Sep 30 2015

Can’t really see the sexy in this costume…

Sexy She Devil CostumeSome costume designs I think are an attempt to put together the cheapest costume possible at the cheapest price and then hope, in an ill-advised way, that it will sell like hot cakes. Even if the costume isn’t even lukewarm.

This is called the Sexy She Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, wings and horns. The shoes are not included and… I found this in a local costume shop for $35. Sorry about the image quality, as usual my abilities with a camera aren’t anything wonderful.

I really don’t think there is anything really sexy about this costume, the skirt alone is enough to make me cringe and the rest of the dress just looks too cheap to me. The wings do nothing for me as well and, finally, the horns are the sparkly glittery ones that I just cannot stand.

Now I didn’t buy this disaster, but a thought strikes me which is this is another one of those costumes that seems to be the use of something that didn’t sell that got a pair of horns and some other accessory added to it.

In this case I think I can prove this theory of mine in that there was another costume with exactly the same dress but with a ballerina theme to it. While I do understand the concept of mass costume production and what that means, it still matters that there be some kind of imagination involved and that it brings something, anything really, to make these costumes much tackier than they are.

One out of five pitchforks.

I’m being far too generous…



Sep 29 2015

A Review of Succubus of Lust by Reed James

Succubus of Lust by Reed James

Succubus of Lust by Reed James

A work that is mostly a collection of individual sex scenes with very little plot or story to connect them is, for me, a rather huge turn off. I really do not like reading works like that because, honestly, it becomes boring, repetitive and most of all, that boredom just makes me want to finish the work as quickly as possible.

Sometimes as well, it is hard to enjoy a work when it appears in the middle of a series and some things are taken for granted by the author. Mostly that you have read the other works, but more that they need not tell you a lot about what’s going on. Considering that the plot is, really all sex, that does make its own sort of sense I suppose…

The work tells of:

Kyle’s life changed when he awakened the sultry Genie Aaliyah from her thousand years of sleep. He’s married to Aaliyah and Fatima, spent a night of passion with his girlfriend Christy, and the busty Chyna is his first concubine.

But that’s not enough for Kyle’s harem!

He’s fallen in love with the sensual and graceful Fumi. But she hides a dark secret—she’s a succubus. And no mortal man can withstand the depths of her appetites. Danger and lust swirl about Kyle as he takes Fumi on a date.

And while Kyle dates Fumi, his girlfriend Christy meets with her Witch Coven. The lesbian witches are hunting for Aaliyah, and Christy has no idea that her boyfriend is involved with the Genie as she casts a scrying spell to find Aaaliyah.

Kyle is building himself a harem and in doing so he finds himself going out with Fumi. While this sounds like fun the truth is that Fumi is s Succubus, and things might be getting more complicated for Kyle and sooner than he thinks.

This is the fifth work in a series in which the main character Kyle has a genie and is getting all of the wishes he asks for. As it is the fifth work in the series, and the rest really has nothing that interested me in them, I only focused on this work alone because the character Fumi is, or appears to be, a Succubus.

Fumi is Asian, she has blue and black hair and in a lot of ways seems to be the image of a hentai or similar Succubus, though really in this work that never comes out fully. There is a lot of tangential references to what she is, what she could do, and what might happen if Kyle “takes” her. The one thing that really was over the top was Fumi’s addiction and you can guess what that might be about.

While there is some plot, and it is very little to be honest, the work really seems like a hentai turned into a story or, more accurately, the plot of an adult film that revolves around one man being swarmed by a series of fantasy and other women. The problem with that concept is… the lack of plot and focus on sex alone makes for a series of hot flashes that, at least for me, really were not all that hot.

I look for plot and erotica in some kind of balance or at least in a way that each strengthens the other, but that just didn’t happen at all in this work. Part of that I think is the author assumes that readers have read the rest of the series and as such there isn’t a lot of exposition about what has happened, why is it happening, and so on. There is a very quick setup in the beginning and then the work goes into sex scene after sex scene.

There are several things in the story itself that another editing pass might have caught, one of which is so silly that when I came across the mistake my reading came to a screeching halt as I tried to figure out what exactly the author was trying to say because it just didn’t make any sense at all.

Two out of five pitchforks.

