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A Review of Devilish Nights by J. Lynn

Devilish Nights by J. Lynn

A character is not what they are alone. It’s not a true representation of who they are or why they act as they do. Giving voice to the emotions within opens a story to being something more than superficial. It gives life and purpose. We can always be better than we are. We can see …

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Succubi Image of the Week 754

Morrigan Aensland by Guaky

It’s time for Morrigan Aensland to return as the Succubi of the Week once more. It’s sort of expected that Morrigan would be seen in a way that allows her rather ample curves to be shown well. But there’s another side of Morrigan that really isn’t seen often and should have it’s due… This lovely …

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There are better gloves really

Evil Fingers Wet Look Gloves

I do like latex very much, those that know me are very well, and in some cases, intimately aware of this. The SuccuDress, to which all costumes are judged against, does have as part of the look a pair of opera gloves in black. It’s very much the right look and I have… well probably …

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A Review of Saving Supervillains by Bruce Sentar

Saving Supervillains by Bruce Sentar

Stories set in a superhero universe almost always have the succubus character be evil in some way. Overall that’s really quite boring as it just sends the character in a stereotypical direction. But, occasionally there’s a twist that offers something better, something more captivating and fun that makes the story worthwhile. A review then of …

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Becoming Part VII By TeraS

We return to Morgane’s story this time on the Tale, which I realize is a bit of a surprise considering the delays along the way. Still, it is never a straight path one travels when one is … Becoming Part VII By TeraS For Morgane This can’t be real. I’m still in the dream. It’s …

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A Review of Demon With Error by Lika Star

Demon With Error by Lika Star

Sometimes a story doesn’t quite manage to express itself as clearly as it might otherwise be. Perhaps the dialogue is odd, or there’s a feeling that the story was translated from another language, losing some of the story along the way. It’s a shame when this happens with a story that has emotion, need, want …

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A Seductive Succubus Speedpainting YouTube

Succubus by Hibren Art

There aren’t many images of Succubi in the midst of seducing their prey. The moment between the first attraction and the entanglements that come next. A YouTube them today of the creation of artwork that tells that moment’s story well. If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As …

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