Apr 28 2015

A Review of My Submissive Desire by Reed James

My Submissive Desire by Reed James

My Submissive Desire by Reed James

Succubi are the means to the desires and dreams of those that they encounter. I’ve always enjoyed that aspect, that purpose to them and with that comes the doing of good in spite of what they look like.

The way in which they are encountered can be the most interesting part about them and if that is something that is unique, makes sense, and plays out in a way that adds to the erotica, then that makes the story better still…

  • Title: My Submissive Desire
  • Author: Reed James
  • Length: 21 pages
  • ASIN: B00MLNX3B2
  • Publishing Date: August 10, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

There is a cafe that only appears when summoned by a heart beating for deviant desires. A place where the summoner’s innermost wishes, the ones they are too afraid to tell anyone, can be granted.

When Lindsey walks into Lil Temptress Coffee shop, she secretly burns to be dominated by her husband Ryan. She wants to submit to whatever kinky acts he desires—bondage, spankings, fetish costumes. But she’s too afraid to tell him, scared he would think her a freak. “What do you want?” asks the sultry barista, and Lindsey, hypnotized by the barista’s dark eyes, pours out all her deepest desires and is about to discover if that’s what she really wants.

Lindsey has a secret that she has never been able to tell her husband Ryan. But a strange coffee shop, an expresso or two, and the knowing look of the devilish barista will change all of that for them both.

Lindsey and Ryan are two very interesting characters. The work is told from Lindsay’s perspective and with that comes her secret need to be dominated by her husband, to call him her Master, and to be submissive to him. What Ryan wants isn’t really told of at the beginning of the work and isn’t touched on until the succubus of the story has worked her magic upon the two.

The succubus herself is wonderfully sensual, powerful, and the way she looks into Lindsey, drawing out her wants and desires is just perfect and I loved every moment of that. But we never learn her name, how she got there, and how exactly everything she does unfolds as it does. She watches the couple as they fall under her spell, makes some suggestions, and enjoys the display  before she vanishes into the ether, taking the coffee shop with her.

The succubus is the door that opens into the erotica of the story which is very much a D/s story with a bit of bondage wrapped up into it. It is at times a bit harsh, somewhat uncomfortable, and perhaps a bit cruel at least to my personal tastes. I don’t like the idea of harming another or treating them poorly and that does unfold in this story to a large extent. However, it is also clear that for the couple in this story, Lindsey and Ryan, it is what they want to make their lives better and more enjoyable. I that context, in that light, it works very well, the passions are strong and they each find fulfillment in what happens.

The work is billed as being the first in a series about this coffee shop and this succubus that seems to be the owner of it and that fascinates me quite a lot. There is a lot of good storytelling that can come from this and I hope that the author does continue this series. I would however like the succubus to have a name and perhaps be a little more involved than she is somehow. Passion and joy isn’t a spectator sport for succubi and she needs to be a bit more of a power in the story overall.

Written well, the character voices are strong and clear, the scenes are told well and overall the work is passionate and erotic in its own way. For some the erotica will be what they desire, for others not, but as a story, it all holds together really well.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

I’d like to see a part two in which we learn more about the succubus, if she is one and she seems to be, her magical coffee shop, and most importantly, what her name is. There really is a lot I like about her and perhaps the next work can be less about the crop and more about the feather instead.

A small postscript to this review, one that does disappoint me about this work. Soon after this work was published, it was reissued as My Forbidden Submission under a new author name and with the entire story exactly as it was released originally save that the two main characters names have been changed and their relationship is no longer husband and wife but rather what is a step-sister/brother relationship. There are no other changes to the story, the themes, the events of the work. It is simply a cut and paste alteration of the original released work and that, truly, disappointed me.

As such, I have to lower my rating for the second work. One out of five pitchforks. The author would have been better served to use the same setting and write a new story instead of using a pale photocopy. I’m not changing my review of the original, I still think that was well done and original. I just cannot accept the second as anything else but being lazy.



Apr 27 2015

Taxing By TeraS

It is Spring, when so many things draw a young succubi’s fancies in directions that have nothing to do with writing. However, as it is that time of year … And it can be …


By TeraS


It is said that one of the things that is inevitable in life is taxes. Even in the Realm, there comes a moment where such things have to be paid. But the thing is, unlike other realities, worlds, and universes where that particular day is frowned and fretted upon … in the Realm, things are a bit … different.

She was running as fast as she could, having lost her composure quite some distance back. Along the way, she had “offered” to help five incubi, eight succubi, and—her memories were a bit vague on the next part—at least one elf that was visiting the Realm.

