Nov 17 2015

A Review of Taken by the Fiery Demon by Lucey Fur

Taken by the Fiery Demon by Lucey Fur

Taken by the Fiery Demon by Lucey Fur

A story this time on the Tale of a Cambion, an incubus, meeting a human that’s more than she seems to be… and a Succubus that just made me smile when she appeared out of thin air.

Stories that have a heart, feeling, some connection between the characters are some of the best stories by far. Balancing that connection with some heat to bring the story to a boil is wonderful to see… it’s just a shame when the story comes to a close when there is so much promise to it…

  • Title: Taken by the Fiery Demon
  • Author: Lucey Fur
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B00U7PT018
  • Publishing Date: March 2, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Evelyn was an amateur photographer of monsters, walking off some steam after a bad encounter with a grabby guy she met on the internet. She encounters Cam, a demon with a hot human form and even hotter, fiery abilities. When this incubus hybrid offers her the chance to join him in his stage show at the Monster Hunks club, how could she possibly refuse?

Evelyn walks into the arms of an incubus after a really bad date and he offers her something that appeals to her nature. She’s attracted to him, agrees to go with him, and then finds herself being part of his stage show at a very special club. When the show is over, then the real fun begins… and then the truth Evelyn never knew comes out.

Evelyn has a secret, one that attracts her to Cam and vice versa but for most of the story that secret is simply not referred to, or mentioned. It is only after the climax of the story when the consequences of that secret, what it means for Evelyn and Cam, comes out. It doesn’t quite seem out of place considering the hints that were given from the beginning of the story, but the way it is revealed was quite surprising and amusing at the same time…

Cam, short for Cambion, is an Incubus with some interesting fire and heat abilities. He isn’t quite all human physically, but not in a really over the top sort of way. Evelyn is attracted to him, enchanted really considering that he uses some of his powers to make her blood boil… among other things. There is a delicious interplay between the two of them that I enjoyed and it set up a hot little stage show scene which followed into a hotter piece of erotica that just fit the work and the characters really well.

Afterwards, when the moment has passed, a Succubus named Isadora appears, one that I have to admit made me laugh with her character, tone, and most of all, the wonderfully open nature that she showed in the short time she appeared in the work. She was wonderfully unique and added a lot to Cam’s background and more importantly, the kind of person he, and for that matter Cam’s family are.

There is love between these characters for a lot of reasons, and the emotional attachment I think worked really well for them all. As a whole, I really did like this work very much but there were a few small flaws. One being that the work needs an editing pass to remove six instances where a word is missing or a tense is misused. The other is that the work is rather short and as such it has the problem that all short works have.

Just at the point were some important things are learned, when the future that these characters will have is drawn and told, the work comes to a close with a promise made. We never see what happens next, leaving that to the imagination. I would have liked the story to continue, to tell more about Evelyn’s secret, about Cam’s past and as well Isadora’s reactions to all that is going to happen. So many hints and I wish they had been played with some.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just a lovely cute and sexy piece of erotica that has a heart and quite a lot of heat. It’s a shame that this seems to be a one-off story as the characters are all very interesting I would like to see where the story goes from here.



Nov 17 2015

A Review of the Jacie Series by A. Del

Waking Jacie by A. Del

Waking Jacie by A. Del

It is never quite a simple thing to put an idea into words. Turning those words into a story, having it make sense isn’t much easier. When that story turns towards erotica, the temptation sometimes is very great to leave a lot of the story behind for the erotica.

Trying to tell a story in a very few pages doesn’t often work. There’s background to be told, personalities to show and in the end, there has to be something about the main character that’s interesting and holds you in the story.

A review of the Jacie series on the Tale today. Some ups and downs and promise… But for the most part, there’s something missing.

  • Title: Waking Jacie
  • Author: A. Del
  • Length: 10 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 26, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Jacie was no stranger to being different. From her body developing early to simply knowing every dirty emotion her peers ever had towards themselves and others, she could have been the queen bee.

But Jacie’s mother had a dirty little secret, and now Jacie is paying the price for it. Trapped in an unending sleep for three years, it takes a chance encounter between her step-brother and his girlfriend to bring her back to the waking world. Jacie has no choice but to watch as Gavin takes his girlfriend hard and without protection, but even he has his secrets…

… and now Jacie knows.

