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A Review of Seduced By Moonlight by Vivian Blake

Seduced By Moonlight by Vivian Blake

Succubi and angels in love is a delightful story to tell. The thing is, just having the story be a simple good and evil based theme really doesn’t do the characters justice. But if the characters are the focus, and that allows them to become more than where they begin, it gives the opportunity for …

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A Succubus Resident Evil 2 Game Mod YouTube

Resident Evil 2 Ada in Super Succubus Outfit GamePlay

I’ll admit to playing very few video games, more so that the ones I’ll have a look at need to have Succubi in them for me to do so. Still, there are mods that can be used to transform characters that exist in games to looking like Succubi. A YouTube then of a mod for …

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A Review of Against the Grain: A Human’s Guide to Wooing an Asexual Incubi by Nikole Knight

Against the Grain: A Human's Guide to Wooing an Asexual Incubi by Nikole Knight

Sometimes one’s own needs are, sadly, overwhelmed by their family. It’s a very poor thing to do, it causes no end of harm. It’s especially sad when one’s heart cannot be true to itself. A work then today in which the needs of two outweigh many. For in that understanding comes the one thing that …

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Possibly something for those cool fall evenings…

Devil Shrug for Women

There are a lot of costume ideas that seem to be more like accessories than anything else. For the most part there really hasn’t been much that I have found appealing. However I found something that is cute enough to bemuse me and give me some ideas… This is the Devil Shrug for Women and …

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A Review of Sudden Succubus by A.B. Marie

Sudden Succubus by A.B. Marie

Not all stories about succubi and incubi use what can be described as the expected mythos. Overall, that allows for quite a lot of interesting storytelling and the construction of a story universe in which the unexpected can be. Perhaps the most amazing thing is when a new mythos is formed which brings something new …

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A Review of Skirting Fate by Salem Cross

Skirting Fate by Salem Cross

Another reverse harem work this time on the Tale. Overall I don’t mind these works, if the characters are more than the sex they have. It’s more interesting to have the female lead be a force to be reckoned with than being a lost character. More so when the male characters find themselves having to …

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A cute Succubus dance YouTube

Succubus Aezera

Just a cute succubus dance YouTube today on the Tale, one that does make me smile even if the music is a bit hyper for my tastes… In the event you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link. As, as always, here’s a screenshot of the succubus in the video, which …

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