Jun 16 2015

A Review of Heartbreaker: Part One by Guava

Heartbreaker: Part One by Guava

Heartbreaker: Part One by Guava

Editing is very important, This is something that every author should recognize and deal with. For example, it is not a good thing to tell a story and you keep changing the main character’s name. Even if it is the same name, but spelled differently.

As well, it’s bothersome when there is confusion about who a character is referring to. The thing is that even with the problems, the core of the story, and the questions that are raised can almost overcome the problems surrounding it. Almost.

  • Title: Heartbreaker: Part One
  • Author:  Guava
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • ASIN: B00N0CCQY8
  • Publishing Date: August 24, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


The story is about:

Cherry is a succubus, meaning she feeds on the sexual energy of men. Unfortunately for her, the more she feeds, the more she craves energy, so she must constantly find new victims, build their sexual tension to a fever pitch, and release them.

A story about a Succubus on the prowl, looking for her next “fix” and dealing with how she will have it. And the men that she controls and bends to her will as she does so.

There’s a bit of a problem as the story plays out and that is the question of whether the main character is named Cherry or Cherri. This happens a few times in the work and it bothered me to the point that I kept wondering about her name throughout. By the end of the work it is clear that her name is Cherry, so this is likely an editing mistake which should have been found. As well there is one point in the story where Cherry thinks about the person she is with and mixes up ‘his’ and ‘her’ in a single sentence that ground the story to a stop. I had to reread that passage a few times to be sure I understood who and what she was referring to.

Those quibbles aside, the story itself is really well done in Cherry’s succubus powers, how she acts, the control she holds over others and so on. While some of the passages were on the cruel side, her domination of the situation I thought was written really well. I also found that the author’s take on a Succubus needing her ‘fix’ what they feel during and after was really very unique. It also was quite a unique part of that where Cherry admits that she needs more and more over time. That I think is actually something that the author needs to focus on a bit more, to explain it, to deal with what happens as a result of the needs that Cherry has.

The work is a bit more than a hot flash, there’s a world built up around Cherry, her dreams of fitting in with humans and so on. The combination makes the work read much better than it would if it was simply a long drawn out sex scene and nothing more. Thing is that while the erotica is hot, the bits of mind control well told, there’s a bit of a missing fragment in the story about Cherry’s world outside of having to get her fix. There are hints, but I felt like there should have been more told about that to balance out the erotica a little more.

As an opening chapter to a longer work, I think it would work really well, but in this case the story ends on a cliffhanger, more for the one that Cherry has under her control than Cherry herself, and I’d like to see where the story goes from here. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered and it would be nice to see that. Overall I think this could have been a lot longer, easily twice the length it is, but perhaps that will appear in the next work in the series should it ever appear.

As a whole the writing is good and overall the story works well, has depth and promise to it. But it is the silly little mistakes that bring out of the story which really shouldn’t have happened for how good the rest of it is.

Three pitchforks out of five.

The work appears to be the first in a series, and I will give the next work a chance, hoping that the author fixes things and brings a bit of editing to their stories. Overall the story is interesting and where it goes from where it ends might be something unexpected… I really hope it is.



Jun 16 2015

A Review of Enthralled by the Incubi by Adriana Belle

Enthralled by the Incubi by Adriana Belle

Enthralled by the Incubi by Adriana Belle

For most stories about Succubi and incubi, there seems to be the underlying need to have them, at some point, do evil of some description. This happens far more often than not I find that to be very stereotypical. However, there is another view which holds there is good in them, a purpose, and if that comes out in the work, it does make for a much more enjoyable story.

There can be erotic moments, passions unleashed, but most of all, if there is an offer made to give that which one desires in their heart more of all, and provides… It is so much more.

The work tells of:

Eva Addison has lost herself completely to a muscular blacksmith with piercing green eyes, and as punishment she is moved out to a country manor, never to see him again.

