May 14 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 382

Some Succubus cuteness today on the Tale, which of course I love very much. She is really a lovely image of a Succubus, I quite like her and I can even ignore that she does seen to have hooves as they aren’t exactly obvious. But she has lovely horns and hair, a cute and lovely form, and she’s just interesting overall to me…

Ashke Succubus by Amalgam-Images

Ashke Succubus by Amalgam-Images


This is called Ashke Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Amalgam-Images. You can find the original page with this art here and the artist’s page is here.

She might not have hooves really, it’s kind of hard to tell as her feet seem a bit oddly positioned in the foreground. I think she doesn’t, at least that is how I am going to look at things. Love her horns, they aren’t silly or over the top and the black matches nicely with the red of her hair. Mind you, that’s something Tail’s known about for a long time now… Her wings are interesting as they aren’t quite the usual sort of bat-wings but seem almost angel-like but made of her skin. I think they work really well on her form and I am especially glad that they aren’t ripped and torn as that would be a awful contrast with the rest of her form. Her eyes are amazing as well, there’s a lot of personality in them, soul if you will, and it;s the perfect little touch to make this art the wonderfulness that it is…

Cute Succubi are fun and she strikes me as being a lot of fun in her own way…



May 13 2015

If all else fails… Find horns and a tail

Satin Devil Accessory KitSo it’s Halloween night… Well, it isn’t this moment, but come with me, it’s a journey. You rush off to the store and the shelves are bare. There isn’t a thing to be found save for one little package that is… well… a “Do It Yourself” devil costume… Something like this.

This is called the Satin Devil Accessory Kit and all it comes with are the horns and the tail. Nothing else. No dress, no stockings, no shoes… Nothing. Here’s the best part… It sells for $35 US.

I’ve found costumes that cost as much as this by itself does.

While the horns and tail are, to be honest, laughable, at least when they pulled the model into wearing them they spent the time to get the rest of her looking nice.

It does give me a thought for Halloween sometime, but getting back to the actual accessories here, they aren’t anything that doesn’t come with any one or two pitchfork costume that I have reviewed. So in that sense I wonder if it isn’t a better idea to go and buy a lousy costume so that the cost makes some sense?

But, as I said, this is a journey, so we have a pair of horns and a tail. That’s something at least and I am very sure that there is a smexy red, or black for that matter, dress that can go along with them and make them look nice… Right?


I’ll give this one and a half pitchforks out of five.

Do It Yourself might be the best choice of all. But not with this.



May 12 2015

A Review of Vampire: Taken by the Succubus by Sinn Lee

Vampire: Taken by the Succubus by Sinn Lee

Vampire: Taken by the Succubus by Sinn Lee

Story and character can be interchangeable at times. By that I mean the story holds things together, but if the characters are not able to do the same, then the work can fall apart. It isn’t always necessary to know everything about a character, nor is does it have to have everything explained either.

A good storyteller can show instead of tell. The work shows what is happening and doesn’t exactly tell you. After all, imagination can fill in the blanks at times and that makes things more interesting.

  • Title: Vampire: Taken by the Succubus
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 31, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Sandra is a centuries old vampire, on the hunt for a delicious meal. But when she finds the person she’s after, she’s not prepared for what she encounters. A steamy situation ensues when Sandra finds herself on the Succubus’ menu after interrupting her latest meal.

Sandra, as a vampire, has seen it all. Or at least until she senses something different and comes face to face with a Succubus. Tables are turned, surprises appear, and Sandra learns that there are some creatures that actually do “bump” in the night.

The work is told from the perspective of Sandra as she chases a scent that captivates her and urges her onwards. Sandra isn’t the stereotypical vampire, thankfully, in that she is mature, intelligent, and is aware of what goes on around her. But in spite of all of that, she is drawn by the call of something she has never experienced before and when she finds out what, or rather, who that is, the story takes an interesting turn.

Sandra is dominant, is in control, but that fades away quite quickly after she tastes her first succubus. The succubus herself is never named, but it is clear she has been in existence for far longer than Sandra and as such the succubus takes control of Sandra, after she takes care of someone else.

What follows is a seductive dance between the two, their worlds brushing against each other with danger close by. The succubus is not at all stereotypical, which I found deliciously seductive as well. She is sexually not quite the normal succubus as well, but that doesn’t take anything away from the heat the two build towards the climax of the work.

There’s a cute little pause in the action just before the closing of the work that I thought spoke to the mischievousness and power that the succubus had as well. The moment really plays off well considering what the succubus was like in the heat of the moment, and what her attitude and power is.

