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Apr 28 2017

A Review of Super Women: 4 Extraordinary Heroines by Daco, Cecilia Johanna, Kristine Overbrook and Mary K. Norris

A review today of a rather massive collection of four complete works about heroines, some super in power, some supernatural and a few that are succubi. The collection has something for everyone really, and while I had some minor issues with the succubus themed work, I still feel that the collection is well worth a …

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Apr 28 2017

A Review of The Summoner Anthology by Tsukasa Ito

The Summoner Anthology by Tsukasa Ito

The odd thing about an anthology of two stories is that while the idea might have some promise, it’s hard to actually manage some character development or plot in what amounts to, for the most part, two sex scenes as a whole. There’s something to be said about getting to the point I suppose, but …

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Apr 27 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 484

Succubus by NPye13

One of the things I look for in a Succubi of the Week is style. I like art that seeks to give the character something different, something more than just being a tail and horns, occasionally wings. A smile, a look, an expression is lovely, but also there needs to be something about their overall …

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Apr 26 2017

This costume is from hell… The name says so and I agree

Red Devil From Hell Costume

There are some costume names that are really quite apt. The name alone tells you want you are getting into without question. When it says the costume is from hell, and it looks this tacky, I really can’t disagree… This is called the Red Devil From Hell Costume and it comes with the horns, the dress, …

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Apr 25 2017

A Review of Punishment Incorporated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig

There’s a question which isn’t really considered much of the time when stories are written about succubi. It’s the question of what happens when time has passed, the moments are what they were. A question that isn’t so much about the why of things but rather the way things are. A review then of the Punishment …

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Apr 25 2017

A Review of Twisted Wishes: Deal with the Devil by Sasha Scott

Twisted Wishes: Deal with the Devil by Sasha Scott

Not all stories about Succubi have a happy ending to be found. There are, of course, those stories where things don’t quite go as might be expected, there’s a twist in tail that ends with a curse, or something that’s not what was wanted in the first place. Telling that story can be a tight …

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Apr 24 2017

Hold onto Hope By TeraS

It’s been … a week. A week in which I’ve found myself at a loss, not able to do anything to make things right for those I love. Perhaps that is the hardest thing, wanting to do something, anything … but you can’t. That awful feeling inside has been with me for over a year …

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