Feb 21 2016

A Review of Futa Secrets: Taming my Succubus Roommate’s Demon Boss by Ros Allaway

Futa Secrets: Taming my Succubus Roommate's Demon Boss by Ros Allaway

Futa Secrets: Taming my Succubus Roommate’s Demon Boss by Ros Allaway

Back in November of last year I reviewed the first work in a series by Ros Allaway called Futa Secrets which had a succubus as one of the main characters. You can find that review here, for those that are interested in my thoughts then.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in the second work, hoping for the best at least, and more to be surprised at what might happen. The second work took a turn that I didn’t expect, brought in a new character who turned things a bit on their side and made the story a lot more complicated for the main character.

Sometimes you have what you want, but then it might be taken away from you. What can you do about that, and if you manage to succeed, then what happens next?

  • Title: Futa Secrets: Taming my Succubus Roommate’s Demon Boss
  • Author: Ros Allaway
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B012B9GVUK
  • Publishing Date: July 21, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

After she found out her roommate was a succubus, Carly’s life has been pretty damn good. She makes rent, doesn’t hate her job, and having a sexy demon as a friend-with-benefits doesn’t hurt. But, like most things in life, her relationship with Lia comes with some complications.

What can a girl do when she finds herself pulled into weird, demonic pyramid schemes? What’s the cost of keeping the status quo that includes hot, hard sex with a curvy devil? Will Carly even be able to keep her cool when Lia’s sexy ex-boss comes to collect?

But Carly’s got some big surprises up her sleeve. She’s ready to go down deep in that rabbit hole, especially if it means keeping her friend happy.

Carly has been enjoying her life with Lia, finding that having a succubus for a roommate isn’t a bad thing when she’s cute, they really like each other, and are getting along well. Oh, and the sex is just amazing, which for a futa is a good thing and a succubus a better one. However there are bumps in the road when Lia’s ex-boss appears and Carly has to deal with a challenge from him. Where that leads to is something neither of them really expected.

The second work in the series does, in a lot of ways, expand Carly as a character, developing her quite a lot more than in the first work. Lia isn’t quite so much so, really only appearing for a few pages at the beginning in the shower with Carly, and then at the end when the story is done. But there are a few little hints about Lia’s quirks, which I thought were quite nice to see.

As Carly is the focus of the work, there’s a lot of development told about her life, what she thinks, and what has happened since she and Lia became an item. But then August appears, and Carly gets into some situations that prove she isn’t a pushover.

August is described as Lia’s ex-boss, but that isn’t the whole story by any means. He’s also described as a succubus, which he isn’t, and proves that when see his true form. He’s an incubus, quite clearly, and that bothered me to a point, but I’ll get back to that. As a character he comes into the story with quite the personality and focus which isn’t told in rote, but rather unfolds as an important part of the mythos in this series and, more importantly, explains quite a lot about what has been happening to Lia and Carly.

There are two bits of erotica in the work, the one at the beginning with Lia and Carly that is very quick and to the point, serving mainly to tell how things are in the current time and set up their relationship to a point. The longer passage is between Carly and August which is a contest of domination between the two of them that takes most of the work to unfold. Both have heat in their own ways, though I thought the latter was slightly confusing and scattered by the time the climax arrives.

The work ends on a note which offers some interesting paths for the series to take going forwards. There’s really a lot of promise in that, both quite serious and as well quite funny too. Carly leads a complicated life and that seems to be continuing at the end of the story which is good.

There are problems however, The work needs a serious editing for all of the mistakes that I came across. For example using “its” instead of “it’s” quite a lot. Also, it isn’t good form to leave a characters name as a placeholder like: [coworker]. This is just sloppy and takes away so much from what otherwise is an interesting story with interesting characters. I’ll also add that August, being referred to as a succubus, even though he is male, is a stumbling point as well. More care taken with telling the story, making it read better, would be helpful as well. There’s more than a hot flash here, there is the character development to prove that, and it needs to come out more.

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

The author needs to go over this work again, fix the mistakes, clean things up, and then I think it would be at least equal to the first work in the series, if not slightly better. There seems to be a part three to come, I hope the author takes more care before releasing that work.



