Jan 13 2015

A Review of Succubus Temptation Part I by Dou7g

Succubus Temptation Part I by Dou7g

Succubus Temptation Part I by Dou7g

One of the things that I like to see in a Succubus story is that the Succubus herself is not simply evil. She needs to be seductive, have a way with words, and what I think is the most important thing, she needs to have a sharp mind that can see… options.

It isn’t enough to just ensnare. To keep or hold someone. It’s much more interesting to make them desire, need and want because that is within themselves. That makes for a much more erotic and captivating story…

  • Title: Succubus Temptation Part I
  • Author: Dou7g
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B00RI1G8IC
  • Publishing Date: December 26, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Megan, a young apprentice mage summons a succubus to prove she has enough power to become a journeyman mage. She surprises herself by having the magical strength to actually bring one forth and confine it to a protective pentagram. But she hadn’t realized just how tempting and enticing a beautiful Succubus can be. The Succubus uses all her wiles and powers of persuasion to tempt her into letting her free.

Megan decides to summon a Succubus, to prove a point. She manages this, quite well actually, but the problem is that the Succubus, Kendra, isn’t anything like Megan expected. A few suggestions, a bit of Succubus magic and Megan discovers how much fun it is to be a Mistress to a Succubus… Or at least that’s what she thinks she is.

I really quite enjoyed this story for the characters, both Megan and Kendra have amazing personalities, stories and drives in the story. The story itself, while having a lovely bit of erotica in it, has one of the best examples I have read in some time of a Succubus being seductive not just in form, but in words and how she plays upon the needs and desires of the one that summoned her. There’s some very hot mind control erotica as well in the story which serves to make the story hotter, but also open the story up to being more than just a little hot flash.

The slow seduction of Megan, of using her own untapped desires, is done in a way that doesn’t simply “make” her fall to Kendra. There’s a struggle, a bit of a battle of emotions and thoughts that goes on and in that the story gains a lot of heat as well. There is a neat use of transformation as well that fits, doesn’t feel out of place, and in the end leaves Megan with a bit of a problem that I think was just perfect considering that Megan was trying to make a deal with a Succubus.

Kendra, the Succubus of the work, is not stereotypically “evil” as most Succubi are told to be in stories like this. She is seductive, having just the right ways to tempt and tease Megan as the story goes on. She has some mind control abilities that aren’t simply “there” but play out over the story, their effects on Megan deliciously told, and the story of Megan’s enslavement is, in a way, more a loving thing than one might expect at first. But it is clear from the moment that Kendra appears that she isn’t “typical” as a Succubus and I did adore her personality very much.

The story is a bit more than a hot flash as there is a good deal of story surrounding the erotic moments of the work which, for me, added a lot to my enjoyment of the erotica when it appeared. Those moments had a lot of heat, passion, and felt “right” considering the story and the characters. All in all a well told story first and foremost with the erotica used to tell the story better, drive it forwards, and bring about some very interesting truths about both Megan and Kendra.

The writing is very good, save for two points where the story stumbled slightly in how the characters were talking to each other. The speech seemed a bit… off… for some reason and I think that’s mainly because the words didn’t quite match what was happening in that moment. There wasn’t anything that really took me out of the story and when the erotica came that really flowed well and weren’t points at which things didn’t fit together right.

As the opening to a series, the work stands out well, brings out the main characters and leaves things at a point where there is a clear story going forwards for all of the characters. The unfolding of that story leaves me with a good impression and I really want the next part of things to arrive soon so that the story remains fresh in my thoughts. Good stories and characters do that and in this case, that’s plainly true.

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really enjoyed this opening to this series very much and as a Succubus, Kendra is what I like to see in a Succubus most of all. The second work in the series is expected to be released soon and I do look forward to that. Megan will be having an interesting life going forwards, but being that Kendra is out and about in the world I wonder what mischief she’s going to get into next…



Jan 13 2015

A Review of Taken by the Incubus by Austin Dixon

Taken by the Incubus by Austin Dixon

Taken by the Incubus by Austin Dixon

The beginning of a story is the opening seeing what might be. The ending of a story however can be either a means to satisfy a reader’s curiosity or leave one with a ending that makes you wonder what the point of it all was.

I don’t expect happy endings, though I do prefer them. I do expect a story that gives as much as it takes. Some can do this… Some can’t.

  • Title: Taken by the Incubus
  • Author: Austin Dixon
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 17, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The summary tells of:

The Incubus was a cruel creature. If it couldn’t have me, no one would, including myself.

Jason has always been able to see things that others can’t. The eyes of supernatural creatures have followed him throughout his life, and one pair of those eyes has turned lustful. Can Jason survive the erotic attentions of a hungry demon?

Jason tells of his life, of being visited in the night by an Incubus, and what the consequences of that encounter are.

This work describes itself as being “horror erotica” and in this case there is quite a lot more erotica than horror. As a whole that was honestly a good choice to make as the work tells a captivating story about one man’s encounter with an Incubus, but it also tells about Jason’s past, his feelings, and in the end, what choices he is forced to make.

Jason is described well, his wants and needs, his feelings and actions, all of them combine into a story about trying to understand that which is impossible and then finding oneself captured in that discovery. There is confusion, acceptance, disbelief and lastly the horror aspect appears.

The erotica itself is well told, and it isn’t simply thrown into the story for no reason. There is purpose behind each encounter and as Jason gives more to the incubus that erotica heats up as well.

The incubus is never named, which at some points in the story feels very odd. While he is a sexual being, in the end he is also somewhat stereotypical in his actions and purpose as well. It’s quite clear where the story is going long before the ending arrives and that was a bit disappointing because the ending is one that left me unsatisfied as a whole and I really didn’t want to be.

The writing is passionate, the characters are very clearly told and have a good deal of depth to them. It isn’t all about the sex, though it does stand out very well. It’s a journey from bliss to an ending and for all of the buildup to the climax of the work… I felt like in this case there should have been more.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A well told hot flash, which this is, shouldn’t close on an ending that drains everything away. It really shouldn’t.



Jan 12 2015

Storm Clouds 215 by TeraS

A little more Chapter 39 this week… Trying for some heat. see how that develops and maybe the truth that sets them free…

For those that would like to read Storm Clouds from the beginning, you can click this link, and it will take you to the page where all of the previous chapters can be found.


Storm Clouds 215
Chapter 36
By TeraS


Time passed ever so slowly in the room. Someone who concentrated might be able to follow the dust motes as they floated here and there among the bookcases, tables, and chairs. Someone not so inclined to watch them might be held by the image of a woman straddling a man on one of the chairs, her fingers laced into his hair and their lips crushed together in a deep kiss.

One might also notice that neither of them was moving. But there was one other in the room who was. She was stalking back and forth, her long, red, heart-tipped tail swaying pensively as she walked, her eyes scanning intently from the carpet below her to the two intertwined and then back again as she paced.

Out of what some might mistake for frustration or impatience, she would tuck a wayward lock of hair back behind one of her ears from time to time. In fact, it was neither of those emotions, but rather, her pondering over what she knew and understood …

… and when Tera, the Queen of the Succubi, put a puzzle together and the pieces fit? That spelt issues for someone.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar presence entering the apartment building, so her pacing came to a stop and a warm smile played upon her lips. She had been wondering when he was going to appear, and it seemed that this moment was the one that mattered.

His timing, as always, was impeccable. But then, he was especially attuned to her.

Counting to twelve, Tera walked over to the apartment door and then waited another three beats before opening the door and looking out into the hallway. The elevator dinged, the doors opened and she waved to the one standing there, his hands quite full. “Coming! Just a moment, my heart!”

The man in the elevator, who Thomas would recognize as the pastor from the funeral he attended not so long ago, nodded his head in lieu of a wave: “All fine, Dear One. I’ll manage.”

Quickly making her way down the hall, Tera replied: “Manners will not allow that, you know. At least allow me to be of some use?”

He chuckled: “We’ve talked about this before, Dear One. You sell yourself short. You are more than useful and, one of these days, you’ll see that.”

She scrunched up her nose as she took a small bag from under his arm: “Family trait, you know.”

He nodded once, blushing a little: “Yes … quite so.”

Moving to walk beside him, she slipped her arm with his and they moved towards John’s apartment. As they walked, they slipped into the banter they always shared.

“I’m sorry for being late.”

“Not late. You are exactly on time, as always.”

“How are you managing, Dear One?”

“Oh … managing, my heart.” Of course, she didn’t want to worry him.

“I see.” Of course, he saw right through that.

The next words that passed between them were ones that each knew didn’t need to be said, for they had known each other, it seemed, forever. Tera’s heart would always be so, as would she for him as his Dear One. That was just how things were, and nothing in the universes could change that fact. After they entered John’s apartment, he handed her one of the styrofoam cups he held. As he closed the door he asked: “And where is your Eternal, Dear One?”

Tera smiled as she traced a fingertip around the rim of the styrofoam cup: “Oh, he’s off and about looking after something.” She looked at him and nodded once: “But he is with me and I am with him.”

The look he gave her was somewhere between understanding and trepidation: “Of course. That was not my concern.”

Her finger stopped moving as she tilted her head to the left: “But you are concerned.”

He nodded, taking the lid off his tea: “I am worried about you, Dear One. You are troubled, have been for some time. I can see it in your eyes … your Eternal and I might be the only ones that possibly could have seen it, of course, but it is there.”

Tera was silent for a time, then admitted: “I think the Dark has been messing with things it should not. So I am … hoping … to fix that damage.”

“I see. And the two over there?”

“They are the thing that needs to be made right once more.”

He took a sip of his tea: “Playing matchmaker, Dear One?”

She took the lid off her own tea: “Oh those two are matched, my heart. I’m just trying to set things right once more.”

“Dear One, are you sure you are doing the right thing, or are you possibly … inadvertently … just maybe … doing the Dark’s own work for it?”

Tera paused, her tea almost to her lips: “Memories have been changed, my heart. The reason for that I do not know. Yet the Dark has altered the memories of some of the succubi. It has also changed the memories of innocents. It is trying to set something up to Its benefit. Jane is one of them. John, the dear man she is with at the moment, is the other.”

“Are you sure?”

Tera’s tail moved slowly behind her: “I know Eternals when I see them, my heart. In that I am sure. What happens after that is in their hands.”

“Which means we wait.”

“You need not have to, my heart. I’ll wait.”

He winked: “And have you talking to yourself? I shudder to think what your dear Tail will have to say about that.”

Tera smiled a warm, knowing smile: “You are, of course, quite right, my heart.”

He walked over to the couch and settled in: “What would you like to talk about while we wait?”

Tera took a spot on the other end of the couch, curling her legs underneath her as she did: “I have a theory … more of a thought, perhaps.”

He looked at his tea: “Why do I have the feeling, Dear One, that we’ll need more tea?”

She laughed: “Because that is how it always works when we chat, my heart. And, next time, I will bring the pie to share.”

He tipped his cup towards her: “So. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

She tilted her head to the right: “There is quite a lot that is bothering me. To be truthful, there has been for some time. I think that the time which the Dark has spent in trying to get into the Realm has made it desperate for some kind of success.”

He furrowed his brow: “It is a persistent entity; that much is obvious. And yes, your … resistance … has been a thorn in Its side.” The innocent look she gave in reply just made him chuckle as he sipped his tea, waiting for her to continue.

She considered the cup she held, then continued: “To be honest, it’s been a bother to me as well, in more ways than one, but we won’t dwell on that part of the story, as we’ll come back to that a bit later to try and tie the threads together.”

“Which means we start with … ?”

“We start with the question of what, exactly, is It intending to do with the tail that is missing.”

“You assume she is being held?”

“I know she is being held. I am just not sure exactly where she is at this moment. I know that she is nearby … somewhere … but otherwise I am not sure where. I sense she is trapped or bound in some way. That means It must have a plan for her. Whether by influencing her, forcing something upon her, or other means, It has but one goal, and having a Tail would give It something It never had before.”

He nodded: “A key.”

“Yes. There are only a few entries into the Realm for those not …” She paused here, considering her next words, worrying that “like us” would sound more than a bit conceited, but he finished the thought for her.

“… like you, Dear One. I know better—we know better—and you need to keep that in mind.”

She nodded in reply: “Of course. Like us, my heart. There are some with that key. Some others, like you, are offered a pass to the Realm, at the right time for the right reason. But all of us, even myself, have to pass by the gates, all of them, before stepping foot in the Realm.”

He smiled: “And, of course, that final gate, the one that none shall pass without permission, is the last bastion.”

