Apr 05 2017

This Dark Angel needs a pair of red horns at least

Dark Angel CostumeOn occasion I ponder mixing and matching costumes to try and create something that might be more than what it began with. This time, an angel costume which, given a pair or red horns, or a red wig and black horns, could be something… interesting.

This is called the Dark Angel Costume and it comes with the corset, thong, and the black halo and wings. The ruffle panties are not included, nor are the stockings and the clear stripper heels the model is wearing. The costume itself sells for $85, adding the panties and the heels would raise the cost to $133.

I really do think getting rid of the halo and adding red horns and a tail would be delicious. More so would be a red wig and black horns and tail… for reasons…

As this isn’t exactly a discount, low quality, wear it once and throw it away sort of creation, that brings up the question of why not give such an option as I have been mulling over here?

Would it be so difficult to sell this with horns and a tail? Moreover, why not sell the entire look as a while and save a lot of time and effort?

Now, this might not really be something to wear to a party, there is a little bit of a stripper vibe to this costume obviously, not to mention this must be really cold on Halloween to wear as you are really quite bare.

Three pitchforks out of five.

I have some ideas, but I think the actual outcome will have to wait until I have this in my hands and can ponder things better…




Apr 04 2017

A Review of Succubus #3 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #3 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #3 by Rob Hicks

It’s been a while since I last read an issue of the comic book series Succubus by Rob Hicks. I had previously written about the premiere issue of this comic book series in the Tale here and I reviewed the second issue in the series here as well.

The one question that has been bothering me from the start has been the question about Ximena’s family, mainly her mother, but also her sister, both of whom appear in Issue 3 for the first time.

There’s also the question about Ximena’s powers, her fully transformed self, horns, tail and all, and just what she’s capable of. In the same way, how succubi feed, what their powers are, haven’t been quite clearly defined so far in the series. Issue 3 clears up a lot of that by far.

Issue 3 focuses most of all on the question of family, what it’s like to have a sister who’s just a few fries short of a happy meal and just how messed up things become when she’s present. Beyond that, Ximena’s own view of right and wrong comes into play and in the midst of that also appears the answer as to what matters to her. But along the way there’s a reveal about Ximena which, while not that surprising, puts into a new light her own family, what they want and what they are willing to do.

The summary of this issue is a little thin, so, from my perspective, I think it can be summed up as:

Ximena’s family is a bit dysfunctional. Her sister Luna is crazy, her mother Lilith schemes and Ximena finds herself caught between fighting for her life and that of her friends. One’s own blood is important, but sometimes you have to spill blood for a good reason.

In the third issue, the two things that have the most impact are the appearance of Luna, Ximena’s sister who gets into a long, drawn out fight with Ximena that puts a lot of people in jeopardy. As well Lilith, Ximena’s mother, finally makes herself known and that brings in a new plot which puts things into another perspective.

There’s a lot of misdirection and plotting going on around Ximena in this issue, much of which comes to a head and drives her towards really only one choice, that being dealing with Luna and facing her mother. There’s a sharp contrast between the two, but as violent and insane as Luna is, it’s Lilith that gives me the shivers.

There’s a few scenes in which the powers which Ximena and Luna have as succubi appear and those are especially well shown in their feeding on others. It’s a bit messy, but makes perfect sense all things considered. Ximena’s transformation into her real form is delicious and the contrast is really something I’m coming to like more and more as the series goes onwards.

There are two points at which I found myself wincing at what happened in the story. One is something really terrible that Luna does to someone in front of Ximena and it didn’t sit right for two reasons. One was what physically happened, I think it might have been a little too far over the top, but then we are taking about an insane succubus, so it makes sense, even if it didn’t appeal to me. It also didn’t make a lot of sense to me as to how Ximena reacted to that, when she could. It seemed a little too cold and I don’t think it worked. It felt like there was a moment missed there for some reason.

The other point that I had a problem with was scattered over the story. I found that Ximena’s tendency to giggle, a lot, started to get a bit old, a little worn and at times didn’t quite fit I thought with the moment at hand. I know she’s a free spirit, really only caring about the sex and fun for the most part, but perhaps some more of the darker emotions need to appear sometimes along the story as things go.

There’s a lot of sex scenes in the issue, but there’s still enough time for some character development, some background to be explained and more of Ximena’s world to be brought into focus. I liked all of that, though the first erotic scene with Ximena wasn’t actually as hot as the first thing that Luna did in the issue. That might sound odd, but it’s the difference between brooding evil and unrestrained sex. Both have their moments, but the latter, at some point, seems to have missed something.

