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Jul 18 2018

A rather interesting horn mask…

From time to time there are some masks that interest me. I like unique designs, something that’s attractive, something that suggests that the designers might have actually been thinking about how to make something that wasn’t trashy. This is called the Sexy Red Glitter Devil Mask and it sells normally for $15 US, but can be …

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Jul 11 2018

I may have another set of horns to dislike

Over the past little while there’s been the appearance of a pair of… well, they are silly looking shoulder horns with the most awful means of attaching them. That said, I’d thought that perhaps I’d come to the end of having to see them. But, as many will know with my never ending search for …

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Jul 04 2018

A Devil Costume that looks right is a delight to find

Another find on eBay today on the Tale and really it is a combination of several items for sale there. The colours match up, the look is wonderfully sexy and there’s just something about the overall look that appeals to me. Perhaps more than anything else, it’s that this looks right, isn’t tacky and offers …

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Jun 27 2018

A rather unique costume idea, but the accessories are tacky

For this week’s costume, something I found on eBay which is both a delight and so tacky at the same time. The costume is lovely, to be clear. It’s the accessories that made me cringe and sigh in disappointment. This is called the She Devil Costume and it comes with the bodysuit, a pair of horns …

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Jun 20 2018

It’s pink and trashy as a Devil Costume which says it all

I keep thinking I’ve found the most awful of devil costumes. I assure myself that I can’t possibly find something that’s worse that everything else that I have found. I keep resisting the temptation to add negative numbers to my pitchfork ratings. This week’s costume may change my mind. This is something I stumbled across …

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Jun 13 2018

Shiny and red is a start, but it’s still tacky as a Devil Costume

There seems to be a theme this year in devil costumes and that seems to be red and shiny. Now, I do like latex more than vinyl and overall just being shiny isn’t really enough to make a costume something more than tacky. Perhaps the problem is that using the same template, over and over …

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Jun 06 2018

Sometimes accents do matter on a Devil Costume

It’s not always a simple thing to mix black and red well in a costume. Much of the time red is used for flame accents on whatever the costume looks like. Sometimes that works, many times it doesn’t. That said, there’s the occasional look that manages to just miss being trashy and gets into the …

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