The work ends on an open note, a path that might be explored sometime in the future. I would like it to be, if for no other reason than to learn the name of the succubus and about her past. A tightly written story, the characters were very unique and captivating. There is still a little quibble with the author needing to edit their writing, there were a few mistakes in grammar and words being split up at the wrong points. The heat is wonderful most of all and the world created really appealed to me. I just would like to have had more story than there was.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

Two interesting characters. one still a mystery at the end, and an open door to something more perhaps? It would be a good thing to see as there is more to tell here by far. And I’d like to see that.



May 12 2015

A Review of the Contracts of the Succubus series by Linda De La Mora

Contracts of the Succubus: The Complete Series by Linda De La Mora

Contracts of the Succubus: The Complete Series by Linda De La Mora

A review of a complete, at least, to a point, Succubus series today on the Tale. Normally I would review each of the works in the series individually, but as they are found in a collected work, I’ll combine all of my thoughts about the series into this single commentary instead.

It is not the easiest thing to create a series, to hold the parts together and make them into a larger whole that makes sense, reads well, and in the end, comes to a conclusion that makes the tale worth the time. Perhaps that is an art that needs to be the focus of writers more than it is sometimes.

It is said that contracts are the be all and end all. They hold one’s word, one’s being, and, sometimes, one’s soul. The thing is, however, sometimes that contract has a loophole… assuming you can find it of course.

  • Title: Contracts of the Succubus: The Complete Series
  • Author: Linda De La Mora
  • Length: 53 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 19, 2014
  • This work at

The story tells of:

For a price, Trish will be any man’s dream, their imagination the limit. But when she’s the object of every wild fantasy, there leaves no time for her own. Her daily (and nightly) outings have her losing steam until an old flame returns to drag her into exactly what she needs to spice up her life.

Trish is sucked into the inner workings of Hell and questions its darker deals, but she soon learns her place in the underworld and is taught exactly how much her love means to those that thrive on domination and obedience.

Hell has never been hotter, and you’ll be chained to the bed right with her!

Trish is a succubus who knows that contracts means everything. She’s been a succubus for so long that all that really matters are her contracts and nothing more. Her past returns to remind of things that are more important and then Trish needs to make a choice which can cost her more than she could have expected.

Rather than reviewing the series individually, this review is of the series as a whole because, in truth, the individual stories do not stand on their own, but I’ll get back to that point.

Trish acts, at least in the beginning, as a rather disinterested succubus. There is a moment where she appears as what the stereotypical succubus looks like, but that passes quickly and the real Trish appears. It’s extremely difficult to like her in the beginning, mainly because there’s so very little about her to connect to. Her life is complicated of course, and she talks a lot about that with her few not-quite friends as well. Once past that, Marcus, an incubus, appears and then the story turns from being uninteresting into something a bit more than that.

Marcus is a mystery in many ways and the thing about this work is that mystery between Trish and Marcus never really gets explored or explained. It’s a rather large plot hole in the series and the ending, when it comes, doesn’t answer the most important questions about them both.

There is one other succubus, named Grace, who is, for the most part, just unlikable from her first appearance. She is a foil to Trish for the most part, which does work, but her tone, attitude and overall character just rubbed the wrong way, which, at least in the tone of the series, made sense even if I didn’t care about her when she appeared.

Over the course of the series, Trish puts herself on a mission to find out what happened to Marcus, where he is, and then to try and free him. That in itself works as a story, with some sidetracking that didn’t do a lot for me, but it does work overall.

There is some erotica, really a series of short hot flash scenes which come and go rather quickly before the story moves onto Trish’s next stop along her planning and actions. I didn’t feel a lot of heat in the erotica as most of the moments were not the sort of thing that I enjoy. There is a final scene at the end of the series that I did love, but there’s a problem with it as well.

The series has some editing problems, there are many points where there is a wrong word used, something said that makes no sense. There’s also quite a number of disconnects in the series between chapters, but also there’s a huge disconnect at the climax of the work in the last four pages. The chapters, or parts of the series, exist in their own way and the connections between them are rather fleeting. I think there needed to be more time spent in getting from point A to point B at times. By that I mean it’s hard to follow when the characters go from being in danger at one moment to be entwined in bed together in the next. It’s frustrating as there’s something missing that needs to be there and it isn’t.

The same can be said about the supporting characters. They pop in and out of the story at times with no rhyme or reason to that happening. While who they are is explained, to a point, there’s really not much seen from their point of view to understand why they do things as they do.