The series continues on, there’s a lot of new questions, some cliff-hangers and a mystery about Ximena’s mother and sister left open to be told. It should be fun to see what, and who, comes next.

I’ll give the third issue of Succubus three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Overal I liked the layers of story about Luna, Lilith and Ximena’s friends that stand with her. The one part that made me cringe, and almost lost me, was what Luna did to at one point and how Ximena reacted to it. I felt like there might have been something done to make that more revealing as to Ximena’s powers, but it was sort of left to the side.

That said, I liked the character reveals, how they seemingly connect to each other. There’s a lot of story in the characters that surround Ximena and that will be interesting. But it’s still a story about Ximena’s life, her family and what the future holds for her.

Lilith has something planned, Luna is lurking and then comes the question as to Ximena’s place in it all and what it all means. Going forwards, I think that’s something that needs to be explored a little more than it has been. The erotica, succubus and otherwise, tells its own story, but there’s all of these other things to be told that are waiting I think.

It would be nice to see the aftermath from what happened in this issue next, perhaps there’s a bit more shown about what Ximena is capable of, things she didn’t know she could do. Her true form has been seen, and it’s clear that Ximena’s not the normal sort of succubus. That still leaves the question as to why that matters and what happens when she either discovers the truth, or it is forced onto her.

Whichever comes, I wouldn’t like to see Ximena’s personality change from who she is. It’s a sharp contrast to her sister and mother. That again is a story to be told I think, what made her decide to walk the path she’s on and what Lilith really thinks about that.

Still lots of story to tell, which I love, and Ximena’s different, which I think is interesting. What comes next will be telling.

You can find Spiral Ink Comics’ Facebook page here.

You can find Spiral Ink Comics’ online store here.

The first three works in the series have been released as a single volume, which you can find on the Spiral Inks website, along with some poster art of Ximena which are wonderfully succubus in nature.

It’s been a bit of a wait for Issue 3, I’m hoping that Issue 4 will appear a little sooner. Ximena’s story is changing and where things are going will be quite the unique storytelling ahead.





Apr 04 2017

A Review of Pleased by the Billionaire Incubus by Niele Notoki

Pleased by the Billionaire Incubus by Niele Notoki

Pleased by the Billionaire Incubus by Niele Notoki

There needs, at least for me, to be a connection between characters in a story. A reason for them to encounter each other, to become intimate, to have something more happen between them. One of the basic connections is a physical attraction, but there’s something else. Being on a first name basis with them. It makes for a very odd story when one character cannot, it seems, use the other character’s first name irregardless of all else.

A story in which that connection does not appear tends to be flat, looking for meaning, and gets lost along the way. Sometimes sexuality is more than a word, an expression of one’s self. More so when one is a sex demon and should know the other intimately all things considered.

The work tells the story of:

What if your boss died and came back as a seed-eating demon? What if you’re his prey? Trevor is so handsome and muscular he should be working as a model. Instead, he works as a secretary in a big company, helping his new boss as the previous one, Mister Drake, died an horrible death. Mister Drake was your everyday billionaire CEO: Tall, slender, with long, black hair and hazel eyes. Too bad his body splattered on the sidewalk, but Trevor didn’t care much, as a new CEO took his place almost instantly. Why should Trevor care? He is a straight dude, and Mister Drake love confession was so awkward he didn’t even want to remember!

Unable to become an angel, Mister Drake becomes an Incubus and comes back with a simple objective. He can’t remember what it is exactly, but why not enjoy his life as a demon, and bed the secretary he so much loved? Determined to try again, Mister Drake offers a proposal that Trevor won’t refuse.. Will Trevor enjoy his first time with another man? Mister Drake is an Incubus of many secrets, and his demon tail and horns are only two of them.

Trevor watched his boss leave this world and now he’s finding himself haunted by Mister Drake. He wants something out of Trevor, who wants nothing to do with him. But being an incubus, Mister Drake might have something to say about it whether Trevor wants to know about it or not.

The single most odd thing about this work is that there really isn’t any chemistry between the two main characters. Their own sexual natures are at conflict with each other and being so that mixes a lot of strife between the pair. As a result, almost the entire work revolves around Trevor pressing against Drake’s advances and in return Drake comes to use his powers as an incubus to push Trevor into doing what Drake desires.

