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May 26 2018

It’s a hyperactive Horned Naughty Tale Music YouTube really

There’s actually quite a number of YouTubes that are music with some sort of succubus theme to them. From time to time I’ll be sharing the ones I find, as sort of an ongoing attempt at trying to find music that makes some sort of sense, at least to me. That said, the music this …

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May 23 2018

This is not the costume you think it is.

While I do understand that the point of many of the images which are used to sell costumes are to make them as appealing as possible, there are times where they are a bit misleading. Sometimes one has to be careful to read the fine print because sometimes what you see isn’t exactly what you …

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May 19 2018

A WIP Vimeo of drawing Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell

In my wanderings about Deviantart, I came across an artwork of a character the artist called Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell. I think the character is wonderfully sexy and I had intended her to be a Succubi of the Week at some point. Then I discovered that the artist, known as Sturmir on Deviantart, …

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May 16 2018

Another example of a costume with a tail that’s trashy

I can’t recall more than a bare handful of tails on devil costumes that didn’t make me cringe. There are some which are just a strip of fabric with a spade stapled to them. Others have some shape, but just sort of dangle there limply. Then there are those costumes where there’s something added that …

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May 12 2018

An interesting Succubus Dancing Vimeo

I found a rather interesting video on Vimeo some time ago, but it got… shuffled… amongst quite a few other succubus themed videos I have found. Now, as the video has a succubus dancing, and it’s called Shufflebus… I really do need to share this if for no other reason that it just makes me …

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May 09 2018

The costume isn’t that awful… But the tail is.

Occasionally there’s a devil costume that really isn’t all that bad overall. But why is it that, almost every time, that the tail is just so dearly trashy that it wrecks any hope of the costume being something almost sexy? This is called the Pentagram Devil Costume and it comes with the red sequined sleeveless romper, …

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May 05 2018

An interesting Succubus Vimeo short

I stumbled across a very short little film on Vimeo this week which I find both really quite well done and at the same time a little bit disappointing. It’s filmed well, the music is lovely, the cosplayer is wonderful in her role. But it’s the little falling back into the expected stereotype of succubi …

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