I felt lost at times in the series, because there were so many moments in which a character could have directed the story, explained things better, drove Trish towards the actions she takes. That’s not to say that the events don’t make sense as a whole, as a series however, it’s just that disconnect between parts that bothered me.

The work needs another editing pass to clean uo the word errors and to try to make the scenes connect together better. Most of all, I really feel that the ending didn’t give the series a good place to end in a lot of ways. The ending is what it is of course, but the moments to that ending need to be better than they are.

One last point is that the work is described as being bondage/submission themed and I just didn’t really see that here. There is a bit of that in the erotica, and it’s very light in tone. But that isn’t the core plot of the series. I see this as more of a mystery/adventure sort of work as a whole with a bit of erotica added to spice things uo.

I’ll give the series as a whole three out of five pitchforks.

There was a lot of promise, a story that was interesting. But there needed to be more to the story, more to hold things together and more told of the characters themselves.



May 11 2015

Question By TeraS

I’ve said, many times, how there is one day in May that is, for me, the most difficult day of the year. Over time, slowly, I’ve been getting better, managing to not find myself staring off into space and just … thinking.

It’s not the missing, not the wishing. It’s not the wanting, so much, to be what I can never be. I’ve come to accept, sort of, that part of myself, of my past, present, and future.

But, always, there’s a moment when I’d like to ask a question, but I know that it can never be answered because there’s no one to answer that question, the one that forever lurks in the back of my mind.


By TeraS


There is a day that comes every year in the Realm, a day which most understand is not the easiest of days for her to manage. Some offer a kind word, others a hug. Rianna and Branwyn, of course, hug Tera and thank her for being their mother, not even considering using the word ‘adoptive,’ for, in their eyes, Tera is anything but.

While all of these wishes, love, and understanding help her, there are a number of questions that no one really has an answer for. Save one person, that is.

That person is simply known as ‘Uncle,’ and, on this day—the one that Tera tries so hard to manage —she approached him and asked: “I have a question, Uncle—if you have a moment, that is?”

He leaned on his cane while looking at a shrub he had been pruning the moment before: “Of course. But what do you think about my trimming?”

Tera nibbled her lip slightly as she tried to figure out how to reply to that question. Considering that the shrub was now trimmed into the shape of a hockey puck (one of her uncle’s favourite things to rant over, by the way) her tail moved slowly behind her: “Well … My first thought is that your team lost last night and you are taking out your frustrations on that poor shrub.”

He smiled and waved his walking stick in the direction of a series of other, not so similar shrubs which were all formed into various hockey items: “Adding to the collection.”

Tera smiled in return: “Of course; how silly of me.”

He turned his attention from his work—Tera would call it a hobby, but that’s another story—and regarded her: “Ah … of course.”

She tilted her head to the right: “Of course?”

“You know, that little quirk of yours, very much like your mother’s, though she always did it to the left.”

Tera fidgeted with her hands before making her request: “Tell me about her, please.”

“What do you want to know?”

She looked into the sky above: “I’d like to know something that isn’t in the books about her, not in the stories that everyone knows. I … I’d like to know a secret.”

He walked up to her, considered, then replied: “Knowing that she loves you isn’t enough?”

If it was anyone else, Tera might have made a comment to deflect that question. But not him, and not on this day of days: “Most of the time it is. I mean, I know she does. I know that. I … just never got to know …”

He nodded: “You never knew her like you want to now. As the woman you are, Tera, not as the child you were, the teenager you became.”

“Yes.” A single word, but one that spoke of a truth that she didn’t share often; it was something that she had shared with her Eternal, but he couldn’t put into words what her mother meant to him. She had spoken to her heart about this—about the aches, the need, the want—but again, he couldn’t explain who her mother was, other than to tell Tera, with a smile, that her mother was proud of her. There were still many in the Realm that knew of the Queen, Tera’s mother, in her role as Queen. They would, and did, tell Tera that she was everything that her mother could have wanted her to be.

But they weren’t her uncle, the only one that truly, at least in Tera’s eyes, could know her mother’s inner thoughts and know the answer to the question she had that day.

He poked his creation with his cane and recalled a moment, far in the past, one which Tera’s mother had forbidden him to speak of to Tera. He considered telling her, explaining to her how every beat of her heart, every moment she railed against what she was expected to be was music to her mother’s ears. How Tera’s choice to be the woman she was, the love she gave, the hope she offered to everyone, was the answer to the question that Tera herself was seeking.

