Feb 04 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 420

Some Morrigan Aensland art this time for the Succubi Image of the Week on the Tale… Occasionally I find art of Morrigan where she is drawn a bit younger. Perhaps not quite the same physical age as Lilith, but nonetheless it is quite the interesting look for her…

Morrigan Aensland by Ultramarine

Morrigan Aensland by Ultramarine

This art of Morrigan is by an artist on Pixiv called Ultramarine and you can find the original page there with this art here.

I think this is quite the portrayal of Morrigan in that she looks like she’s in her mid-20s instead of her normal, slightly older look. Now, that might well be the artist’s style, but still, it’s quite a different look for her body shape and in that comes a slimmer look that I really like.

She’s also not quite so over endowed compared with her body shape and I think that’s a really good thing…

Lovely expression, pose, her hair is amazing, and I just love the flair that the artist has added to this work. It brings out a lot of detail, which I always like, and just makes Morrigan look amazing…



Feb 03 2016

Claiming to be a Sexy Devil Costume doesn’t mean it is

Sexy Devil CostumeThere are three words that are used to excess when it comes to costumes. They are “Sexy”, “Devil” and “Costume”. Not necessarily in that order, but they do appear. The thing is, it is a rare costume that actually should use those three words and as such it’s more likely that something very tacky or ugly is attempting to masquerade as being something more than it is.

This is called, surprisingly, the Sexy Devil Costume and it comes with the really amazingly ugly dress and that’s all. No horns or pitchfork or shoes. The rather sickly looking piece of fabric can be found for less than $20 US at many sites on the web.

I think there is a bit of dishonesty in what is being sold here as since all you are buying is the red dress, how is it that this costume can be really called a Devil costume in the first place?

If at least the horns were included I could accept that what they were selling was some half-hearted attempt at a Devil costume. But in this case that simply isn’t true.

This is a prime example of something being left over in a warehouse somewhere and being put on sale with a description that is bait for the search engines to latch onto.

I would hope that whomever would even think about buying this, and it wouldn’t be me I can promise you, that they would read the description which is in very small print and is hidden away underneath a button. If one didn’t then what arrives will be quite the surprise…

Still another zero out of five pitchforks.

Just a sad costume by far…



Feb 02 2016

A Review of Succubus Crisis by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Succubus Crisis by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Succubus Crisis by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

It’s been a little while since a certain redhead succubus, her “trainee”, a rather pointedly blunt Ogre, a smitten mage, her almost lover and the rest visited… well, not really Gilligan’s Island, but sometimes the laughter made me wonder.

I was quite thrilled to see that the series has begun anew with a little bit more focus upon the succubi of the series and a particular problem that Kendra, the redhead succubus of the story, has. And coming along for the ride are all of the things that I enjoyed in the first series, the characters I love and more.

  • Title: Succubus Crisis
  • Author: Dou7g and Amanda Lash
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B01BA26Z8W
  • Publishing Date: January 29, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

This series continues the adventures of the characters from the series “Succubus Temptations” collected in “Succubus Journey”.

In this first installment of the new series the beautiful red haired succubus Kendra and her apprentice Helen try to recruit a supervillain assassin named Poison to kill her boss and set her free. To test him they make him fight Phil the ogre. He agrees because he’s always wanted to fight an ogre.

Kendra and Helen are on a quest and it isn’t quite the usual one. A wisecracking villain, his slightly dysfunctional wife and friend are asked to come along for a ride, and not just in bed either. But first there’s a little matter of a test, and Phil the Ogre is marking the results.

I’ve always loved the humour in the prior series and in this new one there’s no question that it has returned with all of the little in-jokes, witticisms, and silliness that I dearly love. From the start the undertone is there, quite clearly, and being so that makes what otherwise could have been some very dry moments in the work be filled with that little spark that I have always found.

