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Succubi Image of the Week 19

For this week I was looking for something special… Something really unique and so amazing that it just had to appear this week… I don’t know the artist and I don’t know the original file name or anything really about this… But I would love to get in contact with them if at all possible! …

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Succubi Image of the Week 18

It’s Thursday again and of course it’s time for the Succubi Image of the Week… I really like the overall image bunches, but I wish that she had a tail…. Tera

Succubi Image of the Week 17

April 17th… Week 17… Lil circular maybe but here we are… For this week’s image I came across this front page for a website on the net… The website name and so on are on the image so I won’t repeat them here… It’s a very delicious drawing I think… The latexy body suit really …

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Succubi Image of the Week 16

It’s just an amazing image really… I have no information on the artist or if there are more images like this but I would love to know because it’s just amazing! Update! Special thanks to Lady DarkRaven, who posted this information on the Tale about this image:This image is by Toxic Angel from over at …

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Succubi Image of the Week 15

A beautiful image this week for our Succubi discovered by FreezeFrame and sent to me last night… Hope you all have a good day! Tera

Succubi Image of the Week 14

Neat drawing for this week’s image, though the tail is a lil off… Any clue of the artist or a correct name for it? Tera

Update to the Index of the site…

The index page image of the site has been changed… A good friend of mine created this wonderful image that I am also posting here: I would like to thank SleepyMaid for the absolutely beautiful drawing that she made for me! Her website is: SleepyMaid.Net <huggles and kisses> Tera