Nov 05 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 407

I have a special place in my soul for images of Succubi with Angels… Some know why that is, and when they see this art I think they will understand why I smiled and adored this art from the moment I first saw the wonderfulness that is shown here…

Succubus by Duridian

Succubus by Duridian

This work is called Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Duridian. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

While the work is called Succubus, I can think of some other titles which would have a lot of meaning to me. It speaks to me in a way that reminds me of one particular Angel with a Pitchfork that I love dearly, always and forever.

When I look at this art, I see something special here. It isn’t a fight or battle, it’s a moment between two souls coming together as one. Yes, they are both wearing armour, and yes, they might have been in battle or preparing before… But in this moment I don’t see a struggle between them… more of an acceptance, an understanding that one needs the other and in that understanding something special comes through…

And that, more than anything, is why I adore this work and smile…

Beautiful detail, wonderful clothing, form, pose and personalities that seem so clearly drawn here. So much to look at, to see within this art and really one of my top five Succubi artworks of the year….

But then… I am somewhat biased in that aren’t I?



Nov 04 2015

A bigger pitchfork doesn’t help this costume at all

Devilicious Devil Lady CostumeHalloween is past, but that doesn’t mean the awful costumes stop appearing. And it isn’t possible, no matter how good the accessory to make a bad costume look better. Although some seem to think that it can…

This is called the Devilicious Devil Lady Costume and it comes with the dress, the sleevelets and the horns the model is wearing. The pitchfork and boots and stockings are not included and the costume sells for $65 US.

As a whole I think the costume reminds me of, in a way, an Octoberfest beer girl corset with a really bad skirt and sleeves. Setting that aside, I don’t think much of the horns, they are far too small really. The costume itself just looks… rushed… i think is the best way to put it. Really the entire look seems to be just that side of trashy and that pitchfork does nothing to make things any better.

Thinking about this further, I suddenly see this being more of a Devil Pirate costume than anything else, so then the question is, does that work in this case?

To make that work, really all that would need to happen would be to find a sword really. I’m not sure that it would be that easy for people to figure out what you were, but as this costume really could be just about anything if there were no horns, it might not be that much of a stretch of imagination to get there.

I don’t really like this costume as a whole, there are better.

One and a half out of five pitchforks.

It would be nice if this costume could make up its mind or I could about it…



Nov 03 2015

A Review of Imprisoned by Incubi by Ashley Knott

Imprisoned by Incubi by Ashley Knott

Imprisoned by Incubi by Ashley Knott

A review of the first work in a series called Escape from Hell House in which there are quite a number of Incubi appearing. At the time of this review, a second work in the series had not appeared and I have some mixed feelings about that.

There are those that call out in need. They desire, need, whisper and moan towards sating what cannot be within them. If one cannot turn away, if there is no where else to go, are you willing to give up all you are for the sake of what they desire… and are you the one that desires them more? Or is it all a game and you are but a pawn within?

The story tells of:

Lori is an American student backpacking through the Scottish Highlands. When a car accident, bad weather and the approaching nightfall leave her stranded, she takes refuge in an abandoned manor house.

Little does Lori know the house is infested by incubi: demonic spirits who feed off sexual energy! These incubi are starving, and Lori’s their prisoner. She needs to think of a way to escape, but until then, she has to feed them, and that means she will be taken by multiple demons in the most pleasurable ways she’s ever experienced…

Lori decides to go off on her on, having no real destination in mind. A car accident, a long walk through the Scottish weather, and she finds herself at a long abandoned manor. A night of sexual dreams turn real as the world around her is reshaped by those that need her. A struggle for control and what comes after means Lori has a choice to make. Or is that as much an illusion as what she sees, or is it as well as what she feels and cannot escape?

While the majority of the work is solidly focused upon the erotic, what Lori is feeling as the Incubi surround, touch, and then use her in all sorts of ways, there is a fair bit of story leading to that. While there is but a passing note about who Lori is, her past, and why she decided to go off on this adventure, the story behind why the Incubi are where they are, what they intended to do, even their names are a mystery. It is odder still when there isn’t one sort of Incubus, but many different kinds, with their own looks, needs, and actions.