Kendra and Helen have changed, but it is a very slight change really. The awkwardness that was present when they were last seen, mainly from Helen just becoming a succubus, isn’t quite as present and as such there’s a lovely interplay between the two that I couldn’t help but smile over. I like that there has been some growth between the last series and this one and I do wonder what has happened and how that will be explored.

The work mainly focuses upon Kendra and Helen on their quest and their encounter with a certain super villain that is as quick with their wit as Kendra and Helen are. The dynamic between them is really interesting and when the villain, who really doesn’t strike me as being “evil” so much as “looking to cause mischief” brings in his “partners”, then there comes a moment when I couldn’t stop laughing. Shoes are so very important you know.

A joy to read, the story itself offers a really good hook to follow what comes next. There are a few little spelling mistakes, nothing really terrible really. The characters’ voices are perfect, the ones we know well are every bit as wonderful as I remember, and the new ones introduced have their own style and personalities to share.

I hope that the “real problem”, when they appear, is as interesting a character as I hope they are. To learn about Kendra’s past along the way will be something i have been wondering about as well. The promise in this first work offers much and I think I shan’t be disappointed.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I really enjoyed the humour, the characters and really the ever-so smart storytelling that I have missed for some time now. I’m looking forwards to where this takes all of the characters, what the future holds, and who Kendra will be working her powers of persuasion upon next.

I can hardly wait…



Feb 02 2016

A Review of The Tainted Forest by John Dylena

The Tainted Forest by John Dylena

The Tainted Forest by John Dylena

A review today of a work by one of my favourite authors, John Dylena. While it is not particularly focused on succubi, there is a bit of an appearance of one in this work. Beyond that, it is a tale of fantasy mixed with a little gender swapping and a mystery to solve.

I felt it broadened John’s writing quite a lot and in doing so I felt that the world was quite telling, the characters interesting and more. Sometimes the search one finds themselves on isn’t the one they expected but the one they needed in the first place.

  • Title: The Tainted Forest
  • Author: John Dylena
  • Length: 57 Pages
  • ASIN: B00V1R6K3W
  • Publishing Date: March 21, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

It was not only the wrong book, but it was the wrong magical book. A book that once opened, sent Luke flying into the magical world contained within the pages.

Only things are much darker than he realizes when he hears of the demons and vile creatures plaguing the villagers and after coming across a strange pink gem, Luke finds his body is slowly changing.

After a run-in with the demons, Luke discovers something lurking in his mind. Something evil, dark, and sinister, and it’s getting stronger each day.

Luke goes out looking for a book, finds one, and then finds himself in another world where magic is real and all of the joys and dangers that come with magic are there as well. Trapped and being changed, his adventure is just beginning, but he might not be himself for all that long.

The one thing about John’s writing is that time is spent weaving the world which the characters exist in. In doing so, that means each character, no matter how small, has a history, a means and reason for being in the story. This makes for a complex story with telling characters which, for me, is the best story to have of all. Luke’s experiences are well told, there is a hint of mystery, adventure and fantasy that works well together.

The gender change, as it unfolds, is not something over the top or obvious and in being so that allows for Luke’s perceptions to shift and the story to make some unexpected turns. How that works remains a mystery to the end, but it isn’t critical to know the why as the story itself fills in the why with the experiences that Luke has.

While some of that is erotic in nature, that doesn’t drive the story onwards. It is the adventure, the fantasy, the world itself and the exploration of that world that makes this something special. As part of that world, there is a succubus that appears as a minor character. She’s a little stereotypical, a bit evil and it is clear that she is so. The moment that Luke has with her has a bit of succubus mind control, a little domination, and there is a bit of futa erotica that worked well together and I liked the scene and how that fit into all else that happened to Luke.

The erotica, as a whole, mixes mind control, domination, a little tentacle and other creatures having their way with Luke as well. But it doesn’t feel out of place and I think, all in all, that it worked well to move the story onwards and drive Luke’s story towards its conclusion.

