Sep 04 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 347

One of the things about Morrigan and Lilith Aensland that I particularly like is how they are on one hand opposites and on the other they are the same. There is a bit of contradiction between them, but in the end, it is not just that they are “sisters”… They are much more than that… Only a few artists do manage to bring that part of their personalities to the fore…

The Alter Ego by vividjudy

The Alter Ego by vividjudy

This is called The Alter Ego and is by an artist on Pixiv named Vividjudy. You can find the page where I originally found this work here.

I think this is the very few time that I’ve ever come across what, at least to me, appears to be something like a Tarot card of the Aensland sisters. The design is just breathtaking, so many lovely details to be found and the expressions on Morrigan and Lilith are just so captivating. Of the two sides of the card design, I think the lighter of the two make the art stand out so much better.

Calling this work ‘The Alter Ego’ fits the story of Morrigan and Lilith perfectly, but I have to admit that now I have questions in my mind of what an entire deck might look like. It could make for some very interesting poses and situations for the two sisters to be in…. or a story or two…

Must ponder that some…



Sep 03 2014

Too much red for a cheerleader costume…

Devils Cheerleader CostumeI wonder sometimes who exactly decides on how costumes are presented for sale…Sometimes it seems like they are purposely trying to make them look worse… Or the models… Or something…

This is called the Devils Cheerleader Costume and it comes with the top, a matching pleated mini skirt, booty shorts, horns and matching pompoms. Stockings are shoes are not included.

It sells for $55 US.

I’ll get to the costume in a moment, but I have a question. Who, exactly, decided that it would be a great idea to make the model’s skin red and change her eyes to green? I find it hard to believe that they actually took the time to body-paint her, and this just looks incredibly lousy. Not just that, but her hair put up like that just… just is so amazingly bad that I cannot find the words…

Getting back to the costume, which isn’t easy to do with the shockingly bad presentation here, it’s nothing special. The horns are lousy, the outfit is nothing special, and overall it’s just a waste of fabric as far as I can see.

Come to think of it, the expression the model has reflects my thoughts about this… This has to be someone’s idea of a bad joke…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

That’s being kind I think too…



Sep 02 2014

A Review of The Queen by Christina Barr

The Queen by Christina Barr

The Queen by Christina Barr

One’s character is, truly, the single most important thing in all honesty that you need to defend. It says who you are, what you believe in, and, more importantly, it speaks to your own wishes, dreams and hopes.

There are, always, forces that try to bend you from that. To tear apart that which you hold dear. Sometimes they do things that are unspeakable. More often than not in doing so one’s own strengths change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But, even in the darkest times there is a promise never forgotten.

  • Title: The Queen
  • Author: Christina Barr
  • Length: 305 Pages
  • ASIN: B00JU28W6I
  • Publishing Date: March 9, 2014
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

In a secluded society of inhuman beings, Rose is selected to be the queen of her colony and raised for one purpose: to breed. When she reaches maturity, The Elders murder her mother and awaken a dark power in Rose that she does not understand. Rose begins a war for control, but agrees to replenish their population on the condition of finding love on her own terms.

Rose moves to California to explore the humans that she has fantasized about, yet may one day be forced to conquer. She finds two prospects. Noah is a sweet boy struggling with charm, but a complete gentleman. Austin is an attractive adventurer that challenges her authority at every turn. Rose’s goal is to create a real family and find a king to help overthrow The Elders, but she has taken very horrific measures in order to retain her purity. While trying to save her soul, she may have dammed us all.

There are some stories which are emotionally telling on a reader, and in all honestly this, for me, was one of those works. The main character’s name we never learn until well into the story, she being a nameless Queen until she makes a choice and calls herself Rose. Before that point, her life, the world around her, is some of the most tragically told moments in a character’s life that I have read for some time.

Perhaps the worst part of the opening chapters is how Rose is treated by those around her that wish to control and force her to do things that she does not wish to do. Her reactions are completely understandable, and when Rose’s mother is killed… That’s heartbreaking in so many ways. It’s worse still when the Elders attempt to make Rose do something she does not wish to do and in a way that was… wrong. I can’t explain it any better than that, otherwise I will spoil things, but it is… unsettling in the extreme.