She sighed, wistfully: “Yes. But we won’t dwell on that point, my heart. Let’s try and keep focus on our missing tail for the moment.”

He gave a sidelong look at the pair on the chair as he wondered: “Can I assume that they are both part of the story?”

“Quite so. She is the sister of the one whose tail is held, obviously. He is, I am sure, her Eternal. When we had the funeral, it struck me that she was there, but he was not. The question then was … “Why?” Speaking with her afterwards, it was clear that the Dark did something to her, and, I think, vice versa.”

“So, you have two souls no longer connected.”

“Yes, but that’s just where it begins. She, our dear Jane, is impulsive, quick to anger, and more importantly, would do anything to have revenge for her sister’s passing. What would she do if she believed that her only family, the only one she loved, was gone?”

He shook his head: “Oh, I have a good idea. There was something wrong about her; I had chalked it up to grief and did not push her. I should have.”

She set her cup down on a small side table, some worry in her eyes as she looked at him: “No guilt, my heart—not for either of us. There was enough grief to go around for everyone. We both missed it, but we are both now aware.”

He allowed those words but replied: “Then I expect you not to have guilt, either. It is not becoming of you. Queen or not, it is not becoming of you or your soul, and I will not allow it.”

She laced her fingers together, placing them in her lap: “The guilt I think I have dealt with. It was slowly turning into anger … or it was until Jane came back and I saw she had a problem. That problem made it clear that there was a … discrepancy that needed to be repaired.”

He considered his tea: “Now that your anger is gone, Dear One, you need to keep it away … the Dark is counting on using it against you.”

She looked towards Jane and John: “Something happened in the two weeks that she was out of touch. When she came back, she claimed to have been overseas for some time, but that made little sense, as they were inseparable. There was something missing in Jane. Again, it seemed like the loss of her sister was the answer, but it goes further than that. He was missing. They were missing.”

“So, that’s when you put Tom and Camilla onto things?”

She nodded and picked up her tea again, taking a sip: “There was something that happened in the world here, driven by forces bound to rules that apply here. Something else happened outside of this world, where other rules apply. Having the two of them dealing with this will give me a new perspective on what It wants.”

He chuckled: “There’s something more, Dear One.”

She smiled over the rim of her cup: “Perhaps … perhaps not. We shall see.”

He raised his cup in reply: “Yes. We shall. But the story isn’t over yet. You are holding back a few things. I can tell.”

She paused, just before taking a sip: “Two things: All four of them are connected to what happened. Two of them are what It has focused upon.”

He frowned: “So they are all at risk. But which two are the ones It has focused on?”

Tera’s tail pointed at Jane: “She is one, obviously. I believe that Thomas is the other. They both have suffered great losses. They can both be influenced by It making an appeal to their darker emotions.”

“What happens when one … or the other … or both … is freed?”

“That, my heart, is what I am intending to find out with Jane.”

“And Tom?”

She sighed: “I am trusting that his belief in doing good is strong. Camilla will help in that. So will Nina … assuming that Thomas will let them in to help.”

He considered her words, then asked: “But what about our missing tail? How does she fit into this?”

Tera looked into her cup as if reading tea leaves, though there were none: “What would one do if one could bring a lost love back? What would one give up? What would happen when the truth was revealed?”

“That, I think, would depend on the truth, would it not?”

She looked up: “Yes. Yes it would.” Then she looked back down at her cup once more.

He sighed: “Dear One, it does you no good to keep things bottled up inside you, nor can you get them past me without me noticing.”

“There are two problems with sharing the truth in this case, my heart. One is that the truth will not set anyone free. The harm in the truth being known would only play into It’s hands. The truth I speak of is meant for one soul only and it is one that I do not have the right to share.”

“If not you, then who?”

Tera looked at him: “The one that cannot speak.”

She stood and began to walk around the room, still holding the cup in her hands: “The second reason for not sharing is that I may—and yes, I know this sounds impossible—I may be completely wrong about what I believe the truth to be.”

He leaned back in his chair, a small twinkle in his eye: “You, Dear One? Wrong? If so, I do believe I will have to check on whether the laws of the universe have been changed recently.”

Tera laughed softly: “I’ve been wrong many times, my heart. The thing is that I hide those mistakes well enough that they are not seen for the mistakes they are.”

“You are avoiding the point, Dear One. It isn’t that you are wrong nearly as often as you believe … except when you think you are hiding these things from your Eternal or me. It is that you are far too hard on yourself when those around you are hurt. You make it your focus to deal with that, to take it upon yourself. Sometimes, you do have to allow others to stumble.”

A sigh, quite a long one: “Cannot do that, my heart. Call it … a very deep fault. Perhaps it is the one that the Dark has figured on to be how it wins the war.”

He placed his cup on the table and then walked over to her. Resting a hand on Tera’s shoulder he explained: “It is not a fault to care. We have talked about this many times before. It is a fault to take on too many things, to not share with others who can help with the burdens. And I would bet my socks that this is exactly what the Dark will use to defeat you.”

Tera patted his hand lightly: “As you know, that sharing is something not easily done.”

He smiled: “True … for both of us. Now, there are plans to be made, and in this case, Dear One, your heart is going to help.”

She began to shake her head, to refuse. She couldn’t possibly allow him to do so.

“Ah! I am sorry, but no, Dear One. There is no getting out of this. You need more help than what you have now, and if you don’t let me help you, then I will go on my own. So please, tell me what you have in mind next.”

“You really will not like it, my heart; not at all.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, Dear One.”

Ten minutes later found Tera sitting on the couch, rolling her cup between her hands and looking at him as he paced back and forth as she had been before he arrived. She had explained her plans, what she intended to do and what the cost would be.

He finally stopped pacing and looked at her: “I do not like this at all, Dear One.”

“I did warn you.”

“So you did. It is a dangerous plan. It can go wrong at any of a dozen turns. Worse, if it does go wrong, then the Realm is lost. However …”


He furrowed his brow: “However, misquoting Einstein, ‘I, at any rate, am convinced that you do not throw dice.’”

She was puzzled; the twist in her tail, which he knew well, spoke to her thoughts as much as any words would: “Meaning what, exactly?”

“Meaning that, though your plans appear to be risky, somehow you have a fairly good idea that it will turn out well.”

She traced a finger against her lips, as if sealing them, a thin smile there as she did so.

“But what is missing from this equation is that you are not going in alone. I won’t have it. You would risk yourself to save the Realm. Someone needs to be there who will risk the universe to save you.”

She looked him in the eye: “I worry that I may have to do something of which you do not approve, something that would disappoint you.”

He didn’t waver: “You could never disappoint me, Dear One. Never. And I will stand beside you no matter what … including no matter if you tell me not to.”

She opened her mouth to speak … but then closed it, smiling.

He smiled back and nodded once: “Did you ever meet Einstein in your travels, Dear One?”

“Yes. I was fortunate to hear him play the violin once. His connection with music was … breathtaking. Even if he didn’t see his talents for all that they were.”

He chuckled as he took the other end of the couch once more: “Your words remind me of a certain red tail that I know who has the same problem. She needs to see that in herself every now and again.”

She tilted her head to the right: “I have no idea what you mean, my heart.”

He shook his head: “Yes, Dear One. Of course you do.”


Storm Clouds
Chapter 37
By TeraS


Billy wasn’t sure if Donna actually had to go and visit every single person in the building. Actually he wasn’t sure if they actually did visit them all or not, but there were a lot of people that she had introduced him to, and he knew there was no possible way he was going to remember all of their names. Funny thing was, the only name that he wanted to remember was Donna’s. He wasn’t sure why it mattered so much, but he was bound and determined not to forget.

He always hated going around with his father and meeting with people that mattered to their business, or to his father. They always treated him as if he was being tolerated, and they were always formal and cold, seeming like they only did so in order to not offend his father.

Donna’s co-workers weren’t like that. He wasn’t sure if they were always that interested in other people, or if they were now only because he was with Donna, or because he was helping deliver the coffee and donuts. Whatever the reason, there wasn’t one person that he met who didn’t greet him warmly. The hugs from the women were embarrassing, but Billy managed to get through that without making a fool of himself. Even the men weren’t trying to break his hand during the many handshakes, which is what normally happened to Billy. They treated him as an equal—which, again, was something that didn’t usually happen for him.

Billy, being overwhelmed as he was by what was happening, didn’t notice the look that Donna gave each person that he was introduced to. The look was, if one was paying attention, almost pleading for approval.

By the time the tour ended, he figured that he certainly must have met everyone in the building. As they passed by an office on the upper floor, he noticed Donna frown, just a little, and that bothered him. “What’s up?”

“Oh. I was hoping you might meet my …” The pause was very noticeable, even for Billy, and he was about to ask about that when Donna continued: “… boss. Her name’s Tera.”

Billy was still bothered about the pause: “Don’t like her?”

Donna shook her head, her short platinum blond hair moving in an odd wave, which Billy found very interesting: “Oh gosh no! I love her bunches!”

Her answer brought Billy up short. She didn’t seem like the kind of lady that would use the words “gosh” and “bunches.” For some reason, he felt she was putting on a show or something. “Really?”

Donna stopped and turned to look at Billy. She placed her right hand on his chest and explained: “She’s wonderful, Billy. She’s done so much for me. I owe her a lot, and I’ll never be able to repay her.”

He looked at her hand, then into her eyes: “Lots of people tell me that, but they do it ‘cause they fear the people they work for.”

Donna scrunched up her nose, which Billy thought made her look awfully cute: “Not me. I love Tera like a sister. We’re all …” Again she paused, which was odd, but then she continued: “… a family. I know that sounds weird, but that’s the only way I can explain it.”

Billy had come to the conclusion that there was something odd about the place where Donna worked. There was something odd, but what it was, in the end, didn’t seem to matter as much as meeting Donna did, so Billy nodded: “’kay. I can see that. This place is kinda’ weird, but if that’s how you think about things, then … ‘kay.”

Donna smiled, and Billy thought that it was a good thing to see her smiling.

After going down a flight of stairs that took them past the Receptionist—and Billy still found himself not wanting to make her mad—Donna led him down a hallway that he was sure they hadn’t been through before. He actually wasn’t even sure if the hallway had been there when they had entered the place and first met the Receptionist. This place was built weirdly, and he had been turned around so many times that he wasn’t sure what direction he was facing. Not that it mattered that much: he was fine with walking with Donna and talking to her, anyway. But he had expected to arrive in what Donna had called the “Lounge,’ and, as they walked, he worried about making a mess there. This building was amazingly well kept and clean, and he just knew that he would drop something somehow and make a mess somewhere. Luckily, he thought, that hadn’t happened so far. So it was a surprise when she opened a door and he found that that the Lounge wasn’t their destination.

Instead, the opened door revealed what looked like a neatly kept lunch room, large enough for a dozen or more diners, with a big picture window to one side that looked out over what seemed to be the backyard of the place. Though Billy wasn’t exactly sure how it was that so many trees would be there.

“After you, Billy.”

He shook his head: “Sorry. Manners say that it’s ladies first.”

Donna smiled: “How about together? You’ve been following me around, me leading the way. I’d much rather have you walking with me. You don’t have to hold hands if you don’t want to.”

Billy blushed, but managed: “That’s kind of forward, isn’t it?”

Donna smiled: “A little bit … maybe.”

With a flick of her shoe she held the door open for them: “Now you don’t have to hold the door, and we can go and find a place to sit and share my coffee and bagel.”

Billy held up the bag that he had been carting around with him: “Bagel? Not a donut?”

A short walk across the room and they were both sitting at a table over by the window, Donna facing Billy: “Bagels are a good thing to have when you want to think about something.”

“I don’t get it. Sorry.”

She opened the bag and took the bagel out, placing it on top, then opening the coffee and sitting it beside the bagel: “You have to work at eating a bagel. It’s a bit of a struggle to tear it into pieces to nibble on. It’s a bit of work to chew on. Because it takes a while, you get a change to think about things.”

The look on Billy’s face made it clear that stuff like what Donna was talking about was a little over his head: “Like what?”

She picked up the bagel and tore it into four pieces. Taking one of those, she broke it in half and then gave Billy one of them: “Oh, all sorts of stuff.”

He looked at the bagel in his hand: “Like?”

Donna held her piece a bit away from her lips as she answered: “Like if you might like me as much as I like you. Like what you like to do for fun. Like if you might ask me out to dinner.” As the last word left her lips, she popped the bagel in her mouth and started to chew on it.

