Dec 22 2015

A Review of Incubus: A New Adult Paranormal Romance by Alexis Darlington

Incubus: A New Adult Paranormal Romance by Alexis Darlington

Incubus: A New Adult Paranormal Romance by Alexis Darlington

A review this time of a work that appears in a rather long series of works. It has an incubus as one of the characters, which is a good start, but it is what has been called here many times a pamphlet in length and as such it’s disappointing.

Sometimes a hot flash is a hot flash. Sometimes the hot flash is not one. This time… it really doesn’t get the chance to even strike the match.

  • Title: Incubus: A New Adult Paranormal Romance
  • Author: Alexis Darlington
  • Length: 5 Pages
  • ASIN: B00VND8F1E
  • Publishing Date: April 3, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells about:

The blonde heroine finds herself worshiping the creature she set out into the caves to find, the incubus. She throws herself into full submission to his every whim, desire, need, and pleasure. All thoughts of previous experiences are removed from her mind as there is nothing but him, her submission to him, and his ownership of her very soul.

A woman finds herself at the mercy of an incubus who does whatever he wants to her, then walks away after she surrenders all she is to him.

Possibly the shortest and weakest hot flash that I have read in quite some time. There’s no character development, no story, nothing save a few pages of well over the top sex followed by a series of repetitive questions asked by the incubus before he just walks away from her and the story ends.

It’s a good example of the book blurb being a lot better than the actual story in fact. If one didn’t pay attention to the length of this work, you might expect an interesting story with a little depth to it. What happens however is that the work is one very short encounter and it isn’t all that erotic at all. After reading this, I really don’t think much of the series if this is a good indication of what the rest of the series is like. If nothing else at least this was something I read on Kindle Unlimited and didn’t pay for it because if I did I would be really quite upset that I had.

The characters are not named, the incubus is called “He” in a D/s relationship sort of way which I didn’t care much for either. How the scene was written I feel like the author doesn’t really understand the concept of a healthy D/s relationship, and yes I know this is a fantasy work but still some grounding in good practise would have been a pleasant surprise. The writing was rushed, the story flew by faster than it being a mere five pages would have indicated really. It actually crossed my mind as I was reading if the author had written this as a challenge to write a piece of erotica in under a half-hour.

A very thin story, characters that had nothing to them, erotica with no heat in it. All in all this was a disappointment and it didn’t need to be so. Edit the work, add some length to it, make the characters better and make the hot flash really hot. Of course what that means is adding about 30 pages on top of this and completely rewriting things.

One pitchfork out of five.

Really nothing to look at, terribly disappointing and that’s a shame. The author gets one pitchfork for creating the work, but otherwise… there’s nothing here.



Dec 21 2015

Holly and Ivy By TeraS

Another long week which means … what it means, I suppose. In my case, that means never enough time to write all that I want to. So, a short story comes, this the last Tale story before Christmas 2015 arrives.


Holly and Ivy
By TeraS


Christmas comes but once a year, but, in the case of one particular green-tail member of the succubi, it came about as often as she did. Being that she was a succubi, of course, that meant it did, at least for her, come—and cum—quite often.

Her name was Holly, and because she was a green tail, for one, and because she happened to love Christmas, for another, and most of all because her name happened to be rather tightly connected to that special time of the year, she was a little bit … odd.

It wasn’t that she happened to own a shop in the Realm that was Christmas-themed year ‘round. It wasn’t that she happened to like dressing up in red and white, either. No, what was rather odd about her was that she had tied a bit of holly and mistletoe to her tail and walked about with it dangling over her head … for obvious reasons, of course.

Or they were to Holly, at least.

For most of the year, the hint was missed by everyone she encountered. And that first year was difficult. It seemed that, when Christmas was not in the minds of others, they just forgot entirely the point of being under the mistletoe. When Holly was prancing about the Realm in the midst of Spring, dressed up such that she was a candy cane from her red and white heels to the striped thigh-high socks to the alternating colours of her just-that-side-of-cute dress, most didn’t quite understand why she was doing so.

