Feb 19 2017

A Review of the Dominated by Demons series by Jeniffer Grant

Dominated by Demons: Insistent Incubus by Jeniffer Grant

Dominated by Demons: Insistent Incubus by Jeniffer Grant

There are many series that come and go on Amazon and other ebook stores. Today’s review is of a book series by one author that came to ten books in total, including the book bundles and so on. but then vanished into thin air soon afterwards. There series was a mixture of various supernatural beings in the series, and one of them were incubi. They weren’t in all of the books, but they did appear enough to bring the series to my attention.

While the concepts were interesting, the telling of the stories left something to be desired in that the characters were very one-dimensional, the erotica wasn’t much more than porn level sex and the endings left a lot to be desired. Domination as a theme isn’t a bad idea, but when that story is told poorly, that’s a problem.

  • Title: Dominated by Demons Series
  • Author: Jeniffer Grant
  • Length: 19 – 23 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: Various
  • Publishing Date: February 2015
  • No Longer Available – Was Published On Amazon

The work tells the story of:

At the party, Lisa expected to find your usual suspects; drinks, horny men, dancing, and a decent time. She certainly wasn’t prepared for the demon sex-god domination that awaited her.

The works are a series of stories in which various beings are summoned or otherwise come into the orbits of female characters. They capture their prey, bend their wills before pushing the story towards various levels of heat and then telling of what the aftermath brings to each woman that’s had their encounter.

This sounds like a good idea, and in some cases the plots have something going for them, but overall there’s not really that much heat in the erotica, mainly being various porn movie scene heat, Occasionally there are flashes of some BDSM themes, which I personally didn’t find worked for me as they are well over the top, even allowing that the male characters are incubi.

The incubi characters are very much one-dimensional, there’s not a lot of personality or meaning to them. There’s a singular focus in most of the series which isn’t at all a surprise considering who the male characters are. That focus becomes something of a stone that drags the climax of each book along before the work comes to a screeching halt with the final page.

In the same way, many of the main female characters aren’t very interesting either. There’s a real lack of personality at times, they being for the most part in the story for the sake of getting to the sex, which isn’t interesting or erotic. While there is something of a past for each, a reason for why things unfold as they do, it wasn’t enough for me to overcome the almost melancholy feeling of their characters throughout.

The writing style is short and to the point, the story racing through as quickly as possible towards the main characters becoming entwined with each other. I hesitate to call that intimacy, because there just didn’t seem to be very much of that in the series overall. Raw sexual need was more present, reflecting the incubi characters, which was the point of the series I thought.

The works are very short, and being so there’s not enough time for story, for characters to develop or there to be any sort of real character development. They are just long enough to drive the characters together, see what happens and move onwards.

That’s a shame because I think there’s a story here, but I just couldn’t find it, or find it interesting for how difficult it was for me to like the characters, care about them, or want to know what came next.

One out of five pitchforks.

The series really didn’t interest me, mainly because the domination aspects were well over the top, the sexuality didn’t have much heat in it as well. If the characters had some personality beyond the thin veil they had, the series might have been more interesting, sadly it wasn’t.

The writing of a BDSM theme, even if that’s tangentially important to the story, needs at least for me, to have some kind of heart to it, the understanding of what a D/s relationship is. Pain or suffering isn’t the same as passion or setting story aside for some erotica with little heat in it.

As I’ve noted, the series is no longer available on Amazon. However there was the appearance of another series under another author’s name which seems to have the same issues as this series did, regardless of the stories that were told.

I’ll be reviewing that series quite shortly as well.



Feb 19 2017

A Review of Sins of the Son by Sins of the Son

Sins of the Son by Sins of the Son

Sins of the Son by Sins of the Son

There are some works which use the idea of succubi, or specifically Lilith, a bit loosely. It’s one thing to have a character actually be Lilith or be a succubus. It’s another when there is only the thought or comparison instead.

