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A Review of Enjoying Ms. Gold’s Naughty Lesson by Reed James

Enjoying Ms. Gold's Naughty Lesson by Reed James

A review of the tenth work in the Succubus’s Naughty Romp series by Reed James today in which, following the prior work in the series, falls back into the harem story but gives a little movement in the plot for the future. Jezebel returns to being the tool for Trent’s passion, the harem swoons all …

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Gongshow – Part IV by TeraS

It is said that strange things happen around yellow-tails. There is a sense that their true abilities aren’t quite understood well because there are so few of them. When two of the brightest of them meet, there’s every possibility there will, not might, be a … Gongshow – Part IV By TeraS For Justin, for …

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A Review of Demon Mother by Kasumi Lee

Demon Mother by Kasumi Lee

Not every story that tells of there being a succubus within the pages really delivers on that suggestion. Sometimes there’s a real question as to if there was a succubus in the story. On occasion a character is described as being one in passing. Then there are the fevered dreams explored when reality shifts and …

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An amazing 3D Succubus Character Design

3D Succubus by Sook Youn Lee

This time on the Take, I stumbled across a YouTube of what appears to be a succubus character design for a video game and I think it’s just really amazingly well done. In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, a screenshot from the video …

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A Review of Memoirs of a Young Succubus: A journey through poetry and prose by Leilah Marie

Memoirs of a Young Succubus: A journey through poetry and prose by Leilah Marie

There are very few works of prose and poems which have to some extent reflections of a Succubus theme within them. Admittantly many of those are written to express the raw sexual nature of an encounter or the needs of Succubi in general. It’s more interesting and involving when the work focuses upon one’s own …

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Succubi Image of the Week 766

Succubus by arm96

The style of Succubi matters quite a lot obviously. In their look something of their personality as a whole comes through, even if it doesn’t tell the entire story. This week’s image I think is a good reflection of that idea… This work is by the artist arm96 on DeviantArt and you can find the …

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It’s a better idea than a wig overall

Long Red:Orange Hair Extensions

I really don’t wear wigs, mainly because I don’t like how they feel and how they look. That said, hair extensions are something I’ve played with when the Queen of the Realm’s somewhat evil side comes out to play. I found some hair extensions that seem like they ar a promising thing to think about… …

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