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Nov 26 2017

A Review of Reverend Cross 004R by John A. Short

It’s been some time since I’ve reviewed a comic book on the Tale and today I will be reviewing a work that is part of an ongoing series, and it’s one in which succubi, or rather a single succubus, is but a small chapter in the overall work. The thing about comic books and graphic …

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Nov 25 2017

A YouTube of Anri Okita cosplaying Morrigan Aensland

Anri Okita as Morrigan Aensland

From time to time there are the occasional, somewhat more adult oriented, videos that appear which have a succubus theme to them. Not too many of those have the actress playing Morrigan Aensland mind you. I stumbled across this YouTube some time ago of Anri Okita cosplaying as Morrigan Aensland and I have some… thoughts …

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Nov 24 2017

A Review of The Demon in the Dark by Bo Naidal

A review, and it’s been a while I know, but there will be reviews popping up a lot over the next while as I catch up on months of reviewing that I haven’t been able to. All that said and we start with the first work in a series which, for me at least, didn’t …

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Nov 23 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 514

One of the images that I like are those that show, quite clearly, that in many ways, in many worlds, succubi are not just the power behind the throne, but they do, in fact, own the throne in the first place. For this week’s succubi art, a succubus in her element, in control and quite …

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Nov 22 2017

The dress is cute, the horns are a bit much though…

Dark Sorceress Devil Costume

Occasionally the costume isn’t that much of a costume. Many times what matters is the look of the dress, how it’s shaped, the material and the look that can make it something special. I might prefer red, but sometimes black makes a wonderfully tempting choice. Even if the horns are a really bad idea. This …

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Nov 22 2017

And so… Ten years of the Tale…

This particular post will appear on November 24th, 2017… But it actually should have appeared on the 22nd which was the tenth anniversary, or Taleiversary of… well a lot of things actually now that I think about that a bit… I think it’s interesting that the tenth birthday of the Tale came just before Thanksgiving …

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Nov 21 2017

A Review of The Cheerleader and the Succubus by Skylar Wade

The problem with a short story is being short, the ideas and plots tend to be not that complex. That said, many times a story tries to insert a lot of ideas and characters, to get everything on the page before it’s forgotten. That is the problem, as a whole. A short story can’t support …

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