Dec 28 2014

A Review of Suck My Succubus by S.M. Suttry

Suck My Succubus by S.M. Suttry

Suck My Succubus by S.M. Suttry

Some of the combination beings that are part Succubus are ones that I can’t quite understand. I won’t list them, but there are many times when I read a story when that happens and I wonder what the point was. There isn’t a lot about the Succubus part of the character, it’s used as a means for some erotica and then being a Succubus is tossed to the wayside.

Still, to find a combination that is interesting and leads towards a point, or a story, that manages to hold my interest is something I appreciate. The only thing is that the story has needs and they should be dealt with well..

  • Title: Suck My Succubus
  • Author: S.M. Suttry
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00J57CWBE
  • Publishing Date: March 20, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Eve’s 21’st birthday doesn’t start out so well… What’s a girl to do when she finds out she’s part of an old clan of werewolves and that she must mate to maintain the bloodline? Eve isn’t just a werewolf, either. There are dark forces within her- sexual forces- that drive her to keep moving. Most of all, Eve wants to know where she came from and what she is. In this journey of discovery, she will meet and feed from the sexual energy of those that are unfortunate enough to cross her path.

Eve discovers what she is, sort of, who she is, sort of, and tries to find the answers she seeks… sort of. She tries to make sense of it all, encounters someone that she is intimate with, and then learns a secret about them that gives her some hope.

Eve isn’t a succubus, at least not completely so. She’s mainly a werewolf, but the Succubus part of her is very strong and is something unexpected when she is first forced to shift her form. The experience is horrific in many ways, emotionally and otherwise for Eve, but it also gives her the smallest amount of hope that she doesn’t have to be like the other werewolves she encounters.

When she meets with someone she met at work, and then learns two important things about them, she discovers something that she thought she lost. Hope. In that comes love and understanding and I liked that part of the story much more than the opening of the work which I understand needed to be the way it was, but didn’t do anything for me. Violence isn’t something that I enjoy and there was a lot of that at the beginning.

Good characters, the transformation scenes are vivid, the erotic moment, and there is but one, is well told and feels right between the two characters. But the story is short, the background is a mystery and where the story goes at the end is open. It would be a good opening chapter to a book, actually two or three if the short scenes were expanded on. There needs to be a part two to tell more about Eve and her past. That couldn’t happen in this story, but the tale needs to be told in the next.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

It is an interesting beginning to a concept that I hadn’t really considered before. There are. of course, lots of questions about Eve that need to be answered and with another book that might begin… I’ll look forwards to seeing that and with it I hope a bit less blood and violence and more story and background… There’s a lot to tell I think, it just needs to happen.



Dec 27 2014

A YouTube of Desire Dungeon’s Succubus Ending

I have never heard of the video game called Desire Dungeon that is referred to the video I found on YouTube, but there is, apparently, a Succubus in the game. Now the video doesn’t show any of the game, but it does show the ending in which the Succubus appears and it is that ending, and what the Succubus says, that I thought was interesting in a lot of ways…

And if you cannot see the video here, try this link:

Here’s a screenshot of the Succubus as well, for the record…

Desire Dungeon Succubus

She is really quite cute isn’t she? But it is the story that she tells in the video that I thought was the most interesting thing about her. The ideas she speaks of have, if you think about them, a lot of sense about them and wouldn’t it be a good thing for everyone to get along?

I think it is…



Dec 26 2014

So what colour lipstick does the Lost Girl wear anyway?

The thing I’ve noticed about Lost Girl in the post-Kenzi era is that everyone seems to be trying to create their own Kenzisms and see how they fly. Really they don’t but I will admit that some of them aren’t half bad… But they aren’t Kenzi. Setting aside my disappointment in Kenzi’s disappearing act, what is left just seemed to be very scattered this week from my point of view.

Part of that was how the series went back to an old trope about Bo, her fear of being alone and linking that with her losing her power to feed. Oh, there was a reason for that, they had to push Bo to the limit and make her reveal her fears… But she’s done that before. Many times actually in the series and as such this particular plot seemed worn out and… dull. More so the plot about a family’s secrets didn’t seem to be a bad idea at the beginning, but then it went all “horror film cliche” and I don’t feel like that did much either. Then the ongoing question of “possesses elevator model” gets skimmed over and it just sort of hovers there waiting for this side story to end so it can move on.

In short, lost time and effort that I don’t think made a lot of sense. Why not get to the point of the story instead of mucking around with other things that aren’t central to the series as a whole? I will say that some of the minor moments when some secrets were revealed about the characters did interest me, but there just was something missing. Kenzi for one, some story focus for the other.

The third episode of the fifth season, also episode sixty-three of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo gets knifed after trying to set an ancient wrong right and in doing so finds that lab sex isn’t half bad. Lauren learns how to throw things and mixed that with science to get results. Dyson’s nose gets a workout going from blood to popcorn. Trick gets tongue tied when Bo asks about the birds and the bees while Tamsin plays with pulling the plug.

Lost Girl Logo

This is the third review of the fifth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo discovers that like her cellphone, the biggest surprises are…


Made in Japan


The episode opens with a recap of the previous episode including: Bo arriving in Tartarus and meeting Persephone, Bo finding her nursery in Hel and realizing she was born there. Bo encountering her father and telling him is a coward as well as taking Persephone’s candle from him and then lighting it when she returned to Earth, then the elevator scene is shown with the woman holding the candle. Finally Kenzi tells Bo that she must leave the world of the Fae as she cannot be a lost human any longer.

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) at home pouring green paint and then staring to paint the walls of her place with a very small paint roller. Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) then enters the room and asks Bo if she shouldn’t use a bigger roller. Bo replies: “Size isn’t everything and you have to admit this one’s pretty cute.” When Dyson asks if Bo realizes that she should have primed the wall before painting, Bo’s answer is: “And take time away from picking out the perfect painting outfit?” Dyson replies: “You know you’re right. Time well spent.” Bo then adds: “Every occasion is an occasion so you might as well dress for it.” When Dyson comments: “Sounds like wise Kenzi words” Bo pauses for a moment, then begins to paint in wild strokes which drives Dyson crazy and he exclaims: “Okay! You’re killing me!” Taking Bo’s painting hand in his she guides her hand adding: “It’s a W.” Bo wonders if Dyson will next teach her to shoot pool and he answers: “I don’t think we’ve actually used a pool table… to shoot pool.” Bo turns to face Dyson and as she attempts to kiss him, she seems to be repelled from doing so, their lips never meeting. Bo looks confused and Dyson asks: “There’s no strings attached here if that’s what you are worried about.” Bo quickly replies: “I’m not worried. I have a headache. Paint fumes.” Dyson smiles: “Well, that’s nothing I haven’t helped cure before.” Bo tries again to kiss Dyson, but again she is unable to do so, seemingly repelled once more from him. Bo asks Dyson if he is thirsty and then she rushes away, leaving Dyson confused and holding the small paint roller in his hand. Bo is then seen looking into a mirror and thinking to herself about something, not saying a word at all.

The scene then shifts to the Dal Riata, which is having a Karaoke night. A man and two women are trying to sing “Ring My Bell” but completely off key while another man looks at a picture of the man and then back at the three singers while Trick (Richard Howland) winces in pain at the off-key singing. When the singers finish, the crowd in the room clap in appreciation of their performance, and Trick comments: “Thank you Musashi and Ivettes. Just because you are Fae doesn’t mean you can sing.” Leaving the stage Musashi (Scott Yamamura) bumps into another bar goer who asks if Musashi would like to apologize. Musashi gives the man a bag of gold coins which he refers to as: “For your dry cleaning, the next round of drinks and a down payment on your mortgage perhaps.” As this unfolds, the man that had been watching Musashi drops something into his drink which disappears from sight. Turning back to his rink, Musashi picks it up and then seems to sense something is wrong with it. A wave of his hand freezes the liquid in the drink and when he is asked what the object in the drink is, Musashi comments: “New cocktail. It’s deadly.” Musashi then looks around the Dal Riata seeking out who might be responsible, but does not find them.