Just really didn’t enjoy this work at all. It read very much like an adult film, lots of sex and the bare minimum of plot and that hurt things in a lot of ways. Of course it is possible that not enjoying the work is due to not having read the rest of the series, but that in itself cannot do much to make something I didn’t enjoy a lot better than it is. The author has done other works better than this and that’s the larger shame honestly.



Sep 29 2015

A Review of Who’s Your Dryad by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Who's Your Dryad by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Who’s Your Dryad by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Catching up with the last of my reviews of the current works of the author Dou7g of the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my reviews of the series here on the Talehere, herehere as well as here and here and also here. The previous four works in the series were reviewed here and here and here. The prior work to this one can be found here reviewed on the Tale as well.

Things change, they never remain static. Along with change comes, at times, a realization that one might not be the same as they were when they began their adventure. Sometimes it’s unclear if they truly know they are, or if their changes have blinded them to that.

The work tells of:

In this installment Megan the mage, Edmund the scholar, Phil the ogre and Kendra the red haired succubus and Lorelei the dark elf sorceress join forces to steal a magical artifact from the forces of good, defended by a herd of unicorns and a dryad, as powerful as she is beautiful.

Our intrepid group of adventurers travel to find themselves caught in a battle for their wits, their minds and their lives. Not all good things are necessarily good when it comes right down to it. But then, what is good and what is evil anyway?

This work feels very much like a turning point in the series for several reasons. Chief among these is how Megan acts throughout the work and how strange that seems to becoming as the series moves onwards. At the same time, there’s something else going on that Kendra seems to be intent upon and how Helen fits into that plan will be interesting to see, not to mention, if all transpires as it might, how what Helen is offered is going to happen.

The little bits of humour and fun are still in the story, which I adored. Some of the hints might be a little vague for the unaware, but for me, I do believe I can see a little note towards a rather famous depressed android in one of the characters and it was simply perfect. The repartee between the characters is as sharp and telling as ever, there’s no question that it is, and, again, that made me quite happy.

The story does however take a slightly darker turn when Deirdre, the Dryad of the title, appears and that turns into something that moved a little beyond the normal telling of the fights and battles that have happened before. That is not to say it isn’t told well, because it is, but it’s more of a surprise in how things unfold. There’s a certain brutality in what transpires, and while that can be said to be caused by the situation, it becomes a little bit more bloody and, at times, matter of fact for the characters which felt a little odd.

The work ends on a cliffhanger and how everyone, if they can, get out of this mess is a rather large question. Thinking about the series as a whole, I think this is about the most “cliffhangery” of any ending in the series so far and I rather liked that. It leaves the characters in some jeopardy and as such there’s a real threat to them all.

But there is more than that, there’s the larger question of Megan’s attitude, Kendra’s as well and why they are acting as they did here. There is a good reason why things happened as they did,  but as well, there’s something going on with how Megan, most of all, is relating to those around her. I find myself concerned about this and what it all means.

A few very minor word errors in the work, nothing major, otherwise the story is quite good, the characters are still every bit as attractive to me and their growth, especially that of Helen I though came out well.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I’m not sure where the cliffhanger will wind up, who will continue their story and who will not. But whatever the answer, things are not the same as they were and they will change.

The question is: For the better in them all or for the worse?



Sep 28 2015

A Dream Shared By TeraS

Today there should be the fourth part to “And Now The News” but it didn’t come together for me, and I didn’t like what did come together all that much, and so I am going to try, again, to make it what it should be.

In any event, I have something else to share. It’s not what I wanted to share today, not what I expected, but it is something … in fact, it is the stuff of dreams …


A Dream Shared
By TeraS


A tracing of fingers over your cheek softly, tenderly, lovingly, a shared smile as you look into my eyes, my so-green and bright eyes, my so-green and bright eyes that captivate and draw you close … and then closer still.

A purr of desire—whose desire isn’t quite clear—as my lips draw close to yours … softly brushing against yours, my purr becoming a sigh, drawing you closer still. Your fingers caressing my hips, following my curves, shivering slightly as you feel the heat beneath your fingertips … and make sounds all your own.

A squeeze of want, my tail wrapping itself around your wrist possessively, needfully … desiring you. You slip free of my tail, seeking out more of my form, tracing the curves of my breasts, cupping them lightly, seeking to please and worship always … but my tail won’t be denied.

