Dec 10 2014

The dress is more interesting than the accessories…

Dance With The Devil CostumeSometimes you really have to hand it to those that come up with the way they are going to market a costume. Or perhaps tt isn’t a costume as much as it is accessories. Or, even better, it has really nothing to do with the costume itself at all, but rather a few trinkets and you have to fine the rest of your costume…

One might think, at first blush, that what is being sold here is the entire costume you see. Now, that would be interesting, it is for me at least and really the dress I rather do like somewhat. But… This isn’t about the entire image here. It is, regrettably, only about a few accessories that are, and aren’t, shown…

This is called the Dance With The Devil Costume Set and it comes with a pair of horns, a bow tie and a tail… And that’s all. The dress is not included and as such the accessories, as a package, sell for about $25 US.

The thing is that looking at the image and the name that is used, you would think that it would include the dress and you need to read the fine print in order to know exactly what you are getting when you order this.

So, what this comes to is a pair of horns that has been seen on many other costumes, a bow tie that really doesn’t match and a tail that, although you cannot see it here, is a fuzzy thing that really just looks so very wrong.

Two out of five pitchforks.

Honestly, sell the dress. It looks a lot better.



Dec 09 2014

A Review of Death in the Life of a Troll by Robert Tidwell

Death in the Life of a Troll by Robert Tidwell

Death in the Life of a Troll by Robert Tidwell

Story is nothing without having the characters to build the story upon. One of the most amazing things to me is the ability in a very short story to build a portrait in your thoughts of what a character is like, why they are who they are, and what drives them.

It isn’t always the main character that does this, many times it is the supporting characters that in their words and actions build up a world, a moment, an expressive work that makes it more than it first appears to be.

And what a path it is to tread upon…

The story tells of:

A drunken, homeless thug who is known around town as the Troll spends a day reminiscing over the death of his girlfriend, a Succubus, as a police officer narrates how Troll became known as a monster.

Tony’s life, at least a few moments of it, are told by those around him. His past haunts him every day and every day he is haunted. And in that comes the story of why Tony is who he is today.

This work is very much a film noir piece with all of the setting, atmosphere, characters and more. There’s so much thought put into the words that within a page you are pulled into this world, Tony’s life, and all that happens to him. It’s a deeply emotional read, so much remembrance comes and with it so much that goes wrong or continues to be wrong for Tony as the story goes on.

The cause behind all of this is Victoria, a Succubus that Tony once loved and is no longer. There really isn’t a lot said about her, but in a few short passages her character, her physical presence stands out very well and in doing so becomes an anchor around Tony’s life that pulls on his constantly.

She haunts him, there is no doubt of that, and in that haunting Tony does both good and not quite so good things. There is a deep scar in his personality, his world that will never heal and with that comes the core of this story. It’s a tale of loss and what that can do to someone. It’s a story about having no hope, no passion, no desire when everything is taken from you.

The amazing thing is that in such a short work, the story really stands out exceptionally well and in that I was really surprised. The author’s abilities in writing, not just in creating a story, but more creating a world, characters to care about, and to be held by, is a rare thing.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I’d love to see a longer story set in this world. I’d like to see more about Victoria than we do, what her background was, why she was with Tony… So many questions left unanswered but in spite of that, the story of Tony comes out true and clear.



Dec 08 2014

Give by TeraS

Today, I know, some are expecting the story of Sparkly Horn Horror to continue. It won’t—at least not today.

I received an email last night about a dear friend and my heart and soul just isn’t into writing at all right now. Truthfully, I didn’t even want to write anything at all.

How do you write anything when you know that someone you love dearly is … not well.

I know this is vague, but I can’t bring myself to really say what is going on. I don’t want to hurt my friend or my friend’s family or loved ones, by putting out in the open what’s happened and how much it hurts myself and my Eternal.

The worst thing is that I can’t do anything about it. I can’t make it better. I can’t go there and comfort my friend or my friend’s love and family. I can’t do a blessed thing about anything and, for those that know me, that hurts in ways I cannot explain or express well enough.

That will haunt me, as it does every time that someone I love is hurt, suffers, grieves, and more.


By TeraS


The hallway is empty at this time of night. Silence reigns, the sounds muted, lost, swallowed up by the place. The lights are low; that is supposed to make things easier … somehow. The place isn’t good for dreams, isn’t the best for pleasures and the things that call to her.

