Apr 05 2015

A Review of the Monster and Possession Erotica series by Desiree Silver

The Domain of the Incubus by Desiree Silver

The Domain of the Incubus by Desiree Silver

A review today on the Tale of a short series of works, two of which involve Incubi and the third which has a Succubus as the main character. They are all, to a point, connected together and in their own way they are both quite good and perhaps not so much so. The series is called Monster and Possession Erotica, which is a bit general in tone I know. but that is what it is called.

Seduction is, at times, a two way street. Sometimes it isn’t and then, if you aren’t looking, you can find yourself with no where to go…

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: The Domain of the Incubus
  • Author:  Desiree Silver
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • ASIN: B00RQN2610
  • Publishing Date: January 2, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

A young innocent woman attends a luxurious, fancy dinner party in the city. Little does she know that soon her life will be changed completely after she is utterly dominated by a seductive demon and his ominous friends.

Alexia is invited to a club with her girlfriend. Seeing no harm in doing so, she goes to the club and finds that things aren’t exactly what she expected them to be. Meeting Evan, an incubus, and some other supernatural creative turns into something more than unexpected.

I honestly didn’t like this story very much for many reasons. The writing was awkward, uneven and had a lot of spelling mistakes as well. The dialog didn’t sound right, again was awkward, and read like the author didn’t understand English slang well. The erotica wasn’t really all that hot, didn’t add anything to the story and just left me cold as a whole.

Alexia herself is interesting, I liked her character and how she tries to deal with what happens to her, but there was so much strangeness in the storytelling that I couldn’t get past that. That’s a shame because at first I liked the story, but then as things progressed it all went downhill and I just wasn’t interested any more.

As for Evan, the incubus of the work, he is nothing more than a means to have a character dominate over Alexia, draw her towards the erotica and then force her into a series of situations with other supernatural beings that, again, did nothing for me. His dialog was stilted, read poorly, and just saying the words out loud told just how wrong they were.

The erotica is violent, uneven, had very little, if any, heat in it. It reads poorly as a domination story, tending towards saying that to be dominant over another you must do violence, be gruff, nasty, and care not all that much about the other person. Again, this, for me, isn’t what a D/s relationship is, and as such that made my enjoyment of the story fade the further the story went along.

Uneven writing, many spelling mistakes, characters that hold no interest, a plot that only serves to push the main character into a series of sexual encounters that really have no heat in them. All in all I expected more and didn’t see that.

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five.

The Domain of the Incubus 2 by Desiree Silver

The Domain of the Incubus 2 by Desiree Silver

I had hopes that the next work in the series would be better, that the author might care to edit the work better, find more character in their characters and tell more story than simply one sex scene after the next. The book blurb gave me some hope that, perhaps, there was something more to be see here.

Sometimes we are the product of our situation. Sometimes that situation leaves little in the way of choice, direction, and understanding. What happens then?

The second work in the series is:

  • Title: The Domain of the Incubus 2
  • Author:  Desiree Silver
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B00S5OXX5W
  • Publishing Date: January 12, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

This is the tale of Alexia, friend of Julie from the first Domain of the Incubus. Entrapped by a powerfully seductive sexual demon, she is surprised to discover seeds of kindness, and even possibly love, from her captor.

Alexia’s life has changed since her encounter with Evan. She bears his child and what that means is a question she has no answer for yet. When Evan reveals a secret that Alexia didn’t know, things get more complicated. When Julie reappears, then things are stranger still.

Again, sadly, I was disappointed in this work. Still uneven in writing, still so many mistakes, still so many uninteresting characters, still so much pain and suffering and violence that what little story there was got sideswiped by the over the top erotica that just didn’t have any heat in it.

Alexia again starts out as being interesting, but as the story progresses, any sort of character development that occurs, and there is some, gets smothered by moments that just read wrong, feel wrong and play out poorly. I will note, as an aside, that Even reveals to Alexia that she is the child of an Incubus, but whether she is a Succubus or not isn’t explained or touched on.

The story turns very violent when Alexia gives birth, the point of which… well there isn’t one. Julie appears again and she’s the plaything of the other supernatural beings around her. It’s shocking how her attitude towards Alexia has changed, how she has become a schemer, intending to get rid of Alexia anyway she can.

