Mar 02 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 476

Another of the so very cute pieces of Morrigan Aensland art that I have discovered of late. There’s something nice about Morrigan’s smile, really it can be amazing, and I found a piece of art where that smile and personality comes clearly through.

Morri by DreddStar

Morri by DreddStar

This art is by an artist on DeviantArt called DreddStar and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here. As well, this artist’s page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

The thing I love the most about this art is simply Morrigan’s pose, her chin on her shoulder, and how her eyes and her smile come together to offer a hint of the seductiveness that Morrigan has, but also her playful and fun nature.

I like this artist’s style, the clean lines and focus on Morrigan’s form. Her skin and hair just shimmers, there’s a little sparkle in her eyes, and while her curves are present, they don’t draw one’s eyes as much as the look Morrigan has and that little smile on her lips.

And a smiling Morrigan is a lovely thing after all…



Mar 01 2017

Darling… You need a better costume.

Darling Devil CostumeIt’s not often that a Devil costume comes with wings. It’s also not too often that the costume itself is really just a babydoll nightie with a new accessories tossed into the packaging. That still doesn’t mean that the costume itself is any good, or sexy, at all.

This is called the Darling Devil Costume and it comes with the stretch velvet and marabou feather dress, the horns and wings the model is wearing and nothing more.

It sells for $75 US, but can be found on sale for as little as $45.

Truly lousy horns, the wings, which you cannot see in this image, are held in place by the ribbon that is draped about the model’s neck alone, which means they are going to be wobbling around and getting in the way until, of course, the ribbon breaks and they are tossed aside.

When that happens, really all that remains is a babydoll nightie with a pair of depressed looking horns.

So, as such, then why wouldn’t I just find a much nicer looking dress, a pair of horns from my collection and leave the wings and replace them with a tail?

It is cute, to a point, but really there’s not much here that tells me it is “darling” or otherwise.

One pitchfork out of five.

Homemade might be the theme of this year at this rate…



Feb 28 2017

A Review of Jay Hammer Meets the Succubus by Alan Simmons

Jay Hammer Meets the Succubus by Alan Simmons

Jay Hammer Meets the Succubus by Alan Simmons

A review of a short work which I thought had an interesting premise, even if the book summary really didn’t seem all that interesting up front. The writing needs some work, the erotica didn’t quite attract me either. But what did was the characters, even if their stories weren’t really told as much as I’d like them to be. Teasing that there’s something more than what’s been told can make a story more, but not spending the time to make the work read better is a shame.

There are some that enjoy sex, they turn to making porn movies to satisfy that itch. Then there are those where sex isn’t just fun and games, it’s very much a question of life and death. Anything can happen along the way, and sometimes what happens isn’t what you expected.

  • Title: Jay Hammer Meets the Succubus
  • Author: Alan Simmons
  • Published By: Alan Simmons
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • IBSN: 9781386012979
  • Publishing Date: February 2, 2017
  • This work in Various Formats at

The work tells the story of:

An insufferable pornographer and his close associate have their lives changed forever upon contact with an enigmatic starlet.

Jay and Miles make porn, Jay being the star and Miles being the one holding things together. Topaz seems to be another notch in Jay’s bely, another movie to be streamed on their site. But Topaz isn’t what she seems, and Miles discovers that the impossible is real and they want him.

The thing is, Jay isn’t really interesting and he’s not really central to the work. Miles however most certainly is however. It’s Miles being so central, the narrator to what happens, which begs that more be told about him. But that doesn’t happen in detail. There’s a lot of hints, some of which I’d like to have seen in some kind of flashbacks, but they aren’t. If Jay is the bland side of this work, Miles is so much more interesting and I really liked him as a character.

That brings me to Topaz, one of the three succubi of this work. She’s a mystery overall, but the sheer presence of her character overwhelms the work at a few points. I didn’t mind that really because her character is focused and feels very real overall. Jay is a shadow, Miles is a window and Topaz is what’s seen outside. She’s not stereotypically a succubus, there’s a certain belief and honour within her. The events that unfold towards the climax of the work take a toll on her. But beyond that her, and that of her succubi sisters, almost enthralment of Miles points towards another story to be told and I wish the author had gotten further than they did.

