Nov 24 2015

A Review of Seduced by a Succubus by Rick Mann

Seduced by a Succubus by Rick Mann

Seduced by a Succubus by Rick Mann

Book blurbs are a tricky thing by far. Their purpose is, of course, to make one want to read the story, to tease something good from whatever the work is. It can also leave a misunderstanding… unrealized expectations… and sometimes a lot of disappointment.

There’s a difference, at least for me, between a story that has a Succubus in it and a story that has something that appears to be one. That’s a rather huge difference and that can change everything…

  • Title: Seduced by a Succubus
  • Author: Rick Mann
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • Publishing Date: March 9, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Jamie is a college student who’s desperate to become the kind of man he wishes he was. He is willing to do anything, even jeopardize his immortal soul — when a demonic succubus makes Jamie an offer he can’t refuse, Jamie’s in for a wild ride!

The first thing that has to be said is that the book summary is somewhat misleading in a lot of ways. The work seems to be interesting, and should be, but really as a whole the story involves Jamie getting caught in a web of lies and deceit which end in really a sad story and ending as a whole.

Lilith, the Succubus of the work, is less of a Succubus than a manipulator. She, in short, uses him for her own ends and then sets him up to take the fall for his actions. There’s really nothing erotic in the work, though it tries to be at the beginning, and that’s the problem. The opening chapter gives a hint that this could be a really interesting story and it should be. But what happens instead is that we don’t really see Lilith using her powers, resorting to that which humans have created in order to have an event transpire which leads to Jamie’s downfall and rather unsurprising end.

There really wasn’t much in the way of character development, the work going from short moment to short moment and then ending with Lilith telling Jamie what his future will be. It’s more about someone going off the rails in judgement and as such Lilith could be taken right out of the story and Jamie could be talking to himself.

Lilith does have the general appearance of a Succubus, horns and all. She’s also a futa, which brings about a somewhat bland series of erotic vignettes in which she dominates Jamie and controls him, eventually bending him to her will.

The writing was a bit uneven at times, and at the end of the story, though it likely was supposed to be that way, Lilith misspeaks Jamie’s name and that bothered me. At several points in the story I found it difficult to continue reading and that was mostly caused by how indifferent I was to both of the main characters. I needed to be involved with them and their story and it just didn’t play out that way for me. For some it might… But I just came to the end of the work and didn’t.

One out of five pitchforks.

I simply didn’t enjoy this work after the opening promise it gave. I know that for some the themes will interest them, might even be erotic in a lot of ways. I just couldn’t find the heat, a Succubus that meant anything of value, or a story that I wanted to keep reading.



Nov 24 2015

A Review of My Professor Summoned an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

My Professor Summoned an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

My Professor Summoned an Incubus! by Thorn and Nin

A review of a work in a series that I haven’t read, save of this work, mainly because this is the only work that has a succubus or an incubus appearing as a character. It’s a little difficult to do so, not knowing the past of the series, or the characters of course. But sometimes there are moments which give one pause and make one wonder.

If the point of learning one’s craft is to be better at it, then one should be allowed to do so, especially by one’s teachers. Trust is important and it when it is sometimes stretched to the limit, then things happen. Many times for all involved to be not in the ways they expected, but it can be what they desire.

  • Title: My Professor Summoned an Incubus!
  • Author: Thorn and Nin
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • ASIN: B0186KV0TK
  • Publishing Date: November 18, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Clumsy Miya is always getting into trouble in her summoning classes. When her combat professor offers to give her remedial lessons she gladly accepts, but has she bitten off more than she can chew when her professor loses control of his pet incubus?

Miya has all kinds of problems in summoning creatures to do battle, her professor pushes her to do better, but one too many cute creatures means that a lesson needs to be taught. An incubus should do that, and if Miya happens to find herself in the clutches of her professor as well, then that’s not a problem either.

This work has a very heavy “cute magic school hentai anime” feel to it and that starts from the first lines of the work. Being so, it’s hard to read this work and not see the characters in that light, which as the story continues, they fully drop themselves into. There’s a “cute witch girl” vibe to Miya, a “dominating mage” vibe to her professor and neither character really moves away from that.

It isn’t very long into the work until the incubus makes his appearance, and Miya is in trouble. What follows is a slightly hentai themed erotic hot flash which tells quite a lot about her professor and what Miya think about him. even if she won’t admit it as such.

When the “attack” is over, there comes another session which doesn’t really move the story further along as a whole. The conclusion of the story is when a succubus appears and then things get well over the top with what happens to Miya and the other characters. The ending of the work is both cute and funny, perhaps even a little poetic as well.