Still, sometimes … just sometimes, mind you … the occasional visitor to the Realm would encounter Holly and ask her out, but they never really noticed the mistletoe for their desire. What usually happened thereafter was Holly wondering where her dress went the following morning and arriving to open her little shop of Christmas in her stocking feet, her mistletoe still attached to her tail. When summer arrived, Holly’s usual outfit was a pair of red stripper heels, a white bikini and a pair of red tinted glasses. The mistletoe was still there, but few really noticed it for the distraction of her curves. Holly found herself going through a lot of glasses and bikinis during the summer, but the mistletoe remained.

As much as Holly liked the summer, it was a time where her little shop was rather quiet, giving her time to plot and plan the coming Christmas season. She mused and mulled over the special gifts that she would have for sale, the little surprises that awaited those that happened to pick a gift from the “Grab Box,” as she called it. She considered and connived over where every tree needed to be in her store, how her helpers would be dressed up, and more.

But as for the mistletoe on the tail, she was to be the only one.

The fall came, the weather turning a bit cold, Halloween approaching, and with that Holly’s outfit changed again. The mistletoe was still there—perhaps a bit worn, but still it remained. As it was the time of Halloween, and in the Realm that meant a month, if not longer, of Halloween fun, Holly dressed up like an elf, ears and all. The red of her outfit not matching her tail as things happened to be, but still a hint of the season that she loved. Thing was, it was the ears they noticed, not the mistletoe, being that many thought that Holly was being an elf but not a Christmas elf. In spite of this, Holly kept having to replace her slippers and too-cute outfit almost every night. Still, while the mistletoe dangled, suggested, those that wanted Holly still didn’t want her for what she thought were the right reasons. And what was happening to her clothing?

The answer came on that particular Halloween night when, at exactly midnight, the moon was full over the Realm. As Holly returned to the apartment where she lived over her shop, looking for another elf suit, the moonbeam reflected into her special mirror—the special mirror every succubi owned—in just the right way. There, standing before our naked protagonist, was a red-tailed, green-haired version of herself, dressed in a somewhat tighter, lower-cut . . . oh, yes, and vinyl . . . version of the elf suit. A sprig of mistletoe was wrapped around her horns, entwined in her hair.

The green-tail gasped: “Are you . . . ?”

“Yes, sweet cheeks, I am Ivy, your tail-self. You get so focused on wanting our . . . encounters to get the mistletoe bit that you forget to enjoy them. And I am wearing the stuff 24-7-365; it just drives me wild. So I take over for you, and I just don’t worry too much about getting us dressed again.”

“But I don’t remember . . . “

“Um . . . yeah. Again, you are too wrapped up in what they don’t get, so you are missing a lot of passion and pleasure.” Ivy grinned as she glanced about. “But we have a few more minutes with the moonlight just right, so let me repay you.” As Holly let out a squeal, a red tail wrapped around her waist and pulled her close.

Squeals were supplanted by moans as Holly and Ivy indulged in a Christmas miracle enabled by a Halloween moon.

As the first snows of the season arrived in the Realm, Holly was still smiling contentedly. As her time of year arrived, the anticipation that had simmered in her for the last twelve months came to a boil. Of course, it being the time where one was to be naughty or nice, it was something that she pondered every year as the first flakes fell: Was she to be nice? Was she to be naughty?

The answer, she now knew, was to be both at the same time. What one would find would be the Mistress of Christmas holding court.

They would find her waiting for them with a smile. Her outfit wasn’t exactly Christmas-themed, however, for the Santa hats and fur were what her assistants would be wearing …other than their collars, of course.

Holly herself would be beckoning her clientele with an outstretched hand, a red-tipped fingernail suggesting they come closer. A bright red drape would surround her, the gleaming white dress hugging her curves reflecting the light of her store. Her red thigh-high boots were wrapped with white ribbons, a swirl of colour to draw every eye to her.

