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Is this really that bedazzled?

Bedazzled Devil Costume

One of the words that I don’t particularly like is bedazzled, that’s for many varied reasons. I came across this costume which, honestly, could be something nice given some effort. But the question is if the effort is worth it. This is called the Bedazzled Devil Costume and it comes with the rhinestone flame tube …

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I can think of better looks for a date

I do wonder at times where the names of costumes come from. There are many of them that just don’t seem to make any sense at all. I suppose that could be related to how trashy some of the looks are. Still, there are some examples where all I can do is sigh and shake …

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What is it with fur on costume horns anyway

Black Metallic Devil Horns

I’ve been ranting about this particular item of costume accessory for… well.. years if not decades and having come across yet another example, it’s time to roll my eyes, say some words and then find a fire to throw them in. This… thing.. is the Black Metallic Devil Horns set and it sells for an …

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It’s red and adding fishnets won’t help it

Red Sequins Strapless Devil 2 Piece Costume

I’ll admit to having a few… well… more than a few… sexy red dresses. If there’s one thing I’ve figured out, it’s that there is no possible way that fishnets can work with any long dress of any time. I’ll allow for stockings… because stockings however. That then brings me to this week’s costume disaster… …

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It’s red, but that’s not saying very much is it?

Red Sexy Devil 2 Piece Costume

One again it seems that the definition of a succubus, or more accurately, devil girl costume seems to be confusing the idea that red equals sexy. In this case, I don’t think it would really matter what colour the costume was, it’s still… lousy. This is called the Red Sexy Devil 2 Piece Costume and …

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The costume reviews… never… end.

Purple Black Sequins Devil 3 Piece Costume

You’d think that I’d come to the end of reviewing devil costumes… You’d think there was no further examples of tacky, silly or, even worse, ugly costumes to pitchfork. Well, you’d be so, so, so wrong. Something this time that rides the edge of tacky, but, maybe there’s the slightest bit of something positive to …

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It’s more meh a costume than fierce

Fierce Devil Costume

Occasionally there’s a costume that appears which make me cringe… Now, to be clear, most costumes I shake my head and sigh, but then comes something like this that seems to have bit of the creativity that I can’t help but notice is lacking much of the time. But I also wonder why a little …

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