Feb 20 2016

A lovely Lilith Aensland Speed Drawing YouTube

What I think, in a lot of ways, is a more mature looking image of Lilith Aensland being created today on the Tale… I’ve always preferred Lilith to be slightly older in appearance than she is, mainly because I just think that she and Morrigan are equals… While the art does make Lilith seems a bit older, that might be more due to the artist’s style than actual fact, but I like this very much nonetheless…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


And here is a screenshot of the completed art by the artist calling themselves Demitri48 on YouTube:

Lilith Aensland by Demitri48

Lilith Aensland by Demitri48

I feel, though again it’s probably just my perception, that in this art Lilith seems a bit older, a bit more mature a bit more… I do like the smile and expression, I think they both suit her really well.

A lovely work of art and I think it shows a side of Lilith that isn’t seen enough…



Feb 19 2016

A Review of Captain Caroline: Succubus of the Seas by Tiggy Mills

Captain Caroline: Succubus of the Seas by Tiggy Mills

Captain Caroline: Succubus of the Seas by Tiggy Mills

A review today of a work that, in truth, doesn’t have a character within the pages that is a Succubus. There is no supernatural aspects, nothing to suggest that the main character is anything other than completely human as the story goes on.

However, being human also means that one can, in some ways, have aspects of the behaviour of a Succubus within them. That can be in their sexual needs, for one, and in another it can reflect their animal instincts in more ways than one. Sometimes that can lead to a legend being formed and a label placed upon them. For all good myths must have a name to go along with them…

  • Title: Captain Caroline: Succubus of the Seas
  • Author: Tiggy Mills
  • Length: 86 Pages
  • ASIN: B00YO48WVM
  • Publishing Date: May 31, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

In the 1700s, Lady Caroline Darcy is on board the navy ship Mars secretly eloping and bound for the new Americas. She is undoubtedly young, beautiful, headstrong and deceitful…and the only girl on a ship full of lusty sailors under the rule of brutal, dictatorial, Captain Brigham. Mutiny, malevolence, mayhem and sexual debauchery abound, but perhaps surprisingly the real villainess is as yet to be discovered; that is until fate and destiny lends a hand and sets, Lady Caroline on the devilish, libidinous and cruel path no one would or could have ever foreseen or predicted.

What defines a phantom or where does a ghost story begin? Sometimes it is with just an innocuous stroll up a gangplank towards an illicit, promised, new and better life. ..

Tiggy Mills gives her unique, salacious take on sea and pirate life in the distant past and creates a deliciously new, sexually rapacious, scourge of the seven seas. Accurately, graphically recorded and with more sexual twists or turns than there are fish in the notorious Caribbean ocean, where legend has it, Captain Caroline still roams to this very day. For those of you with a faint heart stop now…but for the courageous then read on and prepare to be terrified, aroused and amazed.

There is a legend of Captain Caroline, known as the Succubus of the Seas which is told in whispers among the waves. But all stories come from humble beginnings and then, over time, the truth is as mysterious as the myth that comes afterwards.

The work is a quite well told story of adventure on the seas, following Caroline as her plans are turned into dust and then she finds her own measure of strength within herself to deal with a world of the sea, pirates, and all that comes with them. Her transformation as the story unfolds is quite amazing, and does not feel out of place, or odd, in the context which it is set in. Going from a cultured, somewhat restrained youth into a legend is a very convoluted path to take, but each moment along the way builds upon the last and there’s a certain continuity within the work that allows suspension of disbelief to happen very easily.

That is not to say that Caroline’s life is simple, it isn’t, or that this is a story where the main character, for lack of a better phrase, sleeps her way to the top. Caroline changes as the world around her does, surviving in a world where a woman would never normally last long as a pirate. How she survives makes the connection to her being called a succubus. Her sexual needs are very strong and there is, as the story goes on, the evidence to why she would be called a succubus. Needless to say, few manage to escape her when she is done with them. The ones that do make an interesting comment about Caroline which lays the last piece of the puzzle together and gives rise to her myth and her name.

The work is violent at times, but that is a reflection of the time told. Battles and pirates, and the seas in the 1700s were that way and there isn’t anything that seems out of place or unreasonable in the setting or characters as a whole. There is quite a lot of erotica as well, themed to the time, and because it is written as such, there aren’t any moments in the erotica where something is said, or done, that is out of place or wrecks the mood and tone of the work.

Well written with a solid plot, well fleshed out characters and nothing remains static as the story unfolds. The characters develop, some in unexpected ways that are quite surprising at times, but also telling about themselves as well. A solid adventure with just enough erotica to provide a means for Caroline to come to her own.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Not a work about Succubi, but rather a work about one woman who has the strength of one and the will to be.