Jacie tells of her life, the problems that she has and cannot understand very well. Then her life changes dramatically and she is lost in a coma to her family. Until one day her step-brother and his girlfriend visit her… and then Jacie discovers what she can do… and sees the world through awakened eyes.

Jacie’s powers, her abilities, are very Succubus-like in a lot of ways and in the telling of her past, it’s clear that she knows that something isn’t right about her, but cannot understand what it is. Apparently her mother brought this “curse” to her, but Jacie’s mother is long passed and so she needs to deal with things herself. Telling that story at the beginning of the work does make a connection and it is a very good read as she tells of the things she can sense and knows about others.

Even when Jacie is in a coma, she tells of being there, what it is like, and how it felt, all of which I thought set up some really interesting possibilities. When her step-brother and his girlfriend enter the picture, then Jacie’s powers come into the fore and that leads to the hot flash of the work. The thing is that as a whole the erotica really isn’t all that interesting compared to everything else that Jacie spoke of before, and afterwards. There is purpose to the erotica, which is a device to get Jacie out of her coma… but otherwise I didn’t feel a lot of heat.

The work is short, really much too short by far and leaves many questions about Jacie, her family and more specifically, her mother. There is a lot of mystery to explore about Jacie and that should be interesting to watch unfold as the series continues. It is well written, there wasn’t really anything that took me out of the story by any means. I just felt like the erotica was a bit of an afterthought and that bothered me.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work has a lot of promise at the beginning, but then moves into a hot flash that really isn’t all that hot as a whole.

Needing Jacie by A. Del.

Needing Jacie by A. Del.

However, the hints about Jacie, what she is, and what she can do offers the possibility that this series could become something more than it seems… We’ll see if that happens.

The question of how a series continues is one that can work well sometimes is the story is good and the characters have something to say. It is a lot less so when the story revolves around sex and not a lot of story. Heat alone isn’t really a story by itself.

There needs to be a reason why things happen as they do in a story. Not the answer, but at least an idea of why things as they are.

The work tells the story of:

Jacie’s life has become a whirlwind of passionate encounters in the most thrilling of places, but she hasn’t quite recovered fully since her waking. When an illicit encounter leaves her thrilled yet unfulfilled, she returns to her sanctuary, only to find that not all is as it should be.

When the young man of the house, her most trusted companion, decides that he’ll work out his anger on the newly promiscuous succubus, Jacie is introduced to the darker side of her new life – where even those she’s loved forever will take all that she offers to others – whether she likes it or not!

… and now Jacie knows.

Jacie has been going around town since she awoke, trying to scratch an itch that she can’t manage to fulfill. She has a night of sex, a rough moment in an alleyway, and then she comes home to what her stepbrother has become in the aftermath of her awakening.

In the second work, it still isn’t clear that Jacie is a succubus. She has no idea really why she is running around and having sex with every man she comes into contact with. Really the reason for why she does isn’t clear, isn’t explored, and save for the little mention in the book blurb, there isn’t any sign of Jacie actually being a succubus.

There are two erotic scenes which are interspersed with Jacie’s thoughts about what is happening to her, what she’s feeling as she is being used, and for the most part, abused. For me the scenes didn’t have much heat in the them mainly because I didn’t find that I cared all that much about Jacie, her stepbrother, or the man that Jacie has sex with at the beginning of the story. The scenes were, as a whole, not what I like to read and really the themes explored between Jacie and her stepbrother held nothing for me.

Beyond this, there is a story, which is nibbled at, but doesn’t really go anywhere. There’s a hint that the stranger that Jacie meets before she goes home is important to the story, but that indication is fleeting at best. The larger story is what happened to Jacie’s stepbrother and as the core of this story, it’s really a tragic thing. From the first work to this one there’s been a huge change in his personality and more. It is a sharp contrast between who he is now, and who he was. It’s explored, in a round about way, but really might have been delved into further. Things come to a head, things happen, and then his story peters out suddenly.

In spite of this, some important things are said which tend to drive the story forwards, to try to place the underpinning of Jacie being a Succubus, but, again, you have to be looking for them in order to see them. Otherwise the story really seems to be about a woman that needs sex, badly, and gets that anyway she can.