After the new shortened opening theme, we return to find Lauren (Zoie Palmer) opening a storage drawer in her lab and commenting to Dyson: “Three unharmed bodies, all from the elevator crash, three blood types, all human.” Dyson then interrupts: But there was a fourth blood type. Fae.” Lauren gestures behind her and comments: “Could you just try to be surprised? That machine cost a hundred thousand dollars.” Dyson taps his nose and replies: “Priceless.” Lauren removes the sheet from the body which reveals it to be the woman that seemed to have been possessed in the elevator and explains: “Three bodies, all like this, completely unscathed.” Dyson mulls: “Aside from being dead.” Lauren identifies the woman as “Elizabeth Helm. Junior lawyer. Healthy. She’s pretty too.” When Lauren asks Dyson if there is any connection between Elizabeth and the other two bodies, Dyson notes there is not, one of them being a vice-president, the other being a bike courier, but he also notes that the key must be the Fae blood that they found, Lauren noting that she will try to figure out the blood type. Lauren’s cellphone then begins to ring, which makes her startle. Dyson asks if Lauren is on edge and she tries to laugh her reaction off> As the phone continues to ring, Dyson asks if Lauren is going to answer the phone, and Lauren attempts to ignore the continually ringing phone until finally she answers it. Lauren listens for a moment, replies: “Not interested” and then hangs up, telling Dyson that it was “a free Caribbean cruise.” Dyson asks: “That was a death threat wasn’t it?” Lauren answers in a slightly irritated voice: “Yup.” When Dyson comments that Lauren must have been getting a lot of threats after turning The Morrigan human, she replies: “It’s good to have fans right?” Dyson answers: “The kind that want to kill you?” Lauren tries to brush off her situation saying: “It’s not a big deal” but Dyson refutes this telling her: “It is to the Fae. With the Light and Dark in flux the lines are being blurred. Especially those of the law.” Dyson tells Lauren she has created a powerful weapon and that many want that weapon for their own ends and she is a “bit of a walking target” as a result. Again Lauren brushes this off, noting that she has always been a target and she is “used to it.” Dyson warns Lauren that the Fae are scared of what she can do, but Lauren asks why she must be scared as well. Dyson replies: “Not scared. Ready.” Lauren thanks Dyson for worrying about her, but asks if someone was serious about killing her if they would call and warn her. Then Lauren asks about Bo, how she is coping and if Bo is still renovating. Dyson replies: “Yeah. Still renovating.” and then walks away. When Lauren asks: “What? That’s it?” Dyson stops, shrugs, and replies: “That’s it.” After Dyson leaves, Lauren covers Elizabeth’s body once more and returns it to storage.

Bo is seen at home looking at her laptop which shows a website that talks about “low sex drive”, commenting to herself “it’s so not okay” when Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) enters the room, surprising Bo. Bo slams the laptop closed and asks: “What if I was doing something important?” Tamsin replies: “Like porn?” Bo asks Tamsin what she is carrying with her, Tamsin answers: “Post workday nosh! Let’s get our night on Bo-Bo.” After Bo comments that Tamsin seems already to have started, Tamsin agrees and tells Bo that she needs to catch up with her. When Bo tries what Tamsin has made, Bo calls it “like eating something out of a frat boy’s mouth.” When Tamsin muses over Kenzi being able to make edible things out of the “disgusting food in that kitchen” Bo becomes angry and tells Tamsin: “Put that tube cheese away.” When Tamsin insists that she will figure it out, Bo tells her: “No! We’re going out!”

Bo and Tamsin are then seen walking down the street. Tamsin asks Bo if she is hungry and Bo doesn’t say anything for a long moment before walking to a hot dog cart and ordering two sausages. Tamsin’s comment is: “Not the kind of sausage I had in mind, but who am I to turn down free food?” Nearby Musashi calls out from a car: “North of the Border. What would it cost to get the two of you there?” Bo tells him that they are not prostitutes, and Tamsin agrees, but then asks “How much do you got?” Musashi explains that ‘North of the Border’ is a club, also known as ‘NOB’ and he thought Bo and Tamsin might be interested in a nightcap. Bo answers: “At the nob club? No thanks.” Tamsin pushes Bo to go with Musashi, Bo asking if Tasmin is serious about “going with could be Ted Bundy” and Tamsin says she is serious about going. Musashi calls out that he isn’t a serial killer as he is “too much of a neat freak and I’m also not funny.” He then asks if he can make amends for insulting Bo and Tamsin, adding please in Japanese. Bo refuses and Tamsin replies in Japanese “thanks.” Bo is surprised by Tamsin’s answer and when she asks if Tamsin can speak Japanese, she asks Bo “Where’s the toilet” in Japanese. Tamsin then tells Bo they are out together to have fun and Bo caves in, agreeing to go with Musashi, followed by Tamsin who demands to drive as her condition to go as well. Musashi agrees to this, they all get into the car and drive off together with a man watching from the shadows as she gets on a motorcycle to follow them.

Elsewhere, Lauren is working in her lab when her assistant Lisa (Nadine Djoury) enters and startles her. Lisa tells her that she and Lauren’s other assistant Sam are leaving for the night. Lauren is hesitates at this, but then wishes Lisa a good night and she leaves. Shortly afterwards, the lights go dim in the lab and Lauren hears a noise outside of her lab which frightens her. Picking up a broom she creeps outside to see what the noise is, which then is revealed to be a cleaning man at work. Lauren makes some excuses, puts the broom down and then turns back to her work again.

The scene then shifts to Bo who is seen at home in bed with Tamsin. As she wakes up, Bo mumbles: “Tell me again why I took the boards off the windows” and Tamsin mumbles: “Something about maturity and growing up and…” but the rest is lost in mumbles as Tamsin is not fully awake. Bo comments “I am so wrecked” and holds her head a moment before asking Tamsin “Did we?”, Tamsin’s answer is “No.” Vo then asks Tamsin if she can feed from her, but Bo’s attempt fails as it had with Dyson earlier in the episode. Bo wines: “I can’t” and Tamsin answers: “Well, your breath isn’t exactly a minty fresh explosion either Chosen One” before turning away from Bo again. When Bo rolls over the other way, she then sees Musashi sitting in a chair nearby and flicking a knife in his hand. Bo tries to get Tamsin’s attention, but Tamsin thinks Bo wants Chi from her and mumbles: “Make up your mind.” Bo answers: “No. Tokyo Police club is still here” then comments to Musashi “Nice knife. I thought you weren’t a serial killer.” Tamsin mumbles about cereal and then seeing Musashi asks: “Do I know you?” Musashi’s answer is: “Harsh. A first for me.” Bo tells Musashi “It’s common for the guy to take off in the morning” and he replies: “I can’t do that.” Bo then reaches under her pillow for a knife and asks: “Care to explain why?” Musashi explains that an assassin is out to kill him to which Tamsin comments: “Sucks. Looks like you need a bodyguard.” Musashi smiles as he answers: “Good thing I have two.”

Following a commercial break, Bo, Tamsin and Musashi are at a Japanese restaurant having a meal. When Bo asks if the fish she is thinking about eating is the one the assassin tried to use, Musashi tells her that it isn’t and the assassin used a rare kind of piranha. Tamsin explains to Bo that doing so is the mark of an assassin called Big Tak’o (Tig Fong). Musashi then freezes a glass of liquid and Bo comments: “Those are some hands” and Musashi explains that his grandmother was a Yuki-onna. Bo asks what they are facing and Tamsin explains that Tak’o was her main competition when she was a bounty hunter. Tamsin then sees a mural on the wall and freezes in shock before asking: “Wait. You’re not… that Musashi?” When Musashi just smiles, Tamsin turns all fan-girl and tells his story to Bo. Apparently Musashi fought one of the greatest battles in Fae history. Tamsin then recites: “From within the darkness, evil spread across the land. And the great Musashi rode in on a ray of sun. Musashi called forth the wind commanding a great blizzard to destroy the army. Though miles away Musashi leap over the army and landed at the warlord’s feet and put a blade to his throat.” Bo then asks: “And then I suppose he slept with the village’s thirty virgins?” Musashi shrugs: “Forty.” As he tells of this, a tea server spills tea on him and he berates her, the woman asking for forgiveness, but adding that: “If my girls were not so hung over from accompanying you last night they could pour your tea instead.” before walking away. Musashi then explains that the woman is Tomoe (Emily Piggford), his sister. Bo asks if Tomoe is his only sibling, but Musashi mentions three brothers as well who are standing nearby, they being Haru, Osamu and Craig. Bo then asks why someone is trying to kill him and Musashi hands a scroll over to Bo and Tamsin. Tamsin reads the scroll and whispers: “He’s ascending. Becoming King of his ancestors. A God.”