But as for character development, there isn’t all that much to speak of. Miya’s professor doesn’t change, Miya doesn’t really progress much, save for changing her focus of what she is learning towards something a little less cute. But this alone isn’t enough. The succubus and incubus are really minor characters that lead into Miya discovering what they can do.

I would have liked more story than there was, but the erotica takes over much of the work and in doing so there’s little left for something else to happen. The thing is the little bits of story around Miya and her professor were interesting, but they only really served to introduce the characters and put them into a situation with but a singular purpose.

As I noted, the work reads very much like a hentai anime which means there isn’t a lot more story and background than needed to get the characters into their first compromising situation. The idea I think has possibilities, and considering this is one in a series of works, there is more story to be told. It would be nice to see more story played out against the erotica. Miya alone is missing something. Perhaps telling that story would be it.

Three out of five pitchforks.

There is cute, there is some plot, but the erotica overwhelms both. Some better balance I think would make things better by far.



Nov 23 2015

A Dog’s Tale by JHB

My heart… simply is my heart. I know, dearly so, what he means to me, to our family, and in that comes an understanding which no one else has. The words mean more than I can possibly explain… But they do and for that I am eternally grateful…


A Dog’s Tale
by JHB


Pumpkin the Dog lived in a house next to a koi pond where she took care of her mom and dad. It was a big job, because they had a big house, and mom and dad, while they seemed nice enough, were humans—these are a breed of dog who make funny sounds for communication and walk on their hind legs and wear more clothes than anybody should have to. These humans . . . well, they seem to be good at getting food and opening doors, but Pumpkin—that was the name that her mom and dad gave her, because she was orange, they said, even though she couldn’t tell colors too well, but she hoped that “Pumpkin” was just human talk for “Fierce Super-Destroyer,” which she knew was her real name—oh, but where was she? Oh, yeah: Pumpkin was in charge of patrolling and defending the house and fending off squirrels and playing with the birds, all the important stuff mom and dad were really hopeless at.

Over on the other side of her koi pond there was another house with another dog, named “Britty”—which seemed to be human for Runs-Like-the-Wind-and-Finds-Stuff—who also had a mom and dad to look after. They were nice enough, and they had neat eyes, both of them, and they seemed slightly more aware of things than the orange dog’s dad and mom, at least sometimes, and she was almost sure that she saw them with tails once or twice. But she never saw those tails wag . . . pity.

Britty was kind of shy. Now, she was really good at scaring the bejeebers out of the squirrels, which Pumpkin thought was way cool, and she even kept all the birds in line . . . maybe even the fish in the koi pond, which impressed her short-haired, orange neighbor. But still, Pumpkin noticed that her neighbor dog was very nervous, especially at first.

You see, while Ms. Super-Destroyer knew the squirrels were dreaded enemies, she really tried hard to play with the chipmunks, birds, rabbits, and others in her domain, Runs-Like-the-Wind was different. When they first met, oh-so-long ago, Pumpkin went running over, ready to play. Her mom and dad played all the time. Britty’s mom and dad played all the time. But Britty would get nervous, tell the orange bundle of crazy from the other side of the pond to back off.

It was Britty’s domain over there, so Pumpkin respected that.  She learned to be more quiet, more cautious, around her swift, nervous neighbor, and eventually the Fierce dog was allowed back to the other side of the pond by the mistress of that domain, and even petted by that mistress’ dad . . . and sometimes her mom. Every night, the two dogs spent time by the fence, sniffing each other, sniffing the world, getting to know each other, while Britty’s mom—whom Pumpkin’s dad called “Dear One”—and Pumpkin’s dad—referred to as “heart” by Britty’s mom, yipped and yapped and barked at each other. And, after many, many seasons, Runs-Like-the-Wind-and-Finds-Stuff finally wandered over to be welcomed by Fierce Super-Destroyer.

There were these two worlds that Pumpkin knew: the world of her side of the pond, and Britty’s world on the other. She was pretty sure there might be someplace else: a someplace that her dad and Britty’s dad and mom called “Work” . . . but, also, another someplace else, where all the neighbors on the far side of the pond went pretty often, and she thought maybe her mom and dad went sometimes. But it was clear that this place, with its two domains, was the most important, because this was where the two guards spent the most time protecting (and, after all, the most important place would be guarded by the fiercest, brightest, and most articulate, right?).

This was life, and, while it seemed cute that the two-legged members of their packs wandered off and seemed to get distracted by other things, for Runs-Like-the-Wind-and-Finds-Stuff and Fierce Super-Destroyer knew life couldn’t possibly be better than in their world around the koi pond.