That’s never stopped her before.

In-between the ticks of the clock in the hallway, in the moments between the then, the now, and the time to be, she resides. No one sees her. This is a place that she isn’t meant to be, meant to visit, meant to.

That’s never stopped her before.

She stands there, at the edge of the doorway, not seen by anyone, looking into the room. Her hands worry away as she looks inside, seeing. She wants to go inside, to sit there in the room with them. She wants to comfort them both. She wants to talk, to say all of the things unsaid, unspoken save for within her soul.

That’s never stopped her before.

She cries tears that they will never see, never know. She’ll be strong for them, giving her hopes, wishes, love, and more to them without asking for anything in return, as she has always done. She knows that all of that means something, somewhere, somehow, though she cannot explain how she knows that.

That’s never stopped her before.

She wants to offer herself in their place. She thinks about that a long time in the middle of the night. She considers what she is worth, what her value would be on the scales. Would it be enough to tip the balance? Could it be enough to make things … better? There are some, she knows, who would, at this moment, tell her that she was being foolish.

That’s never stopped her before.

She didn’t hesitate when her friend first said “hello,” so long ago, calling her “My Light.” Remembering that moment, those words, she cries more, longer, achingly. She didn’t worry when she gave up a piece of her soul, her light. That is, always, who she was, who she is. It was, in that moment and every moment afterwards, exactly what she was meant to do, meant to be. There was no pain then. The pain comes now … deeply.

That’s never stopped her before … ‘til now.

She cannot do anything else but cry. In this world, this place, she hasn’t the power to move worlds. She cannot heal with a touch, cannot make the wrongs right at the snap of a finger. Her horns aren’t real here. She isn’t what she dreams of being. She’s just herself, huddled against the door, crying softly and trying desperately not to wake them.

That stops her now.

All she has is her faith, something that she thought she lost once, but it was rediscovered by her heart. All she has is her Eternal, who lets her cry and does the things that she can’t do now, for she cannot stop crying. All she has is the love for the one she knows she cannot help. All she has is the love for the one she knows is there with him. All she has is the grief. That’s all there is right now inside of her.

That stops her now.

She remembers something that allows her to smile, just a little: a moment with them, the words shared, the stories told. It’s so hard to get past the tears. It’s so, so hard. She takes a shuddering breath and looks at the words now. Thinks about them, still crying. Then she pushes her sadness to the side, puts on a wan smile, and remembers.

That’s never stopped her before.

It won’t stop her now. She’ll pray for a small mercy from the Goddess, asking not for herself—it is never for herself. She asks for them, that anything can be taken from her to make that happen, to give them a blessing. It isn’t much to ask for, is it? Not that much to give? It’s a price worth paying, isn’t it?

That’s never stopped her before.

But there is a truth that comes in the night to her. Sometimes you can’t give to get what you wish for. No matter how much you try. That leaves but one thing behind.

That’s never stopped her before.

And so she gives her tears and cries.

Dec 07 2014

A Review of The Sorceress Next Door by Anya Merchant

The Sorceress Next Door by Anya Merchant

The Sorceress Next Door by Anya Merchant

I’ve run into a bit of a problem of late and it comes to this: There have been quite a lot of novels written lately about Succubi and I haven’t really been keeping up with them all. As such, here and there, I will be reviewing two novels on my book review days from this point going forwards.

Now, I have a lot of books that have been released some time in the past that need to be reviewed as well, so what will likely be happening is that there will be an older book and then a newer one reviewed. This won’t happen all of the time mind you, but more often than not I expect.

As well, with Lost Girl coming back this evening, there will be some double Tale posts on Fridays as a result. I’ll see how this all works, I think I’ll manage this, but… we’ll see…

Onto the book review:

Heat in a story is what you expect to find when the work is described as erotica. There’s a right way and a wrong way to write erotica and that, for the most part, is really a matter of taste. Where there isn’t much in the way of wiggle room is editing of a work so that it sounds right and reads right. There will never be enough heat to overcome glaring mistakes in writing that aren’t corrected for the sake of the sex scene they are attached to.