The work is a hot flash, but the erotica doesn’t have a lot of heat in it, that erotica being, overall, somewhat an uninspiring porn scene in which there’s no real “joy” in what happens. Given the theme of the movie, and Jay’s opinions about things, that’s not a surprise. Given that I didn’t care much for Jay, that also didn’t help in adding heat to the erotica either.

But in spite of this, there’s a story here, one about succubi existing and living in a world where they, apparently, all find themselves going into porn and similar sex related roles. That’s a necessity, but then comes some little tidbits about Topaz, what she studied in college, and that not being told left more story and more background hidden away.

There’s a really good story idea underneath the porn theme, a character that didn’t connect with me. Topaz and Miles have something about them I really liked and I’d like to see this work turn into a series to know what happens next. The author needs to take some time and rewrite the story to smooth out some of the mistakes and oddities, for one. It would be nice to slow the story down a bit, telling more about the characters rather than rushing through it all. Doing that would make this a really good opening to a longer book, or a series of shorts. I think that’s something to consider.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious editing for all of the missing words and grammar issues. Beyond that, some of the dialogue needs to be more focused and more representative of who the characters are because it gets lost at times.

In spite of the issues, I think there’s a good basis for a series here, to tell more about Topaz, Teresa and Daisy, not to mention an entire succubi society to explore. Mile’s future, what encountering the succubi means to that, really interests me. Beyond that, telling the story of what comes next, how things might change, and, at least for me, the really interesting idea of an adult movie company entirely made up of succubi that aren’t stereotypical would be a good thing to explore.

Most of all, there’s the question about Topaz herself. There’s something about her that almost was said, but didn’t quite come out. That mystery is the one that stayed with me well after the lukewarm erotica and uneven writing was done.



Feb 28 2017

A Review of Bloodrites by Kathi Huggins

Bloodrites by Kathi Huggins

Bloodrites by Kathi Huggins

Some time ago I wrote a review of the first two works in the Blood Prophecy series by Kathi Huggins and you can find that review here on the Tale. At the end of that review I noted that I would, in time, return to the series, to read the third work and see what sort of incubus character would appear, what would happen to Jade, and what the series was driving towards. Having read that third work, the questions remain, I have to admit the incubus disappointed me to a point. As for Jade? She hasn’t changed much, though if nothing else, she’s not quite the oversexed character she was before.

The series tells the tale of:

With the location of Jade’s Incubus mate now known, she would do anything in her power to make him hers. Without him Jade could never have Michael and that was something she would not accept.

If the Incubus didn’t want her or refused to be her mate, would she be able walk away? Even if Jade did everything that the prophecy said no one really knew what would happen. She would make her family happy above all else. Michael was supposed to be her last mate but if the Incubus didn’t want her she would not walk away from Michael, nor he from her. Michael was way beyond a want or a need, he was a must have no matter what. Jade craved Michael in so many ways it was hard to think of anything but the day they could finally be together.

The battles in the past have been for Jade’s life but this one would be for her future. The future that she wants with the mates she has the one she still wants. This could turn out to be the biggest fight of Jade’s life.

Jade’s path towards finding her mates has led to this. The incubus called Ryder and, in time, the angel named Micheal. But Ryder must be first, but being first does not mean that all is perfect. The truth hurts, the past haunts the present and future. What that means to Jade is more complicated than she could have imagined.

This work tries to tie up some of the loose ends that swirl around Jade but, as a whole, I felt like that just made things more complicated. More characters come into the story, more are tied to Jade, in various ways, and things become very confusing overall. There’s a feeling of trying to get a lot of ideas and threads into the series at one time, but that seems to just contribute to the work being far too complex, convoluted, and odd.

There’s quite a lot less sex in this work compared to the prior ones and as a result there’s a lot of story, background, and past to be revealed. But that’s the problem and it’s an ongoing one for the series. The characters have so much story, Jade’s life and loves are so messy that there’s no sense of getting anything settled or worked out for them all. The layers of Jade’s life, all of the lives she has touched, add too much to the story.

There needed to be a pruning of things, to get to the core of the story and tell that. A series with, it seems like, a hundred characters popping in and out is very overwhelming. Which then brings me to what seems to be the point of this work, that being the appearance of Ryder, the incubus of the series.