He had gathered his memories, hard as they were to corral … not for his age, but because, in doing so, he would break his word to his Queen in remembering that moment, that point in the past. He considered what that would mean, breaking his word, telling Tera of the choices made by her mother, or rather not made: a path she could have taken, long before Tera was even an idle thought in her mother’s mind.

The moment passed, and his decision was made.

He turned to her, and paused.

Tera stood there, looking, waiting, her green eyes a bit watery, a bit hopeful, a bit frightened.

He remembered why it was a secret, why it was something that Tera was not, ever, to know. “Tera …”

She had hope in her eyes, knowing that his next words would reveal that secret that she could never quite see the answer to within herself.

“Yes, Uncle?”

His voice was rarely other than gruff, to the point, and blunt, but not this time. He wiped his eyes with his free hand: “She knows you love with all you are, every moment.”

“I know.”

“No, neice, you don’t, not like you think you do. You keep looking for the flaw within yourself, that small thing inside of you which you’ll latch onto and turn into a massive thing in your own mind, the one which tells you that you aren’t good enough for your mother.”

Tera shrugged slightly: “Well, I’m …”

He tapped Tera’s right leg with his cane: “You are more than good enough. Accept that. Accept that, on this day, you are. Accept that you are, in every way that really matters … every bit.”

“I … miss her.”

He took her hand in his and nodded: “If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be my niece. We all do. But you forget one important thing.”

“What’s that?”

“As long as you remember her, she’s always with you.”

Tera smiled softly: “Thank you, Uncle.”

He shrugged: “Nothing you don’t already know. Sometimes, I think I’m only here to kick your tail from time to time.”

For the first time, Tera laughed: “I’m a big girl, Uncle.”

He winked: “Doesn’t mean I can’t put you in your place. Now, go on. You have better things to do, and I have gardening to finish.”

Tera kissed him lightly on the cheek before turning away: “I expect a call tonight. Your team is playing again.”

He chuckled: “I’m going to run out of shrubs before the season is over.”

As Tera left, he watched her and recalled something Tera’s mother had told him once … “All she need be is herself, and that’s all.”

His niece was, certainly, that.

May 10 2015

A Review of Mildred and the Succubus by Christopher Bates

Mildred and the Succubus by Christopher Bates

Mildred and the Succubus by Christopher Bates

There are some stories where I cannot manage to put what happens, or more accurately, why things happen clearly into my thoughts. In some cases it is a question of how the characters speak, or not. Coming into a work where it seems like there is something you should know and understand before reading it makes some stories very confusing at times.

That confusion can become a means for the story to drift and lose its focus. When a Succubus is involved and the main character is a rather unique personality, that can make the story turn into something unexpected.

  • Title: Mildred and the Succubus
  • Author: Christopher Bates
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B00MP4446U
  • Publishing Date: August 11, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Mildred Bonnie Fox, known to everyone who matters as “Mills,” is having a bad day.

She’s at odds with her fellow survivors, the group of men and women who, like her, are hiding from the bizarre zombie infestation sweeping through Marley, Wyoming. To get away from their nit-picky criticisms, Mills has retreated to the basement, descending the long stairs, entering the enormous cavern below the safehouse on Main street.

She’s not looking for much, really.

All she wants is a place to cool off and maybe watch some television, preferably a cooking show by Rachel Ray. What actually happens is the sixty-something woman finds herself launched on a reluctant quest, an unenthusiastic effort to save the world. In this she is aided by the Goblin Ralph and a strange woman met along the way: Kiara, a cryptic figure whose odd ideas and interests are much too uncomfortable for Mills to think about, let alone consider.

Mills only went looking for a quiet spot to watch TV. Instead, she finds purpose, friendship, romance.

And maybe even love.

Though probably not.

I have to admit that this work is, as a whole, very confusing. Part of that is the reasons for why the characters are where they are, what their situation is and what develops through the story isn’t exactly clearly said.

Part of this comes from looking at the story through the eyes of Mills who doesn’t quite seem to be “all there” in the story. The way things are described in her thoughts, the situations she finds herself in are at times a bit difficult to follow. It wouldn’t be necessary to really explain all of the obliquely mentioned characters nor would it be really needed to lay out in detail exactly what is going on either.

The work has an odd accent to it, or flow, that I just found difficult to find a connection with. There are so many questions that come up over the story, many of them just focusing on what Mills is doing and as well the question of who Kiara is, what she wants, and what is happening.