The writing itself is good, the characters have personality, but really didn’t develop all that much in this work. The balance was towards Jacie’s sexual encounters over story as a whole and that’s a shame as there needs to be more story. With any luck in the next work Jacie will be revealed, or told, or sees, what she is. It also would be nice to know more about her past, especially her mother, which I think needs to be told as well. I realize that sex sells, but story does more and there is a story here that’s trying to get out from under the erotica and I hope is does.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

This work was more sex than story, but there is a story lurking underneath. Like the first work, that’s the problem. Tell the story, explain why things are happening as they are, and then what comes next will make more sense. At this point it’s not quite managing that.



Nov 16 2015

Stars By Legion

I’m going to share something that I didn’t write today. It is … it is one week past that our dog Britty was called to Goddess. The following was sent to me by our dear friend Legion. I feel like I have to share this, tears and all … today. He didn’t give this a title, he called it a dream he remembered … Perhaps within the dream itself is the thing that comes to be …


By Legion
For Tera and Keith
In Memory of Britty


People say it is darkest before the dawn.  What they don’t say is exactly how dark and how long it will last before that dark gets there. Sometimes it has nothing to do with night, it has to do with other things that make the world go dark even in the middle of the day, moments where we wonder if the dawn will ever come at all and when we would be hard pressed to believe it will.

Tera, Queen of the Succubi sat next to her Eternal.  That is far from unusual but anyone who knew her at all would see something was wrong at once.  Her head was lowered, and her tail, twitching and swishing in an unending dance of her mood lay flat on the ground with no animation at all. Neither Tera nor her Eternal said anything, they didn’t need to as they both knew how deeply the other was hurting.

Tera held a simple collar in her hand and from time to time would stroke it with her thumb.  The collar was filled with a million memories, moments of joy, moments of exasperation, moments, of laughter, of love.  But right now it was only one memory that stayed when she and her Eternal looked at it and that was the memory of what had passed.

They both had cried for a long time and the constant tears had, at last ceased.  But, from time to time, a tear still escaped and neither did anything to stop it.  Loss, they say, is part of life … but no one tells you how to deal with it when that loss hurts so much.  So people, even succubi, deal as best they can but there is no easy fix, no way to change what you wish wasn’t.

They had both been sitting there for a long time, mostly motionless; how long neither knew or cared.  They simply took comfort it their bond and each other and tried to support each other but both needed support.  They both always need each other, but this moment in life had driven that home more than ever as neither could get through without the other.

Tera hears the faintest scrape of something behind her and turned slightly.  Neither of them wanted to be bothered right now.  Out of the corner of her eye she sees the hood that means it is Legion.  She doesn’t feel like having him here right now, neither of them did. But no words came from him.  He simply walks up and lays a hand on each of their shoulders. She doesn’t have to see his face to know the look of sympathy and understanding is there and that desire to help. But she doesn’t want to talk … she doesn’t have the strength, will, or desire.

But he remains silent.  He simply sits down next to her as she sits in the arms of her Eternal and looks to the distant sky like they were.

Before either of them could think any further another sound comes from behind.

Glancing back they both see Tera’s Heart walk up beside them and smile sadly, nodding his head. He briefly lays his hands on each of their shoulders and sits down beside them as well.

Tera is confused at what is going on.  She doesn’t wish to be rude but this time … she isn’t sure she could …

Another sound behind … and then another … and another … and another still, and Tera realizes they have all come.

Tera’s Song comes to her and lightly kissed her cheek and sits down right behind Legion.

Tera’s little brother rested his hands on both her and her Eternal’s horns.

Tera’s little sister hugs them both tightly with a smile.

Her Hero pats her knee with a smile of encouragement.

Her Angel enfolds them for a moment in her wings.

Her friend the Robot wasn’t so robotic as she caressed Tera’s arm.

Tera’s Krispy artist is as still as the rest of them as he gives her a little hug.

The redheaded mermaid, for the moment without her tail, strokes her hair.

And more come still, their sisters and brothers, their friends, and loves.  All a part of the web of family that Tera and her Eternal had given so freely of their hearts had come when both her and her Eternals heart had been so hurt.

No one speaks, no one has to.  Of the great many who came, all know words would not solve the loss.  But none care.  They all sit, in a greater and widening circle behind Tera and her Eternal, being there at her back as she had always been there for them. And that was when they both noticed something in the distance they had not noticed before.

The stars.

Across all the sky in front of them, little points of light that couldn’t banish the darkness or take it away … but stood there, giving off their points of light to give a small amount of illumination to the darkness.  They had been there when she and her Eternal had sat down, hadn’t they?  But it had seemed so dark then.

