May 31 2015

A Review of By The Horns by Alys Lovell

By The Horns by Alys Lovell

By The Horns by Alys Lovell

While it is true that Succubi are creatures of seduction, eroticism, lust and desire, that is not all that they are. While some of the succubi are mainly concerned with the doing, there are some that also care about being more than they are expected to be.

Stories like that, for me, are really quite a lot more interesting in that the path the succubus takes, the choices she makes, and, with luck, the evidence that she is more than a pretty face, an amazing sexual partner. She’s someone with a mind, someone that can think, can reason and most of all… care.

That reveals one of the true Succubi and not the shadows they are made out to be.

  • Title: By The Horns
  • Author: Alys Lovell
  • Length: 34 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 21, 2014
  • This work at

It is the story of:

Captured by beastpeople, the last thing Princess Inaya expected was a heated stir in her loins. That is, until the leader – a bull-man with a drool-worthy physique – began giving off a cloud of pheromones. The half-succubus wonders what could hurt if she takes the situation by the horns and entertains her inner sex demon.

Princess Inaya goes from a boring party to finding herself at the “mercy” of her kidnapper. She finds a connection, discovers something about herself that she didn’t expect, and a future that she never expected.

The work is more of an adventure story with a dash of erotica mixed into the tale. As such the story, plot, characters, the layers of the work, really all some together into a complete well told story. There’s more than just a succubus having an encounter with another. There is personality, a battle of wills, desires, wants and needs that really expresses a lot about the two main characters of the story.

Princess Inaya is part-succubus, so she has no horns or tail or other physical signs of being a succubus other than her beauty and poise. Mention is made of her mother, but we never learn her mother’s name, or really anything else about her. Inaya is so much more than she shows the world around her, one encounter she has at the beginning of the work tells all about the world that she has to deal with everyday and that is a shame. I particularly liked that she made a choice, regardless of the pitfalls or problems that could arise and she stood by her choice. She learns from the Queen of this work something important and, for me, it turned her thoughts, her will towards being exactly what she was inside to the outside world. I’d love to see Inaya as Queen in that world. i think she would be someone amazing and should be.

The other main characters is the bull-man that Inaya meets. His name isn’t revealed until well towards the end of the work, but it’s clear from the beginning that he’s something more than he appears to be. He has strength of character, of will, personality and form, but there’s more to him than that. There is a honour in him. He is, as a whole, the most honourable person in the story next to Inaya and in that the connection between the two is so very clear and wonderful.

While the story is involved and strong, the moments of erotica are in the right places at the right time and as such make the most of the impact that they have. The work isn’t a hot flash, it’s more of a long, drawn out experience of the passions between two beings that have found each other. That, for me, was really well done. The heat in these scenes is delicious, passionate, and adds to the story, how it progresses, what happens as the story goes along. It isn’t there as window dressing. It is a foundation for the work and as such added a great deal to my enjoyment of the work.

There really wasn’t much that took me out of the story. There was no misplaced words, misdirected characterizations, or loss of focus. It is tightly written, closes on a perfect note, and leaves a direction for the story to go forward if the author chooses to do so. The ending isn’t a disappointment. There is closure, acceptance, and a future. All of that are good things. I would have liked a bit more story around Inaya’s past, her mother, what she has been through. A bit more about the relationship she has with the Queen would have been nice too. These are all minor things, but as a means to reveal more about Inaya herself, I think it would have been a nice thing to see.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I really liked Princess Inaya in many ways. She’s smart, she cares, and most of all, she refuses to be what the world around her expects her to be. Yes, sometimes her succubus nature gets the better of her, but that’s more of a character trait and not all that much of a flaw. I’d like to see the princess become the Queen in some other story and, perhaps, we’ll see all that she is in the best of light as she should be.