Feb 19 2016

A Review of The Impossible Mating by Carley Rose

The Impossible Mating by Carley Rose

The Impossible Mating by Carley Rose

A review today of the second work in the Cravings series by Carley Rose. When I reviewed the first work in the series, I noted that there were, at least for me, several issues that I felt made the story weaker and less than it otherwise could be. One of the largest being the lack of any real direction, a telling focus on the erotica over story, and no real understanding of why things happened as they did.

With the second work I hoped for learning something more about this universe, about Elle, the succubus of the series, and why things are turning out as they did. What I didn’t expect was the author using the same cliffhanger as the first work to bring this one to a close when otherwise the rest of the work was vastly improved.

Every action has a consequence. It does not matter whether you understand it, control it, or it controls you. At some point you need to decided who you are, whether you want to give in, and what are the choices you can make. And if you take the easy way out or choose better.

  • Title: The Impossible Mating
  • Author: Carley Rose
  • Length: 42 Pages
  • ASIN: B01BVWNL06
  • Publishing Date: February 16, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is the story of:

Elle, or Michelle Farth, has to control her unrelenting sexual appetite while trying to solve the mystery of her parents, the only ones who can really explain what she truly is before she loses what little control she has and allows the demon inside of her to take over.

In ‘The Impossible Mating’, Gregor and Elle find themselves bound together in a way that shouldn’t be possible. That doesn’t stop Elle from taking her frustrations out on Gregor’s work buddy, letting her Demon take over and show him who’s boss. Despite how good it feels, her Human side knows it’s wrong and fights against her Demon instincts. The war between her two sides is a difficult one, as neither wants the other but they can’t live without each other, as Elle finds out the hard way.

This book also contains Gregor’s POV during the steamy scenes between him and Elle, where he realizes how much he still has to learn from the young succubus. The two might have accidently bound themselves together for the rest of their lives, but perhaps they’ll find that it’s exactly what they needed.

Elle finds herself trapped, questioned, and then locked away. Her anger, then despair take over and in doing so, Gregor finds there’s no choice but to accept that both he and she have made a choice. The thing is, where those choices take them both is a dark and dangerous place.

This part of the series uses a lot of exposition to tell what comes next for Elle, but in doing so there’s a lot of time spent on the minutia rather than the substance. Elle considers her position, what’s happening, tends to fall apart at the seams from time to time, and overall as the story progresses tends to lose herself. While a lot of that comes from the situation, there is a point where everything turns a corner and her succubus personality and drive comes out once more.

When that happens, it’s a jarring moment that turns Elle from someone to be liked to something of a heartless being seemingly only caring about dominating the men around her. That could have taken the story in a direction that, while making some sense when it was explained finally, would have been more of a turn off than a turn on.

Gregor, the werewolf of the series, has found his actions have consequences and in being so that manages to take the story away from rushing down a path to Elle becoming stereotypical in her personality and brings back who Elle is in the core of her being.

As much as that added to the story, I’m not quite sure about having to push Elle into a situation where she makes a choice with dire consequences. It felt very manufactured, a bit soap opera in how things unfolded and I don’t feel like it added anything to the story at this point. If it came later in the series when Elle did something very costly to herself and others, I could understand the depths to which she falls to. But it just doesn’t seem to work because it takes what we think we know about her and tosses it aside to allow Gregor to come to the rescue and then devolve the scene into another short hot flash.

There are three hot flashes in the work, which combined have a touch of succubus mind control and dominance that showed some possibilities, but before things become really hot, the scenes abruptly end. There is a clear difference between Elle and Gregor and the other scene, which did work however.

While a lot of time is spent in telling about where Elle goes and what she sees, there’s not all that much told about the people around her, their world and more. Even when that happened, to an extent in the story, it was referenced by a single sentence in which it was said that Gregor told Elle about Demons. But the reader isn’t told about them.

The ending of the work felt very much like a rehashing of the end of the first work in the series and it made me sigh in disappointment. As well, there’s a certain level of dark foreshadowing in that ending that made me shake my head because it was stereotypically so and in being that way I felt took the gains of the story and didn’t go anywhere with them. Elle is on the edge of some real answers, but they don’t come, even if she does. Rushing away from that point, from some character development to only put her in danger seems a lost opportunity. I hope not when the next work in the series comes because I like the series overall, it is the little things that nibble at my enjoyment.

