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May 26 2018

It’s a hyperactive Horned Naughty Tale Music YouTube really

There’s actually quite a number of YouTubes that are music with some sort of succubus theme to them. From time to time I’ll be sharing the ones I find, as sort of an ongoing attempt at trying to find music that makes some sort of sense, at least to me. That said, the music this …

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Sep 16 2017

Succubus, a YouTube music video by DAЯK MATTEЯ

Succubus Dark Matter Music Video

I don’t tend to share many music videos here on the Tale which have a succubus theme or the song has succubus in the title. Much of that comes from the majority being metal rock, which realty doesn’t do a lot for me. That bias aside, there are some songs which, when you listen to …

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Oct 15 2016

The Dance of the Succubus – A Bellydance YouTube

Elizabeth Stuardo Succubus Dance

Occasionally on YouTube, there are dance videos shared that have somewhat of a succubus theme to them. Some of the most sensual and mesmerizing are those created by bellydancers. I’ve always been fascinated by how succubus-like, at least in my mind, some of the sinuous movements are. I found this particular video some time ago, …

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Aug 06 2011

Music Video yes… Succubus…. Not Really…

I found a music video on YouTube, and while it does have “Succubus” as the title, I have to say that the Succubus in it… isn’t. She’s more like a vampire really… But you can decide for yourselves. And if you can’t see it on the Tale: The song is called Succubus, it’s by Miles …

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Nov 06 2010

Succubus Dancing Music YouTube…

I was looking for music on YouTube the other night… But I wanted something that wasn’t metal or rock and roll as so many pieces of music and songs are about Succubi… I was fortunate enough to discover a piano recital by a YouTube member that is an original work named Succubus Dancing… And, in …

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Jan 07 2008

Song of Succubus

A new album came out recently; it’s called The Lycanthrope, by Valentin Narvaez. A review of it can be found here. And a link to a youtube of it is here. There is one song on the album called The Succubus, which in the review is described as: ‘The Succubus’, a demon that takes on …

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