That is really a shame when the story is interesting, the heat is really well done and the Succubus herself is a mystery…

  • Title: The Sorceress Next Door
  • Author: Anya Merchant
  • Length: 38 Pages
  • ASIN: B00QG1TT36
  • Publishing Date: December 1, 2014
  • This work at

It is the story of:

It always feels warm to Dan when he walks by the house of his neighbor, and after being invited in on a calm winter morning, he discovers why. Stella is a woman well versed in the hot, sexy realm of magic, and before Dan knows what’s happening he finds himself and the women closest to him being pulled into a tumultuous whirlwind of lust and desire.

Dan meets his new neighbour and after touching something he shouldn’t have, notices certain things around him that weren’t there before. One of them happens to be a Succubus who decides that he needs a bit of excitement in his life. So does his new neighbour and that’s when things start to get a little out of hand.

Dan is, as a whole, a bit of a lost soul in this story. There’s all kinds of erotic thoughts that swirl in his mind that he’d never act upon, but when the Succubus appears, all bets are off and things get heated up really quickly. He is rather quick on his feet, for the most part, and that makes for some quirky and embarrassing moments for him. However when one part of his body starts doing all of the thinking for him, his personality gets buried in a lot of moaning and that’s really a shame for the story that leads to the erotica.

Stella is a witch with a exhibitionist streak about a mile wide which leads to some cute moments between herself and Dan that tie the two of them together. She has a strongly presented personality in which she knows what she wants and what she can do. At times she’s a bit full of herself and that gets her into a situation which could have gone really badly, but Dan’s personality manages to get them both out of that mess and, I expect, into many others.

The Succubus of the work is never named, but I really found her to be more mischievous than anything else. She didn’t appear to be at all stereotypical, which only added to how much I liked her overall. She is controlling and her own needs do sometimes get the better of her. She just turned out to be sort of a cross between an sex elf and a ghost which, when Dan comes in contact with her, makes her image in the story very erotic, not evil, and that put the right tone to the entire story from the beginning. It’s about having some “fun” for the sake of doing so and what mischief that creates.

The heat in the erotica runs hot and cold, depending on the characters and the situations they are in. Personally when Dan and the Succubus became more than intimate I think that was about the hottest part of the story by far. There is a bit of taboo erotica as well, which was well written, and another scene that had its own heat as well, but really they weren’t quite as hot to my tastes.

I liked the story as a whole very much, I like the universe this author has created as well. There’s a lot of opportunities for stories to be told and if the Succubus remains around for a time, that could make Stella and Dan’s lives very interesting. Good characters, lovely heat, and a story that kept my interest. But there’s a problem.

The work needs some editing to remove a lot of minor, silly mistakes and errors. Some of the dialog seems awkward and stiff in that reading it out loud it just sounds wrong. As well, mistakes such as: “There are tons of snowplows that would do the job for cheap.” or “he smiled at him and offered up a suggestive wink.” where it is a she that is winking, are a problem. The mistakes seemed to be more evident as the erotica almost upon the story and it felt like there was a rush to get there. As such some of the grammar and spelling went by the wayside and that, for me, is always a problem.

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

I really like the idea of this story and as it appears to be a series going forwards I do hope that the Succubus reappears just to see what mischief she brings once again. One of the more interesting and unique Succubus stories I’ve read this year by far. The only problem is the editing. That really needs to be done again to make this so much better honestly…



Dec 07 2014

A Review of The Succubus of Savannah by Tarrin P. Lupo

The Succubus of Savannah by Tarrin P. Lupo

The Succubus of Savannah by Tarrin P. Lupo

I’ve run into a bit of a problem of late and it comes to this: There have been quite a lot of novels written lately about Succubi and I haven’t really been keeping up with them all. As such, here and there, I will be reviewing two novels on my book review days from this point going forwards.

Now, I have a lot of books that have been released some time in the past that need to be reviewed as well, so what will likely be happening is that there will be an older book and then a newer one reviewed. This won’t happen all of the time mind you, but more often than not I expect.

As well, with Lost Girl coming back this evening, there will be some double Tale posts on Fridays as a result. I’ll see how this all works, I think I’ll manage this, but… we’ll see…

Onto the book review:

The myth of Succubi comes in many different forms. There are some tales told where they are female only, and others where they shift from female to male when need be towards a purpose. There are are legends of beings like the Succubi in many different cultures and lands around the world.

The thing which I personally like to see when these lessor known tales appear is that they are not the means to an end, but the means to a better story…

For in the end, isn’t it the story that matters?