She finds a mysterious ring that summons three incubi, bound to fulfill her every desire. That night she finds herself being pleasured in ways she never thought possible, but she still can’t get the blacksmith out of her head, and her sensual new servants devise a way to get her back to the muscle-bound man who was her first love…

Eva, in the wake of finding her love against the wishes of her family, finds herself taken far away and isolated. Exploring her surroundings, she finds a ring and discovers that it is the key to summoning a trio of Incubi who promise to give her that which she desires above all.

This work has a lovely mix of romance, need, want and desire and the addition of the Incubi, who are Jerael, Samael and Viciel, allows for that to be played upon in some very interesting and unique ways. What is especially welcome is that the Incubi, as a whole, are not “evil” and in being so there is not very much that it stereotypical about them. They do have horns, tails, and so on, but that is more window dressing to their characters than anything else.

While the Incubi are used to give the work some heat, some direction, and in the end, provide a lovely and wonderful resolution to the story, they don’t actually overwhelm things. The work is told from Eva’s perspective, through which it is clear that she has but one thing in her mind and one desire that even the attentions of Incubi cannot quite match.

There is a bit of a ‘Wayward Heights’ feel to the story, being set as it is in the past. But along with the tone comes the means for the Incubi to, as a whole, make dreams come true. When this happens, when the final piece of erotica comes, it is quite different how the Incubi react, what they see and do, but more over, they do as they said they would and that makes for a neat ending when it comes.

All of the characters are fully realized in the work, having their passions, needs, fears and, sometimes, secrets to tell. The plot itself is held to, carries on with little deviation, and it makes for a romantic story that I did enjoy.

The work ends on a… I’ll call it a pause. One story comes to a close, but a connection is made towards the next. However that does not appear, the story fades away quietly after all is said and done.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

Romantic, passionate and true. A lovely little story about need and what some will do to make that need be fulfilled.



Jun 15 2015

The Speech By TeraS

Something a little different today. Sometimes it is the words that matter more than the actions—assuming one cares to listen, of course. That, more than anything, is where the questions will lie waiting …


The Speech
By TeraS


A long time ago, when Tera was still setting out the path for the Realm and those within it, there was a point where she was mulling over a thought. It would be, without question, a major change for their world, for their kind. This thought brought with it change. Something that is, for all beings, a frightening thing at times.

It also brought about with it the need for Tera to stand in front of the Court of the Realm and explain why it was she felt it was a good idea. Tera could have, being Queen, simply pushed the Realm to bend to her will, but this wasn’t her way.

It was, in the end, a sweeter thing to have others change their mind on their own.

On this day, the Court had assembled in the Grand Hall of the Palace, decked out in their finery. Some had brought along their playthings, others shows of their perceived wealth. Amongst all of the beads and baubles, the one thing that connected them together was their belief that their Queen was … wrong.

They were all milling about, talking—some quite loudly—about the idea, what they thought of it, and, more importantly, what it would do. They all expected the traditional arrival of the Queen, the pomp and ceremony that always came with it.

They were, of course, quite sadly mistaken.

The first to notice that something wasn’t quite right was one of the elders of the Court. He was in the midst of a heated argument with one of his peers when, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a splash of red on the floor of the Grand Hall were none should be. When he turned to see what it was, the sight made him gasp, then stare, which the gained the attention of those beside him who also turned to see what he was looking at. The effect ran like wildfire through the milling assembly, the droning of their voices quickly dropping to a hush as they looked upon the scene that confronted them.

Standing in the middle of the room, immediately over the seal of the Realm that had been carved into the wood… was the Queen. That she was there, without being announced, without warning, was a severe breach of etiquette. If that was all that had been, it would have caused some tails to be bent out of shape slightly.

However, in addition to just appearing out of thin air, she had also forsaken her traditional gown and all of the finery that their Queen should be seen displaying to her court and kind. No, Tera stood there looking quite out of place with all of her Court amassed around her. Her mane of raven hair wild, her tail arched over her right shoulder, arms crossed over her chest, she did not say a word as the Court’s attention was draw to her. Her only reaction was to tap her right index finger on the sleeve of the long red latex-like coat she was wearing. If that wasn’t shocking enough, the black bandeau top and pants, also in latex, were a bit more so. Adding to that, a pair of black ankle boots made her appearance that of, at least from some points of view, one of the commoners of the Realm.