And, amidst all of this, her tail held a piece of mistletoe over her head in invitation. The glow of Holly’s love for this moment, the thrill she had in giving … and receiving … remade the mistletoe fresh and new, a bright beacon of green with a hint of red that demanded that one make a choice. And, if they didn’t know the legend, Holly trained them.

And so, if you happen to visit Holly over the holidays, you have two choices. You can kiss her, under the mistletoe, and she will treat you very nice. Or you can make her kiss you, and then she will be so very naughty to you.

Either way, that mistletoe will be there, for it isn’t odd: it simply is Holly and Ivy …

Dec 20 2015

A Review of The Devil You Know by Richard Levesque

The Devil You Know by Richard Levesque

The Devil You Know by Richard Levesque

I have always found that the hardest thing to write is a story that is set in the past. Some eras are better known that others of course, but it is still a challenge to get the tone, the words, the moments right. It’s more complicated when you mix in a supernatural theme and then things tend to get a lot more interesting.

  • Title: The Devil You Know
  • Author: Richard Levesque
  • Length: 291 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 25, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells about:

1946: The war may be over, but in Hollywood all hell is breaking loose.

When Marie Doyle discovers that demons are seducing the young women of Hollywood, she doesn’t know where to turn for help. But when a demon takes the soul of her best friend, Marie has no choice but to stop them herself.

Church secretary, war widow, and now demon slayer, Marie enters a world she never knew existed—a world not just of desperate ingénues and Hollywood scandals, but also one of ravenous monsters.

The devil you know may be better than the devil you don’t, but for Marie Doyle the choice might not matter. With demons on the loose and no one else aware of the truth, her only option is to send them back to hell—even if it means risking her soul.

Marie never expected that her life would go from housewife to having to battle incubi to save her world. The battle is long, dangerous and many will fall, but in all of the lies, deceit and terror that surrounds her, Marie also finds that sometimes faith manages.

The work describes a rather drunken mistake made by a group of drunks that happens to release into the world an incubus who then goes about drawing more of his kind to Earth. As this progresses, the incubi have their way with various men and women, threatening many lives and some sort of plan unfolds.

Against this, the heroine of the work, Marie, finds herself having to see her friend taken along with others and, eventually with some help, faces off against them in an attempt to stop them. It’s the telling of this story, of Marie discovering what has been going on that makes up the core of the story. While there is a certain amount of erotica, a smidgen of mind control as well, they serve mainly to pull the story along, driving things towards the conclusion.

The supporting characters, both good and bad or indifferent, or unknowing, are strongly written, having good clear voices in the work and providing for many side stories and layers of events to unfold. Some are captured in the events, some taken by them, but for all they are transformed to one extent or another by what happens. Watching the changes unfold in each character and what happens as a result tells quite a lot about each of them, and in some cases what their fates are becomes quite a surprise at the climax of the story.

The work does focus on the actions of the incubi, but there is a fleeting glimpse of a succubus as well. For the most part, and what is slightly disappointing, the incubi are expectantly evil in their actions and personalities while the succubus isn’t really move than a fleeting glimpse. It’s not quite clear if she is like them or if there is something more about her. In the case of the incubi, they use their powers to control others, bend their wills, and cause them to do some really horrid things. It’s also, in a sort of expected way, that the incubi take many, many liberties with the women around them. That’s a little repetitive at some points which didn’t need to be I think.

Regardless of this, the writing is solid, and the world created fits nicely into the era it is set in, there’s no out of place dialog or modern references made. It feels and read correct in the time and place, including the social society, the attitudes of the rich and the realities of those that are not. Marie’s character is, by far, the strongest of all, which it must be to carry the story, but it’s more than that. There’s an internal struggle in her as the story unfolds and at several points her monologuing is quite striking.

The work ends in a way which makes this complete, though there is a little hint that leaves a door open for the story to branch off away from the events here and continue. It’s more of a question unanswered really, but an important one.

An enjoyable read, if a bit long at times to go from one event to the next. There were a couple of points where it felt like there was some unneeded passages in the work, though this only happened a handful of times. The author managed to keep a rather shocking surprise well hidden until the climax of the story and in doing so I was surprised by the turn of events as much as Marie was.

