Sep 18 2015

Where were the sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads on Lost Girl this week?

Two words that, at least for me, I have been waiting to write for some time now… Kenzi’s back. She might not be in the next episode, she might not be back till the last two episodes, but in all honestly just seeing her was the most wonderful thing about this week’s episode. It’s hard to describe the change in the series with Kenzi back, the fun that was there, not to forget the snark of course. I’ve always thought that the heart of the series was, and is, Kenzi and it’s nice to see that continues to hold true I think.

As an aside, at least for me, when this episode was being filmed I happened to be watching for a few hours at least. I caught the limo that Kenzi used driving up, the crew setting up their shots and so on. What I missed was Kenzi being there and I wish that I had been able to see her. But nonetheless, the thought that she was there, at least for a while, when I was is a nice thought to have.

Getting back to this episode, even with Kenzi’s return there’s one thing that couldn’t be overcame and that was the number of moments in the episode where things didn’t make a lot of sense. Possibly the biggest one being the ending which didn’t ring true. Beyond that, the entire Lauren arc that progressed just left me feeling like something was seriously wrong, and will get worse still. I hope not, but it really feels like a train wreck is coming and soon. I’m not even mentioning the entire laser scene, and one huge question that never was answered.

Still, there is some hints of a problem coming towards Bo, but along with that it feels like Hades is pulling everyone’s strings. That’s a problem in a lot of ways, but it isn’t unexpected. I still have issues with all of the smiling, and more so the offhand niceties.

What’s more bothersome is Trick’s telling about a certain painting and how that story seems to be all mixed up with Sirens and it gets confusing. The last thing that rubbed me the wrong way is the entire Alycia arc and now with Dyson “claiming” her I wonder how long it will be before she’s going to run into the curse of Dyson. Seems to be a thing with anyone that gets close to him.

And now, for the first time in probably thirty years… I want a stick of Big Red gum.

The tenth episode of the fifth season, also episode seventy-one of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Kenzi returns and shows off her singing, acting, and artistic talents while chewing gum and looking like a million dollars. Bo plays with laser beams, paintings, and gets in touch with Lauren’s feelings. Lauren gets touched by Hades and seems to like it while Dyson gets slapped around and then does something he never expected to. Trick talks about Bo’s ‘candy’, then regrets it and Vex doesn’t follow doctor’s orders.


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This is the tenth review of the fifth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that in some families, it is clear that they act…


Like Father, Like Daughter


The episode opens with scenes from the previous episode including Bo opening the box her father gave her, Hades assisting in saving Mark and being thanked by Dyson just before Bo exposes Hades as her father. Iris encountering Trick in his lair and killing the Fae Elder that was with him. Hades warning Bo that to stop Iris, she will have to be killed, but Bo refusing to do so. Iris declaring she carries darkness, Hades then exclaiming he is darkness before clutching Iris by her neck, Bo using the box to trap the Nix, and then Iris being killed. Lauren and Bo talking about it being good they are back together, then Lauren being struck by a car, Bo rushing to Lauren’s aid, and then Lauren feeding on Bo’s Chi.

The episode opens with Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) sitting in a car on a stakeout. As Bo looks through a camera she comments that “something moved” and Dyson replies: “Just like something moved the last five times we checked Zee’s condo?” Bo asks if Dyson thinks she is “off my game” and Dyson replies: “Zee’s missing, Lauren almost dying, your father. It’s a lot.” Bo replies: “Even if he’s my father, I summoned the devil Dyson.” Dyson promises Bo that they will find a way to send Hades back and when Bo wonders what they will do if Hades hurts someone, Dyson reminds Bo “He’s contained.” Bo answers: “So was Hannibal Lecter. Didn’t last.” Dyson wonders if that is Bo’s nickname for her father and she replies: “Add it to the pile. Hades, Jack, BF.” Dyson is puzzled, wondering if BF means Best Friend and Bo responds: “Birth Father. And Lauren’s lab rat.”

Bo’s phone rings and she then speaks with Lauren (Zoie Palmer), answering the phone with: “Hey! It’s the girl that likes to play in traffic.” Lauren attempts to talk to Bo about what happened, but Bo brushes this off telling Lauren that she doesn’t need to thank her, then asking about her father. Lauren is confused about Bo calling Hades ‘BF’, thinking it means ‘Best Friend’ as Dyson did. After Bo explains the real meaning, Lauren tells Bo: “Still here. Locked up. Polite.” Lauren then asks Bo if she felt that the “Chi suck” felt weird. Bo replies: “Yea, but what doesn’t now? I wasn’t in control of it, but it worked. That’s all that matters. It’s a perk to having a succubus girlfriend.” Bo then ends the call, telling Lauren she is on a stakeout and will call Lauren later. After Lauren hangs up the phone she comments: “Yeah, except I think I was the one being the succubus.”

Back at the stakeout, Dyson comments that the last time Bo “breathed life into someone” that being himself, that Bo “needed to do a group suck to do that.” Bo replies: “Who doesn’t love a good group suck.” Dyson reminds Bo that to save him took the Chi of many people which makes Bo wonder if, because her father has returned to Earth and is nearby, that she is somehow stronger. Dyson wonders if Bo’s love of Lauren was the catalyst but Bo then begins to second guess herself over not being able to save Hale, Dyson telling Bo not to do so, reminding her: “If you could have, you would have.”

Back at Lauren’s clinic, Hades (Eric Roberts) comments from isolation: “It could have been temporary transference, Bo gave you the power subconsciously to heal yourself. Or, did you apply the benign virus we discussed? I couldn’t help but overhear. Hope you don’t mind.” Lauren has a shocked expression for a moment, then tells Hades: “I mind. I very mind.” Hades tells Lauren he’s sorry and notes “It appears you are in some need of guidance.” Hades then offers to help Lauren by examining her, but Lauren refuses as she leaves the room.

Dyson in the meantime offers Bo some “Perks of being on stakeout. Salty snacks.” When Bo asks when Dyson started bringing snacks with him, Dyson explains that Alycia was the one that gave them to him. Bo laughingly asked if Alycia is “teaching a Zumba class out of your gym.” Dyson explains: “I’m keeping her close until I find a way to… clear her memory of all things Fae.” Bo teases Dyson a bit over how close he and Alycia are, but Dyson replies in a serious tone that Alycia “knows too much and could endanger the colony. And herself.” After adding that Alycia is human, Dyson sighs: “It’s complicated.” Bo replies: “Yeah. Tell me about it. Sometimes the worst feeling is not knowing how to feel.”

A long black stretch limousine then arrives at the lobby of Zee’s condo. Bo assuming that Zee is arriving and she and Dyson rush towards the limousine to confront whomever is arriving. The door facing Bo and Dyson then opens and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is revealed to have arrived in the limousine, smiling at Dyson and Bo.

After the opening credits, we return to Bo, Dyson, Kenzi and Mark (Luke Bilyk) at Bo’s place, Kenzi walking around and commenting about all that has happened while she has been away, starting with commenting on the sheer curtains that Bo has put up in her home. Kenzi then rants: “Guys! I’ve been gone for five minutes and Dyson’s turned daddy, Bo’s daddy got the welcome Magneto cell and Dyson has a hunky, yummy, hold no pecks son?” Bo smiles: “You said that already.” Kenzi replies: “It bears repeating.” Kenzi then flirts with Mark for a moment before Dyson steps in and tells both Mark and Kenzi: “Ah… No.” Kenzi then continues on, adding: “You all’s been busier than Bo’s tinkle flower huh? And you’re fighting gods. Climbing the evil ladder I see.” Bo explains to Kenzi: “Not gods. Fae.” and that they were only seen as gods, but are not actually gods. Kenzi sighs: “Got it. Gods. And your father is one of them. Frickin’ Hades. What does that make you?” Kenzi takes Bo’s hands and whispers: “For real. Are you okay?” Bo replies: “Once I know you are, I’ll be better.” Dyson then asks Kenzi what she was doing at the condo and Kenzi replies: “Well look who’s all business up in my business.” Bo adds that Kenzi “pulled up in a limo. The only thing missing was the paparazzi” and Kenzi explains: “Santiago money stretches far. As in stretch limo, airport pickups. I know, tacky. But oh god I love it.” Kenzi then explains she arrived at Bo’s place first, didn’t find them there and then went looking for them.” Bo smiles, hugs Kenzi tightly and adds: “Welcome back.” Kenzi then tells Bo that something happened to her in Spain and that she needed to see Bo. When Bo asks why, Kenzi replies: “To warn you. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

