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A Review of Dream Intervention by Pen Ghost

Dream Intervention by Pen Ghost

A review of the third work in the Divine Sex Inc series today and it’s one in which the story starts to get more involved with the universe and how things work as a whole. That’s a positive thing but skimming over details really doesn’t tell the story that should be. One must learn to …

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Miriam by TeraS

Miriam by Avioetca

On December 1st the SuccuWiki will be having its 15th anniversary. Yesterday on the SuccuWiki I published the 8,000th article. On each thousandth mark I tell something about one of the Realm’s characters and for this milestone it’s Miriam. Here’s her story… Name: Miriam Title(s): Yellow Tailed Librarian of the Realm AngelKitty: Dewey Age: Physically …

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A Review of No Regrets by Pen Ghost

No Regrets by Pen Ghost

A review of the second short work in the Divine Sex Inc series by Pen Ghost today. At this point, the story seems to be trying to find itself, but there’s points where it’s stumbling to do so. At some point the erotica has to give way to the story telling to tell the story …

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A unique Succubus Figurine Timelapse YouTube

Succubus Figurine by shumakerart

A rather unique work of sculpture this time on the Tale, one that I wish I had discovered long before I did for various reasons. That said, a really fascinating idea which I quite enjoy. In the event you cannot see this YouTube here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, here’s a …

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A Review of Enchanted By The Tentacle Demon by Ashlynne Eliza

Enchanted By The Tentacle Demon by Ashlynne Eliza

A review today of the third work in the Altar of Desire series by Ashlynne Eliza this time on the Tale. I adore stories in which Succubi and Angels come together, in all of the ways possible. More so when their experiences bring them closer together. Not all demons are evil, some can be seeking …

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Succubi Image of the Week 772

Succuba by Podarok

If there is one colour that most associated with Succubi, it would of course be red. However a very close second is green and especially with so-green eyes. A work of art this week which leaves red aside for some wonderfully seductive green. This lovely work is by the artist Podarok on Pixiv and you …

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At least the horns match…

Halloween Black Devil Costume

On occasion there is a costume which has some promise and more rarely actually isn’t totally trashy. This is called the Halloween Black Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the wings and the horns. Stockings are not included and it sells for $25 US. Overall this looks relatively nice given that the wings …

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