Then came that terrible day.

Something had been wrong already. Pumpkin’s dad had gotten a telephone call—telephones were another thing canine R&D really had to crack for the good of society—and, after the call, he had gotten very quiet, and hugged Pumpkin’s mom as the two of them made all sorts of quite sounds. Something was clearly wrong. The orange dog tried to get her people playing, to cheer them up, but they weren’t responding to her call. This was most peculiar and worrying.

She finally got them to open a door, and she went out into the yard, hoping Britty would have a bit of good advice. Envigorated by the crisp autumn air, she ran around the cherry tree in her own yard a couple of times to quiet herself before visiting her reserved neighbor. Often, Pumpkin found her neighbor dog sitting quietly under the cherry tree that was mate to this one on the other side of the pond. But not this time. Pumpkin sniffed all around that tree. Things here were not as they should be, either.

The orange dog continued her investigations. The smell of Runs-Like-the-Wind was all over the place, along with the scents of other dogs that had come before . . . at least two of them—Pumpkin knew that the scent of resident dogs, members of the pack, never truly left a place. Fierce Super-Destroyer’s yard always had just a bit of the smell of BossDog, whom her mom and dad called Jessie—humans really have trouble with words. But there was something to the odor that seemed . . . not right.

She looked up, excited and happy, when the car that belonged to Britty’s pack pulled up by their house. Super-Destroyer kept herself from bounding across the yard, knowing her neighbor would not approve. But only her neighbor’s dad and mom got out of the car. That’s right: Runs-Like-the-Wind didn’t like the car so much (which Pumpkin thought was ridiculous, since everybody knew that cares were so much fun).

But . . . wait. Were this mom and dad also crying? And why wasn’t their dog doing her job, taking care of them? The two humans moved quickly across the yard and into their house, the woman dropping something on the porch as she crossed it. Pumpkin bounded across the yard, but the door slammed shut before she could get to them, and there was the aroma of cherries, something she had noticed before whenever her neighbor’s dad and mom suddenly disappeared and went . . . well, somewhere.

That was when she noticed the collar on the floor of the porch: Britty’s collar. The fierce dog sniffed—the garment was wet with human tears, and had clearly been handled by her neighbor’s humans. Immediately, she knew what this meant, and whimpered softly for her dead friend.

Even in her sadness, she could smell Runs-Like-the-Wind-and-Finds-Stuff all over this yard and house—even through the strawberry fragrance—and Pumpkin knew that wouldn’t go away, not ever. She was afraid the humans weren’t smart enough to realize that, however. She had to follow them, to explain to them, maybe to . . . what did the humans bark about? . . . comfort them.

But there was that foolish door: the only thing humans were good for, and none of them were handy.

Then she remembered the stone . . . the one that Britty’s green-eyed mom had placed in Pumpkin’s yard one day when the orange dog was sure she saw a red tail. She had seen her mom and dad touch it and disappear, returning later to the same place. Maybe . . . just maybe . . .

She bounded across the two yards, around the koi pond, and rubbed against the stone.


She bopped it with her snout and sniffed it.


About to give up, she put her forepaws on the top of the stone, almost like a human would—how could they stand like this?

And there was a bright light.

And Fierce Super-Destroyer found herself in a very different place, one that didn’t smell like home at all. All of the two-legged types there seemed to have tails, and several came to pet her. She had to admit that these folks were verrrrrry good at petting. Some of them read the tag on her collar, and began ooo-ing and ahh-ing over “Pumpkin.”

Blast it! Do I have to have that name here, too?

The dog decided that, even with tails, the two-legged types don’t know any better.

Other than the indignity of the name stuff, she could rather get to enjoy this. But she was on a mission. Even here, she could sniff out the scent of Runs-Like-the-Wind-and-Finds-Stuff’s pack. Fierce Super-Destroyer slipped out from the crowd that had surrounded her so pleasantly and followed the fragrance of pack and cherries to a huge stone building, where many were coming and going carrying things she knew the humans called “books.” She followed the trail into the building, and was getting stares, but it wasn’t until she slipped past a few desks, wondering how she would get past the door ahead of her, that some of the two-legs with tails tried to stop her. Pumpkin dodged and wove, and got really annoyed with the dive-bombing cats—whose idea was it to give cats wings?—and couldn’t imagine anybody stopping her now.