The work is very much male, or rather males, plural, dominated, and at times this is very over the top, pressing towards the hyperbolic in nature. The moments of seduction pass very quickly and when Lori shows some resistance to the Incubi, it is rather sad how they seem to turn into something akin to bratty, demanding children that take their toys and leave Lori to suffer for her choices. It was disappointing because I don’t think it needed to turn in that direction, to be so clear about what the Incubi were really like, or seemed to be, and what Lori would have to consider going forward.

The choice of resisting and perishing in the moment, or giving in allowing herself to be used as they want and then losing herself to them I think needed to be more telling in the work. The choice is made far too quickly, the outcome even quicker still. The sense I had was that the story needed to be pushed aside quickly so that the erotica could return and the story could drive towards its conclusion.

The work ends on a cliffhanger, and in a lot of ways it is unsatisfying considering what Lori goes through, what the Incubi are doing and how Lori is reacting to them. The story ends far too soon, in the middle of thought and feeling overwhelming that. Story didn’t matter in the last page or two, but I don’t think there was any way to bring the story fully back considering what Lori was going through in that moment.

The work is well written in its descriptions of Lori’s feelings and what she perceives is happening to her. There isn’t much in the way of character development, and while there is some story being told, it pales to the erotica that the work mainly focuses on. More about the Incubi, more about why things are, and it would have been a better start to a series. As this is, it resembles a slightly extended hot flash with a smattering of plot.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The mix of suggested horror and very strong erotica is unique and there were some heated moments that I did like. However once over the edge, when things turned more towards the horror and less the heat I found it a somewhat difficult read. There should be more to this story, the title well suggests that, and I’d like to see where things go. Cliffhangers are what they are, but as well, they offer some promise. I hope the author finds the story they wish to tell among the heat and horror that awaits.



Nov 03 2015

A Review of Craving by Lilith Lo

Craving by Lilith Lo

Craving by Lilith Lo

Many times the wordplay between two characters is more than just words. There is meaning hidden in the words, kept at bay, held close but still shown if one looks for it… If they dare. There sometimes is a veil that hangs over their meaning, the moment they share, what, in the end, the moment transpires to be.

While that can make the story hotter in the erotic telling, it can also serve to shadow what otherwise is hard to see. To make it more ambiguous. unclear. That, in the end makes for something that is, as a whole, a lessor story for the promise in the beginning.

  • Title: Craving
  • Author: Lilith Lo
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • Publishing Date: December 11, 2014
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Serial killers have feelings, too. Gentry has been on the hunt for such vile humans for centuries. Finally, he closes in on one of the most prolific killers he’s ever hunted. Only, fate has something more in store for him and instead of reigning in Evil, he becomes enslaved to it.

Gentry holds in his arms Beth, a woman with a secret and a past. A long one that holds things that he never realized she could be. Words are shared, temptations are offered and in the moment when he knows the truth, the real Beth appears and holds him fast… and forever.

The work reads very much like an intimate scene held between two lovers that are dancing around a series of questions which seem almost innocent at first. However, as the story progresses the darkness behind the words starts to creep in and make itself well known. While that is present, it is muted by the passions between Beth and Gentry and what they offer to each other, or resist as they can.

The dialog continues on in a kind of dream-like state, the two groping their way through the words, the touches, the passions that slowly burn between them. For the most part, Gentry seems to be in control, leading the way, his path sure. That is until the tide very subtly turns and Beth’s read nature and power come to the fore and what she seems to be emerges from the shadows.

For all intents and purposes, Beth is a Succubus, it’s quite clear from her actions, how she wraps Gentry around her finger, how he feels and knows when she takes from him. While he is a vampire, he cannot find a way to resist her, not that he ever could, and from what little hints about Beth’s past are given, and what she has done in the moments before in this story, it’s clear that what Beth seems to be isn’t what she is. After all, one of the powers of a Succubus is to be a chameleon. Beth’s quite good at that.