The scene then shifts to the Dal Riata where a distinguished Fae gentleman explains to Bo and Tamsin what happened in Spain to Kenzi, how he arrived at Kenzi’s estate to find the lights out and then discovering Kenzi tied to a chair. Kenzi claims that she was moments away from freeing herself which makes the Fae gentleman roll her eyes as Kenzi continues to use the word “castillo” which Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) explains means ‘castle’ and the Fae gentleman explains it is “Kenzi’s word of the week.” When Bo asks what the thieves were after, he explains: “A painting I gave to my grandson over 200 years ago, known as The Vanishing.” Tamsin explains that the painting has rarely been seen, never been on display and also that “the painting was an urban legend at Valkyrie school.” He continues to explain that the painting is real and is supposedly very dangerous. He continues: “No one knows how the Ancients disappeared from Earth. I was told that my painting holds the key.” When Bo comments: “Find your grandson, find the painting” but when he answers: “Sadly an impossiblity Carina” Bo startles, knowing that Hale used the same word often and the Fae gentleman introduces himself as Heathcliff Santiago (Julian D. Christopher), Hale’s grandfather which makes Bo smile gladly as he tells of Kenzi telling stories about Hale and in return Heathcliff tells Kenzi about Hale’s childhood. Tamsin wonders why the painting was stolen and Kenzi mentions that the thieves spoke about “a succubus that slayed the Una Mens, and really, how many of those are there? I’m going to say less than fifty.” Bo and Kenzi agree that they need to find the painting first, Bo assuming that if Zee was looking for the painting, “then the legend must be true.” When Bo asks where the panting is, Kenzi suggests that Hale most likely had the painting given to a charity auction, Tamsin then going off in search of which auction that might be. Bo comments: “Then we can use it to send Zee back to where she came from before she tries to end the world.” Tamsin sighs: “Again.” When Kenzi asks who is in Bo’s “love triangle” Tamsin looks at Kenzi, tells her “You look good” and then leaves as Bo and Kenzi watch. Kenzi then asks Bo: “Did you two?” and Bo just replies: “We have a lot to catch up on.”

Back at Lauren’s clinic, Vex (Paul Amos) is telling Lauren about the pain he is feeling in the hand that Lauren reattached for him concluding with: “I can barely yank my own junk let alone anyone else’s.” Lauren answers: “METH.” Vex asks: “Have you gone mad?” Then Lauren explains: “Movement. Elevation. Traction. Heat. It was part of your physiotherapy. I wrote it down.” Vex snarks: “So many stickies, so little time.” Lauren then tells Vex she has real patients to look after but after Vex asks for “a quickie” Lauren takes hold of Vex’s hand and begins to manipulate his arm in the air. As Lauren does so. behind Vex a patient’s arm raises into the air in the exact same way. Lauren sees this, lowers Vex’s arm, and in response, the patient’s arm moves in the same way again. After a few more times of doing this, Lauren then waves her arm around wildly which causes the patient to throw himself around on the bed until Lauren stops doing so. Lauren then tells Vex she has to go to look after real patients, but Vex then asks: “Speaking of real patients, how’s Mark?” Lauren replies: “Fully recovered, you just missed him.” As Vex leaves, Lauren calls out: “Remember. METH.” Vex replies: “Oh yeah. Movement. Evacuation. Titties. Head.” After Vex leaves, Lauren comments to herself: “First a Succubus, now a Mesmer.”

The scene then moves to Dyson’s gym where Alycia (Lisa Marcos) confronts Dyson, telling him: “I know who you are.” Dyson replies: “Detective. Lives in a boxing gym. All around ordinary guy.” She calls Dyson a liar and then reveals Dyson’s folder on her husband which she has read and then reads from the file which tells of what has happened to Kevin, her husband. Dyson attempts to explain, but Alycia rants about how the information in the files tells her that Dyson knew of her husband before she asked for help and then she demands answers, telling Dson she knows he is a believer in the paranormal. Dyson then attempts to use what Alycia believes to his advantage, to muddy things for her further when Mark enters the room. Dyson comments to Mark that Alycia knows they are investigators of the paranormal and Mark, clumsily, continues with the charade when Dyson asks him to assist Alycia in her research. As Alycia looks through some of Dyson’s thing she comments on a number of creatures, including werewolves. which causes Dyson to comment: “They don’t like being called that. Or so I’ve heard.” Dyson then leaves, warning Mark to be careful what he says to Alycia as he does so.

Bo and Kenzi are then seen at an art gallery, walking among the art and talking. Bo asks Kenzi about Spain and she answers: “It’s incredible, it’s beautiful, it’s life-changing. I realized I don’t need the bells and whistles.” Bo replies: “Because you are the bells and whistles.” Kenzi snaps her fingers: “Boom. There it is baby.” Bo then continues on, commenting that Kenzi is a shadow thief, Kenzi telling Bo: “I pride myself, but that painting is going to be hard to lift.” Bo wonders, as they haven’t seen the painting, if Tamsin has the right place, but Kenzi comments: “Maybe it’s out of sight” Bo sighs: “Or Zee has it.” Then they are interrupted by a tour group passing through being led by a guide. Bo comments they need an inside man, Kenzi replies: “Or an inside Kenzi. That came out wrong.” Bo asks Kenzi what she knows about art and Kenzi replies: “Only everything. There’s Banksy… Banksy… Girl, five minutes home and we’re already undercover.” Bo smiles as they walk on: “Bells and whistles baby. Bells and whistles.”

After a commercial break, Bo is meeting with the art gallery curator, Suri Middleton (Olunike Adeliyi) who is aghast at Bo’s comments about “not being happy with their current collections” and that they are “from the period of been there and done that.” As the conversation continues, Bo attempts several times to touch Suri, in order to use her powers, but in every case Suri recoils from Bo’s attempts as they become progressively more desperate. At one point, Suri uses hand sanitizer and then puts on rubber gloves to protect herself. After Suri gives Bo a book of the gallery’s undisplayed works, Bo finally comes out and asks about “The Vanishing” but Suri tells Bo that it is “reserved” When Bo asks: “For who?” Suri replies: “For whom.” But then refuses to give Bo any further information noting that Bo does not seem to be a “serious bidder” and, as well, mentioning that a serious bidder would be arriving the following day to see the painting. Suri then ushers Bo out of her office, but Bo sneezes at Suri, then apologizes with: “Allergies. Such a bitch.” as she leaves. Once out of Suri’s office, Bo calls Kenzi and tells her that the painting is at the gallery somewhere.

Kenzi is then seen leading a tour of the gallery and brings her group to a pause in front of a painting which Kenzi then attempts to describe, but as she does so, she is challenged by one of the art lovers. Kenzi then pushes them into the painting which sets off the alarms as a laser grid appears in front of the painting. As the art lover is escorted out by security, Kenzi calls Bo and warns her: “Hey BoBo? We got lasers.”

Meanwhile, back at Dyson’s gym, Alycia is pacing around the room, ranting about the supernatural and then throwing a book across the room. When Mark asks Alycia to be careful or “Trick will lose his shit.” Alycia demands to know who Trick is and Mark explains: “Old guy, owns a bar, he’s really into all of this stuff.” As Mark talks to Alycia, he drops part of the contents of a folder he is carrying, one of the items being an image of Iris in the morgue. When Alycia sees the picture, she tells Mark: “Dyson said she was sick. She was possessed wasn’t she?” Alycia continues to rant about her experiences as Mark looks at Iris’ picture until Mark lets slip that the Ancients are involved. Alycia then begs Mark to tell her everything that is going on as the scene ends.

