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Sometimes accents do matter on a Devil Costume

Sizzling Devil Costume

It’s not always a simple thing to mix black and red well in a costume. Much of the time red is used for flame accents on whatever the costume looks like. Sometimes that works, many times it doesn’t. That said, there’s the occasional look that manages to just miss being trashy and gets into the …

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Some musings on the Dota 2 Succubus

Queen of Pain Character Art

I will admit that I’ve never played Dota 2, nor am I really all that versed in the overall game mechanics and so on. But the game does have succubi appearing, and as such that does interest me. It’s a game that, at some point, I’ll have to really develop the SuccuWiki entry for of …

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It’s uninspiring really as Devil Costumes go…

Malicious Devil Costume

There’s a point at which a costume goes that little bit too far. The look is too busy, there’s too many things added to the basic look that just makes things a hot mess. Now, that’s not to say there’s a few things in this week’s costume that are interesting, but there’s too much going …

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It’s a hyperactive Horned Naughty Tale Music YouTube really

Horned Naughty Tale Music Video by Hands Up Anime

There’s actually quite a number of YouTubes that are music with some sort of succubus theme to them. From time to time I’ll be sharing the ones I find, as sort of an ongoing attempt at trying to find music that makes some sort of sense, at least to me. That said, the music this …

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This is not the costume you think it is.

Red Devil Babe Costume Kit

While I do understand that the point of many of the images which are used to sell costumes are to make them as appealing as possible, there are times where they are a bit misleading. Sometimes one has to be careful to read the fine print because sometimes what you see isn’t exactly what you …

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A WIP Vimeo of drawing Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell

Sukkubi - Hottest girl in hell by Sturmir

In my wanderings about Deviantart, I came across an artwork of a character the artist called Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell. I think the character is wonderfully sexy and I had intended her to be a Succubi of the Week at some point. Then I discovered that the artist, known as Sturmir on Deviantart, …

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Another example of a costume with a tail that’s trashy

Flaming Deva Costume

I can’t recall more than a bare handful of tails on devil costumes that didn’t make me cringe. There are some which are just a strip of fabric with a spade stapled to them. Others have some shape, but just sort of dangle there limply. Then there are those costumes where there’s something added that …

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