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Succubi Image of the Week 555

Succubus by NSU

For this, the 555th Succubi of the Week, a piece of art which I think has a little bit of a “red riding hood” look. That amuses me quite a lot actually, and I do so enjoy when my amusement becomes… bemusement. You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art …

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Succubi Image of the Week 554

Summer Komi by 真純/獅子麿

Succubi and lingerie go very well together. There’s something about a sexy succubi in lingerie with a come-hither look that just is delightfully seductive. This time then on the Tale, an example of a succubus who knows that lingerie’s temptation is for always. I discovered this work on Pixiv and you can find the original …

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Succubi Image of the Week 553

Morrigan Aensland by りょい

Time for a lovely and cute piece of Morrigan Aensland art for the Succubi of the Week. I adore art where Morrigan’s personality comes through and seeing her a bit embarrassed just makes me smile. This week’s art does that, but more so, her overall look just feels so dearly right most of all. I …

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Succubi Image of the Week 552

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland by 十はやみ

It’s been a little bit since I’ve shared art of the Aensland sisters together and it’s about time they made a reappearance on the Tale. I especially look for art of the sisters in which the connection they share comes to the fore and I think this week’s art really reflects that. I found this …

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An interesting Succubus Art WIP YouTube

Succubus by ArtofIzanagi

Another of the many succubus art in progress YouTubes that I share from time to time on the Tale. This week’s art is, I think, quite unique and original in the overall look and style this artist has. Certainly this is one of the more unique works of succubus art that I have found.   …

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Succubi Image of the Week 551

Mighty Monsters Demon2 by Vaejoun

Finding really unique looking succubi is one of the things I enjoy most about sharing art of them each week. The view of each artist, how their views and ideas shape the images shared offers some really interesting perceptions. This week, a succubus image from a game who’s form brings rise to imagination. This art …

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A very unique Succubus character WIP YouTube

Succubus by Gabi Leal

I enjoy looking at succubus art, especially those works in which the art displays a succubus that’s different than what’s considered usual. Some art goes quite a bit out beyond the expected and that is the focus of the YouTube art that I’m sharing today. She’s very different, without question, but nonetheless, she is a …

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