Both Tera and her Eternal look behind them and see the great host that has come here.  Small lights there, just there for the two of them, so the darkness of loss didn’t overwhelm: not talking, simply supporting out of love for the family that had been created through their lives.

The faintest ghost of a smile tugs at Tera’s face as she looks back to the sky and the stars there.  One she notices shines a bit brighter and seemed to dance with its twinkle in the dark.  The twinkling star sits there and shines and though it was far away now … it is still lighting her life.

She feels a light tug from behind and doesn’t need to look to know what it is.  The tip of her tail, just that pointed tip, has risen and, while it doesn’t swish or flow, it rises to look at the stars too.

Neither of them ask how long everyone will sit there.  They know all would sit there, silent, supporting, and loving until the dawn would come and the darkness would pass.  It might take a while, it might take a long time … but she didn’t doubt that no one would move … all would stay until they were sure.  Because that is what she would do.

And as Tera leaned hard against her Eternal and he into her, she squeezed her hand tightly around the collar. No, the loss was still there.  But one thing had changed. She felt that, sometime, the dawn would come and even what had been lost would never be fully gone … it would just become a twinkling star she would hold tightly against her soul.

Nov 15 2015

A Review of Futa Secrets: I Live with a Succubus! by Ros Allaway

Futa Secrets: I Live with a Succubus! by Ros Allaway

Futa Secrets: I Live with a Succubus! by Ros Allaway

There seems to be a bit of a trope that has become rather prominent in many supernaturally themed works. In these stories, the characters are usually roommates, usually have been living together for some time and, naturally, they each are hiding what they are from the other.

It can lead, on occasion, into a story that doesn’t seem to have a real focus in the parts leading towards the inevitable erotica. It’s a shame when the story starts out really well, seems to have the goal of being more than a hot flash, but then goes into the erotica and leaves the story in its wake.

  • Title: Futa Secrets: I Live with a Succubus!
  • Author: Ros Allaway
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 17, 2015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Carly has been having interesting dreams about her roommate, Lia, for a few weeks. They’re hot, sure, but some of the details are…weird. Carly’s not too concerned though; subconscious sapphics are the least unusual secret in her life. Or Lia’s, as it turns out. Both girls are hiding pretty big things…huge in some cases. It’s only a matter of time before it all comes to light, the question is what will happen when it does.

Carly has been living with Lia for sometime now, the pair living out their own lives in the big city. The thing is that Carly… she has a secret. As for Lia? She has one as well. Circumstances conspire to reveal everything and in the aftermath things have to change.

Since the title of the work clearly reveals there is a futa in this work, I’ll be clear and say that person is Carly, who it the focus of the story while Lia, she is the Succubus of the work. It’s actually an interesting thing to compare the two of them and see how they relate to each other a the story unfolds.

The work tells of Carly making it through her day, all of the moments that she goes through from her job through being at a coffee shop to attend a reading group. However, that gets cancelled and then Carly comes home early to find Lia, wings and all, having her way with someone on the floor of their apartment… and then the questions really start.

Before that happens, where Lia discovers that Carly has something that Lia dearly wants as a Succubus, the story seems to be a bit lost in getting to that point. There’s a lot to tell about Carly’s day, while takes up about half of the work and that, while telling about Carly, didn’t really seem to have any real point to it. It felt a lot like filler material to expand the erotica into a longer work. While it was interesting to know Carly better, the story just seemed to drag on quite a lot until, finally, the reveal of Lia being a Succubus appears.

While Lia has the appearance of a Succubus, wings, taking energy and sex from men, she doesn’t see herself as such. But it seems to be clear that she is a Succubus, and she does try to explain her needs to Carly as she can. Eventually this leads to Lia becoming intimate with Carly, something she’d been dreaming about. That then reveals that Carly is a futa, which pleases and thrills Lia and the erotic hot flash begins.

The erotica itself is a bit rushed I felt, though there seemed to be a light mind control touch to things as a whole. Carly does fall under Lia’s spell and in the end they both have what they desire. But again, once the climax comes, the story rapidly ends in a few paragraphs which leave a lot of questions about what happened exactly and what the future holds.

