Sep 22 2015

A Review of Succubus Week: Monday by Lisbet Laire

Succubus Week: Monday by Lisbet Laire

Succubus Week: Monday by Lisbet Laire

The beginnings of a new series called Succubus Week this time on the Tale for review. I do enjoy stories where the main character, if she is a succubus, doesn’t play the game one might expect of her. I like to see personality, passion, something good within with a purpose. Having that makes the story itself so much better.

With that I like to see some world building, something that acts as a hook and drives the story forwards as well. The thing is, when the core of the story centres on what is, really, a wonderful bit of succubus erotica and mind control, there tends to be a little time to get deeper into the story. It’s more of a problem when the ending seems to be rushed and only a pale shadow of all that came before.

  • Title: Succubus Week: Monday
  • Author: Lisbet Laire
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • ASIN: B015GN2684
  • Publishing Date: September 16, 2015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Adrienne is hungry. As a succubus she needs to feed at least every other day and today she’s decided to have something along with her coffee.

Adrienne wanders off her usual path to work on a rainy day and visits a lovely little cafe with even lovelier humans there. One catches her attention and soon they are having a wonderful time together… At least until Adrienne must get to work and then things aren’t quite so warm and sunny for her.

Adrienne is really quite the interesting character as a succubus and that is mainly in how she acts, what she does, and the encounters that she finds her way to. There’s a lovely attraction to her in how she thinks, the way she sees the world and so on. It’s a wonderfully descriptive, telling way and it adds a delicious level to the work that I found captivating.

Beyond this, Adrienne isn’t stereotypical, though I will admit her having fangs was something I didn’t care for much. However, the lovely subtle bit of succubus mind control that comes in the story, how that leads to a hot flash encounter that tells so much in the description, serves to make that part of the work wonderfully hot and quite enjoyable.

The preceding part of the story, leading to the encounter, I think was just about perfect and had the right mix of telling about Adrienne, exploring her world a bit, and then leading into the erotica in a way that wasn’t heavy-handed or odd. However, the parts that came afterward didn’t quite have the same.

The post erotica scenes explain, to a point, what Adrienne does and follows her into dealing with a situation. The thing is that there’s not all that much detail, it seems a bit rushed, and there’s something missing in the entire scene. A bit of meaning, or purpose, because it felt like Adrienne had lost control of things to an extent and that changed her personality. But it was the ending, the least page or so, where it felt like the author just closed off the story in a hurry and I’m not sure why. Personally I think there could have been more, or even ending this part of the story post succubus feeding might have been better.

Overall the writing is very good, nothing took me out of the work, but there are a few minor word errors that cropped up here and there, such as:  “She tried not to role her eyes to visibly.” A minor thing, but it stood out at a point where it was very noticeable. The other such points were more hidden and not so jarring, but that one was to me.

I would have liked more about what Adrienne does, who she is, and what she’s like outside of her stop at the coffee shop and getting into her office and then being off to deal with a problem or three. I would hope that in future parts of this series we learn more about her, her past and what she is involved in. This might be a series of hot flashes, but I’ll hold out for something more than that.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I do look forwards to seeing where this series goes to, Adrienne is interesting, and while we know much about her, there’s so much more than has not been touched upon. Finding that out, in time, I think will make for something wonderful.



Sep 22 2015

A Review of Seducing the King of Sin by Ella B. Wilder

Seducing the King of Sin by Ella B. Wilder

Seducing the King of Sin by Ella B. Wilder

It is important that the core of a story matters. It has to matter to the characters themselves of course, but it also has to matter that what happens in the story makes sense, feels right, and, at the best, tells a story that is something special.

Sometimes Succubi appear, more or less, in such works. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they are simply a means for emotions to be brought out of the main characters and then, hopefully, that takes the story somewhere unexpected.

  • Title: Seducing the King of Sin
  • Author: Ella B. Wilder
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B00NI9672U
  • Publishing Date: September 11, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Sarah has a debt to repay, and the only being that can help her is the Devil himself. And so she calls upon him in a desperate plan of seduction. Only, as the two get closer, Sarah sees another side of him, and begins questioning a plan that will force her to betray his trust. Will Sarah fulfill her plan, even if it means losing the one person who can satisfy her?

