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Succubi Image of the Week 755

New oc -- Lilith {+ Vid } by Snow-Kichiii

There are some portraits of Succubi characters that offer what I think of as the barest of hints as to their personality and story. It’s something to think about which comes from an expression, a pose and the mystery they are… This lovely succubi character of mystery is by the artist Snow-Kichiii on DeviantArt and …

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It’s close as a costume but it’s missing something

Black Strapless Faux Leather Busk Closure Two Piece Devil Costume

There are the occasional costumes where, given a bit more thought and a bit more style, they might actually be sort of appealing. That might not be the most positive thing to say, but it’s a start. This is the Black Strapless Faux Leather Busk Closure Two Piece Devil Costume, which is a terrible name, …

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A Review of A Demon Visits Gaia by Jenna Nix

A Demon Visits Gaia by Jenna Nix

A story needs a main character that offers something different. Something to catch the interest of a reader and carry them through to the end of the story. It’s not enough for them to be sleepwalking through events, to be the same as where they began. It’s in that discovery of themselves and who they …

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Explain by TeraS

Another pause in Morgane’s story for various reasons that I shan’t go into. In spite of this, there is a story to tell, something of a side Tale from the Realm that the Queen needs to … Explain By TeraS Some things need to be explained. Whether they be vast and complicated or small and …

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A Review of The Device Returns by M Wills

The Device Returns by M Wills

Succubus transformations happen in many different ways. There’s magic, science, aliens and a long list of other means to explore. As such having a succubus transformation in a story there’s an expectation that it beings something to the core of what’s being told. A transformation that’s part of an overall story can work, but when …

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An Amazing 3D Succubus Artwork YouTube

Succubus by BangkuART

Something of an interesting process YouTube today on the Tale that I found delightful. It’s the connection between the look, the expression and the form of a succubus character that can create something quite telling. If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, in case the video …

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A Review of Devilish Nights by J. Lynn

Devilish Nights by J. Lynn

A character is not what they are alone. It’s not a true representation of who they are or why they act as they do. Giving voice to the emotions within opens a story to being something more than superficial. It gives life and purpose. We can always be better than we are. We can see …

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