May 31 2015

A Review of the Evil Sorceress In Training series by C.V. Walter

Evil Sorceress In Training: In The Tower by C.V. Walter

Evil Sorceress In Training: In The Tower by C.V. Walter

Amazon’s keyword search has a lot of problems really. It’s not hard to ‘game’ the system, to make a book appear in a keyword search for the most vague reasons possible. In the case of this series, a succubus appears in one book, for one short scene and then never appears again, nor is mentioned, or for that matter has any bearing on the story save for a means to transition in and out of a sex scene,

Now this happens in the second work of a five part series and, having some hope that the succubus might appear again, I read through the entire series. As such, this review will be talking about the series as a whole, the appearance of the succubus in particular, and the thoughts I had about the collection overall.

The work tells the story of:

Ari can feel the magic gathering for a ritual in the tower and it’s turning her on. When she gets there, she finds Dylan, Issy’s companion and some time lover.

Eager to help, Ari enters the circle that’s being prepared and creates her own deal with the creature being summoned.

When the sorcerer discovers her interference, she’s forced to join Dylan in the circle. Will she keep what innocence she has left? Will she still be a perfect sacrifice?

The series follows what happens to Ari as she comes to realize that she has the powers of a sorceress, learns about them, and the makes plans of her own. Along with those plans, Ari gets herself into a variety of situations, problems, and, in every case, as the events unfold, Ari has as much fun as she can with as many beings as possible.

As the series unfolds, Ari turns out to be quite a schemer, making all kinds of deals and working towards her ultimate plan, as she sees it. The thing is, the plot of the series gets a bit overrun by the number of sexual encounters and it takes away much of the interest I had in it.

I’ll note that there is but one appearance of a succubus in the series, that particular work is noted at the beginning of this review. The succubus is never named, only appears for the sake of having sex with another of the main characters, and then, after Ari is involved in things, has some fun with her as well. Once that encounter is over, the succubus vanishes in a puff of smoke, never to return, to be spoken of, or thought of again.

The way the succubus appears feels a bit like a backhanded compliment in way, she being described as looking like any other beautiful woman save for her horns and hooves. The succubus also really doesn’t have much of a personality, really caring only to have her way with the morsel she is offered to seal a deal. Which brings up the other problem here. The sorcerer summons the succubus to complete a deal and that’s confusing as the sorcerer made a deal with another being before. So is this summoning about that or something else? Even after the succubus gets what she wants, the deal made is never explained, referenced, or explained. it quite literally disappears into a puff of smoke.

The individual stories didn’t connect together well for me, there were gaps that never were explained, plots left dangling, and in the end, when it arrives, the ending is far too quick and unsatisfying for how much was put into the series. To take five books to tell a story, even short ones, and then end things on a whim just didn’t work for me.

There is some story and plot to be found, but it’s fleeting. The focus is mostly on the sexual encounters over the story, to write a series of hot flashes and connect them together as best as possible. I think the series would have worked better with some more time spent on the story to balance things out against the erotica. In doing so I think I would have cared more about Ari and the other characters, been concerned when their lives were at risk. But that didn’t happen here.

The idea of a series following the adventures of a “evil sorceress” is interesting and given more time to write a stronger series I think that would work well. But better plot, connecting events together and having a overall plot are needed here.

I’ll give the series as a whole two and a half out of five pitchforks.

A bit thin on story, some lack of heat in the hot flashes, and characters that just didn’t connect. Some editing might help, but more focus would by far.



May 30 2015

A Short Film – Succubus

I found an interesting short film the other day that is about Succubi, It’s described as: “A movie about a Succubus chasing you in your dreams. This short movie is a mix between stop motion and video sequences using a 10 mm fish eye lens.”

It has a very striking look and tells its story in a rather unique way I thought. There are a few points where there is a bit of a “scream surprise” moment happening, which I am sure will be obvious when it happens.

And if you cannot see the film here on the Tale, please try this link:

The film’s dream scenes do have the right sort of temporal disconnect and oddity that dreams tend to have which works very well. There’s also an undercurrent of danger, perhaps more evil, that becomes more and more prevalent as the film goes on.