Dyson is seen working out at his gym as Lauren enters. Dyson asks why Lauren is there and she explains that she wants Dyson to train her like he did Kenzi, but Dyson tells her: “You don’t exactly scream Shadow Thief.” Lauren replies: “I was thinking less panty removal and more self-defense.” Dyson challenges Lauren, noting that she told him there was nothing to worry about, but Lauren admits: Last night’s tango with a broom gave me time to rethink.” Dyson agrees to help Lauren and when he wants to start immediately, Lauren seems shocked at this turn of events, but Dyson asks: “You want to wait until after you are attacked?” Lauren moves to step into the ring, but pauses to ask Dyson if he wants to put his shirt on. Dyson replies: “I’d hate to offend your delicate sensibilities Doc” and then puts his shirt on before entering the ring as well. Dyson asks if Lauren is happy, she replies: “Delighted.” and then Dyson asks Lauren to show him how she defends herself. Dyson then begins to throw slow punches at Lauren as she protests and pushes his hands aside before asking “can we start with something simpler?” Dyson tells Lauren: “You turned a Fae into a human. Your life isn’t simple anymore Lauren.” Dyson then continues to press Lauren to defend herself until Lauren cries out: “Does it have to be so extreme?” Dyson again forcibly tells Lauren: “Extreme is your new reality whether you like it or not.” Lauren then was away, telling Dyson she made a mistake in seeing him for help. Dyson calls out for Lauren to stop, explaining that he wanted to see how she moved and that they “will find something that works for you.”

Bo, Tamsin and Musashi are seen walking down an alleyway discussing what to do about the threat he faces, one idea being to find the one that took out the hit on him and making them rescind it. They are then attacked by Tak’o who injures Bo with his katana before holding it to Musashi’s throat. Musashi asks for the name of the one that wishes him dead, but instead of answering that question, Tak’o falls to his knees, asks Musashi to accept his own life for insulting him and then Tak’o kills himself with his own knife moments later. When Tamsin sees that Bo has been injured, she tells Bo to feed on her, but Bo answers: “No. I can’t. I can’t.”

After yet another commercial break, Bo is in Lauren’s clinic getting stitches to close the injury on her upper arm. As Lauren sews up Bo’s arm she comments: “Deep breath. Just a little prick.” and Bo replies with a smile: “I never thought I’d hear you say that.” Lauren adds: “I’ve never had to stitch you up before. It’s like you’re human.” After Bo replies: “Yeah, we’re the same now” Lauren tells Bo: “No. This is a minor setback. Before you know it you’ll be back to your succubus self.” Bo cannot understand what is wrong with her and admits that she tried to feed from Tamsin which makes Lauren roll her eyes slightly, and when Bo mentions that she couldn’t feed from Dyson either, Lauren tugs on Bo’s stitches slightly making Bo wince. When Lauren finishes stitching up Bo, she suggests that Bo attempt to feed on her and Bo tries to do so, but once again Bo cannot feed. When Bo tells Lauren: “Not gonna work”, Lauren answers: “Well. That is a problem.” Lauren tries to reason with Bo, telling there there could be many reasons why she cannot feed. but Bo replies that she wants to. When Lauren tells Bo: “It happens.” Bo answers: “No. Not to me.” Lauren again tries to tell Bo that: “It’s perfectly normal from time to time not to want to” also mentioning that a major change in her life could be the cause. Bo, in a frustrated voice answers: “I have no sex drive. The last time I didn’t want to was before I knew I could,” Lauren offers to help Bo if she stays in the clinic, but Bo refuses, saying that she is on a case. Lauren warns Bo: You have never been this vulnerable before. You get any injury and your life could be in danger.” Lauren asks Bo to be careful and Bo does so as she leaves.

Bo visits Trick at the Dal Riata and asks if Aife ever went through “a dry spell.” Trick is flustered over the question and answers: “Um. The year my daughter lost interest in… you know… was the longest year of my life.” Trick’s answer freaks out Bo and she asks: “A year? You mean maybe a weird sprite year that lasts… two succubus days?” Trick tries to explain: “For Fae… um… sex… is an important release. For you, a succubus the um…. orgasm is um… particularly vital.” Bo smiles as she eats a pretzel: “You just said orgasm.” Trick presses on: “It’s conceivable because of the year you have had… the deaths… going to Hel… Kenzi leaving… it could be psychological.” Bo tries to see what has happened to her as a good thing noting: “No power, no responsibly, no being The One. I can be free.” Tamsin then arrives and tells Bo that one of Musashi’s brothers appears to be responsible for the hit put on him. The picture that Tak’o had been carrying was special and only Craig would have it. Being that Craig is next in line to ascend, the motive could be jealousy, but they have to be careful as honour is at stake. When Tamsin notes that isn’t her “forte”, Bo tells Tamsin: “I got this.”

The next scene shows Craig (Steven Park) in a massage parlour waiting for his masseuse to appear. Bo enters the room and begins to take care of Craig, making small talk as she does so, but Craig becomes suspicious when Bo’s questions become more pointed and he confronts her. Before things can get too far out of hand, Craig is knocked out by Tomoe who tells Bo that she is getting in the way and that her brother cannot be allowed to ascend. Bo realizes that Tomoe was the one that ordered the hit and Tomoe explains that she did so to save him.

Returning from commercial, Tomoe explains to Bo that her brother cannot ascend because should he attempt to do so, Musashi will not, instead becoming an Akaname, a vile creature which is the fate of those that are dishonest with their ancestors. When Bo suggests that Musashi is lying, Tomoe replies: “It would be dishonourable for me to say.” Tomoe insists that Musashi is not a “bad man” and that he simply “has lived his lie so long that he believes it.” When Bo asks who the warrior is, Tomoe answers: “There is dishonour in revealing a truth that is not yours to reveal.” Bo comments: “So you called the hit because death is better than becoming a toilet plunger.” Tomoe smiles: “I knew Big Tak’o would never kill the Exalted One. No one would. I hired him to scare Musashi into finding his truth again.” It is also explained that Musashi’s admitting of the truth would save him as well.

Bo is then seen at home, Tamsin rushing in and telling her that Musashi had left for the ceremony. Bo tells Tamsin they must stop him. When Bo reveals that Musashi will become an Akaname, Tamsin shivers at the thought of an eternity spent as a toilet brush. When Tamsin sees what Bo is wearing, she asks if Bo has an outfit for her and when Bo gives her one, Tamsin squeals: “My Kill Bill parts one and two fantasy is coming true!”

Musashi is then seen at his ascension ceremony on the cusp of accepting his new status and fate. Bo and Tamsin then enter the room and do battle with three ninjas who aim to protect Musashi, overcoming them, Bo placing her blade at Musashi’s neck. A fourth figure in black then appears and Bo’s voice recites the legend, the figure causing similar events to transpire in the room, ending with a blade at Bo’s throat. Tamsin then approaches the figure, removes the mask they are wearing which reveals them to be Tomoe, who is the true warrior of legend. Bo proclaims that Musashi is not the true Exalted One and that Tomoe is the real warrior of legend. The ninjas that were protecting Musashi are revealed to be his brothers and Musashi has no choice but to admit that: “Everyone assumed it was me. I never denied it.” The honour is then given to Tomoe, her brothers bowing to her, Musashi leaving moments after everyone else, Tamsin commenting to herself: “That’s right. Bow down bitches.”