He’s a mystery, really quite unlikeable, but is as strong willed as Jade is, which actually might made for a good story to tell. While the work is billed to be focused on him, really it isn’t. The story  is about Jade, her past, her father, and the forces that are trying to stop her. Ryder himself makes up a slim fraction of the work, which leaves a lot unsaid and wondering about him.

The flaws of the series before remain, the story needs some focus. The overall idea and series is interesting and remains so, but the telling of that story doesn’t live up to the story itself. Jade isn’t growing as a character personality-wise but she is background-wise. There’s still a lot unsaid, missing, needing to be explored about her. But the author seems to be running out of time and their story seems to have gotten away from them.

The story of Jade is, of course, multi-faceted. There are so many things to touch upon and see what comes of them. But the dialogue needs, I am afraid to say, to be more lively than it is for one, and the story needs to be more focused for the other.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The erotica again becomes a bit repetitive over time, but the author seems to have felt a need to tone back some of the sex to something more manageable. Jade’s a bit more developed, the supporting characters haven’t developed somewhat however. Ryder is… disappointing. The int of the next work to come seems to suggest there’s more to be told about him which I hope will make things make more sense. The dialogue is still stiff, sometimes sounding very odd and wrong.

I’ll hope the next work moves towards a resolution, it should as the author has noted with the tease of the work to come that it would be the last work in the series. They have a lot of threads to close, to make sense of. I hope they are able to manage that, all things considered.




Feb 27 2017

Making Do By TeraS

Another week of not feeling exceptionally well means another week in which I haven’t written much of anything as a whole. At some point, I hope, the desire will lead to feeling better and I’ll actually manage to write the stories that are waiting to be told. For this week however, a story about amazing things that can happen when one is …


Making Do
By TeraS


There are moments, as they are, when things don’t quite unfold as someone might want them to. They are the little instances where something doesn’t work out right, something breaks, or the end result isn’t what had been expected.

But that is life, after all.

Of course, life is what you make of it, and Kallie had been doing the best she could. She wasn’t the most attractive of succubi—even though her red tail was almost, if not quite, as bright as Tera’s own. Still, considering her short, bland brown hair and soft blue eyes, she knew that it wasn’t her role to be one of the great seductresses of the Realm.

A seductress needed to be sexy, and really she didn’t think she was.

So she made do.

Often, when this wallflower was walking the streets of the Realm, she’d come across little gaggles of succubi talking about this guy or that girl they’d had fun with, or with whom they were still having fun. Sometimes she’d find herself tagging along behind her sister succubi, listening and imagining what it was like, allowing herself a bit of a wistful smile now and again. A few times, Kallie hadn’t been paying attention and wandered right into her sisters. It wasn’t, really, an awkward moment, however, as they’d always happily hugged her, turned their attention upon her and asked how she was.

Of course, along the way, another red-tail would ask—because Kallie was a red-tail, after all—if she had reconsidered her view of things. All of them would tell her how wonderful it would be for her to join them, to go off to some other world and have a really good time, as red-tails where, as a whole, wont to do.

But Kallie would laugh, wave her tail idly, and just say: “Thanks for asking, but I have other plans.”

So she made do.

She really didn’t mind her sisters inviting her, honestly, but it didn’t interest her because it wasn’t high on her list of priorities, after all. She’d looked into taking some of the seductress courses, but the idea of being close to Tera, watching and learning from her, brought other ideas of the sort that she’d daydream over from time to time rather than focusing on other things that needed to be done.

For Kallie was making do.

She had a goal; it was one she’d been striving towards for a very long time now. But it wasn’t the sort of thing Kallie expected to be given on a silver platter. No, it was something that she needed to work for, to prove that she was the one that was right for the Queen of the Realm to consider. Kallie, the shy, unassuming red-tail she was, didn’t want to seduce anyone, didn’t want to play among the countless worlds of the universe. Her thoughts were closer to home, closer to something more substantial, more real at least to her way of thinking.

Until then, she was making do. At least, that’s what she had convinced herself of.

When Tera had asked what she’d might like to do in the Realm, a short time after Kallie had dipped her toes—and the rest of herself—into the Lake of Fire, joining her tailself and becoming one of the succubi, her answer rather surprised Tera.

“Oh… I’ll make do.”

