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A Review of Hell’s Horny Demon by Alana Church

Hell's Horny Demon by Alana Church

A review today of a new work by Alana Church, the first in her new series called Hell’s Horny Angels. I’ve reviewed many of her works in the past, and I’ve always been delighted in her writing, her characters, and how her stories unfold. Evil is, when you think about it, a state of mind …

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A Review of Seduction of the RA by Devlin Price

Seduction of the RA by Devlin Price

A review of the first work in a new series today, which has some good aspects to it, but seems to be faltering on being a bit too focused on the sexual aspects of the story and not enough on the storytelling, which is a shame. Being alone isn’t the end of a story, it’s …

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A YouTube of Morrigan’s changes in video games

I have said, many times, that Morrigan Aensland is one of my favourite Succubi characters. She’s changed over time in the video games she’s appeared in and I found a neat little YouTube that shows how she’s changed… In the event the video doesn’t appear on the Tale, try this link. Obviously as the technology …

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A Review of Corrupted Mortal Vessel by David Gosnell

Corrupted Mortal Vessel by David Gosnell

It’s been quite some time since I last reviewed a book on the Tale. Eventually someone will read this note hopefully when I have filled in a number of years of reviews and other things that I haven’t been able to do. But with that said, a review today of a book written by an …

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It’s more meh a costume than fierce

Fierce Devil Costume

Occasionally there’s a costume that appears which make me cringe… Now, to be clear, most costumes I shake my head and sigh, but then comes something like this that seems to have bit of the creativity that I can’t help but notice is lacking much of the time. But I also wonder why a little …

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A lovely short Succubi YouTube…

LightiningDark Succubus

Just a very short YouTube this time on the tail. It’s very simple, but the art is lovely, the succubus herself is wonderful and the little touch of animation just makes this delightful… If this video does not play on the Tale, please try this link and here’s a screenshot from the video in case …

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Sometime simple is sexy for a costume

Red Satan Devil Costume

It doesn’t really take a lot to make a costume have a bit of flair, be that little bit seductive and sexy without having to push things things into the realms of trashiness. That said, a costume this week that was on the track to being something lovely… and then ran headlong into a wall …

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