Dec 18 2015

A Review of the Caitlin Faire Series by Skye Malone

Touch Me by Skye Malone

Touch Me by Skye Malone

Earlier this year a new series started called the Caitlin Faire Series by Skye Malone. It’s been a little over six months since the second work appeared, but nothing has appeared since that time. I thought the series was interesting in its own right and so I’ll be reviewing the two works in the series so far with the hope that further works will appear soon.

There are those moments in one’s life when a door is opened and another is slammed shut in front of you. To find out who you are doesn’t mean as much as what you are can be devastating. It is far worse when everyone around you seems to have all of the answers you need, but they assume you know them already. Knowledge is power, but as well it is the weapon that strikes out of the blue.

  • Title: Touch Me
  • Author: Skye Malone
  • Length: 49 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 17, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Caitlin Faire was only expecting a simple night out to celebrate her best friend’s twenty-first birthday. But enter one gorgeous and mysterious guy, and inexplicable visions that can’t possibly be real, and you have an evening that becomes anything but simple.

Suddenly, she’s seeing visions everywhere. Being overwhelmed by strange impulses she can’t control. She thinks she’s going insane.

Until she almost kills the first man she touches.

Caitlin is your ordinary average girl that no one really notices. Her roommate gets all the guys, Caitlin is just as happy to be wrapped up in a book, all things considered. Things change suddenly when the world starts to look a little different, and those she encounters tell her that she knows why things are as they are. Caitlin is confused, torn, and lost, but when things take a turn for the weird, that’s when Caitlin’s story begins.

Caitlin isn’t what you would describe as a typical succubus in that she isn’t “sexual” or “stunning” in how she appears. She is however true to herself, she knows exactly what is important and regardless of anything else, she does hold onto that part of herself. There are hints, especially from her roommate, that Caitlin can be beautiful, if she wants to be, but the thing is that Caitlin doesn’t.

That makes her interesting as a succubus through the series. In the beginning she has no idea that she is a succubus and that becomes an ongoing theme throughout the first work. Caitlin encounters so many other people that just look at her and warn her about various things, but when she replies that she has no idea what they are talking about, they just laugh, or smirk, and walk away. The first time it was ominous, but the more it happened the more it started to seem like a bit of a trope. Part of that comes from the disbelief that Caitlin has no idea that she is a succubus and it takes a while before there’s a turn away from this thread towards some kind of understanding.

That comes from the incubus in the series, Amar. It’s a bit difficult to like him, or understand where he is coming from at times because he tends to keep his emotions in check, his thoughts to himself and doesn’t really give a lot of information about anything. He looks for trust from Caitlin, but then doesn’t really give a reason to most of the time. Still, he’s interesting in a brooding-mysterious way and that should be something to watch change through being in contact with Caitlin.

What follows from this is, for Caitlin, a lot of self-recrimination, doubt, and second-guessing. She’s trying to figure out what’s going on and why, but at the same times she’s being dragged through events with no control over them. In a lot of ways that reflects Caitlin herself, not quite being in control, but wanting to be somehow.

There is a nice touch of mystery in the plot, the slow unraveling of what is going on around Caitlin that I think works well. Mixed into that is Caitlin’s need to protect her friend when she comes to realize that there are things around her that aren’t normal, are dangerous, and she’s caught in the middle of them.

There’s really not much erotica in this work, which makes sense as Caitlin herself isn’t a sexual creature by any means in this part of the series. But in many ways, that feels like her own internal monologue and how she sees herself. Sometimes being pushed to see what is around you makes you a stronger person and I think Caitlin’s that sort of a character.

With all of the buildup, the first work ends in a cliffhanger which is a little bit contrived, but sets up the second work in the series well. That said, there are questions left behind about many of the characters and over the course of the series I expect those arcs to take up a lot of the storytelling because none of their stories will be simple ones to tell.

Well written, I liked Caitlin very much for her quirks and personality. Amar is somewhat unlikable in the beginning, a bit aloof, but there is room to make him a better character. There’s a lot of mystery to explain, almost all of which is centred on Caitlin herself. But the sort of threats that keep appearing need to be changed up a bit if for no other reason than to make things a little different in that respect.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A good start to the series, but the almost constant encounters and looks that Caitlin gets, that she “knows” becomes really too repetitive over time. While that sets up what is to follow, and all of the complications that come with that, there’s a point when the danger becomes “normal” and it needn’t be.

