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Why does there have to be sparkly horns

Hot As Hades Costume

As is likely well known by now, I really don’t like sparkly horns in Succubi costumes. It’s just that side of trashy to me and when they appear it’s a bit of a turnoff. Sometimes there is some sense to the choice, sometimes it might make sense. But that doesn’t mean I have to like …

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It’s actually not a bad costume except for those horns

Demon Temptress Costume

There are some costumes that have a look which work really well on a fetish level. Then there are some costumes that are just about perfect in every way, but as is usual, pick the wrong horns and it just becomes so disappointing. Still, if all you need to do is get better horns, and …

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Oversized horns really don’t work well

Devilish Delight Costume

There is a point where the horns included with some costumes are a bit too large. I don’t quite understand what the point is, nor do I think they really work well. Still, at least for this particular costume, they do match the costume to a point. But that doesn’t make this better for what …

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Shame about the horns

Mistress Of The Dark Costume

Sometimes the best idea for a costume can be the simplest one. It really doesn’t take much for a dress to make a costume work. Similarly it doesn’t take much for the accessories to make the costume so much less than it otherwise could have been. This is the Mistress Of The Dark Costume and …

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The leggings and heels are nice at least

Diabla Costume

Many times I find a costume that has one, sometimes two, things that I do like. It might otherwise be tacky or nothing special, but that still can be a positive thing can’t it? This is the Diabla Costume and it comes with the red wet look bodysuit with the attached devil tail, a choker, …

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The name is as imaginative as the costume

Sexy Devil Costume

For the last costume of 2022, something which isn’t that imaginative, interesting or desired. But it amuses me in one way, but I’ll get back to that later. This is the perfectly named, make of that what you will, Sexy Devil Costume. It comes with the red and black dress, red overcoat. and the horns …

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The accessories don’t add anything to this costume

Lady Devil Costume

Accessories make, or more often break, the look of a costume. It doesn’t take much to turn sexy into trashy, or worse. Still, the effort has to be worth something right? This is the Lady Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the harness and two sets of horns, one in black, the other …

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