At this point in the story, it felt like a really bad soap opera and I just lost all interest in it. I didn’t care at all about anything that happened, the erotica did nothing for me again, and even with the slight surprise I had over Alexia’s past, there wasn’t anything done with it save that Alexia didn’t die after giving birth, which, according to Evan and others, was the fate of “normal” humans most of the time.

The book blurb talked about a change in Evan’s attitude, but honestly that didn’t play out either. A the beginning his attitude towards Alexia is shockingly bad, he treats her poorly, but then, all of a sudden, when she gives him a child, then he becomes “nice” which really turned me off further still.

Poorly written, paper-thin characters, and there are a lot of them that pop in and out of this work for no reason at all. A plot that didn’t go anywhere save to make the story more complicated. Erotica that didn’t have heat, didn’t have a purpose, and was, overall, violent and dispassionate in nature.

One pitchfork out of five.

The work comes to a close, but leaves everything open, not completing any of the plots or stories that had been started. Not that I expected much after the first work and to be honest I wasn’t all that surprised when it wasn’t.

Falling for the Succubus: An Unexpected Demon Romance by Desiree Silver

Falling for the Succubus: An Unexpected Demon Romance by Desiree Silver

I had assumed that the third work in the series might, just might, possibly turn the corner, settle down, and be something to interest me. But instead of continuing with these characters, the author turns to some new ones and, of course, one of them is a succubus.

The danger of entrapment is that you can be trapped as well. Then the problem becomes who is in control, who takes the lead, and in the end, who really cared in the first place?

The third work in the series is:

  • Title: Falling for the Succubus: An Unexpected Demon Romance
  • Author:  Desiree Silver
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 12, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Isabel, a sultry and seductive modern day succubus, discovers too late that she has made the wrong choice when she picked a young man who happened to be a student of demonology. William decides to keep her around as his own, trapping her, fully aware of the dangers… Is he falling for her, or she for him? Only time will tell…

Isabel goes out to a bar looking for her needed fix. She encounters William, who knows exactly what Isabel is. After a night of being together, there is a connection between them. William takes a risk, Isabel relents, and then fate takes a hand in their lives and what comes afterwards.

I liked Isabel for several reasons, the main one being that she has a heart, cares that she doesn’t kill others because of what she is, and tries to protect William. She’s not quite stereotypical in that way, nor does she have horns or a tail, but regardless she’s intelligent, has personality, and gives a damn which, considering the other works in this series, is a refreshing change.

William is every bit as interesting as Isabel. He’s smart, he is willing to take the risk to tell her that he loves her, and in the end, offers Isabel himself for the simple reason that he cares about Isabel. He doesn’t care about the succubus. He’s kind, caring, and that comes through quite clearly in his mannerisms and what happens in the story.

The erotica is a lovely hot flash that isn’t over the top but leads quite well into the latter part of the story where both characters have to some to terms with the possibility that they love each other. There is intimacy, passion, and a sense of them belonging together.

The conclusion of the work is, in many ways, sad and tragic, the events being clearly telegraphed in the prior pages. But there is a neat little twist involving an angel, a truth, and a gift that Isabel is given that I adored in spite of the somewhat awkwardness of the last page or so of the story.

With all that I liked, all of the positives, there are still a lot of problems in the work. One glaring point is that at one point Isabel’s nickname is Izzy, then it switches in the next sentence to Issy. That really bothered me. Then, again, as happened in the prior works, there are a lot of editing mistakes, spelling mistakes, awkward sounding conversation, sentence structure that made no sense at all. Many silly and minor mistakes that a single editing pass could have fixed.

It really is a shame because this is a really good love story about two characters and all of this never should have taken away as much as it did from the work. It is a stand-alone story, it has a beginning, middle and end, which I felt worked. But nonetheless so many mistakes and issues hurt what otherwise was a lovely story that I really wanted to be better than it was.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really it is the best, by far, of the three works, but all of the spelling mistakes, grammar errors and most of all, Isabel’s nickname switching from Izzy to Issy just hurt what otherwise was a really lovely story. It’s a shame because the work really does deserve a better rating, but I can’t overlook all of the flaws.

A series of unevenly written works, one of which was so much better than the others. The author has written a series of similar works with other supernatural beings and I hope that they have improved their editing skills over time. If not, that’s the real shame here.