While the heat in the story is well done, the main problem I had was that the work tended to drag at times, seeking the next moment, the touch, or words, that needed to come next. I think a great deal of my feeling lost in the story was that the story begins in the middle of things, the two characters obviously having been entwined for a time before. Dropping into a story like this is a bit jarring and as such it’s hard to gain one’s footing in the story and process what is going on.

The work is very short, very condensed and as such when the reveal comes things move very quickly to the next moment and when the ending comes it is a bit unsatisfying in nature. There is a “after” which isn’t seen that reflects the beginning which isn’t either. Both would have, I think, given a lot more to this work as a whole and I would have liked it more than I do.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Really the work is a moment, a scene, a passing exchange that is wrapped up with innuendo undone and incomplete. I don’t mind stories that leave you guessing, but sometimes it’s better to give the point to the story instead of letting it be hidden and guessed at. More story about these two characters I think would have made this more than it is.



Nov 02 2015

Not Going By TeraS

It is two days past Halloween now, of course … but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have one more little Halloweenish story to tell.


Not Going
By TeraS


“I’m not going.”

“You are such a stick in the mud, Vicky. Honestly, get your nose out of your books and live a little! It wouldn’t kill you to have a good time.”

The argument was one that the two roommates had every year on Halloween since they were put together. Roxie was the wild girl: flame red hair, the kind of body that looked good in anything she wore, a personality that people gravitated to. Vicky was the book worm: chestnut hair, pale skin, never wanting to go out, happier to wear baggy clothes and hide behind Roxie’s stunning personality.

At this moment, Vicky was sitting on their couch, flipping through the television channels and looking for something to watch other than what seemed to be an endless stream of horror movies. Roxie was all dressed up for a Halloween party that was going on two floors above; she going for a devilish angel look as a whole. That did, Vicky had to admit, work, considering the green horns in her red hair, the white robes that almost looked like they were painted on her curves and the pair of fairly-decent looking angel wings that were strapped to her back.

She heard the sound of Roxie’s heels coming up from behind and then she caught Roxie’s scent—strawberries, no less: “Look, I’m not going. There’s nothing you can do to make me.”

The purr of Roxie’s voice against Vicky’s ear made her tremble: “It’s Halloween. Come on … please? I promise: when I’m done with you, no one will recognize you.”

Vicky shook her head: “No, Rox … Not gonna … I …”

The rest of Vicky’s words were lost as Roxie traced a fingernail against the nape of Roxie’s neck and purred: “Be a little naughty … please? I have your costume.”

A shiver came with: “Nnnoo, Rox. Don’t care. Don’t wanna.”

Vicky thought “That’s it, Roxie will back off,” when she heard the clicking of heels. But then Roxie walked around and blocked Vicky’s view of the television before taking the remote and turning it off. Leaning down to put the remote on the couch, she treated Vicky to a view down Roxie’s top, showing that she was completely naked underneath the robes.

“Okay! If you aren’t going to the party, then neither am I.”

Vicky blinked: “But … you’re all dressed up for it!”

Roxie smiled one of her thousand watt ones, her blue eyes sparkling: “This? Oh, this is nothing.”

Vicky started to answer, but Roxie put a single red tipped fingernail on Vicky’s lips: “See, what I want for my treat … is you.”

Vicky blinked again. Roxie wanted her? She thought about that as she looked towards Roxie’s smile and her lovely sky-blue eyes. She did have a crush on Roxie—had one for a long time, but never did anything with it. Mind you, the middle of the night pleasures she had thinking about cuddling with Roxie, nibbling her skin, spooning with her … those were the source of many hours of wonderfully hot little orgasms.

Vicky swallowed, and then put a hand on Roxie’s, moving it away: “What … What do you mean?”

Roxie stood up straight and flipped her hair over her shoulder: “I mean that, once a year, I can have a treat. I want you. All of you.”

Vicky didn’t know what to say and, as Roxie started to undo her robe, she found that she rapidly lost her train of thought, far more interested in what Rox had to say and what she was doing.