Actually she did remember offering the elf … something … What was it that happened when the elf started? What did that elf do anyway? The breeze that blew under her skirt and against her bare nether lips reminded her. The elf had given her a tongue lashing, and had also walked off with her panties … which, in her muddled state, she was grateful for, as it would make things simpler for her.

After frantically trying to make herself cum, twice, she staggered onwards and then rounded the last corner to see her destination in front of her: the Realm Taxation Office. One might expect that it would be a grandiose building, looming over the street and casting a dark shadow over all that passed by. In truth it was a rather pleasant looking, small, red-brick building with an unassuming presence to it. Of course, that didn’t make any difference to Melissa at that moment as she tried to catch her breath. She could have easily just bampfed here, jumping from her home to this place in an instant. In fact, she was planning to do so, but something made her want to run the entire distance. Getting all hot … sweaty … turned on …

Things just got worse from there. Or better … the elf was pretty talented, after all.

Struggling not to fall to her knees, she wobbled to the door, shoved it open and then slammed it closed behind her. Then that voice came—the one that she heard every year about this time—and that tingle started to get a lot worse.

“So. What’s your excuse this time?”

The question was asked by a black-tailed succubi, her brunette hair in a bun, horn-rimmed glasses perched on her nose, and a knowing smile on her lips. No, it wasn’t Tail. This particular black-tail was Willow and she was the “Succubi Efficiently Calculating Realm Earnings Taxation.” At least that was her official title; most called here the “SECRET” Succubi, a title not officially sanctioned by Her Majesty, but one which made the Queen giggle.

Melissa gasped: “Oh, gawd.”

Willow adjusted her glasses and frowned: “Are you seriously telling me we have to go through all of this again?”

The question was, as a whole, kind of immaterial, as Melissa, at that moment, couldn’t quite put two complete sentences together. Melissa was a pink tail, she dressed in pink, loved pink, and usually found herself, as she was a natural platinum blonde, being first to be called when some lucky guy, or girl, wanted a bimbo in bed.

But she really wasn’t all that much of a bimbo, not really. Well, except on this one particular day. At this moment, Melissa’s hair was a wild mess, her right hand was rubbing frantically under her much-too-short skirt while her tail was wrapped tightly around her left thigh.

“Willllooooooowww … Pleeese!!!”

The smirk on Willow’s lips was clear as she picked up a thin file folder and began to read from it, commenting idly as she did so: “Every year … You haven’t done your paperwork, you haven’t filled out your forms, and, worst of all, you didn’t … file.”

Melissa wobbled over to Willow’s desk, her far-too-high-for-her-own-good heels not making that any easier for her as she did so. She gripped the edge of the desk and whimpered in need as Willow continued to talk, the blonde’s pussy getting hotter by the moment.

“You know, you could do things the way you are supposed to and this wouldn’t have to cum to pass every single year.”

Melissa knew that Willow didn’t say “cum,” but her addled mind was turning around and around and her thoughts were moving more and more into the only thing that mattered at that moment. She dragged her tongue over her pink lips and shivered, eyelashes fluttering before she mewled: “Pleesse. Wanna cummmmm …”

She was close, so unbearably close, and she closed her eyes tightly. The touch of Willow’s hand on her bare bum made Melissa arch her back and push her firm, perfectly rounded posterior into that touch, her desperate plea coming out in a rush: “Anything! Pleeeeeeese!”

“Of course. You have to be punished for being tardy with me.”

The promise was followed by a firm swat on Melissa’s bum, and she squealed in surprise: “Sowwy!” She knew, at least vaguely, what was going on, though her mind was fogging up so much that her thoughts were leaving her as quickly as they were being formed. However, when she was told, in a firm, sharp voice, to kneel on the carpet, she eagerly did so.

Willow’s hand touched Melissa’s chin and made her look up into Willow’s sky blue eyes—such pretty blue eyes that Melissa could look into them for hours happily. Willow looked back into Melissa’s vacant blue eyes and sighed to herself. Every year it was the same thing with Melissa. She never came in early, she was always late. Of course, at the moment Willow did have to see to it that Melissa paid her dues to the Realm. Considering that Willow had a bit of a crush on the blonde cutie, she really didn’t mind when she made Melissa pleasure her for hours on end, the screams of pleasure echoing off the office walls and into the surrounding neighbourhood.

Which is exactly what would happen, as it did every year on the day after Tera’s birthday. That was when things were due, of course, and Melissa never paid early. She was always one day late, and needed to pay the penalties for doing so. As that thought came, Willow froze and she looked around the office in confusion. Something wasn’t right. What was the date? Leaving Melissa on the carpet, her fingers roaming her body and her breath catching as she did, Willow walked across the office and took a good look at the wall calendar.