Sarah made a promise, a dearly held one, but there is only one way to make it be true. A deal is struck, but then the deal becomes something more, something unexpected and then she has to face the most important question of all.

The telling thing about this work is the focus upon keeping a promise. That it matters, more than yourself at times, and what a promise like that can and will do.  It says a lot about Sarah herself in the story that her motives at the beginning are held tightly, but when reality sets in, when she finds there is something more that could be, she gives that a chance, looks at the possibility, and takes that regardless of what may happen.

The depiction of Luke, otherwise known as the Devil, is interesting in that he isn’t stereotypical. I found that to be a refreshing change of character and it allowed for some well told development to occur. The story he has, who he is, what he claims to be, plays against Sarah’s own fears, wants and beliefs in some interesting ways.

There is mention of Succubi, a very short one, and there is one redhead named Nikki that appears for an instant as well. Overall they are all just creatures of sex and not much else at least from their actions and attitude in the story. But then their appearance really is meant to drive Sarah’s thoughts in a particular direction. As such, they aren’t all that important to the work, nor really, when I think over the story as a whole, does it seem like they needed to be honestly.

There is a scattering of erotica in the work, some of which I enjoyed, some of which didn’t quite have a lot of heat in the moment. The story is well told, the characters are interesting and written well. But the work ends on a note that is a bit sad and I felt as if there was a part of the story that wasn’t told. I would have liked to have seen more about why things are as they are, but also I wanted to see exactly who Sarah made her promise to. That never happens in the story and considering what happened to them and why, it would have been good to have seen.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really a heartfelt story about a wish, a hope and a promise. I’d like to see what the future holds for them all, perhaps that will appear sometime.



Sep 21 2015

And Now the News… – Part III By TeraS

We all come from somewhere and somewhen … For some, that tells not just their past, but their future, as well. But what is the cost of spending one’s truth for what amounts to a dare? Is that all there is? And, when the deed is done, was it the right thing to do?


And Now the News…
Part III
By TeraS


Life is always at some turning point, whether we know it or not. – As said by Tera to a visitor to the Realm whose way was lost and who sought to find it again


She awoke with a startle, unsure of what was real and what was not. She had a flash of memory of hiding herself away, of not allowing herself to feel: changing herself for others, taking their advice, doing things that she could never, would never do. But in all of the thoughts there was a truth she couldn’t shake away: she had given away one important thing for something not so. It bothered her that she did so. But she couldn’t place what it was.

A light hand touched her back, and her memories solidified as she realized where she was. Turning over she looked into a pair of blue-grey eyes and smiled.


“Hey. Did you sleep okay?”

She sighed as she snuggled closer, giggling a bit as she felt fingers teasing over her thighs: “Okay. Good enough.”

“Liar. You were not asleep at all. You kept pushing me away all night.”

A kiss shared, just a little nibbling of lips, then a deeper, more lustful kiss: tongues entwining, mewls of pleasure being shared between them both. She pecked her lover’s lips and whispered: “I’m sorry, was having nightmares, I guess.”

“You want to talk about them?”

She shook her head, blonde hair moving in waves around her as she did so: “No, I’m okay … stupid dreams, not worth talking about.”

“Uh-huh. What’s eating at you?”

She rolled away from her lover, looking up at the ceiling: “Important day … got a job interview. You have one, too, don’t you?”

Her lover smiled: “You know, you should come along, too. She’s really nice, and I think it’s going to be something special.”

She scrunched up her nose: “How do you know?”

A giggle in response: “Simple: I know I’ll be happy.”

“Not that simple.”

“Yes, it is.”

She rolled out of bed, looking over her shoulder and smiling: “Sure.”

Later, she was standing in line at the corner coffee shop, waiting her turn to call out a long complicated order for coffee, because that’s what everyone did, and, of course, she needed to fit in. But why did that bother her so much? She needed to make a mark, to leave an impression, and being one of them was the best way to do that.

