Aug 04 2018

A very unique Succubus character WIP YouTube

I enjoy looking at succubus art, especially those works in which the art displays a succubus that’s different than what’s considered usual. Some art goes quite a bit out beyond the expected and that is the focus of the YouTube art that I’m sharing today. She’s very different, without question, but nonetheless, she is a succubus.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case the video disappears from YouTube, here’s a screenshot towards the end of the video which gives a fair idea of what this succubus character looks like.

Succubus by Gabi Leal

Succubus by Gabi Leal

The video never reveals her entire appearance, but nonetheless she’s very unique overall. I really would like to know what she looks like overall, I just thunk she’s interesting and that’s attractive to me in being so.

There’s just something about her look, the expression… call it, almost dangerous look she has which I think is very striking overall. Her horns, while being quite a bit odd at first glance, do seem to work well here for her.

Something different to consider and mull over…



Aug 02 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 550

There is some succubi art in which the a look, an expression, tells so much about the character that one’s imagination can fill in the rest of the story quite well. An image then this week of a succubus called Lilith, a smile that cannot be missed and a look in her eyes that connects the story together perfectly.

Lilith by Maryloza

Lilith by Maryloza

This work is simply called Lilith and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Maryloza. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

The most captivating thing about this art are Lilith’s eyes. The gleam, the colour, the arch of her eyebrows is such a draw by far. Then her smile builds upon that temptation, the hint of danger in her expression I think draws one towards her. The colours are really well chosen, I don’t think that red would have worked as well as these colours here.

A sexy and dangerous visage of Lilith and within that comes such wonderful stories…



Aug 01 2018

This costume has really awful horns…

Dazzling Red Devil CostumeThere are some costumes that make me wonder. Not surprisingly, that wonder comes from trying to understand the choices made in the creation of the costume. Much of the time there’s no real reason why things turned out as they did of course. It’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to understand why someone would want to wear horns on a plate on their head.

This is called the Dazzling Red Devil Costume and it comes with the bodysuit, web net wings and the horn headband. The lousy pitchfork is not included and there is a rather sad looking tail attached to the costume. It can be found on the web for $105 US, but does appear from time to time on sale for as little as $42 US.

There’s really nothing that appealing here for me. The horns are lousy, the overall look seems thrown together and being so there’s just something missing from the costume itself.

There’s too much of a cartoonish feel to this, there’s nothing here that’s really all that sexy or seductive regardless. Last week’s costume had some promise at least, this one is missing that and more.

One pitchfork out of five and I’m being generous.



Jul 30 2018

Tease by TeraS

Something of a vignette today in which, shockingly, someone is a bit of a…


by TeraS


It is well known that the Queen of the Realm enjoys being a tease. That it is her nature, part of the fabric of who she is, even if she might not be wearing any fabric at all. Her bemused smile, the lock of hair draping over one eye, the tilt of her head to one side or the other is but the first move in the game.

But teasing does not end there. Perish the thought!

The gliding of fingers over skin or the lick of a tongue over those bemused lips mentioned before makes it very clear that the Queen of the Realm’s game is afoot. The stroke of a stockinged leg against bare skin just adds to that understanding, of course.

Assuming, of course, the one teased still has enough sense to understand anything.

Her scent is carried on a breeze to tease upon the senses, the sweet aroma of cherries in itself teasing its own suggestions, offering in some not-so-small way the hint of what may, possibly, be on the horizon. Her lips, still so very bemused, part ever so slightly to allow her talented tongue the opportunity to caress and tease one’s vision and suggest just how talented she is.

For there is little question as to how passionate this tease is.

Those long, red nails draw over bared skin, on their path towards her goal, the question of what they might be dancing just outside the ability of the one being teased to clearly understand. Though, to be sure, the fantasy that cannot be ignored seeps into one’s thoughts, rendering one’s soul and body unable to resist.

Not that there is any point in resisting, of course, when she is being a tease.

