Jul 23 2014

Where’s the inferno in this costume anyway?

Inferno CostumeInferno is a word that, for obvious reasons, is connected with Succubi on occasion. As well, having that word connected to a costume would make me expect something as well…

But does this costume have it?

This is called the Inferno Costume, and it comes with the halter dress and skirt, horns and the pitchfork the model is holding. Shoes are not included and it sells for $75 US, but is can be found for less than $50 US.

Well, obviously the pitchfork is the one I hate, so I’ll get past that and to the horns. Really lousy to be honest, they don’t match the dress though they seem to match the pitchfork so, again, lousy.

I don’t mind the dress all that much, though I find myself hard pressed to see anything infernoish in it really. Again this is an example of pseudo-flames as a hem for the dress and I feel it cheapens the look quite a lot.

Setting aside my dislike for that one part of the costume, I actually might think about wearing it if there wasn’t much else to choose from. That’s not a huge endorsement, but really it’s not meant to be one.

I’ll give this two and a half pitchforks out of five.

There is better, there is worse, but I think that average really describes this costume best…



Jul 22 2014

A Review of The Succubus Inside by D.E. Garlow

The Succubus Inside by D.E. Garlow

The Succubus Inside by D.E. Garlow

Generally speaking Succubi and Incubi are not seen to possess others. They are their own beings and as such have their own voice. I came across an interesting story which changes what they are… slightly… and has a couple possessed by a joined Succubus and Incubus pair. It’s quite an interesting mix of the traditional concept of Succubi and Incubi with a dash of something slightly different…

It is a shame that the author removed this work soon after it was released though…

  • Title: The Succubus Inside
  • Author: D.E. Garlow
  • Publishing Date: November 29, 2012
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • ASIN: B00AG43YQ2
  • This work at Amazon.com – No Longer Available

The work tells the story of:

Lynn and Gene are very much in love and enjoy a very close bond. Their sex life is already heated up. What happens when they are possessed by lovers from a past life? Things get hotter and more dangerous as the Incubus and Succubus lovers take control of the present day couple; taking them on the ride of their lives.

Lynn and Gene are… well… Let’s say that they really haven’t a problem with sex, enjoying it, and indulging in their fantasies. They become more and more adventurous over time until one day a friend of theirs… sees there is another couple in the room with them. It turns out that the invisible couple, one a Succubus who is attached to Gene, and an Incubus, attached to Lynn, are whispering thoughts to the pair and feeding on their lusts and that of others. At least until they are discovered that is.

What happens next is that the Succubus and Incubus take matters into their own hands, Gene and Lynn not knowing what is happening until the clues, and the police, come knocking on their door. What follows is a bit of a cat and mouse game punctuated by some very hot scenes before the climax comes and the story ends… not quite in the way one might expect.

There is a bit of mind control involved in the story as well, both in how Lynn and Gene are controlled by those possessing them, but also in how they use their powers to lure others into their midst and, to be blunt, consume them. I am quite glad that when that happens the description of the events are short and to the point without too much gore or descriptions of what happened. It would have been far too easy to do so and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the author did not go that route… It made for a much more enjoyable story…

The Succubus and Incubus are never named in the story, which is a shame. I think I would have liked them a little more if there was more to their personality than several murders and some moments of passion. The seduction is very hot… absolutely so… But that alone which perhaps three sentences in total from them is really not enough.

That said, the things that Lynn does are very hot. She is, even without the Succubus within her, a sexual person and is described as a blonde with a body that doesn’t quit. Gene is as well desirable and the pair of them would really make a good porn star couple as the story goes on. Still, the possessions when they occur don’t change them physically save for their eyes. As such there are no hints of horns or tails or anything like that. They are quite human but with someone, or something else, inside of them.

The story itself isn’t one sex scene after the next, though sometimes it comes very close to falling into that situation. There is plot, there is mystery and intertwined to that comes some very hot erotica that is deliciously told. There are a few points in the story where a word is wrong or misspelled, but this is very minor in the overall scheme of things.

When the end of the work arrives, there is an opening for the story to continue. The thing is that I would hope, if it ever does, that the beings involved are more intelligent than they were by the end of the story and hide themselves better.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

A really fascinating story that does stray slightly towards horror and yet manages not to make that theme the core of the work. It is a shame the author no longer has it available for the heat and story that is within it…



Jul 21 2014

The SuccuDress – Revealed.