Brushing a bit of lint from her business attire, she went over in her mind again what she would say, how she would approach the interviewer, and, most of all, attempt to influence their decision. She hated job interviews, and it showed. This time, she’d show them. It was her future and she needed to make it happen. If that meant burning bridges and leaving her past behind, then that was what she would do. Her thoughts were swirling around that conviction when she heard a voice behind her: “You know, you should be on television.”

She turned to look at the person that spoke those words and after a moment replied: “Do I know you?”

A grin in response: “Would be surprised if you didn’t. But that’s not important!”

It was her turn to order, which she did, then turned back around: “Are you trying to pick me up?”

“Hell no. You aren’t my type. But you are the type that could go far!”

She didn’t know how to take that. She was both incensed and, at the same time, aware of an opening to get what she wanted: “How far?”

“Come with me, let’s talk about what you are looking for. Won’t take much of your time.”

“I have other plans.”

Their voice was strongly compelling: “You did. But now you really want to see what we have to offer … don’t you?”

She took the coffee cup: “Alright. I’m open to suggestions.”

The reply was a little bit ominous: “I’m sure you are. In fact, I’m sure you’ll like every suggestion I have!”

As she left the coffee shop, her eyes flickered across a stunningly beautiful brunette sitting at a table nearby and looking at her. She paused in mid-stride, the hand holding the coffee cup crushing it slightly. She saw, sitting next to the brunette, a familiar presence. The two were talking. She felt a twinge of need. She wanted to explain, to tell this woman that she made a choice, the right one. Or was it?

She felt a need, a want, a desire to walk over to her. To speak with her, to listen, to learn. She turned slightly to go that way, but she felt a hand pushing against the middle of her back: “Let’s go. The board will want to meet with you and start putting plans in motion. You are going to be a star!”

As she passed through the doors, she startled, unsure of what was real and what was not. She had a flash of memory of being entwined in the arms of others, of being wanted, desired, cherished, of being part of a greater whole, of having a purpose, of worshipping, becoming, transforming, of being held, of looking to a pair of grey-blue eyes and crying out in bliss.

She stumbled, falling, the world fading from the everyday into what the song told her was real. She laid there, waiting, for the longest time. She wept for the other, the one that never knew of the song, never knew of being wanted. She shivered, thinking of what the other had lost in never becoming.

The loss …

A pair of so-green eyes regarded her: “Thrall.”

She quickly moved to the proper place, just as the song told. Back arched, legs parted slightly, hands laced together over her sex as she looked downwards. She was not worthy. Her clit thrummed, the yearning within begging her to submit to whatever was asked, to become … Hers.


A blink, her eyes cleared, and she startled. “What? Who? How?” In a panic, she moved to cover her nakedness. But then the song returned, smoothed over her concerns and worries. This was right, of course: the song told her so. Her thoughts turned towards the others in the room. The one called Song, who gazed with devotion. The one called Need, who knelt to Her side. There was a thought, a whisper that something was familiar—was right—about this.

The way her pussy quivered when She spoke just added to that belief within her: “The dream is there for you, Paige, if you desire.”

She wetted her lips: “I am not worthy.”

“At this moment, you are not. But you can be.”

She looked up, seeing a pair of so-green eyes considering her.

“I have news for you.” Delight that made her thighs slick from Her words: “One saw you as worthy.”

Paige cried out in need, holding onto the truth she had been told, trying to understand. She whimpered: “Please … who?”

“You know the answer.”

Paige fell onto her side, crying out as she realized who it was and what she had lost.

Paige then heard Her walk across the room. Then she felt Her hand against her bare shoulder. Then Paige gasped in ecstasy as she was held. Was this how they all felt? The thought made her sob quietly, thinking of everything she had given up for what she had. The words came; she couldn’t stop them: “I’m sorry.”

She replied: “I know. I know better now. So do you. Shall we return what is yours?”

Paige didn’t speak, only shaking her head in agreement as she was held, crying herself to sleep once more.

Sep 20 2015

A Review of Lilith’s Awakening by Stephen Rivera

Lilith's Awakening by Stephen Rivera

Lilith’s Awakening by Stephen Rivera

A review of a newly begun series today called Lilith’s Tears which isn’t quite what one might expect from the book summary and in this case that’s quite a good thing.

