It’s not a costume, it’s a mistake

Hell Yeah CostumeThere is the occasional costume which just makes me wonder why it came into existence. There’s no point to it, it looks lousy and in the end it’s highly unlikely that someone would want it.

This is called the Hell Yeah Costume and it’s not much. All you get is a poncho and a hood with horns. The stockings, wig and shoes the model is wearing are not included and it sells for $25 US.

It’s not often that I’m at a complete loss for words, but this costume just about gets me there. It looks lousy, it isn’t sexy, the horns aren’t really even horns. Beyond that, what’s the point of this in the first place?

It escapes me as to why a poncho is a good idea in the first place? If it’s worn and there’s a better costume underneath you’ll never see it.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Leave this on the shelf or toss it into a bonfire.


A Review of My Crush is an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

My Crush is an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

My Crush is an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

I’ve reviewed works from the ongoing series Horny Mage Academy by Thorn and Nin and overall they have been interesting if, for the most part, more focused on the erotica than the story telling.

Now up to twenty stories, and not having been given a succubus or incubus themed work for some time, it’s time for a review. Stereotypes are not indicative of who a character is, for they make their own path and walk it.

  • Title: My Crush is an Incubus!
  • Author: Thorn and Nin
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 31 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0979KCZ8H
  • Publishing Date: June 14, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Melony hated Incubi. They were monsters, always preying on the weak. They overwhelmed their target with pleasure, then devoured their energy until they couldn’t resist. They were powerful, sexy magical creatures that were a woman’s worst enemy… and her best friend was one of them. He was different, she knew. He controlled himself, was kind and polite to all, and never treated her badly. She wanted to be more than friends with him, but could she overcome her fear of his kind to do it?

Melony’s past brings with it a fear of what incubi can do. But her friend Philip isn’t anything like them. The problem is, Philip has a secret of his own and it may end more than a friendship.

This is one of the cutest works in the series by far. Melony is fun and adventurous in spite of herself. Philip is an honourable incubus, a good friend to Melony and he’s unique in many ways. While he is an incubus, his character and relationship is well told and makes this work more than just a simple piece of erotica with a story on the edges.

The erotica has a good deal of heat, it’s not over the top and does serve to move the story forwards. As such there’s the needs and wants of both characters explored which added a lot to the story. There are a couple of odd points, but they didn’t take away from the work as a whole. While part of a series, it’s not really necessary to read the other works as this story stands on its own very well.

The dialogue is a bit odd as well, I think one more editing pass would make a difference. It reads oddly and sometimes that takes away from what’s going on with the story. There’s also the same oddity in the narration when events turn towards the erotic, again it is a question of just reading a bit off overall. These are minor things, they don’t do a lot of harm to the storytelling, I just think it could be better than it is.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A fun fantasy erotica work with good heat and an interesting plot to unfold. Philip is a unique incubus and if there more to see of them both, I’d like to see something more of the succubi in this series as they really haven’t appeared much.


Be In On The Act by TeraS

Cassie’s story continues, you can find the previous parts here, here, here and here, here and last week here. Sometimes there comes a moment when we know what we want, but discover that the focus of our desires is searching for something else. It’s then when one has to …

Be In On The Act
By TeraS

Cassie would have been more than happy spending the night in the elevator alcove with Keith, held in his embrace, letting the world around them deal with the sight they would behold. But, as much as the idea was delicious, Cassie knew the kiss had to end, that this moment wasn’t going to be forever.

Catching her breath, the Temptress remembered something important again: This was Keith in the before, this wasn’t the Keith she knew so intimately in the Realm. That didn’t seem to matter, she still melted inside being held by him. She still felt that piece inside of her soul slip into place when he held her hand, touched her cheek, or said a word or two from his heart. Keith cupping Cassie’s cheek and saying she was perfect meant everything to her. It always would.

Cassie loved silver, for obvious reasons. She expected a limousine. What she found when she left the lobby, hand in hand with Keith, was that red 1950s Corvette he’d been working on. She liked the red, of course, but all of the silver trim just made the silver-tail delight in the sight before her.