The Queen … didn’t look like the Queen.

When the crowds had fallen silent, Tera tilted her head to the right and was about to speak when one of the black tails in the upper rafters called out: “Your Majesty shames us. There is protocol, and even Your Majesty must follow the rules.”

Tera looked up in the direction of the one that had spoken and replied: “Quite true: I am here; you are as well. Therefore, the basic rules are accommodated. All else is open to interpretation.” Before there could be a response, she continued: “For example, nowhere does it say that the Queen must be in her finery. Nor does it say that she must be announced by horns and pages running about. In fact, when you look at the letter of the rules to which you refer, all it says is that the Queen must meet with her subjects regularly.” Tera had a bemused smile, one that the Court, and the Realm, would come to know very well: “So, as such, I am following the protocol.”

She waved her right hand at those around her as she walked in a circle, continuing to speak as she did so: “All of this, which you call important, is simply window dressing. There are but two things which matter. The first is that I am available to the Realm. The second is that I listen and then act in the best interests of the Realm.”

She paused, looking over her shoulder at her Eternal, who stood nearby, as casual as she herself was. “My Eternal has mentioned to me that he rather holds this particular look as his favourite, and I tend to agree with him.” A pause and a bright smile came with: “As well, that gown causes my tail to itch, and it is better not to irritate my tail, would you not all agree?”

The almost coordinated nodding from the surrounding Court was quite amusing, she thought, not even noticing her own tail turning its tip around to look at the Court and causing a bit of consternation as it did so. Stopping to look at the dais, with the thrones of the Realm resting upon the carpeting there, she continued: “I have noticed something which bothers me. The majority of my time seems to be spent listening to my ministers, advisors, and others who have a place in our Realm in which they are to be serving the Queen and the Realm. Over the course of my typical interactions with you all, I do not see those whom we serve, the people of the Realm.”

This comment brought a murmur from another part of the Court and Tera turned to the one responsible: “Before you start—any of you—I am aware of the People’s Day, when they can come to the Palace and be seen by their Queen and ask of her a favour.” Her eyes narrowed: “This is not nearly enough, not by any stretch of the imagination, and I am quite sure my own imagination need not ponder this longer than for you to agree that this is not, at all, acceptable.”

Beginning to pace—another quirk that the Court would come to know as well as her Eternal did—she mused: “I had wondered why things are. Why is it that the people, who look up to us, to ask us to lead them, cannot see us? Having no good answer from those in the Court who should be able to reply …” Again, the bemused smile returned: “… I walked among the residents of the Realm.”

There was, on many faces, shock and surprise at this. But in others, those that had known Tera from her childhood, from when she hid in the Court to listen to her parents preside, nodded in approval.

Tera caught the grin of her uncle and his approving nod and pressed on. “Oh please; there’s nothing and no one that would think of doing me harm. But, on the other hand, I can say that the Realm was overjoyed to have their Queen among them … Which brings up why we are here: I have always disliked being addressed as Queen. My mother was the Queen. My father was the King. I and my Eternal are … Tera and Keith. We are not to be addressed as King and Queen. Those are titles, not who we are.”

There was a thud from the opposite side of the room and Tera rushed off in that direction. She found an elderly while-tail had fainted, and she immediately began to make her comfortable. This, again, was Tera’s way. She would always help, regardless of the consequences. Some in the Court would recall that, in the time of the war, Tera had been in the midst of things, not at the edges or looking from afar. She fought with her kind, but she also healed whomever she found in need. It did not matter which side they were on, her decision was clear. In being so, those of the Realm who called themselves warriors had accepted her as one of their own. She was, to them, Tera first, and Queen second. For the white-tails who nodded in approval of Tera’s declaration, there was no problem. There never was. They had seen Tera’s wisdom long ago.

This particular white-tail awoke after a short time, and Tera asked: “Mary, are you alright?”

She smiled: “I’ll be fine … too much excitement. Go on …” There was a pause, then she added: “Tera.”

