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A Review of Madison by Kayci Morgan

Madison by Kayci Morgan

Characters being transformed into succubi is a common story plot point. The issue becomes when the characters aren’t themselves, the story devolves into sex alone, and there’s little in the way of developing the characters beyond the transformation. A review then of the first work in the Succubi Gone Wild series which offers something interesting, …

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Believe In Yourself–Part III by TeraS

It’s the first Monday in 2022 and we return to Regina’s story once more. The question that matters isn’t what you can do, it’s what you can do when you … Believe In Yourself–Part III By TeraS Regina giggled. She couldn’t help herself. There wasn’t really any way it could be avoided. It was funny, …

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A Review of The Succubus by Madam K. Alexandra

The Succubus by Madam K. Alexandra

Heat alone does not a good succubus story make. The succubus needs to be seductive, intelligent and have a power onto herself. It’s the telling of their story, those that are drawn into her world and where that takes both the succubus and others in the erotica that matters more. A review then of the …

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The 2021 Succubi Year in Review

The first day of 2022 brings a look back at 2021. Overall it’s been somewhat thin on the appearance of Succubi, That’s not really a surprise considering the state of things in the world, the current focus on science fiction themes as well in most media. Still, there are some notes here and there over …

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A Review of The Succubus Situation by S. V. Kerres

The Succubus Situation by S. V. Kerres

Most of the succubi that appear in stories tend to be mature, intelligent and occasionally devious. It’s a bit of a trope as a whole, but it leaves something untouched and that’s the question of what they were like before they became who there are. A review then of a work in which a young …

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Succubi Image of the Week 725

Succubus / Ms. Helge by KIRIKO-Yumeji

Some of the really interesting works of succubi art are those in which succubi warriors appear. A work this week that has that sort of theme, but also offers something of a temptation held in an apple… This work is by the artist KIRIKO-Yumeji on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this …

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It’s purple, it’s shiny, but those horns…

Purple Strappy Sleeveless Pleated Caged 3 Piece Devil Costume

Red isn’t the only colour for succubi, and those that know of the Realm are aware there are many tail colours. A costume this time that amused me and a certain purple tail too. This is called the Purple Strappy Sleeveless Pleated Caged 3 Piece Devil Costume and it comes with the two piece dress …

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