As Keith opened the door, Cassie asked: “Wasn’t this the car you were working on?”

His reply was, of course, not at all innocent: “Yes. I need to road test it; have to be sure everything’s right. Besides, it’s the only one in the shop that’s classy enough for this woman I’ve met who loves silver.”

Cassie shook her head, her mane of blonde hair swirling around her as she settled in: “Flattery will get you anywhere, you know.”

After closing the door, Keith got in the driver’s side and started the convertible: “Are you impressed?”

“You don’t need to impress me.”

Pulling into traffic, he chuckled: “Remember that for later.”

The drive was rather short. Keith took them through the entertainment district, along the lakeshore, and towards the centre of the city. Along the way he pointed out some of the sites. He’d lived here his entire life, Cassie knew. Everything was wonderful on this warm summer evening as the sun disappeared into the lake, marking the night’s time to begin.

When he turned into the driveway of a very tall tower, a sign marking it as being one of the tallest buildings in the world, Cassie’s heart began to beat a little faster. Pulling up at the base of the tower and parking right by the elevators brought the Temptress to run her hands through her hair and sigh.

Turning off the car, Keith looked at Cassie with concern: “What’s wrong?”

She nibbled her lip: “I have a confession.”

Keith waited patiently for her to continue, because of course he would.

“I’m afraid of heights.”

She could tell he was a bit uneasy about that, his mind was trying to come up with another option. Cassie knew this mattered to him, he wanted this to be something she’d never forget. Gathering herself and managing a wan smile, she offered her hand. He looked very unsure now, but the silver-tail wasn’t going to allow her fears to get between her and Keith: “If you promise you won’t leave me alone …”

Holding her hand gently, he mused: “Can’t do that, I wouldn’t want someone else to take you home.”

They laughed–something Cassie dearly needed in that moment.

Entering the elevator soon after, Cassie tried to calm her breathing. This would be fine. There was nothing to worry about. It was only the tallest building in the city, after all. Not like she’d look over the edge and lose her balance or something. The floor to ceiling windows in the elevator didn’t make things a lot better. She knew that they’d be travelling outside, the city laid out beyond, the ground getting further and further away.

She tried to rationalize it. She was one of the Succubi, there was nothing to worry about. She wasn’t going to fall, the tower wasn’t going to collapse, the night wasn’t going to fall apart … because of her. It wasn’t a panic attack, exactly, but hyperventilation wasn’t good.

Helping her to turn away from the windows of the elevator as the doors closed, Keith cupped Cassie’s cheeks to give her something to focus on. Seeing the fear in her eyes, he asked: “Tell me a story, Cassie.”

The elevator shifted, beginning to move, and Cassie clutched at Keith’s wrists. Her thoughts were a blur, trying to say something, anything. What came out was a surprise to both of them. “There’s a couple I know, known them for a long time. They tell me about the moment they met, how they knew they were soulmates. She explained to me that it was like something she’d been missing inside was suddenly there. I never really understood that. I’ve … always been alone, never had a love to call my own.”


Cassie closed her eyes: “I didn’t really believe in it. It was something you read in fairy tails and romances; it wasn’t something for me.” The Temptress opened her eyes and held his so-blue ones with her own green ones: “Then, I found you.”

The kiss was unexpected, Keith being pressed back against the elevator doors by Cassie. The elevator stopped, eventually, and a soft sound announced they had arrived. The Temptress finally broke the kiss and took a step back as the doors began to open: “I think I understand what my friends meant. When you find the right person, you just know.”

Keith led the way out of the elevator, Cassie holding his hand, not saying a word. But there was no question now: this was all meant to happen. She didn’t know how it was going to be when she returned to the Realm, but she’d decided on one thing: she would tell him the truth, all of it, before he met Tera.