The work ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I would like to see what happens to Luke beyond this work. There is a very good story here that leads towards a longer series. Perhaps at some point that will unfold in the same way as Brett’s story has in its own way and time.

I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really a wonderful adventure-fantasy story with a little touch of gender change that was done in the most subtle and interesting way. A bit of a surprise with the ending and I would like to see this continue onwards sometime as it reads well and is captivating.



Feb 01 2016

Something for a Friend By Chi

I have something to share and there’s a story behind this. As much as I wish I did, I didn’t write this. My Evil Dragon Chi did… The thing about Chi is that he has a lovely way with words, and so, on this Monday, these are his words shared…


Something for a Friend
By Chi


A little something I might’ve written with a certain Succubi Queen in mind


The air was heavy with the rhythmic pulse of a grinding beat as the dim lights of the club were intermingled with bright flashes of brilliant color. Bodies moved and shifted, dancing and pressing one into the other. Passions ruled and cares were cast aside.

She wasn’t sure why she’d come, really. Well, that wasn’t necessarily true. She knew the why. A look at her happily dancing roommate answered that. She just wasn’t sure why she’d let the party girl convince her of it.

The tight leather of the pants she’d been convinced to wear because they showed off her “god’s gifted arse” was getting a touch uncomfortable as she remained in her seat. Her legs crossed as she fought down the urge to slide out of the high heeled boots that seemed to vanish into the leather of her pants. She’d managed to stay out of a matching leather top, though she wasn’t sure the barely there crimson halter she’d picked to avoid it was much better.

In fact, she was pretty sure her roommate had played her with that choice.

Running her fingers through dark, almost black hair she fought down a groan as bright pale jade eyes fluttered half closed. She just knew this was going to happen. Despite how much her roommate talked about making it a “bonding” experience, she was out there on the dance floor, leaving her behind to sip occasionally at an overly fruity drink that made her face twist in displeasure.

“My, you certainly don’t seem too happy.” The words were drawled out, soft, and yet somehow pierced through the pulsing noise of the club.

Immediately, she stiffened up, her eyes snapping open as she looked around.

There was a woman seated next to her, full, crimson lips pulled into a smile as she watched her with glittering emerald eyes.

“Mmm, I’m sorry, did I surprise you?” The woman asked as she sipped at a drink that she couldn’t quite identify. “You seemed so lonely over here, such a terrible thing really, to be sitting alone, surrounded by a crowd.”

There was something… different about the woman, with her black as night hair and the tight, shining red dress clinging to enviable curves. A mischief, mixed with a knowing maturity as she casually shifted her glass about. “When people come to places like these, isn’t it to be with others? To feel the connection, to cut loose, to enjoy yourself? Sitting here, all alone, waiting, bored and irritable seems to just… Defeat the purpose.”

“I’m fine, thanks.” She said quickly her fingers wrapping about her drink instinctively, pulling it back against her chest in an almost defensive motion.

“Oh?” The woman pursed her lips as if in thought, studying her with a lazy, critical eye as she took a slow sip from her drink. “Now, that doesn’t seem the case. Too much worry, too much tension. You’re definitely not having fun.”

“I don’t need that kind of fun.” She stated quickly looking away.

“That kind?” There was a full blossom of amusement in the woman’s voice as she let out a low, throaty chuckle. “My, my, my… that implies so many interesting things. Especially about just where your mind starts to go.”

She could feel her face flushing crimson as she ducked her head and refused to look at the woman. “I’m not that way!”

“Mmm, now whichever way would you be talking about?” The woman was asking, and it was like her lips were hovering above her ear, letting her practically feel the heat of her breath tickling down her neck, sweet, hungering, intoxicating.

“I… ah…” She stammered, her breath catching, hitching in her throat as she unconsciously shivered in delight before her voice stumbled into a murmur. “I don’t like, ah, girls.”