At the time, Tera simply replied: “I’m sure you can. But I think you can do more than making do.”

What followed from that moment was a whirlwind of trying out different roles in the Realm. She’d apprenticed as a librarian; a life guard, too. She’d tried her hand at the shops on Dreams Boulevard, and had been a barista at several of the smaller, more quaint coffee shops for a time, as well.

Helping out at the Realm hospital was a change of pace, though some of Florence’s oral exams were a bit too much for the shy red-tail. Once, and only once, she’d taken an introductory course in baking, but her cakes didn’t quite turn out as well as she’d liked, even if that nice man Baker had encouraged her to keep trying.

She’d answered, with a small smile: “I’ll make do.”

The first glimmer that she might have found a path to her role was trying her hand at being a guide to the Realm’s Museum. Kallie loved to meet new souls visiting the Realm for the first time, or so many times they’d lost count. Every tour was a new adventure for her, telling of the artifacts surrounding her charges, telling of how each mattered to those that called the Realm their home.

On one particular tour, an elderly gentleman was part of the group. He followed along, his cane making clicking sounds as they went from room to room. He stood at the back of the group, watching Kallie at her passion, listening to her delight in sharing what she knew with those that cared to discover with her. He’d not said anything, never posed a question throughout the tour. Kallie had noticed he looked rather distinguished, a proper gentleman, and, by the end of the tour—which had taken quite a bit longer than she’d expected—she found that he’d come to the midst of the gathering about her. He contemplated her, almost as if he was judging her worth as a guide for the Museum.

Of course, she was making do.

The tour came to a close, as it always did, and Kallie bid each of her group a fond farewell with the hope they’d visit the Museum again sometime. She turned towards the gentleman, to offer her thanks for visiting, and found him a short distance away, looking at an item that was under glass upon a pedestal.

Kallie quietly approached him, intending to give her thanks before moving on, but instead the gentleman tapped his cane against the base of the pedestal: “You are an excellent guide, you know; quite stellar, really.”

Demurely, Kallie replied: “I’m making do.”

“Really? What makes you think so?”

Her tail moved slowly: “Well … I’m not sure this is what I want to do.”

“You are quite good! It’d been a shame for the Museum to lose your talents.”

Her reply was a bit self-defeating: “I’m making do.”

He turned towards Kallie and, as he did so, there was something very familiar about his look. She’d seen him before, she was certain, but she couldn’t place him exactly: “You sound very much like my niece.”

“I’m sure she’s a wonderful person.”

He seemed very amused by that: “I do believe she is.”

Brushing her hands over her purple dress, Kallie mused: “Do I know you?”

“I would expect you do, but you likely never expected to meet me.”

The confused red tail took another long look at him. Silver haired … quite tall … A thought came that, if she didn’t know better, he almost looked like that incubi in the formal picture of Tera’s mother, father, and …

“Oh, hell.”

He smiled as his red horns appeared along with his long, red tail: “I’m not that much of a curmudgeon, am I?”

Bowing—for that was what one did when in the presence of royalty—Kallie offered her apology: “I’m sorry. I should have recognized the advisor of the Queen and King.”

“I’m just Tera’s uncle, so stop that.”

Kallie’s confused expression spoke volumes as he continued: “I’ve been told there’s a red tail around here that’s been making do.”

“I think that’s … me.”

“Well, that’s going to save a lot of time, isn’t it?”

The shiver that went up Kallie’s tail wasn’t a good one, all things considered: “Am I in trouble?”

“Depends if you are going to run away screaming when I hug you.”

Kallie didn’t, and the hug was something she’d needed.

She’d been making do for too long.

Her eyes wet, Kallie asked: “Did Tera send you?”

Reaching into a pocket, he handed her a small hard rubber puck: “I was going to donate this to the Museum when I saw you starting your tour.”

Kallie turned the puck over in her hands: “Then … why?”

His cane scraped over the floor before he tapped it: “Because I could tell you’ve been making do. Did that myself once, and I promised myself that, if I came across someone who was making do, I wouldn’t pass her by.”

Her shrug was automatic now: “I’m …”

“No. You’re not.”

“But …”

His cane tapped again: “No, you are not making do. You’re making excuses.” She didn’t have a good answer to that, and she found herself looking at her hands as he continued to explain: “You’re lost, and making do isn’t how to figure yourself out. Have you been out with some of the other succubi? What about going out to dinner? Or are you spending your time sitting at home and looking at the walls?”

