Dec 06 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 568

There aren’t that many succubi who are seen wearing pink or having pink hair. It takes a certain look, a playfulness in their being for that colour to work. This time on the Tale, pink is cute and a cute succubus has pink hair and a bit more. She might not be all pink, but she’s cute and that’s what matters after all…

Pink Temptation by Meawsy

Pink Temptation by Meawsy


This work is by the artist Meawsy and you can find their DeviantArt page here and the page where I found this art can be found here as well.

I like the mixture of pink against her black outfit, stockings, gloves and wings. Lovely pink eyes go really well with her pink hair as well. Her blush is adorably cute, her horns work well with her body shape too. There’s a little hint of her being quite naughty beyond her innocence and that’s even more adorable.

A lovely sexy cute pink succubus with a little undertone of evil is delightful to find…



Dec 05 2018

It’s certainly red, but it’s missing something as a devil costume…

Red Devil Bride CostumeThere are some costumes that just look unfinished in some way and really that’s a shame. They have promise, but then the costume designer adds one piece too many or one accent too far.

This is called the Red Devil Bride Costume and it comes with the costume dress and the horn headpiece which, interestingly, has a veil attached to it. The shoes the model is wearing are not included and it can be found on several sites for $32 US.

While the veil is interesting, I’d be more inclined not to wear it and only use the horns, which aren’t the worst I’ve found.

But the fringe on the arms and the bottom of the dress don’t look all that nice to me. I think this would look better with the sleeves being longer and the hem of the dress being extended, changing the style to something similar to a mermaid dress style.

The other option I think might be to change the style a bit more and make it an off the shoulder style, then add a pair of red opera gloves of the same style as the dress’ material.

Making those changes would remove that pinched look to the chest area and really would make the overall look so much sexier overall.

As things are however, the unfinished look take so much away that I can’t really consider it as an option.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

It wouldn’t take much stylistically to make this so much better.



Nov 29 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 567

Something a little bit… “cutely lewd” this time as the Succubi Image of the Week here on the Tale. I do love succubi tails, they are the most naughty of things after all. But it’s a bit rare to see them twined around someone, or something. Perhaps in this art the question isn’t if the succubus is being “lewd” but rather how “lewd” her tail is going to be.

Cute succubus NSFW by XaioShadow

Cute succubus NSFW by XaioShadow


This work is by the artist XaioShadow on DeviantArt and you can find their artist’s page here and the page on DeviantArt where I found this work can be seen here as well.

She is being just a little bit lewd, obviously, but there’s just something about her smile and eyes that’s adorable. Cute horns, her ponytail is perfect for her too. But really it’s her tail, and it’s a sparkly one it seems, that gives me a smile and a bit of a giggle.

Cutely temptation works really well in this art and i think that’s wonderful…



Nov 28 2018

Are these horns or flames, I’m not sure…

Demon Horns HeadbandOne of the things a devil, or succubus costume must have is a pair of horns. There are many different kinds of course, some more stylized than others. But sometimes there’s a pair of horns which push the boundaries and make me wonder if they are horns or something else entirely.

This is called the Demon Horns Headband and it sells on various sites for about $10 US, more or less.

These seem less horns than they are flames and in some way that does work. That said, I think I have close competition for the worst pair of horns that I have found. They look tacky, cheap and seem kind of cartoonish, which really does not appeal to me at all.

Too large, too silly looking and not really an option to think about.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Small cute horns work so much better.



Nov 22 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 566

I do enjoy finding cute succubus art and this week on the Tale, a succubus character that has an interesting look that I find amusingly cute. Most of all, I think she’d make a neat succubus character in an online comic series and the thought brings a smile.

Succubus by Patriktimon98

Succubus by Patriktimon98

The page on DeviantArt where I found this work seems to be no longer in existence, but I will link to it here for the sake of completeness.

Lovely cute expression, her eyes are quite unique as well. Her hair style is adorable as well. She’s just cute most of all and that’s quite appealing to me as well. Cute succubi are a delight and she is really that and more…



Nov 21 2018

It might be a little too horny for a mask…

Black Horn MaskThere are many different kinds of horns and with that come the problem, at least for me, of the length they are. Call it a practical concern of mine that long horns are somewhat a hazard to others, but also they tend to be heavy and over time can be rather tiring to wear. A mask and horns combination then this week that isn’t really an option I would consider, but they do look interesting.

This is simply called the Black Horn Mask and it sells for $35 US at most sites on the web.

Mainly made of plastic, it’s quite heavy, the strap to hold it on seems very flimsy and I would be very concerned about it falling off at an inopportune moment. I would also be concerned about turning my head or getting close to someone and the horns striking them. It’s an interesting design, but otherwise I can’t see myself wearing these.

One pitchfork out of five.

It’s an option for some, but they just don’t work for me.



Nov 17 2018

An adorable Succubus YouTube speedpainting

Adorably cute succubi are some of my most favourite works of succubi art and I came across a speedpainting on YouTube of one that’s a delight. She’s cute, has a wonderful expression and style that I think is wonderful.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

The artist also shared this art on DeviantArt, which you can find at this link, and here’s a small version of their art as well.

Succubus by kazenohayasa

Succubus by kazenohayasa


Such a wonderful work of art, lovely tones and shades in her hair, her outfit is sexy, but just right for her as well. There a sense of emotion in her eyes, which I like very much as well. She’s just a cute, sexy, and I’m quite sure, mischievous succubus just waiting for someone to wander by.

Which, in itself, could be an interesting story to tell…