“What was that, my dear? I don’t think I heard you?” It was teasing, enticing as it left the woman’s lips. “It helps to look at the person you’re talking to. So they can hear you. Don’t you want to be… heard?”

She flushed brighter, but still her eyes lifted up and then her throat caught as her eyes met the woman’s. Before they were bright and beautiful. Now they seemed to be almost glowing with a captivating light as she smiled over her drink and suddenly, it was like she was staring deep into her soul.

“Oh, yes, you are the pretty one, aren’t you?” The woman smiled as she reached out, a hand, she didn’t realize was gloved until she felt the smooth material draw along her jaw and then slowly push her chin up so her mouth shut in a simple, smooth gesture.

Slowly stroking the thumb over her now closed lips, a soft, elliptical motion, the woman continued. “Just so very tightly repressed. It’s a horrible thing, really. Keeping all those hungers, all those wants, all those passions just bottled up inside of you. Churning and rolling through your veins, whispering so many sweet, wicked little thoughts down into the shadows of your mind.”

She couldn’t resist the shiver that ran through her body at that touch, that slow, teasing caress that made her lips part as if begging for her thumb to slip past them. It was a subtle, alien, undeniable feeling that was starting to course through her veins like drops of thick, golden honey flowing down into her. Hot, aching, needing.

“Yes, you like that don’t you, my dear?” The woman smiled at her, almost indulgently as she slowly pushed her thumb into her waiting mouth, teasing it past her soft, yielding lips and slowly drawing it down , pulling lightly against the sweet, slick flesh. “How long have you waited, I wonder? Yearning, wanting, Needing as you tried and force yourself to be numb, to ignore them, to fight against them?”

She opened her mouth again, only to find her words replaced with a sweet, mewling whimper of want that would send a tremble of such hot, wet heat down past her stomach, that it almost jolted her out of the slowly sinking haze she found herself in.

“Oh, yes, you are precious, aren’t you?” The woman chuckled at her, smiling with her eyes shining suddenly brighter, more intensely into her own. It was like suddenly she had opened up the gates to her soul, inviting the woman’s gaze to pour into her, hot, hungering, commanding as it reached into her in ways she never thought possible.

It was like her whole body was suddenly alive. A rolling pulse of pure, powerful sensation, like her whole life, she had been numb, unfeeling, asleep, and suddenly, she was woken up like a violent eruption of emotion that broke up from deep inside like a newborn spring of hot, glistening springwater. Bubbling and churning as it spread hot, glistening feelings of sweet, yearning want through her trembling, weakened flesh.

She could feel the way her skin glistened. It was Hotter than she ever remembered it being, a deep, hungering heat that seemed to boil up from inside of her instead of pressing down into her from the club around them. Unconsciously, her legs uncrossed, spreading, open, inviting in her seat as she pressed hungrily into the woman’s touch.

So consumed was she with the woman’s eyes, she never saw the way her tongue slipped out, and traced over her lips, the way they felt so dry despite the thick painted gloss atop them. She never registered the way the woman’s hand had left her chin, stroking back, caressing against her throat. She never protested in the slightest, when she felt it, wrapping back behind her neck. Drawing her in, pulling her closer.

However, she relished the feeling of the woman’s breath, pouring down upon her lips. She breathed deep of the smoky, exotic, almost musky scent of the woman. Her whole body shivered as she could feel as the steady flow of heat coursing down through her belly turned into a sudden, roaring waterfall.

Her thoughts melted into a haze. Hunger rolled through her skin, and her body melted in surrender to the impossible bliss of desire. There was no struggle, there was no fight, there was no resistance as she suddenly felt her mouth falling open, and her lips being covered by the woman’s own.

Instead, her world simply exploded into a crackling focus as everything else turned to a non-existent sensation save for the lips and tongue devouring her. And that was the only way she could feel described it. She could feel it, as if the woman was feasting upon her mouth, claiming her, taking her, drinking of the very essence of who she was.

