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Aug 30 2017

A pair of horns by any other name would be…

Rose Enchantress Horns

Another little delve into costume accessories this time on the Tale. I’m very particular about horns, there are far too many of them that have disappointed me. However, every so often there is a pair which I adore for one reason or another. Sometimes that’s simply because they are quite beautiful… These are called, quite …

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Aug 26 2017

A talented Cosplayer Succubus YouTube

Succubus Cosplay CAM Channel

Cosplayers are some of the most talented people that I know of. Being able to take an idea, translate that into costume, and then bring that concept fully into reality is an amazing thing. The YouTube that I found has the most awful music, so muting it really is the best option. But the cosplay …

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Aug 23 2017

Lose the cape and this might be starting to be Deluxe

Deluxe Devil Costume

Little Red Riding Succubus isn’t a thing. Why exactly a devil costume needs a cape is a real question. As well, a better question is why horns have to be attached to a cape in the first place? This is called the Deluxe Devil Costume and it comes with the cape, the dress, which has …

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Aug 16 2017

The corset is cute, the rest is not…

Sexy Naughty Devil Costume

Tacky continues to rear its head this week on my search for decent costumes. Why is it that a costume designer can make half a costume well and the other half look so trashy? It cannot be that difficult to make a skirt match a top can it? This is called the Sexy Naughty Devil Costume …

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Aug 09 2017

I like the boots, the costume I’m not so sure of…

Little Red Devil Costume

It’s important to read the fine print when looking for a costume. Sometimes the picture doesn’t reflect what is actually offered and that’s a problem. I understand the need to sell these costumes, I understand they have to be shown in the best way. What I don’t quite understand is why there isn’t more clarity …

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Aug 02 2017

It’s a dress that is red. The pitchfork and horns don’t help much.

Hot Devil Costume

One of the things I have noticed in my many years of looking for at least semi-decent costumes is that the same accessories appear over and over again. A pitchfork that makes me sigh, and a pair of horns that makes me wince. While you need them, or at least one of them, to have …

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Jul 26 2017

A Fallen Angel looks better than this costume does

Fallen Angel Sexy Costume

Going off on a bit of a tangent this time on my unending search for costumes. There are angel costumes, of course. There are some that are said to be fallen angels. Why is it that they have to look so trashy? This is called the Fallen Angel Sexy Costume and it comes with the dress, sleevelets, …

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