Sep 27 2014

A YouTube Tribute to Morrigan and Lilith Aensland…

A rather short YouTube this week of Morrigan and Lilith Aensland together, which really is a rare thing to be found. I do wonder why it is that there really isn’t a lot of art of the two of them together…. There should be I think…

If you can’t see the video here, try this link:

And, as always, a screenshot of the one piece of art that I thought was the best to be seen in the video…

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland Art


It’s always nice to see the two sisters together, and I like the sort of protective way that Morrigan is standing there with Lilith… I still like Lilith being draw about the same age as Morrigan is however…

How Lilith sees herself, being not “as good” as Morrigan seems wrong to me… Perhaps having a bit more of her sister’s strength of personality would add to her character…

It likely would add to the art that appears of her as well I would think…



Sep 26 2014

A Review of Madnight Seduction by Fiona Winston

Madnight Seduction by Fiona Winston

Madnight Seduction by Fiona Winston

A love story needs one important thing. It isn’t the sex, it isn’t the setting or the characters. What it needs is love in the story, true love, heartfelt love. That does not always happen in many stories, but when it does, then it makes for something special.

It’s an interesting concept if you think about it…

  • Title: Madnight Seduction
  • Author: Fiona Winston
  • Length: 64 Pages
  • Release Date: January 28, 2013
  • This work at

The work tells of:

When Chloe goes out with her friend, she never expects to be waylaid by the fiercely sexy James–or his heavy draw on her witchy-powers.

James runs his club, sipping happily at all the sexual energy he captures every night, but when Chloe shows-up, his whole world turns upside down.

They’d do anything to stay together–she rescue him and potentially expose herself to re-capture by the manipulative Queen Titania; he, return to his mother’s side to rescue his wayward love…

Chloe is Fey and has escaped from the Queen to live among humanity because she is slated to marry the Queen’s son. One night she goes to a bar and finds herself attracted to someone there that is more than he seems to be. His name is James, and he is an Incubus… and he finds himself attracted to her completely and she in return.

James is not the stereotypical Incubus by any means.  While he has no tail or horns, he does have all of the powers of an Incubus, but the thing is that he isn’t evil or nasty or poor in nature. He has a heart and Chloe captures it from the moment they met. His personality is intriguing in that there is a mystery about him from the beginning that is important and I wondered about throughout until the end of the story when it was revealed and brought the tale to a perfectly delicious conclusion.

Chloe has her moments of being somewhat self centred, but that brings about a change in her through meeting James and what happens between them that, finally, gives her strength when she needs it the most.

The story is emotionally charged, which I enjoyed very much. The surrounding characters add to the depth of the story and overall there is little cast away in the story. Paying attention to the story is important due to all of the characters seen in the story, but each one is important to the climax of the story.

The erotica is sensual, soft and wonderfully delicious.  It is not the point of the story, which in the grand scheme of things means that it adds to the story and does not retract from it. The work is not a hot flash piece of erotica, it is more of a tale of fantasy with a bit of erotica to spice the growing relationship between James and Chloe.

I really cannot say that there is anything about the work that retracted from it. I will wish that there would have been more about the Queen, Chloe’s family, and a bit more about James’ friends in the story. This is all really minor, I would just have liked to know more about all of them than is revealed.

Beyond that, I would have loved to see a second story in this universe in which Succubi appear. There are none to be seen in this work, but they are hinted at existing and it would have been nice to see. Still, James is a lovely Incubus and I’m quite happy to have seen him here.

I’ll give this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

Romance, story, love and heart with a dash of heat. Almost perfect and in that I was quite pleased…


Sep 25 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 350

Just some nice Succubi cuteness this week on the Tale. I adore sweet cute Succubi and the one that I found this week really is all kinds of cute and sweet. Making me smile is, of course, a bonus…

Devilgirl by OrionM

Devilgirl by OrionM

This art is called Devilgirl and is by an artist on Hentai Foundry named OrionM. You can find the original page I found this work on Hentai Foundry here.