Back at the art gallery, Bo arrives, dressed all in black and wearing dark glasses. She passes through the gallery, past a series of locked doors and then arrives in a vault which holds The Vanishing. As Bo prepares to go after the painting, Kenzi calls Bo over a radio and asks: “Are you sure you don’t want me to take this one? Shadow Thief here, kind of my thing.” Bo explains to Kenzi that if Zee is coming for the painting then she cannot put Kenzi at risk. Kenzi gives in, telling Bo: “Well, all right. While you go all all nineties, I’ll be here with a stick of Big Red.” Bo replies: “So we can heist a little longer?” Kenzi then asks: “Should I call Catherine Zeta-Jones?”After setting up a device to show her were the lasers are that protect the room, Bo answers: “Please. Other than a thinly disguised Welsh accent, that chick’s go nothing on me.” Kenzi chuckles: “Ninety-nine problems coming at you from all directions in your life and here you are standing. That’s my girl.” As Bo ties up her ponytail she answers: “Ninety-nine problems. Let’s hope balance ain’t one.” Bo then slinks her way through a laser grid, from one side of the room to the other, until she is finally standing in front of The Vanishing. Bo then sees a dove on the other side of the room and whispers: “Oh no. no. Do not Fae this up for me bird.” The dove then flies across the room, darting behind Bo and then she hears a women’s voice which says: “Of all of the galleries.” Bo turns to see Persephone (Hannah Anderson) standing beside it. Bo replies: “When doves cry. Persephone.” Persephone then warns Bo: “Keep away from the painting. I got here first.”

Back from still another commercial, Persephone warns Bo: “You don’t want to dance with me”, but Bo replies: “Somehow I seem to remember that we perfected the box step. You tricked me into lighting the Artemis Candle and releasing the Ancients.” Persephone claims that Hades wanted Bo to take the candle back, but she didn’t know it would release the rest of her family. When Bo asks if Persephone didn’t know that the painting could send them back, Persephone looks away from Bo. When Bo asks how Zee freed Persephone, she explains that she is bound to Hades and when he returned to Earth, she came as well. She also tells Bo that she promised Hades to bring the painting to him. When Bo tells Persephone that Hades is imprisoned, she replies: “According to lore, this makes me your prisoner.” Bo explains that she does “not roll like that” and when Persephone asks if she can “just walk out”, Bo answers: “I believe you can fly.” Persephone thanks Bo for her mercy, then when Bo asks Persephone to reveal what she knows about the painting, she tells Bo: “I heard it contains the first song. Your father might know more.”

Meanwhile, back at Lauren’s clinic, Lauren confronts Hades about what has happened to her and he replies: “The Trojan Horse worked.” Lauren agrees, adding: “I thought I was extending my life span to Fae years and instead I turned myself into something I didn’t quite expect.” Hades answers: “Spoken like a true scientist with no guinea pig.” Lauren tells Hades: “I injected myself. I got hit by a truck. Bo held me, I sucked her Chi and I survived.” Hades smiles, touches Lauren’s hand, and then Lauren’s other hand glows for a moment. Lauren then whispers: “I’m a Conduit.” Hades explains: “You are taking on the Fae powers of those you touch. Dr. Lewis? You have found the key to ultimate power.” Lauren replies: “That could be very bad” but Hades replies: “Or very good.” Lauren is concerned about how what she is capable of effects other Fae, but Hades comments: “But you like it.” Lauren replies: “I can do anything, but there are still unknowns. How long will it last? What are the side effects? What are the dangers?” Hades tells Lauren: “Like all power, it needs to be under control.” Lauren considers this, then replies: “I need to work on that.” Hades then comments: “You think you don’t deserve to be Fae. Being born Fae doesn’t make you special. It makes you different. And you as human, if you actually found a way to turn Fae? Oh Lauren, my Gods, you’d be more than all of us put together. And just imagine how thrilled Bo will be.” Lauren does not reply, but only smiles.

Dyson returns to the gym to find Alycia and Mark sitting quietly. When he approaches Alycia, she strikes him before revealing that she knows about the Fae, about the Ancients as Mark has revealed everything to her. Dyson claims that he hid information from Alycia to keep her safe, she retorts that he did so to keep themselves safe and not her. She then demands to see her husband Kevin. Mark then enters into the argument, telling Dyson he has no idea what Alycia can, or cannot, accept. Dyson tells Mark: “You have no idea what I know.” Mark tells Dyson: “Iris is dead. She’s dead and I can barely stand it”, Mark then demanding that Dyson do the right thing for Alycia. Dyson curtly tells Alycia: “Come.” When she asks why, he replies: “I’ll show you.”

The next scene has Dyson and Alycia arriving at Lauren’s clinic and visiting Kevin who remains in a coma. Alycia asks what is happening, and Dyson replies: “Waiting.” Dyson tells her that Kevin still exists, but is buried deeply and they have no idea if he will ever come out of the coma, or be Kevin again. Alycia then touches Kevin’s cheek and then pulls away, adding: “I don’t know how to feel.” Dyson replies: “How could you? Don’t lose hope.” She then asks Dyson if he ever lost someone and he replies that, in a way, he has. When asked how long it took him to get over it, Dyson replies: “I’ll let you know when I do.” Alycia then leaves, telling Dyson not to follow her as she does so.

At the Dal Riata, Bo has shown Trick the painting and he exclaims: “Incredible. A depiction of the last time the Ancients were seen on Earth before they vanished.” Bo comments that Zeus and Hades are enemies, then they must intend to use the painted to banish each other once more using the painting. Bo then comments: “We have the power to banish both Zeus and Jack.” Kenzi asks who Jack is, and Bo explains that is the name they are using when referring to Hades.Trick points out: “We have the painting, but we don’t know how it works.” Bo replies that Persephone said it was the key while Trick comments: “The Odyssey speaks of a melody so seductive that the ships were carrying to their own demise.” Bo wonders if this is also enough to send the Ancients to their ends as well as Kenzi wonders: “So where’s the play button?” Bo stares at the painting for a long moment then asks for liquorice. Kenzi returns with a jar of candy, which Bo then takes some liquorice out of, placing it on the painting. Bo comments to Trick: “Your candy jar is being put to good use.” While Kenzi replies: “Finally. Usually it’s your candy jar that comes to the rescue.” Trick sighs and asks: “Can we please for once not talk about my granddaughter’s candy in front of me?” Both Bo and Kenzi reply: “Eww!” which makes Trick answer: “Oh now I’m crossing the line?” Bo places several strands onto the painting which reveals that each figure’s head in the painting is a note, the song now revealed. Kenzi then hums the song and when Bo and Trick look at her, Kenzi replies: “Nate taught me how to read music.” Bo believes that Kenzi could have the singer they need, referring to Heathcliff Santiago.

After yet another commercial break, Bo and Kenzi approach Hades to seek out answers. When Kenzi sees Hades, she comments: “Thought he’d be taller.” Hades replies: “And you must be MacKenzie. It’s a pleasure. I’d shake your hand but…” Kenzi responds: “I’ll hold off on any reciprocation for the moment, thank you.” Hades comments: “And you’re funny. That’s your gift” which seems to make Kenzi uncomfortable. Bo then shows Hades the painting and he adds: “The Vanishing.” Bo replies: “A little birdy told me it contains the first song.” When Bo asks how the painting works, Hades answers: “A true Siren sings the first song at the one they intend to banish.” Bo is shocked as she asks: “It’s that easy?” Hades replies: “I see a painting. I do not seen a Siren.” Kenzi taunts: “Oh, we’re covered.” Hades then adds: “The Siren’s song needs to come into contact with the one you are banishing. Putting them in that line of fire may prove difficult.” Bo smiles: “Difficult is my middle name.” Hades tells Bo that isn’t true, and she agrees, adding: “I don’t have a middle name.” Hades asks: “Is that what you have been told?” After a moment’s silence, Hades continues: “A warning if I may. The first song can work on you too.” This being the reason why, according to Hades, he sent Persephone to retrieve it. He then asks Bo what happens if Zee directs the song at her and Bo answers: “I’ll sidestep.” Hades points a finger at Bo, then she and Kenzi leave. Bo then asks Kenzi where Zee would go, Kenzi replies that she would go into hiding so Hades couldn’t banish her. Bo thinks that using the painting is too suspicious and Zee would not appear, but then Bo realizes that what they need to attract Zee is “family. And I know just the person.”