  • Title: The Succubus of Savannah
  • Author: Tarrin P. Lupo
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B009KZ3A0I
  • Publishing Date: October 2, 2012
  • This work at

It is the story of:

William Garrett lusts after the woman of his dreams, but what happens when those dreams become reality? Sometimes getting everything you want can be a living nightmare….

William, better known to everyone around him as Will, has a problem. His dreams are getting in the way of his life in more than one way. He dreams of a woman that takes his breath away and it is beginning to effect his wife, his work, and more. Then something odd starts to happen with the women he works with, and things get stranger from there on.

Overall the story itself is interesting. A Succubus-like being entwines themselves into the lives around them in search of something very specific. As time passes, their effects become quite clear on the men and then the women as well. The men become weaker and the women are drawn to them. One woman is not and by the end of the story has figured out what they are. But by then the Succubus has what they want, and the other shoe drops.

The thing of that wanting is… It really turns out to be a very petty thing indeed. The reason for what the Succubus does seems so out of balance with what happened to them that when it appeared, I found myself disappointed in the turn of events.

There is a lovely undertone of mind control and manipulation which the Succubus is responsible for that is nicely played out. It fits with what they are and what they need from those around them. The problem is that while that is played out, the barest bits of who they really are comes out.

There is a lot of misdirection and confusion from the characters as all of this happens and that’s a bit of a problem. As the main character and most of the others are police, I expected somehow a lot more… attention to detail from them. From the first moment they appear it is obvious that something is very wrong with all of them, and the one person that knows something is wrong is brushed off.

At one point there is proof, clear and undeniable, that things are very wrong, but the confusion overwhelms all of them and they miss it. While that is part of the Succubus’ power, I was somewhat disappointed in how quickly things went from a slow reveal to a very quick resolution of the work and straight into an ending that felt rushed to no end.

It is that ending, the event that happens to William that concerns me. It isn’t so much what happens, but rather why it was that the Succubus did not simply take what it wanted from the beginning of the story? They knew who William was, where he lived, and what they wanted was there with him. So why was it that the climax of the story came to a short “You are the one” scene followed by a short chase and then the aftermath?

I realize that I have more knowledge than most, but the ending was telegraphed within the first two scenes of the book, the only thing that I didn’t pick up on was why William was the target of the Succubus…

Truthfully, I think there should have been a better reason than there was here.

Setting aside that, the characters are well written, the scenes are compelling and save for a few awkward moments, overall it was a tight read. It wasn’t necessarily an erotic one, though it had a moment or two… More of a “Who done it” story with the why of it being… off… a bit.

I’ll give this work three pitchforks out of five.

A really interesting premise that made good use of the myths of Succubi and one of their more traditional forms. A bit of telegraphing of the end of the work, but I can forgive that. What I can’t quite manage to is the plot hole which really didn’t make a lot of sense and bothered me to the end of the story…



Dec 06 2014

A pair of Work in Progress YouTubes of Succubus Art

Succubus Bloodstones ComicThere is a comic book out there which I have only found written in French which tells the tale of a Succubus which is called Succubus Bloodstones.

You can see the cover I found of it over there to the right, and it does look interesting, and yes I have a copy and yes I am translating it as I can to understand the story better. I do intend to add this to the SuccuWiki as soon as I do have a grasp of the story…

Now the Succubus of the story is there on the cover, appearing rather pensive I think. I had been looking for a better work of her, at least to have an better idea about her overall.

She obviously has a tail, a red one, but her horns aren’t the same colour. I had wondered if she had wings or if there was something else about her that could be interesting to see.

I was looking through YouTube the other day and came across a series of two videos of an artist working on some art of this Succubus and as such, those are the videos I will be sharing on the Tale today…

The first one:

And the second one:

You can find both of this videos at the following links if you cannot see them here on the Tale:

And that image of this Succubus that I mentioned, which I think is really quite unique in its own right….

Succubus Bloodstones

I am rather curious about her in many ways. She looks interesting and I am intrigued by her quite a lot… Somehow I don’t think she’s stereotypical, her facial expression doesn’t seem to have the usual “evil” look that Succubi generally have in comic books… I do hope that’s a good thing…



Dec 05 2014

A Review of Summoning the Demon Brat by Vivian Archer

Summoning the Demon Brat by Vivian Archer

Summoning the Demon Brat by Vivian Archer

There are some characters who are Succubi that I just adore. That happens because they are not stereotypical, they have personality, and most importantly, they aren’t what they are expected to be. Being a Succubus does not, at all, have to mean that one has to be evil, cruel, or worse. It’s much more satisfying to have control, know how to use it, and with that, bring pleasures to not just oneself, but the one you are with.