I’ve talked about many times about a dress that I simply adore that I call the SuccuDress. It is the one single dress that, for me, is what I feel reflects the image of the Succubi. Now I will admit that it is that for me and me alone I suppose… But…

When I wear it, and I do for one particular event every year, there isn’t any argument that I am the Queen of the Succubi…

Recently, DarkShadow on DeviantArt completed a commission from me of Tera, The Queen of the Succubi  wearing her sexy SuccuDress…

Tera Succubi Sexy Dress by DarkShadow

Tera Succubi Sexy Dress by DarkShadow

I just wanted to give my thanks to DarkShadow, who’s page on DeviantArt can be found here and the page where he first revealed this wonderful art is here.

I have a lovely smile and that is something wonderful to have always…



Jul 20 2014

A Review of The Becoming by C. Harrison-Lane

The Becoming by C. Harrison-Lane

The Becoming by C. Harrison-Lane

What are dreams made of is a question that haunts everyone at some point in their lives. When that question includes Incubi, three Incubi, and each of them is a reflection of one’s own hidden desires… Then the dreams are something more. They uncover truths never quite seen or understood and in that you can be changes and transformed into someone that you wouldn’t recognize in the moments before.

And in the end, the question of what is real and what is a dream can haunt you always…

It is the story of:

Three nights; three dreams. Three devilish men, three dark fantasies…

Lorna wakes up, naked, with only a scrap of white cloth to cover herself. She has no idea where she is or how she got here, only knows she is in a vast manor that she can’t identify. She walks the halls, barely dressed, calling out for anyone, but she seems to be alone.

But only seems to be.

Lorna finds herself in the clutches of three wickedly handsome incubi, who are overcome with desire for her. In order to discover their secrets, Lorna will have to spend the night with each of them – despite how they frighten her. Three nights; three dreams. She will have to play their games, and pray that she comes out of them with her sanity. As she delves further into their desires – and those of her own subconscious – she may discover that her need to escape may not be as important as getting her fill.

Lorna awakes to find herself with three strangely compelling men, Aiden, Sebastian and Devon who all desire her… and they are all Incubi and need her more than she can understand at the beginning. She dreams with each, being transformed by each until she discovers a truth about herself and where that leads.

Incubi project the dreams of others onto themselves and it is that concept which makes this work really quite interesting in many ways. Each of the Incubi possesses a different kind of erotica heat and passion which they both take and give to Lorna with each encounter. One is loving, another dominant and the other is submissive. While that is each of their personalities, the actions and personalities are also those of Lorna which makes the heat of each encounter much more engrossing and entwined than if she simply was controlled by each of them.

While the three are Incubi, there is no doubt of that from their words and actions, they have no signs of horns or tails. They are however all very much the image of the sex fantasy males which Lorna is drawn to. Their own explanations of what Incubi are tend to be a little bit vague, which is a shame. I did like the hints of some light mind control which added depth to the story and as well the use of their powers in the dream world were delightful. Their actions in the real world with Lorna were hot as well, but what was more attractive to me was that Lorna, over the course of the story, wasn’t “perfect” after each encounter. She ached and lost energy. She felt the moments held between each of the Incubi and they were not forgotten. It made for a better story overall with consequences and actions to all of them in the work.

There is more than erotic heat in this work which makes it more as well. There is background to Lorna which is revealed over the course of the story, there are actions with consequences for her and the Incubi as well. The plot is heavy on erotic moments which are well done and have lovely passions and paint the moments perfectly. Thankfully, while there are the moments in dreams and the moments in reality, there is time for contemplation, discovery, and, sometimes, acceptance.

The work is truly an engrossing read and was wonderful through Lorna’s experience with the Incubi. But when the moments are past and the conclusion of the story arrives I found myself both confused and somewhat saddened with how it came to be. It is not entirely clear what happens at the end of the work, but how it is described, what Lorna does… it saddened me. I hope that I am wrong about my thoughts, but the signs all point to what I fear is an ending which takes all of the passions and heat of the story and makes them… less. I hope not for the rest of the work is some of the best Incubi erotica that I have read in quite some time…

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

Wonderfully written, lovely characters that bring out moments and transformations unexpected. The ending gave me pause and concern in many ways which took some of the heat and enjoyment from me. Not all, not by any means, but the question left at the end are haunting in their own way…



Jul 19 2014

A Succubus Music Mix YouTube…

I found a techno music mix called Succubus recently, and while it isn’t quite what I have in my thoughts as what would reflect a Succubus, it is one idea, one aspect, and I do think that it would apply to some of the Succubi…

And you can click this link if you cannot hear the music here on the Tale:


There is also, I think, an interesting image that goes along with the music…

Succubus Music Vid

She might a bit of a vampire, but as a reflection of the music I think she’s a good choice…

Still, I have to ponder something more seductive and erotic I think as a suitable song for the Succubi…

Perhaps that will be its title…

A Song for the Succubi.