Touch Me 2 by Skye Malone

Touch Me 2 by Skye Malone

For the second work in the series, I hoped to know about Caitlin herself, where she came from and why things turned out as they did. I wanted to know why Caitlin made the choices she did and why it mattered, all things considered. The second work in the series did, to a point, offer some hints, but there was still quite a lot left unsaid.

There comes a time when answers need to be found. The problem is when you are given the answers, but you cannot manage to grasp them and what they mean. When one’s own self cannot see the way to accepting what one needs over what one feels, that’s when things start to go very wrong.

  • Title: Touch Me 2
  • Author: Skye Malone
  • Length: 67 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 16, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Caitlin never expected to find out that demons were real, let alone that she’s actually one of them. Learning that she is a succubus would have been the biggest shock of her life, if not for the suit-clad men who just forced her into their car at gunpoint.

Who are these people? How are they connected to the guy who just threatened her best friend?

And why is gorgeous, sexy Amar waiting at their destination?

Caitlin is drawn deeper into a world she never knew and in being so, that world sees her truths as being lies. There are threats waiting, but as well there is some hope, if only the ones that might be offering that hope manage to overcome themselves and accept, even if only in the smallest of ways, that there is such a thing as a Succubus that isn’t what they expect her to be.

Following on immediately after the cliffhanger in the previous work, Caitlin’s life becomes more and more complicated as she starts to learn about things that she never knew and never expected. It is a bit rote in the telling as, in the first work, there are so many characters that she encounters that expect her to understand everything and when she doesn’t they cannot see that. There is one single character that seems to, but as a whole that isn’t exactly something that seems to be real.

That said, even with Caitlin’s eyes being opened to her being a succubus, the path towards understanding runs through characters that just seem to have an air of suspicion and disbelief that is contagious. The lack of honestly, of trust, that simmers through the supernatural beings that she encounters, becomes a bit overused and while it makes sense in the setting, I think when that part of the story is muted for other plots that makes for a better story to read.

At one point Amar takes Caitlin to see Bianca, the first succubus other than Caitlin that is quite obviously one. Bianca is, overall, quite unlikable, really her personality is grating from the moment she appears and it reflects that simmering distrust that invades so many characters in this work. There’s a point when Caitlin needs a friend, one that understands, and it doesn’t come in this work.

Still, the relationship between Caitlin, Amar and to an extent, Bianca, is interesting in how it is very much like how water and oil don’t mix together. That thread I think will be something amazing going forwards and I think, somehow, that Caitlin being there will change things for the better.

The characters and writing are as good as the prior work in the series, the work ends on a cliffhanger, which is, to be honest, something I expected to see well before it unfolded. I liked that some of Caitlin’s past was told in her family, as unlikeable as most of them were. But as for pushing the story forwards, it really didn’t as a whole. It took a few strides, made a few points, but then came to a halt.

I feel like the series has promise and I want to see that. But things are getting too wrapped up in the moments and not telling the arcs. Perhaps moving onto why Caitlin is different and telling that story in the next work in the series would be a nice thing to see. The cliffhanger I think can wait a bit for the sake of Caitlin getting some understanding, a reality check at least. It has been offered, but not played through and I think that should come next.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Another cliffhanger, more questions, and more confusion. At some point it would be nice for Caitlin’s truths to be accepted and for her story to move from trying to understand everything around her to the story of who Caitlin is and what her past means.

The series needs to continue, I hope it does, because there’s a lot of good in Caitlin, the promise in her I’d like to see develop. Sometimes one person can make a difference. Caitlin is that succubus I think.



Dec 18 2015

A Review of A Succubus Stole My Girl! by Haleigh Cookson Clark

A Succubus Stole My Girl! by Haleigh Cookson Clark

A Succubus Stole My Girl! by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Succubi are, most of the time, the ones that bring fantasies to life. Occasionally they appear and take control of things, turn things to their advantage and, occasionally, find themselves with a new pet to play with.