Tera kissed Mary’s hand and then turned back to the assembly: “Now, where was I … Oh, yes! Titles and putting ‘airs’ on: I do not like that sort of thing, I never have. My Eternal commented once that he felt I wasn’t happy when others were bowing and so forth. He is quite right, of course.”

Keith smiled and nodded in reply, but said nothing. This was Tera’s show, and he wasn’t about to step in.

“I do not see the problem with others using my name. And I do not mean my flowery, formal, never-have-used-in-a-million-years-because-I-can’t-accept-having-to-list-all-of-them name, either. I mean who I am. I am Tera. All else is after that.”

She then laced her fingers and stretched her arms out in front of her: “Therefore, as of today, I will no longer be holding court here.”

This time the gasp was followed, after a short pause, applause from several points in the room.

“Court will be where I am. If I am walking the beach and someone wishes to talk to me about something, I have the time. If I am sitting at that lovely little coffee house I enjoy and someone needs to know something, so be it. I will be making myself available to the Realm by being part of it.”

This, of course, made several ministers’ tails go straight up in the air as they realized what was coming next.

“This also means that, if you want to talk to me, you’ll have to get out of all of that finery you are wearing, walk through the streets of the Realm and find me. It also means that, for our pages, assistants, clerks and so on, they will be out and about, part of the Realm and not sitting behind desks all of the time.” Tera looked off in the direction of a group of pages that were grinning broadly: “Personally, I think they will enjoy being able to wear whatever they want … or nothing. Either is fine.”

The rapid nodding and quiet whispering and giggling, seemed to make it clear that they thought this was a really good idea. Their formal attire was itchy, after all.

She looked off into the distance, seeing the Realm in her mind past the walls of the Grand Hall. “I know I must lead our kind. That I have to guide us forward, to the future, to better things. Strengthening who we are is part of that. We are a collective of souls, bound together. That cannot be when we cannot simply be who we are, express our thoughts, and live our lives with meaning.”

Walking from the centre of the room, she made her way towards the great doors which led to the Realm outside. She paused there, her hand upon the door handle, her Eternal standing to her side. “The Realm is outside …” Opening the doors, she revealed untold numbers of succubi and incubi who had been waiting quietly there throughout her speech. Turning to look at the Court, she continued: “… and inside these doors. But the true Realm is the one we carry inside of us all … together.” With that, Tera walked into the crowd that awaited her, her Eternal by her side, as an ovation began from those who had heard her words, both inside and out.

It took a little time for all of the Court to come to see Tera’s wisdom, to understand what her words meant. But they did … in time. With the understanding also came a simple fact: Tera, Queen though she was, was Tera first. In being so, in being the Queen of her people … all of her people saw her as Tera.

Which was all that she had wanted them to know, and they should have long before she had to give a speech, after all …

Jun 14 2015

A Review of Del by John E Kelley Sr.

Del by John E Kelley Sr.

Del by John E Kelley Sr.

The mix of story and erotica is a delicate thing. Too much story and the heart is drowned out. Too much sex and the story becomes only that and nothing more. The kind of characters in the story make a real difference and it isn’t just the major ones that matter, the minor ones have their role to play as well.

Sometimes an author spends too much time on the beginning, setting up the situation and falls into the trap of talking about the minutia around the characters and not quite enough time allowing them to speak for themselves. It can be a hard thing to manage well at times.

  • Title: Del
  • Author: John E Kelley Sr.
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • Publishing Date: September 20, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


The story tells of:

David Pullman is an embalmer at a local funeral home and is very over worked. He decides to stop at a bar on whim. After a few drinks, a beautiful stranger enters his world. After talking for several hours, they seem to hit it off. What David doesn’t know, is his life is about to change.

David is ticked off with the universe and decides to stop at a bar for a drink. He meets a woman that enthrals him and soon discovers why that is exactly. When her truth is seen, what he thought he understood comes back to haunt him and he discovers that words do, in fact, have power.