She’d never been in a place like this, the restaurant slowly turned somehow, she was sure that Keith would know how and could tell her, if she’d just ask. The night changed her perspective of the world outside of the windows. The night shaded the height somewhat, the lights of the buildings below and the colours of the city below stretching to the horizon looked like a picture, and the fear wasn’t so bad. Wanting to be with Keith, to be perfect in this moment, helped a lot.

Dinner was lovely; she didn’t expect anything less from him. Somehow, he managed to keep the silver-tail’s attention on everything else other than being scared of heights. This was, Cassie later figured out, the very first time she’d spent hours with Keith talking and just being a couple. She wasn’t tempting him. He wasn’t playing one of their games with her. They were a couple, out on the town for the night, talking about themselves and trying to figure each other out.

With dessert came the piano at the centre of the space being played, marking the opening of the dance floor for the evening.

“Would you like to dance, Cassie?”

“I’m a lousy dancer, and I know you aren’t much better.”

Keith arched an eyebrow at that comment. He hadn’t mentioned that to Cassie. Then with a familiar, bemused smile he replied: “Then let’s shuffle in circles for a while.”

Together they moved to the outer edge of the restaurant, the dance floor a wide strip of glass that moved with everything else. Cassie didn’t realize the floor looked straight down to the base of the tower–Keith didn’t give her the chance.

The Temptress settled in, resting her head on Keith’s left shoulder, he holding her close as the music played. They didn’t speak–there wasn’t a need to–though, from time to time, green eyes found so-blue ones, leading into a kiss shared and the moment being more than the silver-tail had ever expected.

The evening was one that Cassie wished would never end. Those around them seeing a vision in silver in a slow dance with her desired one, the world turning about them slowly, their eyes only for each other …

A Review of The Succubi’s Apprentice by Alana Church

The Succubi's Apprentice by Alana Church

The Succubi’s Apprentice by Alana Church

Back in April I reviewed the first work in the Hell’s Horny Angels series by Alana Church and you can find that review here on the Tale. The following work in the series was recently published to my delight and bemusement and once again Alana has reminded me why she is one of my favourite authors… not that the appearance of a certain ebon maned red tail this time would have anything at all to do with that.

Life, they say, is a learning experience. It’s held that we need to learn from our mistakes and, given the chance, that will be. The question that needs to be considered however is what it all means and what you can do to make things better.

The work tells of:

Morgan is a succubus, the first new one in centuries. But she has to learn how to protect herself. Who could possibly be a better teacher than sexy, exotic Althea, one of the oldest succubi of all? Can Morgan and her twin cousins, John and Jasmine, learn to fit into Altheas’s household? And what will happen when Althea and Morgan have to take on one of the evil demon spawn?

The universe is full of surprises and not even the Succubi can see what the future holds. The appearance of Morgan, the first succubus in ages is a momental moment in many ways. But she needs to learn about herself and there’s no question that Althea can show her the way. But she’s never alone and when one a demon appears and they need to deal with it, there’s always help waiting for a call.

The work connects several other stories and series by this author in themes, plots and having characters appear throughout the story. It’s well written, delightfully fun at times and so very serious at others. The erotica has lovely heat, the story flows well and it’s a delight from beginning to end.

I adore Althea, I have from her first appearance and as the stories in this universe have been told, she’s grown and changed, becoming a delightful succubus character that I adore. It’s wonderful to see where she is now, how she acts with Morgan, and in the telling of the story comes a lot that brings about the filling in of more of her story.

Morgan is wonderfully lost at the beginning of the story and as things unfold she’s a bit less so, a bit more focused and becomes more sure in herself from her first appearance as well. There’s a lot of promise in her character and seeing how Althea adores her, regardless of her moods, just makes me smile.

There’s the appearance of an incubus, Devin. for the first time and he’s just amazing in his personality, but more so in how he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and do what’s right. I’d really like to see more of him, to see behind the incubus and what drives him on. That really interests me about him.

There’s also the appearance of a certain ebon maned succubus sister of Althea named Tera, who is every bit as bemused, naughty and occasionally sarcastic as her namesake. She’s every bit what she should be, and her being described as Snow White’s sexy older sister still gives me a giggling fit for which I am delighted.