Lovely style this artist has in this sketch and really the most amazing thing is the personality she has. That little sideways look is just perfect for her by far. I like the stockings and gloves, they add so much to the cute really… Lovely hair and a pair of horns that just look right for her too. I only wish she had a tail, but otherwise she’s adorable…

Somehow the name Cassie comes to mind when I look at her… Perhaps that will inspire me. I hope it will because this art just made me smile and that made my day…



Sep 24 2014

I really want to like this Dark Fantasy Costume… Really…

Dark Fantasy Devil CostumeI’ve mentioned many times one of the things I look for is, if at all possible, something like latex in a costume… I just like the look of it more than anything else.

This is called the Dark Fantasy Devil Costume and it comes with… well… everything save the shoes.

The costume has the black polyester/spandex romper which has the attached tail, the horn headband, the black leg warmers and the arm sleeves… but no shoes.

And I really think the shoes are something you would have to buy to make this look right. If you didn’t the costume sells for $150, but with the shoes it goes up to $200…

And that’s where I go from liking this to wanting to but really cannot quite make myself… well that and the really ugly pitchfork on the front of this costume. There have been a very select few costumes I have found that are over $150 that I have liked the look of and this one really falls on the border because of that stupid pitchfork design. That’s just a little bit overdone I think and it ruins things for me at least…

However… I do have a really nice latex minidress that I think would work quite well with the leggings and sleeves, using them as accents. I even have a nice pair of red pumps that would work well… And, of course, I have much better red horns than those black ones this model is wearing…

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks… I might give it four if that stupid pitchfork wasn’t there…



Sep 23 2014

A Review of Their Forbidden Desire by Angela Fattig

Their Forbidden Desire by Angela Fattig

Their Forbidden Desire by Angela Fattig

A review of a new series about Succubi and Incubi today on the Tale. The series is called Incubi, but in truth I think it would have been more apt to call it belief.

One of the things that means more than life itself to some beings is the hope they hold within them to be able to find love. But to be told that you cannot love, and having that hope means that you are banished, set adrift, and then saddled with a curse that follows you and beats at your thoughts, spirit and soul is a terrible thing.

But belief in love, that one thing that can make you complete, can give you the strength to face your fears and the threat of the powers that seek to stop you.

  • Title: Their Forbidden Desire
  • Author: Angela Fattig
  • Length: 109 Pages
  • ASIN: B00KD44OBY
  • ASIN: B00KYJI3QK (Reissue)
  • Publishing Date: May 15, 2014
  • Publishing Date: June 12, 2014 (Reissue)
  • This work at

The work tells of:

New York, 2020

Reality is a harsh friend, even for an Incubus. Nate Sanders, a turned Incubus, finds that his life is shit. He was sent to Earth, many centuries ago, to seduce women in the hopes of filling the world with enough half-breeds to take it over. Nate, after several years, decided enough was enough. Humans, once you got to know them, weren’t that bad. Life for him has grown cold and lonely.

Reality is even harsher for a Human. Melody Andrews is a shy and lonely twenty-seven year old. Her family is falling apart, her friends have deserted her, and she is running scared. She had always dreamed of a life she knew could never be. She has seen him, the unknown man, many times on the street. She had fantasized about him, craved his touch. She was too damn shy to say anything. Life for her had grown cold and lonely.

Fate brings Melody and her stranger together, but will the ones who rule the Incubus’s world tear them apart? Will Nate be in time to save the woman he loves?

Hell on Earth will become a reality.

Nate is an Incubus banished to Earth who seeks one true thing in his life. Someone to love. Melody is a lost soul who sees him everyday walking by and wishes that he would say hello. One day Nate makes the choice to do that and… things change for them both.

There is one specific point in this story that, for me, just captured my thoughts and it comes down to a simple point that is said many times. Love can not be denied. It is the providence of the being that created it and none can get in its way… no matter how hard they may try.