At the beginning of the work, David is somewhat of an uninteresting person. Part of that is his attitude, which is fouled by his experiences, but also more so because of the focus by the author at the beginning of the story about what kind of car he drives, the sounds of it, what he sees around him and so on. There’s a bit too much concentration on detail and as such the story drags by very slowly for the most part until the other main character of the work appears.

Del, who’s name is the title of this work, is the Succubus of story and on the one hand she is a well told, strong, dominant personality who, at least for me, is obviously a Succubus from the moment she appears. The bar itself lends itself to that realization as everything around her and David practically screams that she is. She’s a mix of images, sort of what I would think of as slightly glam punk in look and poise. Overall this works well for her and with that comes a personality, questions, and thoughts that she poses to David that I thought were rather unique for a Succubus to have.

After a time, the pair leave and the erotica begins. There’s a good deal of dominance in these scenes which, knowing that Del is a Succubus, works well and reflects that she is a Succubus. There is a lovely passion mixed with some light bondage that I thought worked well. When the climax comes in the story and Del reveals herself to David, tells what she is going to do with him, and what transpires beyond that point, Del is very much the “evil” Succubus here. The ending is a bit of a letdown for me personally, there’s really nothing good in it and the final lines speak to Del being somewhat stereotypical in nature as a Succubus which for me reduced my enjoyment of the work.

Other than the beginning of the work, which was, as I noted, a bit hard to read being very dry, when David actually interacted with a minor character before Del appears, that was the point where the story came to life and it held my interest from that point forwards. Some editing at the beginning might be a good idea to remove that stumble, but otherwise it is a well written tale of Succubus control and dominance over an unwary man.

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

The work was a bit of a grind at the beginning but improved a great deal by the time the story’s reveal came to be. An interesting world with some facets I would like to see explored sometime.

Jun 14 2015

A Review of Contractual Obligations – Parts 2 and 3 written by Zoe Miller

Contractual Obligations: Performance Review by Zoe Miller

Contractual Obligations: Performance Review by Zoe Miller

Last month on the Tale, I reviewed the opening work in the Contractual Obligations series by Zoe Miller and you can find that review here. There have been two further works in the series and today on the Tale I will be reviewing both of those works.

I had commented that I didn’t feel like this work was as good as the other book by this author, and I had hoped that the following works would prove to be a better read. The author can tell the most wonderfully hot stories with the most amazing characters and that’s what I hoped to see.

  • Title: Contractual Obligations: Performance Review
  • Author: Zoe Miller
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 19, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

This work tells of:

Skints are born to seduce, so why can’t Arsa get past the training course? After a week of failed liasons, the young demon’s future at occult law firm Harris, Harris, and Clay is looking bleak. The firm doesn’t like demons who don’t produce, so Grace decides to take a firm hand with her demon. Bend over, Arsa, it’s time for your performance review!

Arsa has quite a few problems, most of them revolving around Grace, the one that summoned her and now holds her. Failing test after test, Arsa finds herself in Grace’s office where she is made to answer some questions, both comfortable and uncomfortable, for them both.

I found this work to be far better than the first in the series, mainly for the focus on who Arsa is, what she is going through, and the people around her. There was a good deal of world building, of explaining how things work and for me that really made the difference.

There are two hot flashes in the work, one quite short, but really promising in that within the moments came a lot which filled in the blanks about Arsa herself. The second, quite a bit longer, was focused on Arsa and Grace and it revealed things about both characters that wasn’t really clear in the first work.

This, more than anything, reflects how well this author can create characters with story, emotion, drive and, in many ways, mysteries around them to see unfold. Over the course of this work, some real progress was made on Arsa’s character development, what her powers are, how they are being controlled. In Grace’s case, there are still a lot of questions about her, but she becomes a much more likeable, strong, and central character to the story. The connection between the two, what the truth is they share, and where things go from this point forwards is what I expected in the first part of the series. Seeing it here brought me a good deal of pleasure and that matters.

I thought the writing was better, the tone clearer, the characters better developed. In every way this was well written, had some lovely BDSM heat in it and it wasn’t something that I felt played out in a foolish or silly way.

Contractual Obligations: Strictly Business by Zoe Miller

Contractual Obligations: Strictly Business by Zoe Miller

Four of out five pitchforks.