Saying that a main character can be compared to Lilith makes for certain expectations. When the story really has very little to do with either, and instead is mostly about breaking a taboo, the question then becomes how important is that comparison in the first place?

Many times it becomes a bit of a side show to the actual story itself.

  • Title: Sins of the Son
  • Author: Sins of the Son
  • Length: 173 Pages
  • ASIN: B01F6HF4O8
  • Publishing Date: May 4, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Lilith. Legend, myth, or his mother? John chronicles his exodus from morality to a life of incestuous indulgence. Her son confesses to the carnal pleasures he and his mom enjoy as they travel the taboo path of the forbidden. Come, learn what happens when the lines between right and wrong, son and lover, Heaven and Earth become blurred. Come, discover why John must confess the Sins of the Son.

John goes to confession and tells of his mother, his needs for her and more. Along with the past comes a question about the myth of Lilith and how John’s own Lilith compared to her most of all.

The work’s theme centres on the taboo relationship between John and his mother Lilith. It is a bit confusing at times, a little odd here and there. Much of the work is page after page of their sexual relationship, the struggles in who is in, and out, of control.

Lilith herself is a confused mess which is mainly caused by her, on occasion, talking about herself as being the Lilith of legend and as well John’s scattered commentary about her, sometimes calling her a succubus, the succubus queen and so on. There is no real appearance of Lilith being a succubus save for her sexual needs and demands. She’s willful, a bit manipulative, and perhaps a little emotionally off, but as for being a succubus, that’s not really shown.

The erotica is focused on John and Lilith, their entwinements and what happens to them along the way. There are other characters drawn into their world, but they are fleeting. However, the appearance of the person that John is confessing to throughout the work, does lead to some fascinating biblical discussion which I liked for that point alone. The thoughts about Lilith in the work would be, at least for me, a better story to tell than what this work is.

The writing is a bit juvenile at times, some of the methods used to tell the story seemed strange and out of place. The writing is monotone at times, needing some emotional impact to make the story more but that only seems to be present when John and Lilith are together. I couldn’t really find my way into this work, the theme didn’t appeal, the lack of any sort of succubus or a Lilith that was the myth didn’t help either. Theology is one thing, but it isn’t enough to hold this work together.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

I really didn’t care for the story, the porn level erotica didn’t interest me. The discussion about chapter and verse and Lilith’s myth was what attracted me, but the rest just didn’t work for me.



Feb 18 2017

A lovely and cute Succubus art YouTube

Another of the succubus art in progress YouTubes that I find from time to time today on the Tale. I do rather like this character and most of all, I think there’s something “formal” about her that attracts me most of all.

If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case YouTube removes the video, here is a screenshot of the completed art as well.

Succubus by MeliZbeauty

Succubus by MeliZbeauty

There’s something about this character, in her pose, the outfit she’s wearing, that seems to say she’s somewhat “formal” or perhaps a little “reserved” that I think works really well. Along with that comes a little hint of a smile, the piercing look in her eyes that I like very much.

Just a very interesting succubus character to me and I need to ponder a Lady of the Realm Court from this sometime I think…



Feb 17 2017

A Review of Demon Hunters by William Harper

Demon Hunters by William Harper

Demon Hunters by William Harper

The thing about fantasy adventure stories is that managing to gather together a group of characters that feel right, sound right, and don’t turn the story into a soap opera is sometimes a difficult thing to do. Perhaps the best way to make things work can be as simple as a good sense odd humour and the ability to be able to laugh at oneself from time to time.

A review then of a new work in which a succubus fills a role, but overall she’s not the core of the story, which I expected if I’m honest about that. But with the main characters being unique, having wonderful personalities, it’s a shame that the succubus herself wasn’t given the chance to be something more than a muted voice, save for one moment when there was the barest clue she was something more.

The work tells the story of:

Follow the exploits of the handsome, deadly, competent, and extremely delusional Demon hunter Martinez and his half giant side kick Raoul , as they track down an elusive Succubus.

