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Aug 17 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 500

It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? 500 weeks of sharing art of succubi, things that I find interesting, sexy and seductive most of all. For this milestone, I decided that I was going to be a little self-indulgent and share one of my most beloved works of art. But it isn’t of me …

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Aug 10 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 499

I don’t believe I’ve ever had a GIF as a SuccubI Image of the Week, but I found one that, in a lot of ways, I think is delightful, reminds me of a certain red tail Queen of the Realm and that just makes me smile. Perhaps the best “attack” a succubus can have is …

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Aug 03 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 498

I adore cute succubi and I’ve said that many times before on the Tale. For this week’s succubus, what I think of as one of the cutest, most delightfully so, succubi that I’ve found. There’s just something so wonderfully innocent about her, even if she’s ever so seductive and a temptation in her own right …

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Jul 27 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 497

I’ve always had one single issue with the Warcraft succubus and that comes to her hooves. I just can’t find a way to like them much, if at all honestly. The rest of her character I like, but those hooves I just can’t get past. Still, occasionally there is art that manages to hide them, …

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Jul 20 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 496

There are some pieces of succubus art which offer something very special. A different idea of succubi, how they hold themselves, what their forms are. This week on the Tale, a piece of art that I think offers a story to tell.   This work is called Nipple Hats and is by the artist Tentaclejuiceart. …

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Jul 13 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 495

I do like finding succubus art of characters that are a little bit different. Something that offers a hint of a story, an idea of their personality. Sometimes the little hints and ideas offer give me something to think about, to mull over in my writing. Not all succubi are the same of course and …

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Jul 06 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 494

Another work of Morrigan Aensland art for this week’s succubi of the week, but this time a work of art that’s a little bit different. It’s been some time since I’ve had some pencil art as an image of the week, and finding this art of Morrigan, I felt it was just wonderful in so …

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