It is not a complete surprise when those questing fingers find their goal and … pause. Wild ebon mane tossed to one side, her so-green eyes glance upwards as if considering what they have found. Then those emerald depths turn towards the one being pestered and that smile withdraws from bemusement. Fingernails draw against an achingly hard shaft, stroking the length as she purrs. The vibrations somehow pass from within her core and through her fingers to focus upon the ache that has come to be.

And yet, she still is teasing.

Still holding her bantering eyes to their focus, her voice is honey-sweet as she describes, in wanton detail, her thoughts. Lovely red lips purse as she tells of each and every little thing she might, should she be inclined, do. Her talented hands, always toying and tantalizing, tickle across enflamed need, stoking, drawing sharp breaths or mewls and whimpers. Her lips curl suggestively in reply, her words dripping erotic suggestions into a mind now so pliant as to be nearly formless, desperate to surrender.

One is gratefully surrendering to the teasing.

Lovely red lips kiss over a trembling jaw, slowly inch downwards across a chest drawing breath after aching breath. Hot whispers of her cherry-scented breath scorch against skin now dripping with sweat. Her teasing leaves no question as to her intended destination. Imagination runs wild, painting a picture of desire unleashed and the climax to the playful torment that seems to have been going on forever.

A tease being locked into her own desires …

The ebon-maned seductress draws close to the focus of her baiting, the apex of her quest. The hot breath from before is a sweetly cooling breeze over an overheated crown. The reflexive twitch of hardened shaft she continues to stroke idly while curling her smile as a perfect pink tongue wets already shiny lips. The need she teases from within only serves to press her will upon her prey. The words ache within, trying to escape from a body wracked in pleasure … and she has not, as yet, truly begun to arouse.

A perfect tease with no end …

If all before this moment was inescapable, her tongue, darting out, wetly caressing, teasing, crashes through. Wet lips, so smooth and perfect, follow to paint their gloss over the head now captured. Slick wet desire wrapped in velvet glides slowly downwards, pausing, then moving upwards once more, releasing just before drawing away. A red ring of lipstick left behind marks the depth of her claim, a teasing reminder of her control. She muses now, her tongue of passion drawing over her lips of desire, eyes looking upwards, to the side, considering the sample from the banquet being offered.

Wondering if she will sample once more, or just keep teasing …

Still, her hands cup her prize, a single fingernail being drawn over oversensitive glands aching for release. The red flame moves close, lips—still wet and shining—part, then pass from tip to base. Pausing there, she sucks deeply, teasing out both wet need and begging soul from within. Hips try to buck, voice aches to beg, mind shatters under her endless provocation. The perfect seal begins to move up and down, painting her morsel in wetness. On each pass where she does not release, her lips pop free as they leave her treat, the sound like thunder. The relief is for but a moment before lips encircle and resistance continues to crumble away.

The tease’s wantonness burns.

Her beguiling badgering dances on the edge of release, the moment of screaming submission, her delighted climax at the surrender, the falling, the everlasting submission. It wells up within, seeking escape, both sexual starvation and soul submission. The climax cannot be resisted, does not wish to be stopped. It begs to be claimed, consumed, forever lost to the seductress with ebon mane, so-green eyes, titian tail and horns.

And yet, the tease continues.

There is no escaping her, not that there is any will left to do so, only a plaything to be toyed with, being tantalized endlessly, offered release only at her will, entrapped in the teasing nature of the Queen of the Realm, being held in her desire, burning to be toyed with again. The price paid is only the capitualation of a soul, the aching need never ending, and the promise that she will tease …

… endlessly.

Jul 26 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 549

There is a cosplayer called Swimsuit Succubus who can be found on many sites and, from time to time, fan art appears of her. This week’s Succubi Image is one of those works of art which I think is quite well done, but also makes me smile in how cute her look here is.

Swimsuitsuccubus fanart by KukuruyoArt

Swimsuitsuccubus fanart by KukuruyoArt

This work was created by the artist KukuruyoArt on DeviantArt and you can find their page on DeviantArt here and the original page where I found this art can be found here.

I really love her overall look, the mixture between the latex-like fabric and the rest of her outfit really looks nice. Lovely expression and smile, her horns work really well and her tail ls quite interesting but fits with her overall look.

