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May 15 2017

Fields By TeraS

There are some stories that hold within them a truth. What that is can only be seen by the one that reads the words and understands what the writer is talking about. Perhaps—no, most certainly—the secrets held tell something more when one travels upon the …   Fields By TeraS   For the one who …

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May 14 2017

Mother’s Day Remembrance

On this Mother’s Day… We miss you Mom, both of you…   Wishing for nothing more than one more hug, one more smile, just one more… everything.   With Love Your Daughter and Son   A Daughter that knew two mothers. A Son that shared with his love the only Mother he knew.

May 08 2017

Chances Are By TeraS

There are moments in which a call comes; a message arrives; there’s a note which tells of someone you know, perhaps all too fleetingly, who faces some uncertainties. You find yourself on the other side of the world, only able to worry about this person, hold this friend in your thoughts, and hope that … …

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May 01 2017

Afterwards By TeraS

This story should have been shared on the Tale last week, or at least that was sort of the plan. But things conspired against me, and so it’s appearing one week late. Or rather, it will be shared one week late, but still appear to be on the right day and time otherwise. Time is, …

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Apr 29 2017

Relaxing – Tera’s 2017 Birthday Manip

I’ll admit that this isn’t much of a manip, but in the same way the past year is one that I’m well done with honestly. Still, there is a new year, a milestone in a way, and perhaps there’s something to be said about the promise of realizing a moment, then continuing on… But first one needs …

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Apr 24 2017

Hold onto Hope By TeraS

It’s been … a week. A week in which I’ve found myself at a loss, not able to do anything to make things right for those I love. Perhaps that is the hardest thing, wanting to do something, anything … but you can’t. That awful feeling inside has been with me for over a year …

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Apr 17 2017

Succubus Tales IV – The Chosen of Goddess

It’s time to share another part of the series called Succubus Tales that I am writing with my Adored Brother. This series originally appeared on DeviantArt and you can find them here with the images that go along with the stories. This then, is what I think of as Part Four, though in actuality it’s Chapter …

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