With all of that, the actress playing the role of the Succubus does have a rather disturbing quality when she appears, especially when she moves very close to the screen and the full effects of the lens come into play.

The film does tend to step a bit more into shock horror than I personally like, but as a whole it’s a rather unique take on the Succubus myth that I wanted to share…



May 29 2015

A Review of Succubus Rising by Camdra Abott

Succubus Rising by Camdra Abott

Succubus Rising by Camdra Abott

The start of another series for review today on the Tale. I find it difficult to read something where the story is written such that the reader is placed in the role of the main character. The problem I have is accepting what that characters does and being made to accept that it was reasonable for them to do so.

If there is reason, explanation, consideration, then it is possible to accept them doing some very questionable things. When there isn’t, and the story doesn’t seem to flow well, or make sense at times, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Title: Succubus Rising
  • Author: Camdra Abott
  • Length: 64 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B00WCIZ51M
  • Publishing Date: April 18, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

A young mage becomes embroiled in a fight for survival in a world turned hostile. Making a pact with a succubus and gathering a small group of survivors he fights and fucks his way through the remains of his world.

As a whole, the summary of this work that the main character ‘fucks their way’ through the story is completely accurate. There is the barest wisp of a plot and characters in the work which are completely overwhelmed by the rather poorly written sexual moments that appear.

Really, the hottest parts of the work, erotica-wise, are when the main Succubus of the work, Agrat Bat Mahlat, appears, has her way with the main character and then… sort of vanishes into the background for the rest of the story. There are other Succubi that appear, who are not named, but those appearances are rather flat and rote in how they are told. The coming into this world I like, description-wise, but beyond that there isn’t much heat or interest for me. As well, to a point, they appear to be somewhat stereotypical in appearance, though there is a hint of something more that should have been explored more in the story, but wasn’t.

The work does not read well, mainly because, over and over again ‘You’ are described as doing something then ‘You’ are described doing something else before ‘You’ go off and have ‘Your’ way with every woman ‘You’ encounter. The entire work continues in this vein and after a while that just becomes very painful to read. I don’t feel like the author did themselves any good in writing in this way. It would have been much more effective to give the main character a name, write from their perspective and in doing so, make a connection with the reader.

As well, there isn’t a real plot through the work so much as there are a series of sex scenes linked together with the main character moving from place to place. Past that, the attitude of the main character, for me, makes them dis-likeable from almost the first thing they do. That shouldn’t happen because what is the point to reading a story when you have to struggle with the events, don’t care about the characters, well, save for Agrat, but that’s another point altogether, and by the end one is left wondering what was the point of the story in the first place?

The work needs a lot of editing, better focus, more story, and even that isn’t quite enough for the focus on the erotica which needs it’s own improvements. It doesn’t have to be romance or anything like that, but it does have to, at some point, have some value to it.

The work ends with nothing really being resolved, many open doors to continue through, and a lot of questionable actions that lead to the ending which does really nothing. I have said many times in my reviews that story is important, characters matter, and if those two things connect, then the erotica is something special. I can’t say that here.

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five.

An interesting concept, but beyond that the work needs editing, focus, a reason for what happens most of all. ‘Just because’ isn’t a good enough reason to have something happen. The story comes in the details and this work doesn’t have them.

I will look for the following work in the series when it appears to see if the author improves on this work. I hope so.



May 29 2015

A Review of Her Incubus by Elizabeth Zanders

Her Incubus by Elizabeth Zanders

Her Incubus by Elizabeth Zanders

One of the things that bothers me the most is a summary about a work that offers what sounds like an interesting premise, with a storyline that seems like it could be quite a good read and then the story itself completely tosses that summery aside for a hot flash.

It’s not so much the hot flash that is a problem. it is that the author seems to have thought reading the summary would give enough background about the characters that actually telling about them, both of them, in the actual story, would be a waste of time.

It wouldn’t be. And they needed to.