Back at the gym, Lauren is still training with Dyson and attempting to use throwing stars. She asks: “Are you sure this is my thing?” and Dyson replies: “From the wrist, not the whole arm.” However, when Lauren throws one, it clangs off the target and falls to the floor. Dyson then asks what Lauren would do if she was at her clinic and she was attacked. Lauren answers in a matter of fact way: “To make someone unconscious etorphine or go home. For paralysis, tabun spray and to kill digoxin. I could go classic with a good old fashioned batrachotoxin dart.” Dyson chuckles and when Lauren asks why he is, Dyson explains: “If you could throw with the same passion as you apply to your science, we’d be getting somewhere.” Dyson hands Lauren another star, reminding her to throw from the wrist as he does so. Lauren suggests “I want to try the axe again” but Dyson explains: “Maybe when you are a little less agitated.” Lauren tells Dyson he needs to give her more than “from the wrist” and when Dyson suggests a physics equation, Lauren asks if he has one. Dyson tries to explain that Lauren needs to: “listen to your gut. Your instinct.” When Dyson asks Lauren if she has one, Lauren answers: “I’m usually fixing the damage these things cause.” Dyson asks why she does and Lauren explains: “Because I’m a doctor, I help people, I save them.” Dyson asks Lauren to think of what she is doing as the same thing in that: “We keep you safe so you can keep saving others.” Lauren thinks about this a moment, then asks: “Like Bo.” Dyson agrees then seems to think about something. Lauren asks what’s wrong and Dyson explains: “Back at the portal I stopped Bo from saving Kenzi. I don’t know if it was the right thing or the wrong thing to do. But what I know for certain is that Bo blames me and always will.” Lauren replies: “I wish. I wish she blamed you Dyson or me or Trick or Jean-Luc Picard for all I care. Bo blames herself.” Dyson nods slightly: “Weight of the world…” Lauren adds: “Rests on her very attractive shoulders.” Dyson sighs: “So it’s not me.” Lauren agrees that it isn’t just Dyson and when Dyson asks about Lauren’s relationship with Bo, she replies: “I think what Bo needs right now is a friend.” Dyson then says “Now.” and Lauren throws the star into the centre of the target without looking at it. Lauren and Dyson both comment: “From the gut.”

The scene shifts to Bo at home looking at herself in the mirror and telling herself: “Everything is okay. You’re strong. You’re smart. You’re sexy.” and then Musashi enters the room and thrusts a blade through Bo’s stomach, cursing her for ruining his ascension. Musashi then runs from the room leaving Bo to drag herself across the floor in an attempt to reach her cellphone and call for help, but failing to do so.

After still another commercial break, the scene has shifted to Lauren’s clinic where from Bo’s perspective she sees Lauren trying to save Bo’s life by operating on her, Dyson begging Bo to feed from him, Trick asking Lauren what is happening, but Lauren being unable to explain why events are unfolding as they are. Bo is then seen in bed, Lauren telling Dyson that Bo is stable but “the internal damage is bad” and noting that Bo needs to feed. Tamsin then calls out: “It’s stupid what you are doing.” Tamsin confronts Bo, asking “Is this who you are now?” Bo replies: “I don’t want to do this.” Tamsin then rips out the IV in Bo’s arm and starts disconnecting the other equipment telling her: “You want to leave? Fine. Let me help you out.” When Lauren and the others protest, Tamsin tells them this is what Bo wants and, again, tells Bo to leave. Bo then sits up and rants: “I lose everyone. My mom, dad, Kyle, Rainer, Hale… Kenzi.” When Trick tries to speak to Bo she whispers: “She’s gone Trick. Who’s next? I mean that’s what being The One is right? The Queen marching forwards never looking back? It’s only a matter of time before I lose all of you. I will always be alone.” Trick tells Bo: “We are the same blood. Wherever you go, I go. You’ll never be alone.” Lauren tells Bo next that: “You stole my heart and I’m never going to ask for it back. You will never be alone.” Dyson finishes with: “I’m not going anywhere. Ever.” As Dyson says this, Bo’s eyes turn blue and she tells everyone to leave the room, which they start to do, but as Dyson turns to leave, Bo grabs his jacket saying: “Except you. No strings right?” Dyson nods: “No strings.”

Lauren and Tamsin are then seen at the nurses station in the clinic, sounds of Bo crying out in pleasure as she feeds from Dyson. As this goes on, Tamsin tells Lauren: “Your lab is really nice. It’s really… um… bright.” Lauren replies: “Yeah. It’s not the worst is it? The equipment is….” Tamsin nods: “Forgetaboutit.” Lauren agrees calling it: “Top-o-the-line.” Tamsin then asks if Lauren is: “Okay with what’s going on in there?” Lauren replies: “Bo and I are friends so… I am okay with what’s going on in there.” There is silence for a long moment, the Lauren places a hand on Tamsin’s leg and tells her: “I just want to say that you are full of surprises and most of them are downright horrible. But sometimes, every once in a while, they’re just what everybody needs.” The moment passing in silence, the sounds from Bo and the crashing from the lab having ended as Lauren began to speak. Lauren then leaves Tamsin alone, she brushing her eyes and whispering to herself: “Get it together.”

Musashi is shown working at his family’s restaurant, taking the role that his sister had preformed. He approaches a table to serve where Bo awaits him. She asks: “Is that green? Jasmin? A subtle blend of stab-in-the-back? Musashi is shocked to see Bo and that she survived his attack. Craig approaches the table and Bo asks if he will watch over Musashi, Craig promising that Musashi will pay his debt to his family. Musashi then begs Bo to kill him and end what he is going through, but Bo refuses to do so, telling him: “That’s the easy way out. This is your new life, try to live this one with honour.” When Musashi tells Bo that she does not understand, Bo reminds him that he betrayed “the people that were there for you.” Musashi justifies what he did by telling Bo that he was the leader and he could not be seen as weak. Bo confronts him: “Being open doesn’t make you weak. It’s honest. A good leader is being what you need to be when you need to be it. Strong. Merciless. Vulnerable.” Musashi replies: “I was chosen. You don’t know what that’s like.” Bo turns away from him and answers: “Actually I do. And it’s bullshit.”

Lauren and her assistant Lisa are then seen entering an examination room where a patient has been waiting to see Lauren for his medical issue. After commenting that he didn’t think Lauren “would be so small” the patient grabs Lisa and holds a knife to her neck, demanding that Lauren give him the serum which turned The Morrigan human. Lauren agrees and walks over to a corner of the room where she fills a large syringe. The patient asks: “Is that all of it? I want all of it.” Lauren then turns to the patient and says: “You want it? You got it.” and then throws the syringe across the room where it embeds itself into the patient’s neck and he falls to the floor unconscious. Lauren comments: “Ketamine.” and Lisa replies: “Good choice.”

Following another commercial break, at Bo’s place Tamsin is watching Dyson making popcorn and asks: “Does that nose of yours work on popcorn?” Dyson replies: “I like it burnt.” Tamsin then asks about Dyson and Bo’s relationship, Dyson commenting: “I help her heal from time to time” but also sees himself as being single. Dyson asks Tamsin: “Are you really quitting the force?” Tamsin rolls her eyes and replies: “Yeah, I’m going to quit my high paying job with a pension to work with my roommate. Kickstarter? Hey. Do you have any money for spy cams?” Dyson tells Tamsin: “After seeing you guys in action, yes, you are a hot mess, but I think it works.” Tamsin tells Dyson: “The guys in the shop will miss me” to which Dyson tells Tamsin: “The boys in the shop crap their pants when you walk in.” Tamsin smiles: “Yeah. They’ll miss that.” Dyson asks Tamsin to work with Bo telling her that Bo needs her. Lauren then enters the room asking “wine or beer” and Dyson’s answer is “Yes! What took you so long?” Lauren explains: “I had to get something under control. I used my gut.” Dyson replies: “Well done.” and then asks about the Fae blood sample that Lauren was working on. Lauren tells Dyson: “Not even close” and that she has checked the sample against very known Fae in her database and this has never happened before. Tamsin comments that whatever it is must be “Hella-old.” Dyson adds: “Or brand new.” Bo then calls out from the couch if they are watching a movie or not. The group all pile onto the couch were Bo asks what movie they are going to watch, the choice eventually being a horror movie. As Bo channel surfs, and Dyson comments they should watch a werewolf movie, the camera pans downwards where Persephone’s candle is seen still alight.

The last scene of the episode begins in Lauren’s lab where the storage box holding Elizabeth’s body springs open and she pushes herself free before standing up, shaking, and running her hands over her face. After stumbling around the lab, she comes across a selfie of Bo and Lauren, before continuing to stumble around. Lisa then enters the clinic talking on her cellphone as she does so. As Lisa does her makeup in a mirror, Elizabeth takes hold of her and demands to know if Lisa can see her. When Lisa says that she can, Elizabeth then snaps Lisa’s neck killing her. Elizabeth then picks up the lipstick that Lisa was using and applies it to her own lips. When she is finished she comments: “Thanks. I needed that.” as the episode ends.