Kiara is the succubus of this work, but it isn’t exactly clear that she is a succubus as she never admits to it. It is entirely possible that she is a succubus, her actions, personality and appearance all seem to say that she is. She’s also a bit circumspect in nature, which I liked and how she and Mills play off each other I thought was well done.

The situation that Mills and Kiara find themselves in gets them both into a situation that isn’t good for them, or anyone else for that matter. That situation really isn’t resolved for various reasons as the work goes on, but there is a grudging connection that builds between the two of them.

The work reads, in a way, like sort of a Dungeons and Dragons adventure in which confusion seems to be the main thread of the adventure up until the point where a decision has to be made by Mills. The problem is that the decision is made, Mills offers something to Kiara and… the story ends.

There is no resolution to the story, there is no explanation about what the threat was really or what Kiara wanted or for that matter what Mills really wanted. It simply ends and there isn’t anything more. That’s a shame as there are some interesting hints about Kiara and Mills that I would have liked to see, but never do.

The work feels like it is the opening chapter of an adventure story from which the real story comes from. That’s part of the problem, the other is that the inherent confusion within the work gets in the way of the story itself and that’s a problem.

The characters, and there are a lot of them, are interesting, but there is only a taste of them. There isn’t much heat in the story, but really the work isn’t meant to have that I think. I believe that what happens is supposed to lead into a larger story and perhaps it will.

I’m giving this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Confusing at times, but the characters still do shine through that fault. An interesting universe with its own rules and stories to tell. It just needs to get to the story through the confusion.



May 10 2015

A Review of Dream Seductions: All The Queen’s Men by Celeste Hall

Dream Seductions: All The Queen's Men by Celeste Hall

Dream Seductions: All The Queen’s Men by Celeste Hall

It has been several years since I last reviewed a work in Celeste Hall’s Dream Seductions series. I reviewed the first book called Dream Seductions: Ethan, and then the second and third works here on the Tale as well.

I have to admit that I lost track of the series and was quite surprised when the last work in the series appeared last year. I found that I needed to read the previous works in the series again before starting on this work because, in this series, history matters.

And in this universe where incubi outnumber succubi nine to one, that’s rather an important thing to keep in mind when you are a Succubus and your needs start to overwhelm you and those around you…

The work tells of:

Be careful what you dream…

Syrena was raised by a police man and his wife after she was found wandering the Nevada desert alone as a very young child. That unique bond to the human species nearly destroys her after she reaches maturity and instinctively begins to seek out a mate.

Syrena is a succubus lost in a world she doesn’t understand. Trapped, held, and alone, she finds comfort in the heart of one human who proves that there is more to give when there is love held. The battle to survive is not only a physical one, but one of the heart as well.

There is a real shift in the way this work tells the story of Syrena, compared to the earlier works in the series. While Syrena is the main character personality-wise, really the story revolves around Max, the human that Syrena first mated with, calling him her First. There’s a bit more of a action-adventure plot here rather than the more mystery and detective themed works in the first four parts of the series.

That focus comes out of necessity as the need for Syrena and Max to escape and take the incubi that are around her as well, from captivity to freedom pushes events onwards. It is a slow buildup towards a climax which reveals some things about Syrena and her kind that were a bit shrouded in mystery, but it also puts into clarity how Max’s connection, not just with Syrena, but the incubi as well, works.

There is some lovely heat in the work, especially with Syrena and Max and in that love and affection, there comes a change in the incubi that pledge themselves to her. The moments between Syrena and her incubi are at times violent in nature, but that is tempered quite a lot by the need from Max for there to be some humanity in themselves. For some that’s a hard lesson to take and watching that come out in the characters is a treat.

The work ends in a pause, a moment before the next part of the story will begin in the next book in the series, whenever, hopefully, that may be. The ride to that point is a fast rollercoaster which tests the characters to their limits and more.

Wonderful characters, the plot moves at a brisk pace and it is a wonderful page turner. A few, very minor mistakes missed in editing, but they are easily overlooked for how well the story is told.

I had hoped that this work would have brought closure to the series, but it doesn’t. There’s more to be told, more for the characters to confront, learn from, and overcome. I hope, soon, the author will return to the series and show where the story is meant to be taken to.

I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

It is a shame that the author was prevented from sharing this work by the mazes of publishing rights for as long as she has been. While this is the fifth work, it doesn’t read as the last, and, perhaps, someday the climax of this series and all of the mysteries abounding within can be brought to light…