The robe loosened, then was pulled back over the redhead’s shoulders, revealing smooth, tanned skin, the straps of her angel wings now visible. “See, today is Halloween, but it is also an important day where I come from.”

Vicky knew that Roxie was from somewhere else. They never really talked about it, but she said it was a wonderful place and she was planning on going back there someday—something about being involved in the family business or something.

Again, Vicky’s thoughts were derailed as Roxie shimmied her hips and the robe fell off her shoulders and she caught the material just below her bosom, right above that sexy curve of her waist and that cute belly button that Vicky had dreamed of swirling her tongue around.

“We’re allowed, by our Queen, to pick the one thing we want on this day, and …”

Vicky drew her tongue over her lips as Roxie allowed the robe to fall over her hips and then pool about her red sky-high stripper heels. She felt the flush, she knew her skin was turning colour as she looked, for the first time, at Roxie in the nude. She was a dream. Vicky had fantasied about this moment, how Roxie would look, smell, taste, but seeing it all in the flesh took her breath away.

“… reveal ourselves to them. I’ve wanted you a long time, baby. I’ve dreamed about rubbing against you, licking you, caressing your skin.”

Vickie whispered: “I … I’ve wanted you. But … never thought you wanted me.”

Roxie slipped a finger underneath one of the straps holding her wings, tilting her head to the left as she did so: “I know. All you had to do was tell me that you wanted me, too. So many nights I have listened to you moan in your dreams, that look you have in the morning when we brush past each other. Goddess, Vickie … I could smell you.”

Somehow, learning that Roxie knew everything didn’t upset her. The trickle of arousal had now become a lava flow between her legs, and Vicky started to rub her thighs together, trying to distract herself, closing her eyes as she did. Roxie’s wings falling to the floor with a thump brought her attention back to where it should be: looking into Roxie’s eyes.

Roxie leaned forwards again, placing her hands on Vicky’s thighs, the touch making her quiver as goosebumps erupted over her skin. She felt Roxie’s fingernails scraping lightly on her thighs and then parting her legs gently. Vicky wished the she was naked … and then realized something …

… she was.

Roxie kept looking into Vicky’s eyes as she kneeled between her partner’s legs on the discarded and forgotten Halloween costume. Roxie was only wearing her red horns, and they were gleaming in the light.

“See … I have a secret, love. One you can be a part of.”

Vickie trembled as Roxie’s fingers moved up the inside of her thighs and then stroked highly over her now bare, wet, and open folds. Her voice was somewhere between a moaning, pleading, and need: “Wha– … Geez, Rox … Wha– …”

Roxie smiled and then she focused her attention away from Vicky’s eyes. As Roxie’s lips and tongue slithered over, into, and about, Vicky clutched at the couch, trying to hold onto something, but she couldn’t find anyplace to anchor. When the ersatz angel touched her clit, she thrashed about, melting in pleasure, her hands moving wildly before taking hold of Roxie’s horns…

… Roxie’s now larger, the-perfect-size-to-hold-onto-while-she-was-being-eaten-out, horns.

They didn’t move—they seemed to be attached to Roxie’s head—and when Vicky could finally look to see what was going on … well, that’s when she saw the long, green, heart-tipped tail, moving slowly behind her new lover. She following the tip down to where it met Roxie’s body, just above her sexy heart-shaped ass.

A thought came to Vicky: “That tail is real. The horns are real. But …”

Her thoughts were derailed by one of Roxie’s fingers slipping against her clit, teasing her. Vicky couldn’t move, didn’t want to, and, while she was experiencing everything she wanted in her dreams, Roxie’s voice continued to explain: “See … I’m one of the Succubi, and I want you.”

A lick—God …Goddess … whatever, her tongue was long. “You want me, too, so … you are my treat.”

Vicky felt one of Roxie’s hands moving up her waist, the succubi’s nails scratching lightly before she cupped a breast and then pinched the brunette’s nipple gently.