Apr 05 2015

A Review of The Bygone Times Saga by Andre Alan

The Bygone Times Saga by Andre Alan

The Bygone Times Saga by Andre Alan

To me, the one thing that really matters when a story comes together is… the story itself. There needs to be purpose to the words that appear. The emotions, the lives told, the moments, both good and bad, have to come out of a story that matters.

The passions of the author, if they are clearly in the story itself does make a difference. That one thing never changes and sometimes the story that is told leaves more questions than answers.

The work tells about:

Take a journey through the world of Threa during a time when a demonic species named the Ura ravage the land of Eioda and drink human blood. They transform their victims into creatures of the night like themselves. Read the love story between the Demon King and his Succubus Queen as the try to conquer the humans. Discover the first master of Demonology as he attempts to summon the Demon King.

The work fells very much like something you might discover in Dungeons and Dragons in all of the different beings, monsters and so forth that appear. There is a lot of world building which I enjoyed, but in that comes a lot of unanswered questions as well. For the work as a whole that really isn’t much of a problem as it is the characters that drive the work.

It is, in many respects, a tragedy in what so many lose and the fates that befall them. One of these is critical to the story as a whole and drive the main character forwards. The changes he goes through and what happens as a result is quite telling. Not just the character himself, but the world he has to deal with anew.

The creation of the Succubus Queen is, again, very tragic. It’s a hard thing to see happen, to read what the main character does, and what the results are. The transformation itself is violent, but at the end she has all of the markings of a Succubus, horns, tail and wings. But she is there for a fleeting moment and then does not reappear again, though her children do and so on.

As a work of adventure fantasy fiction, it is written week, a very few spelling mistakes which didn’t hurt the works as a whole. The characters are strongly written, their purposes are made clear over the course of the story. There are many losses and much mourning as well. The most interesting thing about this work is how the characters move from being childhood friends to the roles that they find themselves in later in their lives.

The work ends on a cliff-hanger and as far as I have been able to see, nothing was written to tell the story further. That’s a shame as there was a lot of promise. Mages, demons, Succubi and others… Lots to tell, but it’s a shame it never has been.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

Not really a lot of Succubi in this work, but the story and characters make up for that in a lot of ways…



Apr 04 2015

Still another Morrigan Aensland YouTube

Another Morrigan Aensland slideshow I found on YouTube… No music this time which is a bit of a surprise to me at least… But some lovely art nonetheless…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


And, as always, the one image in the video that I liked…

Morrigan Aensland

It’s an interesting pose really, usually we not see Morrigan from this angle very often for what are, really, obviously reasons. Still, I think this is interesting in its detail of her and how her wings and hair are shown. It’s less about her obvious assets as it is about her character and I’ll always prefer art that takes that view of her…



Apr 03 2015

A Review of the Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings series by J. Lee Roberts

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings: Cleopatra's Pearls by J. Lee Roberts

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings: Cleopatra’s Pearls by J. Lee Roberts

It isn’t often that there is a Succubus, or Succubus-like character that has a bit of an Raiders of the Lost Ark feel about them that mixed well with who they are. For the most part, stories about such characters tend to focus on the erotica and not leave much for telling of their history, who they are, and the world they live in.

It’s a rather difficult line to tread, to try to write an adventure that still has quite a lot of erotica in it as well. More so when the story is told over two works in a series and more still when, at times, the erotica runs roughshod over the story itself.

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings: Cleopatra’s Pearls
  • Author:  J. Lee Roberts
  • Length: 65 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 5, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

“I’m not your average monster. In the past, I have toppled, liberated, and even ruled kingdoms. Believe me, I’m over that lifestyle. My motto is, ‘Learn from the past; love in the present’.

“By day, I’m Catalina Purdy, proprietor of Purdy Antiques. By night, under cover of darkness, I expose my true nature.

“I enjoy; long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, easy men, and feasting off the chemicals they produce when sexually aroused.

“I also love my job. I am eternally thirsty for the chance to hunt down rare, exotic pieces. However, I’m not hard to please, I’ll take any piece I can get, and I always get what I want.”

Catalina is a Succubus, but she is also an adventurer, a mystic, and, at least according to quite a number of beings in her world, also has quite the story to tell. Sometimes the story however is more about Catalina than she’d like it to be. But being a Succubus tends to bring you all kinds of attention.