Billy was brought up short and stuffed his piece into his month to occupy himself while he thought. She was really classy, and that meant that she’d want to go out somewhere expensive. That wouldn’t be a problem: Dad had always paid Billy well for the work he did, and he had saved a lot over the years. But he didn’t have a suit, didn’t run around in those sort of places. After finally swallowing the bagel he explained: “Do like you. But you’re so classy. I don’t know what you like to do for fun, and the place I like to go for dinner is the burger joint on 11th and Main—not exactly the sort of place you’d want to be in.”

Donna stood up, and Billy didn’t have any other choice but to look at her standing there in a classy blue dress. When she didn’t say anything, he closed his eyes and really tried to remember what she looked like, knowing that he’d never see her again—that little sweep in her hair, the twinkle in her eyes, that chunk of bagel that she was chewing on that pushed out her cheek and gave her a dimple. Darn him for being honest. He opened his eyes and watched her chew. She had that bagel in her mouth. Then it hit him that she wasn’t mad, she just had her mouth full.

Donna picked up the coffee and took a sip, swallowed, then said: “Billy, I don’t always dress like this. This is what I wear to work. It’s like your overalls or uniform or whatever you wear where you work. I look classy because that’s how it is appropriate to look here.”

She put the coffee down and walked around the table, taking a seat right beside Billy: “I’m just as happy to wear an old T-shirt and jeans and running shoes.”

Billy gave her a look: “Can’t imagine that.”

She laughed: “I clean up good. Like you do, okay?”

Billy shrugged: “Okay.”

She folded her hands onto her lap and looked at them: “You know, a lot of the people here think that I’m shy.”

He looked at the tabletop: “Dunno about shy. Think yer cute though.”

“Could say the same about you, too.”

“Not cute. Cute isn’t a guy thing.”

Donna pursed her lips and blew out a long breath: “Billy, if a gal says you’re cute, don’t argue.”

He looked at her: “How am I supposed to talk? Usually no one sees me or stuff. Haveta’ be honest, Donna. Don’t talk to a lot of cute girls that I … like.”

“Because you’re shy?”


She smiled, which made Billy happy: “Maybe, between the two of us … maybe … we can work on that.”

“Wadda ya’ have in mind?”

The next part Billy didn’t expect: “I like walking, looking at the ships as they come into the harbour. I like movies—old ones, not the new stuff, the more B-grade the better. And what I like most of all is watching those sorts of movies with a greasy burger and fries from Ben’s at the corner of 11th and Main. But only when Jack is cooking; Adam burns the buns and I can’t stand that.”

Billy was shocked to put it mildly: “You eat there?”

“Yup. Never do dinner, but I do lunch, and, sometimes, midnight snacks.”

Billy mulled that over as he took another piece of the bagel, tore it in two and handed Donna half: “Always thought that Jack was kind of an ass. Never went in when he was there. And you are going to be mad at me.”

Donna looked confused: “Why?”

He had a lopsided grin as he started to chew on the bagel: “I like the burned buns.”

Donna slapped his shoulder lightly: “Oh! You! How could you possibly!”

Billy just continued to chew on the bagel and chuckle to himself as Donna ranted over that, liking her more and more by the moment and feeling a lot better about himself as he did so.




Storm Clouds
Chapter 38
By TeraS


It was after about an hour of walking through the Realm that Tom noticed something. It wasn’t all of the beings walking around with horns and tails; he had gotten used to that surprisingly fast. It wasn’t the looks that he had seen from some of them; he understood the why of the looks of lust or curiosity or even temptation came in his direction. Nina was in the middle of turning a corner when Tom said, “I have a question.”

“Oh? If it’s about life, the universe and everything, I think there’s a book that has that answer in the Library. I think it’s one of Tera’s favourites, actually.”

“Nothing that grand … just something odd I’ve noticed.”

Nina stopped walking and looked at him, her tail swaying behind her, the sunlight glinting off her silver dress: “You’d better be specific. There’s a lot of ‘odd’ in our world.”

Tom nodded: “Yeah, noticed that. What’s odder is that it all seems to fit, in a way.”

“So? What’s bugging you?”

“Where’s your police department? I haven’t seen any references to one.”

Nina pointed off to her left and when Tom looked he noticed what seemed to be a castle of some kind standing a fair distance away: “See that? Want to guess what it is?”

Tom rubbed his chin: “Normally, I would reckon that was Tera’s place.”


“But Camilla said that Tera doesn’t go for that.”

“Correct. Tera only rarely can be found there. That’s for show, for those that expect to see a Queen in her castle.”

“So it’s a symbol of … of what, exactly?”

“It symbolizes one very clear point: that the words of Tera and her Eternal govern us. But it also symbolizes, in her refusal to be there, that she does not believe that she needs to lord her authority over us.”

“So, she’s Queen in name only and nothing more?”

Nina frowned deeply: “Oh no. She’s our Queen, but she will only allow one being to call her that. She gave that one the right to do so for reasons that are between the two of them. To everyone else, she’s Tera, and, honestly, that’s more powerful.”

Tom looked at the castle, far past the nearby rolling hills, the occasional bit of mist or cloud shimmering nearby: “In what way? It seems more casual, more open.”

Nina walked up to Tom and said, with a slight shake of her head: “Tom … I’m really disappointed in you.”

When she didn’t say anything else, just looking at him, Tom sighed and shook his head: “I get the point. It’s worse to disappoint someone you know than it is a faceless title you never see.”

She smiled and twined one of her braids around her right hand: “That’s part of it. Remember Camilla told you that, if Brent had been lying, Tera would have known? That’s another part of it. But the most telling thing is that, when she’s standing there, looking at you, and says, ‘I’m disappointed.’ Believe me, those words are something no one wants to hear from her … not after all that she’s done for everyone.”

“Okay, I get the picture. Pissing off Mom would …”

Nina shook her head: “Tera’s not … Mom.”

“Come again?”

She looked into the sky, seeming to be looking for something … but for what, exactly, Tom wasn’t sure: “It’s … complicated … in a lot of ways.”

“Okay. So if you don’t think of her as your mother, then … who is?”

“That’s yet another story.”

“Your world has a lot of them, you know.”

“We also have an fantastic library, vibrant art, passionate culture, and our midnight get-togethers by the Lake are amazing.”

Tom shook his head: “You know the most amazing thing?”


“The most amazing thing is that you speak of all of this as completely normal, and it feels normal. Well, except for some of your kind who aren’t exactly my type.”

Nina’s look was not hard to read, not with the question that came: “What is your type?”

There was a slightly far off look in Tom’s eyes: “No; doesn’t matter.”

Nina frowned at the emotions that were starting to boil inside of Tom: “Tera has said that there is someone, somewhere, for everyone. The trick is bringing them together.”

Tom nodded his head in the direction Nina had been walking: “Yeah. Sure. Let’s go.”

Tom’s attitude surprised Nina, but she didn’t press further on that, nor come back at him with a snip of her own. That part of Tom’s story she’d find out, or Camilla would, eventually. For the moment, she turned and continued to walk, knowing without looking that Tom was there beside her.

They crossed an intersection, and Tom was treated to the sight of a carriage being pulled by two pony-girls, with their Mistress—a Succubi that Nina recognized as Rachel, a rather strict personality that some submissives were attracted to—riding inside.

“Getting back to your question about our police: we are all, in a way, our own police here. We help each other if needed, protect one another, and otherwise keep each other from going down a path that leads to nothing for us.”

“A collective, then?”

Nina nodded, still looking at Rachel as she went on her way: “For example, the succubi in the carriage? Her name’s Rachel. She’s a very strict domme; she controls the lives of her submissives in every way and means.”


“And the thing is, she knows the lines she cannot cross. She knows what her pets desire and gives them that, pushes the boundaries from time to time with them. But if one of us felt something wasn’t right, we could find out what was going on. And, honestly, it’s better that one of us did. Otherwise …”

“Otherwise Tera might be disappointed.”

“Yeah. It’s about the most powerful reason not to do harm you can think of. How can you disappoint someone who would do anything for you, who has offered you something precious, and who trusts you with the power to do almost anything?”

“Have you?”

“You know the answer to that.”

“Sort of. You’ve left a lot of questions around your answers. You keep dancing around the point, trying to avoid it. Why?”

Nina sighed and pinched her nose: “Because the thing about being a survivor is that you remember all that didn’t make it. You also remember the second chance you were given.”

“What’s that?”

“The first time I met Tera, it was when she had come into her power as the Queen. So many of us that had done wrong were called, one by one, to see her. I expected to be banished at the least; my end was almost certain for all of the souls that I had taken.”

“You’re still here.”

Nina smirked: “Yes. Don’t let anyone tell you what they think Tera will do. They’ll always be wrong. I was … so, so wrong.”

“So, what did she do?”

Nina crossed the street as she called out: “She hugged me. I broke down in tears, I told her everything that I had done. Then she just said, ‘Do better this time.’”

Tom paused in crossing the street when Nina had said. ‘Do better this time.’ The words where haunting and struck very close to home. Before Nina could turn around and see the look he had, Tom ran across the street and caught up to her.

Tera was going to have a lot of explaining to do … someday. For right now, the question of where the hell Nina was going mattered more.

“Got another question.”


“Why are we walking? Faster to just jump over there or whatever you call it.”

“It’s called bampfing by some—Tera, in particular, calls it that. As for the “why”? We are going to meet someone important and just appearing in front of them without warning would not be … good.”

“Sounds ominous.”

“Wouldn’t call them ominous, exactly.”

Tom strode a little faster than Nina was and touched her hand: “Nina. Slow down. Talk. Who is it, why are you so worked up over it?”

She looked down at Tom’s fingers, then into his eyes: “Remember when Camilla said that she knew some names, some beings that she thought might be a threat?”

“Yeah. She also said that she wouldn’t go near them without … hellhounds or something.”

She pointed towards a low building made of blood red bricks that stood a short distance away: “We are going to go talk to one of them, it will be me as Camilla won’t be enough to make this work, she’s never actually commanded … them.”

“What? Hellhounds?”

Nina shook her head: “Oh no, that wouldn’t be enough. They would be laughed at. No, we are going to borrow something from Tera that isn’t seen often and, when it is, that is on very rare occasions.”

Tom huffed dangerously: “Nina …”

She came to a stop suddenly, looking down a short piece of sidewalk that ended at a gold and black door inlaid into a red brick wall. There were no windows to be seen, no other way in save that door and nothing more.

Nina looked at Tom: “You have that card Tera gave you?”

Patting his chest, Tom nodded: “Yeah, keeping company with my badge.”

Nina approached the door and knocked twice. After a moment, a panel slid open and a low voice pronounced: “Nina … and a human. Why would you bring a human here? You know it is dangerous for them. You may enter, Nina. He cannot.”

Tom dug out his badge, flipped it open and showed the silver card from Tera to … whatever it was. There was a long silence, then the door opened to shadows and sounds that Tom couldn’t quite place … though, somehow, he felt as if he had heard the sounds before … in his nightmares.

Nina stepped through the open door, offering her hand as she did so: “Stay with me; don’t drift off. Some of the things in here don’t react well to humans.”

Tom slid his badge back where it belonged: “Makes two of us.”

The door closed behind them without a sound.


Storm Clouds
Chapter 39
By TeraS


Jane refused to believe John when, two weeks later, he told her that she snored.

“I … do NOT … snore.”

John was panting when he replied: “Yes … you do … like a jet … on takeoff.”

“First, I don’t. And, second, how would you know what that sounds like, anyway?”

John had to think about that. The only reason why he even brought up the point about her snoring was that she was musing about moving in with him. He wasn’t sure about that and was looking for a way out … or at least a way to slow her down a little.

He slowed the treadmill down enough to manage a real conversation with her. She’d been pushing him again—for the best, he knew—and he could honestly say that, without her being here, he’d be a lot worse off than he was.

For a moment he wondered why that particular thought seemed like a sense of déjà vu … As if he’d been through this before, and things didn’t turn out well. Shaking that thought off, he continued to walk—not jog, and definitely not run—as he replied:  “Considering that my apartment is right under the flight path to the airport, I think I have a good idea what it sounds like.”

“Well at least no one will hear me when I rant at you about being late … or lazy… or, for that matter, sleeping in when you should be doing more important things.” The look Jane gave him was the one he knew well enough by now. It was a mix of “Just try me” and “Why haven’t you?”

After wiping his face with a towel, John decided that the best thing to do was get right to the point, no matter how things were going to turn out from here. “Jane. I need to take a break.”

She looked worried: “Are you hurting? What’s wrong?”

He stepped off the treadmill and she was right there, helping him as always, without complaint, as she promised. He realized a long time ago that she mattered to him, but neither of them had pushed things beyond that save for the occasional threats about moving in together just to see how long it would take before they drove each other nuts.

