It’s not a Succubus costume without horns or a tail you know

Crimson Demoness Costume
I think that overall there are generally two things that any Succubus costume should have. Horns and a tail are somewhat a must have really. So why is it that so many costumes of late don’t offer one or the other, or both? What’s more bothersome is a costume where you really can’t make a set of horns work well.

This is called the Crimson Demoness Costume and it comes with the dress and the hooded cape. The pitchfork and the gloves are not included and it sells for a surprising $65 US.

Overall this really isn’t much of a devil costume, it certainly isn’t a succubus one. The overall look is bland, there’s no horns or tail as well. It’s more a slightly adult red riding hood than anything else and that’s stretching things a bit.

Uninspiring, there’s really nothing of note, there’s really no way to improve this overall. A better option would be a nice red dress and horns, which wouldn’t take much imagination, and it would be better than this.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

This just doesn’t work at all.


A Review of Succubus Uncovered by S. A. West

Succubus Uncovered by S. A. West

Succubus Uncovered by S. A. West

Perhaps the most telling thing that isn’t really well explored in succubi stories is the loneliness that creeps in. There’s hints of it, for there must be, but a means to resolve, if not bring about a means to close that feeling, doesn’t get the due it should. A work then this time where the seduction leads to something more than the event itself, and the afterglow.

  • Title: Succubus Uncovered
  • Author: S. A. West
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 27 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: November 21, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

After a disappointing night out with coworkers, Samuel finds himself spending some quality time with the cute waitress Jessica. But as the night progresses, he discovers her dark secret.

Samuel didn’t have much of a choice in going out with his coworkers, and even though the time was a bore, meeting Jessica was something special. But he has no idea how special she is, and when the truth is revealed, both discover the missing part of themselves.

The work is a well told slow erotic burn with some quite lovely characters. The heat is very good, if a bit odd at points, but that tends to give the main characters some interesting quirks. There’s a sense of Jessica, the succubus of the story, being lost both in need and want which is rather a unique character trait for a succubus to have.

There are moments when her powers as a succubus muddy Samuel’s storytelling, but that does work in its own way. The reveal of Jessica’s form, the revelations that come afterwards are emotional and expressed in a way that feels right.

There’s a bit of awkwardness in the dialogue, especially from Jessica and it took something away from her character at times. Perhaps it was the situation, perhaps the realisation that Samuel is someone different, something more to her. I liked that overall in the story, it added an interesting sexual angle as things progressed.

Past the erotica, past the revelations, the last few pages are both heart-breaking and wonderful in their need and desires shared. It’s the gift that Samuel offers that brings about something that Jessica hasn’t felt or expected and it closes the story well, if leaving so much behind not explored and needing to be.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I’d love to see a follow on, there’s a lot to explore with Jessica and Samuel, both in themselves but more so where their relationship and love takes them. There are so very few emotionally delightful works about succubi at this level and ending the story where it does just leaves a lot unfulfilled. Regardless, a lovely story that gives all of its heart and soul to the fore.


Desirable by TeraS

A very short piece of writing this week on the Tale for … reasons. Perhaps it doesn’t take a lot to write the thoughts of one of the Realm’s souls, at least to try and bring something of what one’s character holds inside of oneself. That’s especially true in this case where it’s very clear that someone is …

By TeraS

The clock reads three in the morning.

The Realm is quieter this time of night. Not that it’s silent, of course, there are many who find their pleasures in the dark, somewhere in the shadows, waiting to be discovered. For some delights are encountered in the day which continue towards the evening and what that will bring along the way.

But this isn’t about the Realm, at least not in the greater sense. I know it’s three in the morning because the dim red digits of the clock radio tell me so. I can see them, but they aren’t what truly hold my thoughts. I don’t care what time it is; that’s not important to me. Where I am matters so much more than this instant in eternity.

I can feel the sheets against my skin, the pillow upon which my head rests; material things that offer a kind of comfort, of course. The mattress is soft beneath my curves as I lay on my side, my thoughts darting here and there in this moment. The bed shifts slightly as he sleeps, spooned with me, one arm draped so that the fingers of one hand are twined with my own. The smile comes unbidden, the delight in his being near, desired always. Intimacy is still something to explore. Desire, lust, passion, need and all of the heated emotions I know well. It’s our nature to be so: we are seduction, as she explained, but we are so much more. She is spooned against him. She rests her head against his shoulder, pressed tightly with him, the warmth of her love mixing with both of ours. Somehow, I know her own smile is there in the night, a reflection of my own.

I shouldn’t be thinking so much in this moment, but I can’t help it. So many schemes and plans done and undone for so long. The truth revealed, the past brought to light, and now the pieces have fallen into place.

How odd it is to want the intimacy of a touch, to be held: the wonder in a slow dance, being curled up together, how the foreplay means so much, how the love is so much sweeter and desired when we give into the intimacy that encircles us all. I’d dreamed of this for so long, but the dreams can’t reflect the reality we’ve found.

The clock still reads three in the morning. My eyes drift closed as sleep takes me away to the dream world once more. We are the stuff of dreams, the makers of dreams. When we awake once more, our dreams are there in the desires we hold.

There’s no greater dream made real than the one we share … together.

A Review of Succubus Freed by Elle Damiana

Succubus Freed by Elle Damiana

Succubus Freed by Elle Damiana

A review today of the first work in the Darker Dimension series today in which I find the main character to be delightfully fun, interesting, and most of all, has a personality that just makes me smile.