The work of a demon hunter is never done, at least that’s what it seems to be and while Martinez is one, he’s not exactly what others expect him to be. Finding himself embroiled with a woman who isn’t what she seems, a threat to her town that is more than he realized, his view of those around him might need to be changed slightly. But one thing doesn’t change, the demons he faces, and the mystery of a succubus that threatens them all.

The work is an action fantasy adventure and it’s clear from the beginning that the author has invested a lot of time and effort in telling the story, making the characters come to life. At times there are several plot threads running, some of which collide head-on and others seem to go off on a tangent looking for meaning, but don’t quite find it.

That said, the main characters, such as Martinez, Raoul and Stille to name but three, are wonderful and I adored them from the start. The bits of snark are well done, the personality conflicts are very real, but more it’s the imperfections of each that really makes this something special. The characters make the story, there’s no question and as they develop, change as grow, things work out really well overall.

The succubus of the story however I found to be somewhat disappointing Much of that comes from her situation, what’s done to her and it’s a real problem because there’s no little of “her” seen until very late in the story. By that time, when some of who she is, what she is, comes out, it’s almost anticlimactic. She’s just known as “the succubus” almost to the very end and when her name is revealed, Selexia, that just screams for more story to come. But it doesn’t in the rush towards the ending. Given that she has a reasonably major role in the plot, and how that unfolded, I dearly wanted to see “her” rather than what did come from the story.

This is not a work of erotica, though there are a few little scattered moments when sexuality comes out in the work. The point is, of course, the story of overcoming the threats that Martinez faces, which the work does hold onto for the most part. Still, the teasing was fun and it did make me smile along the way.

The work could use another editing pass, there are a number of spelling mistakes and some of the passages need a bit of clarity in the telling. The humour is wonderful, but then the moments when some important events unfold seem like they are rushed too much. As well, the scenes told from Selexia’s viewpoint offer a story to be told, but it really isn’t. Most of all, the last appearance she has left me wanting mainly because it leaves so many doors open in spite of what happened i think.

I’d like to see a following work, the ending clearly points towards a quest of some kind for the characters. More so, I want to see more focus on the relationships, on growing the characters. Humour is a start, their purpose for each as well, but beyond that, the hints left untold just beg to be told some time. Perhaps along the way a certain succubus will reappear and her story might be told. It’s said in the work that not all evil is evil, I’d love to see that be true in many ways.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A delightfully fun fantasy adventure story with wonderful characters, plots and just really a fun read overall. While there are some serious moments, and there are a few points where the story got lost a bit, that just added to the overall storytelling.

I really so wish however that Selexia hadn’t been so terribly used as a succubus, mainly that her story, which it was able to be told, didn’t get glossed over so much. As well, she being very stereotypical as a succubus character was disappointing to me. I’m hoping there’s another story to be told, that she returns as an ongoing foil to the characters as I think that would be interesting.

The work isn’t about her, obviously, but in the same way there’s a lot of story not told about so many characters and those stories really need to be revealed sometime. Recommended as one of the most entertaining sword and sorcery tales I’ve read this year so far.



Feb 17 2017

A Review of Her Welcome Intruder by Anthea Renard

Her Welcome Intruder by Anthea Renard

Her Welcome Intruder by Anthea Renard

There are many different definitions of erotica. Some, like myself, prefer a lighter more passionate blend rather than something harsh or painful. That’s a matter of taste of course, we each like something different. However, there is a point in the telling of a story when the erotica isn’t really erotica, its more abuse of a character. Then there isn’t really any heat to be seen I think.

There are things in the night that play upon our fears. They use that fear to warp one’s senses, one’s self. It can drive events to unfold towards a release that comes with the memory of pain. Some feed upon that, some need it, and some find they cannot ignore the need itself.

  • Title: Her Welcome Intruder
  • Author: Anthea Renard
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 19, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

She’s a well-behaved woman waiting for the right man. She lives alone, but lately she just can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her…

Then one night, she receives a mysterious visitor. He is unexpected, but he is far from unwelcome. Over the span of one long night, he will dominate every part of of her in a rough, steamy encounter.