It was two days before Tera’s birthday! The deadline was still two days away! Melissa wasn’t late?

She was caught by surprise when she felt Melissa’s hands cuddle her breasts from behind and her pink tail wrap around her legs. A kiss of those pink lips on the back of Willow’s neck made her shiver in surprise.

“What are you doing Melissa?”

Melissa’s giggle was tinged with need, want, and desire: “Yeah. Fooled you, didn’t I?”

Willow managed to turn around to look at the pink-tail, who was now very nude, her body shiny with sweat from running from her home to the office.

“What’s going on, Melissa? Spill the beans.”

Melissa’s eyes were very focused as she plucked at Willow’s blouse: “You and your office jokes, you dummy. You’re always in the office, doing paperwork, and every time I suggest that we go out or anything you’re too busy. So, the only way I can … mmm … have some fun with you … is to be a bad girl, every year, and … then you just have to do something with me, don’tcha?”

Willow looked at Melissa in surprise. She did this every year on purpose? The SECRET Succubi was so surprised by this that she didn’t resist as Melissa quickly removed everything that Willow had been wearing save her garters, hose, and heels.

“Melissa, I …”

A finger touched her lips, stopping her short: “I have such the crush on you, dummy. I know you like me, too. So why … why don’t you just say so? Tell me you want me, then we can go to your place and have fun, okay?”

That finger moved away and then Melissa took off Willow’s glasses and undid Willow’s hair from its bun: “You can take one night off, with me. I’ll even be early this year. Wadda’ you say?”

Willow smiled, somewhat evilly, which made Melissa lick her lips as she heard the black-tail’s reply: “Okay. I want you. I admit that I want a little bimbo toy. But you are going to be paying for this.”

Melissa fluttered her lashes: “Oh … hope so. Wanna be soooo taxing.”

Willow’s hand touched Melissa’s cheek and drew their lips together. “You are,” she growled after the kiss. “And you are still going to be paying a penalty.”

Melissa moaned as the two kissed: “Wadda’ you mean?”

As Willow kissed her way down the nape of Melissa’s neck she purred: “For being taxing, of course.”

Apr 26 2015

A Review of The Wielder: Death Curse – Part One by David Gosnell

The Wielder: Death Curse - Part One by David Gosnell

The Wielder: Death Curse – Part One by David Gosnell

I have adored The Wielder series by David Gosnell from the first line of the first book and it was with joy that the third book in the series appeared earlier this year. I have, of course, reviewed the other works in the series on the Tale here and here and a little outtake piece here as well and I do recommend the series quite highly.

The third work takes some very unexpected turns, for me at least, and it leaves quite a few questions, thoughts and concerns about what happens in this work and what will happen in the fourth work when it appears. But in all of that, there is amazing world building, character transformations, and events that conspire to turn things on their heads…

It tells the story of:

Now with revenge handed out against Maldgorath the Collector, Arthur MacInerny has pulled himself “out of the game” of being one of Earth’s protectors. He’s enjoying life and the most intimate talents of one particular succubus. Arthur doesn’t have a care at all.

That is, until he realizes he didn’t beat Maldgorath’s death curse. A curse that could potentially change him into some kind of unspeakable monster. A curse that is subverting his very nature.

Events plunge Arthur back into service as one of Earth’s protectors. Both with The Protectorate and as a double agent working with the hunted Dzemond, Ahtsag Znuul.

Unfortunately, the Dzemond found a way around the life for life lock to Earth’s realm. They’re coming and potentially in great numbers. Mankind is not quite ready fight back that kind of invasion or those kind of heartless conquerors.

Arthur finds that once again, he seems not to be able to catch a break. Changes are forced upon him, upon those that he wields and as things unfold he loses much… as do they. Friends are few and far between as the universe conspires to bring about events that none can see in their full effect and those that might be able to do something are torn apart from within. They say that some will deal with the devil, but in truth there are others far worse.

It was wonderful to see Arthur return after the events of the previous work and to see what the consequences of the time between when we saw him last and the events of the here and now are told. There are a great deal of complications for Arthur in the aftermath of what seemed to be a victory in the prior work. There are layers of personal, public, and private issues and events that tug on him and keep putting Arthur off balance as the story is told.

At the same time that Arthur’s story of coping it told, there is the added complication of Silithes, who also finds herself being pulled in unexpected directions, but also there is strife, complications, and of more concern, loss and betrayal that swirl around her. Adding to this is the beginnings of an amazingly complex subplot which revolves around the Cubati, Succubi and Incubi both, and the internal society and existence they have.

