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Nov 14 2018

Cheap Devil Costume accessories are cheap

There are a lot of costume accessories to create Devil Girl costumes and the thing about them is, almost always, they look cheap, feel cheap and are cheap. They aren’t really much good, they aren’t that sexy or seductive either. But they do amuse me sometimes and the accessory kit this week is one of …

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Nov 11 2018

Open Hearted By TeraS

Today marks my heart’s birthday and as such a small story to mark this day dearly. Words that, really, cannot say everything I’d like them to, but they are given…   Open Hearted By TeraS   For my heart, for always…   I don’t think, truly, I can put into words what my heart means …

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Nov 10 2018

A very quick Succubus speedart YouTube

A rather short speedart YouTube today on the tale, and it’s a rather small image as well. That said, I think she has a lovely look for a succubus and being so, I did want to share.   If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. And, as always, …

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Nov 08 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 564

Occasionally I discover a work of succubus art that I find delightful. The art is lovely, the character gives me pause to consider and, sometimes, the title of the work just fits perfectly. An image then this week of a succubus who, really, is perfectly good.   This work is by the artist Korpikuu and …

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Nov 07 2018

It’s an angel costume but it’s not that far from a devilish one…

Just past Halloween, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not mulling over costumes. There are quite a number of angel costumes to be found, and some of them aren’t really that far from being devilish or succubish. A costume this time that’s a good place to start at least. This is called the Outcast Angel Costume …

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Nov 03 2018

A YouTube about Succubi Lore in Dungeons and Dragons

Succubi have been a part of Dungeons and Dragons from the beginning and while they have been, at times it’s been a little disappointing in the lack of sensuality and sexuality that they have. In later editions that undercurrent of sexuality and its use in controlling the… more feeble-minded and otherwise, has come a bit …

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Nov 01 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 563

It’s the beginning of November and it’s been a bit since Morrigan Aensland has been the Succubi Image of the Week. As such, an image of her that is delightfully sexy and yet gives such a telling glimpse into her character…   I found this art originally on Pixiv and you can find the original …

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