Aug 13 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 656

Another animeish Succubus character this week on the Tale… It’s interesting how many anime Succubi have blue skin, but more so, it’s fun to see how many of them are just so delightfully cute and have this “innocent” air about them in spite of themselves.

Thicc Succ by Myeecez

Thicc Succ by Myeecez

This is the work of the artist Myeecez on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here.

This is just such a fun character from her expression to that wonderful tail of hers. Neat hairstyle, her horns work really well and her overall look just says “fun”. Altogether she’s every bit the fun thing she is, but I’m sure she’s just as naughty too.



Aug 06 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 655

Red is of course, and yes I am very biased, the colour of Succubi. Sometimes it appears only in their horns and tails. Other times it appears in the clothes, shoes or boots or something other with them. A work of Succubi art this week then that is so very red and so very well done.

Amaranthine by Pypixy

Amaranthine by Pypixy

This is the work of the artist Pypixy and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here.

I think how her colours and form come together in this art works really well. The black and other tones add to the red as well. What I think really works well are her red eye and the gleam in them. Although her pose suggests she’s mischievous, it’s the smile and eyes that really bring that out most of all. Love her boots and gloves which contrast nicely with the rest of her outfit as well.

A lot of personality comes through in this art that adds that little flair that makes this work everything that one of the Succubi should be…



Jul 30 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 654

Another find for this week’s Succubi art of a cute, fun and wonderful succubus character. The artist describes her as being “Shantae” themed, which I can completely see and it makes me wish that the concept of Succubus Shantae had appeared. Nonetheless, fun and cute Succubi are adorable and there’s no question that this character is every bit that and more…

Succubus in flames by Foxilumi

Succubus in flames by Foxilumi

This cute art is by the artist Foxilumi on DeviantArt and you can find the original page where I found this work here.

This is just a wonderfully fun character, I especially love her overall look of “I’m innocent! Really!” which I can’t help but giggle over. Lovely colour combinations, her outfit is sexy but still cute which I do like very much. Her little pet floating next to her is adorable and all together she’s just a fun Succubi character that makes me smile.



Jul 29 2020

It’s more meh a costume than fierce

Fierce Devil Costume

Fierce Devil Costume

Occasionally there’s a costume that appears which make me cringe… Now, to be clear, most costumes I shake my head and sigh, but then comes something like this that seems to have bit of the creativity that I can’t help but notice is lacking much of the time. But I also wonder why a little more time and effort couldn’t be put into making it more… interesting.

This is the Fierce Devil Costume and it comes with the jacket with attached wings, the skirt which has the tail attached, and the horns. Shoes aren’t included nor is anything else and it sells for $35 US at most websites that carry this costume.

Overall it’s a bit too “office” for my taste, really tending towards a 1950s/1960s look which I don’t find all that appealing overall. I’ll admit that the model does make this work to an extent, but it just doesn’t appeal to me very much.

That said, it has a look that does work in a particular setting and in that it’s something to think about as a costume option in that case.

I’d at least get a different set of horns, these just don’t work well here. The tail also could be changed out for something better too. The wings wouldn’t be something I’d consider as well.

It’s not the worst thing I have found, it has a certain appeal and it shows a bit of creativity that’s dearly lacking much of the time.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Cute idea with some options and that’s not a bad thing…



Jul 25 2020

A lovely short Succubi YouTube…

Just a very short YouTube this time on the tail. It’s very simple, but the art is lovely, the succubus herself is wonderful and the little touch of animation just makes this delightful…

If this video does not play on the Tale, please try this link and here’s a screenshot from the video in case YouTube makes the video vanish…

LightiningDark Succubus

LightiningDark Succubus

Lovely work of art, she’s a nice mix of seductive and powerful which works really well. Her colours are right for her as is her expression. All in all a wonderful piece of Succubus art…



Jul 23 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 653

I’ve always liked fun Morrigan Aensland art… There’s something about her character that lends her to being fun and sexy. Still, it’s the cute and fun images of Morrigan that I adore the most. This week then some Morrigan art that just makes me smile…

In the realm of dreams you'll find... by tlwelker

In the realm of dreams you’ll find… by tlwelker

This art is by the artist tlwelker on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here.

There’s really no other way to describe this art other than fun. Morrigan is just so dearly cute, her smile is wonderful too. She’s not overly sexual, but even so her character in all of her naughtiness comes through so well.

Just a fun Morrigan artwork that brings me a smile…



Jul 22 2020

Sometime simple is sexy for a costume

Red Satan Devil Costume

Red Satan Devil Costume

It doesn’t really take a lot to make a costume have a bit of flair, be that little bit seductive and sexy without having to push things things into the realms of trashiness. That said, a costume this week that was on the track to being something lovely… and then ran headlong into a wall by picking some of the worst horns I have ever seen…

This is called the Red Satan Devil Costume, and it comes with the dress which has a padded cup corset. the truly awful horns and the completely worthless pitchforks. Shoes are not included and this sells for $100 USD at most websites I have found it available on.

It amazes me honestly how these horns were picked for this costume. The dress isn’t awful, it’s actually rather cute and sexy overall. It couldn’t have been that hard to pick a set of horns that actually looked like horns and not two cheese puffs. The pitchfork is one of those that I dislike the most as well, which doesn’t help much.

On the other hand however, as the horns and pitchfork can be shaped out, and really the shoes chosen for this look aren’t a bad choice, it wouldn’t take all that much to make things look better.

I like the shimmer on the dress, I like the style as well, and if the dress alone was $100 US, that really wouldn’t be all that bad, all things considered.

Still, adding on a good set of horns, a really good pitchfork and a pair of heels, in red, to match the dress, this would go to somewhere around $185 US… and I don’t think that’s all that bad…

But it does bring me back to something I’ve said many times before.

The right dress with a little thought and style can make all the difference…

Three out of five pitchforks.

It’s an option, you just need to have the style to make it work better than it is…