That does work as a story, but then comes the complete lack of a first name for Mister Drake. His name is never spoken, never referred to. That makes for an odd narrative as it’s always “Mister Drake” in the story and that becomes more and more odd when the erotica appears. I can see it as being, in a way, Trevor’s resistance to Drake causing this, but beyond that, it reads as something which trips up the reader.

The erotica has heat, a shade of mind control, certainly Drake uses his incubus powers to “help” Trevor fall to him. The part of the erotica that bothers me is how the two characters seem to be talking past each other, really not to each other. The internal conflict in Trevor is, for the most part, ignored by Drake. The reason for that is simple enough, but the story doesn’t delve into that reason. I think it should have if for no other reason to make Drake more of a character that he is.

Drake is far too self absorbed, seemingly caring about himself more than anything else. I found that I couldn’t like him very much and as for Trevor, I felt for him, being pushed as he was. Which brings me to another thing that I think wasn’t considered. An incubus, or succubus for that matter, uses their prey’s natural sexual desires. That didn’t happen here as Drake didn’t seem to care, was only wanting one thing. The reason for his return offered a more interesting path to take, but he takes it as a reason to make Trevor do as he wants and that didn’t work well for me at least.

There’s missing emotional context, the story seems forced at times. There are several story paths that could have been taken, but weren’t. Neither character connects with the other and the final page offers a solution to the story which, for me, was forced, uncertain, and most of all left me wondering what was the point to Drake’s actions when he could have offered it in the beginning.

Some direction would have been nice, a connection between the characters more so. The idea was interesting, but in the end what came from the story left something to be desired for the characters and for myself as the reader.

Two out of five pitchforks.

There’s really no emotional connection between the characters, there’s little in the way of chemistry as well. While that adds an edge to the encounter, one character ignores it, out of self interest, the other can’t. Being forced to submit, and in a way that doesn’t make the connection any better just makes for a story that didn’t hold me as I thought it might otherwise.



Apr 03 2017

Wondrous By TeraS

Today is an important day in the Realm: a day my Eternal and I celebrate—our family is joyful in every year—a day for our friends on the other side of the Koi Pond, a day wherein my heart and his Beloved share in the blessing of Goddess bringing a wonderful soul into our world. A birthday we are blessed to say is …


By TeraS


The Koi Pond is, to some, a vast expanse of blue waters which separate two lands from each other. Deep and wide, it is a physical barrier which lies between two households of a family, but cannot, truly, separate them. To the family, it is a decorative pool near the fence where dearest friends visit. There is, you see, no physical means to bar the way of family, to stop the joy in love shared, faith held and most of all, prayers given.

It is a wonder of nature, the Koi Pond, but it is also something more. On either side there is a place to be found where the blessings of Goddess find shelter: a home within which dwells the love of family, the joy of two souls, a light which shines brighter than words can express.

It is, truly, a wondrous thing to behold.

How does one explain the inspiration of the love shared? How can the simple knowledge be taught from one side of the pond to the other? Can it truly, in words, be expressed?

Perhaps it can be explained in the moment shared between a younger soul, having met their dear friends on their travels. A moment where he watched as a gift was unwrapped, the gasp of surprise heard, the thanks given, overwhelmed, thankful for the gift his Eternal had asked to be presented to a dear Beloved one.

She had, he said, the most wondrous smile.

That blessing reflected upon the two souls on the northern side of the pond as they dealt with their sadness, tried to come to terms with the pain, the loss, the hurt. He always remembered that smile, the light that came from she of the other side of Koi Pond. They remembered how the strength in her voice, her will, but most of all, the dear love seen in her, without question, made their own love stronger.

Love is, after all, the most wondrous of things to behold.

This then, is a day that for which the couple on the northern side of the Koi Pond are thankful beyond words. To know, each day, the love of their friends, how that love inspires, is shared and creates, in them both, the most wondrous of things. They know, truly, the strength of her soul that causes her love to be so bright, so full, so wondrous. They cherish, dearly, that love shared in their family on both sides of the Koi Pond; a gift, truly wondrous, for which the wish is sent, on this day, to the one called Beloved, and gratefully so.

From both of us, dearly, thank you for being part of our family, thank you for the love shared. But, most of all, our wishes for the happiest birthday from your friends on the other side of the Koi Pond.

