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It’s not a costume, it’s a mistake

Hell Yeah Costume

There is the occasional costume which just makes me wonder why it came into existence. There’s no point to it, it looks lousy and in the end it’s highly unlikely that someone would want it. This is called the Hell Yeah Costume and it’s not much. All you get is a poncho and a hood …

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There’s nothing to raise in this costume

Hot Hell Raiser Costume

There are costumes which are a hazard in more ways than the damage done to one’s fashion sense. There are some which can, truly, poke your eyes out. This is called the Hot Hell Raiser Costume and it comes with the long dress the model is wearing and the rather ugly horns and it sells …

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Will that lousy pitchfork ever disappear?

Sexy Lavish 4 Piece Sexy Devil Corset Costume

Those that have read my… commentary… on various costumes know of the singularly lousy pitchfork which I detest. For some reason it has become the standard pitchfork that most costumes provide. I’d have expected that a costume that is priced near a hundred dollars might have something better. Obviously I’m mistaken… This is called the …

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There’s no halo, but there’s no horns either… yet.

Feathered Wing Angel Costume

Something a bit different as a costume idea this time on the Tale. If a costume for an angel is missing the halo, does it follow that it therefore is more of a devil costume? This is called the Feathered Wing Angel Costume and it comes with the bodysuit and black feathered wings. Nothing else …

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Perhaps this is a bit too horny

Black Devil Horns

There are, of course, many different kinds of costume horns. Some are silly, many are trashy, but then there are those that could put someone’e eye out… These are simply called the Black Devil Horns and they sell from anywhere between $3-10 US. They are extremely long and they are obviously connected to a certain …

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I suppose this could be a look for being in the office from Hell

Devilish Diva Costume

Occasionally I discover a costume that does bemuse me. I might not like it a lot, I well can find things that I think could be better, but still, I am… bemused. This is the Devilish Diva Costume and it comes with the dress the jacket, which has a tail attached to it, and a …

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There comes a point when there’s too much sequin in a costume

Sequined Devil Costume

I don’t really mind sequins as a whole, they can add something to a costume when used well. This week’s costume seems… like someone dipped the costume and just about all of the accessories into a vat of sequins… This is called, surprisingly enough, the Sequined Devil Costume but the image is a little misleading. …

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