Bo and Kenzi meet Persephone at Bo’s home where she refuses to do as Bo asks. Bo and Kenzi warn her that Zee will try to control her and the only means to free herself from Zee is to banish her. Persephone warns them both that they have no idea what Zee is capable of, but Kenzi presses on, asking where Persephone’s rebellious nature is, as: “In God years you are still a teenager! Where’s the snarky-tood? The rebelliousness?” Don’t you want to lock her up like she did to you?” Persephone does not answer, but Bo comments: “Even after everything she did to you.” Persephone agrees, but Bo tells her: “I get it.” and also warns that if she does not go after Zee, Zee will come for her. When Persephone asks if one of them is hurt, Lauren appears and answers: “You’ll have a medic standing by.” Bo greets Lauren, but Lauren continues: “I came here to talk to you. Looks like we have a mission to take Zee down first.”

At the Dal Riata, Dyson is meeting with Trick and explaining there is a security breech. Trick comments: “The same human that is bunking in your boxing gym. That is a problem.” Trick reminds Dyson: “You know the rules. She is at risk and she is a risk.” Dyson explains to Trick that he doesn’t want Alycia harmed, Trick then offers “there are ways to make her forget” but Dyson will not accept them,saying that she has been through enough. Trick replies: “Then I think you know what you need to do” before leaving Dyson to his thoughts.

Elsewhere, Persephone meets with Zee (Amanda Walsh) who comments: “I haven’t heard your dove call in ages.” After seeing Persephone, Zee tells her: “My, you’ve grown.” Persephone answers: “One has to when one is banished to Hel.” Persephone asks Zee how she could allow Hades to take her and is told that she had negotiated a release for her, but Persephone “was always a snacker.” Persephone sighs: “So it’s my fault. I ate the seeds, I sealed my fate.” Zee tells her: “I’ve made mistakes and my mistakes have left me alone. Forgive me?” The two then embrace, but as they do Persephone whispers: “It’s a trap.” Zee replies with a smile: “Of all of the people that want to screw me, I never thought it would be my little girl.” Persephone answers” Like you said, Tartarus has been good to me.” Bo, Kenzi, Lauren and Heathcliff then appear with the painting, Bo asking Heathcliff to sing the song. But before he can, Zee and Persephone separate which allows Zee to throw a bolt of lightning to Heathcliff’s neck, damaging his voice. When Bo moves to confront Zee, she is warned: “Don’t move or I’ll turn you all into dust.” Zee then demands Heathcliff, adding: “There’s a song I’ve been dying to hear. It’s called… Succubus go bye-bye.”

Following another commercial break, Zee has hold of Heathcliff and demands he sing, but Kenzi reminds her that she damaged his voice. Zee then tells Heathcliff to sing or: “I’ll have to put you down for good.” Heathcliff replies: “I’ve lived a long time. Retirement’s not so bad.” Kenzi turns to Bo and tells her: “I can’t see him. Not like Hale, not again. Please.” Bo then offers herself in exchange for allowing everyone else to live, but Kenzi does not like this either. Bo then asks Lauren to restore Heathcliff’s voice and she approaches him. After a moment of touching him, Zee asks: “What’s the diagnosis?” and Lauren answers: “A serious case of bitch.” Lauren then sings the song like a Siren which causes Zee to vanish into nothingness. Both Bo and Kenzi look at Lauren in shock, Bo asking: “What the hell was that?” Lauren answers: “That is the thing we have to talk about.”

Elsewhere, Dyson meets with Alycia, who tells Dyson she “doesn’t have a lot of time.” Dyson tells her that he will not apologize for protecting “his kind” and when Alycia tells Dyson that she thought he trusted her, Dyson responds: “That’s something hard for me to do.” Dyson asks to “make it up” to her and then they enter the Dal Riata. Trick then pours them both a drink, telling them to “enjoy” before walking away. Alycia comments: “That must be Trick.” Dyson is surprised for a moment, then realizes that Mark told Alycia about him. After Dyson tells her that everyone in the Dal Riata is Fae, she says it is “creepy” as “some of them are staring at me, and they look hungry.” Dyson explains that some Fae do not like humans as much as others do. Dyson explains that nothing will happen, nad as well that he wants her to be part of the Fae world. When Dyson explains that he is claiming her, Alycia is enraged, then begins to leave, but Dyson explains that claiming her means that he will “be responsible” for her which Alycia takes as meaning she will be “a burden” to him. As she attempts to leave, Dyson explains: “I’ve never done this before.” When she asks why, Dyson replies: “I’ve never had reason to. Until now.” Dyson goes on to explain that: “Claiming means you are part of us.” When Alycia mulls that it sounds like a commitment, she wonders if Dyson will “get down on one knee” and he tells her: “Not quite” as the two return to the bar and share the drink that Trick poured for them both, Dyson’s last comment being: “But it does mean you get one hell of a drinking buddy.”

Lauren, Bo and Vex are meeting at Bo’s place where Lauren touches Vex’s hand to show what she can do. Vex does warn Lauren that the last time she did so, he was weakened for hours afterward. Lauren then makes Bo put both of her hand in the air, which convinces her of what Lauren can do. When Lauren releases Bo, she says in shock: “Whoa.” When Lauren asks what Bo thinks, Bo replies: “I did say ‘Whoa.'”. Lauren explains to Bo: “That’s how I sucked your Chi and survived the accident.” Bo whispers: “You can be whatever kind of Fae you are touching.” Vex adds: “And you can weaken them while you are at it.” He then looks at Bo and continues: “You’ve not feeling this.” When Bo asks why Vex is weakened, but not herself, Lauren explains it is because of Bo’s succubus healing ability. Vex then interrupts with: “Apologies if I am going to kill some buzz here but if you think your Fae to human serum was a threat, this is a million times worse. What happens when the colony finds out? What happens when Evony finds out?” Bo tells Vex: “Why would they find out? You’re not going to talk. Are you?” Vex warns: “I’d better get a prize for this.” before he leaves.

Lauren then tells Bo: “If you are wondering how I can read music, Grade Four band. Recorder. Top of my class.” After Bo gives Lauren a long look, Lauren comments: “You aren’t happy about this are you.” Bo then explains that she loves Lauren for who she is, not what she is, adding: “As long as you are you.” Lauren asks: “What if this is me? But with benefits. I get to help people for longer. The Eternal Healer. Yes, I’ve coined myself a little name. And the most obvious Bo? I get to be with you forever.” Bo asks: “Are you a Fae or a Conduit? I don’t understand.” Lauren explains: “I haven’t figured that out yet. Let’s just say it’s a step in the right direction.” When Bo worries about the effects of taking on so many powers, Lauren assures Bo that she has been examined and “I show no signs this is effecting me negatively.” When Bo asks who, Lauren continues: “It doesn’t matter. I want this. For me. For us. Don’t you want it too?” Bo smiles, telling Lauren: “Of course I do” as the pair embrace, but Bo is seen with a troubled expression as she does so.

After the final commercial break, Bo is watching Kenzi pack her things, telling Kenzi that she is sorry about everything that has happened, adding: “Back only a few days and your life already has been in danger.” Kenzi smiles: “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Kenzi then tells Bo that she is going to “stick around for a bit” but Bo tells Kenzi that she has her own life and should get back to it. Kenzi then insists that it will only be until things are settled between Bo and Hades, but this only makes Bo again tell Kenzi to go, saying that her father is dangerous and she doesn’t want anything to happen to Kenzi. Kenzi then asks Bo why she didn’t use the painting to get rid of her father and Bo replies: “I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about all of this.” Kenzi sighs and walks off, telling Bo: “It’s complicated. Yes, I know.” Bo asks: “You don’t think it’s crazy I want him to stay?” Kenzi replies: “Not at all. He’s your father.” Bo insists that Hades will be on Earth only until she gets the answers she wants from him. Kenzi then warns Bo: “You get what you need, but you do not trust him. He’s smart and dangerous. Promise me you will be careful.” Bo promises Kenzi she will be careful and the two embrace. Bo tells Kenzi: “With everything so crazy right now, having you back, even for a bit, it helped.” Kenzi then tells Bo something her mother told her: “Don’t try and be too smart darling. It might get you killed.” Kenzi then picks up her bag, tells Bo she loves her, and then leaves, leaving Bo to her thoughts about what is happening around her, and what her father wants.