The most important thing about writing a story is that the characters grow from where they came from. It isn’t enough to simply say they do, one has to show why they do. Sometimes the reason for that happening can be as simple as the innocence of a child who simply accepts that there’s something good to be found in someone that doesn’t expect to find that in themselves.

Beings can change, become more than who they are. All that takes is a little kindness, hope, and acceptance. When that does happen, then they are more.

  • Title: Lilith’s Awakening
  • Author: Stephen Rivera
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • ASIN: B015C11FT6
  • Publishing Date: September 13, 2015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

When the son of a nefarious warlock finds a group of heroes attacking their home, he frees the genius demon Lilith to help him save his family. But magic can be tricky. Things don’t always go as planned and sometimes the sins of the past are more dangerous than the threats of the present. In the first short story of the Lilith’s Tears short story series, follow Lilith and Roe as they begin their journey and discover that even the best intentions can have terrible consequences.

Roe needs help as his world is coming apart around him. Not understanding fully the consequences of his actions, he summons Lilith and asks for her help to save his father and sister. At first Lilith sees nothing, not wanting to, but the simple acceptance of a ten year old to see more in her opens paths to them both. The truth, as they say, will set you free.

This was an adorable story and one that was completely unexpected. Much of that comes from the difference in the book summary and what actually happens in the work. It’s a surprise when Roe is revealed to be an innocent child, only wanting to save his father and his sister. It’s heartbreaking when the worst day of Roe’s life is told and how much a few short lines can make you cry.

The acceptance of Roe, of the good in him is wonderful. The moments where he is kind to Lilith, when his manners appear, and Lilith’s reactions to them are so telling, but also cause so much of a transformation in Lilith from where the story begins that it adds a huge character shift that makes the work so much more.

It’s very hard to see how this story exactly fits into the summary because there’s really little explanation of why things are happening and even when there is, that doesn’t connect quite right to it. So, in this case, the book cover doesn’t express the actual book and I feel that’s the one thing that hurts this work most of all.

That brings me to Lilith who might be a succubus, in a way, certainly some kind of powerful demoness however. She isn’t quite described in the story very well save to say she is beautiful, has red skin and a pair of wings that are similar to those of Morrigan Aensland’s. But really it isn’t about what she looks like in this story. It’s what happens when she is confronted by being summoned by a child, one that has a simple outlook on the universe, and what that does to her own view of it.

There are moments when Roe does something simple for Lilith, like calling her a lady, deferring to her thoughts, opening a door for her, when there is a noticeable pause to her. It’s like she is unprepared for someone to be nice, to like her, to see her as being more than a creature of sex and power. Considering who Lilith is, and what her relationship to children is told to be, that creates a new dimension to the character and forces her to change.

The work is a fantasy-adventure which sets up what I hope will be a series of books to come and in doing so doesn’t offer a lot in the way of detail which answers too many questions or offers a simple path for Roe and Lilith to take. While there isn’t a lot of background, of explanations, and the story tends to rush quickly through some parts, as a whole there is good story with good characters and there feels like there is a purpose to things as they unfold.

There are a scattering of minor formatting and spelling mistakes, but nothing that took me out of the story. I did find that the story felt rushed here and there and that bothered me because there’s a great deal of character development for both Roe and Lilith. There are moments in which that happens, literally in a paragraph, and then the story quickly moves onto the next event, the next crisis and builds Roe’s problems higher and higher still.

There are, as I have noted, some things unexplained and as such there’s a good deal of assumptions one must make as the story progresses. In doing so, there’s a hope that the questions left behind about Roe’s father, his sister, and how this all came to pass will be explained sometime. I feel like there’s a wonderful story to be told and I truly hope that happens here.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A good story with two characters that play off each other well and make of themselves more than might be otherwise expected. A bit more story would have been nice, a little more plot, circumstance and meaning would have been too.

But there’s something good here, and in that, most of all, there’s a feeling of purpose and change. What that means for Roe and Lilith going forwards is something I will be looking forwards to.



