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Nov 15 2017

It’s a bit bland as a costume really…

Basic Devil Costume

There are some costumes that are rather plain looking. There’s not really so much style as there is just the semblance of presence. They aren’t sexy, they aren’t seductive either. Overall I can’t say they are much more than the “safe” choice when all is considered. Perhaps for some they are an option, some they …

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Nov 14 2017

A Review of Lethia: Demonic Desire by Saria Darkwood

The cover of an ebook doesn’t always reflect the story within. A case in point is the work I am reviewing today where there’s a disconnect between the visuals and the story itself. That said, the summary however drew my attention and made me wonder what was going to happen from the opening page. My …

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Nov 12 2017

A Review of Spirited! by Naomi Stone

A review on the Tale today of a work that originally appeared in 2013 and since that point has been reissued at least twice, the last being recently in November 2017. What strikes me most about these reissues is that each time the work reappears, it has gained in depth and breath. That’s not a …

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Nov 10 2017

A Review of No Rest for the Wicked by Jennie Kew

A review today of a story that asks a question that I have to admit I’ve never considered about succubi and incubi. What is the worst thing that could happen to them and what is the effect of that? Now, how that all comes together and what the result is, has to be left to …

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Nov 08 2017

If nothing else, the costume is a little shiny…

Shiny Devil Costume

Occasionally there is a costume that has something going for it. A style, something a little different. It’s a rare thing when an ensemble actually looks decent enough to get out of being tacky and being something that’s ever so slightly classy. This is called the Shiny Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, horns …

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Nov 07 2017

A Review of Succubus Autumn by Indigo Fulmen

It’s been some time since the first work in the Seasons of the Succubus series by Indigo Fulmen was published and you can find my review of that work here on the Tale. Today then, the next work in the series in which things get not better at all. There’s a thing about telling a story …

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Nov 05 2017

A Review of Pink by Misty Vixen

I’ve reviewed works by Misty Vixen in the past on the Tale, you can find one of them here and today I’ll be reviewing one of the author’s more recents works. What I particularly enjoy about the succubi the author tells of in her stories, is that while not all of them are nice, they …

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