Writing wise, the dialog was less stilted, more natural, and felt like the characters were talking to each other and not so much at each other as they were in the prior work. There are some oddities, and I think the one that keeps bothering me the most was humans begin referred to as “Humon” which caused me to be thrown out of the story every time that came along. Most fans of television science fiction will know of the particular alien race with huge ears that pronounce “human” in that way and will understand why it bothered me so much.

Three pitchforks out of five.

In spite of a lot of character development, a good deal of exposition over the main characters and their world, the ending was a retread of the prior work and that was really disappointing. As well, the entire moment of Elle “giving up” really came at a point that felt wrong, didn’t work too well and was confusing until the other side of that moment, through Gregor was seen.

There still seems to be promise, but Elle needs to get from going down the path of being stereotypical when all is said and done and being who she is. That’s a fight, and how that plays out matters. Hopefully the next work in the series will not cause the series to derail.



Feb 18 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 422

A cute and adorable image today for the Succubi of the Week on the Tale. It’s important, at least I think so, that Succubi have personality. There needs to be something about them that catches one’s attention. Whether that be their bust, their clothing, a smile or the look in their eyes, it really does matter. And, of course, cuteness counts always…

Succubus Atago! by Saber-Freedom

Succubus Atago! by Saber-Freedom

This work is called Succubus Atago! and is by an artist on Pixiv called Saber-Freedom. You can find the original page with this artwork here on that site.

She really is, in so many ways, really quite adorable as a Succubus, It’s nice that her tail, horns, and wings all match, but also that her outfit does as well. The tattoo around her navel is interesting and I think it works well with her over all look.

A lovely teasing smile, her expression and wink are perfect for her too. There so much cuteness in her that I’m sure that would serve to create all kinds of nosebleeds for the male characters in whatever series she might happen to appear in.

Cute, fun and adorable. She’s a wonderfully fun Succubus…



Feb 17 2016

No, this isn’t a Sexy Devil Costume and you aren’t trying at all

This is my sexy devil costume T-shirtThe one thing I cannot stand is when someone doesn’t even seem to try, at all, to create a costume for Halloween. What’s more irritating for me are the people that appear and claim that dressing normally and putting on a pair of horns is a costume. They are, generally, the ones that get pitchforked first. However, I came across this… thing… and I think it’s a new low and if it appears at the ball this year I will be so very displeased…

I cannot express in words the look I had when this appeared in my search for costumes. I had considered not saying anything about it, but I know, full well, that someone is going to try to claim that this is a costume.

It is not.

It is a reflection of the lack of imagination of anyone that happens to appear at a Halloween party wearing this. It speaks to how little they care and for those that call this a joke, yes, you are quite correct. It is a joke.

A very sad one.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

And so very sad…



Feb 16 2016

A Review of The Diary of Tessa Graves series by Raven Leigh

The Diary of Tessa Graves: First Entry by Raven Leigh

The Diary of Tessa Graves: First Entry by Raven Leigh

A review today of a short lived series that was here one day and gone the next. It’s a shame how often this keeps happening and really it need not be. Perhaps if an author is uncertain about their writing they might think about gathering their thoughts about them before publishing a work, or a pair, and then remove them soon after.

Offering a story to tell is a good thing, but then not carrying it through, or telling what needs to be, can make even the best of stories just a whisper in the wind before they are gone. Perhaps knowing the story, and seeing it is more than erotica is a good place to start?

The first work is:

  • Title: The Diary of Tessa Graves: First Entry
  • Author: Raven Leigh
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B011F3IM96
  • Publishing Date: July 10, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com – No Longer Available

The work tells the story of:

Men are nothing more than playthings to her who provide her with entertainment and sustenance. This is especially true of those who are of the alpha persuasion, or even better – the twisted type.

She is not a “lady of the night”, although from the richer types she is not above exploitation. Tessa is only one small part of a much larger reality that most human beings do not see.

A beautiful and dangerous predator, she lives in shadow world which lies on the fringe of modern civilization – a place where the creatures of fantasy and lore exist right under our nose, yet out of sight.

Tessa is a succubus, one who is very self-assured in her abilities even if she doesn’t really understand them. Her story begins with the discovery of her sexuality and the effect she has on others. When one of them is someone she knows intimately, there’s nothing to stop her from taking what she needs.