The final scene of the episode begins with Hades telling someone: “You owe me.” And then it is revealed that Zee was not banished, telling Hades: “Nice magic trick.” as he rewrote the first song which Bo and the others fell for “wrapping it up with a Bo.” When Zee asks why, adding that Hades did not hesitate when he banished Zee, Hera and Iris in the past, Hades replies: “Your time will come. When it’s just.” As Hades gazes upon the painting, Zee asks: “What are you doing here Jack?” He answers: “What. Are you going to try to stop me? In that body? Whatever you do, you leave my daughter alone.” Zee replies: “Mine turned on me, so what makes you think that Bo won’t do the same thing to you?” Hades replies: “Controversial I know, but I believe father knows best and Bo will come to believe it too.” Zee then turns and begins to walk away, Hades calling out: “Brother? There is no point in resisting me. It has begun.” Zee then leaving in the next moment.

The final images of the episode begin with Hades looking at the painting once more before ripping off the false painting to reveal the painting of the The Pyripuss which Trick has a copy of. Hades then is seen smiling as the episode ends.


Fade to black…


I really want to like this episode more than I do. By that I mean seeing Kenzi alone did a lot to pull me back into the episode when she was there. But it’s hard to really enjoy the episode when throughout there are moments unexplained, actions not taken, and, possibly the most confusing of all, there are some story errors that just gave me pause. The ending especially just didn’t make any sense at all.

Why would Hades have the painting? Moreover, wasn’t it clear that Bo had no intention of letting him get his hands on it? It wasn’t explained, but it is an important point which will have consequences going forwards of course. One possible explanation is a little bit of mind control over Bo, which would explain her comments to Kenzi about why she didn’t try to get rid of Hades right after “banishing” Zee.

I understand that the “Bo crawling around lasers” scene was a homage, but here’s the thing. As much as it looked good, and the music was really a nice match too, Kenzi had a point. She is a Shadow Thief and as much as that has been talked about, we’ve never really seen Kenzi being so. I found myself watching that scene and thinking to myself… What would Kenzi do?

Which brings me to Kenzi. She’s changed, a lot, from the street smart, wise-cracking, stylish woman that held Bo to her humanity. She’s a bit more worldly, has some style that echoes her past too. There’s still the little bit of snark, the one-liners, that little smile and expression that I have always found amazing. As much as I am thrilled that Ksenia’s career is going so well for her, in the Lost Girl universe, I keep thinking about what would have been different of Kenzi was around when all of the events of the season so far happened. The little piece of advice that she gave Bo at the end of the episode is classic Kenzi. Bo’s lost her grip on her humanity, and I feel like that’s the big problem. You cannot save the world if you cannot feel.

Lauren’s being “almost Fae” is I think a bit of a bad place to go in the series. It’s too much a worn out path to follow and there’s a point at which things are going to take a bad turn. We’re already seeing that in how Lauren is wrapped up in what she can do. There’s a feeling that she’s lost touch with her humanity in the same story of way that Bo has. It might be another example of Hades using some mind control, to set things up so that Bo will do what he tells her to. I’m hoping for more than that.

By the same token, the ongoing Dyson attraction to Alycia doesn’t feel right or make a lot of sense. Being concerned is fine, wanting to protect her from harm makes sense. But being seriously involved with someone has never gone well for Dyson in the past and there’s every indication that it isn’t going to end well this time either.

Mark is, and continues to be, something of a lost soul in the series. There’s little else for him save to make a mistake, which seems to be happening in every episode, and then follows Dyson cleaning up the mess. This wasn’t a good idea from the start, it gets worse, and I just am not interested in him at this point.

There were, in spite of my complaints, a few moments that made me smile. Kenzi, Bo and Trick talking about candy was just hilarious. Kenzi trying to baloney her way through an art tour was really funny as well.

The single moment that mattered the most was that last scene between Kenzi and Bo. For a little bit there was that connection between the two that carried the series for so long. It did feel a little bit awkward, as if the two were trying to find that chemistry again, but in the end, the last words spoken… Just wonderful.

In the end, this episode sets up a lot of plots to spool out over the rest of the season, and I hope they will pay off in a good way when the series comes to a close. But there is a lot of wasting of time and I hope as well that the last two episodes aren’t going to turn into a massive info dump and rush to the end. I expect more considering.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Again, nothing of Bo being a Succubus to speak of. There was snark, though Kenzi I think had a lot to do with that coming out again. It feels like Bo is losing herself around the edges, not being in control, and giving that up to Hades. She has a lack of focus, rushing from here to there and in the end getting nowhere.

Dyson…Perhaps getting slapped was needed for him. If nothing else, past that point he seemed to get thinking, it’s been a while for that. Love-struck Dyson doesn’t work, can’t work, and can only end in another disaster. I wonder how long until the next wake?

Kenzi. It’s been too long since she’s been here. Hoping she stays if for no other reason than to tell things as they are. Kenzi quote of the week: “Well look who’s all business up in my business.”

Lauren. Mad scientist at work. Perhaps not mad, but certainly ill-advised. There’s a hint of “crazy” around Lauren in this episode, not to mention hyper. It does make me wonder who’s playing her and why. I’m glad she isn’t a succubus, but then she’s not sure what she is either. Save for the possibly of now being under Hades’ influence.

Vex. I’ve missed him. You can be sure when he’s there the scenery is getting put through a shredder. Some questions answered, but the big one about him and Mark isn’t. And now he knows a secret. I wonder what that gets him?

Tamsin: Blink and you miss her. Still a lot of issues with her relationship with Bo.

Trick. Supplier of candy, drinks, and scrolls. Talking about Bo’s candy was too funny though.

Mark. Trainwreck in progress. I wonder when Dyson will slap some sense into him after all of the mistakes he’s made.

Hera. Makes a good bed warmer this episode.

Zee. The level of crazy for this character goes higher and higher each episode. If she’s going to do anything about Hades, how about telling Bo what’s going on as a start?

Hades. The evil gets a little bigger and no one really notices. Subtly, being what it is, can be overlooked. Still in a bird cage, but with a key.

Alycia. Lost her mind, slapped around Dyson, then broke down, got lost, went drinking. She might be mentally unhinged at times, or she’s possessed by Hera now from touching her husband. Either way I find it hard to care.

Persephone. Just a little bit two-faced. More so, she feels like she’s playing everyone around her, the vanishes into thin air. She can stay there honestly. But she will return after all. Hades will see to that.

Heathcliff. A joy for how much he reminds us of Hale. I wish there was more to be seen of him, there’s a chemistry there, a story to be told and that’s always a good thing to see.

Of the remaining characters, Suri really stood out. She was, as a whole, the most unforgettable character in this episode. Watching Bo trying to touch her and the reactions were amazingly funny.

In amongst all of the pain, worry, and fear… It’s good to have a laugh.


My Review of Like Father, Like Daughter

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.8 Pitchforks out of 5



The episode held my attention, for the most part, because of Kenzi being there. Lauren’s subplot was good as well and there were some moments where it gave me pause. I think that cutting out all of the Alycia and Mark plots and getting more into Kenzi and Lauren would have been more interesting. Still, the things I didn’t care much for weren’t around long, and that kept me in the episode.

There wasn’t anything of Bo being a Succubus, of course. She’s moved away from that part of who she is of late and that’s disappointing. I do wonder about Hades forcing Bo into feeding on him and what that might do, but that’s unlikely. The series is about a succubus, but she’s more Boffy now.