And all she could do was offer herself up to her, surrendering to the shuddering wave of pleasure it drew from her. Her eyes fell half lidded, glazed and unseeing. She barely registered the curling glimpses of crimson points, curling out of the woman’s midnight black hair. It was unimportant. Nothing mattered but the pleasure surging through her.

Then, the kiss broke, and the woman pulled back tugging at her lip in the process, suckling, pulling at it before finally letting it go free.

“Oh, yessss, I think you’ll do nicely.” The woman stated with a smile as she slowly stood and smiled at her. “Come on, my little pet. Let’s go somewhere more… private, shall we?”

Lost in the haze of desire, she let herself be gently guided to her feet, the woman’s hand still on the back of her neck, before tracing down to between her shoulders. She felt something else, slim and firm wrapping about her waist, but again she dismissed it as unimportant. All that mattered was satisfying the churning, quivering emptiness inside of her, begging to be filled.

“Yes, I do believe we shall.” The woman chuckled softly, as if greatly amused by the statement, while she led her off and away.

When her roommate returned from her dancing, she found their table empty, glasses cool and a third drink she couldn’t account for. But, she didn’t find her. Shrugging her shoulders, her roommate figured she had either finally decided to have some fun, or gone home. Either way, she’d see her later.

She was right and wrong.

The girl she saw later wasn’t really her any longer. But, she didn’t care for very long. Her new roommate was very good at making sure she didn’t care about anything at all.


You can find more of Chi’s lovely erotica here on his Tumblr Blog…



Jan 31 2016

A Review of Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon by Sasha Scott

Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon by Sasha Scott

Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon by Sasha Scott

For the past few months there has been an ongoing erotica series published called App Warp by Sasha Scott in which the main character found himself in possession of a certain piece of software that gave him a measure of mind control over the women he encountered. I never read the series as it didn’t appeal to me. However, what appears to be the final work in the series does have succubi appearing.

Sometimes there is a concept which makes a good deal of sense, explains a lot, and in the end leaves some really interesting plots open to be explored. However, when the characters cannot grow out of being stereotypical, whether that is being “evil” or just looking for “Miss Right For The Moment” then the story tends to fall flat and just become a porn movie scene and nothing more.

  • Title: Slut Finder: Level 10: The Demon
  • Author: Sasha Scott
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • ASIN: B01B3OI3HS
  • Publishing Date: January 25, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is the story of:

Slut Finder is a powerful app given only to the most worthy of men. With it they can find the most compatible sexual partners imaginable and thanks to the built in hypnosis feature there is no way for them to resist.

It’s the final level of Slut Finder and a change in pace. The true secret about the app is revealed when a succubus appears from the phone, hungry for all that lustful energy which had been built up using the app. Will the demon succeed or will they also be conquered?

A series of encounters using an app called Slut Finder climaxes with the revelation of who created the app, what it really is designed to do. Eventually someone has to pay, somehow, and using the app comes with a price.

Tha main character himself is shallow, singularly minded, and is lacking as characters go. Even when there could well be some kind of character development, that’s pushed to the side for getting to the erotica. Reading his thoughts is a bit painful as well because they are simply awkward and don’t “read” well which hurts the telling of the story.

The single named succubus in this work, Hebe, overall is a rather stereotypically written character in that she’s evil, really only wants to “take care” of the main character. As with the main character of the work, there’s really nothing to like about her either. She’s shallow, self-absorbed and just reads very much as being one-dimensional.

Which brings me to the writing itself. There are some points where the dialog “sounds” wrong, the thoughts of both characters having the oddest turn of phrase, a tone that just doesn’t seem right all things considered. The thoughts of the main character, the narrative, becomes stale and uninteresting very quickly. There’s really no heat in the erotica to be found.