In that point comes the core of this story. It tells of Nate facing the odds against him, a prophecy that has begun because of him, and the promise that all Incubi and Succubi have from his decision to take a chance. Along with all of that comes a more personal, human story in what Melody has faced in her life, all that has been stacked against her, and the one belief she has held for so very long that Nate gives to her.

In that story comes something that to me, personally, was both heartbreaking and deeply touching. How Melody and Nate find each other, the doubts that swirl within them, and what happens when Nate reveals himself, his true self, and then the one thing in each of their lives that connects them together is so very fitting and speaks in the right tone and voice for these characters.

Nate being an incubus does reflect on the traditional myths to an extent, but in spite of where that could have taken the story the author gives a new, better myth and purpose to the Incubi that I thought made a lot of sense and allowed for so much more character development to occur. There are several Incubi that appear, some of which are “good”, some that are not, but each has their own personality and focus which was good to see.

There is but one Succubus that appears in the story, her name is Lindsey, but she is seen only fleetingly in this work. A preview of the next work in the series seems to make it clear that she will be of the focus there and I do look forward to seeing that as from the little seen of her… she’s interesting. That is always a good thing to see in a character after all.

Nate, Melody and their friends have to confront a force that wants to keep them under control, unhappy, and afraid. The thing is that after a while such things have little effect on those that have to deal with such things. And when you have a reason to rebel against such a thing… The world can change and this work shows the beginnings of that happening.

Being that this is the first work in the series, there is a good deal of world building, the establishment of the characters and what they strive for. It also shows a bit of what the Incubi actually look like and what their human forms mean which I thought was unique and something I hadn’t really seen before.

There are some lovely passionate erotic scenes between Melody and Nate, each having their time in being in control of the moment which I found to feel right for their characters and what they both represent. There’s also a certain hidden strength within Melody that come out over time which, when her past is reflected on, seemed to work as well.

There are a few minor spelling mistakes that made it though the editing process, and there are a few points where the dialog just didn’t sound right. I know that this work was also released in German and I wonder if that has something to do with how things are put and said. It’s little things, colloquial language mainly, that isn’t used in quite the right way that tripped me up from time to time. I do read German, and when I read that version of this work, I could piece together the inflections of the characters a bit better as a whole. The emotional intent of some of the conversations just worked better in German than English.

That said, the story, at its core, is quite well done. It stands up very well through the trials and tribulations of Melody, Nate and the others in their life. The emotions are very real, the relationships, hopes and desires stand out exceptionally well and I do look forward to seeing the next work in this series.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

A solid start to a unique take on Succubi and Incubi that I enjoyed. An interesting universe with much promise and story to tell which is always a good thing.



Sep 22 2014

Storm Clouds 208 by TeraS

Filling out Chapter 36 a little more this week on the Tale… I think this will be the last revision of this chapter and I’ll be moving on next time … probably …

For those that would like to read Storm Clouds from the beginning, you can click this link, and it will take you to the page where all of the previous chapters can be found.


Storm Clouds 208
Chapter 36
By TeraS


Time passed ever so slowly in the room. Someone who concentrated might be able to follow the dust motes as they floated here and there among the bookcases, tables, and chairs. Someone not so inclined to watch them might be held by the image of a woman straddling a man on one of the chairs, her fingers laced into his hair and their lips crushed together in a deep kiss.

One might also notice that neither of them were moving. But there was one other in the room who was. She was stalking back and forth, her long, red, heart-tipped tail swaying pensively as she walked, her eyes scanning intently from the carpet below her to the two intertwined and then back again as she paced.

Out of what some might mistake for frustration or impatience, she would tuck a wayward lock of hair back behind one of her ears from time to time. In fact, it was neither of those emotions, but rather her pondering over what she knew and understood …

… and when Tera, the Queen of the Succubi, put a puzzle together and the pieces fit? That spelt issues for someone.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar presence entering the apartment building, so her pacing came to a stop and a warm smile played upon her lips. She had been wondering when he was going to appear, and it seemed that this moment was the one that mattered.