Eventually Rose is allowed to visit the world of humanity and in doing so she meets two brothers… and she falls in love with both of them for different reasons. The story from this point forwards revolves around her becoming involved with them, finding herself and what she truly wants, and the implications of those decisions.

There’s a twist in the story with regards to the brothers. That reveal and what happens as a result brought tears to my eyes. I was, I have to admit, hoping for one brother to be the one chosen in the end by Rose. But the story puts a turn into things and when it comes, and what Rose does… It’s just… so sad… so very very sad for everyone.

Rose herself is, in a way, kind of a Succubus, all of the hints are there in the story about what she can do, but she isn’t actually called one, only that she and her kind are not quite human. The interesting thing is that in a world of beings that are not human, Rose herself becomes the most human of them all.

There is a lot of universe building in this work, Rose’s world is told in great detail and it’s interesting to see how that all works. There are a lot of mysteries of course, many of which are not answered by the end of the work, but they open many interesting thoughts and paths going forwards should the author continue to tell this story.

The work ends on a cliff hanger, but it isn’t a poor one. The focus of this story is wrapped up nicely, things happen in good ways that make sense and don’t detract from the work as a whole. In truth there is a lot of hope, but there is also a lot of possibilities to end the work on.

The writing is very well done, Rose is wonderful, so are the two brothers and as well someone that Rose calls her Sister in the work. There is one, single, small error in the text on the second to last page that was bothersome: “move one” instead of “move on”, which really hurt what otherwise was a really well told cliff-hanger.

The only thing that I had some issues with was how Rose’s dialog was a bit… Formal. Now, that has a lot to do with her upbringing and so on, but after a while her whining over being called “princess” by another character and demanding to be called “queen” became slightly repetitive.

But setting that aside, and it is a small nit honestly, the work is so emotionally draining that I felt that it should have been split into two works if for no other reason than to allow a breather from all of the unfair things that the characters have to deal with throughout the work. I know that makes the reader care about them more… But it also hurts very much when they aren’t there anymore…

Four out of five pitchforks.

A truly emotionally wringing story, one that I couldn’t put down. I hope there will be more written in this universe, there are lots of questions left unanswered and a cliff-hanger to solve. It would be nice to see that happen sometime soon.



Sep 01 2014

The Collar by TeraS

A very short piece for today on the Tale. Mostly because what I wanted to write isn’t coming out in a way that makes any sense. Perhaps this will, at least some …


The Collar
By TeraS


The first is always the one that stays with you…

It lies in a place of honour in Tera’s bedroom, over near the mirror where Tail watches—and so does Tera—past the doors that lead off into the Realm, there it rests, waiting. The table upon which it is placed lovingly is set so that it is the first thing seen when she awakes and the last thing seen before the lights dim and the room stills. It rests beneath a clear crystal cover, protected from anything that could disturb, harm, or worse, damage the object that the Succubi Queen holds so dear.

She regularly stands there, looking at the treasure beneath the glass, thinking about what was, what had been, what is, but is not exactly as it was. Sometimes she traces a finger over it, thinking about the meaning there, the promises made. She smiles as she remembers the first words spoken, the moment when the spark happened, the joy that she felt in that moment.

Sometimes she carefully lifts the cover away, setting it to the side. She looks, considers, reaches out to touch the special object, but hesitates. She remembers forming the curves, shaping the colour, bending it into existence.

Sometimes she rubs her fingertip over the edge, tracing her finger over it as she had done many times before, remembering his shiver of joy, the open submission in his eyes, the trust he placed in her, knowing that she cherishes him, loves him, only wishes to be what he desires always for him.

Sometimes she picks it up, holding it in front of her, gazing as the light of the room glints off the red and black that colours it, the clasp that displayed the binding of him to herself and her Tail, to give the love and control that his soul wished for and was given freely and returned in the same way.

She rubs the inner surface with her thumb, moving it between her fingers, the moments shared, the fears admitted, the truths shared, the desires awoken all flashing through her thoughts. She smiles, knowingly, as she recalls them all in wonder.