Then the most charming two-legged woman with the brightest yellow tail and horns appeared in the orange dog’s path. The Fierce dog found herself whimpering softly as the strawberry blonde scratched behind her ears while the heart-shaped tip of the yellow tail expertly stroked her orange one. Besides the soft sounds she made, all the dog could do was stare into the yellow-tails incredibly violet eyes. But everything changed when the woman, who had been just growling and barking and yipping up until then, suddenly said, “. . . wish we could understand each other.”

Fierce Super-Destroyer was just beginning to learn that all sorts of things, such as wishes, quickly escalate around yellow-tails, and this tail was the brightest yellow that anyone had seen in ages. “I think I do understand you,” she replied, “even though your kind usually seem to have such trouble communicating.”

The strawberry blond smiled, causing the dog to melt a bit more: “What are you doing here, cutie?”

“Oh, don’t call me ‘cutie,’ because then others might not know that I am fierce. In fact, my name is Fierce Super-Destroyer.”

“Well, your tag says ‘Pumpkin.’”

“Yes . . . ummm . . . where I come from, that is the two-legs’ word for ‘Fierce Super-Destroyer.’”

“I think it’s the same here.” Another smile, and the dog wondered if the two-leg noticed how deeply she was blushing. “My name is Miriam, sweetie. But where do you come from, and why are you here?”

“I come from the land where the koi pond and the two cherry trees are, and where I protect one side of the pond, while the other had been protected by Runs-Like-the-Wind-and-Finds-Stuff. But something has happened to her, and I need to find her mom and dad. Her mom’s scent led me here.” The dog wagged her nose at the Head Librarian’s office, even though her eyes never left the violet pair in front of her.

Those eyes now opened wide. “Ohhh! Now I know why someone said they saw Tera and Keith so upset! Something happened to Britty!”

Don’t call her ‘Britty’!” the dog thought, but there was no time for that: “Her scent goes all over the place, and is mixed with so many wonderful smells, but I don’t have time to enjoy them all, and it seems strongest there.” Again she pointed at the office.

“Well, that is Queen Tera’s office,” Miriam replied, “she is the Monarch of our Realm, but also the Head Librarian here. Some people think that’s strange, but . . .”

“. . . but , obviously these books are the most important thing here. That’s why the most important one in the pack would guard them.”

“I can see why Tera likes you.”

“Well, I also let her give me treats and scratch me behind the ears,” Super-Destroyer volunteered. “But she isn’t there now, is she?”

“No, she went off . . . ummmm . . . kind of upset.” Truth be told, the glare from her oh-so-green eyes had knocked five shelves’ worth of books off

“Runs-Like-the-Wind died.” Both dog and two-leg-with-a-tail were silent for a bit, then the orange-tail nuzzled her new yellow-tailed friend: “Runs-Like-the-Wind died, but there is something really important that I don’t think her mom understands yet, ‘cuz she is just a two-legs. She needs me to tell her.”

Miriam looked over her shoulder, out the window, toward the palace: “I just don’t know if this is a good time . . .”

Just then a breeze from that direction brought something to the fierce dog’s attention, and she was out of the yellow-tail’s grasp in a shot. “I’m sorry. But this is really important!” It was the scent again.

Miriam tried her best to slow her four-legged visitor down, but found herself splayed out on the tile floor of reading room as the dog eluded half a dozen other staff members on her way out the door and up the road toward the royal palace. “Well, I had best warn the guards to be gentle with her. She’s not a syreen.” The reference librarian was barely up on her knees before she had bampfed out, leaving the loveliest scent of lemons behind.

As she ran up the road to the palace, Pumpkin—all right, maybe that was one of her names—noticed a change in the scent of her quarry. It was still Runs-Like-the-Wind’s mom, but somehow not, and yet it was definitely her, and it was no longer coming from the palace, but down a path to the left, into the woods, behind a cottage. As the helpful yellow-tailed two-legs was warning and preparing the palace guards, their anticipated guest was nearly a quarter-mile off in another direction.

But what the guest found behind the cottage gave her pause.

There was Runs-Like-the-Wind’s mom . . . sort of . . . except her tail was black and her hair red. She was holding a whip, being very rough with three two-legs who were kneeling at her feet—one seemed to be male—and whimpering. The more they moaned, the more the two-leg with the whip growled, pushed them away, humiliated them . . .

. . . though she let one of her subjects sniff her butt, which was something most humans didn’t seem to allow nearly as often as the orange dog thought they should.

The thing was, the more the redhead let out her aggression, the less happy she seemed to be. Fierce Super-Destroyer knew that this was wrong, and was even more sure that this redhead was also sad about the dog they both knew: Runs-Like-the-Wind’s scent was part of this two-leg with the whip, too.  The dog knew what needed doing, and ran up to the redhead, shoving the male submissive out of the way and rubbing her orange fur on the shiny black knee-high boots of the dominant.