“I’m fine. I just can’t talk to you like this.”

She helped him over to a chair and then pulled one over for herself: “Okay, talk.”

He hoped for the best as he began: “You do snore. No let me finish, there’s a reason why I’m starting here. See, I’ve never been able to sleep through the night; there’s always been a nightmare that’s woke me up. I’ve never been able to remember it exactly, but I’ve become used to it waking me up.”

Jane had taken her seat, placed her hands in her lap and was looking at him intently. Still, he pressed on. Some secrets had to be shared, after all.

“I’ve woken up every night to the sound of you snoring away. I’ve thought about tossing a pillow at you every night, actually had one in my hands many times, and I’ve been on the edge of throwing it at you.”

Jane smiled: “Maybe you should have.”

John reached out a hand and put a finger over Jane’s lips: “Not a word till I’m done, okay?”

She nodded and he continued: “You know, it’s a weird thing for me. To see you across the room, the light from outside letting me see you there asleep in the night. It’s hard to explain, exactly, but you aren’t quite the same person then.”

Jane bit the inside of her lip at his words. She worried that he had seen her horns, or tail, that he knew that she wasn’t exactly human, and a sick feeling started in the pit of her stomach. After all she’d hoped for, he was going to say the words that would mean that her plan didn’t work, that things were going to be as they were.

John’s voice broke through her thoughts then: “You put up … a front, Jane. The real you isn’t all here right now, somehow. I want to know the real you, the you that you don’t want everyone to see or know.”

He looked down, then pressed onwards: “See, the thing is that, as stupid as I am, I know that I do like you. More than like you; I just feel like I’ve known you before. That doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t to me, but I look at you in the middle of the night and … it’s familiar to me.”

He looked up at her: “Even the snoring.”

She smiled. She couldn’t do much else, really.

“So, here’s the deal: I don’t have much to offer, I don’t know what the future is going to bring. I do know that I don’t want to lose you, and I’m hoping that you, somehow, feel the same about me. Actually, that’s not exactly true. I know you do—God knows all of the signs are there—but we’re both dancing around what we want like two scared teenagers.”

They were both silent for a while, then Jane answered: “I’ve been doing the same thing. Not every night, but there are some nights when you are asleep that I’m lying in bed watching you and … wondering … hoping.”

John shook his head slightly, but Jane continued: “There’s been something about you, too. It’s not rescuing my ass or anything to do with that. It’s the dreams I’ve had about you, John … a lot of them.”

Then she smiled: “And, for the record, you snore, too, you big dummy.”

He rolled his eyes: “Okay, I know I do. The guys at the station have told me that for years.”

“And … so you lied to me about the snoring. Shame on you, John.”

John sighed: “Yes, I did. I admit that I thought that telling you the truth would turn you off and you’d leave.”

Jane shot a look at him: “We’ve been through this. I’m not leaving, not unless you tell me to my face that you want me to go, and make me believe you mean every word.”

“That’s the problem.”

“Not getting you, John. Explain, please.”

“Tell me what you remember from … oh … about two days ago when the guys from the station were here.”

Jane thought a minute, then: “Three of them came in to see you, first time I met those three, they weren’t at the station when I was trying to find out about you. They seemed nice enough.” In spite of those words, Jane didn’t tell John what she had seen in their thoughts about her, knowing that doing so would be … unwise, at best.

“And that’s all?”

Jane hesitated a long moment, then made up her mind: “I know they were all trying to make moves on me, John. I’m not totally stupid.”

To say John was shocked was an understatement: “Okay, I didn’t say you were stupid … except when we were under that desk … I still think you were stupid to be in there.”

“That’s your opinion. Personally, I thought it was a great way to meet Mr. Right.”

John crossed his arms and looked at Jane: “I’m still not completely convinced I’m Mr. Right.”

Jane pinched her nose: “You know, we really need to get you over that problem of yours as much as your walking problems.”

“That’s never going to happen. There’s not a thing that will …”

John trailed off because Jane had tilted her head to the right, the most evil smile on her lips that he had ever seen appearing there. She stood up and walked towards him, her hips rolling in a way that she’d never done before as she did so. “Oh, I think I can convince you. See, I haven’t, totally, been honest with you, John. See, the thing is that I haven’t, really, ever shown you just how much I want you … how much you are in my thoughts and dreams … how, every time you aren’t looking, I’m thinking things that would make you rock hard, wanting to bend me over a bench and do all kinds of dirty things to me.”

John was finding it hard to find his voice, but managed: “Jane, what’s come over you?”

She didn’t stop walking towards him, finally straddling his legs and resting there. She didn’t feel like she weighed anything, and his hands were suddenly moving to cup her curves as she wiggled her hips against his fingertips.

“Truth, John?”

He nodded as she traced a fingertip against his cheek: “Yeah.”

“Truth is that I am a hot little number who has been saving herself. There hasn’t been one man that’s turned me on, been in my thoughts, made me think about him every moment … until I found you.”

“That’s … just because I rescued you. You’ll …”

Jane’s finger was on his lips again: “No, I won’t. There’s a belief my kind has that, when the right two souls touch, there is nothing that can tear them apart. That’s part of who we are. We believe there is one for each of us that there is that one we call “Eternal.” When we find that one, we … just know.”

John listened, but found that it was hard to keep his eyes open. He blinked and shook his head, but Jane’s finger remained on his lips and she kept looking to his eyes. She had nice eyes, really nice, clear, sparkling eyes that he just couldn’t look away from.

“I never believed in the stories. I never thought I would find my Eternal. That wasn’t for me. I wasn’t like the rest of my kind. I should have listened better, because, if I did, then I would have done this sooner. Made you understand. To see what you need to see, John.”

Her voice seemed far away now, strange, echoing. John thought he saw something moving behind Jane. Something thin, but then Jane’s eyes held him again and the thought slipped away. It wasn’t as important as looking into her eyes again.

“I’ll show you … everything. But, for right now, I’m going to make sure you never have that worry about me leaving you again. That thought isn’t good for you.”

She moved her finger away, at least he felt the pressure on his lips vanish. But then her lips kissed his. The sensation of her lips … they were so pillowy soft, having just the right texture, shape, scent, and taste as her tongue slipped in for a moment, then darted out again. There was … something … strangely familiar and revealing in her kiss, like there was something that had been missing inside of him, taken away. He hadn’t known it was missing, but now, now he knew that it had been missing for so very long, and deeply so.

The kiss broke and reality snapped back into focus. John blinked and looked at Jane, who had her eyes closed and was smiling. He found himself captivated, watching, seeing something change within her, somehow.

Finding his voice, John asked: “What just happened, Jane?”

She opened her eyes and then mussed up her hair: “Some call it rapture … enlightenment.”

John noticed there was something that was reflecting the light of the room in Jane’s hair but dismissed it as a trick of the light: “I think I’m enlightened … and I’m sorry.”

Jane placed a hand on his chest: “You’ll make it up to me. I’ll think of something.”

“Why does that worry me, Jane?”

“Maybe it’s because neither one of us has been in love before. I’m not talking about lust. It’s too easy to be in lust with someone; too simple a thing. It’s a lot harder to be in love, having that one, true love that they talk about but you never believe in.”

“That’s pretty deep.”

“I got it from someone I know. She’s … sort of a theologian … sort of a big sister … sort of many things.”

“But what are you?”

Jane touched her forehead to his: “Yours. And you’re mine.”

There was a cough and they turned to see one of the nurses standing at the doorway: “Sorry to interrupt, but the shift is changing. Need to know if you are both going to be here for a while.”

Jane put her right hand on John’s chest, almost possessively, as she answered: “We’ll be here for a while longer. I’ll get him back to the room … after he takes a shower.”

The nurse shook her head as she closed the door: “Right. Don’t forget to turn out the lights.”

“We won’t.”

Jane didn’t wait outside this time. She walked in with John, closing the door behind them and locking it.

“What are you up to?”

Jane was leaning against the door, her hand on the light switch: “Close your eyes.”

John did, he heard the snap of the switch and when he opened his eyes there was only pitch black to be seen. While he couldn’t see anything, he did hear the rustling of clothes and then the  padding of feet around him. The sound of water spraying came next and then he hear Jane’s voice close to his ear.

“Tell me what you’re thinking right now.”

“I’m thinking you’re here, with me, in the shower … and you’re naked.”

He felt Jane’s hands rest on the waistband of his shorts: “I am.” Then he felt her chest press into his back, her breath hot and wet against his cheek: “I’m here, in the dark, where I can do anything I want to you and you won’t know what I am going to do … I could stay here, pressed against you.”

Then she seemed to vanish into thin air, no longer touching him and John waved his hands about him trying to find her.

Her voice came from his right next: “Or I could tease you, whisper all of the things I want to do to you. Tell you exactly what you are thinking right now, all of the things you’d love for me to do, or love to do to me.”

John had never experienced something like this before. It was all Jane’s voice, tempting, teasing, whispering to him, and she had his complete attention. She had more of it when he felt her hands on his shorts again and they being pulled down his legs, then winding up in a puddle around his feet. He felt Jane’s hands steady him and then guide him free of his clothes, before her hands took hold of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head, then heard the sound of it falling into a puddle somewhere in the room in the next moment.

“But you don’t want me to tease you John.”

Her hand … he thought it was her hand … wrapped itself around his shaft and started stroking him slowly as she continued to speak: “I know you’ve been aching for me … how often you’ve been in here … stroking yourself … thinking about me … needing me … wanting me.”

John’s answer was in a whine: “Yesssss … God, yes.”

He wasn’t prepared for the long, slow, wet lick of her tongue, the hum as she kissed her way along and then … stopped … her hand still continuing to stroke slowly.

“You’d love to have me, right now, right here, wouldn’t you? Press me up against the wall, the spray covering us … laying on the floor, me riding you, the water pouring over my curves, your hands cupping me. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Jane … please … I can’t …”

He gasped in surprise as she rimmed him slowly, sucking deeply and then slipping up and down before breaking free with a pop.

“You won’t. Oh, you’ll come achingly close … so close you’ll scream … but you won’t; not yet. I’ll make sure of that. You’ll see.”

The she was gone again, leaving him achingly hard and gasping. The spray from the shower then poured over his head, soaking him completely. Her hands started to roam over his back, sides, chest, thighs. A sound of something being squirted, then her hands returned, a washcloth, he thought, in one hand, her other following along as she washed him … slowly.

He started to move his hands, to reach out and draw her close, but something slapped at his hand even as he felt her hands still sliding over his body.

“Ah … no. You just stand there. You will return the favour soon enough.”

He wanted to ask why the lights were off, why they were in the dark, but, before those thoughts made it to his voice, they were blotted out by her hands soaping his shaft and by her voice as she did so: “All slippery and wet … and hard now. And here I am … all wet, too.”

She pressed the cloth against his chest, and then she rubbed a leg against his own: “You’d better clean me up before we get all dirty again.”

He took hold of the cloth and at the same time held her hand: “Jane … you’re …”

Her voice was a purr: “… bad? Oh, I’m evil, John. But I’m all yours. Touch me.”

He did. It wasn’t quite a command, but the thought of touching her was overwhelming. He started by drawing the cloth against her neck, over one shoulder and down her arm before moving up again, over her chest and down the other. She whimpered when he didn’t move to cup her chest next, inside running the cloth against her flanks, over her waist and then across her stomach.

“Tell me what you want, Jane.”

She was breathless: “Everything.”

He didn’t give that to her, not quite yet. The cloth moved down one thigh to her toes and then back up the other before he paused. He moved closer to her, cupping her rear, kneading her skin. She pressed her chest against his, her skin slipping against the soap that covered his body. She nuzzled her lips against his neck and moaned needfully for him.

His hands moved up towards the small of her back, expecting to hold her there, draw her close …

… but … something … was in the way.

Jan 11 2015

A Review of Soul Crush by Padraig E. Griffiths

Soul Crush by Padraig E. Griffiths

Soul Crush by Padraig E. Griffiths

A review this time of a work that sadly was no longer available when I wrote this review. It appears that it will be published sometime in the future, and I hope it is for the Succubus that appears in this work is one of the more unique Succubi that I have read.

The question of being cursed, of becoming a Succubus can be the source of a story with meaning and with laters of heat and more. It can be the means for redemption or damnation, depending on the character. It is said that one should be careful what one wishes for… Sometimes you get exactly what you deserve.

  • Title: Soul Crush
  • Author: Padraig E. Griffiths
  • Length: 45 Pages
  • IBSN: 978-1-62518-093-3
  • Publishing Date: October 13, 2013
  • No Longer Available, but appears to be reissued soon.