“Just say ‘yessss.’ That’s all you have to do.”

Vicky wanted this, so desperately so. She wanted to be entwined with her, be with her, needing her as much as Roxie needed her in return. The answer came from deep within, filled with need and want as much as passion and desire.

“Oh Gods, Rox! YES, please!”

Roxie purred like a cat that had a bowl of cream to enjoy as her tongue went back inside. The screams that came from their apartment throughout the night were luckily drowned out by the sounds of the party two floors above, the party that they never went to, for theirs was better.

As the old clock in the hallway chimed midnight, two lovers were laying on a soft rug between their television and their couch. One had horns and a tail, the other didn’t. One was titian, the other was a brunette. The one thing that was the same about them, however, was they were in love, their secrets now open to each other, and their fantasies made real on this day.

They weren’t going anywhere. They didn’t need to.

They had found each other on the Night of Souls.

Nov 01 2015

A Review of The Devil’s Daughter by Emily Wood

The Devil's Daughter by Emily Wood

The Devil’s Daughter by Emily Wood

There are some stories where, at some point, things take a turn which is supposed to be unexpected, a surprise. Something that makes one think about what came before the twist and then try to keep up with what comes afterwards.

Sometimes that works, the twist is hidden well, it makes sense, and means something to the story overall. Other times the twist is questionable, a bit unwarranted, and perhaps even takes a lot away from the story as a whole.

It isn’t always about the twist however. Sometimes it is taking a character that seems to be different and interesting and turning them in a direction that just loses me as a reader.

The work tells of:

The Devil promises Ryan everything he would ever want: fame, fortune, all the things a mortal will ever need for paradise on earth. But he doesn’t want your soul, he just wants Ryan to take his socially awkward daughter, Gertrude, out on a date.

Gertrude turns out to be very attractive and starts out shy and nervous, she has all the magic powers she could ever want, and considers using them ordinary.

At first Ryan also seems hesitant, but getting to know her throughout the day while doing fun and activities, getting into some trouble, he really begins to like her and realizes that the “everything he ever wanted” includes her. He also realizes the day completely flew by. At night after the day long date he goes back to the spot they first met kisses her and she asks him to come back to hell with her.

In hell Gertrude reveals her true self…

Ryan makes a deal with the devil and the cost seems to be a simple one. Take his daughter, Gertrude on a date. She’s not what he expected and things turn in a direction he didn’t expect. Their time up, Gertrude asks Ryan to come home with her, and then things take a turn that Ryan didn’t expect.

There really isn’t a lot told about Ryan in the work, he’s there, in the story, but as for who he is, why he made the choice he did and so on, that’s not delved into. His thoughts and wonder over Gertrude comes out well, but otherwise he is a bit of a cypher overall.

Gertrude is far more fleshed out in the story, but there are two sides to her and that’s where things are both interesting and a bit difficult to accept. At the beginning, Gertrude is cute, but there’s hints of her seductive nature, of her powers, of what she can do. Mixed into the things that Gertrude and Ryan do comes a short little moment that I loved, involving cupcakes, and I felt as if the work might reveal Gertrude to be a succubus, but not the typical one.

When Gertrude revealed her true self, it isn’t too much of a surprise, the other shoe was going to drop about her. She’s, if not completely a succubus, then it makes up a lot of her character. She has horns, tail and so on, but her physical form isn’t what she teased Ryan with. That’s perfectly fine, it is expected from all of the little hints and quirks she has. Where it goes wrong for me comes in the latter half of the work.

The first part is mostly a romance, the latter is erotica. The first is story, the latter is missing that. There’s more focus spent on Gertrude being dominant, of doing various things to Ryan and it wasn’t all that erotic to me. I found myself wondering what Gertrude would have been like if the little teases in the first part were who she was in the latter. But she isn’t it’s a harsh reality. However mixed into that is Ryan’s own truth and, as they say, one sometimes gets what they need by making a choice.

