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Jul 16 2018

Sing By TeraS

There are moments when we lose touch, when we get wrapped up in episodes which take us away. But, in spite of this, regardless of the events, in the tapestry that becomes woven, there are echoes that are remembered. Within these comes the need to listen and …   Sing By TeraS   The winds …

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Jul 09 2018

Moongazing By TeraS

A bit later this week will be the birthday of a dear friend. He might expect that there would be no marking of the moment, little in the way of remembering that important event. But the thing is, I’m not one to overlook moments shared when …   Moongazing By TeraS   For Elliot … …

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Jul 02 2018

Cherry Tree By TeraS

There is a myth told about a certain individual who went by the name of George, something that happened many years ago; a story about a certain tree that was “damaged” when he was quite young; a statement made about him not being able to lie about what he’d done. This particular myth does bring …

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Jul 01 2018

The Realm’s Palindromic Canada Day

Canada Day has arrived in the Realm… Somewhat warmer than usual, and with the coming of this day, the Poet Laureate thereof, my heart, has brought forth on this day the giggling of a certain red tail that loves his wit for always…     O Canada! No Realm, but one nice land! True patriot …

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Jun 18 2018

Wisdom By TeraS

It was Father’s Day yesterday and I found myself thinking that I’ve talked about my relationship with my mom and haven’t really told a story about my Eternal’s relationship with his father. Today then, a story that has one foot in the Realm and another in Reality. There are lessons we learn through our own …

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Jun 01 2018

Two Years Hence By TeraS

It is two years now since Goddess called my Eternal’s mother home. A story then today, one that reflects something of reality and something of hope when time has marked the passing of …   Two Years Hence By TeraS   Time passes; it is a foundation upon which the universe itself is built upon. …

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Apr 16 2018

Mourning By TeraS

Today is April 16th, the birthday of my Eternal’s mother, the heart of our family. It is to be, soon, two years hence the day she was called home to Goddess. I was going to write something very sad this week, something that tells, as poorly as it would be, how much she’s missed, what …

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