I think this episode has much more to see in that it wasn’t always dark. The art gallery was possibly one of the most interesting sets that have appeared on Lost Girl. The art and sculptures had a look that was unique and interesting which for me I do enjoy. The other thing was that when Kenzi was in the scene, things didn’t seem to be so dark around her. I’m not talking about the actors in this, I mean the actual sets are brighter and I wonder if that’s a telling point.

The storylines were interesting, even though there were points at which things didn’t make a lot of sense. From the painting being in Hades’ hands, to Hades being called Jack by Zee, or Persephone getting into a room when she couldn’t. There was a good deal of disconnects and questions of how, but in spite of that, the core stories held up well.

Finding out about Kenzi, learning exactly what’s happened to Lauren were the two main character developments here, but there was a smattering of little bits of trivia and interactions that also gave many other characters something to build on. Of course the big questions about Hades aren’t answered, nor would they be. Still, there are plans afoot and within them the characters are going to have to grow or fail.

The series mythos grew in a lot of ways as well, in telling of the painting, both real and fake which I liked. As well, telling of what Lauren has become and what it means puts a new layer to things too. The story of Hale’s family grew, Kenzi’s path is walked further along. There’s some really good solid foundations to build on and while all wonderful, some focus on the main plot as time runs out would be nice.

A better episode this week, Kenzi making it more so for me at least. I know that a lot of people say that Kenzi isn’t the most important character. that the series isn’t about her. But the thing is… There’s always been a feeling of something not told about Kenzi. Something that might be amazing.

To see that come out, even a little, is always good.


Next Week: Sweet Valkyrie High

A dangerous mission forces Tamsin to confront her past mistakes. Lauren must deliver bad news to a friend.


Didn’t we have an episode before when Bo and Kenzi went back to high school? Didn’t we go over this path before? Do we really need to spend an entire episode seeing the past in Tamsin’s high school? I dearly hope for some real stories to be told about Tamsin at the least and, at the most, maybe we’ll see fun Tamsin reappear.

As for Lauren and her news, why do I expect her to go running off to Hades to use his powers to save someone and then, most likely, she goes off the deep end? It might be interesting at that, but we’ll see. And who is the friend? If Lauren goes to Kenzi and gives her bad news… That would be just sad. However, I expect the friend will be a one episode one that was never mentioned before and never will be again. It would be good to show Lauren not being able to do something even with her powers. If nothing else to show that she can’t do everything.

I am hoping for something that isn’t a filler episode. It shouldn’t be, considering all of the plots that are hanging out to be dealt with. As an aside, I wonder if we’ll ever see Aife appear again and finish off her story? I still think she killing Hades, then dying herself would be something. But this is about Bo, and as such there needs to be some progress on that plot as well.

Getting back to the next episode, I’m unsure about what the point is really. Obviously there has to be one, but I wish that it isn’t something half-baked, tells a good story about Tamsin and leads into the mythos of the series as a whole.

The season is moving along, the stories are getting shorter and time is passing by. There’s nothing to do but watch things unfold and hope that, in the end, the series comes to a close that can be enjoyed. I think that will happen, it is just getting to that point that is the issue.

Still… Kenzi. Perhaps that says more than anything else?

I have to admit that it still pains me to see all of the time wasted in the series for the sake of one side story or other that, at least to me, really doesn’t do much for the series overall. I feel like things are confused, uncertain and not just a little bit lost.

But then, of course, it is a story about a Lost Girl isn’t it?



Sep 17 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 400

For the 400th Succubi Image of the Week, I am, in a way, indulging myself a bit. Some time ago I helped in the funding drive for John Dylena’s graphic novel of his Succubus’ Sub series. I never shared the cover here on the Tale and so, for this milestone, the artwork of the cover will be how I mark things…

Succubus' Sub Graphic Novel Cover

Succubus’ Sub Graphic Novel Cover

The cover says it all really, but more importantly, at least in my eyes, it gives a hint of what John’s series tells of and why I enjoy his writing so much. Sometimes the questions of how you got where you are aren’t as important as the ones that you touch along the way…

Thank you John, for this and more…

The stories told, the joy I have in knowing you, of seeing all that you have accomplished, and, in some small way, to be able to be a part of that… I cherish that always…



Sep 16 2015

The costume’s name is right… It is Ghoulish

Totally Ghoul Devil Queen Halloween CostumeI’ve noticed that the names given to costumes on websites are, much of the time, used for the benefit of web searches and really not much else. Sometimes the the names are laughable and sometimes they are surprising accurate when it comes to just how awfully tacky a costume really is.

This is the Totally Ghoul Devil Queen Halloween Costume, and I’ll get back to the name in a bit I promise. It comes with the dress, the chocker and the horn headband. The wig isn’t included, nor are the shoes and it sells on various sites for $45 US.

I can’t quite recall if I have ever seen crushed velour looking quite so… tacky. This appears to be more of a medieval costume with a bit of fluff and some horns tacked onto it.

I just don’t find this very flattering as a costume and what really wrecks this and turns it completely towards tacky is that wig the model is wearing. I can’t quite understand what is the point to using something that makes what is being sold look so much worse than it already seems to be.

There is a hoop inside of the skirt, and it’s obvious when you look at the image where it is, which just takes things that little bit further into the realm of tacky and eye rolling. As a whole, the costume weighs a lot, considering the shipping that the sites I have seen this on what to charge, and that would make things a lot more uncomfortable which doesn’t help either.

Two out of five pitchforks.

It’s not the worst thing, not really, and I think with a bit of work this could be at least halfway decent… but it will still be Ghoulish…



Sep 15 2015

A Review of Hotel Desire by Anya Merchant

Hotel Desire by Anya Merchant

Hotel Desire by Anya Merchant

There are some story concepts which are interesting. For example, one of the more common ones is a hotel of some kind which brings out lust in those within its walls. Many times that is caused by some sort of supernatural force which makes the main characters rush off and jump into bed, or anywhere else, they can.

By itself, that can be an interesting story, assuming that there is more to it than the sex. But that can be hard to resist in a lot of ways. When that happens, the story turns into not much more than a series of hot flashes, barely connected together.

Then one has to be careful where the story goes. Especially when some taboos are involved because that can be the point where the heat and story lessen to nothing.

  • Title: Hotel Desire
  • Author: Anya Merchant
  • Length: 105 Pages
  • ASIN: B00THZ090U
  • Publishing Date: February 11, 2015
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

When Tom and the woman who raised him stop off at a strange hotel on a trip across the country, they discover that temptation comes in many forms. Underneath the hotel’s tastefully decorated interior lies a curse of powerful lust magic, which causes everyone inside to burn with intensely forbidden desires.

Tom’s masculine essence is what the hotel desperately needs, and he finds himself having to fend off not only the advances of beautiful ghosts, succubi, and sorceresses, but also the sexy needs and seductive passes of a woman even closer and more familiar.

Tom and his mother find themselves at the Hotel Desire where things take unexpected turns. Tom’s attentions turn to one thing only, and it becomes very hard for him as a result. Magic abounds and the one in control never wants them to leave. But how far do things go for Tom as a result?

The thing about this work is that it reads very much like a porn movie that happens to have a supernatural, or magic, focus to it. Overall, some of those scenes have some good heat and are interesting because of it. But there comes a moment in the story, and it happens a lot, where the main character gets into situations with Angie, his stepmother, that are cringeworthy. There’s a lot of focus as well on the attributes of the women Tom encounters, especially in their busts, and that gets old very quickly.

As the story develops, there were a number of uncomfortable moments where I didn’t kind any heat, didn’t see the point, and found that the reactions where just too ‘porn movie’ for my taste. While I understand that Tom is the only male in the building, and every other character is female, and the building is made to arouse Tom and make him be entwined in all of the creatures desiring his lusts, there’s far too many.

As a result, because there are so many female characters wanting a piece of Tom, the erotic scenes are short, to the point, and as a result the story is rushed through from encounter to encounter, not giving a lot of time for character development, or a real plot to unfold. There’s a strong feeling of stereotypical ‘get to the sex’ writing here and that didn’t work for me.