The work tells of:

Successful, charming, and incredibly good-looking realtor Josh Williams thrives on the corrupt lifestyle working in the city brings. When an opportunity presents itself, he buys an old mansion on the holiday island of Lafrette where he can live out his seedier playboy lifestyle and let his darkest sexual fantasies run free. After all, the poverty-stricken working-girls of Old Town are plentiful, cheap, and extremely willing to do what it takes for a drop of wealth. But Josh soon discovers that he is not the only sexual predator around. The manse has an explosive, soul crushing secret of its own. One that he may not be able to escape from.

Josh, the main character of this work is, to be blunt, completely unlikeable from the moment he appears. There really are no redeeming aspects to him whatsoever. His actions tell so much about the person he is, what he desires and, sadly, his view to all of those around him. His fate is not completed revealed from the beginning of the work, but it is telegraphed quite clearly by another character. What remains from that point forwards is how exactly that will happen and the means of it happening.

Maria, the Succubus of the work, does not appear for sometime but her influence, power, and entrapment of Josh is presence throughout the story. When she does appear, and traps Josh, the scene makes her not to be stereotypical, which is good, because in truth her abilities, her presence in the story, makes it important that she isn’t. She displays some aspects which reflect upon the myths of Succubi and as well Incubi which I felt were handled well by the author. I enjoyed that Maria was not a single form but endless variations and combinations. With that came a strong dominant personality which she used very well to control Josh over time.

When the climax of the work arrives, she gives Josh really no choice and in doing so the work ends on what really is the best possible way. A postscript does leave the door open to further stories and a telling note about humanity which, sadly, is something that will never change.

Excellent writing, the story has the right mix of intrigue and mystery that winds itself around both Maria and Josh. The erotica has heat in it, Maria herself is an excellent Succubus in so many ways which I enjoyed. I didn’t care much for Josh who I felt took away some of the heat in the story, but as that was mainly due to how much I disliked him couldn’t be avoided. The author creates a world around the story that paints a vivid picture in one’s thoughts and that in itself is a talent rarely seen.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

It’s hard to give this work more because of Josh, his actions, and who he is. While that has to be in order for the story to play out, it hurt, for me at least, the heat that Maria brings and the Succubus that she is.



Jan 10 2015

Please consider supporting the Succubus’ Sub graphic novel

One of the book series that I have been following for some time are the stories by John Dylena in his Succubus’ Sub universe. A long held wish of this author was to have a graphic novel created of the first work in the series and, as of today, there is an Indiegogo campaign which has the goal of making this dream a reality…

The Succubus' Sub: The Adult Graphic Novel

The Succubus’ Sub: The Adult Graphic Novel


John wrote on the campaign page:

In the fall of 2013, I wrote and published a trilogy of erotic romance books that would later become the novel RaethianaFor that novel, I created a world home to supernatural creatures including the primary species: succubi. That novel was a love story, and when it ended, I felt that the universe that contained it had much more to offer.

That, and I wanted to tell a story that included BDSM.

In November 2013, I wrote and published the first book in what would become an ongoing, 11+ book series that contained a wide array of kinks and fetishes; crossdressing, gender transformation, latex and bondage, female domination and much more.

Book One of The Succubus’ Sub tells the tale of the lonely 20-something virgin, Brett, and how one night with the succubus Myserra changed his life forever. It’s available to read FOR FREE on Amazon. This series of books is for ADULTS ONLY!

One thing I have always wanted to do with this series was to see it adapted into comic book form. For months I searched for an artist, and finally found one. An artist who not only had the “comic book style” that I wanted, but was also okay with drawing the depictions of sex and the various kinks and fetishes that were contained in the story.

The artist is one Pop-Lee. Check out his work on Deviant Arttumblr, and Hentai Foundry (18+, NSFW)

The goal of this project is to gather the funds to create a comic book adaption of Book One in the series, titled The Offer. For this issue, I added in bits of pieces of the second book: Dressing for the Occasion. Should I reach my goal for this project before the time is up, all proceeds will go toward producing the second issue! I will also publish and sell both the digital AND print copies on various online retailers like Amazon.

I already personally commissioned three pages from the series. While the first one is in color, the second and third pics (as well as the entire 24 page comic) will be in color as well.

The campaign has a goal of $2500 by February 19th, 2015 and there are several levels of perks available for those that care to donate to the campaign.


Some of these are:


  • $1 USD Basic Thank you for contributing! You’ll be kept up to date on the project.
  • $10 USD Digital Honoree Name will be mentioned in the back as a backer Free DIGITAL copy (PDF) of the comic book upon completion
  • $25 USD Physical Honoree $10 rewards + Special Edition ebook bundle with all 11 books of the series that are currently out free PHYSICAL copy of the comic book
  • $50 USD Myserra likes you! $25 rewards + High Res digital pinup of Myserra, the succubus domme from the series.
  • $100 USD VIP! $50 rewards + SUPER AWESOME MENTION! Your OC (original character) will be a part of a group photo alongside Brett & Myserra.

There was a $500 level, but a certain Queen of the Succubi has taken this level because… Well, in truth I really want to see this come to fruition and I believe in this author, their work, and the story that they have told. To help to bring this one wish to them, to bring it a little closer was the least I could do…

If you’d care to join the funding campaign, you can find it here on Indiegogo.


My thanks to any and all that consider donating and might do so…



Jan 10 2015

A rather focused YouTube shall we say?

I came across what I can best describe as a rather… focused… YouTube with Succubi in it. By that I mean that there is some very lovely art of Succubi, much of which I have in my collection, but the video really don’t show the entire art…

It mainly focuses on… well… Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean…

And if you cannot see it on the Tale, try this link:


Here’s the one image I liked the best as always…

Succubus Don't Sleep

By this time you’ll have likely watched it and it does have a certain focus doesn’t it? I actually found myself wondering on a few of the images what she really looked like for how little we saw of the rest of her.

The music really didn’t do a lot for me either, but then I don’t particularly like that song at any rate.

But at least I have some new images to look for…


Jan 09 2015

Why is the first tail the Lost Girl has a cat’s?

I have had what I admit is a fond wish throughout Lost Girl. Every season I wonder to myself if they might, just might, give Bo a pair of horns and a tail. Just once mind you if for no other reason than to allow me to see what she would look like if she was a bit more… Succubi… in appearance. So you can guess just how ticked off I was this past week when the first tail they slap on Bo’s rear is… a cat’s. I honestly came very close to turning off the television and not watching the rest of the episode as I was that upset over the entire mess.

What’s more… aggravating… is that I was there, on location, watching them film the “Bo, Tamsin and Lauren try to play Dukes of Hazard” scene in Bo’s car. I couldn’t really get a good look then, but if I had seen that tail on Bo I would have ripped it off her, set fire to it, and “explained” things… But I didn’t, that didn’t happen, and in all truth had I known about this I would have not watched a single moment of this season. Mind you, Dyson’s son is pushing me closer and closer to the point where I am quite done with the series as a whole… But we’ll see.

It really does feel like the last season was meant to be the last long before the announcement came to the fans and as such… that’s a shame. I expected more this season, I’m not seeing it, and I am just more and more disappointed every episode so far.

The fifth episode of the fifth season, also episode sixty-six of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo gets cursed and becomes very much a kitten, just not the kind of sex kitten you might expect. Tamsin however finds the kitty eventually and there’s a lot of cattiness with Lauren too. Trick gets robbed when Dyson’s son becomes a bigger ass at Vex’s urging and everyone loses their sight over what’s important for the sake of a few moments of pleasure.

Lost Girl Logo

This is the fifth review of the fifth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds that when it’s her birthday, it doesn’t mean…


It’s Your Lucky Fae


The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode which includes: Trick asking Dyson to look into the deaths of three humans with Vex’s help, Dyson coming to the understanding that a Fae cult is involved and Lauren telling Dyson that the three bodies from the elevator crash had been taking from her clinic. Bo and Tamsin encountering Mark and asking him what he was running away from, Bo being struck by the Hunter’s arrow and then kissing Mark as she whispers “What is it about you?” Mark then holding a knife to the Hunter’s throat, Dyson telling Mark he is a Shifter, Bo realizing that Mark is Dyson’s son, Mark telling Dyson he is trouble and Dyson telling Mark that he does not see things that way because he is Mark’s father.

The episode opens with an image of a parcel that has been opened, Bo (Anna Silk) sitting nearby and holding a card in her hands. Bo picks up her cellphone and makes a call while looking at the card which reads: “Happy Birthday Precious. Love Daddy.”

Elsewhere, Cassie the Oracle (Vanessa Matsui) is on a date with a gentleman when her cellphone rings. Cassie, being bored from her date comments as she picks up the phone: “Oh thank god. But… um… Keep talking. Super interested in your journey.” Cassie answers the phone and Bo asking Cassie for her insight about a “Fae gift from Hell. Literally.” Cassie replies: “And you want me to tell you what it is. That’s all I’m good for right? Look I’m on a date so whatever’s going on with you, tomorrow, pints at the Dal, your treat.” Bo agrees and then Cassie hangs up on Bo. Bo then removes a large ornate box from the wrapping paper and tissue paper, commenting to herself: “Here’s hoping there is one.” Back on her date, Cassie asks her date about being new in town and he replies that he is “boring” but calls Cassie “fascinating” and then asks about her siblings, Cassie replying: “I have a douchebag cousin named Seymour, does that count?” He replies: “I have a sister who is a party girl that only wants to have a good time. Personality out the wazzu.” Cassie comments that she “sounds fun” and asks if she is single. After a pause, the man continues: “Hardly. But she was thrilled when I told her you were an Oracle.” Cassie rolls her eyes in disgust: “So she’s looking for a reading. And let me guess, and you do too. Fine. Let’s just get it over with.” He replies: “Actually, I’d like to order are you ready?” Cassie is confused and asks if he is serious that he doesn’t want a reading from her as “that’s all that anyone ever wants.” He replies that he is sorry that she is offended, but Cassie explains that she is surprised as “Oracle doesn’t exactly spell lucky in love” and Cassie’s date insists that her luck is about to change, adding that: “Life is about anticipation. That’s the fun part.”

Cassie and her date are then seen arriving at Cassie’s apartment, she telling him about her dreams and he telling Cassie some of his own before kissing Cassie and then saying goodnight to Cassie and asking her to call him tomorrow as he leaves. Cassie closes her apartment door and seems very happy for the first time in the episode for a moment, but then, suddenly she clutches at her head and begins to cry out in pain and stumble around her apartment in agony.

Following the brief opening title sequence, Trick (Richard Howland) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) are talking at the Dal Riata while Mark (Luke Bilyk) is cleaning tables. Trick explains that: “He’s working here. He’s new to our colony, exposure to Faekind will do him some good.” Tamsin comments: “Yeah it’s not the first person that he’s exposed himself to.” When Trick asks what Tamsin means by this she brushes her comment off as Bo arrives who asks if either Trick or Tamsin have seen Cassis as they were supposed to be meeting at the Dal. After both say that Cassie hasn’t arrived, Trick gives Bo a present and wishes her a happy birthday. When Bo opens the present, it is revealed to be a finger from Alexander the Fay which Trick notes “has been handed down through our family for generations.” After a short pause, Bo replies jokingly: “You totally gave me the finger” as everyone laughs a bit uneasily, Tamsin then leaving with the explanation that she has “something to do.”

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Tamsin are seen walking along a sidewalk, Lauren in disbelief that they had forgotten that it was Bo’s birthday, Tamsin commenting that he forgot because “It’s me” and when Lauren’s reason for forgetting is “I’ve had a lot on the go! I’ve been busy with things…” Tamsin comments: “Like sucking up to Evony?” Lauren rolls her eyes and replies: “I call it working.” Tamsin then suggests that for Bo’s birthday they have a surprise party at the Dal Riata and hire some Yeti strippers and “drink until we vom.” Lauren comments “Always with the class” but then adds that Tamsin needs to keep Bo away from home so Lauren can bake a cake and get some balloons. The pair pause in front of a Curio Shop where a stuffed cat catches Tamsin’s eye. Tamsin comments: “You’ve been replaced, I’ve found Bo’s…” Lauren gasps out “No!” and then Tamsin finishes with: “I was going to say new companion.” Lauren looks at the stuffed cat and says “it’s awful” and suggesting a “nicknack” in the window, but Tamsin says no one loves nicknacks, and the owner of the shop (Milton Barnes) adds: “Because they don’t bring you luck.” He explains: “That kitty is from the Emperor Kang dynasty. Legend says Kang was a poor warrior until he came upon that magic kitty.” Lauren is unconvinced, but the shop owner continues: “That cat brings luck to its owner and people around them.” Tamsin asks how much, and at first the shop owner plays hard to get, but when Lauren suggests the nicknack, he asks for $75 and Tamsin agrees to the price, then asks Lauren for the money to pay for it.

