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Succubi Image of the Week 17

April 17th… Week 17… Lil circular maybe but here we are… For this week’s image I came across this front page for a website on the net… The website name and so on are on the image so I won’t repeat them here… It’s a very delicious drawing I think… The latexy body suit really …

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Succubi Image of the Week 16

It’s just an amazing image really… I have no information on the artist or if there are more images like this but I would love to know because it’s just amazing! Update! Special thanks to Lady DarkRaven, who posted this information on the Tale about this image:This image is by Toxic Angel from over at …

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Succubi Image of the Week 15

A beautiful image this week for our Succubi discovered by FreezeFrame and sent to me last night… Hope you all have a good day! Tera

Succubi Image of the Week 14

((This post was created on March 25th, 2008 for release on March 27th, 2008))   Neat drawing for this week’s image, though the tail is a lil off… Any clue of the artist or a correct name for it?   Tera

Update to the Index of the site…

The index page image of the site has been changed… A good friend of mine created this wonderful image that I am also posting here: I would like to thank SleepyMaid for the absolutely beautiful drawing that she made for me! Her website is: SleepyMaid.Net <huggles and kisses> Tera

Succubi Image of the Week 13

Sort of a funky Succubi this week…   Hope you have a great day!   Tera 

Succubi Image of the Week XXII

She might look a little familiar to those that have been following the Succubi Image of the Week for the last little while… A similar image appeared on February 21st for the Succubi Image of the Week 9… She is of course the Ragnarok Succubi… Cuteness is sooooooo important! Tera