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A Review of Suddenly Succubus by K.T. Daring

Suddenly Succubus by K.T. Daring

The theme of a character becoming a Succubus can be told in many ways. The most common are the stories in which it’s like a switch is turned and they have only one thing on their minds. That’s rather disappointing, not the least being that much of the time the character really isn’t who they …

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Gongshow – Part III by TeraS

There comes a point in stories where something happens that is unexpected. A moment when something is revealed, someone is encountered, or, occasionally, there’s something so very surprising. For Tina, that’s the moment when she realizes that, when things start to go crazy, it’s a sure sign of a … Gongshow – Part III By …

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A Review of Summon Him by Kasumi Lee

Summon Him by Kasumi Lee

There are some stories about Succubi and Incubi in which they themselves aren’t quite as important as the events that unfold. They are the catalyst for other characters to learn about themselves, discover secrets held from them. It becomes more important that they keep to the shadows, appearing only when needed to push things that …

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A very cute 3D Succubus Vimeo Animation

Succubus by Sasha Sanfok

A lovely and cute bit of 3D animation I found on Vimeo recently which I think is delightful. I do like cute and playful succubi and this particular character is every bit that. In case you cannot see this video her on the Tale, please try this link. The artist posted the work on ArtStation …

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A Review of Demons of the Past by Jack Wright

Demons of the Past by Jack Wright

There are some stories in which only a bare hint of events is revealed. There’s a complex tapestry of characters, their actions and what comes as a result, but there’s also something missing in the shadows that seems to offer something more to tell that isn’t. It’s in such stories where the driving plot simply …

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Succubi Image of the Week 765

C: Korrinth by Zoratrix

A bit of Succubi art this time on the Tale which I think is so very mischievous in pose, character and expression most of all… This work is by the artist Zoratrix on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here. Delightfully naughty smile with a hint of evil that I …

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At least some effort went into this Tail

Deluxe Devil Tail Halloween Costume Accessory

I haven’t really found a costume tail that I think really looks right for a long time. Save of course for the very special ones that I have had made for myself… and we shan’t speak of what those cost. Still, once in a while there’s a mass produced tail that appears which actually shows …

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