A journey of discovery, your fingers deep in my deepest raven hair, wild and untamed … as My eyes of green … mysterious … knowing all your thoughts … sparkling in amusement. My red lips, horns, and tail are all more red than you remember, all the colour of the fires within that burn with passions meant for this moment, this soul alone.

A Mistress … your Mistress, the one that knows your desires, wants, and wishes … always … the one that holds your soul … the one you need to obey …the one who is here … now … everything for you.

A destination, my fingers in your hair, teasing, but demanding at the same moment, guiding you to your place … your hands moving my skirt to the side, haltingly, awaiting permission. But all the need is not yours … I grow impatient …

A slight moan—does it matter whose?—the tightening of my fingers in your hair, demanding obedience, focusing you on your submission, your need to please as you pass your fingers over my thighs once more, my heat against your fingertips.

A taste of nectar … your lips … kissing … softly … with purpose, pursuing your fingers, trailing after them, your focus so clear to us both now. The moment is upon us.

A gasp of pleasure … you thrill, you shiver, knowing that you have pleased me.

A meeting of minds, the tip of my tail slipping under your chin, raising your eyes to look up, to see my smile, the licking of my lips, the words that wrap around your desire, making you obey, pressing you to the bed … our cries of passion melding in a symphony of desire that becomes … becomes … becomes all …

A moment, forever … Two souls spooned against each other … two bodies in union … my leg wrapped possessively over your own.

A dream shared … but quiet now, the fires now a simmering desire …

… until the dream begins again …

Sep 27 2015

A Review of The Unteleported Mage by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

The Unteleported Mage by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

The Unteleported Mage by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Catching up once more with my reviews of the works of the author Dou7g of the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my reviews of the series here on the Talehere, herehere as well as here and here and also here. The previous three works in the series were reviewed here and here and the one prior to the one I will review today can be found here.

It is important to allow characters to develop in a series, and to do so in a way that makes sense for who they are and why they are there can be difficult. More so when the conflict between doing what’s right and trying to deal with one’s emotions are at odds with each other.

The work tells of:

In this installment Magnus is out for a melancholy walk in the rain when he runs into a company of knights, a vanguard of an invading force. He runs for his life but he is woefully out of shape. Edmund, a fellow scholar and swordsman comes to his aid, and a battle ensues. Meanwhile Phil the Ogre and Lorelei the Dark Elf work out their differences. Later a trio of powerful mages arrive and it is up to Megan, Amy and the succubus Kendra to stop the forces of good from taking back the kingdom from “The Dark Queen of Demons” otherwise known as Megan.

Magnus is in the midst of a quandary when he encounters a new threat to Megan’s realm. The encounter turns towards the question of life and then the questions become moot. Edmund finds that he is more than he realizes while the rest of the assembled group tries to figure out where they all stand with each other in the meantime.

This work in the series actually turns towards some really fascinating theological discussions and I did quite enjoy the repartee which unfolded around Magus and Edmund. Beyond that, there is an encounter between Lorelei and Phil that runs the gambit from funny to serious and then ends on a note that I hope does bode well for the future.

Kendra appears once again, the scenes with her being a mix of erotic fun, humour, and a little bit of dark seriousness at times, but in that comes a little bit of the “superiority” in her character and while that makes sense in the moment, I felt that the last scene mattered more, when Megan turned to her after the battle was over. There’s something developing and I do want to see where that goes from here.

But the focus of this work is upon Edmund, and in being so there’s a lot of character development that comes through in the story. There’s a moment where he comes to realize that he is more than he accepts himself to be. It’s possibly the most strongly felt moment in the series for him all things considered. With all that happens in the series around Megan and the development in her character and that of others, it’s good to see Edmund get his moment to shine.

As in all of the series, there’s a lot of fun, humour and double entendres that made me smile. As well, there are a few new characters that come into play here, all of which I think will add something interesting to the story to come.

Every bit of the humour, the story, and the characters that have been in the series so far. But also a turning point for two of them and what happens from here does make me wonder what will be coming next.

Four pitchforks out of five.