If this was the beginning of a story, I would say that it works well as a means to draw you into the story. But as this is, being a short hot flash with some context in the beginning, I didn’t feel it managed to be a complete story. More than anything the start of the work needs focus, for one thing, and the ending is a bit vague for my personal tastes.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I think there needs to be a clearer path from the start of the story to the reveal. Perhaps seeing things from Lia’s side would have made his work more interesting and complete overall. Certainly having more relationship to see would have appealed to me.



Nov 15 2015

A Review of Tales from the House by R.K.B. Kirin

Tales from the House by R.K.B. Kirin

Tales from the House by R.K.B. Kirin

The personality of characters is important. There needs to be, in a single moment, a defining presence to them. Once that is set, then the story that surrounds them comes into focus, the world turning on their words, actions, needs and desires. Being able to have that moment occur once is a challenge. To be able to make that moment appear throughout the story is a talent.

A character needs to have purpose, a reason for their existence and in having that, it creates for the story the theme that runs throughout. Having that leads into storytelling that can be the most amazing of things to read.

The story tells of:

An ancient book compels Dirk to seek out a sinister mansion where a beautiful, inhuman seductress awaits his arrival. Drawn into a night of unearthly pleasure, Dirk will learn the truth behind the dark forces that have brought him. Forces that intend to cause an upheaval which will send ripples through both the worlds of light and shadow.

Can Dirk resist the seductress’ erotic charms and escape with his soul? Will he want to?

Dirk finds himself called to a mansion where he encounters Selina. He is captivated by her, ensnared, and then she reveals her world, and what she needs from him. Submitting to her seems a dream… and in doing so, could change reality.

Selina isn’t quite a succubus, really she’s many different kinds of seductress, but as a whole there’s a certain tendency, at least in my thoughts, to think of her as being one. Dirk asks a question in the latter part of the work which turns on an important point, but I will return to that. She is a seductress, she expresses that in words, her actions, her voice. She is, in so many ways, passion, seduction and erotica brought to like and I enjoyed that quite a lot. The cover of the work, at least in my mind’s eye, doesn’t quite fit Selina well. She’s less “evil” than she is “practical” in her outlook.

Being so, knowing what she wants, that makes for some amazing dialog. As well it allows the story to push towards one of the more unique D/s scenes I have read in some time and I enjoyed how that played out. Selina is sure in her power, what she needs from Dirk, and the story of his submitting to her will has some lovely heat that I enjoyed. The way in which Selina weaves her story, how she draws Dirk into her world and then where that story goes is told in a way that’s very erotic, has a smoking hot tone and puts the story out in a way that the erotica isn’t simply “there” it is bound to it, pushing the story onwards, and being so makes the work so much better.

Dirk himself, as things unfold, is drawn into Selina’s web and there is a delicious undercurrent of mind control that reads exceptionally well. Dirk knows something is happening, but Selina sees to it that he focuses more on her than anything else. That beings a moment where Selina’s dominance comes to the fore.

In that moment, Dirk asks a question of Selina, and the answer to that question cemented my belief that she wasn’t a stereotypical succubus. She is something quite different and more. She has a purpose, it drives her, and in being so, she’s found there is more to her and her world, than what has been. In that moment, I felt there was a payoff in the story, that everything that had happened made sense and that thrilled me.

The erotica has lovely heat, Selina’s sexuality doesn’t overcome her seductiveness. She knows what she wants, what she is doing to Dirk and, as a whole, he has an inkling of what she is doing to him. It is the slow descent towards the climax of the work that works so very well with the erotica.

The work ends on a note that offers a way for the story of Selina and Dirk to continue, but it does so in a way that there is a satisfying closure to the work. There’s no disappointment in the ending, really it offers the most interesting conclusion and in doing so the characters continue to be true to themselves to the very end.

I wish there had been more told about Selina, her past, how things came to this point in time. I found myself wondering about those that had come before, what happened with them. I would have liked a little more revealed about the time between Selina and Dirk’s climax and the ending of the work. It feels like there’s a scene missing for some reason. Not a critical one by any means, just a question I have that I feel like wasn’t quite being answered in the end.

Well written, the characters are wonderfully told, the story is strong, has power, and tells of a universe that has so many stories to be revealed. Well enjoyed and recommended.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

An amazingly good read, Selina is a wonderfully complex character and in being so, she avoids being stereotypical which made me enjoy the work even more. I’d like to see more, what happens next. I feel like the story of Selina and Dirk and the others isn’t finished by any means. I hope to see that sometime. To know more about Selina, the secrets not told would be a story within itself.



