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Succubi Stock Index Week 1

And the first week of the Succubi Index has ended… Here is the original pricing… Here is the closing pricing as of Friday, May 2nd… The current index price is: $39.39… The opening index price was $30.51… So for the first week the index is up $8.88… That’s not that bad really… Tera

Succubi Stock Index Update

I’ve gotten a bit further in the creation of the Succubi Stock Index taking in some of the suggestions that have been left by James, Fzy1 and BFSlave… The translation and starting price for each stock follows: PLA – Playboy Enterprises – 8.49 LTD – The Limited Company (Victoria’s Secret) – 19.37 JNJ – Johnson …

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The Succubi Index

I was looking at the stock market this morning and had a really odd thought… What would make up a Succubi Index of stocks? After taking some time to work out the companies connected to products that Succubi would use, I came up with the following stocks that would make up the index… ConagraFoods – …

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