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Jul 30 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 654

Another find for this week’s Succubi art of a cute, fun and wonderful succubus character. The artist describes her as being “Shantae” themed, which I can completely see and it makes me wish that the concept of Succubus Shantae had appeared. Nonetheless, fun and cute Succubi are adorable and there’s no question that this character …

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Jul 25 2020

A lovely short Succubi YouTube…

Just a very short YouTube this time on the tail. It’s very simple, but the art is lovely, the succubus herself is wonderful and the little touch of animation just makes this delightful… If this video does not play on the Tale, please try this link and here’s a screenshot from the video in case …

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Jul 23 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 653

I’ve always liked fun Morrigan Aensland art… There’s something about her character that lends her to being fun and sexy. Still, it’s the cute and fun images of Morrigan that I adore the most. This week then some Morrigan art that just makes me smile… This art is by the artist tlwelker on DeviantArt and …

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Jul 16 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 652

One of the thoughts about Succubi that appear sometimes is that a character is a half-Succubus or something similar. Most of the time their succubus nature is hidden away beneath the other part of them. That’s not always, but for the sake of story telling it seems to happen more often than not. For this …

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Jul 09 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 651

On occasion a story set in a video game universe or similar will have a character who is described as being one of the Succubi. I think that’s interesting, mainly in that having a succubus as a “ghost in the machine” makes for a lot of story paths to take. For this week’s image then …

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Jul 02 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 650

Something that I have mulled as a story idea from time to time is one of the Succubi being rather enamoured with Shakespeare… For this week’s image something that I think is delightfully apt for that thought… This work is by the artist Rude Ruin and you can find the original page on Pixiv with …

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Jun 25 2020

Succubi Image of the Week 649

For this week’s Succubi art just something that is so perfectly cute and fun… which just makes me smile… This wonderful work is by the artist arseniquez on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here. Lovely cleavage in her outfit, but really it’s her smile and the sparkle in her …

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