Bo is then seen at the Dal Riata, still waiting for Cassie to appear. Calling Cassie’s cellphone, Bo only hears Cassie’s voicemail message and leaves a message for her, adding to Trick that Cassie has not responded to any of her phone calls. Trick suggests that Cassie might be sick and also adds that “it isn’t like you to worry” and to ask if something is going on. Bo diverts Trick’s attention by insisting that nothing is wrong and that she is simply worried about Cassie and begins to leave to visit Cassie at her apartment but before she can leave, Tamsin and Lauren arrive, Tamsin giving Bo the stuffed cat and Lauren attempts to give Bo a nicknack from the story, but drops it on the floor as she hands it to Bo. Lauren then tells Bo that the cat is also from her and Tamsin comments: “Oh, now suddenly the cat’s good enough for you.” Tamsin then hands the cat to Bo and tells her: “That man said it would bring you lots of happiness and good luck” while Lauren refuses to believe that luck exists or that the cat could provide such a thing. Bo thanks them both, saying that she loves the cat and calls it: “Very roadkill sheik.” When Tamsin asks where Bo is going, Bo explains that she needs to see Cassie as she has a bad feeling. Tamsin tells Bo that she will go with her and when Lauren also suggests she will go, Tamsin comments: “You forgot that thing we talked about?” Lauren replies: “I’m not looking at your mole again” and then suddenly understands what Tamsin is getting at, bids Bo and Tamsin goodbye adding that: “I’ll be on my cell if anybody needs me” and as she picks up the pieces of the broken nicknack continues “which, apparently, you don’t.”

Bo and Tamsin are then seen outside of Cassie’s apartment, Bo knocking on the door and calling out Cassie’s name. When Tamsin suggests breaking down the door, Bo tries to open the door and finds it unlocked, Tamsin giving credit to “the lucky cat…Boom!” Once inside, Bo and Tamsin see that Cassie’s apartment is wrecked and there is blood on the walls and on the furniture. Tamsin tells Bo they need to secure the scene, get blood samples to Lauren and call Dyson in for help. Bo then kneels down and picks up an ice cream baller which is covered in blood and comments: “If this isn’t, it’s the worst dinner party in history.”

Following a commercial break, Mark is seen sweeping the floors at the Dal Riata before sitting down behind a set of drums, fantasizing about being a famous drummer and then playing badly for a few moments before Trick puts an end to things and Mark attempts to make excuses. Trick then tells Mark that he needs to sign in and explains that all Fae when they pass through “our colony” sign a ledger which Trick maintains and keeps safe in his lair. Trick also explains that “our signature also contain our true power.” Mark then turns a few pages of the ledger before ripping a corner of one of the pages and holding that piece in his hand. Trick then takes the ledger away, commenting: “And this is why keep it in my lair” before thanking Mark and walking away. Elsewhere in the Dal, Bo picks up an earring that she lost while Tamsin is on the phone. Tamsin then tells Bo that Dyson is at Cassie’s apartment and Lauren is checking the blood for clues. Bo tells Tamsin that she called the other Oracles, but none of them have called her back as yet. Tamsin is concerned about Cassie being missing as “the powers of an Oracle in the wrong hands can be deadly.” When Bo asks about Cassie’s family she tells Bo that Cassie’s cousin is “coming in for questioning” which makes Bo pause and ask: “Wait. Seymour?” Seymour (Dax Ravina) walks into the Dal Riata and greets Bo with: “You remember SuccuBabe. I’m touched.” When Bo asks if Mayer, Seymour’s uncle, knows that he is out of jail, Seymour tells Bo that the “Una Mens cut his throat. Punishment. Stole luck from the wrong Fae.” He then asks what is going on with Cassie, but when he it told that she is missing replies: “Cassie is special. People don’t like that.” When Bo asks if that mean him as well, Seymour replies: “I’m a soul eater. I suck people’s spirits. Not exactly beloved.” Seymour explains to Bo that he took over Meyer’s business but it is failing noting that: “What’s a bookie without the ability to steal luck? Instead of helping out, Cassie emancipated herself from the family.” Bo replies: “Well, maybe she thought you were trying to use her.” Seymour then suggests that Bo check into Cassie’s computer dates on Fae Date before excusing himself to “save a business.” After Seymour leaves, Tamsin asks Bo what she thinks and after picking up a coin Bo replies: “I think it’s time we start pricing dating memberships.”

Lauren is at Bo’s place, calling Dyson and telling him that all of the blood they had collected from Cassie’s apartment was of the same type. After finishing with Dyson, Lauren comments to herself: “Here at the clubhouse. Baking a cake. You know, the important stuff.” Lauren looks at the stuffed cat a moment, then tries what she thinks is sugar by the coffee maker, but it turns out to be salt. There is a knock at the door and a delivery Fae (Jack Newman) arrives with a bunch of balloons which upsets Lauren as they were to be taken to the Dal Riata. She asks for them to be delivered there, but when she is told there is an extra charge for that, Lauren takes it upon herself to deliver the balloons herself. Then, as Lauren is dealing with this problem, the delivery Fae smells something burning and Lauren turns to find her cake is burning in the oven. Lauren looks at the stuffed cat and comments: “Well they said it would bring luck, they didn’t say what kind.”

Back at the Dal Raita, Mark is seen sneaking a drink while on the job. Vex (Paul Amos) is nearby finishing his own drink and then begins to leave but Mark stops him saying: “Hey! Don’t you think I know a Dine and Dash when I see one?” Vex laughs at this and replies: “Yeah, well Trick’s a mate of mine and that means I don’t pay.” Vex then starts to leave again but Mark insists that Vex pay for his drink. Turning back, Vex replies: “All right. Have it your way then” before jumping on the bar and calling out to the crowd in the Dal Riata if any of them have gotten weak drinks from Mark as he has been tending bar. Mark asks Vex what he is doing and Vex tells him: “I saw you underpouring three customers. Planning on lifting a snifter later are we?” Mark sneers and then calls out to the crowd in the Dal that their next drinks are “on me” as Trick watches in disbelief. Seated on the other side of the Dal are Kat (Sofia Troop), Iris (Shanice Banton) and a man. Mark asks if Vex is happy, and Vex replies he will be more happy when he gets to know the two women that are looking at both Vex and Mark. Mark and Vex then play “Rock, Paper, Guillotine” to see who “distracts the boyfriend” and Vex loses and then he draws Heratio’s attention.

Mark is then seen with Kat and Iris in Trick’s lair, he and Persephone making out while Iris looks around Trick’s lair as if searching for something. Kat then teases Mark by kissing Iris before pushing Mark onto a couch and then going down on him while Iris watches, smiles and then continues to look around Trick’s lair until she comes to find Trick’s ledger of Fae names and then puts the book away into a large courier bag she is carrying. Then Kat is shown with a long forked tongue dragging it over Mark’s bare chest before he suddenly realizes that Iris is sitting and watching he and Kat being intimate. Iris tells Mark she wants to “look at you” as Kat continues to have her way with Mark.

Meanwhile, back at Bo’s place, Tamsin is taking pictures of Bo for her false profile on the Fae dating site, Bo telling Tamsin that: “They are profile pictures, not art” and Tamsin replying: “Not with that attitude. Would it kill you to arch your back?” Bo then rolls onto her hands and knees before striking a pose and purring. Tamsin pauses, then tells Bo she is purring which contuses Bo as she replies: “I guess I was seized by the moment.” Tamsin just shrugs, says “okay” and then starts to set up Bo’s profile on the website but not before looking at the profile of a Selkie and “needing a moment.” Bo comments: “You’ve had thirty moments with BradPittsTroll, we need to finish my profile.” Tamsin then sends a wink to the Selkie before telling Bo that the last person that messaged Cassie was Heratio55. When Bo asks if Tamsin thinks he would “buy me as an Oracle” Bo is told “with a face like yours he’ll buy anything we say.” Tamsin then fills in Bo’s profile on the site and uploads it. While Tamsin does so Bo checks for messages and finds that the mother of one of the other Oracles has not heard from her daughter. Bo then tells Tamsin that she needs to start looking for Cassie and the other missing Oracles. When Tamsin suggests that they match Cassie’s goal they find it to be: “To find people I can trust.” Tamsin comments that finding such a thing isn’t easy to do. Moments later the last person to date Cassie sends a date request to Bo and at the same moment Bo’s cellphone rings, the call being from Cassie. Bo cannot understand anything from the call and Bo comments to Tamsin that she thinks that Cassie’s phone died. When Tamsin asks if Cassie said she was okay, Bo answers: “No.” Cassie is then seen in a dark place with shackles binding her and trying to pick up her phone. As this happens, a spike connected to the chains is seen being driven into the ground. A glimpse of Cassie is seen with her head covered in bandages, her eyes and forehead under the bandages covered in blood. An unseen person takes Cassie’s phone from her and then smashes it underneath the hammer that had been used to drive the spike into the ground earlier.

Following another commercial break, Mark returns to the bar and puts on a new shirt which confuses Trick. Mark then makes a snide comment to him as Kat and her boyfriend storm towards Mark. Vex attempts to defuse the situation, but the boyfriend tells Vex: “That kid had a threesome with my Kittykat.” which makes Vex comment: “Okay, so you do know what happened.” Mark then spins a tale that Kat needed “mouth to mouth or she was going to die” which only makes the situation worse and the boyfriend moves to attack Mark. However, Vex intervenes, uses his powers to make the boyfriend hit himself in the head with a beer bottle and then Mark begins to jump around the bar trying to avoid the boyfriend’s punches. Lauren enters carrying a cakebox and sets it in front of Trick, her back to the two men that are fighting. After Lauren opens the box to show Trick the birthday cake she has for Bo, she begins to yell at Trick. Trick asks why Lauren is yelling at him and she answers: “Three dozen balloons popped simultaneously in a car. It’s loud. Very loud.” Mark is then thrown backwards into Lauren which puts her face into the birthday cake, destroying it. Vex then jumps back into the fight, takes control of the boyfriend, and makes him knock himself out. Lauren pulls herself out of the cake and comments: “That was supposed to be chocolate.”

Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) is then seen with Vex and Mark in Trick’s lair, demanding to know why he is “breaking up bar fights instead of locating missing Oracles?” Mark jokes to Vex: “Who called McGruff the Crime Dog?” which Vex chuckles to for a moment. Dyson then reveals that Trick’s ledger of Fae names is missing which gets Vex’s attention, but Vex insists that he knows nothing of it being missing. When Vex tells Dyson “I barely know the kid” Dyson warns Vex: “Good. Keep it that way. Stay away from my son.” Vex is shocked by this revelation, though Mark does not seem to care about his relationship with Dyson. Dyson looks at Mark and reminds him that he is his son which dampens Mark’s attitude immediately. Dyson tells Vex: “Mark is a Shifter. A warrior. I won’t let you ruin that for him Vex.” Mark comments: “The only one doing that is you. You enjoy chasing your tail for other people. Guess what? I don’t.” Dyson explains to Mark that he has a birthright and he will need to choose who to serve soon as Vex watches. Mark replies: “That’s easy. Me.” Dyson answers: “You have a lot to learn.” Mark disregards this warning from Dyson and then taunts Dyson, making fun of his role in the Fae world. Dyson warns: “Big words from a Shifter that hasn’t shifted yet.” Mark tells Dyson: “I don’t want your life” and then leaves as Vex watches.