Fade to black…


I think that this season has, I hope, reached its lowest point and that things will only get better from here. Yes, I could just be optimistic, but I’ll try to hold some hope that something better is coming after this mess of an episode.

The one thing I can’t stand is reusing plot lines that have appeared in the past. We’re seen that Bo’s single most gripping fear is that of losing everyone she cares about and being alone. I get that, I would think that the majority of viewers get that as well. I wonder then why the writers need to go back on this theme it seems every season for an episode or so. Now this the first time that Bo’s fear has had a physical impact on her, and in doing so that did give some interesting moments. However, having Bo look on the internet for help about lowered sex drive just seemed like a bad joke and a waste of time. I was looking for an ad for a “Succubus sex enhancer” product on the webpage and if there was one, that would have been funny I admit… For about two seconds and then I’d be disappointed.

The episode seemed to be lost most of the time and not in a good way either. There was a lot of set up for what amounted to a series of red herrings that I just found to be worn out and repetitive. The entire purpose of Bo getting involved with things in that family seemed to be to have her get injured and push her to the edge. Then admit her fears, gain her powers, and then allow for some light humour in the episode after all of the seriousness. I don’t feel like it was a good use of time or effort really. As for the family itself, that was so dysfunctional as to be almost stereotypically so… and I really do not like stereotypical characters at all.

While the main and secondary plots were the core of the episode, the most interesting part was, for me, Lauren learning to defend herself at Dyson’s hand. I found myself wishing that Kenzi’s lessons had been shown because, honestly, that would have been something to see. As it was, watching Lauren actually “get it” finally was satisfying and made the journey to that moment worthwhile. Really it should have been a stronger story and I feel like that part of the season plot will be more complicated sooner rather than later.

Another thing we’ve seen before is Bo and Dyson “going at it” with two other characters talking and trying to ignore what’s going on. The scene with Lauren and Tamsin sort of worked, but it was nothing like what Hale and Kenzi did so many seasons ago. It almost felt like they were trying to bring back a “Kenzi moment” but didn’t really succeed in doing so. As well Bo’s ongoing relationship issues and how things go back and forth from “friends” to “lovers” almost constantly is getting old as well. It would be nice to have some kind to settling in her relationships, but I don’t honestly expect to see that any time soon.

As a whole, the episode was pretty much a throwaway one. There was some set up for episodes to come, and I hope there aren’t zombies involved with that. And there was some good hints about Bo’s family and their past that I think added a lot to the series. In among all of the low points there was some promise, some hope for something better to come. The question is if that will happen before the second to last episode, or if that will happen sooner. Splitting the season in two for me means that there are two chances to get it right. Now if only that happens and we aren’t left with more stand lone episodes of dubious worth. We’ll see.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… For once this season there actually was an appearance of Bo and Boffy was not really there. Bo actually cared to look at herself, her Succubus self, and try to understand what was going on. There wasn’t a way for her to fight her way out, nor was there a means for her to do anything but deal with being who she is. To see Bo actually confronting herself was refreshingly different and needs to happen more often.

Dyson…Teacher Dyson at first didn’t work, but when he found the way to reach Lauren and make her think in the right way, that worked well. The interaction between Dyson and Lauren became more organic and not as stiff or awkward as it used to be. Dyson even accepted that he needed to make accommodations for Lauren’s sensibilities. All good things I think going forwards. I even liked the short talks with Tamsin as well. There as a lot to like about Dyson this episode. Not really his relationship Bo however. That seems to be going backwards.

Lauren. There was a hint of how much the threats around her were a problem and that played out well I thought. The most interesting part was when Dyson asked her to think about what she would do in her clinic to defend herself. At that moment, finally, “sexy-smart doctor” appeared and she’s been missing for a bit from the series. When Lauren had to act to save Lisa, I think that as a whole worked and it made some sense. But I don’t really care for her attitude of “Bo and I are friends” as that just takes their relationship back a long way.

Tamsin: Some cute moments with her trying to be “Kenzi” that didn’t work out well. The kid-like personality at times did make me smile and I think it will grow on me. However, Tamsin being apart and not saying a word when everyone else told Bo they wouldn’t leave her is either an omen of things to come, or a shooting error. Or a scene was cut. I’ll hope for the latter as Tamsin deserves better than to be tossed away. Bo gave her one more chance. I hope that isn’t wasted.

Trick. Running Karaoke night, trying to explain the birds and the bees and not doing all that well. I will say that I missed “grandfather” and it was good to see him again at last. But there should be more Trick in the series and there isn’t enough.

Persephone: Body bags and lipstick and turning heads in the completely wrong way. She is going to be a problem, that much is obvious, but does she have to be this obvious? If she’s going to be a Morrigan wannabe, she isn’t going to come close. But then she might not last an episode either so that’s a possibility of course too.

Lisa: Cute, had a nice personality and I did like her a lot. Which of course means that she doesn’t make it out of the episode of course. I’m hoping the next episode doesn’t have her in a body bag or coming back to life as a zombie… That would be a shame.

Musashi. Kind of an arrogant ass really. Didn’t care for him from the beginning and what’s more troubling is that he tries to kill Bo and then looks shocked about it afterwards. While he was an ass, he didn’t strike me as a total idiot, but that scene really showed that about him. Not all that surprised when the truth came out about him, but by the same token, what if it hadn’t? Would it be such a bad thing considering?

Tomoe. Oh I liked her. I liked her a lot. Right from the first moment it is clear that she’s more than you can see on the surface. She strong, intelligent, and more than that, it is her presence that when the truth comes out makes it clear that she has more honour than her entire family put together. It’s a shame that her story wasn’t finished as I’d like to have known if she had ascended or will. She is a leader, the right one.

The rest of the characters varied in their presence. Tomoe’s other brothers had the look, but not much was told about them. Lauren’s attacker was a little too crazy eyed for my taste, but then I think he was meant to be that way, and as for the rest they were window dressing that worked as they needed to.

But as a whole? The episode disappointed me in a lot of ways. Losing Kenzi is one thing, the series going off the rails is another thing completely. I hope they are finding their way back soon and this will be the low point of the season. Because for me it was by far that.


My Review of Made In Japan

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 2.8 Pitchforks out of 5


And the season just seems to be going further and further downhill as the season continues. It isn’t a dramatic falling off, not by any means, but there just seems to be something missing in the series as a whole each and every episode and I can’t quite put my finger on what that is. For this episode, Kenzi not being there is, I admit, a real problem for me. But there’s something more that was in the first two seasons, somewhat in the third and a bit less in the forth and now it just isn’t there for me. The oddest thing is that I find myself not liking the characters as much as I once did and I think part of that is they aren’t quite being true to what we know of them and have seen in the past.

There’s something missing in the chemistry this season and it’s a problem. It used to be that when the characters talked, it really felt like a friendship, they could joke and have some fun. There’s less and less of that relationship aspect in the series and it hurts sometimes to see the disconnection that is happening. A great deal of that goes back to Bo and her evolving relationships. It’s one thing to have lovers, it’s another to have a friend and still another to have a father figure to relate to. But when one’s heart is not with you… That, more than anything, marks you. If nothing else comes from this episode, it should be clear now just what Kenzi meant to Bo. It also should make one wonder about what would have been the season if Kenzi was still there… I think that’s the greatest shame of all.

This episode for me was not honestly that interesting. That’s not to say that the scenes of Dyson teaching Lauren self-defence weren’t captivating or the uncomfortable talk between Lauren and Tamsin while Bo was “having fun” wasn’t hilarious. The problem is that we’ve seen this sort of thing before in the series and it just felt like things were being reused. The trope of Bo’s sexual destruction with Dyson has been done over and over again and it just feels old. To be honest, I would have been more interested if instead of the screaming and smashing of things, there was a scene where they were talking and being passionate. It would have been something unique and not seen for a long time in the series and that would have been helpful. But what seemed to be the most present in this episode was a lot of introspection and brushing off reality. I just didn’t care to watch everyone’s wheels spinning aimlessly for an hour.