Sometimes the thing that makes the difference is having characters connect. Here they did finally and it was wonderful to see.

The third work in the series turned in a direction that I didn’t really expect. In doing so, it raised things for the characters up a bit, finding something new for them to come to grips with.

Of course along with that comes some troubles, some surprises, and even a chance for everyone to learn something. Not even Arsa or Grace know it all after all…

  • Title: Contractual Obligations: Strictly Business
  • Author: Zoe Miller
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 9, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

This work tells of:

Marie offers to sneak Arsa, the hapless seduction demon, out for her first night on the town and Arsa couldn’t be happier. This is her chance to impress Marie, maybe even seal the deal!

Of course, not all crushes are reciprocated. But no need to worry, Arsa–sometimes when god closes a door he opens a window!

Arsa finally manages to pass her test, but the prize she hoped for wasn’t there. Still, Marie takes things into her own hands and in doing so Arsa discovers that the human world is a confusing place. Even more so, some of the people that he knows from ‘work’ turn out to be something entirely different in the night outside of the office.

This work in the series is, as a whole, focused on story, on Arsa, on Marie and her friends and what all of their truths are. This adds a lot to the series, and to be honest, Grace could be left out of the series from this point onwards considering all of the questions that were created in this part of the series. One thing that I found interesting was when Arsa noted that her kind isn’t quite like the succubi in her reality, which is completely true. Arsa seems to care more about those around her, is more passionate, more interested in them first and, as such, that makes her a better character to focus the series upon.

Seeing Arsa deal with humanity, with the world, was at times both quite funny and sad as well. There is a lot of innocence in her, which I hope continues throughout. Reading her thoughts as she tried to make sense of things put a different perspective on how she reacted to others, how she saw herself, and even when her need was overwhelming, it made a real difference to the story.

There is a question about Arsa however that does put some other moments earlier in the series into question. A comment about her past, who she is, was quite unexpected and I think there is another part of her story, that of Grace, and of the situation that Arsa is in, to be told. In doing so, it puts events into a new light, might explain a lot of what happened, or didn’t, to Arsa, if not the why. Untangling that will be interesting to see unfold.

There is a short bit hot flash in the beginning, really a ‘stroke’ story, but in the latter third of the work, the story is focused around a wonderfully hot lesson that Arsa is taught. The latter story is just amazing and in being so reminded me of how the author can just make things ‘click’ at times.

Well written, though I caught two minor word errors in the work, but they didn’t take any of the heat or the story away. A group of characters, minor perhaps, but they allowed for Arsa to grow as she needed to and explore herself and those around her. All good things and really a positive addition to the series.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

I think this, the third work, is my favourite of the series so far and gives me a lot of hope for what is to come.

A huge question hinted at, which I really do look forward to seeing explained. Arsa’s relationships seem to be getting more complicated and in that I think will be the story of the next work in the series when it appears.

It’s good to see the series finding its footing and turning into what I hoped it could be…



Jun 13 2015

An interesting Succubus game transformation

I came across a YouTube of part of a video game that I have never heard of called Summons War. Now the game itself doesn’t really appeal to me all that much, but there is, in a way, a Succubus character transformation that caught me when I came across it on YouTube…

And if you can’t see the video on the Tale, try this link:


And, as sometimes YouTube makes videos vanish. here are two image of the Succubus herself, one at the beginning of the video and one at the end when she has been transformed a bit…

The video calls this character Selena, which I think is a lovely name for a Succubus, but I have to admit that her outfit gives me something to think about…

Her stockings have given me an idea to work on for perhaps a bit of a different look this year for the Queen of the Succubi at Halloween… Latex of course for one, but the rest will take some thinking and considering I think.

Regardless of those thoughts, I think she’s really cute, her outfit has the right smexy and as a whole she is a wonderful Succubus…



Jun 12 2015

A Review of Succubus #2 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #2 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #2 by Rob Hicks

After a bit of a delay, the second issue of the comic book series Succubus by Rob Hicks was published at the end of May 2015. I had previously written about the premiere issue of this comic book series in the Tale here and I thought the series had a lot going for it and wondered where it was going next.

