for nothing more than one more hug, one more smile, just one more… everything.


With Love

Your Daughter and Son


A Daughter that knew two mothers.

A Son that shared with his love the only Mother he knew.