Nov 14 2015

A YouTube of a Morrigan Aensland Figurine

A YouTube this week of a Morrigan Aensland figurine that I haven’t seen before to be honest and one that I think really “displays” her in a way that I think is a bit painful to look at…


And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link.

And here is an image of the figurine, which I think shows well why I think the pose is a bit… painful.

Morrigan Aensland Figurine

I don’t have this figurine in my wiki and I don’t recall ever seeing this one in my wanderings of the web looking for Succubus figurines. So, if anyone can tell me more, I would appreciate it!



Nov 13 2015

A Review of His Toy by Misha Ray

His Toy by Misha Ray

His Toy by Misha Ray

On occasion there are moments when Succubi and Incubi characters lose control of themselves. That isn’t always because of love, or need, or desire. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of being taken to the edge by their nature restrained.

When that happens, it can make for some really good heat, some moments that are wonderfully passionate in a lot of ways. Sometimes that doesn’t quite happen and what is left is just animalistic in nature. It isn’t always the most hot of reads when that happens…

The story tells of:

Linna has finally accepted her Succubus side, which means not only accepting but catering to her unnaturally high libido. After countless invitations she finally agrees to join her best friend at the local paranormal club, The Toy Box. Of course, she’s looking for someone to play with, but had no idea she’d become a toy…a toy to be shared.

Linna is a half-Succubus with a problem. Cora, her best friend, as been pushing her to visit a club for a very long time. Unable to control herself as it is “her time”, Linna goes to the club, gets lost in her needs and finds out that she’ll do anything for the right Incubi… and they’ll do anything for her too.

From the opening of the work, which tells just enough about Linna, her situation, some of her history, it’s clear that Linna is a Succubus, but one that is somewhat more under control than the typical ones it seems. That’s more clearly put into focus when her best friend Cora appears, who is a full Succubus, unlike Linna, who is a half, and is, in short, simply focused on sex to the exclusion to anything else.

This, in time, takes Linna from being an interesting character and pushes her slowly towards giving into her Succubus nature and falling into the clutches of an Incubus. There’s a undercurrent of the beginnings of a D/s relationship in that, brought into sharp focus by Linna being referred to, over and over again, as Toy.

As Linna notes in the work, she should be mad over this and walk away, but from the moment she meets Jude, Linna’s brain simply turns off and all that matters to her is having sex with every Incubus, or other supernatural being in the bar, she can. The Linna at the beginning of the story just does not exist any longer and just is a being made for sex, having sex, and only caring about sex.

Linna is put into several situations, and the heat does build in the work well as that happens. However, the disconnect between who Linna is and what she is at that moment is somewhat jarring and I kept thinking back to how she was in the beginning as she was “taken” in the story. Contrasting that, the Incubi in the work are creatures of sex, dominant, and do not really seem to care very much about Linna herself except for how good the sex is with her. In a way, Cora, as well doesn’t seem to care all that much about Linna when things start to heat up and vanishes for a good part of the work before reappearing as things come to a close.

There is a twist in the work at the end, and I think it works quite well and plays to my own views of Succubi somewhat. Things do come to a rather abrupt halt and I would have liked to see things continue further on, at least showing a bit of what happens afterwards.

The Succubi and Incubi in this work do not have horns or tails, but in one passage it’s noted that Jude has fangs which to my way of thinking means that they are related to vampires in some way in this universe. They aren’t vampires, thankfully, and as such I like the concept to a point. What I don’t care for very much is the total loss of control that is shown. I do understand that part of that is “the moment” that comes for them all regularly and in that they lose control of themselves. but how the D/s relationship is told in this work is a bit too violent and harsh for my own tastes.

The work is written well, and overall is a hot flash with a small amount of story at the beginning to set things up before the erotica takes over. I would have been happier with the work if there had been more story to it, either in the beginning, or at the end. Better still would have been Cora more involved in the story than she was, really mainly acting to draw Linna into the club, setting her up, and then fading into the background, one assumes, to watch the fun and games. Really that’s true of all of the characters in that they are interesting, but before their stories can really be told, the erotica comes in and story gets pushed aside for the heat to play out.

Three out of five pitchforks.

As much as Linna interests me, the work doesn’t tell a lot about her, goes almost immediately into the heat of the moment, and in doing so seems to leave a lot behind. Not quite enough story for my taste and because of that, the heat when it comes really doesn’t as well as it could have.