The two-leg growled and barked, almost kicking the dog as she pushed her away with a boot, then cracking the whip less than an inch from Fierce Super-Destroyer’s nose.

She doesn’t get it,” the four-leg thought as she stood her ground, then moved closer. The whip continued snapping, always an inch in front of her nose, as she continued to close in. Finally, she was rubbing against those boots again, and then continuing to push against this angry two-leg until she fell backward onto a bench. The orange-hair set her chin on the red-hairs lap: “I know you are sad, and I know why, but being angry doesn’t seem to be helping you. You need to trust me and listen.”

While the green eyes were softening, the look behind them was rather blank.

“Gosh, I wish you were as smart as Miriam. I guess I’ll just keep nuzzling.” And so she did. In time, there was some tentative scratching on the top of her head by long, black-lacquered nails. Then there was some sort of a flash, and a bit of smoke, and the smell of strawberries, and the other scents changed. This was her friend’s mom.

“Pumpkin, you silly girl, what are you doing here?”

Oh, for those so-green eyes, she even went along with being called “Pumpkin.” “You need to understand,” she replied. “I know you’re sad about . . . well, you call her ‘Britty.’ I know she is dead, and I am sad, too. But Britty’s scent is still in the yard, just like Rudy’s. That yard was her yard, and she will always be there. And you and her dad, she will always look out for you both. In the meantime, I will help her whenever I can.”

Runs-Like-the-Wind’s mom still didn’t seem to get it, so the fierce dog kept nuzzling her lap, softly, and she kept petting.

Maybe she got it.

Soon, her neighbor dog’s dad came by. He had a nice tail, too, and, in time, both of them were petting the dog from the far said of the koi pond.

And, after a bit longer, Fierce Super-Destroyer remembered that her own mom and dad seemed to need cheering up. As the three of them found their way home, Pumpkin was pleased to find it was about the same time as when they left, and she took care of the two-legs on her side of the pond. My, but she couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten petted so much in one day.

The days got better.

From then on, Fierce Super-Destroyer looked out for the two-legs on both sides of the koi pond; they were so sweet and, except for the door thing, they seemed so helpless. She was still more careful, more respectful on Runs-Like-the-Wind-and-Finds-Stuff’s side, because it was clear that she never really left there.

And, from time to time, she got to see Runs-Like-the-Wind’s dad and mom show their tails. She wished hers would learn that trick.

And once . . . just once . . . Fierce Super-Destroyer was sure she saw one of those tails wag.

And she smiled.

Nov 22 2015

It’s the Eighth Taleaversary

Today is the eighth anniversary of the Tale. To be truthful I missed it, for various reasons, but my heart, bless him, reminded me of this being so a little while ago. This then brought to me a thought which I haven’t really expressed well I think.

I don’t think I have ever really said how much he means to me. What it means to see his comments here on the Tale, the thoughts shared between us about all sorts of things. The ways in which his light has helped me. How in some way I have done so for him as well.

It’s hard to put into words what it means to me to see his comments. They make me smile, laugh, be thoughtful and considered. For all of this, and more, I thank him…

My heart is closest to me, but he isn’t alone here.

There is Legion, who, as a dear friend, comments here and there, and I am thankful for him.

There is Pocong, who does make me smile, and his wrestling comments do make me smile.

Dearest Elliot, who’s quiet words I look forward to always.

My Hero, for being himself, and being who he is.

Lovely Aria, who I adore and hold with me every day.

David, for being a friend and being there.

Darkness, for just being there.

My thanks to Terry, Eden, Dou7g, and all of the authors and other commentators that took the time to write a comment here on the Tale.

To all of you that have visited, read my scattered thoughts and more…


Thank you.



Nov 22 2015

A Review of the Anything for My Dark Mistress series by Natalia Dire

Anything for My Dark Mistress series by Natalia Dire

Anything for My Dark Mistress series by Natalia Dire

A review of the Anything for My Dark Mistress series by Natalia Dire today no the Tale. It should be noted, from the start, that this series had been previously released by this author under the series title My Infernal Mistress. Both works are essentially the same series, with some changes in length of the individual stories between the two.

Making deals with a Succubus should never be taken lightly, for certainly the Succubus herself will not. The thing to keep in mind is that sometimes in the end the deal turns out to be more than you expected it to be…

The series tells the story of:

All three “Anything for My Dark Mistress” stories, now available in an exclusive, omnibus collection. This hot-as-hell, 18,000+ word story collection is packed with spicy succubus seduction, steamy gender swapping, and the sublime surrender of mind, body and soul.