Bo and Tamsin are then seen at a cafe, Bo waiting for her date to arrive and Tamsin acting as a waitress. Bringing a drink to Bo, she tells Tamsin she didn’t order a drink, Tamsin tells Bo the drink is from a guy at the bar, and Bo complains: “This luck this is getting old.” Bo then picks up the drink and then starts to lap from the glass like a cat while Tamsin looks at Bo in confusion. When Bo tells Tamsin “I’m thristy” Tamsin replies: “I get it, you don’t want to mess up your lipstick.” Bo’s date Heratio then arrives and they greet each other, flatter each other’s looks and Heratio tells Bo that she being forward “makes my job easier.” When Bo asks what he means by that, he replies: “Getting you to kiss me before this is over.” Bo flirts with Heratio, telling him: “I have a magic 8-ball and the outlook is positive.” When Heratio glances to look behind him for a moment, Bo grooms herself similarly to a cat which Tamsin cannot help but notice and be confused by. Heratio then suggests that they leave together as Bo begins to toy with one of the items on the table in front of her, making catty remarks at the same time to him. Heratio stops Bo from doing so, commenting that Bo has “reflexes like a cat.” At this point, Bo realizes something is wrong, excuses herself for a moment and goes to see Tamsin, telling her that “something is wrong, like big wrong” and then Bo starts panting. Tamsin asks: “Are you stress panting?” Tamsin suggests they need to leave, but Bo refuses, telling Tamsin this might be their only chance to get some information from Heratio. When Heratio gets up to leave, asking if Bo is ready as well, Bo uses her powers on Heratio and asks him: “I know you were the last one to see Cassie before she went missing. What did you do with her?” Heratio answer: “I kissed her goodbye and left.” When Bo insists that he attacked her, Heratio elaborates: “I kissed her goodnight like a gentleman and then left. But you… I could never leave you.” Bo is confused by Heratio’s answers and then Bo sees her hand begin to change colour and turn black. Bo then begs off, saying “something’s come up” and rushes to Tamsin. Bo then shows Tamsin her hands which are now covered in hair and look more like cat paws. Tamsin comments: “Holy hand hair” and Bo replies: “Cat scratch fever anyone?” as Tamsin puts a napkin over Bo’s hands to cover them up.

After another commercial break, Bo is at the Dal Riata with Tamsin, Lauren and Trick. After putting on a pair of long gloves to hide her transformed hands, Bo is suddenly attracted to a mirror and looks into it, her eyes becoming cat-like as she does so. Bo is mesmerized by her reflection, bats the mirror and then snaps out of her trance. Turning to the others she sighs: “So I am turning into a cat.” Tamsin tells Bo: “It’s so sorry I feel like this is my fault.” Lauren wonders if Bo is a Shifter, but Trick explains: “Not exactly. The cat you gave her is an Aitvaras. By bringing good luck to its owner, it steals it from those that do not give it reverence.” Lauren sighs: “All this because I didn’t give the stuffed corpse of a dead cat?” but then suffers a hand cramp in the next moment. Trick explains it is only a matter of time before the spirit takes over permanently. When Tamsin suggests “blowing this thing to hell” Lauren coos to the statue: “Are you going to let her talk to you like that?” Trick continues that the cat cannot be destroyed while it is feeding Bo luck as it would “instantly devour her spirit and she will die.” Lauren mulls over the possibility of there being a way to stop the transformation as Tamsin rushes over to Bo, hugs her and exclaims: “I should have just gotten you a Yeti stripper” before embracing Bo which makes Bo purr before she snaps out of it and tells everyone to calm down. Bo then muses that they know the cat does bring her luck and suggests they use it to find Cassie. Lauren is against the idea noting that: “Embracing the luck means embracing transforming into a cat. I don’t approve.” Both Trick and Tamsin are also against Bo’s idea as well. Bo reminds them all that “A missing Oracle is a dangerous thing and as annoying as she has been, she is a friend. She helped us save Dyson.” Lauren then asks Bo what she has in mind.

Lauren and Tamsin are then seen standing by Bo’s car in an alleyway, Tamsin commenting: “You can’t be serious” as Bo sit behind the wheel with a blindfold on. Bo tells them she intends “to have blind luck lead me to Cassie” which does not fill either Tamsin or Lauren with confidence, Tamsin telling Bo: “This is a little kamikaze of you. This is even a little kamikaze for me.” When Lauren agrees, Bo asks both of them to trust and believe that she can “do this” to make it work as she thinks it will. Tamsin then jumps into the car which makes Lauren comment: “Oh… Oh I get it. Old stick in the mud Lewis won’t join the suicide party. Well you know what? I’m in too.” Lauren then tries to make the same move as Tamsin but winds up falling into the car instead, swearing as she does so. Bo asks: “Are we good?” Tamsin holds up both middle fingers and asks: “How many fingers am I holding up?” Lauren asks: “How old are you?” And Bo adds: “Gives a new meaning to the term ‘blind spot’ huh guys? Luck, be my lady tonight.” Tamsin then asks: “What if her bad luck cancels out your good luck?” Bo does not answer, starts her car, and the trio speed out of the alleyway onto the street beyond.

The next scene has Bo’s car arrive in a field, Bo getting out of it and then taking off her blindfold and telling Lauren and Tamsin: “This is the place.” Tamsin asks if Bo is sure, but then adds: “Of course you are. You’re leading this Gong Show.” Lauren then begins to cough and Tamsin asks: “What’s the matter Lauren? You totally swallowed a bug didn’t you?” Lauren looks at the cat statue and asks: “Oh come on seriously?” Bo then flips a coin saying: “Heads we go west, tails we go east” and the coin comes up tails. Bo then rushes off while Tamsin and Lauren get out of Bo’s car. Tamsin and Lauren pause as Bo rushes off and see that she has a long black cat’s tail behind her, Tamsin commenting: “You’re not kidding.” and Lauren looking on in concern.

Back at the Dal Riata, Iris appears and greets Mark. then comments: “Oh. You aren’t happy to see me.” Mark asks Iris: “You brought it back?” but she seems not to understand what Mark is talking about. When he tells Iris that he knows she took Trick’s ledger, Iris replies: “What book?” Mark turns away, noting that he is: “In the middle of a self-made crap storm.” Iris answers: “After a storm.” Mark asks what she means by that and she continues: “After a storm is the best part.” Iris closes her eyes and then gestures over the bar, creating a rainbow like shimmer in the air for a moment before it vanishes, commenting to herself: “My god… It worked. It doesn’t always work.” Iris asks what Mark can do and he answers: “I’m a Shifter.” Iris tells Mark that she knows that, but asks what kind he is, adding “I like pandas.” When Mark tells Iris that he doesn’t know she asks him if he might talk to someone about that, but Mark dismisses that noting: “He’s an opinionated jerk who only talks about serving other people.” Iris fingers a bracelet on her wrist and tells Mark: “I serve my keepers.” When Mark asks what she means, Iris continues: “I mean my parents. Doesn’t mean I am subservient. Means I’m important. Maybe that’s what you’re really afraid of. Being counted on.” Mark’s answer is a snort of derision and nothing more.

Bo is walking though a forest with Tamsin and Lauren, still looking for Cassie. Lauren comments: “We should be at home looking after Bo.” Tamsin answers: “You don’t think I know that?” Lauren asks what they are still doing out in the middle of nowhere and Tamsin tells her: “I trust her.” Lauren rolls her eyes and Tamsin tells Lauren: “You think you are the only one in the race. Well guess what? There’s a new pony on the green.” Lauren asks Tamsin: “Racing or golf. Pick a metaphor.” Tamsin continues: “Like it or not, Bo and I are getting closer. Not just because we are living together, there’s something… amazing happening.” Lauren sighs: “I’m very happy for you. Still worried about Bo.” The two then look around and realize that Bo has vanished into thin air and Lauren calls out Bo’s name but there is no answer.

Bo is seen walking through the forest, then falling through a hidden trapdoor into a cave below, landing on her feet like a cat. She looks up and comments: “Glad I wasn’t a dog” before moving off into the darkness. There is the sound of crying and then Bo sees Cassis and the two other missing Oracles chained up and staked to the ground, imprisoned. As Bo approaches them, it is clear that all of their eyes have been damaged in someway, streams of blood running from where their eyes would be. Bo tries to comfort the trio as Lauren’s voice calls from where Bo fell through the trap door, Bo telling the Oracles that they are “safe now.”

After yet another commercial, Tamsin is seen kneeling beside a cardboard box inside of which Bo is curled up, acting more and more cat-like and not speaking. She paws at Tamsin’s hands a few times before Tamsin frustatingly asks: “Where is Dyson!” Dyson then enters the room and throws Seymour to the floor as Tamsin covers up Bo in her box with a blanket. Dyson reveals: “I checked out Seymour’s bank accounts. Seems that Heratio55 paid him off for information on Cassie.” Tamsin tells Dyson that she and Bo cleared Heratio, but Dyson comments: “Maybe she didn’t ask the right questions.” Tamsin looks at Seymour and asks: “You sold out your own flesh and blood?” Seymour explains: “It was business. What was I supposed to do? I had to get paid somehow. I don’t get paid to suck spirits.” When Tamsin tells Seymour he “just sucks”, Dyson comments: “You know Tamsin, maybe you are being a bit harsh.” Tamsin looks at Dyson oddly as he continues: “You know, it seems like Seymour here is just a bit down on his luck. That’s all.” Tamsin smirks: “Oh. Yeah. My heart really bleeds for him.” Dyson continues: “I’m just saying that not everyone has the same kind of luck that Bo has.” When Seymour asks what Dyson is talking about, Tamsin replies: “Oh, you know, some silly superstition. Only bought into by idiots.” as she walks over to the stuffed cat and stands beside it. Seymour tells Tamsin he’s listening and she continues: “It’s Bo’s lucky cat. See? Dumb.” Dyson comments: “What Tamsin is saying is the cat is imbued with an ancient spirit, brings luck to its owner.” Seymour asks if it works and Tamsin replies: “Not for you, it’s Bo’s.” Seymour then walks up to the cat, comments “Not anymore it isn’t” and then inhales deeply through his nose and pulls the cat, and the Aitvaras inside of himself. Seymour then grins, says: “I needed that!” and then rushes off saying: “I hate to snort and run but I’m off to Reno. Going to win me some kitty.” Tamsin smiles with her teeth clenched and comments quietly: “You have no idea.” as Seymour leaves. Tamsin then removes the blanket from the box where Bo is hidden which reveals Bo who is back to her normal self and asks: “Why am I in a box?” Dyson looks at Bo and comments: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I hate cats.”

Cassie is then seen in Lauren’s clinic, her eyes bandaged and laying on a bed quietly. Dyson enters the room and asks Lauren how Cassie is doing, Lauren explains: “She woke up when the medics came to remove her from the cave, I had to give her a sedative.” When Dyson asks about her eyesight, Lauren sighs: “Well… We’ll do our best to repair the tissue damage but without the oculus our field is limited.” Lauren then tells Dyson that all three of the Oracles had their eyes removed and she cannot understand why this happened. Dyson then shows Lauren a file he is carrying which shows images of the man Bo met that called himself Heratio. Lauren recognizes the man as being Kevin Brown, who was one of the bodies from the elevator crash that Lauren once had in her clinic.

Bo is then seen in bed at home resting and staring at the box that her Father sent as a birthday present. Tamsin then enters the room wearing a dressing gown. Tamsin tells Bo: “I’m bad at birthdays” and then offers Bo a cupcake. Tamsin reveals that Lauren did try to make a cake and Bo replies: “So that’s what happened in the kitchen.” As Bo unwraps the cupcake, Tamsin tells Bo: “You were amazing today.” Bo takes a bite of the cupcake and comments: “If there is something better than this, I have not encountered it.” Tamsin then loosens her sash and reveals that underneath the dressing gown she is wearing a red ribbon and nothing more. Tamsin tells Bo: “Don’t be so sure. You still feeling lucky?” Bo stands up, the two share a long look at each other and then Bo takes hold of one of the ends of the ribbon, twining it around her hand and drawing Tamsin closer to her as she does so. Bo tosses the cupcake over her shoulder, then as she pulls the ribbon loose from Tamsin, says: “Happy birthday to me” the two embracing and dropping out of sight as the scene ends.

Returning from the last commercial break, Tamsin and Bo are in bed together, Tamsin asking: “Girls must have hated you. You’re beautiful even like this.” Bo smiles and asks: “Like what?” Tamsin explains: “Sad. I know that something’s been bugging you. I’ve tried to ignore it but… just tell me what it is.” Bo considers for a long moment, then explains: “I was born in Hel. I found out when I was in Tartarus. My dad is Hades.” Bo then jokes: “Family Christmas cards are going to be awkward this year huh?” Tamsin tells Bo: “That was him. Who I sat across from when I made the deal.” Tamsin then repeats the words she has spoken many times before: “Eyes both brown and blue.” Then she whispers: “That was Hades.” Tamsin asks if Bo talked with her father, Bo says she did not and it would not have made any difference if she did so. Bo then explains: “No matter how hard I try to get away from him. No matter how much good I try to do. He’ll always be part of me.” Bo then looks towards her father’s gift and adds: “And he’ll always find me.” Tamsin looks at the box, comments: “A gift from daddy.” then tells Bo: “When I was younger I used to think that Freya controlled me. Controlled how I felt, what I did, everything.” Bo asks what changed for Tamsin and she replies: “Me.” Bo asks if Tamsin “got empowered” but Tamsin smiles: “I got angry.” Bo confides that: “I need to find a way to separate myself from him for good. So he can never hurt my real family again. He’s trying to use me for something. Something terrible.” Tamsin’s answer is: “Then we won’t let him.”