His timing, as always, was impeccable. But then, he was especially attuned to her.

Counting to twelve, Tera walked over to the apartment door and then waited another three beats before opening the door and looking out into the hallway. The elevator dinged, the doors opened and she waved to the one standing there, his hands quite full. “Coming! Just a moment, my heart!”

The man in the elevator, who Thomas would recognize as the pastor from the funeral he attended not so long ago, nodded his head in lieu of a wave: “All fine, Dear One. I’ll manage.”

Quickly making her way down the hall, Tera replied: “Manners will not allow that, you know. At least allow me to be of some use?”

He chuckled: “We’ve talked about this before, Dear One. You sell yourself short. You are more than useful and, one of these days, you’ll see that.”

She scrunched up her nose as she took a small bag from under his arm: “Family trait, you know.”

He nodded once: “Yes … quite so.”

Moving to walk beside him, she slipped her arm with his and they moved towards John’s apartment. As they walked, they slipped into the banter they always shared.

“I’m sorry for being late.”

“Not late. You are exactly on time, as always.”

“How are you managing, Dear One?”

“Oh … managing, my heart.” Of course, she didn’t want to worry him.

“I see.” Of course, he saw right through that.

The next words that passed between them were ones that each knew didn’t need to be said, for they had known each other, it seemed, forever. Tera’s heart would always be so, as would she for him as his Dear One. That was just how things were, and nothing in the universes could change that fact. After they entered John’s apartment, he handed her one of the styrofoam cups he held. As he closed the door he asked: “And where is your Eternal, Dear One?”

Tera smiled as she traced a fingertip around the rim of the styrofoam cup: “Oh, he’s off and about looking after something.” She looked at him and nodded once: “But he is with me and I am with him.”

The look he gave her was somewhere between understanding and trepidation: “Of course. That was not my concern.”

Her finger stopped moving as she tilted her head to the left: “But you are concerned.”

He nodded, taking the lid off his tea: “I am worried about you, Dear One. You are troubled, have been for some time. I can see it in your eyes … your Eternal and I are the only ones that possibly could have seen it, of course, but it is there.”

Tera was silent for a time, then admitted: “I think the Dark has been messing with things it should not. So I am … hoping … to fix that damage.”

“I see. And the two over there?”

“They are the thing that needs to be made right once more.”

He took a sip of his tea: “Playing matchmaker, Dear One?”

She took the lid off her own tea: “Oh those two are matched, my heart. I’m just trying to set things right once more.”

“Dear One, are you sure you are doing the right thing, or are you possibly … inadvertently … just maybe … doing the Dark’s own work for it?”

Tera paused, her tea almost to her lips: “Memories have been changed, my heart. The reason for that I do not know. Yet the Dark has altered the memories of some of the succubi. It has also changed the memories of innocents. It is trying to set something up to Its benefit. Jane is one of them. John, the dear man she is with at the moment, is the other.”

“Are you sure?”

Tera’s tail moved slowly behind her: “I know Eternals when I see them, my heart. In that I am sure. What happens after that is in their hands.”

“Which means we wait.”

“You need not have to, my heart. I’ll wait.”

He winked: “And have you talking to yourself? I shudder to think what your dear Tail will have to say about that.”

Tera smiled a warm, knowing smile: “You are, of course, quite right, my heart.”

He walked over to the couch and settled in: “What would you like to talk about while we wait?”

Tera took a spot on the other end of the couch, curling her legs underneath her as she did: “I have a theory … more of a thought, perhaps.”

He looked at his tea: “Why do I have the feeling, Dear One, that we’ll need more tea?”

She laughed: “Because that is how it always works when we chat, my heart. And, next time, I will bring the pie to share.”

He tipped his cup towards her: “So. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

She tilted her head to the right: “There is quite a lot that is bothering me. To be truthful, there has been for some time. I think that the time which the Dark has spent in trying to get into the Realm has made it desperate for some kind of success.”