Some of the questions that I had at the time were: What does Ximena, the main character of the series, look like when she transforms into a Succubus? What is the story about Gigi, her roommate, friend and webmistress? What was Ximena’s mother like?

The first issue left a lot of questions behind after introducing Ximena and her world, and I was wondering where the story was going to turn to next.

There isn’t a good summary of this issue available as such, so, from my perspective, I think it can be best summed up as:

Ximena’s webcam show goes all out, but then her past comes calling and things turn from heated to hunted. Payback can be a bitch, and Ximena knows her far too intimately.

In the second issue, there’s really a lot that happens in a very short period of time. We see Ximena and her girlfriend Gigi doing a webcam show, Ximena’s mother appears, as does Luna, Ximena’s sister and then something unexpected leaves the issue at a cliffhanger.

What’s more interesting is that, for a moment, we see Ximena looking more Succubus-like, thanks to a spell her mother put on her, but I’ll get back to that a little later. What I thought was interesting about that was the question of which form is her real one? Is it human looking Ximena or Ximena the Succubus? It is a bit of a mystery and one that I hope will be explored further.

Getting back to the content of the issue, the webcam show tells quite a lot about Ximena’s past, mainly that she’s had only eight camshows at this point, but also it tells a bit about Gigi, her personality and that she isn’t quite what you might expect her to be. The show takes up a good part of the issue and when it is over with, a call to Ximena’s mother comes next.

There’s not a lot really told about her, her name isn’t revealed, it’s clear, at least to me, that she is a Succubus as well, and she seems to be a Domme of some sort, and a wealthy one at that. Ximena gets the news that her sister, Luna, has gotten loose and this puts Ximena into a panic. There’s a hint that Luna isn’t exactly little Miss Wonderful by any means, and the little tease of her that is seen before the end of the issue leaves a lot of questions about her.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger, really one that I didn’t expect, and considering a comment by Ximena’s mother, I’m not quite sure to take what happens as it is… I’m expecting something is going on, not sure how that unfolds exactly, but I expect it will be interesting.

I have to admit that Ximena’s Succubus form, horns, tail and all, is very unique and as a whole she’s very sexy and the entire look really works well… save for her horns. For me, they are a little too small, they look a bit odd, but that might be the angle of the image. We’ll see I suppose in the future about that.

There was a lot in this issue that was covered, a lot of characters brought out and a lot of plot lines started. I think there might have been a little too much done in that, the issue seemed really packed with things going on, more so than the first issue and I think that hurt things a bit.

The art is wonderful, some of the settings and moments were really well shown and in being so it brought for me a little bit more about each of the characters. Each of them is unique, and the art plays upon that really well. I will admit that the webcam show was, in an amusing way, a little over the top, but considering the two characters, who they are, and more importantly, what makes each of them special, it worked as a whole.

I’ll give the second issue of Succubus three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Compared to the first issue, there was a lot of plot and characters that appeared in this one and I felt that hurt things a touch. I do know that everything was to set up the series going forwards, but somehow each of the characters, especially Ximena’s mother and her sister, needed to have more fleshing out than what happened.

I’m hoping to know more about Ximena’s mother especially, and yes, I know a little tidbit about her which Rob shared with me. When that comes out, eventually, it has a rather special meaning to me, one that made me smile, considering the name. I’m hoping to know more about Luna, Ximena’s sister, what her story is, and why she turned out the way she did.

Lastly, I’d like to know more about magic, about the Succubi in this universe, and most of all, I’d like to know just how close to the mythology of Succubi they are. I expect, as a whole, they are not stereotypical, at least all signs point to that, and in being so i think there’s a lot of interesting stories that can be told.

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As an aside, the second issue will be the last individual one that is physically printed. Going forwards, the individual issues will be available as PDFs only. Current plans are to produce a collected physically printed edition of the series every four issues.

I would like to thank Rob again for answering some of my questions about the series and allowing me a peek inside. I’ll be watching for Issue Three and wondering…