There’s nothing good about a succubus being bored, it can only lead to moments of them amusing themselves or taking out their frustrations on the universe around them. Either way, someone’s going to be having an interesting time of things.

  • Title: Succubus Freed
  • Author: Elle Damiana
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 34 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: November 3, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Tarathoth has seen everything and done everybody. But even succubi can have an existential crisis. After eons of pleasuring nameless men and monsters, will a tall, muscular gardener named Marcus finally take her places she’s never been before?

Tarathoth is bored. Taunting the damned, being sexy and seductive, and even sex itself just seems like she’s going through the motions of being a succubus. A slightly messed up summoning leads to encountering someone that might make everything worthwhile. Even if she has to fight tooth and nail for them.

The work is a wonderfully told story with humour, attitude and a sense of self-awareness that I found delightfully fun. The main characters Tarathoth and Marcus fit together perfectly, their personalities mershing in just the right way. The plot is interesting, the development of Tarathoth from who she was into what she becomes through the passions shared with Marcus is just amazing.

Tarathoth is so very much self-aware in the work, there’s a certain mischievousness and personality that really appealed to me in her. While she is, at least physically, very much an evil creature of temptation, there’s a point where she comes to realize she can be something more, have something better and that makes her personality turn a corner and the story sings. She has a need to be more than she is and that’s such a driving force so when Marcus appears, and he’s everything Tarathoth needs and desires, the joy is real and amazing in both of them.

The ending of the work is both satisfying and as well opens the path towards the next part of the series. It’s a bit abrupt and could have had a bit more depth, but it sets the story and Tarathoth’s future well. I wish there had been more about Tarathoth herself, her world and overall, when Marcus reveals himself, it might have been nice to tell something of just how he got there and why he’s so attracted to her.

Four of out five pitchforks.

I really like Tarathoth a lot, she reminds me of a certain Queen of the Realm in a lot of ways, which amused me. I hope the series takes her from her devilish beginnings towards something better, there’s hints of that and the ending gives me some hope for her future. Perhaps most of all, Tarathoth has a reason for living and it’s going to mean everything going forwards.


A Morrigan Aensland Nurse speed painting YouTube

One of the well known images of Morrigan is that of her dressed up like a nurse. Obviously that’s to help with all of the nose bleeds she causes, because she’s thoughtful of course. A YouTube then this time on the Tale of a lovely artwork of Morrigan being… helpful.

In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in the event the video disappears, here’s a screenshot of the art as well…

Morrigan Aensland Nurse by hungryclicker

Morrigan Aensland Nurse by hungryclicker

I’ve always thought that this sort of art of Morrigan is just a lot of fun. Lovely expression, there’s a hint of her dominance as well in her smile which works nicely.

Just a really nice piece of Morrigan art that I do enjoy…


A Review of Only In My Dreams by Clit Club

Only In My Dreams by Clit Club

Only In My Dreams by Clit Club

The thing about short stories, regardless of they having succubi or incubi in them, is they are simply too short. It’s s very difficult to tell a story fully, to explore the world, characters and most of all, why things are.

Perhaps a tease is something to think about, but would it not be a good idea to fully tell a story than to leave it hanging unfinished?

The work tells of:

A young museum curator finds her life satisfying, with the exception of romance. She can’t seem to find a partner that can meet her needs. That is, until she begins receiving nightly visits in her dreams from an ancient incubus.
Their torrid ‘affair’ begins to take its toll on her waking life, but she is reluctant to give it up entirely.
Will the spell of the incubus hold her steady and firm, or will her grasp on reality slip away entirely…

Phoebe has a lover, but he appears only in her dreams. But the dreams are so very real and their desires are never-ending. A discovery unexpected brings both temptation and seeming loss. But in the end, perhaps love will conquer anything.

The work tells an interesting story from Phoebe’s perspective that is captivating, but also so very lost and needful. It’s that emotion that pulls the story along, gives Phoebe life but also casts her into some bitter moments of ache. Her development over the story is well done, but there’s pieces missing along the way it seems, one of the largest being the incubus of the work, Alam.

Alam is something of a mystery or enigma within the story. There are aspects of him that are wonderfully touching and passionate, and then there are the moments when it seems like another Alam exists or is brought to the fore by Phoebe. His passions are delightful, his needs and desires are well told and I enjoyed the passion most of all.

The erotica is a simmering hot flash, but there’s not enough time to build the heat. The work offers a lot to be told, but it’s too fast, too scattered and a bit lost which means that there’s a lot of story that wasn’t told.

How things end with Phoebe and Alam is a mystery, heart-breaking and at the same time holds hope. I dearly wish the author would have expanded the story, shown what comes next for them both. Perhaps that will come, perhaps it won’t, but as things are there’s just something missing when the story came to a close and it’s a shame.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A lovely story with some quirks that really needed to be explored. There’s a lot of the story that hints at something more, but never goes into exploring those possibilities well.


Succubi Image of the Week 733

It’s interesting when artists mix ideas about Succubi in their art. Some of the more interesting combinations are when little pieces of Morrigan Aensland’s look are mixed with a unique idea. A work this week which has a touch of Morrigan, but is delightfully unique…

succubus by lproctober

succubus by lproctober

This work is by the artist lproctober on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Her wings feel very Morrigan-like, but their colour works really well with her overall look. Very interesting eye colour, there’s a feeling of danger that comes through well. The skull is an interesting touch to her pose, there could be a telling story about that too.

A very strong work of succubus art, her pose, expression and form just seems to suggest she’s not one to be trifled with. That in itself gives me something to ponder…