Sometimes that requires them to change someone’s attitude, if not take from them what they wanted. In doing so they can either be seductive or quite dominant in their actions. Which is better depends on whom they wrap their tail around of course…

  • Title: A Succubus Stole My Girl!
  • Author: Haleigh Cookson Clark
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00QL3P9H4
  • Publishing Date: December 3, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells about:

Pretty blonde Carole is once again let down by her oafish boyfriend Bryan as he ruins yet another romantic night in. During their ensuing fight, a strange statuette left to him by his late grandmother breaks and reveals a supernaturally sexy surprise to the shocked couple, being an impossibly beautiful succubus eager for their young, hot flesh. The demoness decides to grant Bryan’s hidden desires of watching Carole with another woman by savagely taking his girlfriend in front of his very eyes, but little does the thick-headed man realize that this is one demonic cuckolding that his girlfriend might not come back from, having fully converted her to the forbidden ways of women.

Carole and her boyfriend Bryan get into yet another argument which results in Carole throwing a small wooden statuette, shattering it. A Succubus appears, dominates them both, and then makes Carole do her bidding while Bryan looks on helplessly in submission.

The work is a hot flash with the barest bit of story attached to it in order to make the main events of the story unfold. The erotica is harsh, slightly violent, and there is a very strong female dominant theme to it. There wasn’t much in the way of heat for me in the work as I didn’t care for the characters at all as a whole.

Neither Carole or Bryan is interesting, mainly they are thin characters with not much in the way of personality in them for the majority of the work. The Succubus has no name, is a very harsh and demanded Domme and in being so caused the heat in the story to fade away quite quickly. She’s more threat than seductive and that didn’t do much for me.

The majority of the work focuses on Carole submitting over time to the Succubus, obeying her commands and, eventually becoming the pet of the Succubus. As this happens, Bryan is made to watch what happens, then is denied being involved with either female character before being threatened into submission to the Succubus before being tossed aside. Throughout all of this the Succubus spends little time actually being a Succubus and more being a very harsh and uninteresting Domme who uses pain and threats to control those around her.

I expected something more from this work in many ways. I wanted the characters to be interesting, to have a story, to make me want to see what happens next. That didn’t really happen as each of them in their own ways were unlikable and it was difficult to remain involved in the story when there wasn’t much to hold my interest. As such there was little for me in this work, but for those that like a somewhat over the top Domme using others around her, you might find something her for you.

I’ll give this work two out of five pitchforks.

A good concept, but that was muted by a lack of heat, dislikable characters and a story that was all sex and very little story or plot.



Dec 17 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 413

A bit of a darker image of a Succubus this week on the Tale. Certainly it is rather moody. perhaps a bit mysterious as well. She is one of the Succubi however and in that comes the question of what her story might be…

Succubus by JunuArt

Succubus by JunuArt

This work is titled Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt called JunuArt. You can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this work here and this artist’s page can be found here.

There’s quite the air of mystery in this art, mainly in that you need to focus on it for a little while to pick out some of the details that are shrouded in the darkness around her. I really can’t say she has a tail, but she does have horns while just come out of the darkness. It’s a neat effect of having her skin seem to glow slightly, to just overpower the details of her body, and in doing so the reality of what she is becomes hidden.

I think this would make for an interesting fantasy book cover or something similar, though I know that it is a bit more nudity that is preferred. Still, a little bit of shaping of the dark around her to cover a bit more of her form and it really would work…

A mysterious Succubus, one that should have a story to tell…



Dec 16 2015

Naughty Thoughts for a Naughty Costume…

Dark Passions CostumeChristmas is coming, it’s right around the corner, and my thoughts have turned to the question of being… naughty. Of course, to be naughty on Christmas takes a certain look, style, and that special little thing that makes it all work. It might be a little risqué, it might be a little “Tail” in character… But then, that can be a lot of fun…

Of course to have that fun means taking a lot of time to put the pieces together and spend what it takes to make naughty happen…

This is called the Dark Passions Costume and it comes with… Well, really all you get its the drape and nothing else and it costs $30 US. The description cannot make up its mind whether it is made of leather or latex, it’s faux leather obviously, and there are some other odd things about the listing for this that gets a little confusing.

Still, setting that aside, besides the drape, the boots cost $85, the lingerie is another $70. I don’t care for the hood, and would have it removed, and a pair of black horns, and a red wig, would be around $40. So in order to have a look like this, it would cost somewhere around $225 US.

Or, speaking hypothetically of course, I could just buy the drape as I have everything else already and have something… interesting… for Christmas…

At least I think it is, and next week my Eternal will have to let me know how “interesting” it was for a Christmas gift…

I’ll give this three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Things went from thoughts to action and I think the result will be worth the small investment…



Dec 15 2015

A Review of the Demon Trilogy by Dean Chills

Dealing with the Demon by Dean Chills

Dealing with the Demon by Dean Chills

A short Incubus series for review this time on the Tale. It is both short in books, there are only three, and short on length, each work is less than 20 pages in length. The series is called the Demon Trilogy and it’s one of the rare instances when a series has a clear beginning, middle and end.

