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May 05 2018

An interesting Succubus Vimeo short

I stumbled across a very short little film on Vimeo this week which I find both really quite well done and at the same time a little bit disappointing. It’s filmed well, the music is lovely, the cosplayer is wonderful in her role. But it’s the little falling back into the expected stereotype of succubi …

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May 02 2018

It’s Shiny, the question is how Sinful is it really

I do like shiny costumes and I have said so many times before. But shiny alone does not a sexy costume make and if the accessories don’t work then the sexy really hasn’t a chance to seduce. Still, that’s not to say that it can’t be done, especially if a certain pitchfork that I loath …

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Apr 25 2018

It is a devil costume even with those shoulder horns

With some hope, this will be the last appearance of the shoulder horns for some time during my search for a decent costume for Halloween. That said, last week I wondered about wearing those shoulder horns with a horn headband. This week I seem to have found my answer and it makes me sigh in …

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Apr 21 2018

A Midnight Succubus Party Vimeo video

From time to time I find the occasional fetish video that happens to have a succubus or two appearing in it. When I found a video on Vimeo that was titled “Midnight Succubus Party” I’d hoped that the title might just mean that quite a number of people were playing as succubi at best and …

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Apr 18 2018

The shoulder horns… return

Last week I shared, or rather ranted a bit, over an accessory of what can only be described as “shoulder horns” being used to sell a costume that otherwise really isn’t a devil costume. The horns return this week in another example of a costume that claims to be devilish, but without the shoulder horns …

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Apr 11 2018

It’s a horny costume… but really it isn’t

When is a devil costume not a devil costume? It’s when the only horns that appear are ones that are not included with the costume. For some reason, someone thought that it would be a great idea to create a pair of horns, really huge ones, and try to convince those looking for devil costumes …

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Apr 04 2018

I don’t quite see the appeal of this costume’s beauty, if there is one

There are some costumes which make me wonder what the designers were thinking. There’s nothing sexy, nothing appealing, and when even the model looks less than thrilled to be wearing the costume… that’s a problem. Horns and a lousy tail cannot add what’s missing to a costume that looks like it was made of cardboard. …

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