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Dec 05 2017

A Review of Demon Familiar by Jory Strong

Quite some time ago I found a work that expressed the duality of Succubi and Incubi in their traditional forms in some very interesting ways. What I enjoyed most of all was that what the Succubus or Incubus is, depending on the moment in the story, isn’t what you would expect. Recently that work has …

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Nov 28 2017

A Review of Mate of the Incubus by Crystal Santacruz

It’s not often that I read a work and wonder, from the first word, what the author was trying to get across. I’ve commented many times where an author really needed to have another edit of their work. I’ve commented many times that I think there’s something missing in a story. Today’s review is going …

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Nov 24 2017

A Review of The Demon in the Dark by Bo Naidal

A review, and it’s been a while I know, but there will be reviews popping up a lot over the next while as I catch up on months of reviewing that I haven’t been able to. All that said and we start with the first work in a series which, for me at least, didn’t …

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Nov 10 2017

A Review of No Rest for the Wicked by Jennie Kew

A review today of a story that asks a question that I have to admit I’ve never considered about succubi and incubi. What is the worst thing that could happen to them and what is the effect of that? Now, how that all comes together and what the result is, has to be left to …

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Nov 03 2017

A Review of Who’s Your Daddy?: A Short Tale of Terror by Jack O’Donnell

A review on the Tale today of the 55th work in a ongoing series in which what appears to be an incubus appears. I say that because the story doesn’t quite come out and say that they are one, but it seems self-evident as a whole. In telling a story, there can be a point …

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Oct 27 2017

A Review of Beast Me: Forceful Phantom by Sable Collins

There are, of course, many different interpretations of the forms of succubi and incubi which lends their mythos to being inserted into all sorts of stories. This time on the Tale, a review of work in which what might be an incubus, though more a ghost, appears. That in itself isn’t the issue for me. …

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Oct 01 2017

A Review of Demon Sex by Nikki Orchid

Sometimes a story moves far too quickly into the erotica. There’s a lack of setting up the characters, allowing them to tell a story before the heat and flash pushes the story into the background. Sex alone isn’t really that hot a story to read I think. Building a connection with the main character and …

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