Very sexy with a hint of mischievousness that just fits her well.



Jul 25 2018

There is Hell to Pay with this costume’s cape to start…

Hell To Pay CostumeI’ve commented a few times that in many cases the accessories are what take so much away from a devil costume. A pair of ugly horns, a poor pitchfork do not impress me. But that can be just the beginning and when the costume could be something well done, why is it that the accessories seem to never fail to be lousy?

This is called the Hell To Pay Costume and it comes with the red metallic dress, the charm embellished bodice with black chain details, the sheer duster with long sleeves, a tall vinyl collar and the horn headband. The awful pitchfork is not included, nor are the pantyhose or shoes the model is wearing. You can find this costume on sale for about $54 US.

Here’s the thing with this entire ensemble: The duster, the shoes, the pitchfork and the high collar are really useless for this look. I’ll allow the pantyhose however as they do mostly work with the dress and if a nicer pair of red heels were chosen I’d be far more pleased with this look.

But that’s the thing. The pattern in the horns matches the dress, the dress is actually very appealing to me overall. It’s not over the top, there’s some sexy to it and I think the colour and material work really well.

It’s just everything other than the dress and horns that wrecks this look, which is a shame honestly, especially that horrid pitchfork. Now, as the costume description is rather clear on what this costume comes with, I’ll give the actual costume three and a half out of five pitchforks.

But looking like this, I can’t give it more than two pitchforks and that’s being generous…



Jul 24 2018

A Review of BattleCat Vs. The Succubus by Jack Bixby

BattleCat Vs. The Succubus by Jack Bixby

BattleCat Vs. The Succubus by Jack Bixby

More often than not, if the word succubus appears in a book title, one can expect that there will be a succubus character appearing. Now, they can be a large part of the story or a minor thing as a whole of course. What’s quite disappointing is when they appear for barely a page and really don’t matter all that much to what happens.

That said, there’s something about a unique story being told from the viewpoint of a unique character that I find interesting. But as a whole, as much as that character tells a very compelling story, placing a succubus into an origin story one might want to tell that story fully.

  • Title: BattleCat Vs. The Succubus
  • Author: Jack Bixby
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: July 12, 2018
  • This work in Kindle Format at

The work tells of:

Demons prowl the streets of New York City at night, feed on the innocent and preying on the unsuspecting among us. Only one thing stands between us and completely annihilation, and he’s got claws.

Brother Cat lost the only family he ever knew to a white-furred demon, and since a fortunate meeting with a local priest he’s done his best to ensure no one else will suffer the way he did. When his old mentor dies and a young new priest is brought in to lead the parish, Brother Cat will have to break in a new partner the only way he knows how. Trial by fire.

A story of a cat who remembers evil, seeking it out to find a measure of revenge for what has been lost. Sometimes the smaller you are the more heroic one can be.

The work tells of the main character, Brother Cat, and how they went from average cat to becoming something quite spectacular. Seeing the world from their eyes, reading their thoughts and what drives them makes for a very interesting tale. It’s a good origin story, if lacking a bit at points some details or aspects that get glossed over.

Along the way, there is an appearance of a succubus, but it’s really quite short, adds not that much to the story overall as well. There’s a very strong manga feel to things and to a point this works, but some of the story telling needs more fleshing out, or at least, it needs to expand on the glimmers of sides stories that need to be told.

Overall this is a mixture of action-adventure and origin story but the way things read seems a bit clunky here and there. At least one more editing pass would have done a lot to smooth things over in that respect. This isn’t a work of erotica, there are some minor horror aspects to things however, though they are not that strongly in the work.

I’ll give the overall story three and a half pitchforks out of five, but from a succubus theme aspect I can’t give it more than a single pitchfork.

The title offers a succubus, but she’s not really in the story as much as she is an afterthought. It’s a shame really that things turned out that way. I’ve read the balance of the works in the series and I like them as a whole, the characters are interesting and having much of the story come from one perspective is quite unique.

But this isn’t really a succubus themed work by far.