There isn’t much heat because this is really, for all intents and purposes, a scene from a porn movie, written out. There’s no depth, all that Hebe cares about is sex, and the main character really isn’t that much different as a whole. Once the mind control slash succubus sex scene comes to a close things take a twist.

That twist is never explained, which bothers me. There’s no good reason for why things turn out as they do. More so, the actual conclusion of the story doesn’t make a lot of sense either, being an afterthought, something to just say who won, but not why.

This work reads as porn, not erotica. That is a real problem because the story gets lost in the drive to get to Hebe and the main character jumping into bed together and telling that scene. There’s so very little time spent explaining what the app is, who Hebe is, and in the end that’s not really told well.

I would have liked more story than this work gives. There’s too much focus on the sex and not enough on the story itself. I think the work needs another editing pass just to make the dialog sound less like a porn movie and more like real characters, not to mention making the narrative read more like a story than a series of disjointed sentences that become tedious to read.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The concept of the phone app I think was a good idea and it offered a hint that the succubi might be a bit more than simply looking for some souls and some sex. Sadly that didn’t happen, the story didn’t change from how the rest of the series unfolded and why the series ended as it did was never really explained well.

Having gone back and skimmed over the rest of the series, my thoughts about this work really were reinforced, that being this was more “porn” than “erotica” as a whole. It’s a shame that turned out to be true because the concept, the mind control aspects and the appearance of succubi had promise, in the end. But in the end, that didn’t come.



Jan 31 2016

A Review of Swapped by the Naughty Incubus by Sinn Lee

Swapped by the Naughty Incubus by Sinn Lee

Swapped by the Naughty Incubus by Sinn Lee

Another work by Sinn Lee is what I shall be reviewing today on the Tale. It is a tale about an incubus needing something, finding it, but in doing so, having to change things.

It’s a neat little gender swap story, having little bits that are cute, emotional, and what I really liked, a bit of love and affection for a reason. Having a reason for why things happen is important, but also having that reason make sense makes for a better story too…

  • Title: Swapped by the Naughty Incubus
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • ASIN: B00T1AL7VG
  • Publishing Date: January 31, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

When David moves to a new town after landing a new job, he doesn’t expect his dreams to be the highlight of his day. His job turns out to be terrible, along with the city. Only at night, does he escape from it all. Strangely enough, his dreams take on a strange twist when he always turns into a girl when a shadowy demonic figure comes to visit him. What will David do when the dreams end and his gender-change becomes a reality?

As David dreams, his world is turned inside out by an incubus that needs something from him. In the aftermath, David is no longer himself and, now she, finds that things aren’t all that different in some ways, but very much so in others.

This work is a bit different than many of the gender swap stories that this author has written in that there’s more time spent on the characters, on the process and the aftermath than the actual erotica. This appealed to me because I felt more connected to the characters, what was happening to them and so on.

The incubus of the work is never named, but they aren’t stereotypical, and in many ways they are quite a bit different than most. As an aside, any incubus that can cook is, at least to me, something special. It seems to be clear he is an incubus, and the little snippets of how things work for him, what he can do and why, are really fascinating. I would have liked to know more about that, but the hints alone are something to ponder over.

Very little erotica really, it is much more romantic overall than some of this author’s other works that I have reviewed and really that works well here. It is about the transformation, the reason behind it, and what comes from it than simply the sex and I liked that a lot. Still, there were some issues that I couldn’t quite manage to get past and I really wish I could have.

There are some minor issues in the work however. It needs another editing pass for some spelling mistakes and a few points where some words were partially in all-caps. The main problem I had however was the lack of a name for the incubus. As the story turns towards something romantic, even loving, I found that he being called “demon” really bothered me. If in her new form David was to be his, then wouldn’t his name be known? As well, after his gender swap, David’s new identity is never touched on either. It is a bit of a gaping problem in the story for me and having those answers would have been nice.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really a cute little work that has a lot of love and affection between the main characters that I think worked well. Some editing needed, a name for the incubus would have been nice too.