Four out of five pitchforks.

It really is a very good read with quite a number of twists and turns that I didn’t expect which made for a good, solid, gripping read. I will freely admit that at some points in the work there were points that took away from my enjoyment, but they were few and far between. Quite the interesting supernatural thriller with characters that held my attention. I just wish there had been a little less convoluted plot at times which seemed to slow things down a bit too much.



Dec 20 2015

A Review of The Hipster and the Succubus: Volume One: The New Host by Christine K. Lahti

The Hipster and the Succubus: Volume One: The New Host by Christine K. Lahti

The Hipster and the Succubus: Volume One: The New Host by Christine K. Lahti

A review of what I hope, given how much fun I found the first work to be, of a Succubus series that appeared this past October. It recently was released on Amazon as well and this I hope is a sign that another work in the series is forthcoming.

Myths and legends are exactly that. They tell of a story which, depending on the teller, can be brought to be more, or less, than how things were. Encountering such a legend, coming to know them, can be a shattering experience… For both souls.

The work tells of:

Barista Kelly Larkson was just trying to live her life, working a low wage job and going to school to get a degree in Liberal Arts when a small accident caught the eye of Lilith, a Succubus visiting our world. Willing or not, Lilith was going to use Kelly’s body to fulfill her needs. Awakening more carnal desires in Kelly, the two are destined to become friends or foes.

Kelly just really wants to paint and to be herself, but when Lilith returns to the Earth, Kelly finds that she has a new voice in her mind, one that she can’t ignore. Her life begins to change, Lilith offering her choices that Kelly never had before, the most important one being that she can be more than she ever imagined.

One minor criticism I’ll get out of the way and that is the title is very long and unwieldy. Really I think it could well have been shortened to The Hipster and the Succubus: The New Host and it would be so much better looking. It is a minor quibble I admit, but it did bother me.

Lilith in this work is never shown in a physical form, being a thought, an expression, an entity. In spite of this, not seeing her I think made her a stronger character in that her bemusement, the expressions of wonder and questioning, made her words carry more weight. Her personality alone had to carry her throughout the work and I felt that the author managed really well is having that unfold in a way that meshed in the best way.

Kelly is an interesting personality as well, being a cute mix of innocence, need, want and, when she is pushed a little by Lilith, desire. Following her through the work, trying to come to terms with Lilith, then to be shown what might be possible if she wishes, is amazing. The interplay between Kelly and Lilith seems very much like two sisters arguing at times, but then there comes a point where things take a bit of a turn.

Lilith is a slightly ambiguous personality as the story progresses, but she makes a specific claim to Kelly and it is one that I personally rather liked. More than anything else it said that this Lilith wasn’t going to be stereotypical. But at the same time, reading Lilith’s thoughts here and there, her true intents are a bit in shadow. Part of that is simply how Lilith sees the world and the reason she is there. Against this however comes Kelly’s needs and thoughts which create a bond between the two of them. It is this, as it develops over time, that I loved the most.

There is a short hot flash of erotica in this work in which there is some lovely Succubus mind control that I quite enjoyed. The scene isn’t out of place, or odd, but rather makes perfect sense in the moment and it gave both Kelly and Lilith what they both desired in that moment. There is a scene in the aftermath that I wonder about possible future ramifications, simply from a comment that Lilith made, but that will have to wait for another work in the series to tell.

I would love to see Lilith’s thoughts of her past more, perhaps a moment where Kelly gives way to her for a time. There’s a interesting subtext of the two personalities, how they each see things, and what might happen to that.

Well written, the characters are fun, thoughtful, and have voices that are as strong as their personalities. I think the beginning of the work was weak, going off in a tangent that, at least for me, didn’t have much in the way of meaning, even if it was rather funny about who was involved in the moment. The ending is a bit abrupt, but points directly towards future stories which, as I have said, I would like to see.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A bit silly at times, but that is overcome by Lilith’s personality and Kelly trying to come to terms with her new reality. I’m hoping, as it seems to be, that this Lilith is all that she has told Kelly she is and there isn’t another shoe waiting to be dropped. Seeing how the two of them get along and make their way will be an amazingly fun read I expect. I do hope that this happens for all of the promise that I see.