Back at Lauren’s clinic, Lauren is watching over Cassie as she wakes up and cries out. After calming Cassie down, Lauren tells Cassie she is safe and is in Lauren’s clinic. Lauren then asks Cassie what she remembers so they can find the one responsible for what has happened. Lauren asks Cassie what she saw and Cassie’s answer is: “Everything. All of it. The universe, every single moment since the beginning of time. It was too much. The beginning. The end.” Lauren asks: “The end of what?” and “Who did this to you?” Cassie answers: “Me. I did. We did it to ourselves.” Lauren asks Cassie “Why would you remove your own eyes?” and she answers: “It was the only way to make it stop.”

The final scene of the episode shows Trick’s ledger being read, page by page, a finger tracing over the names in it until it stops on Bo’s name. Heratio’s voice says Bo’s name, then he is shown in a room with the ledger and a container which holds the missing eyes of the Oracles. Heratio then says: “Nice try succubus” as the episode comes to a close.


Fade to black…


Overall, I think this episode did mark a turning point in the season. Mainly that Mark needs to get killed, beaten to a pulp, tossed into a dumpster and left outside in the snow. Not necessarily in that order. Overall, the entire appearance of him could have never happened in the episode and it wouldn’t have been missed at all. It had so little to connect to the rest of the episode that it amounted to the waste of ten minutes of screen time. Ten minutes that could have been spent in more useful ways considering how the rest of the episode unfolded.

I find that Bo is becoming more and more unlikable as the season is progressing, and that’s mainly I think to the insistence of the writers to have her jumping in and out of relationships about as often as she changes clothes. This season’s Bo doesn’t connect with me all that well and as she is the main character, that’s a real problem. I won’t dwell on Kenzi being missing from the season too much save to say that if the reason for all of Bo’s “losing herself” comes to Kenzi not being there, that’s a bit of a cop out and will leave a really bad taste for me.

I don’t like that Trick has such a minor, almost non-existent role to play again in this episode. Trick-O-Pedia seems to be his role this season and as such I think that’s a waste of his character. If this season is supposed to be about family, and it did seem to have some bearing in this episode, then Trick should be more involved than he is. I think the writers just want to focus on “Bo’s bedmate of the week” and leave more tangible threads to the side.

The ongoing “fight” between Lauren and Tamsin over who’s more important to Bo is a plot arc that just has no reason to exist. There’s a better one that’s never happened in that Bo promised “The Talk” with Lauren a long time ago and its never happened. There’s the hanging question about Dyson as well. There’s enough in the “love triangle” to deal with, but no, no we can’t resolve those arcs, that would be too easy. So we’ll just pop Tamsin in there as well and make things more complicated going forwards because… sexy women in bed!

While I think the season is turning towards being better, finally, it isn’t that good a season as a whole and that’s the problem. There’s too much not to like and not enough to like. Bringing back Cassie was a good start in that she’s always been a good, strong, character with a past and her own personal issues to deal with. It shows some connections with the past in the series and that’s okay too. But some of the things surrounding Cassie seemed to be throwaway lines and thoughts which I think cheapened things. Dropping the comment offhand that Mayer was killed by the Una Mens was cheap. I would have been thrilled to see him return again this season. But it will never happen.

The one thing that did work, thankfully, in this episode was that there was some progress made on moving the main story arc forwards, the characters have an idea that something is going on, and there is every clue that next episode things will be driving towards the mid-season finale. The episode wasn’t a total waste, though some of it was. But is wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. Some of the best characters, Vex for one, were underused and others were played to be too out of touch or lost in their own worlds as the story went on.

But when things came to a focus in the moments where some important things were revealed, that made up for a lot of things… Just not everything or as much as needed to be.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… The cat personality was cute, I will give it that, but… no. Didn’t like the cat tail or really anything else of that thread. I thought the moments between Tamsin and Bo had some good moments, but as well there was the oddest feeling that something wasn’t right. Then comes “Daddy’s Gift” and where that goes will be something to see. I think Bo is less “human” in a lot of ways now and that’s the larger shame. As well, Succubus or not, she doesn’t need to bed anything that walks by. She was supposed to be controlling herself, be in control and that seems to happening less and less. It’s a shame.

Dyson…Blink and you miss him. A phone call, an argument in Trick’s lair and reading a file with Lauren. Not much to see in this episode and as such really nothing happened with him.

Lauren. Most of this episode was slapstick for her and some of those moments were really funny, but along with them there was a lot of whining and carrying on that just didn’t fit with her character. I don’t like “oh I feel so sorry for myself” Lauren. She’s a better character than that and as such I expected more from her. I also do not believe that she would forget Bo’s birthday, that just wouldn’t happen. Too much out of character moments and I didn’t like that.

Tamsin: Bitchy, catty, in your face Tamsin with Lauren had it’s moments. Tamsin in bed with Bo had a moment or two as well. But she was a bit too “flighty” for me this episode in that she seemed to be a bit scatterbrained at moments and that didn’t fit with what we know about her.

Trick. Ten seconds of Trick-o-pedia, one birthday gift, and a torn ledger. Sad really considering what he knows, what stories could be told and more. This is an ongoing thing that needs to end and get Trick back into the story proper.

Vex. A snide remark, a fight, and then a lot of snickering while Dyson and Mark “chat.” This didn’t feel like Vex and especially after the previous episode it just doesn’t work at all.

Mark. Still want him shot and other things done to him. The most dislikable character in the series and that’s saying something. The personality of a wet noodle wrapped in an egg roll and dipped in vinegar. It’s gotten to the point where I turn off the sound until the scene is over. Will someone please just remove him from existence?

Cassie. I really like her a lot, more than anything her attitude of “I’ve been through this before, let’s get to the chase” which considering her past worked well. She both suffered the most and had the largest role of the secondary characters this episode and as such there’s more to tell… Now if it is we might be getting somewhere.

Seymour. Every bit the little twerp he was when we last saw him and in a way he got his just desserts. A little slimy in his own way, but better than Mark’s kind of slimy.

Heratio. He’s… meh… to be honest. I don’t care for how he acts for the most part, but it’s the overwhelming sense of “being God’s gift to women” that gets to me. There’s a point to him being in the story obviously and it would be nice to get there.

Iris. Another Kenzi wannabe it felt like. Didn’t care for the “wow! everything is amazing!” attitude she had and as well the entire “I know something but I’m not going to say” personality just made me roll my eyes. A good match for Mark in a lot of ways and I’m almost hoping she does him in before Bo does her in.

Kat. Fae Porn star light. The tongue effects were… different. And to be honest I was wondering if she was a true succubus in a lot of ways. But she was a bit too cardboard and stereotypically bimboish for me.

Of the rest of the secondary characters, I liked the balloon delivery Fae, I really wanted to know if he knew Trick and what his background was. The other two Oracles were mainly just for effect and atmosphere, but they might be back again… we’ll see. Everyone else was window dressing and setting and didn’t stick in my mind at all when the episode was over.

I was disappointed, but at least not quite as much as the last episode. That means there is some hope for things to get better right? I’ll keep my fingers crossed and see I think…


My Review of When God Opens a Window

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 2.6 Pitchforks out of 5


A very small improvement in this week’s episode as a whole and to be honest if Mark wasn’t part of this episode I would have been more thrilled by it overall. The problem is when such a unlikeable character appears and just sucks, literally, character-wise and personality-wise, I can’t separate him from everything else.

The thing of this season so far is that there isn’t the “togetherness” of the cast, the stories, and most of all, the clear intent which happened more in the second season and to an extent in the third. This season just seems to be going through the motions and that just doesn’t spell good things for the series. Pumping out the episodes for the sake of doing so with stories that don’t connect with the past we know leaves more questions than answers and a bad feeling for those that have been with the series from the beginning.

I did manage to keep involved with a lot of the episode this time, but there was always the thought that Mark was going to appear again, be an ass, and then I just lost interest in the episode again. That’s a roller coaster that isn’t good to be riding on for any reason. Having Mark’s moments pop in right when things were interesting wrecked the episode, my interest, and as such I couldn’t keep with things live. If I wasn’t doing episode reviews and recaps I would have turned the channel.

Bo was a Succubus exactly once. And in that she just used her powers to try to get some information before everything went to “cat” and back. Bo was more Catwoman than Succubus for this episode and while that had it’s moments, that single image of Bo walking off with a cat’s tail will be the low point for me in the series.

A lot of outdoor scenes this episode, a few locations in the city that I thought worked well and as I know exactly where two of those locations are, to see them as they normally are and as they were in this episode was a bit of a revelation for me. Nice to see the Dal and Trick’s lair, even if one was a bar fight and the other was a bad blue movie scene. I think the one item in the episode that was the most interesting was Bo’s present from her father. But that was made years ago for a Lost Girl commercial and as such shows that “aging” well. It would be nice to see more of the Dal, or Bo’s place than the usual scenes… never will happen though.

Setting aside the one single story plot that I wished didn’t happen this episode, there was a good solid plot involving the Oracles, it told a good story, it connected with the overall season arc and it made for what I thought would be a throwaway episode something a lot more than it could have been. That was the single most interesting part of the episode, but it was the side stories, the cattiness of so many of the characters in this episode that took away from it. I really wanted to like the episode more than I did, but one single character doomed things.

Speaking of characters, I thought there was a good deal of character development for the main characters and as well some of the secondary characters shined well too. But there was the lump of coal, of course, which was disappointing. I can see where some of the threads seem to be pointing to, and in that comes a good deal of optimism for me that the season will be better than it seems right now. We just need to get rid of that one thing to get back to the core characters, their relationships, and what it all means to them.

The universe mythos expanded quite a lot as well this episode, we saw three of the Oracles, there was a new kind of Fae talked about and seen, we learned what kind of Fae Seymour was as well. The ball was dropped with Kat however, which was disappointing. Still the secrets of the “possessed three” came a bit more this episode and brought with them a lot of questions as well. All really good a positive things… Just some of the situations were sadly lacking.

So there was some good things that just managed to overcome the bad in this episode. I can hope that the coming week brings more of that for one and getting rid of the characters that don’t need to be on the series at all and serve only to make the episodes harder to watch. I don’t care for eye candy with no story or meaning. That’s what is happening a lot now and that shouldn’t be. The main story arc needs to be the focus, and it at least made an appearance, which is an improvement. Now get the series rolling, get to the point, and soon before it’s too late.

It might be already. I hope not…


Next Week: Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Bo and Tamsin infiltrate the world of college football to investigate a homicide that might expose the Fae. Dyson investigates a murder victim who won’t stay dead.

And maybe Mark gets killed when he gets run over by an entire football team of angry Fae? Torn limb from limb and left bleeding to death while Tamsin leads the cheerleaders in celebrating? Can you tell that I really want him out of the series as fast as possible?

But I digress.

From the preview images of this upcoming episode it’s clear that Tamsin is a cheerleader and Bo is likely the coach of the team, which actually is pretty funny considering that Tamsin isn’t really all that much of a “cheerleader” at times all things considered. But this really feels like another waste of an episode at least in the main story. However, Dyson looking into the “person that won’t die” problem could move the main season arc forwards quite a lot so that is a positive development I think.

What gets me however, is that there seems to be a lot of various, scattered ideas and plots that run rampant lately and it just makes it harder and harder to keep interested in the series. Being that things seem to have bottomed out, at least for me, this season, I have some hopes that the next episode manages to hold my interest. But I don’t think I will be able to watch if Mark becomes “the hero” of the football team. That would be pushing the limits of what I can stand I think.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense that the series doesn’t start to focus on the main plot now and running forwards. We are well past the first half of this broken in two season and as such it seems to me that there should be some continuity between episodes and in the series. There isn’t a lot of growth in the characters, Bo is becoming more and more unlikeable and as the main character of the series that does not make any sense at all.

We’ve lost Kenzi, we’re losing everyone else it seems, bit by bit. At the end of all of this mess, after all of the completely uninteresting moments that seem to be so often on the screen, in dealing with new characters that simply make me want to turn the channel and walk away…

There had better be a good reason for all of this. Seriously.

This isn’t what Lost Girl started as, but it’s becoming what I have always feared it might be.

I fear the world’s popcorn supply will be in crisis very soon…