Sometimes the question is asked: What do you need? The more important question is: What are you willing to do? Both questions matter in their own way and both can make their own pleasures and fears come true.

  • Title: Dealing with the Demon
  • Author: Dean Chills
  • Publishing Date: September 20, 2013
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • Publishing Date: March 21, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells about:

When Elizabeth bought her sister a decorative box at a garage sale, she had no idea that it contained a secret. When she accidentally summons a pleasure demon, she’s surprised that he doesn’t scare her. Then he really turns on the charm and things get completely out of control.

Will Elizabeth lose her soul or just have a good time? Find out in this straight erotic tale of what goes on between a woman and her Incubus.

Elizabeth comes into possession of a means to summon a demon, more specifically an Incubus. Not quite understanding what power she holds, she does so and then finds herself smitten by Abel and he with her.

Most of the work revolves around Elizabeth speaking about her past, her family, where she works, and the utter lack of having any kind of “real” relationship. All of this takes up more than three-quarters of this work before she finally comes into contact with Abel in, what she thinks, is a dream.

Abel’s most interesting feature isn’t physical, though he has horns and some obvious incubus features. He even admits, quite clearly, that he is an incubus, though Elizabeth seems not to understand what that means. When he does appear, there is a hint that he has been trapped somewhere for some time and Elizabeth frees him. It’s not clear if that matters here in the first work in any clear way however.

There is a slight D/s theme that occurs as the erotica begins, Elizabeth becoming submissive towards Abel’s words and actions. The running commentary she makes about smells, touch, and taste are cute, sometimes funny, and very descriptive, which I did like. There is a clear change in Elizabeth’s personality the more she is in contact with Abel, but whether that is a kind of mind control or simply that she is smitten by him isn’t clear.

The work’s erotica is a hot flash, actually two different scenes, both of which have their own heat, but there are moments when Elizabeth’s thoughts are so out of place that the heat is overcome by trying to figure out why Elizabeth’s thoughts are so scattered. The erotica is clearly written to place Abel in the dominant position, but before that, Elizabeth’s exploration of Abel I thought was decidedly hot and I enjoyed that scene very much.

There is a clear warning given by Abel which seems to set out why the series is but three books in length and the questions that are left, mainly over what happens next, what has Elizabeth gotten herself into, and most of all, is Abel as unique as I hope he is? The next work will tell.

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

Too much time spent on minutia in the beginning of the work, which I think hurt things as a whole. I didn’t really see the point of talking about tangential subjects and eating up pages doing so when the point of the story could have been gotten to sooner.

Dueling for the Demon by Dean Chills

Dueling for the Demon by Dean Chills

The second work in the series brings some conflict into Abel and Elizabeth’s lives, but it also answers a few important questions.

When you find someone and then are threatened with them being taken from you, there are choices to be made. Can you find the strength within yourself to overcome and keep that which you believe it yours, or are you fated to play someone else’s game?

  • Title: Dueling for the Demon
  • Author: Dean Chills
  • Publishing Date: September 20, 2013
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00UUS724Y
  • Publishing Date: March 27, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells about:

On Elizabeth’s second night with the Demon, Abel needs her help. She must battle the small but powerful witch who wants to destroy him. The battle goes poorly for Elizabeth until Abel is forced to intervene with the only power he has… that of pleasure and delight.

Will she go too far in this fight? Will she even survive the ordeal? Is it love all around, or will there be a funeral? Find out in this erotic tale of sex and warfare in the realms of Hell itself.

Elizabeth believes that her encounter with Abel was all a dream. He couldn’t be real, there was no proof and so she sets out to dream about him again. This night however, things do not go quite as she expected, and in the end Elizabeth has to fight for her life, her sense of self, and to find out just what reality really is for her.

The second work in the series is something of a mix between an action-adventure, a lesbian love scene, if forced to be so, and, again, Abel being dominant over Elizabeth. As in the first work, there is a lot of build up and world building that I did like before the story dropped into one sex scene that really wasn’t all that much so and another that also didn’t have the heat that was in the first work.