In wondrous love always …

Apr 02 2017

A Review of Succubus4Hire by Thea Blakesley

Succubus4Hire by Thea Blakesley

Succubus4Hire by Thea Blakesley

Much can be made of building heat in erotica. At the same time, heat by itself doesn’t quite make for the best of storytelling. The balance between storytelling and telling of the erotic can make, or break a tale. Describing the thoughts of a character in the midst of passion is a difficult thing to accomplish. If the thoughts aren’t part of the heat, that only serves to throw cold water upon the story.

Similarly, offering little teases of the story behind a character, and not expanding upon them, leaves an emptiness behind. Knowing a character is a succubus is one thing, telling of their ache, the need to fill the void within, that can be very intense. Lacking real emotion in the telling of those pains gives the words less weight and meaning.

The work tells the story of:

Succubus4Hire.Com; it’s a black and grey monochrome webpage, nondescript by anyone’s measure. The only words on the page are “Has someone hurt your heart? Tell me their sins and I will exact revenge on your behalf. The only price will be the traitor’s soul.” OK, so maybe it’s a bit dramatic but this is the internet after all.

Meet Melantha “Mel” Acheron, a succubus who chooses her victims the same way any self-respecting modern woman does- through the internet. But rather than a dating site she runs her own anonymous submission website. Her moral compass exists in the form of embittered broken hearts who guide her to exact revenge on cheaters, liars, and manipulators. Players beware. Her victims lose their sexual desires at best and their lives at worst.

Follow Mel to a raunchy assignation with an unapologetic cheater, learn the basest of her powers and get a glimpse inside her mind.

There are those that seeks revenge. A means to harm the ones that have done wrong, caused pain, brought about the shattering of a soul. For a succubus in need of prey, Mel finds delight in seeking out those darker souls and taking a measure of justice from them. But does the means justify the ends or is that immaterial when a succubus needs to feed?

The work is an interesting hot flash which is told from Mel, the main character’s, perspective. It’s very emotionless at times, there are points at which Mel borders upon tipping over into being a stereotypically evil succubus, but manages to just avoid being so. That comes from her internal monologue that much of the time is in sharp contrast to what is happening around her.

There are some lovely moments of her being a succubus, the descriptions of her powers, of how she controls the situation are well done and I enjoyed them quite a lot. It’s not often that there are descriptions of cause and effect being told in as much detail as they are here. With these moments however, also comes many points of plots being dangled, other events referenced and not much told of. Similarly, Mel herself, for the most part is a shadow, indistinct and without form.

Being that Mel’s real form isn’t revealed very much, it’s all very smoke and mirrors in that telling. Clearly she’s using her powers to entrap her prey, control them and by doing so, feeling her ache within. How she does so is one of the more unique ideas I’ve read, but at the same time it also boxes Mel into a tight corner as a character.

There’s a sense of Mel becoming darker over time through her choices and where they have led her. A palatable danger exists, is mentioned fleetingly, but isn’t played off as well as I would have liked. It is a opening to something more, but the hints are a little too vague and so fast they have little beating on the main story.

The work mainly tells of one single prey being consumed from the moment Mel is told about them through the encounter, the sex and the control before she takes what she needs. The heat of the encounter is really well done, the twists and turns towards domination are nicely written and worked well in consideration of Mel’s character. But there’s something missing. Too many times there’s a lack of emotion within Mel. She becomes clinical in her thoughts, many of her actions and it takes the hunger within to pull her back into the heat of the moment.

The climax of the work, in many ways, is both hot and so dearly lacking in impact. It’s very much like a switch is flipped between the erotic and a seemingly confused disentanglement between the prey and Mel. It didn’t quite work for me and while I understood Mel’s thoughts and why she felt the way she did, it didn’t right true with her actions before, her character most of all. Tossing aside her prey is one thing, but how that comes about just seemed too robotic and lacking in any sort of emotion be that gloating, joy, hate or even pity.

Mel is a character that interests me, there’s a lot that can be done with her and I hope that happens. This work is a reasonably good opening towards a series in many ways, but at the same time there’s just something odd about the story in Mel’s thoughts and personality that needs to be fleshed out more. I think much of that comes from a melancholy within her that doesn’t get explored and it needs to be.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There is, by far, more focus on the sex than there is on Mel and that I think hurt the story overall. The emotional disconnect in the ending lost me and I wish that it didn’t. I wasn’t expecting a happy ending, and really there couldn’t be flowers and light here at all. But offering so many little hints about Mel in passing, what she fears and otherwise, is what held me in the story. The heat at times was a delight. Mel being a succubus, revelling in her powers was telling. There’s just something missing emotionally that lost me along the way.