Catalina is a mix of being vampiric, in that she feeds on the blood of others, but also she defines herself as a Succubus in that she can mesmerize others and have them do her bidding, not to mention that she really needs sex on an ongoing basis in her life. She is an interesting character in that her past, though shrouded in mystery, defines who she is to others but at the same time she tries very much not to allow it to define herself. There is a bit of an internal struggle at times over that conflict, mostly through her using her past to occasionally obtain something she wants.

Still, in the here and now, she is somewhat of an Indiana Jones sort of main character, tending towards a focus on adventure, but not at all shy about using her abilities at the most interesting times in the story. But that’s where the problem starts. There is a vast background about Catalina that is skimmed over, relationships mentioned, and so on, but really the work doesn’t delve into that part of her.

The work focuses on all of the sexual interruptions and moments that she encounters and when they come to pass in the work, they take up quite a lot of the work as a whole. There’s many sex scenes which are, to be clear, very hot, very well written, and as a whole I thought they were quite good. But this alone cannot hold the work together and so the story falls back on the introduction of a number of characters connected to Catalina, When it does so, those moments aren’t long enough to give a lot of character development or direction to them. There’s a lot of suggestions, some quite lewd, and it adds flavour to the work. It’s just not interesting enough.

While the writing is very good and there aren’t many editing problems, save for a few minor ones that cropped up here and there, good writing couldn’t make me like this work as much as I wanted to from the start.

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

A bit too much erotica and not nearly enough story for my personal taste. That’s a shame because Catalina is interesting outside of the erotica by far.

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings: The Aztec Goddess by J. Lee Roberts

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings: The Aztec Goddess by J. Lee Roberts

The other work in the series managed, I thought, to find that balance better as a whole and in doing so created a much more interesting and complex story than the first work did. It also gave a better glimpse into Catalina herself, her past, and some of the important people in her life, human and otherwise.

Sometimes your past confronts you in ways you never expected. When that moment arrives, the question one needs to ask is… why? The answer to that can, in many ways, reveal more about yourself than the person that asked the question in the first place.

The second work in the series is:

The work tells of:

Witches, shifters, and shamans. Oh my… Catalina is at it again, and as always, no one is off limits. Strong, smart, and sexy, the Queen of the Nightlings is all but invincible. All except for one little weakness—twins.

Deep in the heart of the jungle an ancient power calls. As Catalina searches for its source, she discovers a lost Viking warrior washed ashore after a sudden squall. Although she is forced to abandon her prey, Catalina knows she will never get over the mysterious stud without at least one little taste. Trouble is—while the Cat was out to play, tall, blond and handsome has gotten away.

The journey is only beginning when she finds her prize has been captured by a crafty coven. Catalina may be a monster, but what the witches have in store for the warrior is downright evil.

Catalina receives a visit from a new client that wishes to have her find a particular statue. The problem is that Catalina knows, exactly, where that statue is and what it can do. A long time ago, she came into contact with it and her life took some unexpected turns. So did a lot of others that still haunt her to this day.

The really interesting thing about this work is how much of the work tells of an important moment in Catalina’s past, what it meant for her future then and her present now. It also links into the previous work and explains quite a lot about Catalina and how she came to be where she is. It’s also interesting to see the one human in her life, a human that isn’t affected by Catalina’s powers and the dynamic that exists between them.

It’s through that relationship that most of this story is told, through Catalina telling of her first encounter with the statue in the past. It is told in Catalina’s voice as she is telling it as a story and it’s more personal that way. The story doesn’t read as a flashback so much as a somewhat fond memory. I though that work well, told more about Catalina’s personality and in doing so, more was learned about her.

There was also an interesting origin story told about another character, how Catalina was involved in that and where they came from. Another character’s relationship was also explained, but that relationship was both business and pleasure and I though it worked well.

The erotica in this work is spread throughout and as such it isn’t so overwhelming as it was in the first work. It’s less “happenstance” and fit better in the story overall which made the story a better read. This work is quite a bit longer than the first one because of all of the story, background and world building that is mixed in. There’s a better balance of story to erotica and it makes Catalina more interesting, a more full character and held me in the story much better.