All of that is what I look for in a story, and it’s nice to find a work that has, as a whole, everything I want in a Succubus. The problem comes when the editing takes away from that and it shouldn’t. Ever.

  • Title: Summoning the Demon Brat
  • Author: Vivian Archer
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00QEF52MQ
  • Publishing Date: November 29, 2014
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Isaac is a Summoner, and when his first summoning leaves him on his knees, he knows he’s in trouble. In a pillar of black flame a petite demoness stands in front of him, smiling down. Of course, for pulling her from her awful hellish realm, she wants to give him whatever reward he desires, and she’s pleased to see the reward he wants seems to be her.

Isaac comes into his power and summons a creature from the other worlds that holds power greater than anything anyone has seen. Her name is Lilandra, she’s a Succubus. And she has the power of sexy cuteness. Isaac’s quite doomed… But that might not be such a bad thing for either of them.

From the start, there is a quirkiness to the story that just really worked well. While Isaac is a bit lost at times, and the reason for that when the story comes to a close is just perfect, Lilandra herself sets the tone by far.

Lilandra is not, at all, a stereotypical Succubus. Really she’s the definition of a sexy cute Succubus with a bit of dominance tossed into her character. While her initial appearance sounds really bad, when she is fully described I couldn’t help but smile and just adore her. She has horns, wings and a tail of course, and most interestingly, her tail is an erogenous zone and the author plays that up quite a lot which I just loved dearly. Being a bit smaller than Isaac also ramps up her cuteness and that snowballs into something really special.

She has a impish personality, which suits her well, and that leads to some very interesting moments between herself and Isaac. There always seems to be a smile in her words, a bit of teasing of Isaac, that draws out her character and builds upon that. She does have a dominant streak in her personality, but it isn’t overly mean and it isn’t cruel as a whole. There was only one point in the story where Lilandra makes Isaac do something that I didn’t really like, but that was a fleeting scene that didn’t last long thankfully.

Isaac himself has honour in his personality and that was important in this story I felt. He gives Lilandra something she didn’t expect, and that made him more attractive not just in the physical sense, but emotionally. That bound the two characters together in a way that built up their own personalities. It made what otherwise could have been a story about a Succubus appearing and having sex into something with emotional context to drive the story onwards.

The work is a bit more than a hot flash, mainly for the story and the character development that occurs. When the erotica arrives there is a mix of dominance, submission, magic and a bit of mind control mixed together. The erotica touches on many different sorts of passion, some a bit on the violent side, but not too much so. The scenes are erotic, sensual, emotional. They create something that mixed with Lilandra’s personality and Isaac’s own, brings out something special and unique.

But in spite of all that I loved about this work, there are problems. First and foremost the work needs a serious editing. There are some silly mistakes such has using “he” instead of “she” at four points in the story. Also, there is a disconnect with the location of one specific named character from where they were at the beginning of the story and where they were at the end. At the beginning of the story this character is in the room with Lilandra and Isaac, but unconscious, and at the end of the work they enter the room the following morning. That’s a problem as in-between there is no mention of any of the other characters introduced at the beginning of the work leaving the room. There is also some confusion when Lilandra and Isaac first are face to face. It’s hard to see how Isaac needs to look up to Lilandra when she has to look up to him in the next moment.

There’s just a lot of small little details that bothered me and they shouldn’t have. The story is written well otherwise, the characters I really liked and by the end I just adored Lilandra, her attitude, and what emotions swirl around her. She’s a Succubus that I love very much and as such I think the story just didn’t need to have as many flaws as it did.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

The author noted on their Twitter feed that there will be another work in this series, and I really look forward to seeing where Lilandra and Isaac go from where this story ends. Being that Lilandra isn’t exactly what she’s expected to be, I think that will be something to watch unfold. But the author really needs to edit their work a lot more. Too many errors just take away from what otherwise is a story I really enjoyed very much and that shouldn’t have been. Part Two, whenever it happens, I will be looking for.