Dec 19 2015

An interesting Succubus figurine concept video

I’ve noticed of late that there seems to be fewer Succubus figurines appearing. That doesn’t mean however that there isn’t ideas that I find from time to time… Even older ones that would have been interesting to see in reality…


If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

And, of course, here is a screenshot of the figurine in case the video vanishes…

Alternate Succubus from Olivier Nkweti

Alternate Succubus
from Olivier Nkweti

I will admit that I don’t particularly care for her expression or the shape of her face, I think the overall look works well and her outfit seems to be a more modern expression of a Succubus which really doesn’t appear very often in figurines.

I wonder if the things she is holding in her hands are some kind of whip or something like that, I’m not really sure. I’m also not sure that works for her. It’s more of an action pose, as if she had just jumped down from somewhere above and I think it would have been more apt for her to have an actual whip in her hands…

Nonetheless, quite interesting I thought…



Dec 18 2015

A Review of the Caitlin Faire Series by Skye Malone

Touch Me by Skye Malone

Touch Me by Skye Malone

Earlier this year a new series started called the Caitlin Faire Series by Skye Malone. It’s been a little over six months since the second work appeared, but nothing has appeared since that time. I thought the series was interesting in its own right and so I’ll be reviewing the two works in the series so far with the hope that further works will appear soon.

There are those moments in one’s life when a door is opened and another is slammed shut in front of you. To find out who you are doesn’t mean as much as what you are can be devastating. It is far worse when everyone around you seems to have all of the answers you need, but they assume you know them already. Knowledge is power, but as well it is the weapon that strikes out of the blue.

  • Title: Touch Me
  • Author: Skye Malone
  • Length: 49 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 17, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Caitlin Faire was only expecting a simple night out to celebrate her best friend’s twenty-first birthday. But enter one gorgeous and mysterious guy, and inexplicable visions that can’t possibly be real, and you have an evening that becomes anything but simple.

Suddenly, she’s seeing visions everywhere. Being overwhelmed by strange impulses she can’t control. She thinks she’s going insane.

Until she almost kills the first man she touches.

Caitlin is your ordinary average girl that no one really notices. Her roommate gets all the guys, Caitlin is just as happy to be wrapped up in a book, all things considered. Things change suddenly when the world starts to look a little different, and those she encounters tell her that she knows why things are as they are. Caitlin is confused, torn, and lost, but when things take a turn for the weird, that’s when Caitlin’s story begins.

Caitlin isn’t what you would describe as a typical succubus in that she isn’t “sexual” or “stunning” in how she appears. She is however true to herself, she knows exactly what is important and regardless of anything else, she does hold onto that part of herself. There are hints, especially from her roommate, that Caitlin can be beautiful, if she wants to be, but the thing is that Caitlin doesn’t.

That makes her interesting as a succubus through the series. In the beginning she has no idea that she is a succubus and that becomes an ongoing theme throughout the first work. Caitlin encounters so many other people that just look at her and warn her about various things, but when she replies that she has no idea what they are talking about, they just laugh, or smirk, and walk away. The first time it was ominous, but the more it happened the more it started to seem like a bit of a trope. Part of that comes from the disbelief that Caitlin has no idea that she is a succubus and it takes a while before there’s a turn away from this thread towards some kind of understanding.

That comes from the incubus in the series, Amar. It’s a bit difficult to like him, or understand where he is coming from at times because he tends to keep his emotions in check, his thoughts to himself and doesn’t really give a lot of information about anything. He looks for trust from Caitlin, but then doesn’t really give a reason to most of the time. Still, he’s interesting in a brooding-mysterious way and that should be something to watch change through being in contact with Caitlin.