There was a disconnect I felt in the story, that things were rushed quite a lot in this work and I think that hurt things overall. There could have been one single fight scene, there were several, and that might have been too much. There’s clearly some mind control being used by Abel in this work, but it comes across as rather heavy-handed and I didn’t find that to be interesting or reflective on Abel’s character, at least what has been told about him to this point in the story.

At the end of the work, Elizabeth discovers something left behind by Abel to convince her that he is real, and all she experienced was real too. But there’s one thing not mentioned which should have made things clear. Elizabeth injures herself in several ways in the fights and she should have felt some of the effects in some way. At least in that happening there would be more impact than the thing she finds. It’s a bit odd and that bothered me at the end of this work.

Setting that aside, the action-adventure part of the work is well done and I liked that part of it, but the erotica just didn’t connect with me, there was something missing and because of that I just found myself turning the pages to get to the end of the work and see what happened there. At that point Abel reveals to Elizabeth that the next time she summons him, it will be the last, but gives her an option to think about. Thinking it a dream at first she doesn’t take that seriously. Finding that all was real leaves her a lot to think about.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

While there was a good deal of explanation, of understanding, the erotica just fell apart and that hurt the work. It felt like there was a shift in the characters, especially Abel and I’m not sure that needed to happen here.

Dying for the Demon by Dean Chills

Dying for the Demon by Dean Chills

The third work in the series brings the overall story to a conclusion, but in doing so leaves some things unanswered, but in many other ways, some things are revealed that explain much of why things unfolded as they did.

A choice is given, a choice is made. What do you give up, do you do so, and more importantly, can you trust the one that asks you for the sacrifice? If the answer is yes, what do you receive in return for giving everything away?

  • Title: Dying for the Demon
  • Author: Dean Chills
  • Publishing Date: September 20, 2013
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 3, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells about:

Elizabeth cannot help but summon Abel for a third and final time. He takes her to an exotic beach, then to a remote cave. They have more impossibly wonderful sex in both places, leading up to a fateful decision. Elizabeth has had a fantastic three days, but is she willing to die for more?

Elizabeth comes to terms with Abel being real and makes a fateful decision. She is given all she desires in one night, but loses all that she is in the same evening. In the end, all that remains is Abel’s promise, his word, and what simply is.

Of the three parts of this series, the last is, by far, the best. That’s mainly to the story, the questions raised and all of the things that happen in it. When the conclusion arrives, it’s bittersweet in many ways for Elizabeth, but at the same time she’s given something she’s desired from the moment she saw Abel. Him.

The underpinnings of Abel’s existence are finally explained and they make sense in their own way. There’s a certain theme that has run through this series and it comes to the forefront here. Abel isn’t truly evil, it really never has been shown that he is, but some of his actions are. There is a moment in the story that I personally did not like as would have been just as happy not to have seen. It smacked of trying to make Abel “evil” for no good reason and that didn’t fit with all else that happened.

Throughout the story, Elizabeth is told that she must make a choice, over and over again, and she does think about it, over and over again. She is influenced, quite clearly, by Abel and whether that is a kind of mind control or not is open to interpretation. She does experience the highs, and regrettably, the lows that Abel offers and comes to a conclusion that, for her, makes some sense.

There are a series of hot flashes in this work, one as I mentioned that I didn’t like, but as a whole they are written well and I liked when Elizabeth had some control over things. Abel being forceful didn’t work and it felt like something that was tossed in at the last moment.

When the conclusion comes, Elizabeth makes a rather obvious choice and the warning that “no mortal can be with me more than three times” makes the answer to that riddle very clear. How that happens isn’t done by hand waving an explanation, it’s a clear, well thought out reason and how that unfolded worked overall. But, to be clear, it is a sad ending, one that I didn’t like for how sad it was, but at the same time, Elizabeth’s future does interest me.

The work doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, rather it ends by closing Elizabeth’s story and that of Abel, to allow them to pass out of this story and onto what comes next. While it is an ending, it’s a bit unsatisfying, mainly in that it is rather quick, to the point, and leaves things coming to an abrupt ending.

I could easily see a fourth work, or a what happens to Elizabeth as she discovers the after, but if that doesn’t happen it’s not a bad thing. The work is complete and that does have some satisfaction within that.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

For the series as a whole, I felt that the promise of the stories and characters build up over time, but getting to that point took a lot of side trips and other unneeded moments that took away from the core story and the heat of the erotica. Given that the themes of each part of the series were as varied as they were, that the characters experienced a wide range of events, I think the author managed all of that well but needed to focus more on the core story.