She shrugged: “They are really nice blue walls.”

“Sort of like your eyes?”

That brought a giggle and the tip of her tail was soon giving him a light tap on the waist: “Are you flirting with me?”

“Depends; are you willing to try something new?”

She found him looking at her kindly: “Depends on what you mean by new?”

He took the puck from Kallie: “I’ve got two tickets to a hockey game.”

“I have no idea what hockey is.”

His gasp was exaggerated: “What? You haven’t lived until you’ve been in an ice cold arena, drinking overpriced coffee and cheering as these little pucks get blasted from one side of the rink to the other!”

Kallie couldn’t help but smile: “Sounds …”


“… like fun.”

He offered his arm: “Excellent!”

She shook her head as the one that Tera called “Uncle” led the way from the Museum towards something a bit better than making do. As he continued to explain about hockey sticks and something called a zamboni, Kallie realized something:

Making a friend was better than making do.

Where that lesson led next was another step on the way towards her own dreams …

… and making her own way …

Feb 26 2017

A Review of Temple of Lilith by Anne O’Connell

Temple of Lilith by Anne O'Connell

Temple of Lilith by Anne O’Connell

There are many interpretations of Lilith that appear in fiction. I personally prefer those appearances where she is powerful, seductive and is in full control. Lilith has her own thoughts, her own needs and yes, her own desires. It becomes so much more interesting when others fall into her seduction and where she takes them.

A mystery is one thing that cannot be ignored. It teases at the mind, thrills the senses. Sometimes that mystery envelopes a power upon itself. When one’s own inner desires are bared, sometimes what one needs becomes what the power desires them to be. When that comes, very little else matters.

  • Title: Temple of Lilith
  • Author: Anne O’Connell
  • Length: 41 Pages
  • ASIN: B01AX7SK9W
  • Publishing Date: January 20, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

An at odds couple, Kylie and Ray, begin renovating their old house only to discover a bizarre hidden room painted with strange symbols. The room has the secret power to give them each what they desire, but for this, the demon asks a carnal price.

The discovery of a strange hidden room leads a couple to find themselves in the presence of an ancient power. She draws them close, whispers to them of submitting to her, worshipping her. The price to pay is a seductive one, and within that seduction comes a promise untold.

The most striking part of this work is the atmosphere. The setting, the textures of the room where Lilith is found are quite remarkable. The characters have depth, needs and desires. Lilith herself is a strong and powerful succubus, drawing others to her. The combination gives a story that, while having quite a lot of erotica occurring, melds that with the story very well. The two, story and erotica, are tightly wound with each other and this keeps the story moving at a brisk pace.

The erotica flips between Lilith’s domination of her new found pets, the lovely descriptions of mind control and female domination, and the couple’s own passions for each other. The heat simmers much of the work but does peak quite nicely at the climax where Lilith pushes her pets to new heights.

I loved Lilith’s appearance, the self-assuredness that her character shows. There is also an appearance of incubi as well, hints of succubi, who serve at Lilith’s will. She’s a commanding presence in the story when she appears, but that’s a bit fleeting at times. While she is there for the sake of controlling the main characters, there are other things mentioned about her.

This is the one part of this work that made me pause. There are comments by Lilith about her past, about the room she is in. They are a bit vague, really never getting into detail which I was a little disappointed about. The room itself is a mystery, one specific part of it leaving a question in my thoughts that I dearly would have liked explored somehow.

There is a lot of mystery left untapped in the story, the past is not visited, where Lilith has been isn’t spoken of. There’s a bit of dangling threads here and there, but at the same time how the work ends seems to make that a needed thing. That said, perhaps Lilith needed to be more present, more central to the story. She’s a presence, there’s no doubt, but she might have been better used as a character than just to collar her pets.

The writing is wonderful, the characters have stories to tell. Lilith is a powerful presence and she is used so very well by the author to drive the story onwards. I just really wanted to know more about Lilith, her past, how she came to be where she is now. Lots of questions, but few answers and not even the heat of the story can quite overcome that for me.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I enjoyed the mix of themes, the hints of Lilith using her powers upon Kylie and Ray. Lilith wasn’t raw sexuality, she was quite a bit more and in the little tastes of her there is a lot to like and wonder about. At the time of this review, there wasn’t a following work and that’s a bit of a shame really.