He furrowed his brow: “It is a persistent entity; that much is obvious. And yes, your … resistance … has been a thorn in Its side.” The innocent look she gave in reply just made him chuckle as he sipped his tea, waiting for her to continue.

She considered the cup she held, then continued: “To be honest, it’s been a bother to me as well, in more ways than one, but we won’t dwell on that part of the story, as we’ll come back to that a bit later to try and tie the threads together.”

“Which means we start with … ?”

“We start with the question of what, exactly, is It intending to do with the tail that is missing.”

“You assume she is being held?”

“I know she is being held. I am just not sure exactly where she is at this moment. I know that she is nearby … somewhere … but otherwise I am not sure where. I sense she is trapped or bound in some way. That means It must have a plan for her. Whether by influencing her, forcing something upon her, or other means, It has but one goal, and having a Tail would give It something It never had before.”

He nodded: “A key.”

“Yes. There are only a few entries into the Realm for those not …” She paused here, considering her next words, worrying that “like us” would sound more than a bit conceited, but he finished the thought for her.

“… like you, Dear One. I know better—we know better—and you need to keep that in mind.”

She nodded in reply: “Of course. Like us, my heart. There are some with that key. Some others, like you, are offered a pass to the Realm, at the right time for the right reason. But all of us, even myself, have to pass by the gates, all of them, before stepping foot in the Realm.”

He smiled: “And, of course, that final gate, the one that none shall pass without permission, is the last bastion.”

She sighed, wistfully: “Yes. But we won’t dwell on that point, my heart. Let’s try and keep focus on our missing tail for the moment.”

He gave a sidelong look at the pair on the chair as he wondered: “Can I assume that they are both part of the story?”

“Quite so. She is the sister of the one whose tail is held, obviously. He is, I am sure, her Eternal. When we had the funeral, it struck me that she was there, but he was not. The question then was … “Why?” Speaking with her afterwards, it was clear that the Dark did something to her, and, I think, vice versa.”

“So, you have two souls no longer connected together.”

“Yes, but that’s just where it begins. She, our dear Jane, is impulsive, quick to anger, and more importantly, would do anything to have revenge for her sister’s passing. What would she do if she believed that her only family, the only one she loved, was gone?”

He shook his head: “Oh, I have a good idea. There was something wrong about her; I had chalked it up to grief and did not push her. I should have.”

She set her cup down on a small side table, some worry in her eyes as she looked at him: “No guilt, my heart—not for either of us. There was enough grief to go around for everyone. We both missed it, but we are both now aware.”

He allowed those words but replied: “Then I expect you not to have guilt, either. It is not becoming of you. Queen or not, it is not becoming of you or your soul, and I will not allow it.”

She laced her fingers together, placing them in her lap: “The guilt I think I have dealt with. It was slowly turning into anger … or it was until Jane came back and I saw she had a problem. That problem made it clear that there was a … discrepancy that needed to be repaired.”

He considered his tea: “Now that your anger is gone, Dear One, you need to keep it away … the Dark is counting on using it against you.”

She looked towards Jane and John: “Something happened in the two weeks that she was out of touch. When she came back, she claimed to have been overseas for some time, but that made little sense, as they were inseparable. There was something missing in Jane. Again, it seemed like the loss of her sister was the answer, but it goes further than that. He was missing. They were missing.”

“So, that’s when you put Tom and Camilla onto things?”

She nodded and picked up her tea again, taking a sip: “There was something that happened in the world here, driven by forces bound to rules that apply here. Something else happened outside of this world, where other rules apply. Having the two of them dealing with this will give me a new perspective on what It wants.”

He chuckled: “There’s something more, Dear One.”

She smiled over the rim of her cup: “Perhaps … perhaps not. We shall see.”

He raised his cup in reply: “Yes. We shall. But the story isn’t over yet. You are holding back a few things. I can tell.”

She paused, just before taking a sip: “Two things: All four of them are connected to what happened. Two of them are what It has focused upon.”