I’ll give the series three out of five pitchforks.

A quick read, some good heat and two characters that were interesting. The series just needed more focus than it had at times…



Dec 15 2015

A Review of Eve Marshall: Succubus by Serene Makepeace

Eve Marshall: Succubus by Serene Makepeace

Eve Marshall: Succubus by Serene Makepeace

A review of a new book series that began just a few days ago today on the Tale. The main character seems to be a succubus, but she isn’t anything like one might expect her to be.

The question of revenge is one that can define who you are, but more importantly, what you are capable of. If what you are becomes intimately tied into what revenge you are seeking, then the question becomes if you can keep control of yourself, or if your darker needs consume you. Revenge is two-sided, so which side is the one that traps you? Because, in the end, you will be trapped somehow, by someone.

  • Title: Eve Marshall: Succubus
  • Author: Serene Makepeace
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • ASIN: B019AQ73UO
  • Publishing Date: December 12, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Eve Marshall is a woman on a mission to save her sister by any means necessary. Using all of her feminine guile and succubus charms, she removes all those that stand in her way. In this opening to the series we come across how it began, and her digressions with the wolfman and a reptilian.

Eve is a woman with a secret. When she is intimate with someone, they simply vanish into thin air, being consumed by her. When her sister goes missing, Eve takes it upon herself to find those responsible and make them pay. But when reality sets in, she has little choice but to join up with a group for help. But in doing so, Eve finds that she is losing herself to what she can do and the revenge she is seeking.

The story is, in many ways, a mixture of a mystery-adventure with a bit of erotica added in here and there. Overall, the story’s plot is interesting and there is just enough told about Eve’s past and the reasons for why she is on the path she is upon to hold the balance of the story together.

Eve herself has a very strong personality and her internal monologue is well defined and told. There is a bit of conflict within her, which I think adds more to her character as well. The question of whether she is a succubus or not is not exactly made clear however. She might be said to be a kind of succubus in what happens in the aftermath of being with another, but what happens is rather unique. There are no signs of horns or a tail, but there is a lot of supernatural themes and beings in the work, so Eve could well be this universe’s version of a succubus.

That all said, Eve’s singular focus in on finding her sister and finding revenge on those that have taken her. Because of this, Eve’s attitude, actions, and drive, all point towards that goal above all else and being so that mutes a lot of the rest of who she is. There is some told about that, about her sister, but it would have been nice to know more about each of them than what was told here.

There are two hot flashes of erotica in this work which are well written and have a good deal of heat in them both. They both tend to go a little over the top at a few points, which I think is mainly due to Eve’s abilities and what she does to those she is with. It isn’t so much the use of any sort of succubus ability, rather it is more about she being that which the other character wants and where things go from there.

The work needs a bit of editing, there are several points where misspelled words appear, at least one conversation doesn’t quite sound right as well. It would be nice if the author told more about Eve’s past and that of her sister going forwards as in this work that is mostly glossed over. The balance between erotica and story is fairly good, there being enough story to make the erotica mean something and make this more of a story about a woman that is a succubus than a succubus that is feeding on others.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I think there needs to be more told about Eve, her sister and what revolves around them and I am trusting that the author will expand upon that part of the story. Rushing into the adventure without really telling more than the barest of reasons why Eve is doing what she is, and not telling much about who she is, is a large piece of the puzzle that is missing. The story is interesting, I think it has promise and I hope that the next work will build upon this one well.



Dec 14 2015

Needing By TeraS

A very short story today on the Tale, meant for one soul. It doesn’t say everything; really, it can’t, as much as I want it to. But it is a glimpse. Perhaps that is a hint, and in that comes more …


By TeraS


She lays upon red satin sheets, her body partly covered by them. A slender calf peeks out here, a bare shoulder there. Her arms are wrapped around a pillow, clutching it to her chest. She sleeps, but even as she does there is the hint of a smile upon her lips as a dream takes the dreamer away.

In her dream, she sleeps upon the same sheets, in the same way. Her blonde ponytail laying upon the sheets beside her as if pointing the way to her soft pink lips that smile ever so softly. There is a thin, red, metal collar that shimmers under the moonlight, draping about her slender neck. She sleeps, knowing that her Mistress is looking over her, watching. Across the room, Mistress sits upon her throne, her green eyes somehow brighter than the moonlight passing over the body of the sleeping beauty.