Bo was, surprisingly, more focused on her Succubus side this episode than she has been in some time. I am not referring to her feeding on Dyson, in fact I’m more focused on her issues with feeding, trying to come to terms with that, and what she learns. The one short scene with Trick talking about Aife, the year that she didn’t have any sex drive, was both hilarious and actually very insightful into Bo’s family. Seeing when Bo couldn’t feed, how her moods changed as a result, what she tried to deal with was really interesting and I thought that for once the point of Bo being a Succubus, what it means to her, what it does to her, both physically and mentally, was the focus of an episode. I didn’t like the “poof your problem is solved!” solution, that I think was a bit of a cop-out, but nonetheless, seeing more of Bo and less of Boffy was good.

I still don’t understand why the series has to shoot things in so much darkness all of the time. While there was some good lighting at some points in the episode, it wasn’t enough for me. The mood lighting thought I had before doesn’t seem to be true in this episode and as such I just don’t understand why. I did like the restaurant scenes, the art was really well done I felt. The alleyway scenes were too dark and it was hard to tell what was going on really which works and doesn’t at the same time. The climatic scene where the family’s truth is revealed worked well, save for the mask that Tomoe wore. I didn’t really see the point to that as when she shouted you knew exactly who it was. Within the reality of the universe itself I think it works, but after all of the set up beforehand it was obvious who it was under the mask. Oh, one last thing. That green just doesn’t work on Bo’s walls. Couldn’t they have picked something better than that?

The storylines were slightly above average this episode, but there were some issues I felt. Bo’s loss of sex drive did make for some funny moments in among all of the seriousness and that was good, but as I have said, this entire “I’m alone” theme has been seen before in the series and as such it just didn’t hold my attention. Lauren learning self-defense from Dyson was much more interesting and I think that could have been played up more than it was. The crux of that plot was told well and I felt like there was something good in it, but again it was very much a “magic” solution and that didn’t sit right with me. Telling the story of a legend given to the wrong person was good, but it was better when the story finally got to Tomoe and her story. I really think that less red herrings in that plot and just putting Bo and Tomoe together would have been a much more interesting plot line to follow. More thinking and less fighting works better at time and in this case it really is true. The question of Persephone didn’t go anywhere this episode, save for the last two minutes of the episode. The problem is that killing Lisa and Persephone wandering off is going to set off alarms around Bo and the others. It’s a bit too much like using a flamethrower when a match would do. There should have been a better way to put Persephone into the world again without killing to do so. It’s messy and unclean as a means into the story. That’s shouldn’t have been.

While Bo was the centre of the character growth in this episode, I think that Lauren equally found her footing as well. The realization of needing help and turning to Dyson for that wasn’t the easiest thing for her to do. Moreover, Lauren had to overcome her own quirks and personality and that was fascinating to watch happen. Dyson didn’t really go anywhere, Tamsin grew slightly, and, for the sake of a smile, Trick’s being uncomfortable about talking sex with Bo did make me smile. So there was some progress for the main cast in the episode, which is good. I wish that the relationship issues with Bo would have as much if for no other reason than to get past the “friends” stage that she keeps falling back into. Talk is a useful thing, but that will never happen it seems.

I felt that the mythos about Succubi expanded a bit this episode, that there was some new myths and Fae introduced that we hadn’t seen before as well. Dyson’s abilities were explained a bit further, there was some of Aife’s history told, there was a moment where we looked into Trick’s past and through him Bo’s family that all added a lot to the series where it needed some answers. Of course there had to be more Fae mystery of course and Persephone brought that in spades this episode. There are more questions than answers once again, but some of them will have to be answered by the end of the season because it’s hard to ignore them when they are core to Bo’s plot arc. That’s not to say that any such information will appear soon, but the setup is there, assuming that someone writing for the series used them.

Problem is that there is a lot to do in the series and not a lot of time to get to all of the things that we’d like to see. Focus is a good thing, someone needs that and I don’t mean Bo alone in that…


Next Week: When God Opens A Window

Bo and Tamsin disagree over a young Fae who asks for help. Trick turns to Dyson with a mysterious case and an unwanted partner.


If this “young Fae” turns into a Kenzi wannabe I will just absolutely scream in pain. It’s hard enough trying to accept Tamsin going all “cute and cuddly” as it is and having someone that seems like Kenzi but isn’t will just turn me completely off. And I don’t want to be. Not after this long and this far into the series. As for this “mysterious” case and so on, I really hope this starts to put the series back onto the main track of the season. There is an image of Lauren walking with a gentleman that gives me a “mafia” sort of vibe and I shudder to imagine the episode turning all “Good fellows” for no good reason. I really think that would just be a horrid thing to watch unfold.

The one thing that bothers me the most about the series so far is how aimlessly the episodes seem to be as they continue forwards. I think the loss of focus is a problem that really can only be solved by getting back to the core story and leaving all of the side tracks and red herring plots by the wayside. The loss of Kenzi, more than anything, has taken the series in a direction were humanity really isn’t considered any longer. I know that the series is about the Fae, and really it has to be that way considering that Bo is the focus of the series. But when the show’s humanity to pulled from it and there is only the Fae left… That’s boring to me.

I’m not really sure what the next episode will bring, I can only hope for something to happen that brings closure to a thread in the series for one. Another would be for Vex or The Morrigan to finally appear so those plots are able to continue. Either would, for me, make me take more notice of the series than I have so far this season.

The question I’ve been thinking about is when did Lost Girl “jump the shark.” I think that’s hard to figure out exactly. But at least for me, the ending of Kenzi’s story in the series has wrecked things and now the attempt to hammer together what is left has begun.

With luck this won’t continue much longer in the season because if it does then all of the possibility of this season being the best one of all isn’t going to play out.

But, nonetheless, sales of popcorn will be up for another week at least…



Dec 25 2014

Tera’s Christmas Manip – Cum She Told Me

Christmas comes but once a year and it’s sort of a tradition that I try to create something as a Christmas Succubi Manip. This year, for reasons I won’t bore you all with, I didn’t have all that much time.

But there is one to share this year, and it is in no small part to my Heart giving of his words. For this, I thank him for giving his time to help me continue this little tradition of mine…

And so… Cum She Told Me

Manip by me, words by my heart

Cum She Told Me by TeraS and JHB

Cum She Told Me by TeraS and JHB

And the song, the words of which I was gifted with and are thankful in more ways that I can possibly say…

“Cum,” she told me
Her green tail beckoned me
This dream beneath my tree
sent my pulse on a spree:
rum-pa-pum-pum . . .
Her eyes all I could see
(pah-rum-pa-pum-pum) . . .
soon I must cum . . .

She smiled, purred “please”
and I fell to my knees
I thought that I would freeze
but her hand reached to tease
my rum-pa-pum-pum
rum-pa-pum-pum . . .
She unwrapped me to squeeze
Now I may cummmmmm . . .

A Happy Christmas to all, and I hope the season is good to you all… Naughty or Nice…



Dec 24 2014

A DIY Demoness Costume might not be the best of ideas really…

Female Demon Costume KitI have often wondered what sort of idea might be offered if, for example, a costume shop decided to toss together some various items in whatever way might come to mind and call it a Devil costume… Or something like that anyway…

This idea that is offered on one site is called the Female Demon Costume Kit and it consists of, and you can buy all of these items separately to be clear…

The bustier, the mini-skirt, the thigh-high stockings and the wig which comes with the horns. Shoes are, of course, not included and the ensemble lists for $80 US.

That isn’t a package price either. That is what it would cost to collect all of the items and then put them together as this costume idea. There is no “discount” for buying everything at once which I think is really a poor way to do things, but, I suppose that is how things are…

Really, and truly, there are many other costume pieces that could have been put together to create something a lot less trashy and more sexy than this I believe.

Oh, and add the shoes and this will cost $125.

Really the only thing I like is the wig because it is the one that I mentioned earlier this year that I really did like by far.

But that along cannot save this faux pas of a Devil costume that, in spite of it being a piece meal concept… Does not have a tail either.

There is a rather sexy wet look red dress this particular site sells that would go so well with the wig and putting that with latex like stockings and a pair of red heels would, at least for me, be so much more sexy, not trashy, and would justify the cost… Which actually is slightly less than this mess honestly.

As for this?

One pitchfork out of five.