  • Seduced by the Succubus (Book One): When college sophomore Seth responds to an online ad for modeling work, he gets more than he bargained for. His sultry, green-eyed employer is more than she seems, pulling him into an amorous escapade of demons and blood magic. This infernal seductress is looking for a new mortal pet, and knows exactly what tricks will make a young man beg for more. By the night’s end, Seth will surrender completely to his new unholy mistress – mind, body and soul.
  • Feminized by the Succubus (Book Two): After a wild night with a seductive demoness, college sophomore Seth wakes up to a shocking discovery: he’s been transformed into a sexy young woman. While waiting for his dark mistress to return, he explores his new body and reaches new heights of ecstasy. After following his goddess’s instructions to the letter—donning a sexy cocktail dress and stockings, learning how to apply make-up, and practicing his sexy strut in front of the mirror—she commands him to seduce and absorb the sexual energy of a spunky, lesbian, late night pizza delivery girl. Now that Seth is “Beth,” will the succubus’s newest pet be able to fully embrace her twin roles as irresistible seductress and infernal servant?
  • Gender Swapped by the Succubus (Book Three): Seth thought his first romp with a seductive demoness would the wildest, weirdest time of his life, but the night isn’t over yet. After the succubus’s unholy powers transformed this down-on-his-luck college sophomore into a nubile, hormone-fueled young woman, Seth—now “Beth”—is putting her new gifts to use every chance she gets. Trained to be the perfect temptress (and harvester of souls) by her master, this gender swapped sex kitten is about to face her biggest challenge yet. Can she seduce her hunky college roommate without blowing her cover? And how will Beth’s infernal master—now the all-consuming love of her life—reward her for a job well done?

As I usually do with collected series, I will review each of the works and then the series as a whole.

Seduced by the Succubus:  Seth answers an ad for a model shoot and finds himself in the presence of a captivating woman. When he enters her lair, he discovers that getting his picture taken is but a formality in the eyes of Seshinu who has something else in mind for him.

The first work in the series is a mixture of seduction, mind control and really quite an interesting Succubus. Seshinu’s human form is deliciously sensuous and when Seth comes into her spell it is done in a way that isn’t “forced” so much as what happens just seems to be right, regardless of what Seth might have thought before about doing such things. As Seshinu weaves her power over Seth, she makes hints to him about what is to come, but when it is clear that Seth is quite happy to succumb to her, Seshinu’s true form appears and at that point it’s quite clear that she is a Succubus, if it wasn’t in the moments before.

But she isn’t stereotypical and the story doesn’t end in a sad way at this point as many such stories do. She changes her mind, enthrals Seth, and then returns with him back to where their encounter started. When Seshinu reveals what she wants from Seth, what her plans are, he is more than willing to obey her will, whatever that may be which sets up the rest of the series really nicely.

Seshinu’s history is touched on slightly in this work, which is interesting on its own, but also the hints about her name being from the time of Babylon brings up several questions about her as well. While having horns and a tail, as I do like Succubi having, she has a grey skin tone and I didn’t really think too much about that part of her. But setting that small thing aside, she’s a complete character with history, personality, and a purpose. All of which makes for a good start to the series.

The erotica is nicely hot, mixing a bit of mind control, female dominance, male submission and, of course, a seductive Succubus that knows her powers and how to use them. Seshinu isn’t cruel or evil in the work, more than anything she’s simply very dominant, which Seth desires and gives himself to. The story leading to the reveal about Seshinu and the erotica is really well done and sets up the rest of the story quite well.

I enjoyed the work as a whole and as it is part of a longer series, my usual problem with shorter works that offer so much and then don’t go anywhere with things doesn’t apply here. I would have liked to see a bit more about Seth in the moments before Seshinu appeared for one however. The other thing that I think would have been nice would have been the work not ending as abruptly as it did. Going from passionate encounter, to being the thrall of a Succubus, to then being told to rest as Seshinu leaves Seth behind seems like things were rushed a bit. There were also a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes that I caught that need to be dealt with, something that happens as well in the series as a whole.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A solid beginning to the series, quite enjoyable, and as such I had high hopes for the series going forwards in the second work.

Feminized by the Succubus: Seth awakens to find himself alone, waiting for his mistress to return. He also discovers that he is now a she, taking the name Beth. A need for pizza is turned into a command by Seshinu to seduce the pizza girl, Amy, for her, which turns into an experience neither Beth, nor Amy will soon forget.