There is a short passage in the work where a succubus appears. She is never given a name, but as is explained, she is a vital part of the reasons why things are happening at the hotel. But there’s no pay off in that reveal. She appears, has her way with Tom, disappears and is never seen again. If she was so central to the work, it would have been nice to know something about her, make her more of a force in the story or something.

The writing is very brisk, there’s very little time to think about what’s going on as a result. Even when the erotica comes to the fore, again it is rushed through, going from start to finish in a page or two before Tom moves on and the entire thing starts again. Again, there’s a strong feeling of this being too porn like and that’s a shame. But what really is difficult to read through are the scenes between Tom and Angie. They are uncomfortable not just in what happens, but how it is written. I wish the author would have not had so much focus on the two of them and what they do together. There were a lot of instances where Tom or Angie find themselves in situations with the beings around them, and others, that could have supported the story quite well on their own.

The work needs a lot of editing, mainly to make the story more than it is, to slow down the events, to draw out the erotica to more than being a series of very quick hot flashes that don’t go anywhere. The author has written other works that I feel are much better than this and as such that’s the most disappointing thing of all.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The work reads like a over the top porn movie and as such I just didn’t enjoy it very much. Some of the situations between Tom and his mother made me cringe as well. As much as the underlying concept seems to be a good one, the number of sex scenes bury any real story.



Sep 15 2015

A Review of Worshiping Wanda by U. R. Knickers

Worshiping Wanda by U. R. Knickers

Worshiping Wanda by U. R. Knickers

As a whole, I understand that, for the most part, Succubi and Incubi, are seem as being the means towards an end. That, in general, being a sex scene of some description. The thing is that when that happens, story doesn’t, characters are nothing more than objects, and overall the story just means nothing save for a hot flash.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. The trick is to find something that makes them a little different and build on that. Sometimes that’s their past, sometimes that’s their own desires. Occasionally it’s something more than that.

  • Title: Worshiping Wanda
  • Author: U. R. Knickers
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 1, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Wanda was quite the woman–and then some. Of course, being hot never stopped guys from breaking up with you. Despairing over her latest romance gone awry, Wanda prepares a hot bath, some sexy lingerie, and a silicone boyfriend. She has everything she needs for a sexy night in, until a naked stranger appears, one who swears his only desire is to pleasure her. What will Wanda do?

An Incubus is sent to comfort Wanda in a time of need and finds himself placed in a situation he has never been in before. Wanda isn’t like anyone he’s encountered before and she surprises him in many unexpected ways. The most surprising is that Wanda gives him a name.

Wanda gives the Incubus his name Deimos, which for him is quite a surprise. No one that he has encountered in the past cared about a name, but then neither did he. While Deimos describes himself as an Incubus, his appearance is slightly murky, Wanda is a far more clearly defined character overall.

Wanda’s physical differences are brought to the fore throughout the story and Deimos’ reactions to her, and the desires both he and she encounter are explored in many different ways. While the erotica focuses on those differences for the most part, there is also a good deal of connection made between the two which grows into something more over time.

The work starts out well and begins to tell a story about the unnamed Incubus in the beginning watching and wanting to pleasure Wanda. It then changes as he is discovered, made to come to terms with Wanda, and then the pair take their pleasures from each other in all sorts of different ways. The work changes into a hot flash with some twists in it, and has some good heat as well.

Beyond the erotica, at the end of the story, there’s a surprise unexpected for Deimos and with it comes an opening towards more story… But the work doesn’t go there. The tease is offered about what might happen next, but that is never realized and the work comes to a close. It’s a shame really because the two characters are more interesting than what their sexuality is, but the story focuses on that more than the characters much too quickly.

Overall, there is a lot to like about this work, but there are a lot of questions left unanswered for the purposes of getting to the erotica. I would have liked to know more about Deimos than what is revealed. The same is true about Wanda. She is there, in the story, but her history is murky and that bothered me.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

It’s one of the more unique stories about Incubi that I have read in some time. The background on both of the main characters is rather sparse in order to arrive at the erotica and I think that harmed the work in many ways. Lots of questions, somewhere to go with the story, but… it doesn’t quite get there for the erotica.



Sep 14 2015

And Now the News… – Part II By TeraS

The story started last week continues with Paige meeting … someone. What that means for her is still to be seen …


And Now the News…
Part II
By TeraS


“The point of a dream isn’t the dream itself, but what you do with it.” – Tera, mulling over a cup of tea, as she is wont to do.


If there was such a thing as a building whose architecture was ‘erotic’, then the sliver spire that rose into the sky across town from the news network building could be called that in many ways. It was said, by some who claimed to know, that the shape was inspired by a woman whom the architect had known as a youth. And, if one looked very carefully, there were hints to be seen: a curve here that might be an echo of a thigh; another there that could well be the curving of a waist; an arc of light elsewhere that illuminated the silhouette of a shapely rear, while another hinted at the telling arch of a woman in the midst of passion.

All of these things however, were not so much seen as they were felt by those that regarded the place. For those that dwelled in the neighbourhood about, the building was a source of light among them. There was no shadow falling anywhere. Instead, there seemed to be a warmth, almost a compassion that encompassed the space surrounding it.

Some called the building … ‘Lady.’

To those that simply looked upon it as a place, the spire held a single group whose purpose was made clear to any that asked: they existed to build dreams. Some thought that quaint, almost child-like in form. However, few could argue with the point. The group had done, and continued to do, much good for many.

One might expect that such a place would, considering the seeming wealth and power of the occupants, have the trappings of that wealth ostentatiously displayed. One must understand, however, that flaunting such things only builds a wall, a barrier. Not here: surrounding the base of the spire was a wide park, open to all. And among all of the lives and life enjoying the space were two women making their way to the entrance.

Of the two, the one with a long ponytail, was the more animated as they went on their way. The other, wearing dark sunglasses, was much less so. Every so often, Miss Ponytail would whisper something into the other’s ear. Someone passing close by at the moment would hear the unmistakable moan of a women on the cusp of orgasm, of desiring, wanting, needing that last little push over the edge.

Someone looking at the right moment, in the split second when it mattered, might see something more, something that only happened when the two passed through a beam of light that cascaded from the spire to the paths below. For an instant, one might see—but it couldn’t be, of course—the two women naked; the blonde standing over the other, legs parted; the one in sunglasses on her knees, her lips almost but not quite touching the other, looking up, with a pleading expression; the hands of the ponytailed one holding her away, controlling her. Then the moment would pass, the two women continuing on their way.

As they continued, here and here they were approached by others, who greeted the one called Song. Some displayed reverence in seeing her, talking to her; others, a desire to submit to her, to fall into the song she spun from her sweet, pink lips. A few realized that submission as they stood near Song, saying not a word, their quizzical expression met by a simple answer from Song before they continued on their way.

The answer: “She calls.”

Throughout all of this, Paige only heard the song: how it told of her place, where she belonged. The honey-sweet submission had been poured into her while they descended in the elevator, Song’s fingers playing upon Paige’s clit, her folds. With each touch, Paige wanted, needed, was willing to agree to anything so that she could come over the edge and have the screaming release that Song’s voice and touch promised her. She came there, was so close to passing over, but the song told her that only one was to give her what she needed now, what held her mind and removed all thought of concern, of resistance, of fear. But she had to obey the singer and the song.

Paige could not care that she was bare under her dress. She could not bring herself to be concerned at the feeling of lips sucking on her nipples, a tongue licking her folds, lips kissing her own. She was entranced, enthralled. Nothing else mattered but the song that played in her mind.

They passed through the lobby of the spire, the whirlwind of other souls around them, but they were not part of it. The elevators awaited, the ones that led to the floors where those expecting normality would be taken, or be drawn to. At the end of the lobby, well past all the rest, stood two red doors. As the pair approached, those doors slid open without a sound, soon closing behind them both. Song smiled as the doors closed and shivered in the presence that she was forever part of. She looked upwards, seeming to await an answer. Then the elevator started to rise and she turned her attention to Paige once more.