What follows from this is, for Caitlin, a lot of self-recrimination, doubt, and second-guessing. She’s trying to figure out what’s going on and why, but at the same times she’s being dragged through events with no control over them. In a lot of ways that reflects Caitlin herself, not quite being in control, but wanting to be somehow.

There is a nice touch of mystery in the plot, the slow unraveling of what is going on around Caitlin that I think works well. Mixed into that is Caitlin’s need to protect her friend when she comes to realize that there are things around her that aren’t normal, are dangerous, and she’s caught in the middle of them.

There’s really not much erotica in this work, which makes sense as Caitlin herself isn’t a sexual creature by any means in this part of the series. But in many ways, that feels like her own internal monologue and how she sees herself. Sometimes being pushed to see what is around you makes you a stronger person and I think Caitlin’s that sort of a character.

With all of the buildup, the first work ends in a cliffhanger which is a little bit contrived, but sets up the second work in the series well. That said, there are questions left behind about many of the characters and over the course of the series I expect those arcs to take up a lot of the storytelling because none of their stories will be simple ones to tell.

Well written, I liked Caitlin very much for her quirks and personality. Amar is somewhat unlikable in the beginning, a bit aloof, but there is room to make him a better character. There’s a lot of mystery to explain, almost all of which is centred on Caitlin herself. But the sort of threats that keep appearing need to be changed up a bit if for no other reason than to make things a little different in that respect.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A good start to the series, but the almost constant encounters and looks that Caitlin gets, that she “knows” becomes really too repetitive over time. While that sets up what is to follow, and all of the complications that come with that, there’s a point when the danger becomes “normal” and it needn’t be.

Touch Me 2 by Skye Malone

Touch Me 2 by Skye Malone

For the second work in the series, I hoped to know about Caitlin herself, where she came from and why things turned out as they did. I wanted to know why Caitlin made the choices she did and why it mattered, all things considered. The second work in the series did, to a point, offer some hints, but there was still quite a lot left unsaid.

There comes a time when answers need to be found. The problem is when you are given the answers, but you cannot manage to grasp them and what they mean. When one’s own self cannot see the way to accepting what one needs over what one feels, that’s when things start to go very wrong.

  • Title: Touch Me 2
  • Author: Skye Malone
  • Length: 67 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 16, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Caitlin never expected to find out that demons were real, let alone that she’s actually one of them. Learning that she is a succubus would have been the biggest shock of her life, if not for the suit-clad men who just forced her into their car at gunpoint.

Who are these people? How are they connected to the guy who just threatened her best friend?

And why is gorgeous, sexy Amar waiting at their destination?

Caitlin is drawn deeper into a world she never knew and in being so, that world sees her truths as being lies. There are threats waiting, but as well there is some hope, if only the ones that might be offering that hope manage to overcome themselves and accept, even if only in the smallest of ways, that there is such a thing as a Succubus that isn’t what they expect her to be.

Following on immediately after the cliffhanger in the previous work, Caitlin’s life becomes more and more complicated as she starts to learn about things that she never knew and never expected. It is a bit rote in the telling as, in the first work, there are so many characters that she encounters that expect her to understand everything and when she doesn’t they cannot see that. There is one single character that seems to, but as a whole that isn’t exactly something that seems to be real.

That said, even with Caitlin’s eyes being opened to her being a succubus, the path towards understanding runs through characters that just seem to have an air of suspicion and disbelief that is contagious. The lack of honestly, of trust, that simmers through the supernatural beings that she encounters, becomes a bit overused and while it makes sense in the setting, I think when that part of the story is muted for other plots that makes for a better story to read.

At one point Amar takes Caitlin to see Bianca, the first succubus other than Caitlin that is quite obviously one. Bianca is, overall, quite unlikable, really her personality is grating from the moment she appears and it reflects that simmering distrust that invades so many characters in this work. There’s a point when Caitlin needs a friend, one that understands, and it doesn’t come in this work.

Still, the relationship between Caitlin, Amar and to an extent, Bianca, is interesting in how it is very much like how water and oil don’t mix together. That thread I think will be something amazing going forwards and I think, somehow, that Caitlin being there will change things for the better.