He frowned: “So they are all at risk. But which two are the ones It has focused on?”

Tera’s tail pointed at Jane: “She is one, obviously. I believe that Thomas is the other. They both have suffered great losses. They can both be influenced by It making an appeal to their darker emotions.”

“What happens when one … or the other … or both … is freed?”

“That, my heart, is what I am intending to find out with Jane.”

“And Tom?”

She sighed: “I am trusting that his belief in doing good is strong. Camilla will help in that. So will Nina … assuming that Thomas will let them in to help.”

He considered her words, then asked: “But what about our missing tail? How does she fit into this?”

Tera looked into her cup as if reading tea leaves, though there were none: “What would one do if one could bring a lost love back? What would one give up? What would happen when the truth was revealed?”

“That, I think, would depend on the truth, would it not?”

She looked up: “Yes. Yes it would.” Then she looked back down at her cup once more.

He sighed: “Dear One, it does you no good to keep things bottled up inside you, nor can you get them past me without me noticing.”

“There are two problems with sharing the truth in this case, my heart. One is that the truth will not set anyone free. The harm in the truth being known would only play into It’s hands. The truth I speak of is meant for one soul only and it is one that I do not have the right to share.”

“If not you, then who?”

Tera looked at him: “The one that cannot speak.”

She stood and began to walk around the room, still holding the cup in her hands: “The second reason for not sharing is that I may—and yes, I know this sounds impossible—I may be completely wrong about what I believe the truth to be.”

He leaned back in his chair, a small twinkle in his eye: “You, Dear One? Wrong? If so, I do believe I will have to check on whether the laws of the universe have been changed recently.”

Tera laughed softly: “I’ve been wrong many times, my heart. The thing is that I hide those mistakes well enough that they are not seen for the mistakes they are.”

“You are avoiding the point, Dear One. It isn’t that you are wrong nearly as often as you believe … except when you think you are hiding these things from your Eternal or me. It is that you are far too hard on yourself when those around you are hurt. You make it your focus to deal with that, to take it upon yourself. Sometimes, you do have to allow others to stumble.”

A sigh, quite a long one: “Cannot do that, my heart. Call it … a very deep fault. Perhaps it is the one that the Dark has figured on to be how it wins the war.”

He placed his cup on the table and then walked over to her. Resting a hand on Tera’s shoulder he explained: “It is not a fault to care. We have talked about this many times before. It is a fault to take on too many things, to not share with others who can help with the burdens. And I would bet my socks that this is exactly what the Dark will use to defeat you.”

Tera patted his hand lightly: “As you know, that sharing is something not easily done.”

He smiled: “True … for both of us. Now, there are plans to be made, and in this case, Dear One, your heart is going to help.”

She began to shake her head, to refuse. She couldn’t possibly allow him to do so.

“Ah! I am sorry, but no, Dear One. There is no getting out of this. You need more help than what you have now, and if you don’t let me help you, then I will go on my own. So please, tell me what you have in mind next.”

“You really will not like it my heart; not at all.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, Dear One.”

Ten minutes later found Tera sitting on the couch, rolling her cup between her hands and looking at him as he paced back and forth as she had been before he arrived. She had explained her plans, what she intended to do and what the cost would be.

He finally stopped pacing and looked at her: “I do not like this at all, Dear One.”

“I did warn you.”

“So you did. It is a dangerous plan. It can go wrong at any of a dozen turns. Worse, if it does go wrong, then the Realm is lost. However …”


He furrowed his brow: “However, misquoting Einstein, ‘I, at any rate, am convinced that you do not throw dice.’”

She was puzzled; the twist in her tail, which he knew well, spoke to her thoughts as much as any words would: “Meaning what, exactly?”

“Meaning that, though your plans appear to be risky, somehow you have a fairly good idea that it will turn out well.”

She traced a finger against her lips, as if sealing them, a thin smile there as she did so.