Song reached out and took the dark glasses away from Paige, revealing her glazed-over eyes and the slightly vacant expression there. Paige didn’t think so much as accept the song as the words changed within her, as the new words told her what she should do. The sunglasses fell to the green carpet below them without a sound, already forgotten by Paige just as the song instructed. She watched as Song untied a thin green ribbon from around her shapely neck, telling Paige this was right as the dress fell away from Song. Paige’s heart fluttered, her sex moistened further—a trickle of arousal moving along her thighs, making them slick—her dress damped, all without her caring, for the song made it so.

Song stepped closer, completely bare. She pressed herself against Paige, her hands wrapping around and behind. There was a moment, then Song moved away and Paige felt, but did not care, her own dress falling from her shoulders and pooling around her heels.

The two women looked at each other, Song now in silver heels, a thin silver collar resting about the nape of her neck—neither of which had been there a moment before. Paige whimpered as the song told her that Song was … Hers. The song told Paige she was not so.

Paige’s pussy gushed at the need to be Hers as well now. The song told her she needed that, wanted it, would do anything to get that. Song cupped Paige’s sex with her fingers, stroking there lightly as she hummed: “Obey.”

The word wrapped into the song, and Paige fell to her knees in submission to Song. She looked up now at Song, who held a black collar by one finger.


Paige arched her neck, desiring the collar, needing it, whining for the feel of it resting upon her. Song buckled it snugly, the smell of the leather drifting into Paige’s senses. Paige wore only the collar now, nothing more. She was not permitted, was not worthy of being more than a thrall to Her will.

There was a soft tone and the elevators doors opened. Song turned and walked from the elevator, leaving Paige there on her knees. As she waited, the song changed again. Thralls did not think, did not need to. Thralls obeyed. They needed to obey. It was their purpose to obey. The slickness between Thrall’s thighs was wonderful as she accepted the song’s truth within herself.


The single word brought pleasure: A command! She must obey! Thrall—for she was no longer Paige—stood, her hands clasped in front of her, eyes towards the floor, and meekly moved to follow.

The space beyond the elevator was not what one might expect, not the hustle and bustle of an office, but instead something completely inexplicable.

It was a temple: red marble floors and walls, burning braziers along the walls lighting the passageway. Thrall followed the sound of Song’s heels as they danced along the floors, the sound echoing all around her. The sounds of pleasures came to Thrall, she quivered in each one as the song told her that thralls were rewarded for obeying, for serving, for being … Hers.

If she could have, Thrall would have plunged her fingers into her pussy, brought herself to orgasm and screamed out her submission in Her name. But the song did not allow this. The command did not allow.

Still, the song promised. The promise alone was what Thrall now had burning within her.

The hallway opened into a room. Thrall only saw the red floor below her. But the gasp from Song, the whispered ‘Goddess,’ made her fall to her knees. She needed to display her submission to Her. The power She had over Thrall.

Thrall listened as Song walked away, the whisper of Song’s voice, then she heard Her voice for the first time—“My Song”—and she nearly fell over as the heat in her sex became close to overwhelming.

“My Song:” two words, spoken with passion and love, but also the command of the one called Goddess that held Song in Her sway.

Thrall wanted to beg for that pleasure, to hear Goddess say: “My Thrall.” But she remained, head bowed down, the song within her commanding her to wait for Her. She listened as Song mewled in pleasure, crying out as she lost herself in Her touch, her power. Thrall’s skin flushed as she heard Song scream out in joy.

Then She spoke, a thrill not expected: “Thrall.”

Thrall who was once Paige gasped as she was addressed, moaning, submitting to the command as she felt a tongue licking, a hand cupping, and her mind melting. She lost her poise, her eyes now looking towards Her. Thrall’s clit throbbed as she watched them entwined, eyes of green piercing into Thrall’s soul from afar along with eyes of sparkling blue. The song told her she was being judged.

The answer She gave made her cry out in despair …

“You are not worthy.”

Like a puppet with its strings cut, she fell over, legs and arms akimbo, mind stilled, thoughts paused.

There was silence for a time. Then She spoke … “There is nothing good within, dearest Song.”

“But … Goddess … the dream is there, somewhere.”

“She turned herself away from the dream a long time ago.”

“But why?”

“I … do not know …”

“Please, teach her to find it again.”

There was a longer moment now before the answer came …

Sep 13 2015

A Review of Succubus: An Adult Roleplaying Game by ManofDawnLight

Succubus: An Adult Roleplaying Game by ManofDawnLight

Succubus: An Adult Roleplaying Game by ManofDawnLight

I recently came across a sourcebook for a role-playing game in which Succubi appear. I thought this was an interesting concept, and decided to look further into the game, the universe and the particular focus it has.

Overall, the background created is really quite interesting, the sample characters familiar, but a little bit changed to fit the game universe, but not in a way that made them unrecognizable. However, the work does quite clearly have a particular view of the succubi in which they are evil and cannot be anything else. That seems a bit limiting to me, and I don’t quite see why that needs to be.

The work tells the story of:

An adult Tabletop RPG where you can roleplay being a sex demon from hell. Create your horrible demon form, your supernatural powers, and decide exactly how your Succubus finds victims and sucks their souls out of their groins. This is a one roll, one dice system for ease of gameplay.

The game is adult themed in which players can roleplay as various sex demons, including succubi, or as humans upon whom the various demons are attracted to. Players create a character which includes their individual powers and abilities. Once in play, succubi characters seek out other characters, whether human or not, and using various methods, claim their souls in the game. The system of play follows a one roll, one dice system for simplicity as the author believes that speeding up the game is a good idea and using a system like Dungeons and Dragons is a slowing force in keeping the game moving.

Gameplay focuses on the creation of a character, generally some kind of sex demon, but not necessarily a Succubus. As described in the game, players act as if “…you are sex. You are an animal. You are evil. You represent all that which we fear to release, and you can and will force others to enjoy their feared desires too.” Once the character is generated, the actual gameplay is very fluid and be taken in whatever direction players wish to. Many different scenarios are possible, besides the obvious one of a sexual encounter. Accordingly, there are many aspects to the succubi and players choose where the gameplay will go.

The game author provides a very detailed description of the game universe within which players are set in. A history of the coming of angels and demons is told, the results of the creation of Hell and its aspects, and then the work focuses upon the history of the succubi up until the present day. However, in short, the purpose of the succubi is to claim souls for themselves, to increase their power and standing in Hell by doing so. There is also a detailed list of well known beings, their personalities, physical description and so forth. In this game universe, there is a Lilith, described as the first of the Succubi who is beholden to their King, Asmodeus, within the game universe known as the Prince of Lust.

The thing about this game is that succubi are stated to be evil beings and there’s really no other option in how to play them. I think that’s a shame as, at least from my perspective, doing so limits players and their characters. Even Dungeons and Dragons allowed for one succubus to become a Paladin, and be “good” though it was a battle for her to do so.

I just think that’s much more interesting a character to play than one who’s focus is just on approaching another character, pulling them aside, and then having sex with them until they consume their souls and move onwards. Yes, that is one sort of character, but they don’t all have to be that way.

However, setting aside that issue, I think the universe that the author created for this game is very well done, is very detailed, the description of the universe runs well over 30 pages, and I found it fascinating. Just to see how the author has changed certain well know names, such as Lilith for one, is striking and does make one think about how they would be in this game universe.

While the game rules are clear, and seem to be relatively simple to follow, there are a scattering of spelling mistakes here and there, mainly appearing in the flavour text. They are minor and do not really take anything away from the stories told in them. It is very clear from these short stories, or hot flashes, the intent of the succubi and how evil they are in this game universe as well. Still, I feel like there’s too much emphasis on the succubi being stereotypical in their main needs which doesn’t quite ring true with the character outlines offered towards the latter part of the book.

Still, there is the possibility of changing the basic universe, to warp it to the will of the players in whatever way they wish to. Things are not set in stone, there are options and I think that’s a very promising thing. It is a rich universe to play in, it should be used to the fullest.

Four out of five pitchforks.

An interesting game universe which has some quirks in it that gave me pause. But things are changeable and that interested me more.