The work needs another editing pass, there are several spelling mistakes, some dialog that is odd. Some sentences, are just wrong, for example:  The sun beat was beating down on their backs. That sentence makes no sense at all. I get what the author meant to say, but it just brought my reading to a screeching halt as I tried to process that sentence.

For all of the really good story telling at the beginning, when the story shifts to Gertrude and Ryan in Hell, the tone changes and the story gets pushed aside for some rather cruel female domination that doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than a contrast. The “real” Gertrude is very different, but that would have been fine.

It would have if the change was more in line with everything that was telegraphed on the date. There were hints of it, and I wanted to see that play out as it seemed Gertrude wouldn’t be stereotypically evil. Sadly, for me, she was. There’s too much “nasty” that overcomes the “hidden seduction” that Gertrude allowed peeks of earlier.

Overall the work can be split in two halves. The first part is funny, cute, mysterious and seductive. The latter is something that can best be described as over the top and stereotypically “evil”. I don’t like the latter part, there could have been better choices made.

Two pitchforks out of five.

The idea was good, I liked Gertrude for most of the story, but when things went off the rails, when the real Gertrude appeared, that disappointed me. I expected something more from her and instead she was too stereotypical for my tastes. That wasn’t unexpected, by any means, but as well, there could have been a different turn. That doesn’t need to be anything “romantic” but it does need to reflect Gertrude’s character better considering all that came before.



Nov 01 2015

A Review of the Little Love series by Catherine LaCroix

Little Love by Catherine LaCroix

Little Love by Catherine LaCroix

One of the things that bothers me is when a series begins, starts to tell a story, really gets my interest and I want to see what happens next. All of that is good and really what I like to see really. The problem becomes when the work finally makes it to the reveal about one of the main characters and then…. the next part never arrives.

It’s one of the reasons why, in a lot of cases, I tend to delay reviewing some series because I hope for a conclusion, or the next work in the series and it doesn’t appear. In truth that’s the larger shame when the story and characters leave you… wondering.

The first work in the series is:

It tells the story of:

As a young student living on his own, Tristan finds juggling work, school and his personal life difficult to manage. That is until he meets Lilith- a sultry, confident, bombshell who finds herself immediately taken with him.

Lilith is twice his age.

Now Tristan must choose whether her doting affections will be enough to gain his trust, or if he should escape her grasp before his body makes the decision for him…

Tristan awakes to find himself in the presence of a seductive woman named Lilith who offers all that he desires, both spoken and unspoken in so many ways. But with the love, caring, and passions that she offers comes questions that he does not have the answers for. How did he get where he is, and why doesn’t he want to leave? Lilith’s smile and hold over his heart leaves nothing to be desired save for him to give into what she asks of him. To be with her… always.

For me the thing about this work is that from the moment Lilith appears, it’s obvious to me that she is a Succubus. Her hold over Tristan, the way she knows all of his wants, needs and desires and how she makes them come true point at her being a Succubus. What I particularly like about Lilith is that she isn’t stereotypical in her actions, she seems to love and cherish Tristan deeply, and more importantly, doesn’t seem to want to hurt him, but give all that he wishes for.

The little descriptions of Lilith, her home, her surroundings, seem to suggest that Tristan has been taken from his world to hers, or perhaps a sort of limbo. The little remarks about the balance of red and black drew a smile from me and in a way reflect upon Lilith’s character. She has red hot passions for Tristan and as well she has the touch of firm Domme control reflected in the black. But she isn’t “evil” nor is she wanting to cause him to suffer or feel pain. Lilith is dominant, calling Tristan at various times, pet, and more deliciously, little love, that I feel shows the need she has for him.

The work is a lovely mix of discovery and erotica that works very well together and sets up quite a number of questions for the series going forwards. While it is never said explicitly that Lilith is a Succubus, there is a well constructed mystery around her that works to tie the moments of passion together very well. It’s wonderful to see the pair simply being together, Tristan falling for Lilith as the story unfolds. He’s quite firmly under her spell, but there is an undercurrent of confusion at times that leads towards the erotica in a wonderful way. When the erotic moments come, they are well told, speaking of a loving, positive D/s relationship that I adored.