Sep 20 2015

A Review of My Stepmother is a Succubus by Jenny Clara Fick

My Stepmother is a Succubus by Jenny Clara Fick

My Stepmother is a Succubus by Jenny Clara Fick

Sometimes the concept for a book is better than the work itself. Taking a simple premise and turning it into a story is not the easiest of thing to do. It’s a bit more disappointing when there is the hint of a story that has a lot of background, which isn’t shown. Starting a work with story, a good concept, and characters that seem to have something going for them and then quickly moving towards what amounts to a porn movie doesn’t do a lot for me.

That’s a shame when the Succubus herself does, in a lot of ways, have a lot going for her. And I do not mean her looks alone, or her sex appeal or drive.

  • Title: My Stepmother is a Succubus
  • Author: Jenny Clara Fick
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • IBSN: 9781310819988
  • Publishing Date: July 27, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Jerry returns from college to find his Dad re-married to a stacked babe named Margo. But is Margo all that she appears? Or is she actually a Succubus intent on slurping every last drop of cum from Jerry and his Dad.

Spoiler Alert: It’s the latter.

Jerry arrives home to find that his father has remarried to his surprise. Her name is Margo, she looks very much like a porn star, snd Jerry can’t get her out of his mind. Soon enough he can’t get out of her clutches and discoveries just how insatiable a Succubus can be.

The idea of this story is actually a good one in a lot of ways. I especially liked Margo’s seduction of Jerry, the use of what seems to be mind control on her two “victims” and her character. She is obviously a Succubus from the moment she appears and isn’t at all tame about her wants and needs. But while that part of the story is the focus of it, there are moments in the beginning of the story which lead to a lot of questions about Margo herself. None of these are really answered of course as the story quickly moves from setting up how she is there to what she does to Jerry and his father.

The erotica is very “porn movie” in tone as a whole, but while that does overwhelm a lot of the side story and other, at least to me, interesting moments, there is a good deal of heat in it which comes from Margo’s use of her Succubus powers. She plays with Jerry, in a lot of different ways, she uses a bit of mind control on him as well. That part of the erotica is actually hotter than the actual sex scenes overall save for one minor thing that bothered me.

Whenever Margo used her powers on Jerry, any actions that started were all in capitals and then the ending scene was marked in capitals as well. That bothered me for two reasons, one, it was jarring in that moment, but more so as these happened right about the time where, usually, I expect to see some of the powers of a Succubus appear and seduce fully. But that turns out to be a rare thing in the work. It’s when Margo’s control over Jerry is used, told fully, that the story becomes very hot and I enjoyed that part of it.

Margo in her Succubus form has horns and tail, but she also has a bit of an odd addition to her that, at least for me, made me tilt my head and wonder about a lot. Still, she is a Succubus, she puts Jerry on a leash and has her way with him and then… The story ends rather abruptly.

This work was supposed to be the first in a series, but as of this review I haven’t found the next work in the series. As such, this work standing on its own… doesn’t really. It’s missing something to make this more than porn and more of a story. That could have happened and should have if for no other reason than the first scene when Jerry meets Margo and she twines her tail around him,

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The idea is interesting, and this could have been more than a very short hot flash, but it isn’t. There is the beginnings of a story, one that would be nice to see, but it gets overcome by the need to get to the porn scenes. That’s a shame honestly… I think there’s a good basis for a book here, the author just needs to find it.



Sep 19 2015

The Succulent Succubus… Japanese erotica… Really?

This will be, I am quite sure, a rather confused bit of commentary on the Tale today. That’s mainly because I came across a YouTube of a piece of Japanese erotica called The Succulent Succubus. While this is only the trailer, and to be honest I don’t think I need to see the actual film as such, it pretty much is what I would call “meh with a side order of meh.”

But, of course, you can decide…

And if you cannot see this on the Tale, try this link:

As a whole, the entire thing really does nothing for me at all, but… I have to admit that the Succubus does look at least interesting… Which is saying a lot I expect…

Asami Succubus

The summary of the film is basically that Momo has a short time to live and a succubus appears and offers to give her one wish. But afterwards the succubus gets to take her soul. Seeing this to be a good deal, Momo asks for “a small bit of happiness” which of course the succubus twists the meaning of. This means that our heroine has a number of sex scenes, some with the succubus of course, and things “develop” from there.