Beyond them, the appearance of beings we have seen but a scattering of representative characters before adds to the sense of danger and, more to the point, threat that is coming headlong to Arthur’s world. There are a lot of dark moments to be found, but then they are dark beings with a dark purpose. The manipulation not just of the world as a whole, but the characters themselves is very interesting as it’s played with a goal of being just subtle enough to make the events and actions enough to hide the ones that are pulling the strings.

As the plots tangle and bind together, there are some lovely touching moments when characters such as Karen and Znuul have secrets revealed that were hinted at in the preceding works and in the aftermath of choices they have made, new questions arise and with them come both assurance on the one, but quite some worries on the other.

It is a fast paced work which draws you through the pages quickly if you are not careful. As much as you want to see what happens next as quickly as possible, it’s important to put the pieces together and see what lies beneath. Personally I think the author did that amazingly well. Along with the action there are some violent moments which reflect on how things are coming apart around Arthur as a whole, but also within himself.

But there is a moment, an instant where Arthur makes a choice, and in asking for that, changes his world and that of those he cares about deeply. Through that change the impact on Silithes brings about a deep change which left me wondering about several points in that story. There’s something not said, which I think will be in the next work, and in that will come the answers to, I hope, the question of the Succubi and one of the secrets they hold tightly to themselves.

The work closes on a moment which leaves so many tangled plots open, which must of course be expected. The ending is, at least for me, tragic and sad. There are hopes, but there is also so much for Arthur to manage through and the world around him to deal with. But, of course, this means that there is story to tell and that is what is the mark of this series.

The story, always, is amazingly well told.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A few minor nitpicks here and there in editing, but nothing that took away from the story as a whole. Arthur’s life continues to be a complicated maze for him, and for us, to unravel. Things are grim, of that there us no doubt, but at the same time the underpinnings of hope are there… They just need to be gathered and brought to the fore.

I’m looking forward to the second part of this telling of Arthur’s story, where things go from here will be both a dream and a nightmare…



Apr 25 2015

A neat Morrigan Aensland WIP YouTube

Another in a series of artist at work YouTubes, this time of a piece of Morrigan Aensland art that I happen to think is lovely…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale, try this link:


And, of course, the completed image as well… This artist had a DeviantArt account, but it seems not to exist anymore which I think is a shame…

Morrigan Aensland by DivaBlood

Morrigan Aensland by DivaBlood

This artist calls themselves DivaBlood, but the link on the YouTube page I found their video on doesn’t work anymore. That’s a real shame because I like the cute, not too overstated look that they gave Morrigan here and I would have liked to see more of their works…



Apr 24 2015

A Review of Succubus by D. P. Madchild

Succubus by D. P. Madchild

Succubus by D. P. Madchild

Sometimes there are stories which, overall, tease at things. By that I mean, for example, a character is possessed by a Succubus, can’t do anything about it, and as the story goes on, the succubus turns her from “Miss Ordinary” into “Oh! Well, you were always this sexy, you just never tried!” That can be a good story, the dialog by itself can be hilariously funny, the situations where the succubus hasn’t a clue she’s making a huge mistake, the possessed tries to get her to see that, and so it goes.

But when the story sits in that vein constantly, goes really nowhere, and at times the story feels like its lost and can’t find its way… that’s a huge problem that doesn’t need sex to get past, it needs direction.

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: D. P. Madchild
  • Length: 66 Pages
  • ASIN: B00HBR3K16
  • Publishing Date: December 15, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com – No Longer Available

It tells the story of:

Alex has known the truth about the world for years. What she didn’t expect was for a spell to go wrong and to have her body taken over by a succubus. One which insists on feeding. She hopes that her friends will notice something wrong, but it’s now that she needs them the most…

Alex decides to try a spell and it goes wrong when she is possessed by a succubus. Things get worse when the succubus takes Alex and gives her a makeover before going off to try and pull Alex’s friends into bed with her. But things don’t go how either Alex, or the succubus, expected.

The story is, as a whole a very long tease that eventually goes somewhere, but to get to the end of the story there’s a lot of side trips, innuendo and, at times, a lot of confusion. Part of that is the succubus, who is never named, trying to figure out Alex’s friends and why it is that whatever she does, none of Alex’s friends will just hop into bed with her.

This turns into an ongoing theme in the work which eventually leads into a series of confrontations with two other characters. Finally that breaks down and, in a way, both Alex and the succubus get what they want… I think?