  • Title: Her Incubus
  • Author: Elizabeth Zanders
  • Length: 8 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 17, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Alisha O’Connell has dreamed about her perfect man ever since she was old enough to know what she wanted in the opposite sex. Little did she know that her black-haired, blue eyed “dream man” is a fallen angel named Aidan, and he’s been waiting for the right time to come into her life and show her everything she’s been missing. Alisha doesn’t stand a chance of resisting him because Aidan is more than just a fallen angel, he’s got the powers of an incubus, too.

Alisha has been dreaming about her perfect man for a long time now. Making a wish that he was real makes him so and then she discovers that submitting to him is all that she could ask for… whatever he is.

As a whole the story concept, if you accept the summary as being the idea of the story, seems like a good one. Girl wishes for lover, lover appears, lover is a fallen angel slash Incubus and gives Alisha her first sexual encounter.

The problem is that who and what Aidan is never comes into play during the story. He magically appears in the shower with Alisha, and after a short moment of confusion on Alisha’s part, they have a sexual encounter in which Aidan takes control of things, makes Alisha submit to him, and then… the story ends.

While quite a lot about Alisha is told in the opening of the work, and she is told really very well, Aiden is… just there. He’s a means to an end with the personality to match and that, for me, was really disappointing. There isn’t much interplay between the two, there isn’t much in the way of any explanation of what Aiden is.

He just appears, promises to give Alisha everything she wants, then as he does so, demands a truth from her, which she succumbs to, and then after their climax the story comes to an end with a promise to close the work.

The work felt very rushed from the instant that Aiden appeared, and that’s a shame as the way he does so could have opened the story to more character development, more storytelling, more understanding about Aiden, why he was attracted to Alisha… just a lot more than a build up to a erotic shower scene and a short postscript.

I’m giving this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

A story that started out well, but then lost its way for getting to the erotica. Connection the book summary to the actual story well is always a good idea and in doing so this could have been a lot more than eight pages.




May 28 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 384

Something quite a bit dominant today on the Tale for the Succubi of the Week. There’s a certain look that I think works for really dominant Succubi, or those that are if not Succubi then at least temptation in some way, shape or form… All you need to do, of course, is sign on the dotted line…

09 - Demon by W-Orks

09 – Demon by W-Orks

This work is called Demon and is by an artist on DeviantArt called W-Orks. The original page with this art is here and the artist’s page is here as well.

Overall I like the concept behind this image and how it all comes together, though I will say that her expression is a bit odd for me and takes something from the work that I can’t quite put my finger on. I like her choice of outfit, the shoes, her tail and I can live with her horns, they are a bit large I think, but then she’s less of a seductive Succubus and more of a negotiator for souls. Obviously she is very dominant, it seems like one of her pets… or conquests… is serving her in their own way.

The setting around her, the poster, the contract she is holding, the slightly 1950s wall poster feel to the entire work is very striking and it is something that I haven’t seen before which is what brought my attention to this art in the first place.

I only wish that she wasn’t quite so much a sourpuss in her expression…




May 27 2015

Perhaps a start to some Dark Succubus Desire as a costume?

Desire Dark Angel CostumeA slightly different costume this time on the Tale. I’ve been pondering how to mix up something as an option for a costume this year. I found this angel costume and… I wonder what I can do with it…

This is called the Desire Dark Angel Costume and it comes with a satin dress with embroidered wings on the bodice, a skirt with flowing organza and chiffon a gray and black halo headband and a pair of chiffon wings with wire support. Shoes not included of course and it sells for $175 US, though it has been on sale for less than that.

And, at least for me, I wonder about losing the halo, replacing it with some horns, black I think. A red wig, and a black tail. The shoes can stay as can the rest of the costume.

Sort of Tail in one of her moods perhaps? It’s actually an interesting thought for me at least as I haven’t really dressed up as my “other self” in some time.

Coming to think about this a little more, I am really starting to like the idea and I wonder why the costume designers didn’t give a more devilish option for this outfit…

I’ll have to try my hand at this I think.

I’ll give this, after some changes and alterations, three out of five pitchforks.

This could turn into something… Not sure quite what, but it could…