Mistress’ cheek rests against her hand as she sits there in thought, pondering the one that means everything to her. She doesn’t wish to awaken her, to disturb this rest. But she longs to be there, to hold her. She smiles at the thought of nuzzling her lips against the nape of her love’s neck, of wrapping her arms about the blonde, spooning against her, the dominant brunette’s warmth giving comfort to her love as she sleeps. She bites here lower lip at the thought of her love’s legs bound by a red tail, then her own leg over that, skin to skin, body to body, soul to soul.

Then, the thought comes to her that this is a dream.

Mistress stands, playing with the red sash that encircles her waist, holding the black robe about her. As she tilts her head to the right, her long red fingernails undo the knot, the sash loosens, and then her robe pools at her heels. For a moment, just a moment, she considers leaving them on, but then slips out of them, still not making a sound, not wishing to wake her love as she rests. Her long, red, heart-tipped tail sways slowly behind her as she moves closer. The moonlight now caresses her tanned skin as its only clothing, leaving patterns that seem to tease her form, cast her lips in and out of shadow, putting her so-green eyes into contrast with the night that watches them both.

She reaches the side of her love’s bed, pausing there once again. She considers for a time, one fingertip tracing over the sheets lightly, still trying not to awaken her love, at least not as yet. She could just simply be there with her, entwined as if she had been there from the moment love had fallen asleep: she could bend this dream.

Love feels the bed shift beneath her and it awakens her. Her nose is tickled by the scent of cherries, and her smile, once soft, becomes a little larger, a little needful, a little expectant. She stifles a giggle. She does not wish to embarrass Mistress in her playfulness, after all. The blonde keeps her eyes closed, following the shifting of the bed, her Mistress now so very close to her. She feels a fingertip lightly touch her exposed calf, followed by fingers, and then she holds her breath as the hand to which they belong begins to move. She knows her body is breaking out in goosebumps, her core heating, becoming slick as Mistress’ caresses her hand along the inside of love’s thigh, seeking that which the sheets have hidden.

The whimper of need almost escapes her as Mistress takes her hand away and nothing happens for a moment. That moment is long, stretching out into time. She aches for Mistress to continue, to play her Song.

The ache is answered by Mistress lying beside her, not quite touching her—the sheets are still there as a barrier between them. The next sensation is Mistress spooning against love from behind, their bodies pressing warmly against each other through the sheets. A soft kiss, light on love’s shoulder, the draping of one arm over love’s waist, legs entwined; she feels Mistress’ heat warming her. She cannot help herself, cannot restrain the sigh of bliss that escapes her now.

When Mistress purrs, her breath warm against love’s ear, she responds with full-throated moans. This is what she dreams of: being held, loved, cherished. She thinks of how wonderful this dream is, to have Mistress with her. The next kiss is upon her collar, the one that Mistress offered and she took without question or hesitation. She shivers at the sensation of it rubbing against her skin, telling all that see her that she is for Mistress alone and for always.

It is a wonderful … dream?

She opens her eyes to find it is morning, the sunlight coming through the windows where moonlight had been. She sighs, still clutching the pillow, imagining that she is holding Mistress instead. Drawing a breath, she senses something. It is familiar though she has never sensed it before: the sweet smell of cherries in the air; a presence there with her.

Love moves a hand from the pillow to touch about her neck and a thin metal collar is resting there. She smiles; this is still the dream, of course. She doesn’t have a collar, she isn’t owned. But for the one that loves her, she would be.

It is a wonderful … wish.

A voice she has never heard before, but knows intimately, asks: “Did you sleep well, Love?”

Holding the pillow to herself, the sheets about her, she turns over, a mix of fear and anticipation within herself at what she will find. Is it still a dream? Will she find an ebon-haired Goddess with green eyes, red horns, and a tail awaiting her?

The first thing she finds is the ebon hair, but no horns; the warm smile, but no tail; but definitely the so-green eyes. She swallows, trying to find the words to answer.

Mistress touches her lips, nodding: “Needs Love.”

Love kisses those fingers: “Thank you.”

Mistress draws closer, now laying against her love, looking into her eyes. No more words are needed, nothing else has to be said. The pillow is moved aside as fingers entwine, bodies touch, and the love for each other … just is.

The need to be loved transcends dreams and words. The giving of love is also a need to be fulfilled.

The love which feeds such needs can overcome anything …