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Succubi Image of the Week 763

Succubus - J(2) by HippoNova

Something of a rare thing this week on the Tale. It’s not often that I share Succubi art from the same artist two weeks in a row. But this week’s art by HippoNova is just lovely and something so very special… You can find the original page with this work on DeviantArt here. this is …

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Really not sure if this is more silly than trashy

LED Devil Horns

There are some examples of devil horn headbands that have given me pause. To consider how bad they really are. To try to come to terms with the tacky they are and then there’s this.. wonder… in which I can’t decide if tacky or silly wins. These are the LED Devil Horns and they sell …

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A Review of Lilith’s Daughter by Zoe DeNoir

Lilith's Daughter by Zoe DeNoir

There are some stories that offer a lot in the characters and the events of the story, but can’t quite give enough to what’s offered simply because the work is so dearly short. In many cases there’s characters that are delightfully naughty in their being succubi, but there’s just not enough time to get to …

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Friendship by TeraS

A birthday came and went a short time ago, actually two of them within a couple of days of each other, but I’m going to focus on one this week and the other next week. There are some gifts that are far more precious than others. They have no monetary value, they cannot be bought …

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A Review of Special Order: The Fae Princess by B.B. Dale

Special Order: The Fae Princess by B.B. Dale

The development of a character, be they Succubi or Incubi or some other soul, can be so very captivating when done well. It’s in the change as time passes, the discovery of what matters most where they become something more by the end of the story. In telling of their good and bad, their understanding …

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A Short Cute Animated Succubus Vimeo

Succubus by Violetta Malinina

A very short, but lovely, Succubus animated artwork today on the Tale. This particular one is really so very delightfully fun and cute, I think the character is amazing and the animation is perfect for her look and style. If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, …

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A Review of The Bimbo Stopwatch by Cindy Lapel

The Bimbo Stopwatch by Cindy Lapel

Succubi appear in magic stories quite often. They give rise to the desires of others or claim them for themselves. Being background, or a means to push the plot forwards has a tendency to leave their own story lacking as a whole. When a delightfully fun succubus seductress appears and isn’t really given something of …

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