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Succubi Image of the Week 700

Thigh High Thursday #95 by Doc000

And so we reach the 700th Succubi Image on the Tale… Something special then, in a lot of ways for me at least this time. I’ve spoken of Doc000 in the past, the wonderful 3D art that they create and how wonderful they are in putting up with my “ideas” from time to time. A …

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I suppose this could be a look for being in the office from Hell

Devilish Diva Costume

Occasionally I discover a costume that does bemuse me. I might not like it a lot, I well can find things that I think could be better, but still, I am… bemused. This is the Devilish Diva Costume and it comes with the dress the jacket, which has a tail attached to it, and a …

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A Review of The Futa Succubus Awakens by J. Harper

The Futa Succubus Awakens by J. Harper

Origin stories about characters can be interesting for their reflection, what they mean to their current being and, for the most part, they can set what the future of a series might be. A review then of the first work in a new series in which there’s a lot of questions and the title of …

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Lost in the Act by TeraS

Cassie’s story continues this time on the Tale … You can find Part One, Caught in the Act here. Perhaps the hardest thing to do is actually say what’s in one’s thoughts to someone else; to say the things one never really wanted to admit to oneself. They say that bearing one’s soul can be …

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A Review of Cheating On My Girlfriend with a Succubus by Brian Beltane

Cheating On My Girlfriend with a Succubus by Brian Beltane

Sometimes in the telling of a story with a succubus, there’s something missing and many times that comes to the succubus herself. They can be evil or good, passionate or cold, needy or demanding. It’s very much up to the author to sort out who they are and why they act as they do. It’s …

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A striking Succubus artwork process YouTube

Succubus by Art By Nanna

Perhaps I am a bit biased in how much I am delighted with art of Succubi that is both strikingly sexy, but wonderfully seductive. A process YouTube this week in which there’s so much delight to be found… In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. And …

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A Review of The Incubus Stories by Jennie Lee Schade

The Incubus Stories by Jennie Lee Schade

Many stories about succubi and incubi tend to have them either physical entities or spiritual beings. This makes sense of course, they are, or rather can be, such things. Where stories become interesting is when the succubus or incubus moves from the realm of thought to the realities that exist. Within that shift comes something …

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