I’m uncertain over this point because it’s not made clear why Alex summoned the succubus, save that she didn’t think it would work. It isn’t clear what the succubus wants, other than to have sex using Alex’s body. It’s more interesting in that Alex isn’t “transformed” into a succubus so much as the beauty she has already is pushed to the max and flaunted by the succubus. This should, at least according to Alex, be a clear signal to her friends that something isn’t right, but none of them seem to bat an eye at her changes.

Beyond this, there are moments when the succubus talks, out loud mind you, to Alex while Alex replies in thoughts. It does make for some cute moments of course, but at the same time that doesn’t make a lot of sense. If Alex can the succubus should be able to as well, but she doesn’t.

Overall, the main problem with this work was that there wasn’t a path through the story so much as there were vignettes that were told and then moved on from. At times Alex and the succubus seem to “merge” in their thinking, which does work however. But when the end of the work comes, it isn’t clear if Alex is free, or if the succubus is still in control or if something else happened. The story just comes to an abrupt halt and left me wanting to know what happens next.

But that didn’t happen. The work was removed at some point and so if there was a series in mind, or something else, that never happened that that’s a shame. There’s actually a group of interesting characters to tell stories about, the author just needed to focus their writing more than they did here.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The idea is good, I liked the characters but the story really didn’t go anywhere or do anything other than tease. Tightening things up, moving past the “dancing” and into the “doing” would have helped quite a lot. But this work isn’t available anymore, sadly, and it’s more so because it seemed like it was part of a series which seems to have been not just abandoned, but tossed away. Perhaps that’s the largest shame of all.



Apr 24 2015

A Review of Silhouette of Darkness by Benjamin Daniels

Silhouette of Darkness by Benjamin Daniels

Silhouette of Darkness by Benjamin Daniels

I’ll be reviewing an anthology work this time on the Tale. While the work does touch on many supernatural themes, there is but a single work. called Belong, in the collection that has a Succubus appear in it and that will be the main focus of my review, though I will comment on what I thought about the work as a whole.

Perhaps the one thing that can be taken from this work as a whole is that you never can quite judge a book by its cover… Or another being for that matter. No matter what they happen to look like.

The work tells about:

When the Blight overwhelms the earth, humanity’s only defense is to stay awake from dusk until dawn. Tonight, Sean will learn how lethal insomnia is in this new world. In “Fatal Insomnia” and other stories in Silhouette of Darkness, author George Wilhite explores the horror in unusual places

As a whole this collection of works has some very interesting stories in it. Some are not quite things that I enjoy as a whole, but they are thought provoking. The stories really run the gambit in tales of mystery and horror, going from the here and now to the past and future.

There is but a single work about Succubi in the collective, entitled Belong and it tells the story of a lost boy who finds a connection with a spirit, is taken into her world and then learns the truth about her. But it’s not only that, he also learns a truth about himself. The story mixes a few different myths, new and old, together and I found that as a whole it flowed well, it told a story and more. The ending is somewhat sad in a way, but it also holds a certain promise of hope and more. Considering the life of the main character and what happens to him, it was something that the story had to have to make it worthwhile.

The Succubus herself is seductive, controlling, and demanding at times. There is a story about her that when it is revealed was surprising and wasn’t what I had expected. While not all of the secrets are revealed, that which is, what she can do, and what she does all connect to make her a dangerous being, but also one that is more than what she is on the surface.

The work as a whole is well written and I did like the other stories to a point. Some of them were a bit too violent or more… faithless… than anything else. That made some of the works hard to read and what happens to many of the characters is unpleasant. But the work stands on its own very well I thought.

I’m giving this collection three and a half out of five pitchforks. Belong, as it is really a story that held me more than any other, with or without the Succubus, is a four.

I’ll be looking for other works by this author… Hopefully with a shade less horror and a tad more story… I think that they have the talent to do that.



Apr 23 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 379

I’ve always thought that the expressions artists give Morrigan Aensland are interesting. They range far and wide, from silly to seductive and everywhere in-between. But the one expression that always makes me ponder is the one that seems to say Morrigan is looking at someone as if they are a tasty morsel… I found one of those pieces of art and I think it really does have that look to it…

Morrigan Aensland by きたやまみうき

Morrigan Aensland by きたやまみうき


found this art on Pixiv, and you can find the original page with this art here. Besides Morrigan’s expression, which I think is adorably cute, the details in this art are really amazing. I find that some artists don’t put a lot of detail into Morrigan’s hair or her wings and that’s really a shame, but in this case they both really look wonderful.

But the one focal point of this work is Morrigan’s eyes which I think are the centrepiece of this art by far. She’s a bit “plump”, her chest is rather pronounced in this art of her, but then it is one of Morrigan’s defining features of course…

I’ve always liked cute Morrigan and really this is one of the best that I have found…