It will not be under my Christmas tree I promise you…




Dec 23 2014

A Review of Sexy As Hell by Andrea Laurence

Sexy As Hell by Andrea Laurence

Sexy As Hell by Andrea Laurence

One of the things that does need to be in a story is some kind of conflict, but also some kind of consequence. There needs to be a rewards for winning, a fate for losing, and most importantly, that risk needs to amount to something.

When that risk, the tension, the possibility of danger gets cut off almost as soon as it appears… That’s a real problem. It shouldn’t. Especially when a Succubus, one with real personality appears in that role of danger…

  • Title: Sexy As Hell
  • Author: Andrea Laurence
  • Length: 66 Pages
  • ASIN: B009QQ12CY
  • Publishing Date: October 13, 2012
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Strong, sexy and powerful… the kind of man every woman wants in her life and in her bed. But these men are more. Oh, so much more.

Seth gave up everything to circumvent death, including his freedom. Now he’s an immortal warrior serving the Archangel Michael. But Seth has been compromised and he may finally earn his life back. He’s just got to send one sexy, stubborn succubus back to hell.

Camille always thought her neighbor was mysterious and handsome, but she never imagined what kind of work really kept him up so late. The succubus Isra has targeted Seth and she has taken Camille as her host as a surefire way to get to him. Isra has twenty-four hours to seduce Seth and steal his immortal life-force by the most pleasurable means necessary.

The clock is ticking…

Seth has a problem. Actually it’s two problems in one woman’s body. He’s attracted to his neighbour Camille, but cannot be with her because of who and what he is. The bigger problem is that a Succubus has fingered him and Camille as targets, and Isra, the Succubus in question, has possessed Camille and is going to use her to take Seth’s soul and in the bargain stay on Earth for a very long time. Considering that Hell isn’t the nicest place to be, Succubus or not, she’s determined to win. But then, so is Seth.

As a whole, the story sounds like it could be really interesting in a lot of ways. The opening scene hints at where the story could go, and really it would have been nice to see it get a little erotic and heated… but really it doesn’t.

There are quite a number of plot disconnects in this work that nagged at me as I read. The first one is that Seth is very much aware that Camille has been possessed by a Succubus. Not only does Isra shape a dream that lays that out clearly, but then the archangel Michael appears and tells Seth, quite bluntly, that Camille has been possessed, if the dream didn’t give him a clue. From the moment this happens, Isra really has absolutely no chance of succeeding in her plans because Seth knows what he’s going to be facing.

Then, to add a layer to the “almost but not quite” relationship  between Camille and Seth, Michael offers to allow Seth to become human again after he frees Camille. This of course is a bit of temptation and need in Seth which adds back in some of the tension that was taken away a moment before.

Seth confronts Isra and, of course, she is assuming that she will be able to fool him easily with the trap she lays out for him. But it is a foolish stupid trap for a Succubus that is supposed to be one of the best there is. All she manages to do is make certain that Seth can safely disarm her, move her to another location, and then deal with her.

What follows is simply a situation which Isra acts like a stereotypical Succubus for most of the story, does almost nothing seductive, rather trying to play upon the male view of a wanton woman to the best of her ability. The battle between them goes back and forth, and while there are a few moments of Succubus mind control that I thought were very hot, in the end there isn’t really a danger for Seth or Camille. All they need to do is wait.

And that becomes the core of the story. A waiting game. One with a singular ending that just falls flat for all of the buildup and tension that came from the beginning of the work. What’s more troubling is the plots that are tossed aside as the story ends. The promise of release for Seth isn’t resolved, the relationship between Seth and Camille flickers to live, barely, but where it goes we have no idea at all.

It felt like the author had a really good concept and characters but when push came to shove the story took the easy way out, didn’t really challenge anyone or anything, and just… was. The one thing that I really enjoyed, when all of the over the top sexuality from Isra was tossed aside, was her character and what she thought and said to Seth during their waiting game. Honestly that captivated me more than anything else in this work and I wish there had been more time given to making Isra’s attempt to overcome Seth more than just a “come-hither” look and not a lot else.

While the work is written well, and there was nothing that really took me out of the story, I felt like the work rushed from crisis to crisis far too quickly and it didn’t need to do that. If Isra would have been more sneaky, seductive… more femme fatale in nature, that would have added a lot to the work and could have made for more jeopardy for Camille and Seth.

What if Camile had slipped into being more Succubus-like? What if Seth hadn’t been warned about Isra and she pounced on him in the building’s elevator or something? There are so many ways and possibilities for Isra to be more than a blow-up doll and that didn’t happen. Really it needed to. Badly.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The biggest problem in this work was how Isra was neutered as a Succubus within the first few moments of her appearing. It was a shame that all of that attitude, seduction, and power she could wield was so rapidly removed by Seth. From that moment onwards the work turned into a discussion over coffee with the occasional nip of Succubus sensuality…. It should have been a lot more than that. Seriously.



Dec 22 2014

Sparkly Horn Horror Part IIIA By TeraS

Still not done with Part III of Sparkly Horn Horror… So some fiddling and playing around today with things, hopefully, with the goal of moving forwards next time.

If you want to read Part One you can find that here on the Tale and Part Two can be found here.

So, let’s see if this makes more sense or not…


Sparkly Horn Horror
By TeraS



The sound of snapping fingers was accompanied by a slightly miffed tone of voice: “Doc? Uh … could you please tell me where Adam is? Please?”

The question would have been innocent, except that the outfit Abby was wearing consisted of an oversized sweater and a pair of clear plastic stripper heels. Clearly, she was asking not out of innocence, but out of her own needs. And those needs had endangered her needlessly.

Florence pinched her nose: “Abby, what the hell are you still doing here? I know you were released this morning. I signed the forms. Come to think of it, I also told you to get your tail out of here and to go home.”

Abby looked at her feet and scraped the toe of one of her heels on the floor: “Umm … yeah, you did, Doc. But I … well … kind of …”

“Yes, I can see that. Why didn’t you go home, Abby?”

She looked at Florence: “Didn’t … want to.”

A long sigh, then: “Never mind; it’s too late now, anyway.”

Abby looked up in surprise at the tone of voice in those words: “What do you mean by that, Doc?”

“I mean you aren’t going home anytime soon, Abby.”

It took about ten minutes to get Abby up to speed on what was going on, and, at the end, she stood there with an unreadable expression before responding in an eerily calm voice: “So what you are saying is that a friend of yours is sealed up in a room with Adam and she’s fucking him.”

“That’s putting things in a really bad way, Abby. Neither of them are exactly themselves at the moment. You probably wouldn’t even recognize Adam. I can barely recognize Deb, and that’s only because they are the only two in that room.”

“But … she’s fucking him.”

“Not because she wants to. Neither of them wants to.”

“How are you sure? They might want to. She might have set all of this up to get Adam from …”

“Abby, you have got to be kidding. You are trying to tell me that she’d go and get herself in a position where she’s turned into … that thing … for the sake of getting into Adam’s pants?”

“Why not? You don’t know what she’s thinking, or what happened, or why. All you know for sure is that she’s got him and he’s …”

Florence threw up her hands in disgust: “Fine! Yes! Deb is getting the shit fucked out of her by Adam! She’s planned this all along to get into his pants! Are you happy? Is that all that matters to you?”

Abby had the oddest look in her eyes, one that caught Florence and made her worry: “Yes, it does. I don’t care who your friend is, she isn’t good enough for Adam. Actually, neither are you, Doc.”

Florence’s eyes narrowed and she answered with a dangerous tone in her voice: “What do you mean by that, Abby?”

“I know you and Adam were fucking at the nurse’s station. You think I didn’t hear you? You think that I couldn’t tell? You can’t hide that from me, Doc. You …”

Abby was stopped in mid-rant by Florence slapping her, hard, and then it was Florence’s turn: “You think I don’t know you have a doctor fetish? You think that I don’t know you want into Adam’s pants in the worst way? I’ve walked past your room and heard you moaning out his name in the middle of the night! You aren’t fooling anyone!”

Abby was in tears as she screamed: “Fuck you, Doc! What do you care, anyway? You don’t own him, you don’t run his life!”

“No, I don’t! Neither do you! He’s not your pet or toy! Not that you wouldn’t make a great pet at that!”

