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Oct 21 2017

A Morrigan Aensland wild hair speedart YouTube

Morrigan Aensland SpeedPaint by Ayasal

One of the things I dearly love about Morrigan Aensland is her hair. Much of the time if someone can’t quite bring to life her lovely locks, the rest of the image just doesn’t work for me. Today, an amazing piece of Morrigan art that I found on YouTube…   If you can’t see this …

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Oct 18 2017

At least the costume name is accurate…

Red Black Sexy Devil Costume

Another example today on the Tale of a costume that, at first glance, offers something, but the details take much of that away. Far too often costumes appear that attempt to be sexy, but aren’t. More often costumes appear that aren’t exactly what you get in the package. Perhaps more clarity would be a good …

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Oct 14 2017

A lovely Morrigan Aensland Speedart YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by Silouette Neos

I’ll be sharing a number of Morrigan Aensland themed YouTubes the next few weeks. Everything from speedpainting to speed artwork through tribute videos and quite a few intersting cosplay videos as well. This week’s video is an artist drawing Morrigan and in a deliciously wonderful way…   If you cannot see this video here on …

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Oct 11 2017

This costume has horns, but they aren’t much…

Red Horns Devil Cosplay Costume

Sometimes it is the model that sells the costume more than the costume itself. They have a look, a style that’s quite attractive even if what they are wearing isn’t at all. This costume is an example of that and that’s a shame. Because of the horns and the tail, but most of all because …

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Oct 07 2017

A neat Succubus speedpainting YouTube

Succubus Speedpainting by Sushinator La Yandere

Another cute speedpainting YouTube of a Succubus that I found on the Tale today. I do like seeing Succubi smiling, it’s a lovely thing to see. This work has a lovely smile, some interesting contrasts and a little bit of mystery that I do think works quite well together…   If you cannot see this …

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Oct 04 2017

A 1960s Succubus next door costume might be an idea…

Devil Lady Sequin Red Hot Dress

In my searching about the internet I discovered what I can only describe as a 1960’s housewife next door wig. That brought to mind the idea of a 60’s Succubi next door costume, which then led to what I found recently. It’s about the right look, it’s intriguing, but once again that damned pitchfork appears …

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Sep 30 2017

Another interesting Succubus makeup tutorial on YouTube

Succubus Makeup Tutorial

Another succubus makeup tutorial this time on the Tale. This one is as well done as the tutorial I found last week, but there’s the addition of horns this time. While I do like the overall look, and how the horns are melding into this overall look… I’m not quite sure they are in the …

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