I would have liked for there to be a few more concrete hints towards who Lilith really is, her purpose, and why it was that she chose Tristan in the first place. But the way things unfold that part of the story isn’t told and really it need not be as the mystery in the moment for Tristan is well enough to carry the story on its own.

Well written, lovely heat and really fascinating characters. There wasn’t anything that took me out of the story from beginning to end and I enjoyed Lilith not being stereotypical. Tristan was a lovely submissive, but also had a certain amount of strength within him that was slowly drawn out over time. I would have loved the work to be longer, at least a dozen or so pages, and tell more about the why’s of the moment. Perhaps a little hint of what surrounds Lilith and Tristan or, more interestingly, when Tristan falls from exhaustion into sleep, what does Lilith do? Does the world change? Does she?

Many, many questions, but then the better stories always leave you wondering…

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A very strong opening to the series in which many questions come to mind, but the answers are not given. There is an obvious answer, who or rather what Lilith is, but that answer is left for the second work to tell…

Little Secrets by Catherine LaCroix

Little Secrets by Catherine LaCroix

The second work in the series continues the theme of mystery that was begun in the first. The story weaves its way through more of the dynamics of the relationship between Lilith and Tristan on the one hand, but also the edges of their world begin to fray a bit, showing to Tristan that something else is going on that has been hidden from him.

The question of what you would be willing to do if you found the perfect lover, the perfect Mistress is one that dips deeply into one’s soul. The same can be said about the Mistress in the relationship as well. What would they be willing to do is one question, but the more important one is… why?

It tells the story of:

After two weeks of hot days and steamy nights spent with Lilith, his mysterious new love, Tristan begins to wonder what really makes her tick. His curiosities begin innocent enough, but the secrets she keeps locked away may change the dynamic of their relationship forever.

Time moves onwards for Tristan and while Lilith gives him anything he wishes, all that he desires and more, the questions about where he is, who Lilith is, and what everything means whisper at the back of his mind. As their relationship moves onwards and games are played, Lilith reveals the truth that she has kept hidden from him when he least expects it… but the answers… those are harder to find.

In this work my love for Lilith really came to the fore. There are so many things about her personality and her actions in this work that seemed very familiar to me. Lilith loves reading and has a vast library of books, she teases Tristan with a can of RediWhip, and in many other ways as well. But in all of that the love, the need for him that she has remains strong and true throughout the work.

But in all of the love, the passions, the exploration of what Tristan desires, the little hints of things being not quite right are stronger in this work than the last. There are no windows, there is always heat around Tristan. Things magically appear from one waking moment to the next. It’s so much more clear, long before the reveal, that Lilith is a Succubus. But the way the hints are interspersed in the story makes things more seductive and passionate. It isn’t simply a hot flash when the erotic moments come in the story, there’s something more.

At one point they are described as sugar, being Tristan, and spice, being Lilith. It is very apt comparison and I dearly loved that moment because it defined their relationship in the best possible way. When things turn towards a slightly more dominant scene, it doesn’t feel out of place, though for Tristan it is strange and revealing.

The climax of the work, and I do not refer to the moment when, for the first time, Lilith and Tristan are truly intimate together, for that is a beautiful moment on its own, comes at the very end of the work, in the very last line when Lilith finally reveals her truth. She loves Tristan, which has been true from the first word of the series, but also that she is a Succubus, which has been hinted at as well from the beginning… but then the story… ends.

I would have liked to have seen what Tristan replied with, how he felt about that and if it mattered to not. I would have liked Lilith to explain the why of everything, but that didn’t happen. As such the work ends on a cliffhanger.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Every bit as wonderful as story as the first work in the series and though I wished for so much more, what was told about Lilith and Tristan was wonderful in both heat and substance.

The sad thing is, at the time of this review, the next work in the series, if there was one that was meant to be… never appeared. I wish it had, there is so much story still to be told. It’s awful when a series like this with such perfect characters never comes to a satisfying conclusion.

I truly wish it had.