“But what is missing from this equation is that you are not going in alone. I won’t have it. You would risk yourself to save the Realm. Someone needs to be there who will risk the universe to save you.”

She looked him in the eye: “I worry that I may have to do something of which you do not approve, something that would disappoint you.”

He didn’t waver: “You could never disappoint me, Dear One. Never. And I will stand beside you no matter what … including no matter if you tell me not to.”

She opened her mouth to speak … but then closed it, smiling.

He smiled back and nodded once: “Did you ever meet Einstein in your travels, Dear One?”

“Yes. I was fortunate to hear him play the violin once. His connection with music was … breathtaking. Even if he didn’t see his talents for all that they were.”

He chuckled as he took the other end of the couch once more: “Your words remind me of a certain red tail that I know who has the same problem. She needs to see that in herself every now and again.”

She tilted her head to the right: “I have no idea what you mean, my heart.”

He shook his head: “Yes, Dear One. Of course you do.”

Sep 21 2014

A Review of Succubus by Lucas Grindhouse

Succubus by Lucas Grindhouse

Succubus by Lucas Grindhouse

There are, of course, many different myths around the idea of Succubi. There is, of course, the general view that they are female in nature. Another concept is that they can switch between genders. Still another concept is where a Succubus character appears that combines genders into one being. In all of these cases what matters to me most of all is how they are presented as characters, and what the author does with them.

What matters is how that Succubus is connected to the other characters in the story and what happens in the story. Having a reason for the story is much more important then then erotica within it, not because of it…

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: Lucas Grindhouse
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • ISBN: 9780991702527
  • Publishing Date: April 29, 2013
  • This work at

The story is of:

This short story is a twist on the tale of the succubus. There is a way to stop the demon from gaining title to his soul. Will Richard find it in time? Frightened and unsure how to proceed, he calls Professor Stein. She is more than willing to help but knows little more than he does.

They struggle to find an answer and a close bond develops. Prepare yourself for a wild ride as the twosome try their best to find a solution in time to save Richard from the demon.

The Succubus in this story is unique in that while they appear to be female, there is a rather obvious difference to them. They have male sexual organs and with that difference also comes a rather severe and brutal dominant streak. There is also some obvious mind control that happens through the story along with some magical manipulation of both of the other characters in the story.

For the most part, the Succubus is a means to an end in the story, we really never learn anything specifically about her. Her name is never said for one thing and for the other there are questions about her that I would have liked to been touched on, but were not for the sex scenes and domination that occurs.

But, she is a means to drive the story forwards and that brings up the two other characters in the story. Richard and Sarah, when we meet them, are rather two dimensional at first, but over the course of the story they develop somewhat from thin beginnings.  There are moments which difficult to read and then followed by the two reconciling and moving on to find a way out of the problem they face. Overall that plays out well, but sometimes the emotions seem a little bit wooden between them which is a shame.

There is a minor problem with the story and that is the speech of the Succubus seemed… stilted or somewhat odd in the choices of words used. The flow of their speech, and occasionally that of the other characters, seemed to falter when an odd word was used instead of one you might normally expect.

For example: “I will have carnal gratification and you are incapable of avoiding it.” It just… sounds wrong, odd, or off in nature. It may well be part of the Succubus’ nature in this story to speak like this, but it also bleeds into the speech of the other characters at time and it bothered me.

The erotic moments in the story go from somewhat violent in nature between the Succubus and Richard to, if not tender, then very much a mirror in the moments between Sarah and Richard over the course of the story. Not quite a romance between them over the course of the story, but nonetheless it was nice to see the development of both Sarah and Richard’s relationship as things progressed.

The story ends I think a bit too abruptly, the solution is rather quick and pat bringing the story to a close with a little footnote of where it could go in the future. I think it could have used a bit more story between the erotica to paint a more vivid picture, but there is a limiting factor in the story from the beginning and so I can see why that might not be possible.

Three pitchforks out of five.

There is a story here, hinted at, but not quite brought to its full.