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Nov 03 2018

A YouTube about Succubi Lore in Dungeons and Dragons

Succubi have been a part of Dungeons and Dragons from the beginning and while they have been, at times it’s been a little disappointing in the lack of sensuality and sexuality that they have. In later editions that undercurrent of sexuality and its use in controlling the… more feeble-minded and otherwise, has come a bit …

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Jul 24 2018

A Review of BattleCat Vs. The Succubus by Jack Bixby

More often than not, if the word succubus appears in a book title, one can expect that there will be a succubus character appearing. Now, they can be a large part of the story or a minor thing as a whole of course. What’s quite disappointing is when they appear for barely a page and …

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Jul 15 2018

A Review of Demon Seed by M Wills

Temptation is, of course, a theme that crops up very often in stories with succubi appearing in them. It is the way in which the main character of the story is brought to temptation, lead sometime down the garden path, which can be very interesting to watch unfold. But in the telling of what happens, …

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Jul 06 2018

A Review of A Kiss of Forlorn Beauty by Matthew Bran

Short stories, especially very short stories, come with a problem that’s hard to overcome. The story needs to develop, the characters need to have some kind of conflict or issue to overcome. It doesn’t really work when that development is skimmed over at best or at worst just summarized. Basing a story on a well …

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Jul 03 2018

A Review of Taken By The Succubus: An Erotic Gender Bender Story by The Pen Writer

There’s quite a number of works which have succubi involved in gender transformations of others. It’s becoming a real trope along with futa succubi appearing, if perhaps a bit more numerous. That said, gender transformation brings with it the changing of a character and the impact it has on their personality. Telling that story doesn’t …

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Jun 17 2018

A Review of Sinful Pleasures by The Pen Writer

The main aspect of Lilith that seems to be most present in works of erotica that have her as one of the characters, seems to be that of the temptress of desires and what happens when someone falls to that temptation. It’s a bit of trope, one that can either be told well, or not. …

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Jun 08 2018

A Review of Succubus Seduction: Corrupting The Priest by Desiree Desire

One of the things that I’ve noticed of late in a lot of erotic fiction that has succubi appearing, is that the authors seem to never name the succubus character. They are called “succubus” they have no other name and as the story progressed that, to me, takes away a lot of the heat and …

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