On Tuesday I will be reviewing the latest work in the series, Who’s Your Dryad and while I don’t expect the answers to the questions that have been building in the series, I am sure it will be a fun read…



Sep 27 2015

A Review of Possessed By The Incubus by Victoria James

Possessed By The Incubus by Victoria James

Possessed By The Incubus by Victoria James

One of the things that happens in stories where someone summons a Succubus or an Incubus is that there seems to be a deal struck of some kind or another. This, of course, always seems to lead to the character trapped in the deal trying to find a way out of it.

Sometimes there isn’t, sometimes there is and occasionally the resolution of that plot comes from a place totally unexpected. It is the making of that resolution and how it relates to the main characters that is important. Sometimes a single word is the answer to everything…

  • Title: Possessed By The Incubus
  • Author: Victoria James
  • Length: 35 Pages
  • ASIN: B00P46BJJG
  • Publishing Date: October 31, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

When the ugly goth girl blossomed into a voluptuous stunner over the summer, chaste eighteen year old Maria knew something was up. She convinced the school delinquent to plunder her locker for the secret and he gave her a book of mystic spells. So certain she was that the book was a fake, Maria tried out the ritual for a laugh and found to her horror that it was real! With a demonic creature demanding her soul, can Maria offer him something else in exchange?

Maria has noticed that Lilith is a lot more popular and a lot more curvy that she was before. Seeking out the reason why, she makes a deal with Garett and discovers that Lilith made a deal with an Incubus. She decides to as well, but finding the cost too high, she is trapped and has no choice but to give into the Incubus as he possesses Garett. But that’s not the end of the story as the surprises are still to come.

As a whole the work is a series of hot flashes that work their way towards a conflict where the Incubus appears. When Maria finds out that the situation she finds herself in is very real, she has little choice but to agree to the demon’s terms. That draws Garett into the web and then things become heated, but also the truth comes out as well.

The first third of the work didn’t do much for me, really it was a series of sex scenes loosely tied together which drove Maria towards her summoning of the Incubus. The middle part of the work, where the deal is struck and then Maria tries to find a way out is rather telling about her personality and did have some moments that I liked. I will note that the Incubus is rather stereotypically evil, hooves and all, and that’s a bit of a shame. I was expecting more, but that didn’t really come out of the story and I don’t think it was meant to either.

The last part, where Garett is possessed and the Incubus has his way with Maria through him did have some nice heat in the story, quite a lot better than the earlier parts as a whole. The twist in the story, which really wasn’t all that obvious and did add a nice turn that wasn’t stereotypical I thought was well told and made a lot of sense. Beyond the climax of the story, it ended a bit too quickly, which I thought was a shame. There could have been a bit more I thought, and at least I was hoping for the appearance of Lilith as well if for no other reason than to see where that might have gone.

While the characters were good, there are several spelling mistakes in the work, some of them very obvious and in capital letters no less in the story. It is also quite short considering the building up of the story that happens at the beginning. I think another ten pages or so would have added a lot to this work, certain could have made more story and a bit less erotica. It’s a fine line, but in this case I think that line needed to be walked further than it was.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A good read with a cute ending that made this work more than simply a hot flash, but not by much. Another editing pass is needed for the spelling mistakes at least and it would be nice if the story didn’t come to such a quick ending after all of the buildup in the story.



Sep 26 2015

Succubus Drawing 30 Day Challenge YouTube

I came across a YouTube that shows an artist creating some succubi artwork from beginning to end. I do enjoy seeing how things come together, how artists move from an idea to the finished work, and this I thought told that story very well…


And if you cannot see this on the Tale, try this link:

And, as always, because you never know when something might happen to the video, the completed art:

Succubus by Mengtastic

Succubus by Mengtastic

I like this art as a whole very much, though I am not sure about the spiked things on her thighs. It’s a interesting idea to have her feet more like heels, it’s much better than hooves and I’ve mentioned very many times how much I don’t think much of them.

The artist seems to have given this art a kind of seventies look to it, at least for me. She has the most interesting hair and that frames a really striking expression as well. It’s also rather unique how her skin tone changes as well, which is something that really doesn’t appear often in art of succubi.

I would normally say that her horns are too large for her, but as a whole they do look right here, again, that’s something that doesn’t happen often.

Just a lovely work of art most of all…