The characters and writing are as good as the prior work in the series, the work ends on a cliffhanger, which is, to be honest, something I expected to see well before it unfolded. I liked that some of Caitlin’s past was told in her family, as unlikeable as most of them were. But as for pushing the story forwards, it really didn’t as a whole. It took a few strides, made a few points, but then came to a halt.

I feel like the series has promise and I want to see that. But things are getting too wrapped up in the moments and not telling the arcs. Perhaps moving onto why Caitlin is different and telling that story in the next work in the series would be a nice thing to see. The cliffhanger I think can wait a bit for the sake of Caitlin getting some understanding, a reality check at least. It has been offered, but not played through and I think that should come next.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Another cliffhanger, more questions, and more confusion. At some point it would be nice for Caitlin’s truths to be accepted and for her story to move from trying to understand everything around her to the story of who Caitlin is and what her past means.

The series needs to continue, I hope it does, because there’s a lot of good in Caitlin, the promise in her I’d like to see develop. Sometimes one person can make a difference. Caitlin is that succubus I think.



Dec 18 2015

A Review of A Succubus Stole My Girl! by Haleigh Cookson Clark

A Succubus Stole My Girl! by Haleigh Cookson Clark

A Succubus Stole My Girl! by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Succubi are, most of the time, the ones that bring fantasies to life. Occasionally they appear and take control of things, turn things to their advantage and, occasionally, find themselves with a new pet to play with.

Sometimes that requires them to change someone’s attitude, if not take from them what they wanted. In doing so they can either be seductive or quite dominant in their actions. Which is better depends on whom they wrap their tail around of course…

  • Title: A Succubus Stole My Girl!
  • Author: Haleigh Cookson Clark
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00QL3P9H4
  • Publishing Date: December 3, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells about:

Pretty blonde Carole is once again let down by her oafish boyfriend Bryan as he ruins yet another romantic night in. During their ensuing fight, a strange statuette left to him by his late grandmother breaks and reveals a supernaturally sexy surprise to the shocked couple, being an impossibly beautiful succubus eager for their young, hot flesh. The demoness decides to grant Bryan’s hidden desires of watching Carole with another woman by savagely taking his girlfriend in front of his very eyes, but little does the thick-headed man realize that this is one demonic cuckolding that his girlfriend might not come back from, having fully converted her to the forbidden ways of women.

Carole and her boyfriend Bryan get into yet another argument which results in Carole throwing a small wooden statuette, shattering it. A Succubus appears, dominates them both, and then makes Carole do her bidding while Bryan looks on helplessly in submission.

The work is a hot flash with the barest bit of story attached to it in order to make the main events of the story unfold. The erotica is harsh, slightly violent, and there is a very strong female dominant theme to it. There wasn’t much in the way of heat for me in the work as I didn’t care for the characters at all as a whole.

Neither Carole or Bryan is interesting, mainly they are thin characters with not much in the way of personality in them for the majority of the work. The Succubus has no name, is a very harsh and demanded Domme and in being so caused the heat in the story to fade away quite quickly. She’s more threat than seductive and that didn’t do much for me.

The majority of the work focuses on Carole submitting over time to the Succubus, obeying her commands and, eventually becoming the pet of the Succubus. As this happens, Bryan is made to watch what happens, then is denied being involved with either female character before being threatened into submission to the Succubus before being tossed aside. Throughout all of this the Succubus spends little time actually being a Succubus and more being a very harsh and uninteresting Domme who uses pain and threats to control those around her.

I expected something more from this work in many ways. I wanted the characters to be interesting, to have a story, to make me want to see what happens next. That didn’t really happen as each of them in their own ways were unlikable and it was difficult to remain involved in the story when there wasn’t much to hold my interest. As such there was little for me in this work, but for those that like a somewhat over the top Domme using others around her, you might find something her for you.

I’ll give this work two out of five pitchforks.

A good concept, but that was muted by a lack of heat, dislikable characters and a story that was all sex and very little story or plot.