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Hot Flash By TeraS

Like some other works of late, this work will appear on the Tale when it should have, even if it actually becomes visible about a month later, more or less. As seems to be the norm, I’m not finding the time to write something more than a little flash of a story. But then, on …

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Succubus Tales IV – Many Pleasures Indeed

I think, as a whole, one of Tera’s favourite things is to teach others. Perhaps not always lessons and not always the meaning is an obvious one. But, as some would say, she can… teach.   Succubus Tales IV: Many Pleasures Indeed By TeraS and her Adored Brother   Once I got to the top …

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Reflections by TeraS

Reflections By TeraS The past mirrors what was before. The future displays, dimly, what might be. Each reflects a glimmer of who we are. Each reveals a shadow of who we were. But neither fully presents the here and now.

Dancing by TeraS

Dancing By TeraS One night a year One spotlit moment so-blue eyes so-green eyes The season’s dance The night’s embrace Together dancing Together always

Fall by TeraS

Fall By TeraS Summer heat cools into fall, leafy green turns fiery red, yet so-green sparkles in playful eyes as ebony hair hints at the red. The Queen counts days as Halloween simmers, waiting for flambé.

Fall By TeraS

There are a number of stories that I haven’t managed to finish, as regular readers of the Tale are well aware. At the same time, there are stories that pop into my thoughts from time to time which aren’t written down or perhaps they are started, but seem not to get anywhere in particular. Sometimes …

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In the Eyes of Prey by TeraS and her Adored Brother

Over the past while I’ve been poking my tail into the story of another world, another universe, in which succubi appear. The world is the creation of my Adored Brother, and over time we’ve managed to create something that’s complex, heartfelt and more. This time on the Tale, a story from the other side of …

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