The memories are not jumbled, not unclear, never a maze to explore. They are a collage of the connection between a Domme and her love. Not a submissive, not a pet, not anything that takes away from what he means to her, but her love. She knows that his wishes were shaped by her desires, that he wished to be whatever she wished him to be. She remembers exploring his, and her own, desires. She thinks about the things they both discovered about themselves, about each other, and what those things mean.

The moments pass, the last arrives, and she smiles wanly, thinking about the moment when he took another step upon his path, moving forward towards the future unwritten and unseen by either of them.

She replaces the crystal cover once more where it was before, where it belongs, to protect that which is not hers alone, to keep safe that which belongs to one soul, one Love … always.

Sometimes, when she puts the cover back on, she remembers that he is still there; sometimes she can feel him more strongly than others. She keeps this safe for him, knowing that someday … someday …

She closes her eyes then, thinking of where he is now in the world. She imagines what he is doing at that moment, what wonders he sees, what things he is doing. Her love for him, how proud she is of him, is seen in the tears that form in the corners of her eyes.

With a wipe of her fingertips, she turns away, smiling, knowing a truth they shared that no one else can really know.

As Tera leaves, she calls out into the air: “Miss you, Love” …

… as she always does, as she always will, until the day when she sees him again.

Aug 31 2014

A Review of the Incubus Chronicles series by Layla Cole

Demon's Salvation by Layla Cole

Demon’s Salvation by Layla Cole

I am going to review a series of short works by the author Layla Cole today. It is a collection called the Incubus Chronicles by this author and I thought that it had some interesting aspects within it. They are short works, which really is the only thing about them that is somewhat a shame, but otherwise I thought they were an excellent collection of stories.

The story is of:

After spending more than 80 years as a witch’s slave, sex demon Eli has some serious scars. When he meets Shannon, a waitress with a broken heart, he sees the chance to get back in the game. Will one wild night be enough to help him heal?

Demon's Desire by Layla Cole

Demon’s Desire by Layla Cole

The second work is:

The story is of:

When Eli, an incubus with problems, crashes a Halloween party looking for a good time, a musician named Liam catches his eye. When it turns out that Liam has an exhibitionist streak, the night gets even hotter than Eli planned.

Demon in Lust by Layla Cole

Demon in Lust by Layla Cole

The third work is:

The story is of:

Sex demon Eli follows his erstwhile ward’s trail to San Francisco, only to find that he’s disappeared again. While there, he falls for one of Sandro’s friends, a woman named Maria with a penchant for public sex.

Rather than reviewing each of these works, I am going to give my impressions of the series as a whole. Overall the most interesting thing to me was Eli himself. While he is a “sex demon” which I read as him being an Incubus, he isn’t what you might expect him to be. By that I mean he has a good deal of hurt and pain within him that someone else caused and in that came a change within him. Yes he needs sex to survive and yes he can be one minded in that sometimes. But the thing is that unlike a lot of similar characters he cares about the other as much, if not more than himself.

Watching him having to deal with being 80 years out of touch with the world around him is both funny and tragic at the same moment. I thought the quirks he had of wearing a fedora was perfect for his personality and the little touches the author made in his looks, actions, and voice made him a much more rounded character and really more of a person in my own thoughts.

Eli’s history, of which some is told and a lot of it isn’t a good reflection on humanity as a whole, really is heartbreaking. There is always that hint of being on the edge of despair on the one hand and holding onto the moments where he is given a reason for making it to the next day. While some of that is his own need to find a measure of revenge on the one that hurt him the most, there is another side of him that sees the possibility of finding something he needs. Love.

That search which is invested in the rest of his life and travels takes him to places and people that gain from his being there, but in return he gains a strength that makes him, bit by bit, better. The series is a rite of passage for Eli I think and it is that passage that held me most of all.

The erotica, when it appears, is not overdone or stereotypically short and to the point. There is exploration of things that Eli never encountered before, never has seen before. Im that discovery Eli finds his passions again and that, more than anything else, makes the erotic moments much more than they otherwise might have been.