Jul 18 2014

A Review of Succubus Fantasy by Amanda Clover

Succubus Fantasy by Amanda Clover

Succubus Fantasy by Amanda Clover

I really never have managed to like books that are the Choose-your-own Adventure themed ones. For one thing they usually have the same idea used over and over again throughout the work. Another is that there is a sense of “cheating” as you flip past the other paths on the way to the one you have chosen. It’s also disappointing that so many of the paths end up being “bad” for you in all sorts of ways.

I found one such work where a Succubus is the core of the story and, disappointingly, the same problems I have had in the past with these works came to haunt me again in this one…

It is the adventure of:

Have you ever wanted a nubile redheaded demoness to do your sexual bidding? It sounds like a fantasy come true, and maybe it is, but when you discover a ritual that allows you to conjure a succubus you learn to be careful what you wish for. Especially when your lover has an appetite for your life force!

Your Naughty Playmate 2 – Succubus Fantasy puts you in the action and lets your choices guide the erotic fantasy. You can command the succubus to perform a variety of erotic acts or use her incredible powers to change into someone else. You can have an affair with your friend’s lusty wife or spend some quality time with your own. Maybe, if you play things right, you can even convince your wife to take a turn with the succubus.

To be honest the idea of the story itself is interesting, and if it had been written as a normal story I think it could have been very well done. The problem is that in this work the idea lurks behind a massive number of paths which all lead, in some way, shape or form, to some slightly over the top erotic moments. Those paths that do not almost inevitably end with the Succubus taking your life and then going on to do other things in the wake of that.

It is, regrettably, a very stereotypical Succubus that appears and as such I just didn’t enjoy the work as much as I could have. She is just interested in sex, being devious, and not much else. While some paths do have her transform into other women for the amusement of the main character of the story, even those moments didn’t do anything for me. Cardboard Succubi are not… well… Succubi.

I did find that the paths the author created to choose from had some promise in them, but after very little in the way of plot, the story turned as quickly as possible towards the sex scenes. Some of them, notably when she is using her tail in various ways, were very creative. The actual scenes of the Succubus having her way with the main character were quite good as were the moments when the main character’s wife appeared as well. The real issue became how each part, after the erotica, suddenly came to an end and a choice had to be made. Even if it was the end of a path, the ending was very swift. It also was repetitive. Many of the endings had the exact same words and actions at the end.

I would have liked to see more story telling around the erotica. There are some tantalizing hints of where the Succubus came from among other threads that are not really explored and it would have been a nice touch to put them into the more elongated plot paths. The heat, at least for me, was muted much of the time and it did not have to be. Most of all the repetitiveness of the plots need to be worked on. Copy and pasting massive blocks of text and then adding a slender bit of change to a path does not make it better than it is.

I’m giving this work two out of five pitchforks.

While the concept is interesting, I just found the story all sex for the most part and little in the way of substance. As well the repetitive nature of some of the endings bothered me. While that is how choose-your-own adventure works… It didn’t for me.



Jul 17 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 340

I’ve said many times that I have problems with the Warcraft Succubus. I don’t care for her hooves, her attitude, the ripped wings… She’s not so much seductive as a monster and that, at least to me, isn’t what Succubi are. It is a rare thing for me to find an image of a Warcraft Succubus that I like and I did find one for this week’s Succubi on the Tale…

World of Warcraft - Succubus by PierluigiAbbondanza

World of Warcraft – Succubus by PierluigiAbbondanza

This art of the Warcraft Succubus is by an artist on DeviantArt named PierluigiAbbondanza. You can find their artist’s page here and the original page I found this work on DeviantArt here.

Overall, I like this art for quite a number of reasons. Her wings are not really torn, the pose hides her hooves in shadow as well, so my main two problems with her aren’t visible which helps a lot. The lack of colour in the art I think makes her much more dramatic, draws out her eyes more, and puts her form into sharper relief.

She’s more seductive like this, which I think is a much better look for her overall. Of course she will never appear in Warcraft to seduce anyone or actually be a Succubus… Perhaps sometime she’ll appear, and act, like the Succubus she is supposed to be…