Seshinu’s gift to Seth is that she has transformed him into her servant, and sets Beth on her first task which is to seduce the pizza delivery girl that is arriving soon. After her transformation and playing with her new form, Beth muses about her Mistress and finds out a bit more about her. But before that can really go anywhere, Amy appears, the two start off talking and then Beth seduces Amy as her Mistress commanded.

The transformation isn’t played out in the story, having occurred between the first and second works, but the aftermath is told through Beth’s eyes. There is some self-exporation that takes up a lot of the story, but when Seshinu makes her appearance, then things settle into the erotica of the work. The scene between Amy and Beth is lovely and hot, and seemed to fit into Beth discovering herself and Amy’s needs as well.

I felt that the beginning of the work spent too much time telling all of the things that happened in the first work. There was a lot of time spent dwelling on the past by Seth and it didn’t really add anything to this part of the series. I do understand that some readers might come into this work and series here, and as such some background is needed. But spending about one quarter of this work recapping I think was too much and didn’t need to be. It felt very much like an info dump and that hurt the story as a whole. It might have been better to have the flashback as a memory that Seth thinks of when he talks to Seshinu during the work.

The work is, however, a good bridge between the first and third books and helps to connect them together well. It also provides some more hints about what is coming in the future with respect to Seshinu’s true purpose. But that hint tends to reveal I think a bit too much and perhaps some of the surprise might have been better not told in this work.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A bit weaker than the first work and I think that’s mainly to the editing mistakes in this work that took some of the heat out of things. Again, it reveals more about Seshinu and in doing so sets up the final work in the series.

Gender Swapped by the Succubus: Seshinu returns after Beth has performed her duties and seems to be pleased with her. However, she also brings the news that Seth’s friend is coming to look for him and Seshinu wants Beth to seduce him as well. Beth obeys her Mistress before Seshinu reveals to Beth all that she really is.

In the prior work Beth found the pleasures of being a woman with a woman and in this work, she is put into a situation where she must seduce a man… and it’s someone she knows. This brings up all sorts of conflict within her, and at the same time she must obey her Mistress. How she manages to take control of the situation, to deal with questions that shouldn’t be asked, or answered for that matter, is telling in how she’s changed from the beginning of the work. At the end, when Seshinu reveals the truth to her, Beth’s change in personality and purpose is complete and there seems to be closure in her character, at least from understanding who she is at least.

Seshinu appears after only being fleetingly in the part before and sets up the story to be told. It’s a bit violent, not quite so seductive as it was in the first part of the work and seems to show her true personality which, as a whole, is a bit disappointing. I had expected more from her and when the conclusion of the work arrives and she reveals who she really is, what her plans are and so on… It’s not quite stereotypical, but comes very close. Her character takes a turn, which is foreshadowed in the previous work, and while there is good reason for this happening and makes some sense, I was disappointed in that moment.

The erotica is split into two parts, one with Beth seducing her ex-roommate and then the other which has Beth submitting to Seshinu’s will. There are some echoes between the two and both are hot little flashes on their own. But in both cases they are slightly violent at times and when that happened I didn’t care for those moments much.

What did interest me was that Beth started to use some of the powers that Seshinu had given her in this work, and while the use of mind control is very short and momentary, it did leave things open for another work in the series as many other things did as well.

This work brings the series to a reasonably good closure, though it leaves quite a number of questions unanswered at the end of the work. As the work comes to that close, the things mentioned in passing, the acts that Seshinu performs, all seem to lead towards what should be a fourth work in the series, but that never happened. As such, all of the set up leaves a want for the “what comes next” that never does.

There are a number of spelling errors and as well there are some odd characters ‘=’ being one of them. that pop up throughout this part of the series. Again, more than anything, a good proofreading would have taken care of a lot of issues in that respect.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The Anything for My Dark Mistress Series:  Overall the series is well written and there is quite a lot to like in Seth/Beth as as well Seshinu overall. There are some lovely hot erotic flashes in the story and there is enough story tying those parts together as a whole. The only real problems are a need for more proof reading, that issue runs throughout the work and needs dealing with. The other is that the recapping at the beginning of each of the parts need not be so long or detailed, making them info dumps. The work ends on a note that seems to say there is more to be told in this universe, about what happens to Beth in the future and what Seshinu’s plans are.

That the series does end on that note is a bit of a shame as really if so much could happen, then why not continue forwards and tell that story fully? With all of the promise in the work when it comes to a close… that seems to be the real shame here.

I’ll give the series as a whole three and a half out of five pitchforks.