There are some interesting plot ideas within Lilith, Kylie and Ray’s thoughts that really do need to be explored and I would hope the author would delve into those. There’s so much left unsaid and to be thought about. Those are the best stories of all.



Feb 26 2017

A Review of Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name’s Sinclair by Jason J. Honz

Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name's Sinclair by Jason J. Honz

Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name’s Sinclair by Jason J. Honz

I came across a work on Smashwords this week that’s a bit different as a whole. The story’s author has a Pateron, which you can find here, and within that Pateron there’s the beginnings of a work about Succubi. It’s sort of a reward for their supporters, from what I can understand about it, but they’ve posted the first chapter on Smashwords for free. As such, I’m going to review the opening chapter of this work and share some of my thoughts about the story so far.

There are many different kinds of succubi, from the playful to the dangerously dominant. But being a succubus doesn’t mean that the world is yours, it does mean that, for some, they’ll take what they want and leave very little in their wake.

  • Title: Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name’s Sinclair
  • Author: Jason J. Honz
  • Published By: Alexis B. Foyer
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • IBSN: 9781370119950
  • Publishing Date: February 23, 2017
  • This work in Various Formats at

The work tells the story of:

Succubus Sins follows the life of a succubus by the name of Sinclair, who’s just moved in with her long-time succubus friend, Maze, in a new town. She’s ready to fuck, feed, and fight, if she has to, to her heart’s content.

Sinclair is travelling to meet her fellow succubus Maze and along the way a stewardess discovers the hungers of a succubus needing a meal. Sometimes need is everything and in the case of Sinclair, her needs are all that matters.

The work is a hot flash with a hentai focus to the erotica. As such, the story doesn’t spend a lot of time telling a story or setting up a plot than it does getting Sinclair and her morsel together and telling about what happens next. There’s a real rush from the opening page to get into the story, dropping some thoughts about Sinclair, then moving directly into her need to feed.

Beyond the over-the-top scene, which borders into the realm of impossibly, and yes I realize this is a work of hentai more than anything else, I just couldn’t quite manage to get past the descriptions of what happens to the stewardess. I also didn’t really kind Sinclair’s dominant streak and attitude that attractive either. There’s a different between being dominant and being abusive and it feels like Sinclair likes the abuse more than the domination. That’s a character trait, of course, and perhaps in time there’ll be a reflection as to why she is the way she is.

While much of the scene didn’t have heat for me, what really brought me up short was how it ended. The encounter sort of hits a brick wall and comes to a stop, leaving a lot of questions behind, not the least of which was how Sinclair extracted herself from the position she put herself into. The logic of the scene just didn’t work for me as a result. Perhaps the rushing through it all, the overwhelming force that Sinclair uses is part of the problem.

All that said, the work needs an editing pass if for no other reason than to slow the story down. Perhaps giving Sinclair some more time for self-reflection would help too. Taking some time to allow for some sort of seduction rather than how things unfolded would be good as well. Succubi are, after all, supposed to draw their prey to them, be seductive and be desired. It was hard to find that within Sinclair as she is.

The concept I think is interesting, Sinclair should be a unique succubus, given the hints the author gives that beginning of the work. Some of the themes the author suggests that will appear in future chapters, such as vore, don’t particularly interest me, but if there’s more of a story outside of the erotica, that would attract me further. As things are told so far, I just couldn’t find my way into the story and that was disappointing as I really wanted to.

Two out of five pitchforks.

There’s a bit too much hentai-level abuse and dominance for my particular taste so far. Beyond that, Sinclair’s personality seems really one-dimensional and I really would like to see that change into something more than that. Now, the next chapter might draw the other succubus of the series, Maze, into the picture and she could add a lot if she’s something more than what Sinclair’s shown herself to be.

Sex alone isn’t really all that much of a story, and so far that sex has been really not that interesting so far. The thing is, there’s a hint of a story floating around Sinclair, and I’d like to see where that goes. She’s not going to be nice, there’s no question of that, but she could be less of a force of will and more of a seductress.

Getting to the story beyond the sex scenes I think will be the difference here.