There are still a few minor editing mistakes in the work, but they are minor ones, mostly a similar sounding word being wrongly used. Otherwise the writing is much better, the characters grow in the story, and there is a nice direction that it takes which kept my interest and I liked that.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

By far the better of the two stories and I think that really this work needed to be the first one in the series, though it isn’t. It’s a fuller, more involved story and as such it’s better written, makes better use of the erotica and has a better balance as a read.

I’d like to see a third work sometime, there are still a lot of stories to tell that have been hinted at and perhaps time will make them appear.



Apr 03 2015

A Review of All This and Love by J. Libby

All This and Love by J. Libby

All This and Love by J. Libby

It is to me interesting when an author takes established myths and legends and tweaks them slightly. You are never quite sure where the story goes or why it does the things it does.

I found a collection of such works which was a delightful read and the one work with connections to Succubi was quite remarkable in its own right…

The work tells about:

Love in many flavors takes center stage in All This and Love. From a wolf hunt in the catacombs beneath an unnamed city to the last kiss shared by a fallen angel and his immortal, human lover, love gets complicated by some of the things that go bump in the night. Explore lust, betrayal and star-crossed romance in five short stories in J. Libby’s debut collection.

Touching on the Succubus story, to the waters and the wild firstly, Kay is travelling through Ireland and picks up an odd hitchhiker in her travels. Aislinn is… odd… in some ways but there is an attraction that grows between them. The question is where that leads them both.

The story just barely touches upon what Aislinn is and that reveal is left until the very end of the story. In spite of that there are many little hints along the way which, if you are aware of the myths and legends, are signposts to the theme and direction of the story.

The descriptions of where the two go, what they see and experience is lovely and adds so much to the story. But with that the moments passing between them, Kay’s past history and Aislinn’s attractions are the core of the work. There is an otherworldly feeling to everything which made the story come into sharper focus overall and that little touch was perfect and needed for the story to be what it is.

The rest of the works are interesting in how they touch upon fairy tales, myths and legends and bend them by the author’s hand into something that lurks beneath the words but isn’t too obvious until the veil is lifted and the truths appear. The descriptions of the moments, the characters and more are really well done and make the collection much more than I was expecting. The stories are a bit short, some could easily have been much longer, such as the story about Kay and Aislinn for one. Perhaps that can be sometime… you never know.

For the Succubus story, I give four and a half pitchforks. I’m giving this work overall four out of five pitchforks.

Wonderful collection of writing and I do hope that the author tries their hand at writing some longer more involved things as I think they have quite the story telling talent…



Apr 02 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 376

Some Morrigan Aensland pencil art today on the Tale for the Succubi of the Week. So often the focus on Morrigan is, of course, her prominent assets. That really isn’t a surprise, but when it happens the rest of her tends to fall into the background and that’s a shame. However, the right pose, and the right expression can divert one’s attention very well…

Morrigan Aensland by 冬羿兒乙

Morrigan Aensland by 冬羿兒乙

This art of Morrigan Aensland is by an artist on Pixiv called 冬羿兒乙 and you can find the original page with this art here.

I’ve always been fascinated with Morrigan’s hair. Mainly because there’s just so many ways to drape it around her to change her looks as it does here. It gives action to this image, but it also hides one of Morrigan’s eyes and adds some impact to her expression as well. I just think that’s really well done and it’s what really drew me to this art.

It is also a somewhat different pose for Morrigan in that she’s so often draw in just about all directions except above her which I think provides some really interesting possibilities…

Perhaps she’s in the middle of a battle? It does look like that doesn’t it?



Apr 01 2015

This costume is missing something and will never find it

Sexy Red Devil CostumeThere are lots of costumes that I have looked at that are missing something… Some more than others, but it is, as I’ve seen, a theme… Here’s another example of that…

This is called the Sexy Red Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the horns and the tail. It sells for $56 with only $25 charged for shipping and handling at one of the places I found this.

It’s just… well tacky is probably giving it a compliment, but that is about the best description of this that I can think of. The horns are lousy, the tail looks like an afterthought and the dress itself, especially that glitter bow are too ugly for words.

I can do a lot better with a red strapless dress, a pair of horns and a tail than this and I won’t feel half as silly… Well, actually not at all as silly as I would in wearing this disaster.

I can’t see a way to save this, nor really would I want to try as it would make more sense to put the time into something a lot better than this.

As well, I think that charging almost as much in shipping as the costume itself is a bit on the tacky side as well.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

I’m not even sure why this exists to be honest…