Nov 22 2015

A Review of A mystery & a meal. by David Gosnell

A mystery & a meal. by David Gosnell

A mystery & a meal. by David Gosnell

it has been some time since David Gosnell published a work in The Wielder series, and I was really quite pleased to receive a copy of his latest work in my email the other day. The series is one of my favourites by far and, of course, Silithes, the main Succubus of the series has always fascinated me with the mystery that surrounds her and how tightly she holds that to her.

The work that was released is one that focuses on Silithes for the most part, though the other characters in the series also make their appearances as well. Being that Silithes is such an enigma for the characters in the series, to have a story that speaks to her, who she is, and what her feelings are about herself, Arthur, and the world around her, told many things that weren’t said before in the series.

Like, for example, Silithes fears something and she sees it in the mirror every day.

The work tells the story of:

Silithes is a succubus on a mission. She’s out to find out who the sick freak is who’s been killing women in her town of New Orleans. And once she finds out who he is, she’s going to make a meal out of him.

That is, unless he gets her first.

Silithes’ mission takes on a different complexion when a young girl’s life is on the line. The clock is ticking and this mystery has to be solved because now it’s about more than just a nice snack.

Silithes finds a mystery that, at first, seems to be a matter of finding someone doing evil and getting rid of them in her own way with her Wielder’s permission. But what she begins to put the pieces of the mystery together she finds that things aren’t as simple as they might be. What’s worse is that in finding the solution she has to face something she never expected to. Herself.

This work falls between the first book Betrayal and the second Sworn Vengeance in the series and as such it connects well to both sides of the series and doesn’t feel out of place. Being where is does fall into the series, there is a bit of foreshadowing to the later works in the series, but that is done very lightly and doesn’t intrude on how things are at the time of this story about Silithes. There is the friction between herself and Arthur, the issues she has with the other summonlings that Arthur has with him. It is a bit hard to see Arthur’s attitude towards Silithes at times, but things have to be that way because that’s how things were.

The work is told from Silithes’ perspective and in doing so her thoughts come out very clearly and I liked that a lot. I thought it was a wonderful thing to be able to “hear” her thoughts. To understand why she did things in the way she did so. Even being able to listen to her internal monologue, the occasional eye-rolling comment at the universe was an amazing touch. But more than that, to read of her fears, of all of the things that haunt her was far more telling. It is, at times, a stark contrast between the Silithes the world sees and who she really is.

The work is very much a detective-mystery with a very strong Succubus slant to the story, but even so, being as it was made complete sense. Silithes didn’t act out of character, her motives held true to her character. There are a few points at which there is some lovely Succubus mind control or influence told and that was true to Silithes as well. Silithes shows something that has been obvious from the beginning of the series and that is she is far more intelligent than many expect her to be. Not in a evil way, but simply that is who she is and she is very good at being able to use her abilities to get what she needed… even if there is one that she cannot have and cannot completely understand why.

That is until a moment in the work where Silithes sees exactly what others see in her and when she does that is a very strong and telling point in her character’s development. Her reaction, what she comes to decide upon changes her and in doing so the next work in the series makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways.

Well written as always, the story moves from chapter to chapter well, there are very few mistakes in the work, a very few minor word errors here and there, but they are far and few between. The emotional attachment to Silithes and the other characters is very strong, the plot is well suited to tell this story about Silithes as well. Overall, I think this well might be my favourite work in the series so far.

Five out of five pitchforks.

A work that, at last, allows a good look into who Silithes is, what her thoughts are, and in the most important way, doesn’t allow her to hide her own truth. Something very special, well enjoyed and offers a glimpse into one of the deepest mysteries of the series. For that, most of all, a captivating read that I recommend.



Nov 21 2015

A 1990s Comic Book cover that makes me ponder…

I came across a cover of a comic book from the 1990s a little while ago that brought me up short for a moment. It is, I will admit, not exactly “seductive” at least as I see things, but it is interesting and as such I wanted to share it, and also to ask if anyone has one, if they can tell me if there is, in fact, anything Succubus-like in this issue or any other in the series.

From The Darkness Issue #4 -1991

From The Darkness Issue #4 -1991

Now it isn’t the most sexy of covers with a Succubus on it, but I think she could be seen as being one, though that isn’t exactly clear. I’ve seen some of the other covers in this series and, as a whole, a lot of them have either a Succubus or vampiress theme to them. So, possibly, there is something Succubus-like within the pages, but as yet I haven’t found any copies to say for certain…

So, as such, if anyone has a copy, and this is something that should be part of the SuccuWiki, please leave a comment?


Thank you !