The author notes there may be a series appearing from this work at some point in time and I hope that happens because there’s a lot of story within Mel and it does need to come out to be told. It’s also interesting to note that the website of the book does exist, it’s exactly as described in the story and that was a neat little touch by the author. It does make me wonder if some of the tales told through that page might be the basis of future things to be seen. I’m unsure about that, in what might come of it, but there is always a little truth in every story told.

It should be interesting, should more of Mel’s story appear.



Apr 02 2017

A Review of Demon in the Mirror: Taken By a Demon by J. D. Braxton

Demon in the Mirror: Taken By a Demon by J. D. Braxton

Demon in the Mirror: Taken By a Demon by J. D. Braxton

The telling of a story, erotic or not, requires certain thing to unfold. There needs to be, in some way, a connection to the characters, a plot that offers a story to be told and a resolution of that plot that’s more than the waving of a hand and a solution coming out of the blue.

A story needs time to happen, rushing that story in order to come to an ending doesn’t really work well. More so, a story with erotica, even if it is fleeting, needs some heat, a reason for being. Offering a story that leaves only questions about what exactly happened isn’t be best way to leave characters, or a reader, hanging.

The work tells the story of:

Jenna thought Garret’s obsession with dark magic was just part of the goth scene. That all changed when Garret convinced Jenna to have sex in a graveyard in an attempt to summon a demon. Pure foolishness she thought until a demonic presence haunt every reflection in which she saw herself.

Jenna finds herself brought to have sex in a graveyard and things start to go out of hand soon after. A shadow appears, a voice haunts her and things go from confusing to terrible in a short span of time. Caught in a trap, the way out isn’t the easiest thing to find.

It’s difficult to say this is a work of erotica because there’s really not that much erotica to speak of. It is teased, suggested, but rarely actually unfolds. What little there is has very little heat and doesn’t add all that much to the story as a whole. It’s a bit more accurate to call this a mystery/horror work that has a lot of teenage relationship attached to it.

The main character doesn’t really develop through the story, she’s not much different at the end than the beginning overall. In the same way, the being that haunts her might be an incubus, but it isn’t made clear, their name isn’t told, what they desire isn’t explored. They are a shadow used to some horror effects and a little bit of erotic tease but little more.

The ending of the work is somewhat of a surprise, not really answering anything, just bringing the work to a close as quickly as possible it seems. It is a reflection of the balance of the story in that there’s a rush to get to the end as there was within the story to get to the next part along the way. It’s a shame because there are other characters in the story that might have been explored, perhaps the incubus might have been more involved with them. Perhaps there might have been something more than a fleeting connection between Jenna and the incubus as well. The connection to the characters just were too tenuous for me and that’s a shame.

The idea of the work was interesting, there was some promise in it, but much of the complexities of the characters themselves, the situation and the events didn’t get as much time as they might have. The work could have been doubled in length and then I think there would have been a far better story than what actually developed.

The work needs more focus, the characters to be developed more. There’s quite a few plots left unanswered and not touched on, not the least being who the incubus, if he was one, is, what he wanted. Beyond that, the ending was confusing, didn’t make sense with the balance of the story and left more questions than answers. This reads like an incomplete story, being only the highlights of something more to be told. Perhaps the author might consider expanding on what they have and making more of this than there is.

One pitchfork out of five.

There’s really not a lot of story, the characters don’t develop, the incubus, if he is one, never has a chance to tell his story. The ending makes little sense, almost feeling like it was dropped in to end things in a hurry. This could have been a lot more than it is. Sadly the promise didn’t get where it could have.



Apr 01 2017

A much too short Morrigan Aensland Cosplayer YouTube

There is a cosplayer in Brazil who has some amazing cosplay. Her name is Danielle Vedovelli and she tends to portray a lot of video game characters such as, Morrigan Aensland, for example. I found a YouTube that has one image of her Morrigan Aensland cosplay, but I also have found a few more images to share today as well.


If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

I think she has the right look to be a “real world” Morrigan Aensland, but the video is much too short to do this much justice and so, here is a small gallery of her cosplay to enjoy as well.

An amazing cosplayer and one that obviously loves her craft and creations…