A woman tells of her encounters in the depth of night with a creature that takes from her and leaves its marks upon her to remember through the day.

The work is told in first person and as such the main character’s name is never revealed, only referring to themselves as “I” throughout. As such, there’s really little told about who she is, a very short and limited description of the character comes in the work as well. In the same way the incubus character, or at least it seems to be an incubus considering their actions, is never named, nor is their physical description ever discussed. What this means is that there’s really no connection with the characters as a result.

The story turns into a monologue of events, describing how the main character felt, feared, and was subjected to by the incubus. While that description is detailed, it lacks some emotion much of the time and when things turn towards the erotic, it’s difficult to say there’s much in the way of heat as well.

I really couldn’t find the heat in the story as it read more like the main character was being abused by the incubus much of the time. She has marks on her body, she feels like she has been used, but in spite of this she wants more of the same from the incubus and works towards that goal. I just didn’t see the erotic aspects as it unfolded, and overall it just seemed like there was something missing in the story to explain that part of things better.

The plot, such as it is, revolves around the sexual encounters, all things leading to that. It’s rather thin, it holds together just enough to connect to the erotica and give it a reason for happening. But that, along with the theme, and the monotone voice of the main character throughout, didn’t appeal to me very much.

The work is very short, as a result there’s more focus on the sex than the story. I would have liked more story, a better connection to the main character, even if that was only her name. As well perhaps more heat rather than the oddness of what happens in the story would be helpful as well.

Really it comes to the question of abusing a character and the character falling for a reason never explained. It’s not a way to heat in a story, it’s more of a way into confusion and wondering why things turned out as they did.

Two pitchforks out of five.

There was really no heat in this work for me as overall the erotica felt forced. It was less erotica than it was something like abuse for the main character to deal with. While that was borderline, the result of the story didn’t really work for me at least.



Feb 16 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 474

images of Succubi tell a story of course. Sometimes that story isn’t clear, a mystery. Sometimes there is a hint about what it might be, but that’s again left to the imagination. But then there are some works that offer a story, the ending at least, and leave one to fill in the blanks. It is that part of the story that can be the most… interesting… of all.

Succubus by Rezelsheft

Succubus by Rezelsheft

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Rezelsheft and you can find the original page with this art here. As well, this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here too.

There is, at least I think, an obvious place where this story comes from, but I’ll leave that to the imagination of the viewer here. That said, I think the succubus herself is quite striking. Her expression as she reclines is a mix of amusement and consideration it feels like. Interesting skin tones and hair, her horns and wings matching is a nice touch as is the contract between her quite revealing outfit and her body.

She’s quite the dominant thing isn’t she? But then, so many of the succubi are…



Feb 15 2017

No, this isn’t all that fancy no matter what it’s called…

Fancy Red Devil CostumeTacky returns this week, as it seems to regularly and I’m not speaking of the quality of the image I am using either. There comes a point where I wonder if the costume designers are really trying anymore.

This is called the Fancy Red Devil Costume. This disaster comes with the horns, pitchfork and dress, but not the petticoat or the stockings and heels. This hot mess isn’t produced anymore, I wonder why, but you can find some clearance sales where it sells for $35 US.

This is another one of the examples I keep coming across where there’s really nothing to like, nothing sexy, and more to the point with this costume, there’s not one thing “fancy” about it.

What’s more irritating is that the packaging shows this ensemble, and that is not what you are buying. Why it is that in almost every case of packaging there is a “suggested look” which you cannot even thing of approaching without a lot of time, effort and money being spent?

That all said, the fringe on the skirt is ugly, the lacing is as well. The horns, which are clip on by the way, are quite sad and I’m not even considering the lack of a tail. The pitchfork is poor and as a whole the entire look cannot be said to be classy at all.

Classy, to be clear, isn’t something that you print on the packaging. You know it when you see it and in this costume you most certainly are not.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

There’s no truth in advertising here to be found…