The only thing that I wish was that the stories themselves were longer than they are. The stories are a little bit more than hot flashes which I like, but the thing is with all of the backstory that each character has I would have liked to explore that more than it was.

As a whole I give the series three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Well written, some lovely heat and passion within the stories. Just very short and with all that is background in them that’s the real shame here.

There is a lot still to be told about Eli I think and I’d like to see that sometime. The author hasn’t returned to this series for sometime obviously and that’s a shame as Eli as written as a person, not so much a character and his history is something that I would have liked to explore more.



Aug 30 2014

Woman’s a Devil WIP YouTube…

Another YouTube this week of an artist creating a Succubus, or Devil, depending on your point of view… Either way, she’s very cute and I really do like her a bunch…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale, try this link:

And, as always, a screenshot of the completed piece of art…

Woman's a Devil by Suishi Roll

Woman’s a Devil by Suishi Roll

She’s cute of course, I would have liked her to have a tail, but there isn’t one…  I like her outfit, it’s just cute too… Her expression, especially her eyes tells a lot about her as a character I think. She’s not happy obviously, the reason for that is left to the viewer to wonder about. And it becomes a question that gives me some pause really…

Something to ponder I think story wise…



Aug 29 2014

A Review of Incubus: A Short Story by Nicholas Taylor

Incubus: A Short Story by Nicholas Taylor

Incubus: A Short Story by Nicholas Taylor

Not all stories are romance, days in the sun or are all happiness and joy. Then there are others that are darkness, loss, and despair which take the life out of their characters and, sometimes, their readers as well.

It;’s a fine line that some authors can manage to walk along well. The question is, what’s the point of the story if they do?

It is the story of:

Not all out of town business men are as harmless as they seem, and sometimes the scary stories told around camp fires have some truth to them. Lewis Rudnick isn’t just in Denver for work. He’s a hungry Incubus that’s in town to feed.

Lewis is an Incubus and he lives in w world where there are very few of them to be found. His world is similar to ours save that beings of magic and myth are very real and exist alongside of humanity. But there are rules and one of them is that killing humans means certain death.

The thing is… Lewis has no choice and to survive he has become an expert at doing so and covering up his tracks. But in doing so, who he is has become entrapped with what he must do.

I found it hard to like Lewis, mainly for the overwhelming darkness that floats in his thoughts, actions and manners. He is cold, calculating, and in truth he has to be to survive, but the story remains focused on that for the most part and he doesn’t develop very much as a character.

Except, he meets a woman in a bar, expecting to feed off of her a little and finds that not as simple a thing to do as he expects. I expected some kind of change in him from that meeting, but it was drowned out by the need he has to survive.

Setting aside Lewis’ problems in the story, there is a universe there that seems to be interesting, if only hinted at, and is returned to in this author’s longer story which you can find on Amazon and elsewhere by searching their name. There is a hint of Succubi in his world, what they do to survive and his feelings about it. But only a hint. There is a hint about what they as a species must do to survive, and there is a good explanation for it which I appreciated as well. But it is all fleeting for the story is driven even in the glimpses to return to Lewis and his life of despair and the evil he must do to survive.

That is the point of the story of course. There is no real emotion other than his through the story. There is no other point of view than his that comes to the forefront. It all comes to his ranting within himself at the universe and the game he is forced to play.

The writing is very good save for a minor tense change at the beginning of the story which felt out of place when I read it. One other thing that bothered me was that the work is billed on some sites by its page length, which is thirteen pages, but the actual story is only seven pages in length with the balance being self-promotion and so on. I think that the author would have been better served with about five more pages of story and a lot less of that. Questions were left unanswered which I will assume are answered in their other works, but it would have been nice to tie this work into their other works better as the connections here are tenuous.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I understand why it is such a dark world for Lewis.  I accept that it is a poor existence for him. I see that there is a glimmer of hope, but that’s crushed by his past almost to the point of non-existence. To have all of that in seven pages is an accomplishment, don’t get me wrong.

It’s just that too much darkness makes a story hard for me to enjoy and it really was hard for me to enjoy for all of the suffering, loss and pain…