The work is told from Tessa’s perspective and overall it’s very hard to like her as a character as she speaks from the present and tells the story of her past. The Tessa of the here and now is jaded, almost aloof, and overall has the personality of a shark looking for its next meal. It is a sharp contrast with her personality of the past, and as a whole I liked the somewhat more innocent Tessa than the matured Tessa. There’s just something about her that rubs me the wrong way and I think a lot of that comes from how cold she is.

As the past is told, we learn about Tessa’s life, her adoption, and the family she lives with, including an adopted brother. When her powers come into the fore, he, of course, becomes her target to sate her new found needs. It’s a half-hearted erotic scene for several reasons, not the least of which is the condition of the “brother” before things unfold which, for me, is a complete turn off. Still it does provide for a means to draw the story forwards and tell of Tessa’s thoughts about the past and how it started her on the path to where she goes next.

It is made clear that Tessa feeds on men, and, at least her older self speaks of killing many of them. She also mentions that succubi like her are “unique” and “the top of the food chain” which tends to put a particular light on the story overall. As such, at least personality-wise, Tessa becomes very much a stereotypical succubus in her thoughts and actions and needs which seems a waste considering how her past played out.

The writing is a bit stiff, there’s little emotion from Tessa herself and that takes some of the heat away from the story. She’s interesting as a character, but her personality makes it difficult to want to see what comes next for her and it needn’t be.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

A somewhat tepid beginning to the series with a character that isn’t as attractive as she really could have been. Still, the question of how Tessa got from where she started to where she seemed to end up remained a question unanswered.

The Diary of Tessa Graves: Teacher's Pet

The Diary of Tessa Graves: Teacher’s Pet

The second work in the series didn’t promise to tell the story of Tessa in the now, but again a story of her past. As seems to be a theme in a lot of books about succubi, it has to involve a mistake and a death caused by Tessa. It’s a shame that the aftermath wasn’t explored fully.

There’s no such thing as being innocent when your own needs drive you to do things you didn’t think you could. When you taste the souls of others, you never are really free of them.

The second work is:

  • Title: The Diary of Tessa Graves: Teacher’s Pet
  • Author: Raven Leigh
  • Length: 29 Pages
  • ASIN: B011MXAEQ8
  • Publishing Date: July 14, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com – No Longer Available

The work tells the story of:

The first time I killed a man was not entirely intentional. I hadn’t meant to do it – it just sort of happened. But when my college friend Samantha confided in me about her snake of a teacher, Professor Donovan and his lecherous ultimatum, I knew I had to help.

Help myself anyways. After all, there’s nothing tastier or more invigorating then taming a bad man like the sexy professor was, and I was hungry for a challenge. Little did I know, I was about to get in over my head.

Tessa has been at university for some time and living with a innocent that knows nothing of what Tessa is. Finding out that someone did something to her friend, Tessa decides to take her own kind of revenge. In the aftermath Tessa will never be the same and the door will open to a world she never knew existed.

The work really doesn’t focus all that much on the ensnarement Tessa performs overall. It’s more about this part of her life, who she lives with, and what she has been doing to make ends meet. Discovering that she can wrap men around her finger turns her that little bit further into a stereotypical femme fatale, but with a succubus twist to her.

It is in this work’s telling of the past that her cold attitude really comes through and the change from who she was to who she is comes out. One interesting point about Tessa’s powers is that when she feeds on others, she gains their abilities. Not their memories it seems, but she has their talents, for example in painting, and it adds a little difference that was interesting.

The time spent with her roommate, at least outside of Tessa’s thoughts is cute and works, but the background commentary reinforces that Tessa isn’t who she was anymore. This comes out fully when the plot turns to her seeking revenge for her roommate and how that unfolds.

The erotica is lukewarm, really a rush begins to the end of the work as it happens, and there’s little heat. There is a point to the erotica, and it sets up a mystery, but soon after the work comes to a close, ending on a cliffhanger, which is the problem.

There is a tease of the next work in the series, but it was never released and further, soon after these works were published they were removed. As such, the work doesn’t answer any questions, leaves only the thought of what might be and nothing more.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

I think the third work might have explained a lot of the hints that cropped up in the two works that were released. But as that work didn’t appear, it leaves a pair of books with nothing really settled and not a question answered.

Tessa needed to be more attractive in her mind, even if her physical form was. Being that she had a black heart within herself, that leaves very little to be attracted to. Making her more interesting, telling more story over the rush to the erotica would have been nice.

But as the series seems abandoned, we’ll never know.