This is a porn film of course, which means that there isn’t much in the way of plot, or really anything else. But in spite of this, the succubus has her cute moments at the beginning of the story. But it isn’t much of a movie about succubi and in truth it seems to be more of a “genie in a lamp” story overall.

I did like the actress that was playing the succubus, she’s rather nice and some of the outfits she wears look quite nice on her. Of course the acting is well and truly over the top, but I suppose that gives things a bit of charm… But it doesn’t overcome the rest of the film, or the trailer for that matter.

Nothing to see here if you are looking for something succubus-themed really. Which really isn’t a surprise…



Sep 18 2015

A Review of Sinful Secrets by Jenna Wells

Sinful Secrets by Jenna Wells

Sinful Secrets by Jenna Wells

Truth is a hard thing to deal with. To find out who you are, but also more importantly, to find out what you thought was your own truth really isn’t is sad. What’s sadder is finding out that truth and coming to the realization that it is ashes and emptiness.

Not all stories have happy endings. That’s part of how things are. But a story that just has loss and emptiness from beginning to end just doesn’t really work for me.

In all of that loss, there has to be a glimmer of hope.

  • Title: Sinful Secrets
  • Author: Jenna Wells
  • Length: 33 Pages
  • ASIN: B00LP4H8GY
  • Publishing Date: July 10, 2014
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Hannah is losing her mind. That, or there really is a strange, handsome stranger in her office that no one else can see. Just what she needs, on top of juggling accounts, accommodating a cat that she’s pretty sure hates her, and, oh yeah, finalizing that pesky divorce (with her coworker).

When she spends the night with this mysterious stranger, however, she discovers that the most sinful secrets may in fact be her own.

Hanna’s world is in upheaval. She’s in the middle of a divorce, the past year has been hellish, and it doesn’t look like it will get any better any time soon. A man appears in the midst of the maelstrom around her and… things are exactly what she thought they were. Not even close.

The one overriding emotion throughout this work is one of crushing sadness. It sits like a dark cloud over every single character in this work and… it becomes tedious. Seeing not one character have an emotion of joy or light around them is draining and just took so much out of the work by the time the reveal about Hanna comes about I honestly wondered what the entire point of the work was.

I think that the summary of this work doesn’t really do the story any favours. It’s a bit misleading in some very important ways as the story unfolds, it doesn’t really portray what the connections are between the characters in the story either. As a whole, considering the secrets that come about, it’s as misleading as Hanna herself is from start to finish.

The mysterious stranger is named Damien, and of course he is basically an Incubus. He’s almost a stereotypical one in that he really seems to have the overall attitude of not caring about much of anything… save for Hannah… and that’s where the twist in this story comes into play.

What follows from there is a confused recollection of events from Hannah’s point of view and the reality seen from Damien’s own. There’s a huge disconnect that comes into play and when the truth is finally revealed I can’t say that it was much of a surprise as it was obvious almost from the beginning of the story.

There is some heat in the story, but honestly it’s doused by the rampant sadness around Hannah and Damien. There is a bit of mind control in the work, there is a bit of a mystery as well, but in the end emotionally… it isn’t satisfying. It’s missing the slightest glimmer of hope throughout and when Hannah discovers what her connection with Damien is, it’s far too late and everyone and everything is ashes and wasteland.

While it is written well, there are several points, notably in the climax of the work, where a jarring wrong word appears. For example: “He’d come to see my while Henry worked late.” The mistake is obvious and as it happens in the instant when all of Hanna’s truths are laid bare it really took me out of the story at the worst possible time.

I think that the universe is interesting, there are some truths about Damien, about Succubi and Incubi that are telling. But those truths lean on the need to use some stereotypical views on Succubi and Incubi. I’m not sure that needed to be for the interplay and background around Hana and Damien. That part of the story I think could have been more focused on, more tightly spoken to for the better of the work as a whole in spite of the clouds of guilt, sadness and loss that made of most of the work.

Three out of five pitchforks.

It’s sad. So desperately sad from beginning to end and that, for me, I found to be hard to take. The world isn’t perfect I know and neither are all of the characters in this work. But loss isn’t everything nor should it be what makes the fabric of one’s existence.

There’s more than that, the trick is finding it among the wreckage left behind.