A fun and wonderfully told story that is just amazing. Nothing feels out of place with the characters, the story is told well. The heat in the erotica is right. When the story has to be serious, it is, but that doesn’t take away from the fun and delight in the telling.

Five out of five pitchforks.

I really hope Morgan’s story continues, there’s a lot to develop in her. At the same time there really isn’t enough Althea ever. This story universe just continues to expand and become more with every tale.

A little thank you note here for Alana in letting “me” appear in her stories about succubi on the edges. To say that I am bemused can’t really say how wonderful my appearance was to see.


A Succubus Reclining Speed Painting YouTube

I stumbled across another succubus speedpainting YouTube and it is a lovely work by far. Certain poses and expressions just are succubish and this particular work is amazing in that…

In the event the video cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in the event the YouTube vanishes, here’s a screenshot of the completed artwork…

Succubus Reclining by TheAsylumchild

Succubus Reclining by TheAsylumchild

Simply a wonderful work of Succubus art… Lovely hair, delightful expression and her overall look is just perfectly seductive. Her outfit is really quite inspiring and eye catching as well. She’s simply a seductress and very sure of herself being so. I think that’s just wonderful…


A Review of Winter Solstice: A ‘The Incubus’ Secretary’ Bonus Chapter by Anna Kendra

Winter Solstice: A'The Incubus' Secretary' Bonus Chapter by Anna Kendra

Winter Solstice: A ‘The Incubus’ Secretary’ Bonus Chapter by Anna Kendra

Works that tease a series or larger story can be interesting on their own, many times becoming a doorway into understanding the characters and the world they exist within.

The question becomes one of where the story tease ends and what it begins to the overall story and characters.

  • Title: Winter Solstice: A ‘The Incubus’ Secretary’ Bonus Chapter
  • Author: Anna Kendra
  • Published By: Typewriter Pub
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0973CG6W8
  • Publishing Date: June 10, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Sanaya Johnson falls for the future incubus king, Lancelin Eustein, who in turn desires the human more than anyone—in the physical reality or in even in their vampire eleven and half dimensions—and chooses her as his life partner.
However, their forbidden love will have no place, if it comes out in the open. They will have to pay a heavy price and face the wrath of the entire vampire community of immortals who have lived in peace among humans that has lived in peace among mortals since time immemorial.

Sanaya has fallen into the arms of her love Lancelin but some fairy tale weddings come with a bit of darkness within. Not all is as it seems and their secret can never be told for both of their sakes.

The work is somewhat of a tease which offers a glimpse into the world of Sanaya and Lancelin, the trials they are in the midst of, the joys they share and some of the dangers about them. There’s really no clear evidence of incubi or succubi save for them being mentioned. Being there are many vampires in the work, they well may be such beings and not the tailed and horned beings one might expect. Still that isn’t the point here, the story is a vignette to introduce the characters before all else.

In that the work succeeds in its goal, it is interesting and wonderfully detailed and carries the emotions of the characters well. There’s a lot to like here and it brings a lot of promise as well.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The work is an interesting tease and it does make me want to seek out the larger work from this author. I intend to do so and see where that work leads to. There are clearly vampires, there might be succubi and there are seemingly incubi. The question is where that takes things and what the story becomes and if the succubi and incubi are vampires or demons and what that means in this story universe.


Succubi Image of the Week 703

For the most part I prefer when the horn style and hair style of a succubus mesh together well. I think it matters that the horns accent the hairstyle and vice versa. An amazing piece of succubus art this week in which the entire look is perfect and displays the secuctiveness of the succubus wonderfully.

Jaslyne by LenamoArt

Jaslyne by LenamoArt

This work is by the artist LenamoArt on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Just lovely and seductive from her horns and hair, her teasing smile and pose. She’s just a wonderfully expressive succubus and that brings with it a certain air of her being sure of herself. I think that’s a good reflection on her in that her personality just shines through so well in this art…