Abby started to run towards Florence, her hands in fists, meaning to hurt any way she could. How dare she say those things about him!

Before things got much further, John coughed, then interrupted, waving his glasses at the pair: “If you are both done acting like children, perhaps you might think about the fact that you, Florence, have very little time left, and you, Abby, are likely going to be the only one in here when she is no longer capable of thinking about doing anything about this mess you are both in. So, why don’t the two of you get past who’s—as you so eloquently put it—‘fucking’ whom, and get to the question of who’s trying to ‘fuck’ the Realm and how to stop it?”

Abby was the first to speak after the shock of John’s words got through to them: “You just don’t understand. You can’t understand because you’re a … a thing. You have no idea what it feels like.”

Florence was going to say something more, but she bit back the words when she saw the look in John’s eyes and found herself feeling … bad … for him. Shaking her head, she cleared her thoughts and chalked up her emotions over John to being part of this thing that she was starting to suffer from.

It was that. It couldn’t be that she actually felt something for him. He didn’t exist, save in a computer. It was probably better that way.

Somehow, a part of her didn’t really agree with those thoughts. Shaking her head, Florence walked back to her desk and asked: “John, tell me the names of everyone that is here, please.”

“You, Florence; Abby, of course; Adam and Deborah and …” There was a pause, an odd one, then “… and myself.”

“Abby, have you seen anyone else here?”

Turning away with a shake of her head, Abby replied, sighing: “No, I was looking for Adam. I thought I heard his voice here in your office. Thought that … that he was here … with you.”

“I … stupidly had John show me what they were doing. It wasn’t a good idea.”


“Because I started to slip away … felt like I had to go to them and … join in … couldn’t think of anything else.”

Abby twined a finger in her green hair: “Kind of explains why you’re so horny, Doc … Sorry. I know that’s not you. You’re a little too straight-laced to be that horny … reputation or not.”

They shared a look, then Abby asked: “Can I see them?”

John replied to that: “It would be best that Florence not see what is happening.”

Abby nodded: “‘Kay. But you can show me, right?”

He waved his glasses in the direction of a tablet on the desk: “I’ll send a feed to that tablet. But you do not allow Florence to see it. When you are done I will end the feed.”

Abby took the tablet and moved off to the far corner of the office, then held the tablet up: “Okay. Whenever.”

John’s image wavered a moment, then he replied: “Video only, no audio.”

Abby stood there, like a statue, for a good five minutes looking at the video. Florence could see her face—not the tablet, thankfully—and watched Abby’s eyes grow very large as the video started, and then narrow to thin slits when she finally said: “I’ve seen enough.”

Abby put the tablet on the desk again, asking: “Are you sure it’s them?”

“It is. There’s no question. They can’t portal out, nothing can go in.”

“They … they don’t …”

“I know. I said you might not recognize them.”

“Doc, they look … wild. I can’t see John there. I mean he has to be … it’s him … but it isn’t. Not even close.”

Florence leaned against her desk, nudging some papers on the floor with her shoe: “Whatever happens, it’s like who you are gets buried under the need to …”


Florence smiled and wagged a finger: “Truth. Have you ever been with Adam?”

The blush was something to see. It went right up her tail and horns: “I … No, we haven’t. He probably doesn’t even know I exist. I mean, he’s seen me, said “hi” and stuff … just been too scared of asking him to … you know …”

“Fuck your brains out?”

Abby bit her lip and nodded: “Gawd, Doc he’s … perfect. Can’t explain it … I just … can’t stop thinking about him.”

Florence managed a soft laugh: “Oh Abby… I think you might have found your Eternal.”

Abby’s eyes grew wide as saucers and her tail wrapped around her right leg nervously: “You … You think so?”

Florence walked up to Abby: “I’ve seen the signs before. I think so, can’t be sure, of course, but … you’ll know.” The smile left and she turned away: “Tera tells everyone that.”

“You don’t have one, Doc?”

“Never had time to look. He’s out there somewhere—I can feel him—but he’s never made himself known, and I haven’t gone and spent the time to go looking.”

“You know Doc, as smart as you are, you really are a dummy.”

“Probably so … probably so.”

Abby looked out the door thoughtfully, John standing there watching them both: “How do we try to get him and Deb back?”

“There isn’t an answer yet, but we’ll find one somehow. We have to.”

“Yeah. It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, honestly. Getting the hell fucked out of me forever doesn’t turn me on. Any ideas where to start?”

“Miriam and Tera are trying to find a solution.”

“Well, that’s something.”

“Yeah.” Florence paused, then changed the subject: You know, I’ve never asked, what’s your ‘thing,’ anyway?”

Abby looked confused: “Thing?”

“Medicine is mine. What’s your’s?”

“You’ll laugh. I’m a pink-tail. We’re supposed to be all sex and no brains.”

“You never struck me as no brains. All sex, sure, but you never acted like a total bimbo. Try me.”

The blush came back: “I … have a green thumb. I love flowers and … stuff.”

“Goes with your hair?”

Abby pouted: “That was kind of a mistake with a bottle of magic fertilizer. I was a redhead, once.”

“Green looks better on you.”

Abby had a wistful smile: “Wish Adam would say that.”

Florence didn’t know how to answer, and, in the next moment, Abby was turning and walking to the door.

“Abby? Where are you going?”

She stopped at the door, her hand on the doorframe: “I’m going to see Adam. If I’m going to lose him, lose me, then I’m going to be the one that makes it happen. I’m not gonna wait around for stuff to just happen.”

“Abby, please don’t! That’s being stupid!”

Abby shrugged: “Sorry Doc, you’re not my type. Not really into girls. See ya’.”

As Abby vanished from view, Florence called out for her to stop, to turn around … Abby didn’t reply, and, as the doctor ran after her, she had but one thought: “The stupid things we do for love.”

Abby’s thoughts weren’t all that clear, but she knew one thing: if she was John’s Eternal, she was going to get that slut off of him and put her through a wall to do it. It wasn’t smart, but the anger that had been building inside of her had boiled over.

Elsewhere, Tera and Miriam had been waiting for some time—how long Miriam wasn’t quite clear on—“Um … Tera? How long do we wait?”

“As long as it wants us to. It’s kind of a pain in the tail at times.”

Miriam was going to reply, but was stopped when she noticed something odd that had suddenly appeared in mid-air just in front of her. It was something she never expected when Tera brought her here. It was what appeared to be an old writing quill, green in colour, glowing with a purplish light. When Tera didn’t speak, Miriam asked: “What is that?”

“That is something I have always thought of as the Storyteller of the Realm. To be honest, I don’t even know if it has a name. It’s never told me.”

The quill started to move swiftly, the glow moving from the tip, words appearing as it did so…

Some secrets are never told. Some are. Welcome both: the one that is and the one to be.

Miriam looked at Tera: “What does …”

Tera put her hand over Miriam’s lips to stop her in mid-sentence. Then Tera’s tail held up a sign to her: Be careful what you say. We have little time here and when that glow ends our time is up.

Miriam nodded in understanding as Tera asked: “An old curse has returned to the Realm … the one that almost ended us. We need to know how to stop it.”

The quill replied: The story continues. The loss returns. Remember stories you have been told.

“They are too vague, too unclear. We have little time left. I ask … I plead. Will you give the answer?”

Remember your stories. The answer is there to be found.

Miriam frowned: “This is so confusing. I thought it was going to help us!”

The answer you seek is the one you already know, brightest of the yellow. Find the answer in yourselves.

Tera looked at Miriam, then at the quill, with some concern in her eyes. The glow had faded, just slightly, but it had.

This was the problem with the storyteller. It liked to tell stories, to reveal what it knew, but it never could just come out and answer a question.

To be honest with herself, Tera knew why that was. The storyteller was tied to the Librarian of the Realm and usually took on some of their traits. As Tera didn’t exactly come out and answer questions directly, it took on that trait.

There was an answer, but it was hidden in the pages of a book, a line of a poem, a passage in a scroll … something … somewhere. The problem was coming up with the question in just the right way, the way that would reveal that secret. It was a safeguard, one that made things more complicated and, at least at the moment, very desperately so.

Time was running out, and it seemed that the storyteller had more riddles than answers. They just needed to figure out the answers to the riddles. Or ask the right questions …